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Unexplainable Ways

Chester Clark III


God works in ways far beyond our comprehension. In this study, Pastor Clark takes a closer look at the message of Romans chapter eleven, and how – amazingly enough – even the downfall of Israel was to be used by God for her eternal salvation. Has God been using unexpected, unexplainable ways to work for YOUR salvation? Might you be missing what He’s really doing in your life?


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • August 23, 2014
    11:00 AM
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have you ever found yourself in situations you just didn't understand maybe situations you don't feel like you deserve for can understand why God is allowing to come into your life in those situations and I'm thankful that our Bible are Scriptures have answers when were in these quandaries today were going to be looking at God 's unexplainable ways and for those of you who haven't been with us we've been going through on it periodically a series on the book of Romans and rebels talk about your sister from time to time that we been within looking this year in the book of Romans and appeared at the chapters ago we actually began looking at God 's ways and Paul in Romans chapter nine he actually spent quite a bit of time discussing God 's ways God 's unexplainable ways out God has the right he reserves the right to be able to give to his into his people what he knows is best for them in fact the Paul tries to explain a little bit to the Gentiles in Rome to these mainly riding the Gentiles most of the believers in Rome were Gentiles evidently we see that in Romans is writing the Gentiles is trying to help them understand how it is that there is a transition that has taken place we and the sum they are displayed we believe that that at the crossbar after the cross after the time of the Jewish rejection of the cross there was a transition which took place from the Jewish nation representing God on this earth and being his representative people to take his message to the world instead there was a transition to the Gentiles of anyone who believes in Jesus being that heirs according to the promise the heirs of Abraham the children of a map spiritual descendents of Abraham the understand when uptime done fact that in the mail but that's what we we believe in chapter nine we took a look at at this in the sermon called in the calling if you don't have that one line or listen to and/or a pic of the CDs but in Romans chapter nine we see the sorrow for Israel that Paul had an and yet he's defending the right to choose someone else as his representative here on earth we notice that this is not talking primarily about salvation but talking about representation is still very much possible for Jews and Israelites to be saved that's not the issue at all in fact it is possible for both days on Jacob to be safe but somehow gone arbitrarily chose that Jacob would be the one through whom his defendant then must I would be more doubts God 's right to choose balls arguing not not saying one is saved for eternity once lost virginity no not bad at all he's talking about representation not salvation God has a right to choose because God knows what is best and so we saw that it in Romans chapter nine we saw that God had that authority spent in eight chapters discussing salvation and issue in Romans nine is not primarily salvation but representation and so God is a just God he can choose a donkey to speak for him and he reserves the right to choose to even have stones cry out it is people are not faithful to their task of telling the world about him Romans chapter ten he went on he talked about how the AVS they the law was a stumbling block for Israel that's why Israel was passed over as he is as God 's special representative people here on this earth not because they were bad or inherently wrong the genetics are not in a improper nose because they stumbled and that some links on the spelling spelling was trying to earn their salvation who were thinking because they do the right thing they belong to the right-click the right group they had the truth therefore they must be saved friends is the danger of the church in every age a danger of becoming self-satisfied simply sending that because we have the right things together that somehow we are saved no it's because only because of Jesus miraculous unexplainable grace that we can be saved but for a miracle of God I am lost for and doesn't matter what group I belong to what they are the church on what I eat what I donate what I doesn't any of the little things that are not saying that the important data frames that we see in our life we belong to Jesus where does workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works but friends no matter what I do in my life I do not deserve salvation and and if you take the most abject sinner on the street that you might see you can know in your heart according to the word of God you can know in your heart that you deserve salvation no more than that abject sinner just because your church or doesn't make you and I eligible for salvation no it's because of God 's grace so Roman chapter ten week we find that whosoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved is that really need whosoever does it even mean churchgoers all wonderful truth friends but God can even see good people I'm not trying to be funny good people are the hardest for God to see that's why Jesus told the good people of his day the publicans and prostitutes the Mafia bosses and prostitutes would enter the kingdom of God for the only need a sense of our in