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Reed Shaken With The Wind

Taariq Patel


Taariq Patel has a incredible testimony. As a young child he spent time living in Saudi Arabia, India, and Great Britain. He was heavily trapped in the bondage of drug and alcohol addiction but found that redemptive power of Jesus Christ that restored both his body and mind, to overcome these addictions. Taariq is currently in college studying theology. 




  • May 17, 2014
    11:30 AM
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you may not know those my twin brother that was speaking school this morning and it was my twin brother who spoke last night so goddess saw fit now my turn down the elder of the two twenty of us to God about five minutes so but I was call my little brother but God has blessed this nation one thing very thankful to God about I was just reading the Scripture in the back and David says I will remember I will remember what God has done pending and it never ceases to amaze me how far the Lord has brought straight from the gutter and now standing here preaching the Paul wrote in Scripture about being the chief of sinners ready to meet me I'm thankful for God 's grace that through his grace you can view notebook on before going further and have a word of prayer but before we pray you have your Bibles turn with me to Matthew chapter eleven Matthew Chapter 11 when you have it please let me know by saying he would looking at verse the Bible reads and as they departed Jesus began to say unto the multitudes concerning John what might seek out into the wilderness to see a reed shaken with the win but what was he out for see a man clothed in soft raiment behold David wear soft clothing are and things house but what when see output to see a profit J I say unto you and more than a prophet for this is he of whom it is written behold I send my messenger before thy face which shall prepare thy way before the fairly I say unto you among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist notwithstanding he that is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he and from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by four for all the prophets and the law prophesied until John and if he will receive the misses in life which was for the he that hath ears to hear that in the hour ahead forward thank you Lord I thank you for the power of your Word I'm thankful that the kingdom of God is nonexistent word but it's an power to save power to change and Lord I'm just a little man raw human beings inhere in desperate need of your grants and matters so father right now I come to the throne of grace and I asked for forgiveness for our sins Lord I ask for your blood to cover your people including me right now no I pray for your spirit to be in this place Lord to the is all evil away from display away from our mind and may your spirit Lord focus our minds and our hearts on eternal matters this on that shoe that Israel treats one battle and let us see what you would have us to see the darkness notes can be so low we thank you for Christmas cookies think anything I cranky for the message that you have your people who sent in from in Jesus name amen are all is was appointed time in history in Earth 's history unlike any other point in time you can get the history books in studying research all you want but this particular point in history was unlike any other time in our system the host of the highway 's the terrible ones or the Lords of darkness had come down to this planet and had claimed it has its own the once proud and noble majestic race was now decrepit in crippled and and deformed up as Seattle of its former self now humanity was subject to pain and anguish and depression and sadness and that these lords of dark must listen they are it doesn't matter if your child I have a newborn he's about two months old it doesn't matter if he's a two -month-old baby they may take soy in his destruction in his death in his misery this is a point in history unlike any other these demonic forces had inhabited the body of human beings and manifested their power unlike any other time in Earth 's history they possess the souls of man and it was a visible physical supernatural manifestation of their power they will be held there if there's something happened and the classes this planet as their own the Bible says in Isaiah that Satan open not the house of the prison every single play every single nation every single culture of every single country had fallen into darkness had fallen into idolatry every single place on this planet except for one things there was one place left standing right there in the center of the world it was a shallow beacon of light surrounded by sea of darkness I like to call it the Alamo the last fortress if you will in the last forces with the land of Palestine because the land of Palestine was the only place on the whole planet that still had the law of God and soon this fortress was about the phone darkness had crept into the walls and now darkness had got into the synagogue sent influence the Pharisees and the Sadducees in pagan Rome was there and it was only a matter of time before this court is before you could talk to any general any tactician or anybody for that matter that in ninety nine percent of the artist and Don yes yes last forces with darkness within the enemy without and within an possible on this book is to make it up only a matter of time before that might be snuffed out but yet at this point in history at our darkest hour at our darkest hour is when having decided to vote out his counsel since you see what it is that artists or your darkest it is heavens fines and happiness size used to women who could not have babies one was a virgin one was better and faster time to time in the combat this supernatural force of falling angels that had claimed dominion programming to roll back the time but having was on the moon within these two women have been deployed it's too awkward it's right there in that last fortress it's two operatives right there in the hottest selling of the