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Taariq Patel has a incredible testimony. As a young child he spent time living in Saudi Arabia, India, and Great Britain. He was heavily trapped in the bondage of drug and alcohol addiction but found that redemptive power of Jesus Christ that restored both his body and mind, to overcome these addictions. Taariq is currently in college studying theology. 



  • August 15, 2014
    7:00 PM
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they are when a sale review Y on here how I got here is betting on the Spain company before I begin you please join and another worker father we are grateful and thankful Lord that your mercies endure I'm thankful Lord that all your people out here and you are here with us I am thankful Lord that you are so faithful and you love us so much that you want to keep us from falling and Lord before I go any further I pray for forgiveness of our sins I pray that your Angels will be here to rebuke evil and to focus our minds on eternal things on things that matter and that he will get a glimpse of the most high because we ask it in Jesus name a O give thanks unto the Lord for he is good for his mercy and doing Karen let the redeemed of the Lord say so home you have to redeem from the hand of the enemy I was born in Gloucester England in nineteen eighty one I was born in a Muslim home I have four siblings a twin brother and a brother cavities one year older than me and my brothers and I grew up Muslim boys I vividly remember my father sitting in front of us and all three of us in front of our father and he would have his slipper right there as we were reciting the Quran started like from a three-year age five years old we were learning and that slipper would flash out and hit us if we mispronounced one were to go out and Islam and going to the my on all the time grown up around the Muslim Brothers we were told that if we want good Muslim boys that are on the wood and making we were told that if we tell lies that the angel Gabriel would like to talk to put it back in your mouth according to how many lies he told this is the kind of religion grew up by the age of around eight years old nine years old my mom had a meeting with Jesus musician grew up Seventh-day Adventist but he had backslidden she met my father in England and they both had three kids and then from there they move the civilian to the United States and had my two sisters as over the first seven eight years of my life I was a Muslim but then my mom had a meeting with these she found in the garage that will cost at the Christ desire pages and advances allowed as you walk by the Roman see her sons being disciplined learning Islam as a flashback of the of the felt boards of the sand schools lozenges said that I will like the Muslims are going to different and and you know when you meet Jesus you got a mouse problem because of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaking and Jesus had touched my mother 's heart the sequence but feminists about the Sonoma father was at work she would teach us about the Word of God of the first time we read stories about toasted and Daniel and David and all the stuff wow amazing but my father as strict Muslim wanted console of this house you see when the spirit of the Lord is in the house Satan got really angry at that time it was nineteen eighty nine the brothers at the mosque many of them came from the warmth from Afghanistan a lot of them lived in Saudi you and I would tell my father take your family to Saudi Arabia you will have complete control my mother was praying to God C an experience with acid that's a mighty prayer because God-given but I will be ready and my mom got her answer to prayer she felt impressed to go to Saudi Arabia with my father when all five of us children Solana playing about going to Saudi Arabia never forget the play it was like a midnight walking down the stairs and an outside in Saudi Arabia and we had and I thought that the jet engine he was blowing on his back but without melting but then I realized that with the temperature than Saudi Arabia and night we got there it was a straight desert women aren't allowed to drive the women over there have to walk behind their husbands it is typical to see one man would like to try behind a bunch of kids and if you want women have to cover up no ankles then cover your face it was a time a country where we would drive and who get caught in the traffic Shannon and you smell something in the air and if somebody hanging as they can hang in there for three days in the public public square that was their judicial system if you get caught stealing your hand to stop the bus I was in Saudi Arabia and coming into the country now that my mom know that it was under the penalty of death is if you try to sneak in the Bible or any kind of Christian literature but my mom would tell us hey boys were undercover agents Google and what do they go into this country whether you still spread the gospel of this weekend everyone will be at imaginations excited about this mission and so we were at the airport my mom had to you and she had no wrapped up the book system white books and a bunch of books to simply got in the customs guys with guns were walking by the suitcases my mom praying the Lord told my mom before she got there to dressed up in the traditional Muslim God