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Adam Patel




  • May 17, 2014
    9:30 AM
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you see what have to do with God 's law that's why repentance is important because if you don't repent the Holy Ghost no Holy Ghost no conversion easy to specify repentance is so important how is repentance related to God 's law remember God 's ministers preach repentance how was it related to God 's law would study with consultants this reading compared Romans seven seven what shall we say then is the loss in God for big may I have not known sin but by the law for I have not known lust except the law had said thou shalt not covet Romans three twenty therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight for by the law is that what everyone what is the purpose of the law according to these verses said again it reveals saying the law shows you your sin now how is repentance related to God 's law with the knowledge that we have now what is allowed to again Emeryville sin how could she repents if you don't know to repent about in order to repent to God and know what you repented about you got them all hearsay I remember before you receive the Holy Ghost and before you converted you got a soldier not preaching the law of God guess what you're not preaching repentance is the law shows you say and what you see your say Lord I'm not living up to your standard help me I'm sorry Helena Trevor my evil way also the Holy Ghost and conversion for you sermon alone explains really deep and it is this is a deadly device of Satan not to proclaim the law from our pulpits without the law Jesus can say every thing the Bible just as without law men have no conviction of sin and feel no need of repentance wait a minute now are we saying that in order to feel conviction of sin in order to repent a law must be a part of that you better believe it the law of God is an agent and how many genuine conversions and three genuine conversion there can be no true repentance without conventional and end the long conviction what was said without you repentance there can be no true what everyone you see the steps that were taken many are deceived here and too often their entire experience proves to be a deception this is why so many more joints of the charts have never been joined to Christ a church a minister a person who says it is not about God 's law I don't want to preach it in my church whether doing their cultivating a congregation of the unconverted when somebody preaches God 's law God 's laws shall see you soon according to Romans seven seven Romans three twenty when you preach God 's law it shows you send what you see your sin then at least to repentance once you repent of their sin because it's been shown to you then you receive the gift of the Holy Ghost which brings conversion at the law how can you be converted there's too many of us right now who don't see the value of God 's law too many ministers in our church who don't preach God 's law in a window saying we are empty of the Holy Ghost is the Holy Ghost brings converged the Holy Ghost only comes to repentance repentance is only a faithful of the law I understand this is a slick segments I can get an administration essay the law instead the laws done away with our radars will be going off to us I was wrong about that SSA the laws that he noticed to say this just put it out of sight great controversy page five seventeen is what she said this just put it out of sight this is Lola loved and optimal way because they can know that the law of least to true conversion you know what conversion is this talk about conversion atheists scientists who believe in God there baffled by the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to butterfly you know why because they can explain what accountability is into the cocoon the biological structure of the cabinet the molecular structure breaks down to glitch it's literally a quick fan and reform itself into way no other creature and that's mind-boggling you know that's what conversion is when you repent of your sins and the Holy Spirit comes into your life it breaks you down to Google any creates within unique thoughts a new character you talk different you different when I so want to know what I'm a little certain while you walk that way anymore though you get are different therefore if any man be in Christ he is a welcome creature all things are passed away behold how many things are become new notes with Jesus and Jesus answered and said to him Nicodemus fairly rarely I seem to be except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God is powerful Jesus say a man must be converted in order to see the kingdom but if you're not present a log and hydrogen conversion that means you are preaching to people making sure they don't get to the kingdom is that you prepare a form of godliness denying the power that raw is the power is the Holy Ghost in your heart changing the old man into something brand-new I get excited over this is this is the gospel you see while the law is so important this is what the law is it's a mirror is supposed to see Jesus in their what if you see yourself when you see your sin because the law of God 's character and you can live up to value like Lord you don't you know the love designed to make you do is designed to make you do this run is designed to make you run from your sin and one straight into the arms of Jesus as well as the study says Christ the end of the law it's referring to Christ being the goals of the law that's what it means is the purpose so when you say the law is preaching a sermon oh Lorna help me Lord I'm helpless without you it pushes you into the arms of Jesus it makes you want to stay yelped out with him because you see the ugliness the weakness the despicable myth about the word of your old cell once you see such ugliness such hopelessness helplessness was Jesus so fast not only would you want to want to be done was that he would and you know what you'll do with Jesus being born again that's the abiding relationship that you're with him and he's with you and an winter weight be dealt is on hand to his cabin and the low hour to get the preaching it really leaves are studying a but this is the hospital the law is so important but this is what grace comes in the play in the arms of Jesus that is many of us who don't have a clear understanding of grace and we need to do this much more the grace of God and the gift by grace which by one man Jesus Christ hath abounded unto many it is my letter to him now that we received grace and its talk about grace what is grace I need your help I found this out I was kind of blown away Holy Ghost elitist there is one grace but did split into two we need to understand is because we confuse it somebody tell me what graces amen something you