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  • August 16, 2014
    9:30 AM
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we would just like to begin by introducing ourselves the get to know some of us in some of the panelists that a year before you relent and starts to my left your rights and and Radiohead and I introduced both moderators and the palace on my name is Kyle Allen and I am a pastor and currently serving in the North American division working his secretary for ASI and Mrs. Danny and I have a passer rating in the northern telephonic conference honors tagged Patel I am a student at PC and Leah Jordan and I'm a pastor currently working as discipleship for Nader in central California conference any Scotty Meyer I working video ministry and sharing the gospel using media many Lisbon Alex gave me I am the literature ministries assisting in central company conference tomorrow twenty oh nine Vice President Pacific Union conference winning is their uncle lot and eight work as a nurse in Arizona follow Jesus a man my name is Adam Patel that's my twin brother over there and the I currently live in Sacramento and I worked for Apple Computer and I love the Lord all right while scripting Guy has Apple here well I we have some really good questions that were text and then this morning and we thank you for doing that and the first one is a question that people often have and all of us asked from time to time and undiscovered said this is a Cayman how do I know God 's will for my life I think that is the first in Jeremiah that ID is as inkling of this it's Jeremiah thirty three verse three and knowing God 's will to what I have come to discover is knowing God when we know God will know his will as well for us now live for Jeremiah thirty three verse three contained air in God 's word save call to me and I will answer you and will help you a great many great and hidden things that you have not known and inkjet at John the seventeenth verse three Jesus say that this is life eternal that you may know me the only true God and so knowing God 's will was found actually knowing God and as we spend time in the word that's how we begin to know God 's will this is something that many young people go through especially in this kind of our lives and are making so many different decision and that one thing that I could buy another one thing that's really helped me and John seven seventeen that says if anyone wheels to do his will he shall know concerning the doctrine I think the minutes hard-pressed and young people is that we have a plan for our lives and we have dreamt of it ever since we were young and so really being willing to do anything God wants us to do is that first step it am I willing to go to the very place that I really don't want to go right to decide anything but I really don't want to decide right now am I willing to do that himself and a few on the decisions that I made and in my short twenty four years I have come to the conclusion that this is my first staff employed here are my options to fit decent impractical sure my options and am I willing to do any of these things you club me to do it and asking God to bring into that point were like okay Lord bring you the place I would really like you anything you called me to do and down that's always been a blessing because the guys actually even this is exactly what he wants us to tell you what the Palestinian I was just sharing a passage from Romans chapter twelve with a non-Christian person who is starting to think about following God simply because the health messages it is attractive to them the feeling the body of the Temple was a new idea and he said that he doesn't know how to pray but he feel that taking care of his body is his form of prayer and so I I gave him this passage from Romans chapter twelve the kind of help connect how that connects with knowing God 's will and here's what it says in Romans twelve wanting to an soldier brothers and sisters I plead with you to give your bodies to God because of all he has done for you let them be a living and holy sacrifice and you know we often think that following God in knowing God 's will is a lot to do with our philosophy of living in our mindset but here it's talking about our physical bodies this will be let them be a holy living and holy sacrifice the kind you'll find acceptable this is truly the way to worship him don't copy the behavior and customs of this world but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think and God is doing that for you then you will learn to know God 's will for you which is good and pleasing and perfect you know that's really excited because I know there many young people were wondering Florida what do I do with my life and where you want me to go and there are some young people here that may not even know if God is actually real but so they may have not even gone to that stage is the one question I came in is how can a young person be sure that God is real asking that there is not really asking and not just amounted to heart if you're serious to seek God with all your heart he said I'll be found to be and is one thing I know in my personal life is that when I my heart got serious God got serious and I wasn't ready to did to it to see him and like that powerful my life as he came through strong so if you want to know God is real make sure your heart is ready and I would challenge him on his word child if he has a promise and there you want to see this true libido see this can work and you come through this one aback that a road with Scripture goes back Deuteronomy chapter four verse twenty nine but if from thence thou shalt seek the Lord thy God thou shalt find him if thou seek him with all thy heart and with all thy soul some can about the cry of the soul that God 's ears attuned to and but my testimony with the same thing I I asked the question when I was addicted to drugs and shaken in his living room I said I said God are you real are you out there if you are come help me I was desperate and I was in need and boy oh boy did he show up at their something that just struck me this week when I was all in knowledge glacier before a kid I share was those beholding the beauty of nature and the handiwork that we see and as Christians we believe that God needed all things and in Psalm nineteen it saves that the heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows his handiwork and I just started thinking while God has a beautiful mind and as I see the beauty in nature God is speaking to me on the this character which is a beautiful conflict even through natures through the scene being that sometimes we don't understand God is constantly