today one of the guards open suitcase he pulled out a Bible it was all right up in a bunch of clones and he unraveled and he was like what is and as he was flipping through the pages and looking at us flipping through the pages looking at us and makes at because we look like a typical Muslim family my father he had a Muslim he looked like a Muslim man we look like nice little Muslim children my mom was dressed and then he caught all the security to them and they were all talking in Arabic was going almost going on and then finally visiting Gonzaga going to check the rest of their bank a good and my mom was rejoicing because those are the bags had some bizarre pages great controversy and counsel and I was about island rat got in their undercover agents for the Lord so now my father will go to work but guess what would happen at the house of my father 's network you Bible study cannot say something am thirty two years old now but I never forget those Bible studies when I was eight nine result will get so so excited that one night while an around-the-clock now I was like that before filled with love and feel the spirit of God was in that room one day my father came home and called us in the middle the Bible says you see why we're doing Bible studies of all-time in Saudi Arabia where the brothers would be looking out of the wind oh on Lookout and make a sort we see our father 's car pull up into the parking lot what anybody else this had worsened that was our job to rotate but this particular time my father took the back way nobody saw him coming every other time we would see them coming okay is coming I will pack up all the books and books and pots under the bed looks under the clothes I mainly just play games and act like nothing was this time he came in and I never forget you know when when domestic violence happens is something dramatic happens in your childhood in these is scarring your life for the rest the feeling I felt when he came into that role it was like the Holy Ghost is in there and then darkness just came in the room you can feel the presence of the and we knew he was irate he was the side my mom was green as you matter to the bathroom and he was threatening to kill my mother we were on instant siblings my brothers and sisters here on arm and a leg of your screen and all Papineau is a great effect my mom before the day before she got baptized so that you get baptized see the Snyderman of going through if you do decide to wake up and get baptized my mom woke up and got baptized in the morning he was as calm as a lamb and he walked down when my mom went into that pool in Hartford Connecticut my older brother was so moved that he stood up and he wanted to get back so that's threatening made in Michigan and hit my mom before was an idle threat and we were screaming and screaming and he got mad and took all the books all but my mother had beseech you and have no personal contact with the family couldn't write a letter couldn't call nobody the only thing she had in that country as a woman with no rights was those books and he took it from Aussie handles like a little Bible listen in here somewhere else that you can find a major problem and white books my mom was brokenhearted from then on my father would take us boys for the work that his job within so I mother 's influence would be over but it was one day we came home and decided and we told our mother some great news said mom Tesla said what you wouldn't believe what your book sources said one of my Hollywood is not altering the way that was that no they are in the office at Pat Bismarck and all the men are reading him for myself and him no goggles is doing each of those looks to a place where women can go anytime I got this mama mom heard that seems to praising the Lord you know what you can try to relocate and stop the Holy Ghost with the Holy Ghost 's comment was with us and he was having an WNL having a great time the Saudi rate with the devil to have worship service on Joseph in the house beautiful works until an father came back from work to pick this up something viewing strange about that day Adam went to an brother look back at my mom and said mom don't worry which is going somewhere my mom said Adam something something 's not right is among the way violence was going to the market and going to the weblog my father told us up in December going to the beach or something and what we might battle my mom she had that gut feeling something wasn't right about that was the last time that her mother sauce the seven months and she had no idea where we were those seven months my father told us to get our jackets conversation to get Jack to Saudi Arabia we got our jackets and was supposedly going to the beach I believe it but on the way to the means we end up with the market didn't suitcases in all cotton supplies and enclosing toothbrushes and a nylon airplane flight to India his intention was the plan of his family to get those three boys take up to a Muslim boarding school in India then select Islam and take them away from their mother 's over seven months my father talked to stop India and he will lay out his three volumes to eight -year-olds and a nine -year-old in this country by themselves and we ended up going up and down all around India what a bunch of people we never knew for seven months we live in houses or huts made of common your