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His Death Shall Bring

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church




  • September 2, 2007
    7:45 PM
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everyone I been asked to evaluate heads have no hit for a heavenly father we thank you so much for all the non- accomplice on this wiki father has the new focus on this last message we ask that your spirit and a powerful and mighty we father our goal tonight is delivered across help us Lord to see the correct police of the cross in Jesus name we pray amen the message on the need to share with you tonight is a message that has become of particular importance to me your study the Bible more and more I'm becoming more and more to the what Jesus Christ on the cross is the central theme of the Bible from Genesis to the book of Revelation is all about Christ and him crucified Christ and him lifted up and this particular mess is not entitled to that shall bring his death shall bring and this again has become such function this particular message has become such so crucial in in my own mind I felt as I was wrestling with what to share with you all often want my mind for meeting now five on-base message not the norm heart and is you mean one of those messages not offering one month as I see more and more that all my messages will be cost-effectively pray for me to do that now one of no treason as nonessential bits and like to have you Jesus not know that even some visit pray for me for that because I believe that that is what the book is what the entire thing is about isn't it it's about Jesus amen and though we know that time is about Jesus can be used to water down a whole lot and in reality that's not true you know when we really preach Jesus everything that is connected with Jesus we will see it in its proper important thing in and then some to begin I wanted to share on this set you want forth for him going in questions of principle and I have learned second mad principle the second man principal and basically what this principle reveals what is that triumph is the second night in the book of Corinthians is called a second J second out and so I wanted to share with you the work of monoamines what means that so really one of things that Christ is the second man of the you realize that in reality there should be to use these your tunes you verily will you and the reservoir know you all that I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I yet not I but Christ and Antichrist was the second Paul Christ is to be the second iBook five is in the second you where you are it has been a crime all in all a man is Christ the second time I show you doesn't come the examples in Scripture house prices second Avenue and really interesting that many of the London this effect on the mound is that in some way Christ is the second Adam in this way out of was put to sleep in order for his bride he can be brought for right and when and where I was even taken from from his son Jesus Christ the first out of was the second Adam was put to death on or put ghostly on patrol genocide was cheers out came the water and follow Wharton spiritually speaking the church the second he came honestly say that so Christ is the second Adam Christ is also a second angle table table to his own and his own received him not Christ came and he was he was killed by his marbles we called the red on Fridays and the second no one through Christ death she has provided a way of escape from the old world to the new one she is the second Nobel Prize is the second Janco who wrestles with God Red Cross Muslim in the Garden of Gethsemane before he went to the crops Christ is the second Joseph who was going to appear by his brothers so if all patent agent the very ones that threw him into the hate ended up having a conversation in time of famine for bread and water humanity through Jesus Angela pit one day next for evil God meant for the Jesus resurrected ascended to heaven to the to the highest place in heaven under God the father and all humanity must now come to game for salvation Jesus and many many dispute businessmen since we talk about Samson with this one is my baby getting Samson is betrayed by a woman that he will if I take him out so he is bluntly he has beaten and while he is there between two pillars and the Bible says that sense of what is happening but it has upon us two pillars the Bible actually says that Sampson bound his head and was sent in by August ten posts never have and whether the building which was in the room it was like the greater the Bible says that the Temple of all month add-on was destroyed the Bible says that slew more than anything when he was alive at trade by the woman that he not Israel he is blindfolded beaten and mocked in a between two crossings the Bible says he bound his head and gave up the goal and we did that it was a great earthquake and gain greater weight Jesus will refer you Jesus save more in his death than he did when he was a lot an moderate as for example update on you realize that Jesus died on the floor safe you will call go about back tenfold shaped to cobble the woods symbolize the Temple of the drag I get it so that when she designed the Temple of Lucifer and his musket in the Stasi handle was broken apart symbolizing the death blow spoken of in Genesis three fifteen he will bruise your healing will bruise his wife he's had so to look to Scripture we find that Jesus is really on their you not know I think that is not doing enough for me to remember Waldo you remember while the right when we were little change in the oh five model and you and him wallow in there somewhere will remember Modernism in the Bible right also known as the