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Commencement Message iShare 2014

Anthony Baca


Anthony Baca

Literature Ministry Director for the Arizona Conference



  • August 14, 2014
    7:00 PM
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what are headed for wherever our gracious heavenly father we come before it is evening first and foremost appraise you to think you for being the God of love that you are going and calling upon us for each of us in this room whom you have called from darkness to marvelous light I think even the privileged to teach my friends here for the last two years and to be privileged the after one last message was even in others you have been before with your one sentence list price of that he may be seen and I pray that you repair a sports and things of this last us and help us to the same in Christ name we pray amen one of the biggest challenges speak if they never don't say and especially when I mask that is saying a lot thought to the cost of souls was it even harder to know what to say in fact I remember the last week of class is when the staff were given their last voyages and I gave my last worship I know whether my last question I knew I had one more try to have done the way in my mind then but I happily now and then I was thinking of bringing Alexis to review I thought since my mind and you can open your Bibles look in second Peter chapter one a thought came from I know what to say for you when you knowing that you're about to go out some of you to me by workers some of you to go back to school and to be using campus ministries so again on the health ministries or Aragon BBQ and I thought what's I share with my friends and second Peter chapter one I was reading this book with one my favorite books and attacks cannot be using a very very very very well by now chapter one ever been a reversible centimeters under one response says wherefore I will not be negligent siblings you always in remembrance of these things though you know them and be established in the presence or I thought to myself how can I not be a negligent teacher and the answer was a simple one simply remind classic two thousand fourteen of what we already know lest they forget and I thought to myself as I read his taxes I spoken on this text as we had worshiped on this text the importance of the thought of it's not what you know or how much you know Thursday what is what you think about all the meters retrieving shot there's a temptation when you come to the place you come Junior experience when you graduated from a Bible college as we heard a student mentioned earlier she is now a scholar praise God for his regular Saturday remember first seal of this chapter because in the verse that has been helpful to me since I graduated souls and I have learned some things from the Bible the mouth is and him and thinks he knows anything she knows nothing yet as he ought not you will need than ever graduation you think of it over you think of his accomplices it was said earlier but in reality it's just beginning the road the game 's opening wide and the journey continues from here so with this in mind I decided that this is any one of a reminder away reminding you something that you should already know but it's okay that were doing that because even if we know something we don't know it as well as we should know and I go to Rome is one resident I will be spending remains that a month ago I was letting Romans chapter one is going to this epistle it is specifically I noticed something very important to me Nesbitt out and it describes a group of people that I don't want to be a part of Romans chapter one beginning in verse twenty four the Bible says wherefore God also gave them up excuse me it is not responding for an item to verse twenty one I'm a lot than after he misses in class and loving this is your laundry as well that was one romance after one person twenty one thousand dark in here the Bible says in verse twenty one because that when they did what new God of Australia there describing this group of people in Romans chapter one the then they know God or do they not know God they knew God I was interested in which word in the original language was this word in it and I working is gone that word that describes not simply intellectual knowledge and experience allowance in other words this verse is describing a group of people going all reality no God you have experienced God being on the love of God being no hint in the way the Bible asks us to know God in other words the person says this is life eternal that they know these the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent they knew God that way do you know that my friends I believe over the last two years especially you come to know God you had an experience of God and many times we have an experience with God when we come to know him we may think were invincible but notice the numbers goes on to say if any kind that when they knew God they glorified him not as as God neither were thankful but became vain in their imaginations and therefore as part was part I want to look at this text carefully and thinking what happens is group of people the Bible says they knew God but something changing experience what was it that changed what became being their imagination or fantasy simply the things that they thought about what was darkened their hearts now sold less point of your heart is right for other men think it in his heart so is he so this texture is speaking about the Latin something changed in his group of people and what changed their minds something happened to them I don't remember getting on I guess I know they knew God but something to know what change in what was the result was continuing the facts verse twenty two professing themselves to be wise they became fools and changed the glory of them on corruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man and to birds and so forth but in these and creeping things what happened to the people the people who knew God something changed in their minds an example we know their mind human being and argue and then it describes than doing what were they worsening now they're worshiping idols they have gone from worshiping the creator in the worshiping an idol and I remember when I first became a Christian six years ago and I was called that now sign-on now down to graven images idols I thought someone that he is commanded to keep because there is no more country like cut out about how to people at all now down to golden images on it is a good appetite restaurant but no one now found that and so we see these different on display in my mind it was the easiest humanity because the cereal in he must worship idols in his room in any of us bow