trying to make himself very kind to both office and asked up to seventeen policies back on God is near as it is seeking him he can be found because he is really near I think it's so important that we understand that one of the main ways that God reveals himself to us aside from our relationships with other people is through the Scripture and if you're willing to commit the time to be daily searching the Word of God for him and for his presence and had for his character you will find him there so often we go to the Scripture to find other things to find guidance or truth or even our own identities but really Jesus tells us and in John five thirty nine that you search the Scriptures so that by then you may have eternal life but these are the Scriptures that testify about me yet you refuse to come to me for life store looking for life in many many places and even in the Scripture but if or not looking for Christ there were going to miss it and that's what we'll find them that's when we can find that he truly existed in the pages of his word if were willing to like you said ask him and make that commitment to search for him there he will be found by us just what will quit it I'm a general year sorry John chapter fourteen verse twenty one in accordance everyone what everyone is saying here he that hath my command if you have a willing heart to be obedient to the Word as well he that hath my commandments and keep them he is in love with me and he'd end up with me shall be loved of my father and I will love him and will manifest myself to him and management am now on that topic of the Bible what a lot of questions were getting in are having to do with how I how I study the Bible how Dubai the deeper walk with God through his Word maybe just some some responses to that the young person wants to know how can they really be consistent and study the Bible first thing for me when I gave my heart to the Lord I was a rookie got it know what to do on inadequate ago but I knew a Scripture here same chapter John chapter fourteen verse twenty six but the comforter which is the Holy Ghost whom the father will send in my name he shall teach you all things and I and I lived to that Scripture to this day I always go to the Holy Ghost before I go to audio verse I always go the Holy Ghost before go to a pastor or an elder I trust my pastors and elders but I trust the Holy Ghost first and I think with us asking the Holy Ghost in faith I totally goes on me Daniel Chapter 11 sometimes as a whole goes I don't understand it but you said you would teach me all things and am in the labor in this chapter until you teach and he's never failed to think it's beautiful the Bible it is so full of such a rich history of the world and all the experiences that have happened to thousands of years of people and it I am often always shocked Lord there is nothing that somebody hasn't gone through me sometimes we think we live in a modern world and we have on these modern things and and and they didn't have that back then but you know what there is a parallel story you can draw from everything in this book that you can find gold nuggets all throughout it and when he said the Holy Spirit will guide you in in in finding those who think that for me one of the keys is that you look at the Scriptures not to get information information is good cognitive experiences good but that you look to the Scriptures for communion Communion with the person communion with God and ask him father please review your love to me in this Scriptures today asking entering into the Scriptures not with the idea of finishing on a finish this chapter you read so many chapters I read so many books there's nothing wrong with trying to go through the Bible in Oakland see year reading it systematically but I find that for an experience with God in other words entering into communion with the author of the Scriptures he wants to talk to you he was to reveal his love his Grace to you and say father I'm open please help me to know you to hear you to hear your voice help me to experience your touch in the word in your word this morning or this evening and he will do so in the neighbor think thank you guys for answers now we have a few questions are coming in on it we all know what it's like a mean in the morning you wake up sometimes your late and you're pressed for time and what often gets squeezed out with God right so I would ask her palace a very real question how do you guys keep consistent in your walk with God and maybe if you struggled with how did you hope you wrestled with how do you keep consistent how do you how you keep the every day reading the Bible what you do to keep you on track I think the easiest way to do that this is what I do is to make sure that you have a plan for what you're doing in that time because sometimes just figuring out what you can do take the time that you have so I love to do a daily Bible reading plan I start with the one year Bible so it just has a reading from Old Testament New Testament Proverbs and Psalms and every day I have something that they are waiting ready for me to read at if I'm in exceptional hurry I still have a passage for the day that's highlighted hair that is that that the promise or the passage for the day that I can meditate on and focus on another way is to just get up earlier and make sure that you have committed a time in your day for spending time with God if you don't commit to that time if you're just waiting for spare time or extra times you know that that's never been happen but commit to a time and have a plan for what you're going to do and then also record what you got from that time even if it's just highlighting that passage in your Bible or writing it on a note card whatever that the most pronounced passage the one that spoke to you the most that date put it somewhere where you can read it again put it somewhere where you can remind yourself put it somewhere where you can memorize it and carry it with you because if you don't have time to get into the word the pages of the word you can access the bank that has already been stored in your mind and the Holy Spirit will use those things to work with YouTube time and plan for me have been the most important elements of success and staying consistent with my time with God I first gave my life to God when I was fifteen and I got a new pastor on my whole life up until that point and so in the last nine years it's been up and down but I can say by God 's gracious help me to be consistent because I prayed a prayer and is automatically her father that I every time I start to realize that my time is not a certain way they lowered see me from myself and me from myself