multimodal Jesus and we went in the Scripture it points to Jesus so I said how can I find you where can I find an misleading to look into the rhythm those precious gems in there now let me share with you in Genesis chapter five another amazing promise in Genesis chapter five the Bible speaks all descendents of Adam Genesis chapter five one six of the descendents of Adam and home they are given in this order letting me know quickly they are set in the house canine may have about Jared Enoch Methuselah there I met and know not know all these names carry meanings this is really interesting I will read the meanings of these names in their origin and you will see that in these very names is a prophecy of salvation so here is add-on means that anus means reconciling man came and means lamenting my hair I love means the blessing God gyrating Shabbos and Enoch means teaching dedicated disciplined obedience unto death muscles alone means here that sound brain this means power or something it means the afflicted and no one needs rest and comfort so if the restaurant on the green man that Shawn and then lamenting the best show sell single dedicated disciplined obedience unto death that sound right or the good rest and comfort finding Jesus made us economist I know would benefit his best summary Jesus is everywhere beloved in the Scripture that we focus in on the name muscles in the meaning and sovereign now is muscles in the was one hundred and eighty seven years old when he had remained then it was one hundred and eighty two when he had what was mingled those about three hundred and six eight nine years old when Noah was born no one wasn't in that those of us know what grand grandfather while preached six hundred years sorry me rephrase that now what is six hundred years but he but the fly that he preached about change in the things hundred year off so that when the Methuselah how old when the flood came nine hundred and sixty nine years old then they must does not means what he is shout brain and out changes in the end of the year got muscles and I know of change some of those was in essence a walking prophecy and that sound right it's almost as though the people may have had something that is what those in the will you know everything is coming the plot is coming the front is coming in the six hundredth year on the life of those undyed memories in connection three and in the very near what happened the flow a well month those among is a time of Jesus Methuselah is a type of Jesus is that wants to bring and what of I will let you know is that when Jesus died she brought a couple of things number one he brought reconciliation Romans five ten can anybody say that when Susan and I got my reconciliation in Romans six twenty three and that brought us eternal life the Windsor the gift of God is eternal life in militia fibers twenty one thank you he that brought France on the other forgiveness for sin and cleansing from thing and so we see that Jesus 's death brought many blessings to humanity his death shall break the Bible although his death brought up how because as many as received him and then gave quinoa power to become the sons of God enough eleven twenty Sosa are common to be on the neighborhood handyman I will give you why rest his death brings power rest and comfort of the red muscles in the management know what it is that shall bring power rest and comfort Jesus says through my death I give you power and come unto me on the net amount of we will plot dialogue and Galway and I will not send the comforter on his death shall break not sure is where we really needed to get into the meat of the subject do you realize that in the very year that Jesus died off nineteen remember John sixteen Jesus said if I go not away I will not send the confidant anyone was saying was a final and I and and resurrected I cannot spend the confidant to you while the acts chapter to become disciples to pray because of flawed is coming the very death of Christ that in the evening that Ron the outpouring of the early rain these even his dad brought the outpouring of the and that is true then what is it that will bring about the battery was easy you know the answers is not confusingly thinking I can't say that because he died with their account on the cross yes the answer is fused that his back is what will bring them not only not say how it has to then show you I want to go with me to Zechariah chapter twelve so are chapter twelve I want to know the Bible says they are firsthand I will pour upon the house of David and upon the happening the inhabitants of Jerusalem the spirit of grace and supplication and they shall look upon me when they have fears and they sound more firsthand as more and more therefore his only son and shall be in bitterness for him as one that has invented as for his firstborn lesson in the child we are taught that we had to be weeding and pruning for the heart of the Holy Spirit but what is it that brings about the weeping and pleading is when we see what our sins have done taking cool and we walked she hears it and that the trial Price rightly understood that will move the people not gone to sleep between the parts and the altar and train outpouring of the Holy Spirit and then goblins seems that will bring I want to know visiting relationship to retain Revelation Chapter eighteen verse one Revelation eighteen verse one the Bible tells us here after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven having great and the earth was one with his glory we understand Seventh-day Adventists that this angel represents the relaxer rain and that this angel is that his boys school or act power to the why is there a Angels messages saw something about this Angel is Re: power to the