we would go and use the bathroom at the beach should you use the bathroom in and then the tide will come and wash away you would think of our bath or shower to do well at the well six o'clock in the morning wounds all water out of the well for water on us in the bucket reason it are huge businesswomen and that wealth is not clean ones but with thankfully Barstow we're in one of these boarding school places one of the places that we move around and they would like us kids up at eight o'clock and I have if you had to use the bathroom and not even locked in their and I had about the competition in their and the kids were picking lice out of everybody's hair I will try to find out who had the most lights the bar became about once a month so I never cut my hair even then and I wondered I won the game I thought I won the Super Bowl also decided then I will I was the guy with the most licensor had about three hundred the guys and then I can count them by the time we left any of the before deliverance meeting we had a lot of blood all of our clothes in the mosquito bites witness my brothers didn't abused and beaten by people in the field how I had malaria over that one of the boarding schools there to this day I believe that the guys next door the only English-speaking people that we met those seven months or right next to want to go to the room next to us a Canadian student and an American student have about fifteen or sixteen years old I was so dreadfully L that one of the guys carry me for miles into the next village on my head is hanging in my landlord is Laila fail all around you don't mean anything since of his brothers and man I had malaria and I never forget the size of that Neil and me it was like this day and I woke up real quick menu and save my life to this day I think that the one of those guys not both of them were angels that said because we left shortly after that after seven months of abuse I was molested when I was there when I was eight years old in India after seven months of abuse and being fain wasted missing my he-man toys transformers finally Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait and my father 's job was unstable and so he had to move the boys out of India can you believe the whole time while we were in India that these Muslim imams you can compare them to a pastor or church the Muslim Imam who come to my mother say give up it shows that no note give up your religion excuse me convert to Islam and you will have your children that ever the whole time my mother stood firm by the grace of God and said that those children are in God 's hands to this day my mom feels that Saddam invaded Kuwait save us to take that and we kind we came back potbelly is mosquito my blood all over us and brought sexy seven months Lysol in our hair but we came back and I never forget that spaghetti dinner that we had them a mom made all boilerplate was involved to begin your bones to the Lord delivered us after that we would go to England because my father can support the family this week we went to England and then my parents divorce and there I was there in the end the country of my birth for the first time I got to go to search without looking out the window without waiting for my father to come home I'm an adventurous I'm in the choir and I am socializing with you this freedom does love those overwhelmed the best years of my life that England and we went to Palmyra New York amounts on fire for God single parent with five to call porting thousands and she was so much so far for God the conditions we live in them I would know better but they are limited some embedded in India and from New York my mom felt impressed to take our five kids that Angie's University did not cause the skin to get a school where we got a live to see Saddam go see Lord of the blessedness also must learn her passion she knew that she could just walk by faith at this time she went to Andrews doors open everywhere and his universe it was at Angie's University that we began to go to the to the public schools the present the public schools you see I was around ten years old around this time eleven Osborne England on England I went to Connecticut on Connecticut I went to Saudi Arabia maybe I will end you will end up back cloudy Saudi England from England to New York from New York Michigan and all these places in Japan and I never felt like I belonged it in any expenses that I had out was very very much a plow soft-spoken but an angry young man I grew up in a religious home it was Islam Christianity I wasn't permitted to listen to music or go out on the Sabbath to eat a cheeseburger when I was a Muslim with making this or how loudly was always restrictions on my lot and I make you this day that when I was in starts as a young man out me and my brothers were fascinated with the with the Christian hip-hop music back bays to play some music but when it would Christian lyrics but he's got the rapid enough to be to our virgin years this is like while Captain Hayden I finally got the public school we started to listen to the real thing and before you know it instead of being on the outside of the rebellion if you will be became the leaders of the rebel is really figured out that my brothers and I had a talent for wrapping and free styling and a lot of people gave us praise or that and we just talk the talk will we walked the