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Eye-witness the Light- Part 1

Scott Mayer


Scott Mayer

Little Light Ministries



  • August 16, 2014
    2:30 PM
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on before scientists admitting you seen this clip from some of our other are other videos don't think you because of the play in context what exactly is being said out there what was Hollywood putting out there that that they know this thing is having a profound effect on society enormous gloating and laughing in the face of this it was really after seeing this video which was played during the Super Bowl that on this whole project here it took us three years to actually travel around the United States and capture yesterday here's the commercial it was playing you so what was amazing to me that this commercial is played during the Super Bowl and when I sought I I just I was blown away at one of them most watched moments this was put on in the middle the night when no one would see it was put on when everybody is watching television saying listen this is an evil plot to destroy the world here were giving you television movies whenever you want them however you want and as much as you want them for free so this was the question that we really wanted to answer is there really some physical damage that's happening inside of our brains from watching television and in order to do that I wanted just that set the stage here one of the greatest evidences and powers of Christianity that can be presented to the world is a well ordered well disciplined family this will recommend the truth as nothing else can four is a living witness of the practical power upon the heart you know that Ellen widens here is stating saying listen if you want to be the greatest representation of the gospel is in a well ordered family now question what do we call family time in America in time that interesting to me that the correlation here with with a well ordered family will represent truth like nothing out there what do we spend our time as families doing together watching this thing called television I wanted over the roles in the family because I just want to start to build up in your mind how television and movies are starting to tinker with this model that God has set up so if the family represents truth is talk about the father as a priest right the lawmaker the priest of all the members in the family centers around the father he is the lawmaker illustrating his own manly bearing disturber virtues energy integrity honesty patience courage diligence practical usefulness the father is in one sense the priests of the household lien upon the altar of God a morning and evening sacrifices so that the father 's role is to be this priest the queen of the home which is the mother became upon his throne has no higher work than his mother now this is a very interesting statement right here the mother is the queen of her household she has in her power the molding of her children children's characters that they may be fitted for a higher in mortal life an angel could not ask for a higher mission for doing this work she is doing the service of God let her realize the high character of her task and it will inspire her with courage letter realize the worth of her work and put on the whole armor of God if she needs resist the temptation to conform to the world standard here her work is for time and eternity you want it's interesting as I've studied out to this role of the male and female coming together and having a child a baby what is amazing to me is the loop prints is from the father the imprint the characteristics those things that are passed down generation to generation to generation are imprinted from the father figure you know what smoldered from the mother figure that's why Jesus spent so much time with her mother his mother learning about the gospel out of course we know that the children's job is to obey the parents in the Lord for this is right on your mother and your father is the first commandment with a promise that may go well with you and you live long in the land is interested in having us home if the marriage of the house had been promised to be as one the wife covenanting her love and to obey her husband and husband promising to love and cherish his wife the law and if the law of God is obeyed the demon of strife will be kept out of the family note to expand upon this it says that if if a family has a well ordered a family that is I'd hear into the Commandments and and and laws of God is impenetrable by the devil impenetrable he cannot come into your home he's not allowed to come into your home but you know what I find this really interesting an advantage that we live in what does everyone in their bay window into the world a window by which and Apple has access come in and educate us tapes twist RVUs and characters how does Hollywood produce the produce the image of the father if you notice some of the most common iconic father figures coming out of either cartoons popular TV shows movies decent how they're always portray the father to kind of be this just more on and how is discarded is funny goofy guy and Hernandez home and charity of experiences called for a father must not be of the child moved nearly by impulse he is bowing to his family by secret and an holy ties to figure really should be a role that is not a jokester like this like a moron they're taking this idea of what God is set up to be an twisting the model is that we have today a lot of shows that are reshaping what we view as the modern family these shows you know if if if found to get to in the third presentation here were in open up the topic of homosexuality in television and movies and it is a very difficult subject to talk about very hard but I want to show you the featuring end of where they're going with all this information now than is normal this is what they are modern family is looking like here in the the current state Helsinki 's interest to the soul all should guard the senses Leslie gave victory over them for they are the avenues to soul