down the argument is in this room a lot I read you a quote from testimonies volume four page six thirty two she said anything which absorbs the mind and direction from God assumes the form of guess what and I don't eat anything that consumes the mind and safety inspections of your mind from God has now become an idol in our work and our western country we don't worry about bowing out of the trees we don't worry about bowing down to golden statues but how it was meeting out of the intelligence or how many of us bow down to sports or how many of us Lord for they had now down to relationships what is it that consumes them I cannot do anything that takes the affections of the mine assumes the form of what I'm trying to adhere in Romans chapter one here you see a group of people that knew God they love God he had an experience with God at some point but something happened again when things are what their mind something happened to their imagination to their thoughts to their hearts as it were and then we see them worshiping idols something else came in the place of God in their experience how is it that he's not observing the creator deserving the creature let's continue reading and goes on to say in verse twenty four wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness in the lusts of their own hearts to dishonor their own bodies between themselves noting that a fashion victim factor into the book of Hosea you keep that thought in mind everything are there runs a hosanna quickly out for those of you that are also falling along Hosea is the book right after Daniels was easy want to find me we're going to the book of Hosea chapter four verse seventeen I want to know something about God into broader Romans but it's more clearly brought out the book of Hosea is one of the minor prophets right after the book of Daniel Hosea four chapter four in verse seventeen here the Bible says God says each frame is joined to what the idols that him without lessor alone usually here in this text New Jersey a lot of things I want you to see the spot you see this is not that God is a gentleman not not not universally think we reimburse like that but look at it carefully using a God is a gentleman that he says it his relationship language if you want to be with another I let you go be with another decent numbers and what is it that they want to go to their what their idols November what is a vital anything that takes the attention of your mind away from God assumes the form of an oven I don't and it leads you Ronald Obregon what will not say let him alone if you want the Jews and idols and gone will be the gentleman and he won't let you go back to your idols go back to Romans chapter one after studying this chapter after it is wondrous diversified across that I hear of people people who knew God was something changing their minds and when their minds changed they gone themselves idolaters jump with me now to verse twenty eight million seabirds this is the main point of emphasis the kind of diversity if it were personal he says and even as they did not like to be what retained on where in their knowledge in other words the biggest hole is not to think about God a people who had an experience with God but something changed that was so drastic it would strengthen from worshiping the created targeted created and is really only one thing that changed and what was it that changed upwards in simple language when change is what they choose to think about after all that changed with what they retained in their minds when they chose to think about and what they disclose to think about made them who they were containing verse twenty eight it says and even as he did not like to retain God in their knowledge God gave them over to a watt reprobate mind what caused the change in their minds when they chose to thing about taking those things which are not convenient or not it is getting worse and not generally see that he had a human emotion they know God had experience with God I believe everyone in this room has an experience with God enough we had a strength of God but notice a change in their mind is when they chose to think about and wanting to think about with so drastic on their experience they became idolaters but Northridge twenty nine now it says being filled with all what unrighteousness fornication wickedness covetousness maliciousness full of envy murder conveying this seems malignantly whisperers another Kosovars backbiters haters of God despite for proud boasters inventors of evil things this obedience of parents without understanding cognitive breakers without natural affection implacable and unmerciful know that until this are battling that afraid that is not a pretty bad list any even if you sell one of those I be downright but the people who knew God became that the people who are the genuine experience of when God became God 's and what was it that changed when they chose to think about first thirty two I think is the most solid text in this chapter who knowing the judgment of God that they which commit such things are worthy of that not only do the same but had pleasure in their the eye I want to grasp how far this goes down they went from knowing God have any strength of God and not just becoming a little bit battered and they were to the point when the Bible with me knowing the judgment of God on the things they're doing still chose to do those paying knowing that there was a judgment to come and yet not just think of the government find their pleasure in people who do the same things and when he read that text as as Bible student we can remain man I'm glad that's not who I'm glad that's not me but the reality and the people in this practice it wasn't about one either the people in the text at one point had their day the thought and thought I'm glad that's not me either but this text shows a strong reality it shows that there is a great quality thinking place for your for your mind was that quote is that the Chrysler bailout going to think about he who has the cheapest affections of your mind quality like to talk about a hot issue is you can't lose you talking on a passage Jesus if you have the thought that you have done your mind my friends here in verse twenty two the culmination of this whole thought because they chose not to retain God in their knowledge they fell so far away that they were separated completely from God 's will you have interns forgot I know that you know God I know that activities as you know in whom you have a leader but don't forget him when you're out there outside of the bubble as it were don't forget without offending your past when you read someone will say his allies were not according to the Renzi I see you in open why millions can pass