preaching on the public gospel as we understand it in relationship to the three angels message and use a weapon that possibly be managed on the back of chapter two turned everything very quickly method chapter two our Washington notice verse fourteen Chapter two verse fourteen this is what the Bible says you shortly are soundly while details with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea salt is not counted in front of his birth there is less like coming out of the car the car as the waters cover the sea we understand that life is not a rainbow and what even in particular it said it has been mounted on the Gulati and I'm an Angel revelation eighteen Fenwick two things glorying and why how and if the parties and power that if those in the whole art with his larceny is that after what in the glory and what is the believe the book of Galatians chapter six Galatians chapter six Galatians chapter six want to notice by the way and then you will question this Angel revelation eighteen when it so what is now was I'd like to send with Yahoo my thing about this life the defendant is in the light of Ellen White Hall the light that is sensitive all in all she does yet she's she's a goddess to bring additional allies these people revelation eighteen is to analyze the world would explore with all that that that something about this Angel will be new to the people about and read on to discover what the new thing is a red you ready for the care is the basis seeks an verse fourteen this is what the Bible says but not for me not a single already saying who he and the help you say and why all of our Lord Jesus Christ by whom the while restrooms and I don't than me and I to the world trade league that Angels in Revelation eighteen the that he says was in the old rugged cross could be that the glory that is to fill the heart is pumping more than something viewing not me rephrase that than the forms of Jesus Christ okay what all the same a lot of pessimism this one another verse when when when Moses asked God to show in his glory story is thirty three versus working condition manifests only are already and what I got so molded his backside he can't be in NYC recently in his glory he stayed in his name that happens I was worried now you are somewhat like what he did he said my name is Jehovah Norway say is the Lord the Lord God merciful gracious long-suffering and he begins to unfold down a description of his wife everyone traveling to sell his chapter is in is synonymous when hands are as bad as so I think that's a question where is the glory of God New Orleans greatly manifest the big pot of creation where it is in the prone of Jesus Christ God Samantha Ronson glory but none of angels and every created thing all their glory is directed to the wall to the prompt some of you are not understanding the legal women you know we got to talk about other things with were not disposable to the world the last thing is about to cross are we on in the process that date is the visit selected messages one one page four oh one effect of what we don't want we can first reconstruct one was eaten first Corinthians chapter one verse eight in Hamilton notes that the Bible says he was him hi but the prison novel not with wisdom on words that the process of Christ should be made of none effect for the preaching of the cross imagining me for the preaching of the cross if the band that had restored his next month I say it is not how I got on the danger of elimination eighteen the candidates who gained already however all help us here on our own Don is found where is the soul of the angel 's name I find that you and I cannot wait for Saturday I think the in the Oprah nominee review messages one one page four oh one the question has been asked me to think that the Lord has any more like the people I answer that he liked that is new to and yet it is precious old that is the shine forth from the word of truth rehab home in the summers of the ray of light that is yet to come what is the ray of light that is yet to come but she's talking about revelation chapter eighteen when she says but actually it's all my love attribute that the everybody's looking for is actually old rugged cross Trinity the angel to send a message that says there is somehow advances you have been preaching on deadline and without behind for those of you were here this morning hopefully raw here I know this at some length the focus if you want to talk Mister on this issue when I was little little little little while younger than I am now I don't want to offend him him hard in practice you know I remember when I will look into a ability to say about Crow a all men are really aiming at Babylon and God called us to go into the Linux region that is do you want a message that hits the target every time that the cross beautiful on the next time you're told that it will hit it's talking philosophy class optimizes page four fifteen the last raise a merciful light the mass message of mercy to be given to the world is the revelation of his character home now the children of God and manifest his glory and in the trial in the wrong life and surveillance revealed by the grace of God has done for their beloved we aren't in the blood being banner of Jesus Christ amen and when we go forth onto the bloodstained banner we are going to have a powerful effect now listen what is so important about the cross of God 's people back through the forest music experience that will rain and golf forth in this generation to preach the gospel well the glory or the character of Christ is revealed in the cross number one in this way when Jesus was on the cross and his enemies were laughing at him and mocking what did Jesus pray for his phone father fourteen for they