you will have to become a faithful sentinel over your eyes ears and all of your senses if you would control your mind and prevent vein and corrupt thoughts and sustaining their staining your soul the power of grace alone can accomplish this most desirable work CNN Angels are busy creating a paralyzed condition of the senses so that cautions warnings were proofs shall not be heard or is there heard they shall not take effect upon the heart and reform the life my brethren God calls upon you and his followers to walk in the light you need not be alarmed synonym unless and it is not seen to be exceedingly sinful the sizes of many renowned by the indulgence of appetite and their familiarity with sin we need to advance nearer to have been late as brothers and sisters this is what we heart of the matter you see I ask a question and I promise question how many of you have seen a Batman or Superman movie measure him I want you to hold your hand up and I want you to look around the room this is a sobering question brothers and sisters I want you to ask yourself why would I walked into a room and sit down and want to hear a story about dark Knight one all of us who produce our art or come to church where even passing out literature were in our Bibles daily wear in Bible classes in a what's interesting to me and I don't have gone around the world and spoke in this in the most conservative churches were everybody look like they walked up and Ellen White said it does not matter how conservative you think you are everybody is watching some of the same things so my goal here today is not to necessarily rate your confidence in the media so to say my goal is to increase your confidence in the media I hope to prove to you today that the media is one of the most powerful tools shape the minds and limits how you if I believe that it was all evil and that we should have nothing to do with it I would not be creating media productions for a living it's what I do for a living so I hope that you don't hear come out of my mouth it's all the evil throw it all away break it off .au I noticed a common trend in art urges and is it does not matter how much you are in your Bible there is a disconnect with the information that were allowing into our minds and that's my goal here over the next three presentations to prove to you so I say this American Time use this is a chart just shows what people are doing in the day this is obviously not Seventh-day Adventists so this is the world so keep that in mind when you're looking at this but look at the educational activities there is how much time is spent out of the day there's a much time is spent in his sleep as much time is spent in leisure sports and in effect for a sliver right here in religious activities right here I want to take it really seriously consider it very easy to sit down and watch a two-hour movie how hard is it I'm in the wrong room of which on your right hello test test test hey now I then enter patient care start over so you see here's what's going on barely people are spending the time in the word of God and they're spending all this other time in all these areas exonerate you really consider how much real time are you spending in the word of God as opposed to watching television or movies I want you to keep that in your mind LN writes this life is a a and in our high calling life is short the things of the world must perish with using lastly why they build for eternity we cannot afford to idle away precious moments or engaging busy activities that will bring forth no fruit returning hitherto devoted to idleness provoking worldliness be spent in gaining the knowledge of the Scriptures you finer life and blessing and ennobling the life and character of others the work will need the approval of God with breast heavenly benediction well done good and faithful servant here is a high calling for life people always want to say give me a list what can I watch what can I watch bilges just tell me just you just design a website that tells me what I should and should not watch a tape like we'll never hear that come out of my mouth ever ever when I hope to achieve today is not a list of a principal when I see something that is contrary to my Bible what do I do my walk away if I tell you what right now to sit through all three of these presentations which I know is awesome other things out there to do to gain meeting with Elizabeth on audio verse when we get to these messages and movies that are coming to think if by any chance that they're making the movie Moses Noah Heimlich all of these that are centered around pivotal moments in the Bible it's not just by chance these movies are coming out in the timeframe that the coming out so you guys get kind of it of an understanding of what it is that were supposed to give you your filet mignon every gas love this guy so in fact the information age of Herkimer Davies has come from Neil 's writings and not nearly ask Neil Justice taken us a brief overview of what's going on in the frontal lobe the frontal brain when you sit down any watch television will you a will and will and will will and in the legal that is a and were later owning a you a you is will I and in a I and you are in one and only on his back and all the reality is that I will know what you are I I that is I and is in and in and in and no more and no I is and is a in my leader I is okay as long as you are why I know all I will is easier for a ride I is in and in a way for a day on and you and I and I and I will so interesting to it if you really sit down he talked to Neil about his clinical work he says the first thing people do when they come into his clinic once a treatment for depression is he takes any sort of media or TV or anything out of the room is not what playing with meeting phones iPad you name it because like what he said he wants to increase the blood flow to the front alone if you increase the blood the frontal lobe it has a forty percent increase in your head feel and it's interesting to me that that so many times we go I just I just had such a stressful life will sit