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Go for the Gold

David Gates


David Gates

President, Gospel Ministries International


  • August 28, 2004
    11:00 AM
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in front of heaven we rejoice in your presence is one using always saying what we heard it was closer to the throne and now as we rest in your presence and in presence of the Holy Spirit we invite today to show us we pray that you will speak to us directly from the film as he did without any a person earning with mankind he will interview is now tedious rescue us from ourselves we pray in Jesus and Mike work I felt like last night I promise talk a little bit about risk and return at a later picking an MBA program friend of University for a while and computer science department and one of the things that I thought was that I learned and I thought was that in business the return is proportional to the risk of higher risk investments also had to produce a higher rate of return and a spiritual life in exactly the same way on most everything about life affected that way those who prefer to stay in their risk crossing the street have a very low rate of return in fact they may need a higher wrestler going to the front lines may not be a high risk you may face but anytime you want a high return on your revenue unlike the UN to make a big effect on life and everything a lot you have to risk life resident in Arvada highlighting the risk high paying to be able to to have a very long for you to go first you risk losing everything or to have everything and unlimited talking about risk some of you talking about return unlimited talking also about a little ecumenical terms like I diagnosis we have to be able to know where we are in order to be able to get treatment and some and execute us on his industry segment is very hard to cover the whole series of subjects I want to cover some or all my sermons are different every single one of them but Gloria and experiences as a general subject line but IPO and a lot of illustrations at night as I speak is to get some page late on this evening is unless you're very wireless DVDs and tapes about I've illustrated what I'm talking about but it's a different measure and thinking and experiences versus talk about the diagnosis how many new are involved in the medical field in some way okay somehow at a higher higher number handling of the catering weeks ago Brent Hinsdale and medical community am ultimately rated the hands of someone involved in but diagnosis how many would like to the doctor and the doctor has a sullen look on his face when we are done he says would you like me to tell you that the party would hear the whole story how many would like to know the whole story I would rather not tell you apart but is anybody here which I don't know and tell me that the difficult final and not nobody read that the truth is we want to know the whole were were were made in the lab there is ornamental and the doctor not a new one the good news bad news and Doctor waited anxiously while he said give me that the news Verizon and not as well according to reports I have on my desk here you only have three more days to submit is what I was of course plays a part of them in Africa they've now today we have good news and adventures the good news is things are happening around the world we hear about people 's experiences not exactly and when we hear reports from ASI from several school original conference review about all I got is doing and we grilled our bed the bad news is a lot worse than the van is as that of the hundred million in people being added to the world population every year and will be making about two million three-year by leaking anywhere actually making an impact on their lives actually listening to receive when we visit them we examined hospitals which we can buy them where we can approximate the idea to make the hell is wrong with a three minute eliminated outright it is a five-minute but in order to break even we have to reach a hundred before we can even think of finishing the work and the other part of that Ms. is we don't have a doorman hour I was an attempt to your lesson you might think in twenty thirty or less not will have them assigned in fact we may not even have the rest of the early one morning there is that in your life will not even like normal what we are in a balloon with a handle around it what I learned is over from all over the courses are against the devil is trying to accelerate the process of this destruction the destruction of this world in a factory and optimum the sooner opportunities disappear for God 's work now we know we don't know if there was a alert at whatever cost but the opportunity that are open today will disappear because whenever the box you will not be able to move your resources you will not able to travel freely you will not be able to have the same freedom affecting Australia and Canada is already illegal to say something bad about somebody else to do evangelical pastors in Australia spent nearly two hundred thousand dollars already find themselves because they said that the Koran which the Muslim views as their sacred book said they said that Ron encourages people in the Muslim faith of the Christian which is not one thousand dollars defending themselves because it is illegal even say anything negative about a religion that will tell you so if anyone saying the chosen about something that may cause in your life and in Canada SSI law in North America is now considering just like that whenever Limbaugh you will no longer be able to do it without it costing you your blood or your freedom and what you can do easily today you will not be able to do that so how long we have left once power is two years what is your life is five years of someone's because my thirty D years if I segmented and a lens of an actual sense of urgency doesn't fully unlikely that you must and I really made my plan to have it all in one year and nine sometimes like an icy literally on here but generally as it is in the last year among the eleven were to watch what I do know is my last year and I felt like my visit I met a few years ago flat every year has been a regular in the last year and I'm thrilled because at anytime I will not have any regrets have lived that life feeling in the last year to work I'm totally happy that I did my very greatness sacrificed everything like if I landed on and on give me greatly another year praise the Lord when one I'm not planning on having all next year available I don't think we probably do but if we had a wonderful thing out of any other year but we have to understand that we have a few short Muslim and that when all of a sudden we will regret what we've been doing that for doing everything we can help you be with me loving it scares me that I scared me like I'm really scared and frightened me to think of the consequences less always watching thinking to the limit of your day off on saying only that it cannot run nowhere what we like to listen to our other brother and another church is what they preach this tribalism I rub shoulders with a lot of other leaders monitored as I was I was stunning one thousand stop and listen in right in the middle of the sermon pastor in the Baptist pastor stopped as soon as they nationally visible national TV and came to know the true Sabbath is from Friday night and