war the last bastion of defense is the last of the two are producing the point right there through those two women my brother loves history so he mentioned World War II nominee use an example from there as well June six nineteen forty four the Allies stormed the beaches of Normandy in size it was a great undertaking and then American forces decided to rate through sections of the beach which they codenamed Omaha and Utah not on Utah experienced the worst fighting on D-Day the beaches of Omaha particular American forces were pushing through on the beats of Omaha but they were added to a situation they had a serious problem nothing that they went according to their plans equipment was failing thanks for thinking the bombs missed their target and how the soldiers were stopped it goes that were obstacles blocking the path behind the barb wire with German fortifications and German bunkers and the men were getting mold down the front lines with the combat engineers combat engineers came up with this idea they had these metal tubes called Bangalore is within these tools they had dynamite explosives and it will show up to underneath the sand underneath the barb wired to detonate explosive and all the obstacle and clear a path for the main force to go through it is the combat engineers shop that by any means necessary the mental source must not probably my not maybe modest goal through if they come to a passenger needs to be a bridge constructed they will construct a bridge if they come to a way in this blog after blowing out the way they come to a field and has minds they have to remove the mind and soul John the Baptist the combat engineer was deployed into data behold I send my messenger before thy face to prepare thy way before the end John the Baptist job was to prepare the way to make sure that the main force like he means necessary must come through you see Johnny Jesus at the same uniform on who they were from different the town now John the Baptist the combat engineer the concept was now like the concept of a job one man against the forces of evil against phone in any know the sermon of the Lord says that when John the Baptist stepped on the scene and he started preaching Satan the year when his kingdom now you kidding me even it's only one man called Satan who had the grasp of ninety nine percent of the whole world in darkness was afraid of one man is talking but that one Mansfield and now heavens first operative in the mission for the redemption of mankind the student will through operatives enacted the combat this darkness to operatives initiated for this great undertaking and that went well about to lose their lives to those whom they came to say and Susan 's look at all the people and said while Quincy out in the wilderness or to see a reed shaken with the wind but while in Seattle to see man clothed in soft raiment behold those that were soft raiment of gorgeously appareled in King 's prowess as well concede out for to see a profit yet I say unto you when more than these is he of whom it is behold I send my messenger to go before thy face and to prepare thy way Jesus looked at all those people and he was not willing for then to think that John had folded always going to fold under pressure during his hour of trial Jesus looked at those people any one of them to know that God has not forsaken some I know my brother John my family not just because he was blood related but because those that do the will of God the family of God my family is in that prison in that dungeon about to lose his way to commodities and use about the suit from the cook that I have to finish the week two on this mission of redemption under John where soft raiment it does not have a nice single was a gorgeously apparel for the ballot about I is is that John had Afghan camel Sarah Jesus is asking his question did you go see a mantra so nice the hotel is thereon did you come on here to see a reed shaken with the way John wasn't seconded to come out here to see a profit John was no mere shooting John will be swayed by the winds of public opinion like the Pharisees who are more concerned of what people thought of them did you think that John will be swayed by every wind of doctrine as if he didn't know where he stood as if he wasn't familiar with the word upon which East do you think job at fault because he was in prison now an Albany law preaching the word and staying out in the open was taken from him John didn't have his iPad in the dungeon he couldn't look up scriptures in the dungeon but did you think he would be shaking because of the wind the kingdom of heaven suffer with fire 's and the violent take it by force my families could lose his life as well as we are no more value but would you it seems those that are gorgeously apparent I live in for the delicacies into pleased him so this Johnson wilderness even if the life of self-denial the sermon of God tells us that John was no hermit but he lived in the wilderness and when he came out he would study the behavior of massive economic what's what what's the best way to present the message but he's in the wilderness you know why she says because he should move the exceeding sinfulness of sin August two thousand dollars in basic training we went to Fort Benning Georgia and we were there for about three months and for the three months we didn't eat in between meals with no TV was no radio going the begin of Lesotho we had power a we constantly worked out for morning the Nygren physical shape I mean mentally home after three months we were in this training outside connection only the letters that came in from our loved ones after three months we were in the zone graduation day came about in the Verizon said okay guys Leslie Bates so we were excited like Manthey last week at the Gladstone freedom see the world for one cent and now we all got into the car or van I forget but I remember we went to the small shopping mall was our first destination we were basically three Muslims stuck in a little cash in one of the once does my so now we arrived in the shopping mall and has no walking in the