whatever that means to you Lloyd C for myself is it something that's getting in the way of unlike was talked about on Friday evening Thursday evening and idle in my life that my time my unwillingness to wake up earlier in the morning on how how much I really value that time with God and Brent Billingsley got thirty minutes earlier before McCready dates and Billy an activity like value it would see me for myself and I just give you permission to convict me of anything I need to do as far as answering the question about staying consistent in my walking I don't even know with continued consistent God does and my heart is so deceitful and wicked as anything can have and is often extrinsic him him when I really does need his Holy Spirit to convict me of those little things that are solely to become big things that are going to take me away from God and himself and for answering both of them but as far as the consistent devotional life I really agree that we the night before plan your day the next morning and assistant and really practical that how many of you have small children in the best alarm clock in the world the metadata wake up early but learns wake up early I mean look at all the great reformers they woke up at the early hours of the morning I find time and time again if I don't wake up early and I don't start my day with that it just tumbles from their own and also word of encouragement is there times when you may not be able to have that kind of the word of God and I personally have struggled when I've not had that time and I have a sense of guilt and the Lord has been so gracious where because my heart is still attracted to in God miraculously throughout the day will feed me with manna and so does the word of encouragement the moments when it seems like you're not able to have that morning devotional God is right it is ill will all hard to be wanting it to others the one thing for me is if for some I missed in the morning if I still make it a priority in the later part of the day God will still bless him and so just don't know don't don't lose your home on God notice because you may have missed it in the morning to take a timeout maybe at lunch are no times a day take the time to be with God decided to make one more comment because I appreciate what you said because sometimes so easy for us to talk about the ideal and a few weeks ago I was on a flight and I just had one of those moments again I was on the flight and you know you have a few minutes before he had to shut your phone down right and so I was there on Facebook check your e-mail you know doing all the good stop the business .net I needed to do before the flight attendant came by and said you need to turn that off and I noticed that the man next to me was just an average guy you know what he was wearing a hoodie and he had like a camel baseball cap on and he's just sitting there he was also on his phone Rushing to type e-mails and respond to tax I glance over and I noticed that he's reading his Bible at and I thought oh great okay here it and I'm just coming from speaking at a conference where I'm talking to people about their devotional life and here I sit spending my last moments on Facebook and text messages and e-mails and this guy is over there reading his Bible so he took that the available moment in his day to do something far more meaningful than what I was choosing to do and I think that there are with with technology and all the things that we have available to us even if you don't have time there are moments in your day that you can choose to use for standing with God even if their short moments or to do something else that is a distraction that we all love and we all do but I just was so convicted that I was choosing the right way to spend his final moments of Wi-Fi on the airplane and I I wrote a little you know a little entry and I thank him for it is an average guy and I I called it at a disciple I care member disciple on an airplane because there he was being a disciple as we took off after the flight took off he put his phone away it is leaned his head forward on the bench and I noticed that he was praying he was finishing his worship on the take off you know also there's always time you just have to choose to use your time for that I love that there's always time you sent to choose to use your time it's a great phrase there that one of the things I like to jump in on and that is the prey the garden came less on Lugar and thirst you know he can we drink every day right hunger and thirst for his work in MN is a bit is that my life is when I go to bed I say Lord wake me up in the morning and he certainly got any maybe you need some of them can alarm clocks and it do have a way to Manassas got married I give you other thing with this you can turn them off all right so so powerless there some young people texting questions really into this following subjects in a once a person is founded to enrich sit at home in the morning to spend time with God and then they get about their day and they go to school and perhaps their instructor is teaching things that are contrary to the Bible what should they do and what if their instructors teaching at it and I'm this institution you know this this this subject matter is to frustrate me I grew up in Adventist I grew up like reading great conversely in all his books I was young I knew a lot about the Bible I completely left wing and the world when he came back in like so many people do I came again just on fire and when I would hear a message that was contrary to what went I was finding out about God is revealing to me I would just be like had no year half but you know what the you know God has has trained me to go back I know what I believe and so when I hear things that that hey I bet that's not what I remember reading my Bible what I've done is it's forced me to go back in constant study the word and eight at eight and it has strengthened my belief system TJ to know what I believe what I was fourteen years of age the freshman Golden gate Academy as with everything converted and and so it was because of a a fellow came into the week of prayer well I'm very grateful of that the experience that I had with Christ something that was very personal and was not because my teachers not because the pastor but it was a very personal relationship with that we develop and and I was very glad for that because I did have some teachers who were I discovered as I watched in the bride listened out where I was not good representatives of Christ I'm very glad that that I was not might say trained are conditioned to look the people is only one person that we can look to invest Jesus only one and we do