know not what they do on the system to the music of you realize that if there is someone that you have not forgiven you have rejected across do you realize the cost of the flag was flying a flag when using a flat slab stands for certain principles in their so when you see in the American flag that we think we think of certain principles that will represent like why the bloodstained banner in the flag of having to get and that flag represents certain things can represent the very concept I saw wind when the Bible says that Jesus okay on funding availability do if we refuse to forgive one another it we'll fight against one another we've all been checking our citizens to we are rejecting the very current music you know because that's the simply note of the cross is everything so we must understand that we regain one another number one number two not twenty Sunburst forty two numerous times Jesus was tempted to calm down from the cross your event is giving a son of God come down from the cost come down from the cross Jesus refused to calm down from the crossbar how does that reflect the count of front very simple price charts on the cross revealed that there was never a reason to give someone a piece of your mind a that was not our own reason to come down and do something against will you want to sell my cross number one and invalidate everything in his power to Six Flags hair was a good reason to come down on the cross they are saying that if you are the son of God truly is the approval you are and they tend in the come down come down from the NZ to step on the cross revealing the challenge of Christ or the law of God is to be able to stand in the face of temptation and say I have not come down from the process no matter what it's about which is over him and them I will come down from the cross you know it's interesting isn't work to step on the province or think about anything isn't worth to stay upon the cross yes they are oh and achieve me up here not on the economic despair on his work to come down from the cost seen when we come down from the cross that's when our own works she is the work of God was thinking of God will choose less out there on the cross is the righteousness beloved is not about what we do is not what God does another and all that and Jesus has found common that I'll keep you up to all keep you so know are sends are reflected in our home where Jesus is doing inside me try asking your Paul Lawrie that Angel does stand and says your focus must be upon the cross because I'll sign of the cross you cannot experience the character the power and glory the rest and the comfort that Jesus has for you how else John fifteen verse thirteen talking as they are greater love hath no man than this that he was made his life down for his friend and what do anything there that principle is lesson if you accept the crawl if you enlist yourself under the blood stained banner one of the principle of flag when you look at it and not cause you know they are live down on their four North frame corner friend who refuses friends were most really bad for glorious spring when the Bible enemies knows what I you and I and such it is as if you if you accept the trial the principle of organizing itself plundered is that you will be willing to go and live your life now for those who don't appreciate it your principal will be involved and spread the gospel in this generation than other people in this generation except in the cross of Christ and what he really means the work would be done in one race all with bring the following is what brings righteousness that is what motivates us to go out into the world is that understanding what he thinks about is what moves us to wait between the parts and the author is all about the Holy Spirit we can do nothing and so anything that ultimately brings the anatomy and cell once we understand that this is the glory and the power that is to descend upon God 's people they will have a people one not fighting the then we will have a people who have laid them glory in the dust at the foot of the cross then you will have a people who have been drawn together by one thing and one thing only and not as a sacrifice of Christ and they can make the foot of the cross and be united in their work this is another the cost is about breaking down walls is not right for the policy is broken down the middle wall of partition you want to know why we still have the vision and get in trouble here you want to know why we still have a fan you know while we still have checked conference in China figure out how waited if she got here but honestly you want to know why there is one of their own what when they are these walls of separation even Al Gore said are we not understand the promise if we understand the problem the walls of partition would be broken down and that may be quick to qualify we want at halftime show so that we can all be together known the process is not a uniter on the principles of truth missing so so so God 's people are in need of understanding the false the center of the mass is not listened to this powerful statement found in the hospital what is his one fifty six all are professing Christians seven I think is should be foremost in uplifting Christ before the well the proclamation of the third Angels message cause for the presentation on the Sabbath truth is true when I was included in the message if you are playing a great center of much Christ Jesus must not be that knowledge is the demographic problem what is the center of our method is that they are come on now one word that is the great center of attraction sound so of course in connection with the obvious Proulx so no as I said all professing Christians and should be foremost in this day