shopping mall I never forget we started to see all the people were walking in the mall the music that was playing in the stores we walked into a store we saw television screenplay to television shelf is missing is that you can't believe I used we pump the food court and seeing the flu that anybody was really a comfortable query illustrates that we felt something we strongly mentally hold and comes from the family we were assaulted by demo we couldn't thank you we developed a result of water everyone Christians as it is the reason out here what about the step one of the guys noticed that the McManamon about the basement go back and push-ups or jobs in the wilderness and when he came back to society he was a song but his perceptions were clean if you decide to fast from Facebook four-week fast from the television fast from radio secular music and put yourself in the wilderness and then you come back to it your spiritual perceptions will be cleared up about as fast as the fat fast and pray and meditate like John receives all was in the wilderness Jesus is located out there to save someone at the moment the when somebody aware software and Jonathan the wilderness he has camels out on patrol lives in the desert I can post there is a quick and an born and fitted for desert I picked up a camel combat survival wilderness dear Ron John is not planned but what is going on here to see a person you need more than this is his rating what profit do you know was prophesied to come much in the practice I can imagine John sitting on his father 's love Zacharias and their reading Isaiah chapter forty the voice of one crying in the wilderness and Zechariah says to his son John Islam you know who's voice that is this fund is your voice to the story of Daniel we read last night an angel Gabriel these the same angel that told me you are in like that supposed to imagine John studying the bars of Isaiah out in the wilderness my hand has laid the foundation of the earth in my right-hander span the heavens when I called unto them they stand up together and it is looking at the stars looking at the mountains and the hills knowing that it is he that sat upon the circle of the earth and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers that bring the princes do nothing John wasn't all that God them I think the creator has called me to do this work and so when John went out to society he was able to rebuke Harriet and rebuke earthly kings because he had bowed before the king with you you see these we are about our father 's business down here but what did you you see and because John spirit was against the spirit of the world BC it wasn't just a message that was doing the talking you know John flautist Simon was his lifestyle the brother look different the brother is a different brother walked different above the top different so when it came out out of the wilderness the people I will decrease with conviction because the brother and everything he preached a believe everything you preach and it was in his eyes yet his mouth closing speech and twenty he then heard nothing like Satan was afraid for his king he called the people to repentance this man was field with the Holy Ghost because he had surrendered and took up his cross and went to the wilderness went to come out here to see the Bible says in second Timothy that all that live godly in Christ might suffer persecution probably suffer persecution no all that live godly in Christ shall you will suffer persecution now why was John imprisoned because these stood for the Lord is not for the Commandments of heaven you know the son of God says that John's loyalty to God and his seal for righteousness was the same whether he was in prison or the wilderness is faithful as the principal it was as far as our enemies for the Commandments everybody knew where he stood and why he's the date wasn't the same to let people know what he's done what he believed in because John stood for the principles of having he rebuked Harry for committing adultery because he was against the commandments of God and her road he is persecuted the brother and threw them in a dungeon and those that live godly in Christ the seven of the Lord says this quote and him and immediately sent from early writings two seventy three when the truth and simplicity and strength as it is in Jesus is brought to bear against the spirit of the world it at once awakens the spirit of persecution so the next logical question my family why are we being persecuted why is not being persecuted to be something else you every something else you the only reason eggs that the church has conformed to the world standard and therefore awakens no opposition feminism which is currently in our day is not the pure and holy character that mark the Christian faith and the days of Christ and his apostles it is only because of the spirit of compromise will try to spirit the spirit of compromise with sin because the great shoes of the word of God is so indifferently regarded because there was so little vital godliness in the charts that Christianity is apparently so popular with the world that there be a revival of the faith and power of the early church and the spirit of persecution will be revived in the fires of persecution will be we can have a Bible thrown into the book of John John John chapter fifteen when you had a season enormous and John chapter fifteen look with me if you will verse nineteen the Bible reads if ye were of the world the world would love his own but because ye are not of the world but I have chosen you out of the world therefore the world what anyone the world what the world page if you in the previous verse Jesus says that the that the world hated me to those that hate you because I called you out of the world now with the spirit of the world but the spirit that is against the word God tells us to love not the world neither the things that are in the world for if any man love the world the love of the father was not in him for all that is in the world the lust of the flesh the lust of the eyes and the pride of life is not of the