don't deserve a man a man I like to take this from faith either by page ninety four Grace is an attribute of God 's exercise toward undeserving human beings we did not seek for it but it was sent in search of us same page she describes what divine graces there I a folks we need to understand what divine grace as is also known as saving grace for ye are saved by grace through faith saving grace is something that the Christian world has misinterpreted and misconstrue divine grace or saving grace is the great element of Wolcott of our without it all human effort is unavailing an example of grace the separation between the two it's by the grace of God that you woke up this morning the new lungs a man does the general sense of grace also you know when Jesus says that Scripture I add and correct me if him always has the abilities as the rain falls on the Johnson and the unjust that's the grace of God shown towards all mankind by founding Buddhist talk about saving grace for by grace are we what say what does this mean all we need to understand is that study what saving graces this is what okay and he says and greatest overtime and he said unto me my what everyone is sufficient for the for my strength is made perfect in what everyone most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities that's another word for weakness that the power of Christ may rest upon me what is the definition of grace according to this verse powerful hallelujah which is strength you see that out of the Holy Spirit omitted because as you know what I almost turned races unmerited favor it is as a dog in your Bible definition of grace this is the Bible definition of grace it's called the power of Christ now the next question is powerful what he was for sixteen for we have not a high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities but within how many points tempted like as we are yet without sin hallelujah that us therefore come boldly unto the throne of what that we may obtain mercy and find what to help in time of what very important what is the power of grace for to help you in your weakness use me strong the power of Christ rest upon you in your moment of weakness your infirmities this Scripture is talking about our infirmities are weakness this struggles no here on this I would say that the thing I sit on her own full of grace and is there you the power of Christ when you are weak and when you need help if I asked my dad for a hundred dollars right now no you can say is they which is what you need to for the class of one hundred dollars and six okay here's uncle had a hundred dollars that's not a Christian well describes grace God has covered the Bible say no grace has a purpose what she needed for Romans five twenty twenty one moreover the law entered that the offense might abound one of the lost soul sin the penalty of sin is what everyone the wages of sin is death Romans six twenty three but where sin abounded grace did much more abound that is said to have remained at the death even so might grace reign through righteousness unto eternal life by Jesus Christ our Lord what is grace me to do according to this verse reign through righteousness amen unto what notice is powerful were on this earth this verse talks about two hours to forces the force of sin which is up to death and in his grace which is on to life the other two verses talks about a weakness that we deal with and that grace is given to us in our time of need amen this verse tells us clearly that sin leads to death for the loss LG shows you your weakness shows your sin and ending the penalty of that is that God 's grace is the counter acting force to say it's made to counter act soon sin brings death Grayson 's life and that's why were saved by grace could deepen this is this is really deep Ephesians two eight for by grace are ye saved will talk about saving grace note of these words grace are ye saved through faith and that not of yourselves it is a gift of God Titus two eleven for the grace of God that brings salvation that saving grace have appeared to all men teaching us that denying ungodliness and worldly nuts we should live soberly righteously and godly in this present world how does Grace save us think about everything we studied so far anybody according to these verses white and according to what we study so far so far we see that graces the power of Christ amen and he's got sits on the throne called grace in our moments of need which to me is when I struggle with sin and temptation as we have a high priest is been to the infirmities yet without sin the windows of a golf throat and he says when you struggle with your weaknesses and infirmities cried out to me for breaks and Romans five twenty that grace that he will give you your moment of weakness will wane through righteousness unto eternal life so here's Abdul practically Lawrence struggling with the cigarettes are my tesla light up a cigarette you know I did log any of Scripture and and I quoted that Scripture and for three days it was tough man you know what I did I just pray and I said Lord I'm week I need your power right now to work within me to fight this scene within my members and needs they are prayed that prayer call in the Scripture he gave me to overcome Bible says that by these promises we become partakers of the divine nature overcome in the world him us to Windows word of God believe in my faith I pray for his grace that he sits on to give me the power to overcome my infirmities they won his grace with sufficient date to his grace was sufficient that a three his grace was sufficient and he gave me the victory also greases for it is the power of Christ's in your moments of weakness to overcome sin so how does it save you you are saved because Grace also is sanctification it teaches you this is the first of the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared teaching us to deny ungodliness for those many Christians out there who says I'm saved by grace but if their ungodly best evidence of them not having grace for the grace that saves you educates you to be godly righteous and to live soberly so the evidence of grace in your life watch this is when you are abiding by the law of God is powerful people say I'm not under the law among the graves of Jacob are you so unrighteous because Christ is the power of God given to you to overcome sin sin is what is the definition of sin the transgression of God 's law is Licinius sin is the transgression of God 's law with it first John chapter three for diagnosis of Briscoe is a Grace so when you transgress the Lord to give you the power to overcome and live up to the standard of the law the study of the Army on the same day so far prisoner very important who brings grace without time I made this really sure about it Bill brought a study on this Zechariah chapter right is on twelve