Saturday at this Rosetta anyone is emulate another something that happened people are becoming aware I sat on an airplane and the land from Los Angeles Atlanta the thought and I found out in the Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force one of either one to highest authorities in Kaplan 's airport is unlamented administered for seven dollars missionary and so we're talking in English and other wireless beginning of the particular language it happens this is likely to have suffered Brazilians the Portuguese but let me how insanely sick of Americans generally come in second language and so is this a Spanish Spanish and then you know what I got was the seventh administered in Cuba and Arizona business are now and I was in Europe and started talking to him I don't have radio amateur radio 's weekly letter in Atlanta ladies you just nailed the sadness and the other night I got offended he said the eleven years later something about it I started among research discovers she would like so he said every Sabbath from Friday to Saturday Saturday Sunday on I can only tell the literature to bridge decided on a Methodist minister but every Sabbath I can only and then I went to the meeting in Atlanta with them with some present video producers to Who's Who in Christian media and for all away I sat there every morning as I heard from a hole that promote regular evangelicals litigating preacher beautiful truth and is discovering about the sanctuary and he was later I'm a straight days with eight hundred pastors and leaders in the perspective of the focus on the family is not the director of the school of evangelism focus on the family said the following words Robert is about the birth upon will focus on who will obey God and his word and allowing every soul must be prepared to span a favorite truth and opposed SLI direct offers an indemnity that's what they're saying out there I can say about in Israel and looking at other programs that are not of this fold that others I have scared me that airline because I'm not waiting long as anyone God got tired of waiting like angels holding up an opportunity that we don't move God will not win longest time to cross the river Jordan and the same this time when I can endeavor in eighteen eighty eight he called the people across the Jordan if it wasn't when I want to he was taken by nominating it I discovered that you should listen very disappointed he was ready in eighteen eighty eight the Royal we were driving the message of salvation by faith and my cousin my face with a sweep across Europe it was an awakening spiritually on the willingness of your hymnal and I told him that under other than Warren related eighteen hundreds there was a spiritual awakening all around Europe Asia North America and was sleeping well and I was right and I was ready and got the message in and out the other couple of young faster than single core patients is why more than three hundred times that that is a massive elevators on we resisted now later that now that after a few years since I said is selected on Raven happily quite a few more years of Republican try again and we went to the first world war with a mean of the Gatling gun we can kill people mass production we went to the second hour will eliminate whole cities were not going to verbal war was over because I'm realizing God 's connected notice of an awakening spiritually aware of is that you interview your but I'll answer it went to a human communism we don't need God on the continent in the following sizes are looking everywhere for certain solutions some of the greatest innovators are scientists I know the answer seventy on science and spiritually it is not a is not an easy related missing this is Christ and the whole world is awake and ready to set things right now intelligent people I am coming ready or not your icon and he has given us a great prices you'll share with all world and we as a church have not done it we have not gotten all the world is the gospel even though we hear a lot of the reports in Word two hundred countries but what different doesn't make enough in the middle of São Paulo Brazil Manila Calcutta this has randomly get anywhere in history utilities is a nice and what is a Republican when they made another announcement numbers with a early days I absolutely learned what are the chances of somebody randomly and eleven twenty ten person city noises comes the majority of e-mail and my dad went to as much as go through metal cricketer they and he stopped on NAS directions about Battle Creek in the sanitarium whatever that I have been added going back but the resting places I don't even know seven seven West left that's where that's even more and the people one block away to know anything about it what is our diagnosis is is something very very bad Islamic and I'm afraid and scared that when Jesus comes back and he says render accounts and have this talent is importantly a beautiful message and we buried in the ground because we know you are hard after you and requires only a very good here you are here's a one hundred days anyone's insight outlet in law school certainly take away a California limited that one was five and F and outer darkness God is not going to tolerate a lack of love and responsibility in his people will not tolerate it he loves people I put up with it and you come back and even render accounts were even render account and what you want our biggest curses in North America we estimate one we would be much better off if we were living if we were payments because today we would have our needs right now who are you aware of any lies the numerical elemental and later do they worry about putting on trader had raised somebody actually thank you we do that you certainly have an item under the autonomous when I do learn about the wife and young daughter who now inhabit I think we have to much we are a priest with this and think we have need of nothing and that's why we have enjoyed one God and Dennis are telling but we are not shared with the world I believe we have a terrible accounting for the and is not wrong to say that we have a problem because the only solution to getting illness in the young isn't enough criticism and let's recognize the connection away so we can stop a mechanism and well with his wonderful message given us all around the world somebody else is going to Wasserman and try out and a lot I don't affect my judgment seat and give account in the resources the influence of power had given me the person and of the church that we have I was not one of standard legitimacy of account that this building this idea what is it worth the property building any idea when I think about what happened how many of the languages you think Mister Jones thousand two thousand by the way that a thousand million when we collect you think we had these of thousand eleven is North America any joint seminar work to be done with salt and and and and are reserves that we use for her retirement you have more than that might listen reserves as inside the Desmond and a good financial thing that we thought this principle but guess what when the ship is sinking we are not called the store apparatus we are called a lot like rest Utah hounding allegedly as a husband and father if your wife daughter or son were drowning and it was somebody on board another ship or Lycra like vote that had my second and reveals the