father but as of the world and the world passes away in the lusts thereof but he that do with the will of God by primitive you heard the story with our Doctor Eric Walsh has been the needs and your hands I live in Northern California PC is my memory nine and I know friends and those in the East Coast this is news is all over Adventism people are reading about it talking about it Doctor Eric Walsh was asked to speak now may maybe may know the details that are not asked to speak at college I believe and the previous speaker that this call was asked to come with a homosexual act is award-winning writer or film producer or something along those lines what this guy is a homosexual and they ended up declining this man because they had found some dirty photos or videos of this guy with him and his boyfriend and they didn't want that I saw that Doctor Wallace was asked to come as though Doctor Wallace is about to speak but it would so happened that dirty sermons come to surface and their hapless brother on the news I was the political struggles on the nose like criminals of the clip and are playing clips of his sermons and they have newspaper articles current times and a congressman preaching messages of hate to use hey you condemn homosexuality becomes about Islam because about Jay-Z and Oprah being able to talk about Disney movie is filled with hate because evolution comes from the devil and the way that they painted his brother on the media the way the clicks that they chose date the way they added and painted a picture like this guy is the worst feeling and leaving the interviews after the newspapers this man his name is Ben ran into the street and the wings are blowing and Eric wants his life and his brother was not shaking he was standing for the truth I wrote a couple it is my desire Ms. anesthetist by the Regent show but yet another propaganda of the media if you don't he's not standing with the spirit of the wound and so the wound is persecuting and God is using this brother is an example to us all of the sample of things to come a pension family because of your aunt 's wheel at the door 's number got me the most about this incident one of the things brothers ran through the dirt how about these people that are that are ridiculing his brother going listen to the entire son and yourself I downloaded the sermon and listen to it all yourself prayerfully and then make your decision note I see in the news recently to open NFL gay player the first NFL guy seems this guy guess he got accepted to the drive to be kissed his boyfriend on ESPN and there was uproar for a couple of people I was a baseball player ten minutes we soon as the I made this week the hammer came down on him the coach was disappointed in him and people rose up against them same with the player from Florida yet spoke of about a body that he didn't want that on TV one is or what his brothers to see that was sent in eleven years old and and and and greatly the hammer came down into next thing you know these two men and spoke out against the change their tune based on the support all we commend his mother for having the bravery do what he did and it became a supporter of it the Minnesota it's the same typing he spoke a pemmican down even though he still had a so reinstated but the hammer came down whenever you are but when we need to stand up for true Pamela come down but this is what got me the most in a letter read this this article I read a quote from a representative from the seventh day Adventist church and the article says on the paper of seven day absent is denounced Walsh they can now close is over twenty and you look Eric was online and you will see that Seventh-day Adventist wash their hands on the big reject this brother listened to listen to this now not to read the prices that you can read it yourself in a newspaper okay the Southern California Congress of Seventh-day Adventists administrative unit of the Adventist church encompassed in LA Ventura these counties where aware of the recent media reports regarding Eric Walsh he says congregation about to be in the Senate the Adventist church as an associate pastor on a part-time basis however he does not hold ministerial credentials on the Adventist church does not speak on behalf of the Seventh-day Adventist denomination and as far as we know he does not represent his views as anything other than his own the Seventh-day Adventist church him a history of defending the rights of everyone to believe practice and express their personal religious convictions the Seventh-day Adventist church believes that all people regardless of race gender age creed and sexual orientation are children of God only loves equally as a Christian community we are called to reflect and spread this love to all his children when you read this quote if I wasn't a Christian or anything and I read this coded me now and I see how the Seventh-day Adventist church are saying that this brother doesn't administer credentials what he says is his own statement the seventh day Adventist church we love you except anybody and yes this thing is that I say I sound watch through but this is a statement of being politically correct this is a statement that one of the stand for the children this is a statement upgrade of the media spelling them afraid of persecution this is a statement by one know where Lozano in its every second shake but then Jesus called us out of the world until this at the world in a hate us but we want to be just what the world got a spirit of compromise we want to be with the other churches we want to accept it if somebody is that the statement said that all our children of Gaza water Jesus says your father the devil particularly us out of the devil added sound of God how can you fornicate and live in matter and steal and kill and be exiled not everybody's a child of God that is all that is a statement of the is a statement of political correctness but I will say this this class last week my teacher posted on the screen the Adventist official statement homosexuality we could we don't believe in homosexuality is a