down and order quantity stress type just tuning helped over to doing you shutting down it from the lobby shutting down the blood flow to get a quick model and I know this seems a little bit right I'll have to try to ingest this it can read stuff all we need to but I am this is as I understand quick overview of the brain functioning on the left side of the right side it lets sites in charge of your analytical critical logical side right sizing chart of your dreamy year emotional state but they sounded is in less than twenty seconds then your brain flips from the left side of your brain into the right-sided brain you watch television on your right side of your brain I think and laugh you can you can cry you can see your all your emotions are intact but you don't think about the information that's coming into your brain and will so that when I show you some examples and some clips of some of our Seventh-day Adventist brothers and sisters that have all seen some particular movies and and when we asked winning winning here to talk about God nobody in the room can remember as a reason for that is because you can't critically and logically think about the information that come into your brain there's something interesting free television is obviously a very popular thing that's coming out these days so I typed in the Internet what happens in your brain when you watch a 3-D movie at all excited and here don't notice this guy pop up if you type that into Google right here and he's a doctor from Boston Children's Hospital here's what he says so what is your you are sitting there what you are looking at the giant screen wearing reading glasses swimming and surroundsound processing twenty four images that look like respecting your brain dutifully processes the stimuli and does little else in fact your prefrontal cortex which is involved in impulse control future thinking and moral choices is basically in activated during that process is part of why you get lost in a movie so what happens when you go into a 3-D movie or or a lot of movies for that matter is it's like taking a scene and shutting off your frontal lobe no question where you speak to God if envelope so interesting you've now gone into a room shot on your ability to communicate and talk to God and you open yourself up to whatever thoughts they want is happening when you go to movie also had a brainwave patterns delta theta alpha beta alpha is when your covenant dreamlike state and betas when you're awake you're totally thinking you're making conscious decisions they have found also another phenomenon about television is that your brain thinks and that health brainwave pattern within less than a couple of minutes and you stay in our brainwave patterns that brainwave pattern by design these brainwave patterns to be part of our life but here's the problem this is the most susceptible brainwave patterns of the image you get under a state of hypnosis is the brainwave pattern they want to and when you do drugs you you you do all kind of things your brain is getting kicked in the alpha brainwave pattern the difference is you're not consciously thinking about the information as if you were in beta brainwave is an expense so why show something to that thought was pretty interesting I thought this is a joke Nikki Manoj and little Wayne received teachers of the year award did you notice is that why why would they be honored as teachers I think that that would happen because it's easier children right why are they take your children and said patients who are named by Florida this South Florida state and the best male and best female teacher judging them on several categories even more influential than teachers who are themselves children's education one hundred percent sure one hundred percent of why wouldn't we honor them with a teachers of the award there are more influential than people who spend their entire time against at how powerful this media is this is that although Time magazine article that was just kind of going over a study that was done on celebrity worship address this question is celebrity worship good for your health or the bad and here's what it says I knew scientific researchers found the celebrity crushes are not only common but also healthy a study that was post a few years ago said that the act of celebrity worship named Boone the people 's self-esteem notices it is a very real study and this is why they say that it booms and self-esteem because people form bonds in our minds with their favorite celebrities they are able to assimilate the celebrities characteristics in themselves parts ninety three gaijin when you focus on a particular celebrity you are able to take on that celebrity 's characteristics as yourself question if I focus on Jesus Christ whose character my taking on issue the war you see how this is playing this is very real one hundred percent true of course the more you focus on the celebrities the more you focus on the stories coming times and be honest I've done it to be going to a movie because a particular person is in that movie all of us right years ago hit another study that basically says that celebrity worship is programmed into our DNA that's one hundred percent sure the very idea to find a idle and follow him and worship him is programmed into our DNA but you know what if the Devils manipulation of a very very true fact that God programs programmed us to follow him as an expense it's all he's done is twisted and tainted what God has set up inside of our hearts and given us these false idols to follow after many of you have seen the commercials anybody is an anchorman and they did some God commercials they put on the Internet I want to show you the power of a simple celebrity I believe this writer anchorman two Dodge during no sales went up forty percent forty percent because this guy was in the commercial and if you've ever seen the commercial but it's absolutely hilarious I don't actually have it so you guys can look this up on on your own time but he's like let me tell you about the glovebox of this card tells you nothing about the