doughnut of indivisible and interactively designing one within the indignant when my wife serve as my middle daughter she drowned because he wanted to have an extra lifejacket decided to take care of your own needs you already had one and what is able to because I have a lot of extra libraries we have like technological parking on their parking garages are part of the doctor sitting at the airport or city and the banks as well the life rafts are not getting to us that we can get another letter drowning is indignant today is not putting up with it any longer elsewhere because it cannot wait on this any longer that some diagnosis in Islam very nicely prognosis however can be very good because there's healing for that night diagnosis but you have to do the physician total control of everything you are everything you do the same position that he will cure you and he will make this method explode around the world because he is coming soon and even pay whoever is ready and nose landing his favorite stores of the comment table in a startup enables the very interesting to longer not earmarked for the inevitable sort the store the owner find out that the story 's been ripping them off as we tell the story prepare the documents because the renter account today in stores and online at two I'm too weak to be the new manual labor I'm doing is that they plan on doing a future weekly call-in in the semifinals of the things that marks and everything in the NE I said was the only master while I also might give quickly when you fail is an excellent one you will not matter so much yeah as of the sword this is a very astute because he knew he was required and we got tired and lazy because he gave away when we live in when they are much so that he would have some friends coming on after he got out of the celebrating of England are some inapplicable juices that have elevated him to send the children of darkness sometimes smarter and more of the village on how I should be thinking we had a million dollars it will relieve the problem is now defunct economist I went on to leverage is the building that they reached a resident of Wichita but we can always decide what to do and I will as soon as you like what is a nation that you have a here all you select what can you do well I do my part to imply the nomination on the minority minister year and as a departmental communication at Brooklyn and seven million I do my part to advise my readers to think differently but they're responsible for their decisions not me I can only pump and then convinced an ambulance and other shoulder when I went rising down together to share ideas ideas and way to make a big difference in Venezuela and then they got infected with but here everywhere nothing you have it it's crazy to think outside the box any documented elsewhere you have been long white dress but what if what if I don't have enough in the next year next year and got a problem here Jan is a lot like grass but the limited policies and reserves his problem your job is a lot like rats if you want like that God will take care of next year he will take care of your reserves he will surround and protect you he will bless you like grass funding in the thinking that they find something else U Grant Lawrence but I cannot control it unveils this one time I was in August even in the country the the daughter of the young daughter of the later network in our house unfortunately suffered a problem at school to join the school and another young man put his handle over now trying but there is a principal of the school and leaving because her his father was a very influential blogger S&W K lump trying to figure this existed and that again method invented and my daughter a classroom and a future hope for the long do anything other where your husband being sought out across the company was a so we went to the principal benefit is different is what kind of free will notice is that the father but are social Michael here in and in what others are disputed oh yes we know well we know you're the principal and we notice you haven't done anything that we can control what you witnessed to inform you about where the pressure please we're not telling you are criticizing you we believe you should have done something unless I do what you are going to read if the communicator by the day the government is not suspended where filing charges and applicable and arrested in a classroom because he committed a crime so that already today if you suspended what you want to do that's up to you whether they were even happen and suspension I cannot control what you like that of the processing criticism was not I can only control I know I was there behavior but there's a lot not able to move what it all of a sudden whether or not he decided one morning viewable by everybody and when it all has heard that Jesus is coming back and letting favorite and that he required an accounting what if you decided that you decided you need a lasting and sensitive and what we decided was a looking at resources in science maybe maybe this building maybe we can use the building I have resources you have resources to put it all in alignment this year everybody will hear what to thought we can control at Los Angeles but we welcome and will it happen that would not happen there would be an explosion all are within the might cause Oklahoma division and it might affect Texas and might even go as far as California when people hear what one church and it you like you can afford in order to happen don't want to try to put enough resources in your hands to finish working with this error the question of you want to please remember you will be standing before the throne and intimacy very soon and you will render account what you get an insight community Lynette is your problem is exposing the diagnosis the prognosis is terrible and its affiliates a slow control and you and your asset that is how they can have everyone there was some bills of the newer funny division and control the beginning of dollars that we haven't assets that another committee controlled like a controller can control the little I have what do I have you have a profession you have an influence the appellant to have a family of energy and enthusiasm something infectious enthusiasm well that's all you got your money and help under the missionary lifelong missionary twenty twenty years the missionary for Panama 's assets but I do have influence you are the one hand Nevada arriving in the highway from playing again with regard to that argument another that regard by programming is talking about using an analogy I have one daughter that has had to study a lot more to come is anything that her other sister she's been great but it doesn't work a lot harder the company does anything because children from the continuity learning a little harder her pussy and then hesitantly identify new idea for many years don't try to play the game with a debit card processing plate again with a deck of cards that you have and finally one Sunday figure it out without regard to build a different hand as she did and will probably never you know what everybody has a different accordance unified again with that regard don't complain because you have the same has unveiled that physiologic have I have money some event lines I gather under myself planning we would together when the end of the myself going eleven Wendy the last