church the Bible speaks against it but I want to say this to the Bible tells that there was power to say from that God speaks often permits this is my and although I cannot with the Evernote password to deliver below that my rebuke punchline to see what you can't talk to them that's the message but he does not condone trustee taking and see if the kingdom of heaven is in word and use teacher put up the status of the church but understatement when I was disabled we believe were not willing to say what we believe you know an end back in Nazi Germany do you know that there were many search actually a few churches that made it out of that oppression in Nazi Germany when Hitler was moving and one of the charges that made it out with the Seventh-day Adventist church did you know that other denominations that were allowed to continue the Seventh-day Adventist were one of the two know that amongst the Seventh-day Adventist network those who are part of the Nazi party did you know that the seventh day Adventist church and Nazi Germany made publications supporting Hitler say that God had called Hitler to power and had used is my delete of our country did you know that there was Seventh-day Adventist who printed out propaganda through the publications with anti-Semitic literature anti- Jewish literature of hate know that the Seventh-day Adventist charges were taken out to his family 's not around in the company congregation because they were afraid of the elder will go to jail there were afraid that the church will go down you know that the Seventh-day Adventist believe in sterilization if you were disabled or diseased or handicap your not worthy of creating life appropriating did you know that the Seventh-day Adventist church in Nazi Germany as a whole was only with the they were afraid of the public opinion they were afraid of the persecution two thousand two thousand five eight I believe was two thousand five is submitted a statement and they apologized and said we are sorry because we did not spent a little however there were those few small groups of Adventists who decided to span for the truth though the heavens fall and there were advances bared I didn't know the pair was in savings Jewish families risking their own lives the stand for the true but how he worth it healthy with Bible says in Revelation who shall be able to stay no one will be able to stand unless you take up your mission like John the Baptist for this is the upholding it is written behold I send my messenger to prepare thy way Malachi chapter four the Bible tells us that it Elijah will come again just before Jesus comes and you know that I is now heading towards his darkest hour even darker than the time before I time traveled at this RSS eleven at the horizon is coming but guess what is coming and saying to operatives are coming again once again John the Baptist Elijah is coming once again sees as the main forces pushing through Andy's comment in Revelation chapter fourteen in life that comes in his preaching this message of salvation Pritchard a message of repentance on Google back to the true worship of God and how you can call people out of Babylon if you're in God says that these are correct I asked him to my peculiar people my chosen treasure so we need to hack like it had already stated that I come to bring us all I'm not pleased that the family is the vision from the family separation from the chart if that means getting a namebrand through the dark style from the password means question is what it means Christian being a Christian is no small thing you think about important jobs in the world being the president ice want to be like the special forces or or maybe a renowned surgeon but each of those jobs take some serious discipline serious training but out of all thoughts professions or tasks that can be given to mankind there has been on writer that has been given the job God is giving you don't you think that requires the most special train and special discipline how you been the standard in the market the beast if you can stand for truth now the servant of God says Linda Satan happens not that the shaking will blow away multitudes like dryly and who shall be I will you be ready are you women to put on the uniform and join in this the greatest work for the redemption of mankind are you ready to rest that dominion with the power of God into our lives and to help save the world you know best admission by the church is God 's appointed agency for the salvation of mankind the servant of God the seventh and seven on the quality of the world and separated by the great Cleveland two and God has brought them close to listen to be representatives for them in this last work of salvation the most solemn and beautiful warnings are sent by God to man the greatest wealth of truth ever entrusted to Martin has been given to you to finish the work is a high one would just like to need to be through the Holy Ghost but you have to trust the new things now you have to stand for him now so he can stand for you I'm reminded of a story before I go there praise the Lord I have to share this with you I was at another table I was at matter pastor tell me in a room full of other dimes and he said when it comes to women's ordination and homosexuality are nothing to let nobody know where I stand because half of the people that hate me and half the people to like me I don't want to cause division and things in and in my congregation and another brother at those same sentiments to me I'm afraid to save my position on women's ordination and and homosexuality because this disorder causes the patient to read something to you those who have been thrust out to bear a plane going to testimony in the fear of God to reprove wrong to labor with all their energies to build up God 's people and to establish them upon important points of present truth have to often receives sensor instead of sympathy and help while those who like yourself she's right to a particular person have taken a noncommittal position are thought to be devoted and have a mild spirit she said there those who