car tells you the glovebox it holds forty five sandwiches it holds twenty five packs of gum in both a and B says in the increase their sales by forty percent it's unbelievable so we asked a couple marketers tell us about marketing what's going on marketing this guy is one of the brainchild of a company called nothing you probably seen their products when you go to target a very socket about what is it to sell and market products but a unity to as needed by a very lonely he is so what are they just repeat about five times motion right emotion emotional emotions how you sell is anyone in sales in your makeup I know how you sell things to people is through your emotions through your emotions so does that tell you a little bit about how this selling tear and oceans acts and works in a and you all you and will and will and will you are you a you and and and he is a you will is a will is that you are in and the will and you and you are in Seattle and will will and you and I will now will he and if you look at how Apple has been so successful with their marketing how does that affect you in your hands when you watch the commercial it's it's it's all in there you can see these things coming out of the woodwork how do I feel when I look at that how do people look at me when I have asked if the same reason as is why do they sell a I a car with a beautiful girl what does the beautiful girl have anything to do with the car whatsoever in being right but we've all heard that sat sounds right and here is an example of how subliminal sex sells assembling probably live using this picture be been using this one for years on a new look never seen this picture before see what it says in the picture anyone I don't see actually don't see it looking between the birds and bees of the word sex is written in the picture and when I taken away your eyes will always see you will never ever look away look back not see that written in the works and but let's boil this down why sets why because sex is enchanted into and I love Shannon so all of a sudden when you see something that has the word sex on it you have a particular emotional response that attach to that and you are able to think that you like these and you thought you like skittles cloth is a no-brainer is a very common items that community seen it in commercials of their ads you see it all the time I noticed this is not an accident no one will tell you this I noticed this one if you go to target you can pick this up and you can look at it at first thirty three percent more what thirty three percent more so or whether the girl have to do with anything then somehow use this help I get thirty three percent more I that clever marketing at super clever marketing is why they sell a car with a woman because when you see the beautiful woman it does not matter how old you are you equally snatched pleasure and so you look at this board and you go will I now so this dynasty question what's actually happening in our brain chemistry and so we found a little hormone that is released called oxytocin is associated when a woman has birth and oxytocin is released in her brain that bonds her to her child a citizen of the little drug of oxytocin hormone so we asked around all over the place who will hear tell us about oxytocin we found a nine -year-old economist in Loma Linda University named Doctor Cossack and this guy he spent the last part of the ten years finding out what does oxytocin do and what was the reason why we were interested in interviewing him because he's been commissioned by advertising companies in Los Angeles to use his studies to be up to release oxytocin when you watch the commercials so how can you be bonding to their products by releasing oxytocin and is and is later as you and is a and is in his wife is in is is is a will is a is a is is is is a will is one in a you as a process that is a is an will you know that there is a new is a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a that they as they say in a and is a is a a is a is a sound artist that estimates are based on a really wanted to so guess what honey is absolute count on that happening when we see things that we like and explain something to me when you see a movie that is produced today in two thousand and fourteen delete and go back to the early two thousand ethnic lockdown don't you know man how is that for this is like new I'm such as yourself use to this drug being released inside of your brain that you need bigger explosions bigger sexy big or what effort to produce a stronger chemical reaction to it and when you don't when you see something that doesn't have that it's not as enticing to does that make sense there is so one thing that was really interesting to me is that he started talking about the movies commercials the topic of the hypnosis came up and down this is actually a very real commercial maybe part of Virgin telephones a citizen virgin telephones and Virgin Atlantic and that the company so this is actually a real commercial wanted to watch this commercial and then maybe community he is is is when you finish is now very weird I can handle it makes no absolute sense whatsoever what does a guy swimming with a shark with a little tiny brain jumping across the table at aging to do logically in a row anything you say one thing about the brain the brain does not like to be done the brain does not like to be confused did you know that this second brain is confused you going to question state human altered state during a different state and then what they're able to do is to produce a different outcome Bill clears your virgin virgin mobile so that I was thinking I wonder what was supposed on hypnosis never been hypnotized in my life don't know anybody that does hypnosis so we went to a hypnotherapist in a type full-time of intravenous aspirin worked at my predicament as anyone will but he was very honest with us and and here is the guy that we went to interview now I found this guy on YouTube to because what he was talking about was how he noticed in major films such as inception and a bunch of other movies