walk is also talking about smoking weed and drinking alcohol smoking the back is a sickness that demand at home while I'm down in the whole Bible and I went to junior high and high school my pride was in my hip-hop and polluting my body to the good stuff I was invincible people love by the time I got out of high school and joined the military or the Fort Benning Georgia and the army and in the year two thousand and was there that this official pothead now on the have you all know smoking weed out every single day professional and serious problem and unarmed but I want the basic trainer never felt better not my line but that evil addiction that had that pain that I have dealt with was still lurking beneath and from then out of the auto basic training I became alcoholic I started to drink a lot and being that I want to stay in your system for such a long time I started to experiment with other drugs such as ecstasy and cocaine and mushrooms and acid in things of that nature is going car busy at some pride I would want around the formation in the military can't do PT physical training session at four a.m. in the morning just leaving the club still insults now under the influence of drugs have misled and still run for miles around anybody I was so proud could be stuck see I never fallen on my face I never fallen on my back anything I put my mind to it my body to could see I would wake up in the bushes under no harder wake up with blood on the wall didn't even know whose blood was his motto know what happened and I was a mess by the time I got out of the military have brought all those demons with the UCI opened up so many portals and addiction are portals that the one of the most powerful beings demons of oppression and when you're not in the life of addiction to experience see hear feel things that a human being is not intended to experience and now open all doors all these demons in my life and now I'm truly in a team want to bother about doing cocaine robots since silent years smoking amphetamines and stand out today wow party and on the night on the weekends 's notes on about my job still maintaining my regular life in doing this at the same time finally I got hooked on this tropical OxyContin I started off with these Norco pills and in my province builds up OxyContin when my brother nine Rhonda struck about three years the views and never forget I was staying in my apartment and I was in the room was a problem with the stuff that document still forgotten one and other yet still they also demand is the craziest of the memo that is going not one I'm going crazy was going on now is our first time feeling withdrawals we decided to the site a week and a half stars out of those opiates for a while but before you know it we went back into time to stop and now we were at the highest dose is snickering these days drugs smoking these drugs Sentinel patches on this will out-of-control my bowels were shut down my body was set down but I couldn't stop this job it got to the point that the drug took over my life so much that I wasn't going to get our was doing it to get by I was doing it so I can walk up some stairs I was doing the selected wash plate floppy drive select and functions like to operate my whole life will character can combat drug every four hours and had to get a fix or have to go to emergency room is this proud man I went to the high God Molotov interrogated a God we had my mom was telling me about God about Jesus Lamont will not get me a Bible so many years of my whole life it was an initial describe man is walking down the street holds an issue same dirty clothes ahead of you drooling on myself in public so I can go meet the man to get my things possible that this time that my twin brother yet two dollars at the time and their alternate weeks and stay over my place with me my brother and my mom called my twin by the said Adam most girls are not going to church I wanted to bring him over to my house on Friday evening so I can think of the charts of Sabbath school sat Saturday morning I had on car so I'll see you at the drive my nieces and my brother to my mom 's house on Friday when I walked into my mom 's house Friday evenings they had just started this Bible study up again and this Bible study that were people around my age and I know I have to think the drug in order to drive otherwise I couldn't drive so I let my mom 's house I'm flawed gem high out of my mind so you know the first thing you do when you get to mom 's house he got a ticket you got to take the cupboard got a distant leftovers single mom got about a restock we supply so I'm in the club is in the fridge tried to get all political singles doubles doesn't hasten to get this but this is going on over there in the living room business people talk about how I really all praise God and people are talking about the same old stories that I used to hear back in Saudi Arabia there's something about the way God that is supernatural to the needy so you see I cyclically by ourselves at this clinic you know and that was nodded to help the Bible says then they cried unto the Lord in their trouble and he's even been out of there with peace activism are and you and delivered them from their all that men would praise the Lord for his goodness and for his wonderful artists the children know they started talking about the stories you see when you