present the pointed testimony of truth in the fear God and are told to be quiet that have no sympathy that have no support as the others who take a noncommittal position am in the middle no less you know why I said and just talk to be devoting and have a mild state this is what she says about those kind of people God does not does regards the Florida of Christ's first advent was a very plainspoken man he rebuked sin call things by their right names delay that at the root of the tree she says in this fearful time just before crisis become the second time God 's faithful preachers will have to bear a still more important message than John the Baptist you thought John the Baptist was preaching for people John the Baptist was that officials rebuking the king told him what he was doing and the fear of God he says you have to be even more point to condone the practice who shall be family this is serious are necessarily more important than jobs you were afraid to say no status when you rebuke sin and bring out soon you must do it in the fear of God and others save with the Bible says him out of the fire in the garment spotted by the flask save with fear work out your salvation with fear and trembling that if it wasn't for God himself in your life would be just like them what works so when you present so I chilled but what a spirit of meekness and the and unit that you do the cutting you got it cut and if you present it with humility and love therein lies the power of fuel for the child and if the person I wanted you go you and let the Holy Spirit would supposedly mature occultist and and how we can stand when you don't even know what the standoff is sad to have his iPad and dungeon and legal description when he was found in that dungeon and he began to have second question is whether Christ Christ was the Messiah are not job was good and I were the regardless because he was stand for the Commandments but now he will start to wonder if Christ was the one in Christ told him told his disciples to tell John fulltilt on anything interesting the deaf hear the blind see the dead are raised and blessed is he that finds no occasion of stumbling in me so guess what I did John brother grew up on the book of Isaiah is the proper prophesy denies that it is a lounge onto something descriptors in Isaiah when Isaiah talk about the death with you the blind will see and I was the Scripture and there were says Jesus when he maybe a cause of stumbling and offense amended but he just told compass is that men doesn't stumble and now John because the Scripture he knew but I do like this is all in the winds are blowing at a steady slow they can take my hat off I'm going to is a man named Anthony Parsons was a Protestant he decided to stand for the truth he along to others in the papers were angry they want to start executing she noted its Anthony knows to guys they marched him down to the stakes and they wouldn't burn these guys a lot and so now Anthony Parsons is on the way to the state to be burned because he had decided to stand in as Anthony's there he looks at the mansion was writes was that they have their heads down obviously and Anthony asked him to drink of water and all three of him are giving cups of water and Ashley looks at the man was white and Leslie says the Merry gentleman lift up your hearts to God for I trust after the short breakfast we so have a great supper in the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ one of the men was motivated and he lifted up his hands that happens and has Anthony's fire he reached down and act out of the woods himself to his feet and he looked at everybody as it has of being bound and he said this is the armor of God and now I am a Christian soldier prepared for I make no cause of pleas for mercy but I only look to my Lord 's David Jesus Christ and him alone look for salvation and a burn entity when John was in the dungeon to their heavy body without there was somebody was out there the music was bumping upstairs there was drinking and dancing and laughter upstairs down in the dungeon on of having had their eyes speaks because John the Baptist was then received the highest honor that had been keep the woman out of all the gifts that have been to bestow the servant of God says is allotted just that having to give but out of all of them fallacy with Christ in his sufferings is the most weighty trusts and the highest on and John received a memorable from the kingdom of knowing the Scriptures said no one was greater than John the Baptist notwithstanding those that are least in the kingdom of heaven are greater the servant of God says John was a permitted to see miracles it do miracles he wasn't permitted to see Christ raise the dead he wasn't permitted to sit there at the sermon on the mountain here parables of those disciples that were next to Jesus and that says what greater than he but it wasn't enough that was translated to have it wasn't a life that was picked up on the chariot of fire that was more greater than John the Baptist who perished alone in the dungeon is sometimes being great in the sight of heaven needs to be persecuted and alone in the dungeon and the will you be great in the sight of God all that you do do one for the and not to me hits father learned in serious times and we have assumed this mission nor you said that the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and Biden ones take it by force we have examples of those looks good and the greatest example of the mall is that you didn't talk the talk you walk the walk no unit have on soft raiment you would make when they were provoking the other not your mouth and you were not shaking and it was written in the book long ago of your company and Lord it is written of us as well I pray Lord that this day we would decide to stay and that we wouldn't know what was then I pray Lord that the soul is in this church and knowing your spirit knows the best Lord there are those who are in the fence made in their lives who don't want to commit all the way with you Lord my prayers for them right now those who are afraid of their