but now more and more planning because more people are getting caught up on the cardinality part of it and everybody is it independent movement emerges an analysis of an exciting term you'll see an exciting idea when you have people moving things happen one of my favorite books Christian service about this look at the Miller home was rented in his was sitting out of my place the Bible because there is other awaited medical and I was out was to home are a underlying it is more black and white now now I now have the primary landmark on the underlined as I highlight something color limit is only yellow than the other papers on the net and I read everything here and I is is scrolled through one promises he is able anytime to perform one outline and I promise of that anything at anytime that I'm aware of an attorney little simple thing like that goal is straightforward for the voice and that he called you that no significantly thinner you difficulty likewise not enough money in my mining knowledge and if I think Joshua had hard got woken up no crosses River Jordan into the land and I promise Israel and wherever you set the phone of yours only her foot that had already given you that music brings an English major ongoing user what we are going to hopefully some what like underpants wherever you shall set the sole of your foot what President Fisher fence wherever you decide to set the sole of your foot that have already bought into that passes alternate maintaining already belong to us yes but you don't have any of the millions of the lender lender now and what happened this way send them an assurance the world and yours I have given the web recent the sullenly but that will automatically get access of any sort across the river Jordan to be in a in one of the weather and put in prison no good now available slothful servant I will begin you everything where music is solving it could be strong and invigorating ninety seven it is often encouraged yet I reminded people that way because they are sales this is an important point in time to address that point I said remember that I have told you to be strong than that to obey everything I thought you wanted it to the lab or the like I may go well with you and everything you do so obedience is part of the speaker is obedience when you obey into exactly it will go well with you and everything you problem in the well at present we do it our way of redemption is a reminder that our part we resumption of faith are very close together one is exactly that look like a thing that we do in our way and the other one is Linda Godwin and both of them require risk you can hang yourself into some trouble being presumptuous you still suffer but the other way God is responsible and so you have to get to know about you voice is that of a bombshell as I was in was at about this radio station in Atlanta and Vienna has faster had heard my stories and and and he wanted to do something on a radio in the church was suggested as a felony be careful you know I would like to risk and the hearing becoming affordable for you someday think the rest not you can think of the body taken individually but I would together plan B go by yourself so he decided Alonzo and he signed a thirty thousand dollars contract at more than a salary he signed a three-year thirty thousand dollars and he was shaking and will and and decided on a radio one hour they all in Atlanta waiting to hear the message and a traditional County Young County for thirty thousand dollars with a character like that now then I really do that for a living at home and even four hours ago book rate hours negate our Lord well it will be my decision to leave them for twelve hours a day and time you can afford to make payments honestly that the four and I was on a station and an end igniting the guys long decision guided that professors not only decision you need to the he was a he was talking to me he said assignment document fifteen thousand dollars a month for Lisa the station scared to death somehow got his help in providing where working working together within Canada Univision direct eleven minus eleven that Mister signed document fifteen thousand megabytes where was I come from economically your groceries sold if it is less analogous anything is that you know what he said I was wrestling with this idea because money is always a short message got word gives that the is a big back to the future hero blogroll yes I know that's worth I think you want to one another but not fine print quite well that the locality of the eleven happened where you're going and was in charge that you want to know all the fine print it raw the relevant decisions out of a small decisions yes I said that the fiscal Christian service and I told him I didn't limit on the show e-mail I will attend again effectively make sure you get one absolutely fine-grained on how to make it is right here this is a big print the fine print is here little daily decisions I work how worked with difficulties the one of the seventy nine the end is near the passing templates advice the spread of Drupal so we had anything to write him a letter everything will be placed to abstract away about messengers they will not be able to do the work that it is possible for them to do now is it coming I found one airplane back and forth back and forth the South America around South America a lot after September eleven and a little more difficult to travel one day it will be impossible travel on commercial aircraft about but if everything is being placed we must look I worked fairly in the face and advances fast as possible and aggressive warfare while your war in some a little differently when you're talking an army surrounding your city and into this morning as the country Iraq Iraq flew over the US and dropped off ten thousand paratroopers that surrounded Wichita Wichita without the full benefit of scenario every citizen is expected to be executed what do you would we be very easy going be out doing things like that then we would wish on everybody's on his own everybody grouped together in churches and every everybody would be working a lot building a wall from the possible kneeling in prayer St. Bernard rescue essay must focus on what better way to buildable video but you can see what happened if you believe they doesn't bring in the middle of a war criminal you think we are on the war except for the attack on our minds on our yield on our churches the devil says that also uniting to some of them as a single moment longer and then tell the owner is holding will honor God with all your impairment is a writer right now you have to add the new something about later on individual survive I write now you can be proactive you can send missionaries to kindle your cell you can put something on the air it takes a little sacrifice expressed well in a war without pain no gain okay okay yes so a little while ago and we are told in advance as fast as possible and aggressive warfare and that's very different than the increase so we are at war the question is what sign are you one well we're on the side that would prefer not to do anything congratulations and it is one or are you on the site and God requires men and women action what would they defend what is right and do something about nothing that requires risk misplacing them I will bounce back to what I did about it your two thousand the Lord I learned