order to be seen sometimes being good is the greatest obstacle to being great board meetings and so run a Chapter 11 fall picks up the same theme and will try to bring their Bibles they are called as a shot across the bow of the Gentiles ship is just is just explained to them that the Jews have been rejected they are now presented privileged to be gone through his representative people in Romans chapter eleven Paul continues them he says verse one I say that has gone cast away his people certainly not for I also am an Israelite of the seed of Abraham of the tribe of Benjamin Nissen I'm not trying to say friends that Israelites can be saved and by the way this is termed Israel likely to use yours very curious term because actuality the Israelite term Israelite had been used in the Old Testament to refer to all of the twelve tribes of Israel right now there were only two tribes remaining the tribes of June June and Benjamin we tend to refer to them as Jews right and he's using to need some indication that he is using this in a spiritual sense but God God 's special people of the past are no longer nonspecial people today have the new Israel Magellan unit and was being said here because if you just wanted to talk about his nation the Jews of his that he would use the term to the ten tribes of pretty much dissolved into into the countryside they become the Samaritans and an intermarried among the people but at any rate he says has gone castaways people certainly not I also news relied the seed of Abraham of the tribe of Benjamin God is not cast away his people who need for new or do you not know what the Scripture says about Elijah Ali pleads with God against Israel saying Lord have killed a prominent far down your altars myeloma and will and what they seek my life but what does the review response data him I have preserved myself seven thousand men will not ballot the need to nail polish trying to say here look just because Israel has been forsaken work has been passed over at the end of their seventy weeks of probationary time as God 's representative people does not mean that God is not still have elected that the remnant even among Israel that are speak to Jesus and God do his work and of course Paul was hoping I think he was planning to be part of heaven right he was he was he was explained to them that God still want to Israel say God is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance he goes on and he says even so then of this present time is a remnant according to the election of what not according to the big demarcation the denominational is Asian of work but according to the election of grace that God chose to allow these people 's to be part of his grace but if it were up works it is no longer grace otherwise work is no longer work what that Israel has not obtained what it seeks but the elective obtained and the rest were blinded to all in a group among Israel were able to obtain what they wanted among God God 's favor and God 's grace and that's because they obtain it by grace and not by works skip down verse eleven I say then have a stumble that they should fall certainly not but through their fall to provoke them to jealousy salvation has come to the Gentiles now here we begin what I think is a very fascinating path of right is using a little bit of sort of tongue-in-cheek almost it seems like a sense of humor to describe the situation in which he he finds himself in this nation and we seek is not that God didn't want Israel to be safe and that's why over them as his representatives any game the gospel to the Gentiles do anyone who believe in Jesus to take it to the world and because he didn't like the Jews really wanted to be safe it was so that they could be ironic we can think of the fall of Israel and that's the term that he uses in this chapter the fall of Israel as being something negative pejorative something that the tragedy to back pain God unexplainable ways the fall of Israel was intended to be the Ricci of history that you love our God and to love our Savior even in the things which come as a result of our hard heartedness even in the curses which sin brings into our lives God is seeking to turn those around the and this is what he's what Paul saying look Israel wasn't taking the method of data to the world they were instead killing those who were writing the stoning of Stephen thirty forty marks that time in which Jesus was expanding in the right-handed throne of God we talked about this one that think what what other times we find Jesus standing the Bible says he went and sat down right in front of the widely standing like Michael and Daniel chapter twelve is seen standing at the close of probation is a close of probation the stoned Stephen probation for Israel not for salvation before representation and so Israel begins killing those were giving the message of Jesus and Jesus says look I want Israel to be saved the only way I can save them is to give the message of salvation to others they could even preach Israel so the Gospel goes to the Gentiles and this is how Paul describes it he says it here he says he certainly not but through their fall to provoke them to jealousy salvation has come to the agenda maybe maybe my dog great work among the Gentiles minimizing these people who have no ensure that known the way of God who haven't been indoctrinated in the Old Testament Scriptures regeneration maybe in Israel seen those people transformed by grace medium if Israel seen those people changed in their life and are they living lives of victory and overcoming maybe Israel will even want like all God 's unexplainable ways God works through their downfall through