Sabbath not logged on but Christ will not allow that so don't get other water but in the same as when we actually read my talking about the need for this do you see how we have come on how far we have gone AA in one lesson not to be like the other charges out there and we almost visits ourselves in the process and we followed at approximately some we don't agree on the cross is the fundamental issue as we will see in a moment is this true without his argument is read and write that Rossi and Charlotte meet together and righteousness and peace kiss each other the Senate must be led to look at Calvary with simple faith in the middle child you must trust in the merits of the Savior accepting his righteousness believing in his mercy do you realize that the purpose of the three Angels messages is the point people back to Jesus that is the purpose of the three angels message and the people that Christ why because he is the only one that can take away your say we don't know that you're guilty limited to keep the law suit for us that's the remedy is to allow that you'll be good you will be all right that is not the remedy be caused by the deeds of the law sound all be justified so the three Angels messages are given to people back to the man of God Jesus Christ so that he can in power then he came home and with him them that come from him that can be actually exercised in the way that he meant it to be the world Ms. understand the purpose of the trial and then he saw this to you now listen did you realize that the controversy in the last days will be all over the cross and I can sell effectively the revelation was unlimited not revelation chapter thirteen adversely known as the Bible says here is the thirteen end breast eight the final tells us and hall bathroom on your summers in whose names are not written in the book of life on the land walked smiling from the foundation of the world policy when industry if you are not in the man's book the land that was what if you are not under that bloodstained banner if you do not rightly understand and accept that sacrifice of the land Europe and end up worshiping the base all whose names are not written on it I'm not saying that all who do not understand the true principle of the cross will end the worst and least initially another one would turn to Revelation twelve eleven you know what they overcame him by the although my what is the letter that uncivilized posting about this case about not sacrifice of Christ lacrosse given that we overcome in the last things very simple we must not cross must become the center of our falseness become disintegrating unless you how was this message widely effective possible to us in the end of time in the time of trouble publishers this talk tomorrow oh by the way John twelve thirty two when I say and I if I knew what that will draw all men unto the question what is essential as people out of Babylon is it that calls people of Babylon Jesus tells himself I is I believe why he didn't cock blow job in his enjoyment people Jesus is both forth in this media may mean they look across the turn of the three Angels messages it is thank you a language agreement messages may fall jar of the three angels message so how do we do that is to share with you that Christians go here do not understand the real meaning of the phones they know what is the American flag and fourteen is a more afraid of celebrity justice will amuse all also are verified occasionally think about the American flag J nominee why is a species concept of freedom ran out to a very long now if that concept of freedom in line with the American flag resulting in the case know that is not in line with the principle of the American flat in fact that when the that status among the American flag that all men this flag stands for communism dictators when you asked the question what funny looking right that would be five or we might think that being said by flag on the outside market of the antiwar anti- flag in the right against America is to be against one as for anti- Americanism the anti- lab Americans one lesson when when the Christian world looks at the bloodstained banner do you realize that they see something different than Seventh-day Adventists see what you approximately know that's not the cross we all agree with that that's the real issues nobody we disagree on the province that is the fundamental disagreement with there are three reasons that we can give for the death of Christ number one we understand that Christ died for guilty humanity right to die for mankind as so as we look upon the cross we see that a serious victim element called often he is on trial he received that we wonder why and the answer is he died on our site we know that philosophy is designed to solve the same problem right is taken away the sins of the well-settled question is you know what could go in the cross symbolizes other words what would God use the cross and getting rid of minimum one option God could've gotten rate of guilty men that was the problem anybody get in here have gotten rid of the answers the entire human race accumulated is that I know I could do that but condolences for government all of the world that I watch this between guilty humanity and his son God says I will let my son back so that man can have a second knock another what is it a stylus is no more of humanity in the eyes of God amen God gave up his own son that we might have a second so we know that cross demonstrates God love you and I do not assault what they give up his own wealth son and you know the whole Christian churches agree on it but here's the second death another option you see God could have gotten rid of me that declared them to be guilty what is nothing to declare that the