is the group that were here last night realize that we remember that we committed our life the Lord with our five children with the level of Diana just give us our food or the only one in our food and he was capable that and then gotten even outweigh many people find it hard on the airplane the very development of airplanes in London into my airplane I was a number one hundred eight airplanes identify schools and enter several television networks will God let us one step at a time and year two thousand you may like just about anything they don't know that you are opportunities six vitamin E and success is our greatest God-given opportunities success depends on how you utilize your selling opportunity to do something they forgot guess what God gave you an opportunity with caring people underwriting the Pentagon people nothing we decided endless appetite one William God given with the Dodgers at chastity on Arab television and is able to prevent accidental killing regular that only women can have no way they were not even really one hundred feet of media because he started that is given that that you will become actively involved in everybody when you're not the devil leg and the opportunities it is God and God give you an opportunity guess what it comes already underwritten side again I learned a lesson I got again on the topic of the children it's hard reservoir especially when it involves risk and so I said Lord I promise that I will from now on except he didn't know anything along that comes across void I cannot regret it real fast because a few months later the color from Bolivia David when compared on here and you mention about media and value that we found all television network for sale I said I wasn't looking for cottage in a Republican or little station delegates to the whole country know what that cause is headed the private matter but it doesn't well so what's the problem well okay and what it costs they said a million dollars now if you like that is a little television station here in the US little twenty one because four to five million dollars so that the whole country everywhere talking about potentially so you expect the price of the last widget of our country but it had all the megacities of a whole nation alternate honors at crazy but whoever's on another advisor David I had even seen hundred thousand sizes well and we pray about it ha ha what an honor and my because I was not only working on casino that invertebrate animals they are getting ready to move to Venezuela but I also had a nonprofit board of your gospel ministry of international California nonprofit is not a valid loungers coming on the mission field but Ingersoll rapidly that the money was received with much less one was down and I would make any conference on nervous so I knew that we had to be thinking of you going to the hotel is taken on an unlimited project with my Montenegrin editor who is so in a weekend is a lazily started working and everybody are doing fine at this nonprofit corporation old old fixed up and paperwork in order and we were able to transfer the project from hundreds of nonprofit corporation with everybody breathe a little better so here we were talking my Lord and they said they could go down to checkout so you know we don't have any money for that is when you do money is some kind of enactment is going on at heartland conservatives are that when we move our development and are selectively tickets on hospital and dollars so in the cost savings account okay I need a little encouragement among people evidently the other sometimes you know the greater the same thing so I went doing down there then we delivered to people in antiwrinkle leaving on the television network for people the guys on the country as we met with people and a state that resonated with just visited by the banquet in South America Miami New York non-Americans are Latin no new businesses that you know each other you talk about family unit together and maybe license other than some are even America's abdominal is not never got into the no social life and we like you enabling the business of the person it was a banquet in London on this site blackout apparently there is a sundial restaurant another wrestling so I went there all the fact that there is only one table and held his breath saw nobody else does this private so please order anything you want a copy of the night neither are solidly behind fingerprints that would want in a representative zealot is out of his alternative argument you have a week health negatively provided you do not like I made when I was noting Eminem is always revisited on an iMac in a field that is all-time yelling we do now is only about one hundred and one Connecticut health message of education family life as spiritual life living Bolivian news Atlanta said Marlena business with installing isn't going to bring our family and friends is unwilling to the business to the office thereof will be tabled in the corporate world where Minogue 's intimate sundown SDRAM is a very malleable enough money I wish I would've written your visit we believe you're out of cash shortage is conducted via hours like that without you have sat down together and cannot learn this holiday was going out particularly when an error that the manager of the station can companies and others led by the business is illegal you don't know that if they are that they drag across the table because they know how to negotiate you to learn basic as in case you're interested that is a property with about three hundred thousand ninety eight the summary of this is as if I want to make that part human unit of a negotiator because you'll need some infrastructure as well look at that idea in his mind tell us so were talking he said well then it was detailed to the in order for Asian read if I can possibly make it as a so so I idly knelt down and has always wonderful Catholic leaders because the country only like together your heavenly father will not ready to make a big decision will affect everybody in Bolivia please be in this order and make our decisions are acceptable to you thank you I will try to furthermore more mandatory that now that he was beginning of that network and I said I'm going to give you the four million dollars US for his classroom and on nothing from the summer culminated solely looking at a couple documents which are not related would call me a name is that he heard them again but now the Manhattanite because you have an argument with a man I largely already the Lord said was different a man may have you have anything would it matter to me if I had five thousand thousand people at twenty thousand below that they just know everybody living in is irrelevant under the minor need anything I want our so I said okay when you want to negotiator eleven hour on that in your network is one thing only that the property is next-door the one with all the buildings and infrastructures do you than it would have bought the property for three hundred thousand dollars we needed for the money with me I do say you have to make another one without blinking an eye giving back later Galvan without arguments in our negotiators that is resident in another okay you got to the jury is the phone with paper than either drug all in document now I have a call on address out he called on it how many college friends in government and everywhere they were and they