live without God and of the whole and when I heard the middle to my understanding was hope and I was high on my mind and I sat in the back row high but I was in there just didn't slave by the Spirit and the word of God it know what the word of God is quick knows powerful shock within a two axle casing even the dividing asunder separating sultans spirit joints and marrow it appears even the flogging slug addicted to outline expos nothing isn't everything is exposed in itself when a person trying to help themselves Soma and people are talking about God back to doing and believing in believing but I want to believe in the word started chipping away his hard heart before you know every single week guess it was in the back row now the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation the Bible was just so wonderful to me the stories the applications learned about Christ how cool and I would sit there in the back it was at this time that my twin brother went to his conversion experience and that is some is there beautiful to me tell briefly about it using him about at the net of Constable of these drugs I would be sleeping in my room and I will be out for two weeks two weeks with no sleep I decided to go cold turkey walking up and down sinking of these draws the cause of the withdrawal meanwhile I'm an enrolled snippet away and I hear my mother singing song quoting scriptures out their trust in the Lord with all our introductory something my family that are global Mecklenburg on my life and handle another but those two weeks was the first time I didn't know Adam one I was always the tough blood in the Army guy get you down on the man but I said wow my twin brother five Minnesota hair bows though about one my little brother has some strength in him and awakening and Bob get adequately we went to clinics and as an alternative health happiness but it still does not sleep until we I broken bones and burn my body move withdrawals the worst pain I've ever felt worse and is a brand-new pain you're not supposed to and that that's stuck to be I felt like Saul looking at Stephan Who's Who was being honored by having at that but still I have to go on my way to Damascus and was converted he was happy to house and barn I had a situation with my job lawsuit against the job I had so I think contention anytime with my HR manager Plant manager warehouse manager that was always a problem and I knew now I have to go back to work out the Worker's Comp. disability like a year and a half years longtime Monday morning I had to report back to work now go back to my enemies and I knew that I was required I know they wind up it will be no more is my thought is something Sunday night may we found the side of my bed and my pillow there is not great ago I was angry else disrespectful was moved and I started blaming God why is my stuff happen to me why was my life like this is out of the en route to God before you know it is hard heart began to just get drunk you see is not coming down this proud and the last number but I have my whole life of two years on message Lord but not trying I need help help me woke up Monday morning and pretty good see my body was so messed up you know I was at the hands of idiotic to be hundred degrees outside but I was always shaking and coal because of my condition but this time it was cold enough feels like December so November and I went to the job talk to the HR manager Plant manager warehouse manager had happened meeting up in our work for so long for the HR manager to decide Jenna Presley Jennifer you got a second cannot talk with you suggest searching both our office she closes the door now this proud so got to do the hardest thing he's ever done that my enemy that I need help and I need to go to rehab money to see that not enough where you know what I did with the Lord I said God please help me can you please get into rehab by my mentality but we have finally I said I would call to God that night of prayer is that God I will go to rehab please if you keep my job I have eviction notices on my dorm I can't make it down my life is great to doubt everything is going wrong help me go to be when I'm in rehab or I will read and pray every day than on the house my deal only with God nine so when I talk to Jennifer in that office also tell her that I need help ninety to go to rehab shut the door slid that share my friend and I said the hardest thing for me to say us that Jennifer I need help I'm addicted to pain pills and I just need this with his woman looked at me and said T I took a lot of courage the same I'm so proud of yells thinking because I'm a test site in the very office I go to the office because now the company my company and is Ganymede begin the process of paying for me to go to rehab and keep my job as I'm on the phone and the Lord 's answer my prayers are intended to describe the fault and I go back to Jennifer 's office is she standing there looking as he says to while you were in there I was praying you it looked like he needed she said she had to lose my job or telling when I have to do what God tells me that women shut that door family and she told me she got baptized about two months previous and she opened the book of Galatians and Ephesians and then we were at the workplace meeting Galatians Ephesians she's given me testimony of the testimony of how God has worked in her life