through anyone forget don't forget good upon her chapter five progress under five has a very solid enables high altogether progress in the Old Testament you find the Psalms for the middle of your Bible go right after that you had fathers who mortgage faster five eighty four you mean it's like someone is taking the experience that I don't really share in this experience with very many people but I'll share with you you see when I first became interested in seven years ago I remember what was likely receive the first level study on Daniel chapter two and I went from eight years of Christianity and I thought to myself it is so good to know that there is a God of love that God is a real God I can have evidence to believe in him and I think that some book called the great controversy I love you read a book or not if you have it I recommend you pick up I read a book and if I like Ellen White was a divine apology is asking every intention of having his daddy and she does walk rightly that book and pencil on the question and then I think that this book all the parties and I thought I know that because apostasy and I didn't know about God because of prophecy but I really need God to the Gospels I really got to know Jesus through that book and I've ever fall in love to the point where I would study my Bible for each hours minimum a day all I can think about with God is real I've not done this before and also want to do is know him more that would proceed for a year and a half to two years and through that experience I remembered toward the latter end of it being a church and just talking with people about the Bible and maybe once a what is going to go into an online and what is going to turn some bugs that while you don't use you share in the humanities are probably totally nearby when using the past year and I remember studying and thinking to myself you know I agree with you on the Bible I guess the reason so much anymore and I kind of started slowing my reading of the Bible and I remember I thought to myself you know I want to make some money easily take on to a job while going to college I took on a second job my name is start about five in the morning and in about ten thirty at night and I remember those devotions that time I spend with God I thought well you know I kindly know a lot of ratings it's okay if I drop it down to like just demanded a twenty minute today okay God understand I'm busy and I read a lot anyways I meant I can answer most questions I felt pretty comfortable with my Bible knowledge so I started dropping them in the devotions in a notice I got tired I started sleeping in it but you know what I really need to read the Bible anymore was fine you know winless preseason church was printed up at CD and I listen to in the car on the way to church and then I found out the quarterly unseated auditorily unseating artist was another court order to turn our guide working on it in a manner that became my devotions one day I was eating lunch and eating government was asking something and I thought to myself as an eating halfway through I did not bless this food I did not frame think offer this food and I never before Christmas immigration and I would pray for the fluid either browse overjoyed I thought was real that he actually blessed the food that I can give him thanks for the house and he really was the one providing it for me I remember how much I love the simple present life just look at father thank you so much for making sure my the point where I actually caught myself trying to build any more not Christina Ellis presents operational issue but it is interesting to know how much I love the favorite food a kind of externally where and when I do not know how is thinking of myself I pray for and had no desire to pray for and I remember thinking that and I couldn't remember the last domain afraid and I thought to myself I think it's been a couple weeks of the greater prayer and I remember being in my house that night into their new thinking will not send print thinking and asking myself where am I and I realize I haven't read my Bible and over a month couple months I had traded about just the same in her real life without realizing it I had to do with my God and Savior and I couldn't believe it I couldn't leave my heart grow but yeah I couldn't even cry over it it was almost like I was in getting care at the same time I heart had become so hard Satan had taken the mind can put other things an online so much so that I actually forgot that the open I forgot to attend life solid when heated and got seventy three I forgot that God sent his eighties and immigration it all went out the window and I realize I have lost hold of my God and now is a scary thought when it hit me because I thought to myself prior to that I was invincible as a Christian I thought I know you what do I can never fall I know that's what you given any thought to see how we people can do now and come on revelation I'm not afraid of it obviously unsecure walking in darkness yet so close alike I remember going on I realize this is a friend I want to send this came to my mind I realize this and yet they continue to walk in the condition first as of a short while more and I decided one day come and pick up testimonies and Rita one one hundred I open the athletes of the church I ran this long and I'll never forget the part of the quote she described a group of people surrounded by dark angels and he's barking of Woodcrest and squeezed in trying to shut the light of God out for these children have you ever felt the enemy squeegee so and he went and he described how he would they would squeeze in private enterprise and the time God would cry out in agony praying and waiting for divine help but they said it was a group that did not pray the stations are prayed he sees the president and the next part of the quote scared me that she said they disappeared into the darkness I never saw them again and I remember thinking this up my living room in a few and a short while that will be me but in the court and in every thought I love those solemn warnings that it would join the solid morning the next thing she's always Jesus lived up to my right-hand and NBM of life here is the darkness and it appears the darkness right to the frame one and the like though small in the end row and wife writer and dry the darkness of God and they were an army of the hundred forty one thousand international and I thought none that could be me and I made a choice that night I got I mean he's told the Lord I know it had been so long since I had prayed what I'm going to pray and I membered praying and hoping the Bible and it seems as though I had lost you for some time and it's a double time to truly find him again but I