were and the Prime Minister is everybody with an amine as an example yet he had a sixteen acre mentioned I think that you come in everything has to be in the White House with the examiner to drive any you know you're standing in the presence of wealth and services over the bar when we stepped out there who haven't played them uncomfortable and government in the name I got in the lung liver sitting of Parliament representing the campaigns you not ask and as we want to center admittedly nominated for my president of the country and I want to know what are the principal got expected to follow we talked about it and after a beautiful bank with their supper we had a ceremony before the visit with you my sales reps regarding his Bible study we signed a document and write there is elevation into the sacred experience it went to the closet run on a big white Bible related on the table this is about a God thing is so we went the final Demeter human innovators event medical is it about Ali Dave and I have many comfortable and talk about anybody were talking about upper-class after we were done in a cavern of the rolling the way it was with me from the recklessly visit with you migrating at least one is an sixteenth number of valid references they blessed him and remember the severability the resistance of the labor is workaround that are in my accounting final by the Senate and accounting finalizing operatives on the energy and undermining it always boils down to the real world you can talk all kinds of ideas that have been well-known for the real thing because even if ideas have to be real and he said the down payment and we're expecting an hundred thousand would be okay and once ago they were dining sure I develop anything on president and the credit union credit union hello here on the family the undersigned document for minimum dollars in a meaning hundred thousand but you don't have anything account to play well when you come out here sign a document on behalf of non- wired to me how silently while anything is David God bless us all we welcome wider outlook on water for you I wire you the money immediately he wired the money down the work on the president and we left off now we know it is the one we felt like elite law start something far beyond our capabilities a few weeks later a one hundred thousand dollars check arrived in the mail this man whose wife had been killed in an auto accident collected one hundred thousand dollars of insurance is that I am not any of my wife's blood money for me disregard the work and he and he gave that check totaling the Ministry of Ascot 's work is that I want my wife's blood Money cost or like to do something big is to go down on the person for the sacrificial gift and a hundred thousand dollars payable and we give them another hundred thousand dollars in a developing an authentic and saw got a in an wanted to elaborate on how we got on the air a few months later I went on nationwide have the sympathetic back and forth and and nearly a air every couple months among the new happening with him acting on the money okay nothing more about it about the German woman on me I still have the money that I will definitely try donating to follow my faith in Montevideo elementary and went on to lead on the air and then it was in the satellite report about us and one of the satellite community bungled handling is a fungus on their satellite and lifetime of seven hundred twenty thousand dollars contract for five years of unsettlingly having a devastating and I said this is how I felt when I look back where really no country is in the evidence whether or not the also raise your readiness San Jose one of the Novak article forward we already standing halfway across though Sonja is only one residue item you fight hunger in America we were on the air and we do know country my in-laws were older like Bolivia my parents were going to live in Bolivia and it was really the point to read everybody in Bolivia is a government country is a privilege it was purchased and directed by God so I address them I signed a document and we went on satellite and all of a sudden we're getting technical pain from Central America everywhere people are putting us on everywhere I'm going to mistake on my computer when done all that well different organizations of them jumped on board we don't have anything to do with David is a risk taker and even go bankrupt and don't give them anything like a thing as a family is living with a new domicile you authenticate David and I was still getting really that but what we can all and why wouldn't I want when we were talking about wanting real address and you are drowning we don't care how I financed the light rather not regularly downing while at the table or something might have been a long litter free from drug or violence or that the father in Columbia he got his gun out of them until my family every one of him and him and kill myself an absolutely can hear the shots he turned the television on full blast unfortunately one of our station was loading a gun get what has been in the SNL and watch the government and our visible without ankle is some development until everybody wants sensationalism of the church at eight oh seven and I'm one of your son and try for yourself this is realized when talking very were talking real people drowning are going when Donovan and Nottingham and Cal Gabriel led David Friday to something stupid no as in heaven trying to positive alarm doing it down trust me Gabriel mental phenomena by males so they will sign the documents that you have to pay everyone from and what people so I find it was on the air Pentagon satellite is on paperwork I went ASI and I think a lot of men everywhere even recommended about this on your parameters are we going to my review but that the UN to bar and I said the same philosophy hundred thousand the developer and airplane multi were talking on one five million but the different when you have anything to do down the hill it is an outrage about one thousand innovative if you don't have anything that was not among account of the principal sonogram have forgotten the seven hundred thousand doesn't make any difference so they said well I'm sorry nothing well I felt in him there were ratified that was over a year ago and this time that station was in every hotel room channel to my hotel channel three hundred and thirty one the network that Marilyn only problem was a Taliban pay for out of the heart is not evolving by the Delaware Supreme Court and this is what I was doing what you are doing he was testing his people are human and leaving me eliminate any evidence or even inside you know better and related images item on the site and when finally everybody Josias and it was very very clear which side you were on you are against every report you realize you to bring or you or anything I told you so once you italicize the people called me the owners of David where human we love your station now it's a good mission statement nothing ever happened in Bolivia met with humans in a way to pay our bills we pay taxes and were paying interest on faculty on patriot because you haven't paid us we can't wait any longer within his November thirty litigated till December thirty one one one one and dated the eleventh we need a return is not a network of its own to somebody else and I said the eleventh resistance I love my network belongs the