how the Holy Spirit is not in her life and how he wants to work in my life is my enemy confronting her by the time I leave it at almost two years a comment on her shoulder characters that come in I myself apologize a fraud problems in the past and I walked out of there feel like I wasn't me and I tell you something this drug couldn't help himself nobody can help never good I feel so special in all my life than I did that moment I felt like John Santana suddenly stopped just let me know I'm here with you spoke to my Nazis one of my family we had said while God is real on when we had my parents could not display singly in a hospital bed to go to recovery center and on the way then I'm on my brother Adam had little scriptures didn't answer this Psalms one forty three in this little piece of paper is that whether I want you to read this Scripture at when you're feeling down what went when his quest Thomas and I will dramatically need I wasn't thinking about that hosting Obama recovery software description about them I want to go off when we decided to honor my deal with the Lord that first day we had them on their my mother had given me a copy of the lesson quarterly on human emotions and picture Jesus weeping something I went to rehab January two thousand eleven I was there and I was on the bed at night I didn't know how to navigate through the Bible out of nowhere to go so I'm glad to hear the lesson Courtney and I open the table of contents and I looked at page eighty eight -year-old index or table confidence asset one half addictions some of the chance of that I'm in rehab I'm addicted so page eighty agency will not decide the iPod page eighty eight and the first scripture that I read on that on adolescent Corley on that page John eight thirty six if the son therefore shall make you free you shall be free I cannot say something that when I read that waterworks coming say I been wanting freedom from my paying for twenty nine freedom from drugs undermine freedom for myself I want somebody who is desperate for freedom reads that it means everything I could go on I could go down at Bible study that was that one of the richest Bible study that I had closed other than quarterly and I cried like should be on that day class in the garden this spring can you really get you know that whole week I couldn't put staff Sydney was collecting dust in my house with all this power was now remember reading the scripture Galatians etc. he that sell it to the flesh some of the flesh reap corruption I remember now going to install them shaken up pretty crucial to hang out for the second half of that person but but he that selling spirit some of the Spirit reap life and knew it spoke to me so profoundly because I said you know what I've been doing the first part of that verse on my life I've never tried this word of God was so early who I was but it was heavenly who God wants me to be a couldn't put it down without a farce we ought to be on the balcony reading the Bible is self-evident we had to shut it does need outside and go back inside because I'm crying S including one for the blade on its shares to my children cry I never cried so much in my life that personally I was as big indeed the plot I'll try to stop by and would people that were running the place wanted to interview with meekness and hey we never sees the money will cover some because I was like wow when I will come into the hCG how to read the Bible one document is a glimpse into how to pray check this out all the marrow some guy knocked on my door I opened the door one guy that the music gazebo will have to make an appointment to see how is I sent him and we shall always be wanting out Noah God told me family but would need a primer sets eleven update with the Lords of private sector led them it's a summer when you seek the truth the Lord will give it to a man when I was having this relationship with the Lord it just blew me away I accept eleven over there verse twenty four there is a satirist and get increases there is that withhold more than is meet but attended the park there are those that scatter and experience to increase there are those that withhold what they got and it tends the park the liberal soul Sabi makes that and he then walked with shall be watered also himself look at verse thirty the fruit of the righteous is a tree of life and he then when it goals is why I call me Christianity one oh one records about their by you helping them to stop Bible says in Isaiah that you are my witnesses why so you can know you can understand you can believe that I am he the Bible says if you talk to us all the hungriest of the applicant so that you are life will rise in obscurity will be at the noon day you will be like a spring of water whose waters fail not in the livestock ID continually as satisfied by soul in drought make basketball big promises like on I worry my sold by the time I went to this class and we had also happy walked in there grab the Bible was taken notes vendor came in their late and by the time the class is over with the Bible back down and I mean Derek Watson now and dare to open outcry at Austin school abroad he was still in the other withdraws a know that it is hard being a rehash sympathize with the process of the political which I just walked outside it and you know it is a lot a pain anything I'm still dealing with so I'm try to