remember the day when I found him all over again I'm evidently when a new genus experientially again and I never just poured my heart into your thinking God and praising God he's the love the sinner like me and since then the reality has been on my mind none of us are secure and ourselves no matter how much you think you know your Bible no matter how much of a prayer where you may no matter how many books you got out this summer no matter Internet was the highest that order conference at the record the summer if we do not retain God in our knowledge we can become the group in Romans chapter one back in the loss but it does not have to be us souls lessen the danger when you leave is a very simple one great content on the season well those that all he can lead to neglect prayer and the searching of the Scriptures will be overcome by his attacks my friends do you pray to your God do you spend time in the word of God if not it is a guarantee it it is a you may be overcome by his attacks note add Satan will know that all of whom he can lead the prayer and the searching the Scriptures will be overcome by his attacks however the user will not reference never never never walk when the receiver who knew him were in progress finally let me know first eleven had he ever wondered before you read the text what the widget will say when the screen is the second underwear for seeking out insistent I I would read great controversy about with the man if I was on the outside of the inning of this whole great controversy and I know what's coming out of the heart stop I would be really hard and I would even think of is of an amoeba something like this but I thought to myself what would I think of our outside the walls if I were outside the walls while the government analyses is about what I would know what I would think progress like that he told me when I would favorite eleven says and now more and last Win98 and my body are what consumed notice here that they say while they being consumed verse twelve and say how have I hated instruction and my heart despised what read through and have not obeyed the voice of who my teachers nor inclined might you be here then that instructed me in other words what is it that runs in the minds of those winter flesh in the body are consumed I thought it was fascinating how they wish they had not been in the instruction was given how they wish they are not rejected the things of the teachers how they need to wish me getting he reviewed so much at heart an infinite evening to really think about these things of the loss notice verse fourteen I wasn't almost all all in the middle of the room congregation and I want to understand members of these people were just welding my friends and Harborside people who are in the midst of God 's people even people who know there's a reason why they reject the future of any group because they receive a you cannot reject you have not been offered praise God that God doesn't condemn us for our to ignorantly not what is it which uses reject that which he offers and hear the Bible warns us against this assault commission don't forget the things that you can talk don't forget don't remember who is your ultimate teacher into God your Bible is if you can write your commentaries immediately her friends but the Bible is your teacher and don't exactly a teacher has to say when you see what the word of God says don't let that be you on the outside how do they get on the outside example of the chosen what no longer think about God I want to close with this thought Martin leader said in my heart faith in my Lord Jesus Christ green soul and soul ought to reign he alone is the beginning the middle and be in of all the thoughts which occupy the mind and I was review Examiner heard that somewhere within the work they did when I thought afraid about what's the last thing I can tell souls less classic two thousand fourteen it was a simple one don't forget God don't forget what God has done let Jesus reigns supreme not think often of an goodness and mercy and yes Romans eleven that the severity of God and I be holding you will become Satan will knows anything can just get you to separate from God he has my burden my friends one burden alone one desire above all other desires and headed I will see you there I wouldn't as a teacher I will know if I pass or fail when a sea of my students or their I pray that you will be there see Jesus in your mind reference crayon spent time in the word and do not become that latter half of Romans chapter one father in heaven we think you so much for the beauty of your work I think you for its simplicity we don't need to get creative we don't need to get fancy we don't need big words we don't even need original languages installed concordances but we can take it for what it says and I thank you for that simplicity and tonight Lord it is a solemn and beautiful thought that we have in class graduating consoles last uniformity have accomplished their two years beautiful day they have overcome to Christ beautiful that it comes to know you and have a deep and rich experiences with you experiences that will last for eternity beautiful because the friends which they have made our friends returning not just for life the Lord in a solemn because I seize his prey I send them into the world and United Kingdom from the world but I send them into the world but keep them from the world Lord I pray that Reformation are friends you never graduated no longer my students but my peers I asked that if they go into the world more than knowing that you would not take them from the world that you and preserve them from the influence of the world that they are the initiating influence for you that through them in a different means you call them that they would meet when many souls for your kingdom and repair this world for the soon coming of our Lord and Savior who promises that he comes quickly I ask that you and me with their minds even their time with you preserve it and protect it and above all else how everyone of us in this room never ever to forget our God and our Savior to draw close to you the Bible promises draw near to God and he will draw near to you we feel so far away Lord help us to press closer we do not feel like praying that as we ought to pray the most we do not enjoy studying the sacred word that is we need them most bread of life and our life and I ask that you please hope with Dennis and preserve my friends protect them into the coming of your son Jesus came and this media was brought by audio players a website dedicated to spreading God 's word two three seven audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain it is www. audio source .org


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