guilty will just let the Christian churches see when they see the bloodstained Freda can't you see we are free the passive tribes have gotten creative outlet they think they are not guilty and beloved the Christian church has a faulty view of the process now listen to me Jesus he could have felt the blood of second Peter that the Angels that seemed intended notwithstanding said is what him all so what angels in heaven that's okay they had broken no law no son of God is finished that's only in did you get with a small soda and will no longer be one guilty are agencies involved and the Angels to me and another between them all the time between the angel gone commandments and laws unless the Bible says for if God spare not the angel on earth it was in God did not change the law for Angel who is using what makes me think that he will change again rather long for me salsa in essence but I'm thinking that the light part in the part in moment and thirty one according to the Bible says if God spared not his own son and God so here not as Islam often between Hezbollah and his son I can let my son died all right get rid of the law so that he will not be declared guilty memo on my son the law are nice little and in fact Jesus is in the garden tray and began to sob either way him away when I have to go to the next thing about layout and John couldn't easily signal we can do we can change the law the Bible says God Spear not he own son the love that so felt the government guard that John has upon his new law that he wouldn't even change it for his own sad saga will symbolize what is my frame that is symbolized on the one in its seminars and got amazing love for mankind is alive is amazing as you all son of Las Vegas in a few days notice that the fonts of Christ 's bad for the doing away on a changing of the law actually against the crops you are anti- troughs and the antichrist isn't tied from using another level of the genus of why becomes a commandment but doing so can any guess what you desire is vague and then I was okay are I decided about seven days and walking the significant eleven when we present a center in the process you greet across yet some Christian argument you really need a wound that might I ask you a few questions and beloved it will get to the place where it is the world see that in rejecting the Sabbath they are rejecting the prompts him how when you fall into the center of the preaching how can you than it you cannot say that this is the center looks upon the Savior dying upon Calvary and realizes that the sufferer is divine he asked why this great sacrifice in a and false points to the holy law of God which has been transgressed note that Christ is answerable argument in usability and the righteousness of the law Bible level wants fifteen eighteen ninety three book cross of Christ is and is answerable on answerable argument to the validity of the summa summa seven the child was simply saying that the cross in the center of the Sabbath a net and when we had one in .net Angel revelation and understanding of glory and power statement of problem into your preaching and watch one of those people will not be able to gain statement will not be able to get involved to will but if not submissive preaching when we got to make the crop began to preach and not meant across the two go hand in hand presented the cross of Calvary we modified behold the Lamb of God which taken away the sin of a while when we shall cease to trust a man and shall make on our efficiency we shall see that are filled with the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea were talking about the cross now much of the fittest the second Angels the sickening business small and Christians made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication right and assess come out of her because our reason for our sins my thing just because someone transgressing on the law and were told that Daniel simply finally moving to change times and laws listened to reject the law of God is to reject the occurrence that's what I want to know is what is now belonging confusion and they are confused over the cross they are confused over the cross what does Babylon gave to the world and offers the world why can't one of the line while Tesco significant well the line in a counterfeit of something remember when Jesus was at the Last Supper he was breaking the bread and again what do you say about the wine this is another live on my other new afternoon or in the new covenant is not writing a law in your soul chooses to love this blog for this symbolic line is it it it it symbolizes the new covenant law in my blood is the reason why we overcome by the blood bananas because when we get other than that and have the specialty anything in it called the law of God that is so special about them is my vegan Harry and us the righteousness of Christ and his mother do it or we can think of righteousness we have to inherit the company born okay so his new income represented a logon or how high will come along with it and got away with his wife for another unfermented unfermented Babylon comes along with his wife that is amended in other words they come with a counterfeit gospel and how different company with Sunday at its far and interestingly enough the Bible tells us in the book of Proverbs do not drink it it's if that is not the Kingston Jamaica things range and forget the loan you see that come back down alone is given to the world of counterfeit wine is simply a counterfeit version of what Jesus did on the problem it is simply say hey when Jesus died he was set free from animals and now because I have tried and his resurrection we now keep sending its counterfeit until the moment when using God has his people to