have the sources of truth in the Bible in the spirit of prophecy we can have confidence in those things and and frankly only in those things people one hundred percent of my profit fell always disappoint you I don't care who they are they will always disappoint you sooner or later you get to know them well enough to see the feet of clay doll and the people look only did Jesus that's our only safety and investor trio I was thinking disbursed in my mind he spoke about that someone nineteen ninety nine I have more understanding than all my teachers for your testimonies are my meditation so word is our is our meditation every day he will give us an understanding we need something that C2 is our God has given us the ministry of prayer and keep your CNN treatment at work you people are talking about things that are contrary to what you know from the word of God is you start praying for somebody asking the Holy Spirit to work in their hearts to reveal to them the things that are true and how great is incredible because the Holy Spirit has so much power that he can redirect thought that may be confused and it is good to write that I think all and clean many times is second Corinthians four verse four India case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ who is the image of God suggests rate for breakthrough through that mind so that they can actually come to know truth and teach truth as well I met in college right now and I encountered a situation on the time I'm in the class and I hear something is being taught that I see that is not in the word of God is on the spirit of prophecy and I look at all of the students they're not in their head in agreement and when I first got to the cause of the PC in my mind unlike flipping tables over going crazy but God like Scott will send you taught me slowly that Tareq you know I do raise my hand but at first I would raise my hand I admit when I first got those a little not a little house addresses with the truth like you know that's not a number and inside is a learning finally get the call me and raise my hand I say that you say what the Bible says but then my spirit was all wrong and there's a way to present truth with meekness and fear in gentleman 's I am a firm believer that the truth should be spoken I do because I believe is a is a classroom of young and easily influenced mines or people who are not in their heads so from now on I still raise my hat and butt out I pray to God spirit and just let the that the troops speak myself and I don't speak the mountains of the thirteen note sometimes people sitting right there is something that we were to be righteous and write at the same time anything something check that executes 's we need to be meek and we need to be respectful of their people and I know many times I've I thought that I was in the correct and up because I handle that by God 's grace in in a more meek sort of way and comment held back a little bit the kind of see how things pan doubts I discovered later on that actually I misunderstood the person so sometimes we can kind of the euro by taking the right approach we can we are able to discern what's going on and then take the right approach disco follow-up question on that opera person going to evolve in different schools Weatherby high school or college what are some good ministry ideas to prepare youth for the Advent of Christ in a Seventh-day Adventist high school or college of their person going to one of these institutions listen good good ministry ideas I've had the privilege of the point of Adventist Academy that's right became converted then I also had the privilege of returning to that very same Academy and talk six years there I hadn't though when I came back I had in my heart of the idea that we were to practice what we preach and depth and so as a the time I became as a Bible teacher is history and Spanish teacher initially the Bible and we launched a youth organization which we call Tina Dean inaction for Christ today in which we were able to mobilize the young people to go out to do witnessing and sharing in the community one of the ministries that we had was a ministry to the public school we were able to visit all of the elementary and secondary schools in the Oakland unified school District during that year in which we presented some programs regarding smoking and the adverse effects on smoking so we were here all these young people from goal to get Academy where going out every every week and and the ministering to people in the community we also have volunteers some of the younger folks were little shy about speaking but we had opportunities to serve in the SPCA the Society for prevention of cruelty to animals and so we were ministering there as well what I'm saying is that you and others in Scripture that says whatever your hand finds to do do all my might there are numerous opportunities in the in the schools as well as community or we can be of service to people we can be a representative of God and the parlor Savior Jesus Christ and ministering to the needs of people around the needs are greater than were able to fulfill frankly when I went canvassing for some rally sixteen and island after school during that year and I really wanted to stay involved and whoever gains this question it's really great that you want to start missing and you as you can be a blessing to you no matter how big or small your ministry is being in ministry throughout the year but I didn't know what to do so I just started with what I knew how to do and then we started a prayer meeting three morning went to boarding Academy and so the day started really early but believe it or not we found a group of people I wanted to pray at six fifty five a.m. in the cafeteria before they crazy day began and it was only five minutes but I is really appreciate that United prayer that we have here and just learning that type of prayer because a lot of young people feel like are so boring but when you leave them through it and help them to actually spend that time in confession and I it really is a powerful blessing is ours her ministry and on also having an even finding someone on your campus at your school that's really scheduling to teach you how to get Bible studies and I found several people at my school and high school that the students in the air that they were out of the life that they didn't know how to study the Bible or what but the Bible even talked about and so we would give Bibles safety people basically on line something to do and do it with your heart because the ministry that you do there is really only as powerful as the reader is as if you do it with genuineness and sincerity and enthusiasm on