verse ten in Hebrews ten verse twenty nine calls the Holy Spirit the Spirit of grace he's the one who brings grace nose would remember John chapter one and November first but it would John is saying Jesus Christ for the grace and truth Jesus is full of grace and truth did all of the Spirit is called the Spirit of grace and is also called the Spirit of truth tables at all Jesus will take aim to bring children Bryce chose a growth only means he was full of the Holy Ghost because the Bible says only the Holy Spirit is the spirit of Christmas spirit up with anything to bring your upgrades he's the spirit of truth is he's the one that leads you into all truth the chapter forces Jesus was full of the Holy Ghost 's full of grace and truth very important to me understand because knows what else the Holy Spirit does he was ten fifteen sixteen whereof the Holy Ghost also is a witness to us for after that he had said before this is the covenant that I will make with them notice is the Holy Ghost speaking after those days saith the Lord I will put my what everyone into their hearts and in their minds will I write them motivate for what they are versus that the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us who walk not after the flesh but after the spirits what do these verses tell us about the law grace and the Holy Spirit hallelujah you're what he said he said the Holy Spirit brings grace so that we can keep the law that was asked of you mentioned you would Jesus said to them to the to the was of the servant came up to him and he said what must I do to be saved Matthew seventeen weekly just we just talked about before here Matthew nineteen seventy verse sixteen and behold one came and said under him Matthew nineteen sixteen good master but one good thing so I do that I may have eternal life and he said thou me good there is none good but one that is God but if thou wilt enter into life what does you say keep the Commandments so here God says in order to you to make it into eternal life you got to keep the Commandments but what we look at the law we can keep the law it makes us wonder what did Jesus and Jesus is guess what I'm getting my spirits which will give you the power or migrates to keep the Commandments so that you can enter into life a man I think this is cool enrolling seven twelve and fourteen the Bible says the law is holy and it also says the law is spiritual so it only makes sense that you need the Holy Spirit in order to keep the law of S con accordingly that makes sense right if it's holy and spiritual that's why the Holy Spirit is needed which brings conversion embracing your life 's only hope recent law you're not inviting the spirit in your life in order for you to keep God 's law to make it into eternal life open down the get into propagating this is also pretty cool every time you hear about the Holy Spirit 's job is in reference to the law he writes along the heart noticed this in John fourteen eight the Holy Spirit convicts of three things a guy from the first when the Holy Spirit is come he will reprove the world of sin righteousness and judgment vessel the Holy Spirit does he wants along Arnie does these three day sample my sin and transgression of the law what is righteousness Psalms one nineteen verse one seventy two since all thy commandments are righteousness what is judgment in the book of James chapter two or three forgive me says were to be judged by the law to see the relationship when the Holy Spirit comes into your heart is strictly to write the law of God on your heart and he's there to give you grace or the power of Christ in order to live up to that standard so that you can make it into the eternal life the law shows your sin sin makes you run the Jesus he gives you the grace and it's his grace that makes you open a man and hence bike race are ye saved by that power that you don't have on your own to keep God 's law are you saying a man best buddies for life there meant for each other we can preach well without the other it makes no sense whatsoever and so we need to encourage our brethren those who are outside the fold and even ourselves this study this out because God has commissioned us to teach all nations whatsoever I've commanded you he says is the last quote this is a condition sad condition of many of the members in the church often the question arises why then are there so many claiming to believe God 's word and hold there is not seen the Reformation in words and spirit and character why are there so many who cannot bear opposition to their purposes and plans to manifest an unholy temper and whose words are harsh overbearing and passionate there is seen in their lives the same level sells the same selfish indulgence the same temper and hasty speech as seen in the life of the world Ling there is the same sensitive pride the same yielding to the natural inclination this same perversity of character as if the truth were wholly unknown to them the reason is that they are not converted they have not hit in the leaven of truth in the heart it has not had opportunity to do its work there are natural and cultivated tendencies to evil have not been submitted to its transforming power and their allies reveal the absence of the grace of Christ and unbelief in his power to do what everyone graces the power of God given unto us to transform us to win powerless to live up to his holy standards grace is not cheap grace is far from cheap Amistad have a big runtime will praise the Lord anybody hasn't had any comments or questions with a clear this morning praise God while the Temple would oppress funny we want to thank you this morning the simplicity of your word that what we go from Genesis to Revelation if we study humbly by your spirit it all makes sense thank you so much Lord that you don't just leave us on this earth to try and live up to a standard that we cannot attain to thank you so much Lord for the sacrifice your blood that now gives us access to grace a supernatural power something that we don't have the ability to conjure up on our own the power given to us from having to overcome the wicked thoughts that we think to overcome the wicked habits that we had to overcome the selfish and tried hard that we can do away with thank you Lord for this grace would pale thought that we would not take advantage of but we would cry don't cry out to boldly as the Bible says that we everyone in this room would be over comers only by your grace is the continue service Lord thank you for your spirit that's here later to people with study so so so sorry for her industries is a media was brought by audio course or a website that is spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I like to know more about our universe is like a more assertive in the WW I audio person or


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