do going to budge that's what this final generation is about it is about changing the troops you are about to rain and the latter is caused in the wild and on about on a volume that is about the cross I am I was a struggling on the idea of following me it's about to get what he did present comprehensive cross and that the answer of the three Angels messages beloved land that is made the center what true Christian can reject the blood on the cross of Christ that's why was sincere in Babylon when they hear the message center in the all will power there was it all was an argument that where is the one not learning as the pooling authority dismissed the third angel warns against receiving the more that my will be giving to follow who reject the cross of Christ all who reject what Jesus did for them on the cross which is the center of the gospel message all who reject the crisis in fact I'm just not found a beautiful poem yes then how do you know where you are limited is anything at all core knowledge in the mass based on the pendulum like all for now the mass is moving not all who are lost in the last days will be lost as a result of rejecting the sacrifice of Christ listen in the last days the process is going to be the central issue God 's people must learn how to stay upon the cross seen the whole controversy is going to be about it is the cross powerful enough to keep a person from going against the will of God that I will cross so that when we are at and what I found in the end and end the war obviously you care if they come down from the problem you will so come down from the whole argument is coming down from the problem is that of a phrase claim or seen way or Satan a way all you want you to pray when you can see in the last days the data will stay calm down from the cross and if we refused the claim he will end up with what is going against the very word of God on the cross of Christ represents death to sell and I know one of flatlining the cross of Christ eleven represents a spiritual mind when God called us to say hi once you learn how to die and tenacity are dying to self sentiment I want to is all you get responses the new body and downside to having the time of trouble is about is about the same time now if you can just breathe the spirit into you one last time and bring you back to life loving this introductory velocities in the same house one thing God has God says you that you says you better and if you don't die Univac the Creek and so it all revolves around again that also I would rather die than die I would rather die then down those of me who have understood nothing some is that in them and bring me through his death is achieving on the process here is what she did for me is going to keep me faithful in the him myself not my words but what he the for me his death is what is going to keep me from bowing down before the image of the beast that is what is going to change you from missing the mark and that the Millbrae sold that angel is saying shirts I'm not even preach the three Angels messages I know you've been preaching of prophecy I know you've been being presented not get the victory over Sunderland appears not to think but I want to add a special ingredient into your preaching and wants what it does not only for the message but what it does for you in your own heart but money is that will bring the rain is Wolverine of specialty you are alive your year-end labs the things of this world you are unlikely and one of the things of this world and end use yet the voice of Christ calling you tonight same son my daughter my dad can bring you out of window ninety nine my dad can join from the word on if I be lifted up but I believe businesses list of Christ I is I believe in a was volume one and you've got something you struggle with or some decision that you need to make in terms of coming closer to Christ and your rest him I will say I calling you my son my daughter I'm calling you to allow my to become a reality in your life is not being your work is done at the mouth I will work through you is in a fearful thing that I is a fearful thing to do the nobody wants to die so I wanted to but tells us that unless we die we will not be able to connect with you doesn't understand nor I want to a website is not general enough for those of you who are dealing specifically with getting a heart for the Christ Lord I heard your voice phenomenon and Eurasia Sergeant was nice and I want to guide I want your Dick so brain rest and comfort that I need in my life without I believe that this is the generation this is the generation and if we will but take that problem to take first internalizing within ourselves and then take it to the world we will see the work finished in a very little while Bobby has an heavenly father will you are calling near it and new roots of the problem healing moving us as I sure hope you see that precious whole in a new way father grant us the glory and the power revealed in the form of Calvary that we may be more forgiving to unwilling to come down from from no matter what the devil father when we have to internalize the glory and the power Navy dangles forthwith the glory and the annoyed we know that you have honest and sincere in Babylon who are waiting to hear the truth and that shows will be most clearly presenting has been missing up the cross and make it the center of our next those tonight boy who had made a decision who are aware on the faint rustling struggling trying to decide whether they would go to go all the way Lord I ask that you would give them your spirit and maybe strong CU because of what you find that the season was in the in the precious name of Jesus we pray amen


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