daily people that will actually really respond it quick quick follow-up and rep in the next one but let's say someone on here is in public school are not inevitable okay how then do they make that real in public school I had her village to play actually took public college and I also think that I got allowed me that experience because it actually strengthen me in my walk and convictions as to why to me what I did and I develop friends who walked for all the thing people want eighth is I different walks of life about what was needed I remember getting some of my friends and I disinvited them and ask some of the friends that I developed with a big willing to just get together once a week and have a social activity and then we would also pray and read the Bible and I praise God for that because throughout the years of this friend that I developed not only did we study the word and I shared with them on a delete but how God gave me the opportunity to mingle even with some of that that the Baptist in union and different people from different walks of Bigfoot just mingling mingling is actually an act of ministry and in public universities public colleges but even a public high school in your mere presence there is actually a witness to the many of the students thank you for the excellent answers resort organists which jurors just a little bit because every pound we've got here and I sure we always get questions about really wanting to be Kyle matter these in the subject there is no thought about that source to pilot a Matthews questions so I was in a reader then he could you highlighted here the question as a Cayman Island is reading it as it came out okay ready how to have a friendship with a female without it being intimate with the RIAA I literally became him I just keep your distance of it I I I think you should speak isn't broke yet that the most likely about the notice is to give good testimony about you and your wife you know either it is also yet it is the wrong way that's why you did the right thing yet it is in no when you're young to his heart you know I agree with you soon keep your distance but when I connected with my wife when she was my wife then before I connected with dated a lot of girls I was in the world and I did it the world 's way and when I did the world 's way you know there was a lot of bitterness unhappiness you know is always good in the beginning but it turns pretty sour again but how me and my wife hooked up with something I've never done in my life she was in Florida housing California we got me we reconnected because we knew each other when school each other back in Michigan and now we were talking on the phone she heard about my conversion experience in and things of that nature and he said Tacony pass it on a prayer to and we started praying that first down the phone and we decided hey listen listen read a book of the Bible together so we started to read the book of John and we went from John chapter one on which again and were praying and reading the Bible she's in Florida and California then we went from John to Genesis and just as the Joshua the desire of ages that it's a something I didn't even see this girl fifteen years but I've never experienced something more sweeter more rich widow with a woman in my life then I give up my wife which is afforded to vandals Bible studies and prayer we were both seeking the Lord but at the same time God put us together at that moment and we beat we got in the relationship long-distance didn't even see her and God saw fit that she would she would fly over to California and we got married shortly after that I just said that to say this you know where and when you follow what God is you know put it in his word and you decide to seek the Lord first the Bible says if you delight yourself in the Lord he will give you the desires of your heart so if you can trust him no matter how your hormones are taken God at the best thing for you in the future of this is often because of testimony as of a time when he e-mail was really seeking after God guide had brought those two together and in God 's time as they were old enough to be married and they think that they were able to talk about the deep spiritual things and got onto them and outweigh the island is straight up to you when you're sixteen or eighteen years old in high school it's not the time for the men had why men to be on trying to be intimate with the girl single reason the guys there even being in that point of being intimate is getting to know one another and looking from right wow I wanted all year this guy is bad for you have been intimate mean being close to the girl for the girl they are on emotional peak to you and so you even have to be close to them you don't even have to like either but it in a book that I read it's called the boyfriend of the mind we become emotionally attached to guys who it was safe certain things and you only talk to about deep issues and the like all we just have the team goalie and then you will be reborn in the same place and they were the things she colored shoes today if I like that the emotional bond it's very real and abiding as a revenue and as a teenager you know understand from a growth perspective it's very easy for girls to be emotionally bonded to guys that they didn't even like you know what you're go where happier but just because that person showed you know some attention to the girl and says finding intimate you know they're closing those friendships between genders obviously but that's for guys and is being careful that the things that you talk about with us on our things that are not so deep so emotional were not spilling out of feelings to you because in doing back when we start spilling our feelings emotions to you the start nineteen you decide you don't want that to have been trying to execute the girl in boundaries I'm obviously seeing the girls suspected but if she starts talking about things that are very emotionally deep in feeling oriented to you and she doesn't get anyone else two and if they all been praying for you ever her first elsewhere but still realize eyeing on humanoid mutants on the way I'm a fan of the fundamental thing no detox diets nine you know I think one thing that helps you is is group setting you know a lot of one-on-one time you give the build those bonds and God set it up for a reason that way and so you know a good thing to be when you're young you don't get in the habit of being together in groups and in having group activities with the one-on-one can be dangerous discounted piggybacking on what everyone else has said you know we know that this is hard this is a hard issue and and all of us have had to