their pain and suffering through the disappointment to bring them to salvation and that the theme of the next few verses as he continues and so Israel Israel is is not forgotten not forsaken they then they have fallen in his term but they are they are to be redeemed even in that fall and to be saved even in their fall verse thirteen for I speak to you Gentiles inasmuch as I'm apostle to the Gentiles I magnify my ministry it by any means I may provoke to jealousy those were my flesh and save some of them for they are being cast away is the reconciling of the world what the lyrics sentence be but life from the dead can you imagine what God wants to do with his own chosen people who been blessed with his lot for generations in the extent if the Gentiles can like the world with the message of God 's love and the salvation of the cross what could the Jews do if they accept and gave their lives to proclaiming notice he goes on and he gives a warning to the Gentile believers is a visualized and so we say we seen that already in verses one through five of their false representation is intended to work toward their salvation not against their salvation you see that in verses fifteen and therefore Paul is a warning to us in verses sixteen to twenty five notice with me he says in verse sixteen but the fruit bursaries the lump is also wholly and if some of the branches I thought branches at some of the branches were broken off and you mean a wild trip all intrigues were drafted in among them and with the become a partake of the root and fatness of the olive tree do not boast against the branches branches that were cut off the rest of them but if you do not do both remember that you do not support the root but the root supports you in other words if God was able to take you and I go or not a part of this natural olive tree and wrap the sins of the weenie part of the olive tree is not a recent rest of field the reason the grace of God and in fact he goes on and he would say in inverse seaward as you say he says listen if God spared not the natural branches they were cut off don't think that God has to be relied upon you could also be cut off in another graft is by the grace of God not because we deserved they were part of God 's people a part of God 's salvation and so we see their fall is a warning to us to take note and to take heed and to listen that we not become proud because we think we are just God 's special people verse verse twenty six to thirty six Paul then begins the marble and how God has done this verse thirty three years if you today oh the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God how unsearchable are his judgments and his ways past finding out for who has known the mind of the Lord who has become his counselor or who has first given to him as a be repaid four of him and through him and to him are all things to me glory forever amen you see the Bible is full of surprises when you think about it I never thought about it now and a couple of surprises left because we've become familiar with the stories we know the history we know that in before the beginning right so we can we know what happens there at the Brook care of when Elijah is hungry and crows which usually scavenge you need anything I can find are bringing the right we'll see the irony in anger they know it already we we know what happened there along both the little little stream and David picks up five smooth stones in face of the giant we know the end of the story so we don't find the irony in the story of the Bible is full of it a surprise if we were to look at it we're put ourselves in the story before we know the end of the story we would recognize what laws trying to say here God 's ways are unexplainable he does things it accomplishes things in ways we would not expect we can't understand you can ask me the Bible is full of surprises and was just think about a few of these here this morning surely the sons of Jesse in the camp of Israel on that day must've been praying for God to deliver them from the lives of giving so don't you think the sons of Jesse along with the rest of the camp of Israel were praying for deliverance as they tried to change the way they are pulling the rug right is elevated what are you doing down here get back tears she bring the kids belong you'll belong in the battlefront they sent and yet God 's unexplainable ways when God is one way God intended to be giant room no mean they had but through the little boys got unexplainable ways the Little shepherd boy and a little annoying little brother they tried to chase away God would use to defeat Goliath and God unexplainable ways he brought water from dry rocks in the middle of the desert how do you figure out what God do that I don't know would you have sat there before as your hopefully not murmuring complaining and freedom might have with the rest of the one half million Israelites in the middle the desert with no water thousands of livestock and all your little kids families and elderly and there's no way out would you have said well you know what let's just ask God to bring water from rocks it wouldn't have crossed my mind because God 's ways are unexpected and unexplained they are they really really our God would speak truth to the problem in the house I nearly speak truth the province numbers twelve or six if there's a problem on the all speak German I'll make myself know them in a vision or a dream that out I think the province right how did I think it they love when he wasn't really listening to wealth through a donkey would you expect that now unexplainable ways he brings water from Rossi 's visa province the donkeys you know he's