school their classmates their coworkers help us to know Lord that when we stand with an outstanding my appeal is this the Sabbath it stands now is to understand and in the side of heaven this day I want to make two appeals my first appeal is this if you have determined in your mind come what may lower although the fires of persecution may burn upon me and even the last week but I will stand for you and your truth though the heavens fall this is a high high appealing if you will that I'm saying that if thus you this morning wanting to raise ahead what's your raise your hand of God only God knows who you are if you are deciding to stand at the Spanish south I may try to get to know what you stand for God has got to help you to stay my second appeal the notice somebody and there is no statistically adult maybe this morning you would like to stand and that no data that had been no that you want to give your life to God this morning may be used straight from the Lord in time to come back home things are rather not and you want to be a part of the great movement that God is written in the book about you and you wanted she was to stand for the kingdom of heaven and finish this great work of salvation I'm asking to physically stand here this morning if you want to get your life back to God you never given your life to God I'm asking this stand this morning praise the name spectrum he was sent to you I'm reminded of the story bear with me those were standing and listen to this I'm reminded of the story of Doctor Martin Luther King down in Montgomery Alabama he was found in Montgomery Alabama and he was receiving foreign threats the day to the phone is at first he was taking it he was trying to be strong but soon decided to get said one day about midnight the phone rang and a voice on the phone with the ugly voice and his voice began to threaten them and tell them things how they were the volume up and if you have followed the firm these things before but for some reason this afternoon for some reason his marathon at the same Walter P7 are all legal threats and all this power upon him on that one moment and he decided that the to try to find really he went to get upon a copy didn't help he started to think of theological and philosophical reasons why men were so evil he was a hundred and seventy five miles away from his parish mommy and daddy no more yet this on his own and sell you decided to call on the one whom his father had taught him he decided to college he says that up to this point he had been turned so many times but he had ever met she's now is the time to trust God when you can trust no one so there on the table in his kitchen he said he got on his knees and he said I found myself to be done I feel myself start to falter and him losing card supposed to lead people to face in the altar that Nagano Baltimore kid notice on my own he said that he felt our within his bosom he set a force greater than anything in the universe wound up with and within them and accepted him and the righteousness and justice stand for truth and no one will be with you even unto the end of the world three days later he was in a meeting people were brought in and out of the building was just like this and nobody was talking to him missing something was happening and he finally says come on you guys got to be up on what's going on somebody told him Doctor King your house is just a piece of house my wife and my daughter visit we don't know you find out right and nobody said he wasn't sent a Intel to go and get their guns he said he was his con as he had ever abandoned his hold no one because three days before he had felt the power more powerful than anything that ever existed in his life he will not have followed and I do I will end as far as I'm born it was in the streets of Montgomery what is the crime on the ground in his chair into the air because he had out in the presence of the King of King when you stand for him those listed at the side of our God come to the monotonous closeout those lips that I would like to pay for a like to pray with you if you want to give your life back to God but you've never given your life to God what is he trusted why don't you trust in this sadness he is the only thing in this world I will not tell you you out if you are wearing he will give you rest if you are sad he can give you peace let's just as I pray it is open to you is always having his arms open and tell you how many share my testimony this afternoon my brother and I and I'd like you to bring those numbers others the company will that I've always been unloading rich in God Satan if he is signaling to a just and trust in our heads above father and had your those who raise their hands in the side of heaven nor they have to sign him all they have committed all the lies you to take up the charge that has been given to us as Seventh-day Adventist Christian that we would fit as the last by your spirit that we would deny ourselves and garnered a wilderness if we have to store perceptions my present to spirit will be with them gone and go my family was decided to walk down here and stand for you with decided to give their life to you the one who was sure when he was faithful not have your spirit has spoken to the title of the moon you have known them since the day they were both you know the try you know the thorns in their flesh you know the weakness the things that failed them and not I am planning that your spirit would lift them up and saw the new patent executive Jeremiah so you know that thou knowest not before they spring forth right to decide to make heaven rejoices in heaven is happy and as they leave here Lord may your spirit not leave their hearts and when they go home that don't know that there's a war out there in the kingdom of heaven suffers violence but you will be with him until the end of the world and making the zone name things are in this media was run by an audio person is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe this is more so than is www. .com universe .org


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