turn over this but it is what will go through we walked down this path and we kind up on this loan existing on the rocks and Derek sits down in his hand he had brought the Bible from the class he was right on the Bible to an open to the page in Psalms book of small and immediately upload the script that my brother gave me a set but if you don't turn the sum of forty three white eternal song four three M I pray all the give ear to my supplications in thy faithfulness and Cindy an Internet of the judgment with thy servant for thy sight sound no man living be just for the enemy has persecuted my soul yet threatening down to the ground yet they need love and darkness as those that have been long therefore as my spirit overwhelmed within me my heart within me is this I remember the days of old I meditate on all my works I news on the work of thy hands I stretch forth my hands on my solo players to actively as a thirsty land saying fairly speedily oh Lord my spirit faith I'm not biface from left I be like unto them that go down into the cause me to hear thy loving kindness in the morning for indeed do I trust caused me to know the way when I should walk quietly at my soul into the benefit we don't know if mine and I flee unto the type teach me to do thy will for thou art my God is spirit is leading me into the land of I quit a lot of our namesake but I write dismissing bring my soul out of another nine mercies cut off mine enemies and destroy all them that if an unearned one first day when I was being the norm 's training mime about everywhere still smoking importance snow it is the wrap of listened reggae still in mistakes still had my crazy HDL season one season team a series of these the one still drinking on rock stars and caffeine Mickey's within that year two thousand eleven got cleaned me up all those things what I could do that's a sum as I close out now got put into my life the girl of my dreams she's got minors earlier in fifth grade went to school with her in Michigan and that his university but by the time I got the ninth grade is a freshman man crush on her I didn't want to tell out the item on California she went Florida but after my fifteen years of darkness never talk to each other to times and I wasn't on by the dynamic topics of the never seen each other then we reconnected reconnected housing challenges in Florida we were dog Bible studies on the following the book of John reading Genesis designed me and then I knew over the phone to me not to see it is God put us together I like dogs bad phase Lord my son Ishmael he 's four months old now and guess what we are right now I go to school the PC now my wife is an enrollment counselor there issued a recovery center where I was going to rehab diseases like a few minutes Ohio the same now my son was born in the same hospital where I was born again and I love our little higher now what attack someone was looking at the blowout in the same view when I went to be in the clothing dress them up my mind that beautiful wife the beautiful son I'm in college studying theology now I go to the save satellite is the goal to when I was in rehab now helping those who are in rehab right now and give them access to legislate people that were there for a he's able to do exceeding abundantly above all that she could never ask for things although cocaine on the balcony staying up all night I thought about my life what I thought it might I am now beginning smoking might want to try that I would be here and I said two thousand fourteen talking the saga I called upon the late and inimitable and he heard my cry out of the boat and he raised me up by the deaths and listed the meeting of the dump that he may set it with princes and even the princes of his people and to make them inherit the throne of school opiates thanks unto the Lord for he is good for his mercy that the redeemed of the Lord six whom he has been deemed from the head of the gathered them out of the land Sunday just from the West from the north from this they wandered in the wilderness in his solitary way they found no city could hungry and thirsty this oh then they cried unto the Lord and that and he delivered them out of their distress did not come forth by the right way that they might go to a city takes all that men would praise the Lord for his goodness and for his wonderful works to the children we are grateful God grateful for your redeeming merciful hack great for Lord that you have planned that man cannot sing grateful lower level we take your handling you established us on the path of the just dust the sophomore and give us joy and peace beyond anything we can imagine I thank you Lord for being with us during the tough times the good times but always there with us Lord it is my prayer that these youth and adults gathered here that we all will know that will be taken and we can go wrong and that we go all the way when you but it's good to be the best thing that we can ever is my prayer Lord that we understand that when we seek to water you wireless God bless us for the rest of his time here and I said may use you continue to send Jesus this media was brought audio tours in website dedicated to spreading God 's word to free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like this more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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