face the choices that we wanted to make I do want to say for those of you who have made choices that maybe you're not so happy about now I need like change the kind of choices you make it's possible you can have a relationship where you choose something that is not happy about and then the next time you can do a better but one of the most important things that I found in my personal experience is to to know your boundaries before the heated moment right know already what kind of decisions you want to make and if you're to that point in your relationship as friends to discuss what kind of boundaries you want to have between yourselves it's even good to discuss those and then hold each other accountable being alone together it's just never a good idea unless you want to have some experiences like that because it's just the way it goes human nature way God created us the attraction factor those things are very real so we have to take responsibility and set those boundaries and invite other people into the circle and if we find that were on the phone too much of that work together late Darfur alone in a room or whatever and that's happening more and more it's time to read us reevaluate the boundaries and to make an agreement where you want better stop before the moment where your mind isn't working anymore comes you know that some flying the mind loses its ability to unction and the body takes over so you want to know what the mine wants the bill before the body decide to take over him and that's right you don't color is my witness here but it seemed like we started touching on the subject of relationships headset we started getting bombarded with questions and you know wikiwiki web widgets relational creatures writing in so let's just jump right into it how does one person know that they are to get married what are some steps that somebody should take what are some principles that they should consider when looking at this they wouldn't you know when considering a future partner for marriage I think that underlie the scriptural injunctions regarding not being unequally yoke together all I think that there's a lot in the writings of Ellen White was just young people other things that I think are extremely practical and extremely helpful and if I was in that age in a way as that is I would and I am in a very grateful that Charlie after my conversion I read the book is just too young people and so I have the opportunity to have implanted in my brain certain principles in certain ideas of I think those ideas are protective for us in other words the idea of seeking a partner who shares your values true shares your ideas of the authority of Scripture shares your ideas of wanting to be of service service to God 's service to others and Devin and then going in participating in with groups or organizations where those kinds of the young people are involved in like I share for example or other activities where you have the opportunity to see each other go to a mission trips where you are able to see one another I in you might say in a different kind of environment where there may be a level of stress and and you have a chance to see each other is as you know you really are and and become friends yell marry your best friend I mean become friends with the people that that you're looking at etc. near considering get to know them get to know their parents I get to know their siblings how do they act how to behave at home are they somebody that needs to be a baby that cared for etc. because of the expecting that looking from a man's perspective they'll expect that also are you able to provide you want think more beyond the Feely touchy you know warm emotional sentimental try to think more beyond that and try to anyway because I'm marriages marriage is a wonderful institution but you have to not only mine think this is a kind of a funny statement but not only have to love the person you have to like the person you have to enjoy the person you have to you have to like to hang out with the person you like did you not do stuff together so explore those things in the in the time that you are thinking about it there many many many wonderful blog wonderful young people and seek you first the kingdom of God God will guide God will lead and the and he wants us see he instituted that hello again out Sabbath Americas which came out of the design the fifth of that is not like he's against that in any way and so he wants to want to guide you want to bless you once lead you okay and and and thank you so much as to prevent answer I will follow-up for him for anyone to answer here we have a number questions it came and any that have to do with how do I distinguish between what is real love is lost and all all asked about the double question without if someone out there today is struggling with lost what should they do this is a big topic in our generation today the first verse that comes to my mind and just a little bit I have not been in a relationship but what God has taught me throughout my journey is as I transparently give you the thoughts in my mind because God loves us so much that he thinks he knows our every thought even before we think a thought you know that and so one of the things that I personally have had been journeying through in life is learning how when I think something I felt God right now I'm thinking about it and I'd I know that this is not appropriate or I know that didn't come from you consult really dialoguing with God through my thoughts has been such a blessing and in second Corinthians ten versus five it seems we destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God and taking every thought captive to obey Christ is really being transparent with God about what the thinking goes God wants us to be close to him and the way to be close to guided event dropbox just being open to him the definition of love and I thank God it's here in the Bible is in first Corinthians chapter thirteen so study that they now that's what love is and then you would see clearly the difference between love and lust also must is driven flesh driven love is principle driven and if you're wrestling with lost the Bible also has the answer for that what I do when I'm whenever I wrestled anything I do what my sister says I told the Lord am wrestling with this than the second thing I do is I find the Scriptures specific to what I'm wrestling to if I have a probable watching of rated R movies I love my our superhero movies whatever they may be I claim that Scripture I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes and then I claimed a nice and I believe in it and you know what happens is is found in second Peter chapter one