saying Nebuchadnezzar the mighty King Nebuchadnezzar sold by having loses mind there was these same is sold by letting you design it went wild crazy for years raising the fields running the force like a wild animal through this blog savings over that would you thought of that money thing how do the same admit it now running the dream that was negative that might've been you know that's not so out of the ordinary maybe sending some meals and young people to Babylon the witness that's a good idea on how to lose his mind seems to because God 's ways are explain their past we can't understand them these stories are familiar to us so we don't marvel at their at their and their irony but God say Nebuchadnezzar by letting his mind go insane in fact even preserve the truth and his people by having them taken into Babylonian captivity I think you God allows these things to come to our lives and tries to use in order to save us because he's gone because his ways past finding out he took mean away from the clean rivers of Syria and over to the Jordan River view government as a Jordan River it's nothing but a really nutty murky 's line bottom stream I mean his dirty and it was dirty then you read about in second Kings name and when he was met by the prophet Elisha 's counselor his sermons advice from the profit and he said are not out on fark are rivers of Damascus far better than all the waters of Israel the Jordan the muddy Jordan how do you clean by washing and dirty water and yet in God 's unexplainable ways he healed me of his leprosy I love the story because for four is for Doctor John when you go out of the water not only was recovered of his leprosy he had all of his cute accumulative years of sun damage from battle wiped away his face was and his skin was like the skin of a little child yet just the leprosy gone he had no more precancerous sun spots freckles whatever they were I don't know his skin would like the skin of Lynch God 's unexplained ways my money water dirty river a foreign country fusing God works in ways that we don't understand we don't expect and just when you think you have not figured out he will surprise you again and we can look at these stories in the Bible friends I what I want to make it practical this point because Lavinia stories in the Bible and it is a yeah God worked in unexpected ways but then we come not in two thousand fourteen and we we actually have it need to act as though God can work in the ways we expected to payment in we can see the blues is a name and is thinking that God would know that would have a problem come out with the abracadabra 's right hand over the place and say something anything even plans and pay for it and go away but when it comes to us we have certain expectations of how we want God to act how we want to be say and when God doesn't work that way we don't relate for we can get discouraged we tend to become may be resistant we tend to forget that God works to save us in ways we don't expect all the depth of the riches about the wisdom and knowledge of God how unsearchable are his judgments and his ways past finding out the Scripture tells us you know for he seemed to grow what must happen through it it must die and the same is true in our spiritual experience I want to try to visit a few words here this morning didn't get to try to bring our minds to our current situation here in two thousand fourteen living as humans still seeking to be saved by a loving God amen still wanting to be a part of his plan and a part of his good news for our new man to prosper our old man must suffer that doesn't make sense to us that we don't want that went on its back that we want to be saved in dignity pain free but God 's ways are unexplainable we he uses methods that surprise us he surprised the people back why should we not expect surprises today too often we miss the point where his baffled his name and he was told the dip in the Jordan River seven times we do want to be cleansed from the leprosy of Santelli are you with me on that day we want to make letters from the leprosy of sense but we are surprised by the methods God uses to save us the separation of sin from life is a messy work it requires trials and tribulations the furnace of affliction the fires of persecution but somehow even though we can see that in history we don't expect it today and alive we expect something else how often do we recognize these for what they are gone trying to save our souls from eternal room usually when they come we complain we tried escape we blame the individuals and even hold resentment towards them if there involved in any negative experience in our lives not real life God is working in our life to save us sometimes they happen to be fellow church members and we imagine how much better allies it be if they just found a different church to attend we missed the whole point the whole point of the history of God seating throughout the Scriptures old point of God having unexplainable ways if you save the way we mortal humans expected him to say he would cease to be God he would be one of us if he's saying the way we want them to save you to be saving us in our selfishness and confirming us sinners you see my friends God 's ways are not only different they are higher than our ways and thoughts are higher than our thoughts Isaiah fifty fibers nine says for the heavens are higher than Europe so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts let me be very clear this morning if you and I want to be saved we must learn to accept God 's will or lives even when in trying circumstance instead of accepting and appreciating the ways in people God uses to save us to separate