nonanonymous availability of the Montgomery County in fact I can get myself a big headache I would help the lawyer was evidently the paper for me to sign advertising a paperweight in which one it is it is alertness and oppressed but I don't say one thing bothered why it is only necessary on a diluted in the field and so were those men intimacy the parade is eliminated in writing by learning about prayer for telling me and I went out of Delilah downsizing jumping along okay with my brother wellness and seventy millennia riboflavin more than most the land of another talent in the November console table and tell me you fail the people that are saying you less money in the bank filming is very well December thirty one minute ago I'm in bed ignored the America United because I just completed an unannounced people there's people out there that I'm even know there's people out there watching TV that hang on the patient and save their life every day to hang on to engineering eight typewriters in Bolivia whole psychiatric group of a psychiatrist from Ghana medical this all of their patients that come in have a prescription watch that organization in fact if you have the depression and I love to watch any television station the people living by that person is gone by the Senate as an optical visit when you turn up there on the door and and and oppression companies like Davidson David and Saul McDonald along an insult passing the new embankment but please leave the Holy Spirit ghost of faith would you get to stop begging human health or not you're even asking and then you happen to think I hear you what size are handy I know I know that but you said something and never stop asking I heard what he wanted to start thinking well I'm sorry argument of the Janata Bank is one of the people of Oregon and what about the well how much are you not to do human anatomy for him him in a hole one five million people enter that is not the daughter of Allen had given him already isolate one five ninety four people everyone went like it if you have any unbelievable thing is taken by landlord and seventy five hundred thousand dollars is nothing because we had we had installed and we pay for repair of equipment that you got everything going as it was a money the Semite having the visible part would be formally at equipment editing them it is nearly two hundred thousand for that equipment and so I isolate hundred thousand hundred and eighty four one eight million and others in the lab I think I deliver that opinion into my life my devotions with me Lily am I all morning long and never ever I is uncomfortable I go on with a lot of evangelical brethren and some of them you know thing like this in my use of it that way so I think that that morning until I going to get Arnold a long you think you think you of his life anyway releasing the is not the way that I worship they lightly and incredibly being of value can help out with his dog is a visit thank you about all morning long and then this out of the airport of intended office on offenders examine and in a rain as a hello yes I is infinitely less my wife just recently died and I'm a physician retired already very elderly like the practice of making figure myself and I want to manage the business for forty four years this letter is read her business has arisen regarding the Taliban brought me all the documents of the need to finally paper that everything is coming over determining now other certain design my site and I noticed thirty one five million dollars in cash in the account and you know what I don't need on Monday Amazon and I'm a semi- failure on an and I certainly do not need it here they didn't even have a holding one five the guy with anything within it anyway we knelt down out of the airport all his nephew evidently greater Bangalore praise the Lord for the wonderful miracle when we were done he ran home and told his wife and I would slaughter us a line like I think it were one six meters along in and I am craving that one Nvidia is that he really evidently they deliver later than a skeleton in my life and a lot of them are bringing in which ensures your finger mullet and wife in a good around Mbeki nine and a reprint in print Lord I went home at the language what a miracle advancing one five million and that is what what are we doing the second well what do you think we should do what we decided to just put it all on hold waiting well let's let the parliament to siphon located at myself there's our savings account cleared out there is our business account our beers are currently down there that rejects the monumental political primitive and every of them painful as envelope out of pocket and handed to me and I said I'm going one hundred dollars three checks totaling exactly one hundred thousand I don't not working on it I express the honor the Lord to realize how God enjoys it is in God 's plan is less people than Great Plains anything under his name but he was going how in the world can he pour out a blessing on somebody let me know don't be given to understand the dilemma that is how I can you just put handcuffs on the piping so by depending on you by me depending on the God cannot bless actually doesn't looking for excuses the board on the promises everything all the resources all the world and fullness thereof and Ahmed Bill Gates twice know if something of an icon right urges men in the world and invites he asked me if I was related by anonymous German line of data used to be the guest one-liner you've run with instructors of English line of the German language a short well the secretary multiple and often intimate and again and I found out that in Guyana he was one of those satellite launching facility eventually is little Indian territory reservation it was denied the impediment that in the government withdraws support it would've been a terminus project for Diana but I wrote a letter when hoping to get harassing me with the donations coming in developing an alternate of the government is examining the face of the accident until I met him I don't think it's an accident that build right-hand man is definitely not the un-American I was working in England and higher than any in the seventh heaven of sin Fairweather because you know even although the US government money in a bank would apply to you if you have any legend got already but that never this I wiped out my wife's course and so much time reading the Bible I highly know something I felt somewhat likely that she doesn't keep a list of on hold areas is really a area that you live in London Bible verses and a promise of the saline Newsday and shingles integrating leading up to the other to drink them as wonderful anyway Ecclesiastes is to two twenty six forgotten that the land that is good in his sight wisdom knowledge and going but this generated a travail together and taking them he may give it to him that is good before God for those that please God give them joy in these though the monopoly than a given work piling up because letting you know that we reconnected the picture wheelbase and I worked really hard time in public again the purpose that he added that he is not only one of these days it was a bit annoyed because we don't even have a single plan anywhere from it undoubtedly donated when we able to have one of these days got people apparently dollars and what is available in ninety one angel tapping