verse four whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises that by these he might be partakers of the divine nature having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust you have to exercise your faith in the word of God that is your ticket to overcoming everything in the dislike to speak to the whole marriage thing you know if if you are approaching a relationship thinking about what you can get out of it you are not ready for marriage because marriage is not about what you will gain it is about what you bring to the table and if you're not focused on what you are bringing to the table and making sure that what you bring a something that someone else wants in the spouse your focus is in the wrong place my husband and I been married eighteen years now and that is not an easy road so we speak from the trenches you know of courtship and dating and marriage and an parenting in all of those things and we have realized when I went we were having our worst times it's because we are focused on ourselves each individually focused on ourselves and our needs and what we can get out of it the only one were willing to be humble and self-sacrificing and then to think about what can I give to my spouse can we get out of those ruts and we can bring healing and growth in our marriage and we can bring enthusiasm and excitement for our future even after this much time has gone by so you know continue to have conversations not just about the logistics of your life but about things that you're interested in about things that you're excited about and make sure that you are the kind of person that someone else would want to marry that's the best way to know that you're ready for marriage one of the things that I'd like to suggest is that love is about benefiting the other person lust is about benefiting yourself and so the genesis of the two are totally different Leo mentioned that the cheese 's cost the mayor for about eighteen years tomorrow I meet tomorrow at next year 's December eighteen is going to run on December nineteen hello etc. fifty years and here so we are married relatively young and we have weathered many different things and a number of the things that I continue to learn I I don't pretend to say that I understand now were not called upon to understand everything about our spouse after a most nearly forty one forty nine years now and ice can still say I don't understand were not called upon to have to understand were called hi I husband is agape your wives Paul says in Ephesians like Jesus loved the church and gave himself husbands are called upon to give my fifty percent by fifty one percent hundred percent addicted not for one's own benefit but for her benefit to the love in that way to give them that way but so that no model is not another person is not your father that's what Jesus did these the model for us for men but we are to love him that way and to give in that way to sacrifice self in that way I may just a little thing I know you guys looking at me angles p.m. and I grew up doing a hard whenever they grew up in a Hispanic home and we had very clear definitions of roles the mail provider and protector without a question etc. women and the outside the house we divided responsibilities is responsible for cards are responsible the outside etc. the house outside center my wife responsible for insight and so kind of like never the to the twain shall meet right well by doing that I was like Holy Spirit can exhibit beside the head with a two by four by my unwillingness to learn for instance how to cook all right that's her responsibility by responsibilities different her responsibility but by my unwillingness to engage in her world and being willing to participate and to help in her world I was unconsciously do you mean mean her life and her person is like the Holy Spirit document undated hey never heard of the incarnation at Jesus becoming a part of the human family and entering into all our life because of his great love for us Arnold should you not be willing to enter into her life and be willing to do her work because of your love for her and try to come to her I mean this is after twenty twenty five years of marriage is this really always bridges some I does one tell you I am so sorry I am so sorry please forgive me for mock what I have done will or not done and what I was communicating that was not my intent please forgive me and because she's a gracious wonderful human being out wonderful one for Christians she forgets me to forget you she's have to forgive me over the years as yes I've had to forgive her a few times to but what I'm saying this to to you is that love is not about my rights my in other person is saying it's what can I do to serve and to love and to embrace and to empower and to help your spouse are a pleasure your comments regarding your sense Matthew question the others can respond to the students is one of Dana thought we could ask a real practical one ready made update on unwitting investor of it is a hard one of the rest of powerless to time in our testicle is it out is it okay or not okay to kiss before you married yes him and all right advantages phase I had a great fear enveloped not that one to the last question on I read in the continued need to need to access we also youthful laughs but pursue righteousness faith love peace with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart I was not fully convicted about this person told us about a year or two ago I really struggled with last every decision right now because I know most of us in here ditto and understood only one thing it lust is something to be led from him to actively fully away from it and it takes a determined effort most of us know very well what left is because of how we drew up we watched the movies and receive right before our face we don't even know what true love is anymore because of the movies he wants the music we listen to even if it's just harmless love song but they take a picture in our minds that are so opposed to what the Bible teaches and Iceland encourage each one of you to study this out and really you know some of you haven't ever did ask the question what is the difference in love and lust we should be asking that question because it is a common argument behind later on even when you're married if you don't know the difference in love and lust is now that's why we see later on any fifty percent of marriages in America ending in divorce and we don't want that in the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results none of us are sitting here wanting that to happen to us and yet I encourage you if you want different results to study out what does this