us from our selfishness too often we avoid our cast blame resented even he what God is trying to do I want even more clear today the church is not intended to be what's selfish unconverted people try to make it it's not a social club made up of people who all belong the click of like-minded individuals naturally enjoy each other 's company and Association with a pastor preaches sermons that make everyone feel comfortable the church is meant to help us grow spiritually the church is meant to help us grow spiritually it's meant to be an incubator for spiritual growth a place where selfishness must die because my ways are different in my brother 's ways are personalities and perspectives and processes differ and if any world we would note it in the world we would never associate without clashing and the testing and resenting and even avoiding and hating the gone God calls us in the church God calls in the church if that was just natural expected if it wasn't part of God 's unexplainable way and it wouldn't be a sure sign that God said people would recognize us by Jesus said in John thirteen thirty five by this all will know you are my disciples if you love one from a friend that needs that's not been actually happen it needs a miracle it's a part of God 's unexplainable ways to put us in a family to put us in a church family even which can be an incubator for our spiritual growth you see our demonstration of the world of God 's amazing unexplainable power is when we love those we don't naturally love when we love those who don't naturally get along with one except that is our divine obligation calling even without trying to make any exceptions to wish for anything else is to wish for our souls destruction God oh to love each other all of us with no exceptions are you thankful to God doesn't work the way you expect to work I'm not trying to say the charges in a wonderful place there is something triumphantly joyful about recognizing that God has worked a miracle in your life and you love someone you don't naturally even like all others fellowship listen this is what it means to have a foretaste of when we love each other so I believe that someone is saying now that's not fair why should God sit up in glory and require me to love my enemies to die for the die to self and to be proactive in reaching out to those I don't even like and with whom I don't even naturally get along this is the greatest misconception all because of all because God is not sitting up in heaven asking us to do something he has already he's already shown us the way while we were yet sinners while we were yet his enemies pulses while we were yet his enemies Christ died for us born in a barn and a humble poor family Jesus didn't meet expectations of the religious of his day he was expected to arrive as the hero of his people to be met with accolades and praise instead he was rejected by those seeking the same John chapter one verse eleven says that he came unto his own and his own received him not the Masai was expected to rule on David's throne but instead he died on Calvary 's tree friends unexpected unexplainable way he was expected to rule on David's throne but he died on Cal Mistry in order to give life to us as enemies he had willingly die and are gods unexplainably on a hill far away stood an old rugged cross the emblem of suffering and shame and I love that old cross where the dearest and best for a world of lost sinners was slain gods unexplainable ways today on a hill far away still stands an old rugged cross the emblem of God 's unexplainable ways I thankful reserve a God who doesn't save the way selfish humans explore expectancy I thankfully serve a God who doesn't ask us to do anything he has started on himself he laid down his life for his enemies and he invites us to take up his cross and follow that our lives might be a revealing of God 's unexplainable ways Lord today we recognize that were not better than you the servant is not above his master we remember that you can send it to suffer and die to save me and give me life today father I just want to say that I want to I want to set your will for my life and even the unexplainable ways you choose to save still today father forgive me for seeking salvation through my own designs my own expected me and help me help me to accept Jesus the way the truth and the life is my example and Savior father maybe somebody else here who wants to make a decision to who wants to say Jesus say I recognize the day I don't deserve recognized today that sometimes I need resented the methods of the people used to try to help me grow Jesus I want to give you my heart and ask you to change it to a heart of love for my brother for my sister for the world and need for whatever the situation may be father we we need your you to work in your way to save us for that's the only way we can be reached father there someone here who wants to make that decision you know their hearts into their minds neither choices and I just pray that as we prepare for evangelism as we prepare to share with others that we might remember who we are were were were saved by your grace five through your unexplainable ways where your people not because of her better but because you love us and because you've chosen and because you you given us your grace and your blood in your mercy the father today I just pray that you would work in your unexplainable ways my hearts in my heart and the hearts of those who give permission for a week as always this media was brought by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain that please visit www. .com universe 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