villainess shoulder tonight and they'll your soul will be required of you unless you rather think of it another one what do you mean another thing is like writing for a thousand dollars or he will know what money is not even a problem money is not an issue forgot it seemed isn't it world how might the private believe that he has let to understand the value well when we demand a higher thing that they like the rest but expect that I am God 's people do not act on it we don't believe it is a simple the Dublin Isaiah you never know their promises because you never believe them to get a lame and electronic software with you today so months ago four months ago I was involved in a satellite campaign in my family life satellite event in Caracas and how long you a lot will never wait to get my family and retrieve the unit four year waiting list do you apply anything okay you probably have been accepted we will do it for years and now will one year ago we got started with that with our very first evangelistic campaign we followed a different strategy in Venezuela we decided that we can to acquire and only putting in the churches while ago I presented all well we put on since we put it on seven television networks is to create the Internet whether there is carried out of hours we had we had for other television indirectly be very free inventory we had two national television network and an Islamic area we had one in Bolivia during all those networks together we can nearly nearly two hundred million people at home were talking our world I was talking just get under your shirt so they can see everything is not about hiding everybody is mostly gotten all the world and enhance outcome of the whole world is like the Holy Spirit living the dream act so we did it and unfortunately or fortunately address marketing we heard about Cinderella is enchanted with it my vacation and the next volume if it had never been involved in the campaign together what we know definitely that we don't want to and are you will have a meeting hall probably one of the big City Hall but it will be massive in order to develop people there but I guarantee you they'll be going to calendar the level has undergone two hundred million people will happen in your living room I guarantee that whether they want to is that that's the biggest thing I've ever been involved in a little thing from is written recently about another but we always involved four months ago and wanted it for my family and while I was sitting there watching the program going and everything was being aired in the shoulder and said you don't know me but I pastor pigeonholed the Brazil I've been in here than in helping you put up your television station here and and and masala all I said I heard there was a pastor with engineer to work for us is that talk to us this evening welcome I'm the land meeting outline outdoor November right smack in the middle of a live event well mended and letter to advocate of a kind any that had been even more of it at eleven I thought my wife and I drive into our hotel room in an eleven o'clock and I get there in a season cell phone waiting of them in Florida about Elder in the city waving at me because I thought that we cannot unless you really and now what are you doing here the authorities had well I physically never got caught up with anything there was a late I decided what is an item before morning I think Howard Elizabeth on the incisive let's talk to come into my room as a global time I went out the event completely lose the engineers are here as we went into the room when we grow our he started spilling his drink for Brazil he's in right now I think you're right here I have the signatures of three hundred evangelical pastor I have been sent here in the last few regularly willing to put your television network in a Portuguese limiting with Oliver they'll have three hundred nine and after that I want to have found is only one part of it I never had an opportunity for alumni brother and one of them are there I will have an identical pattern is a list little bit lower let's honor the life is going to have an enemy neighbor because a fund I love everybody most of them are getting really good and I is a little redundant great great multitudes already becoming ready to resume ended up as our problem other and so and so indeed we shall meet at the moment estimate about how delighted I am not even thinking Brazil is full present company saying only that I can opportunities will provide opportunities to provide opportunities to provide opportunities to all leaders of vessel sites that although the desktop into anomaly to Bolivia political Brazil O eventually civilian problem is a television set for sale there but I think some of my and if you don't come right now though probably to be gone as well it is great about the fate of you I can make it for two weeks so we know about praying is cried and cried in the spring to the Lord he was kind to say that Satan say that stations a little late in coming two weeks don't somebody else get it as well this dependency on RN and I will say that such a waste ability to discover sale yes the people are unable to raise their money entity one of Minnesota to me the down payment and about abandonment by the slight La Crosse area for the record and here's a million dollars to the mayor 's office in the city Mayor Holy Spirit were there it was a guy there with a friend of the governor there was another guy with a friend of of of his minister of communication from all over little old country they were only not having wasted drunk and studied for the in the center underwent a modified and are you willing to make that happen as of eleven hundred couples Las Vegas unconsummated another as they can continent are literally taking the people are you willing and I said well that a couple more stations that will look at their little smaller and eighty eight and a quarter million dollars maybe it would be easier to buy and Holy Spirit came on as a bunch of their newsroom without signing up to minorities a couple more no why do you think a visitation for Julie's answer to your prayers the lockout absolutely not you sign a document before you leave the room to take it the engineer film so that the one hundred and similar or public might have been the minority by the drug abuse now neither one and now when I leave his room I want you to consider it sold okay so while the patriot as a result just a handshake will drop the paper that afternoon one considers in so so know nobody else in life nobody else is yours to do something hello I get conversation is or isn't sorry I know you have the money I was sold in one minute ago daily something elegant lentils of coworkers page one thirty three if anything is to be accomplished the purpose of other than a golden moment the slightest elimination of the weight and balance should be seen into the permanent matter at once long delays higher the angel wrong to right or wrong if it is fundamentally wavering to be hesitating world personal planning another more perplexing is resulted from necessitating and downing including blithely if you want to convert unlimited best sci-fi animated moving the best I am a John which is one of them he got himself revealed as I have been shown that the most single victories in a most fearful maybe I'm in the laser


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