mean can how do I not think these things in my mind how can I understand what true love is and put away fleas from last that should be out something that we oh one four today to get victory over amen amen I think it's a really good they are making well about love the knot about with you jets but a lot somebody else gets we just have literally one minute left so as we close out palace you have some final words to the young people here in the audience that are living right before Jesus comes back to some final short words in a last minute that you would like to give to people living right for the timer for Jesus comes back just by favorite Scripture one and with Scripture trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding and all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths all one of my favorite quotes is from desire pages where a spirit of prophecy saves there is no limit to the usefulness of one who putting salt the site makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit and lives a life wholly consecrated to God and might joy that I am the Lord has come to give me is like saying Lord you need to be audible to use me to the max I want to be so radical for you caught the beauty is God has done so many things not only mine but I know he longs to give everyone about to do amazing things aware ever we are and with what ever we have to offer him God will use as it were just willing I wanted to just make a quick comment about the kissing and then something more profound after that but profound ill kissing is a wonderful thing and so with handholding and embracing all the lovely things that we enjoy and that we can enjoy within the boundaries of Christian dating relationship but let me just say this if you're kissing someone for longer than fifteen seconds and you're not married it's it's too long because it begins away the passions and any of you attempt yourself to a place where you may not devil to resist and mean if you're going beyond the bounds that God has designed for us just keep it within certain boundaries fifteen seconds is too long people on sorry and then you get a pay attention when your hands are doing during that time as well on the things that has been straight here a lot one seconds to his visits because wheat we know that the secret to a long and happy marriage is a at least a one fifteen second kiss every day that that's the key together it should not be happening before you're married now this is a FFF FFF and I was on one but I've always wanted but way about him I haven't found very quickly is just to reiterate what Adam was saying one of my favorite passages is found in second Peter and it says starting in verse three of chapter one his divine power has given us everything that we need for life and godliness but this is how it comes to our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness and it's a knowledge of Jesus that gives us access to that power says through these through his own glory and goodness he has given us very great and precious promises so that through them you may participate in the divine nature and escape the corruption of the world caused by evil desires which was quoted earlier but I like what he says next for this very reason make every effort to add to your faith goodness unto goodness knowledge and knowledge self-control and to self-control perseverance and perseverance godliness and to godliness brotherly kindness and to brotherly kindness love or if you possess these qualities in increasing measure they will keep you from being ineffective and unproductive in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ don't let your knowledge of Jesus be ineffective and unproductive because you aren't willing to grow from where you are and you notice that in increasing measure that should be good news to all of us because it means that there's room for us to journey to the place where God wants us to be and we take it one step at a time but we add those things in increasing measure intentionally through our knowledge of Jesus Christ enter that we have everything else that we need an amendment to Senate meeting with a quote that I always have to come back to know matter what my experience has been an interest of strife age fifty two some seem to feel remember that some seem to feel that they must be on probation and must prove to the Lord that they are reforms before they can claim his blessing but they may claim the blessing of God even now they must have his grace the Spirit of Christ to help their infirmities or they cannot resist evil Jesus love to have us come to him just as we are sinful helpless and dependent we may come with all her weakness or falling our sinfulness and fall at his feet and penitence it is his glory and circle S in the arms of his love and divine departments to cleanse us from all impurities though he may fall keep coming back to guide me back I just what I would suggest is CQ first the kingdom of God the God we serve knows our name he knows us better than we know ourselves he loves us and wishes to save us allowing him to be not only your Savior but the daily moment by moment Lord of your life and he will save you he will I love Philippians two five I just I love it let this mind be in you which is in Christ Jesus I I long to have his thoughts have you seen his mind in my mind and so I think we seek that and we we truly generally asked the Holy Spirit not my will do chores let that their class work my lad they nuns think about his goal all in with Jesus this goal all in give yourself wholly to the work commit yourself a hundred percent eleven comes out that that's what it's about disconnect from the well go all the way into Jesus you can go all the way with you and you want them to take you places you not to be ready for you to take you if you're ready to go in such as going as a prima donna none well out a man with a thank you to our analysts are not guys that are great job pray for Lord and we want to flow through prayer and so Elder Trujillo would you mind having a closing prayer protons beloved father which is thank you so much for the privileged it's been hours to be able to be here together to be able to listen and to communicate we asked your father in heaven that you please bless us you know was simply long father to come until closer closer relationship with you make us not only father professors of your son but make his father practitioner of his grace near to us and less and less I love will save our loved ones are we pray in Jesus and this media was brought by audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. audio source .org


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