that was Leonardo DiCaprio 's movie he notices in the same way that he goes to put somebody in a state of hypnosis are using in the movies and I went thinking inking I wonder what they're doing so we asked him a couple of questions about hypnosis and here's what so serious why is the things sold during the Super Bowl cost millions of dollars for second wife Super Bowl why not anything else why is it all of a sudden a lot of money because you know what's happening during the Super Bowl replacing an emotional state I will be asked in more emotions in the better they can sell you a product and I went interesting that better emotional reaction you can have the bigger change in producing payment water movies about where all movies about it's an emotional roller coaster in the best emotional movies produce the biggest change so baby of heard of neurolinguistic programming a few the right it's programming someone's brain using words and commands that are different than what's going on so this is an example of your legacy programming this guy right here he asked him if I can give you any gift in the world what would you want to write it down put it on this paper put in your pocket and so he wrote down his paper what he wanted then when this has been a do is change what that guy 's out one tenet just by using words and here's how he's doing it on appointment of a friend one night notice I keep saying that feeling I feel that feel like how you change someone's mind is based on feelings and pay out one of our point that out so he's asking how does this make you feel how does this make you feel the changes mind to the thickness of paper and entities of paper he has something else written on Annie's totally freaked out and nurse leaders they answer so he wrote down he wanted a leather jacket and the site this is my handwriting and initiate and finally the end of this whole thing the guys together and I changed your mind and he was like a mineral and I really don't need a leather jacket you think I really changed your mind will have the power to change people 's minds with simply words and what are movies comprised of a bunch of it motion and a bunch of words where is Hollywood going this technology here he's shown example I'm going to the movie theater if I were to simply mentally write something into a movie that's one thirty second of the frame I too quick for you to actually see about but what I could I change your mind is happening because of the movie theater and he's going to subliminally write to people you are going to forget this film and then you can ask people when they came out to give the film the film 's oceans twelve with the same he doesn't have any place the thing for the people and a music video in limine cannot remember out of this whole thing not everybody forgot the film and especially the people that did forget the film and and you'll see that there's quite a few people in fact a lot of people using pretty strong language that could knew so obviously so anyway this is an example of what is possible if things are kind of movie that you do not see as we start to analyze some of these modern movies there was a movie that was released on Friday called the giver committee heard of this movie the giver is one of its hot life 's used ten million copies of the book is a required reading in seventh and eighth grade classes major major major major film and if you understand the topics that are handled in it and the things that are cut in their it is literally just taking people 's belief system and God flipping upside down so how much time do we have left you know six minutes so I just basically getting into this and I'm not a manner of maybe one or two more clips here and then I'll let you guys go Aero cinema here's what's going on in that technology side of Hollywood they are starting to use with a call MRI machines to test various different movies and the impact upon your brain and what any an MRI dies leaving a young follows around in your single globe and you have a lot of iron in the big man and felt around where's the hemoglobin going so they can tell you parts of your brain are being activated as a weather doing is putting people in these that MRI and starting when are they having the most in emotional impact to these different seeds and cuttings and movies to these to these kind of things I thought about that so here's what is going on with a lot of movies today in fact Stanford but the stuff on the Internet they send almost all the movie trailers to Stanford understanding through all the movie trailers to get the maximum amount of effect on your emotions through everything and that's how they cut the traders to specialize in full on this I suggest that you guys look this up yourselves also oversaw the information we put together we did research on I suggest because this is something that is involving your mind that you should look into it is not just open the city into a dark room and so can whatever thoughts are coming from there who were these directors what do they believe because their belief system all art is meant to affecting you know that if it wasn't meant to affect you if you really lame piece of art and art is designed to have an impact upon your life all art so these guys were making a space there doing nothing different than a preacher nothing different a movie is simply the exact same thing as a servant to have a lot flasher toys that light flasher seems but you know what they're telling you information about the world about that belief system around you and a lot of these while waiting in there and they are moving system and ultimately were going into these movies and soaking up their thoughts and any wonder why when you go to read the Bible pick it up and it doesn't make sense it seems like gibberish to have time for this it's not exciting to hear that young people quick to know how to read the Bible is not exciting to me what would we tell you something of course there's not things blowing up there's not car splitting is not girls walking around a little short skirts of course it's not as exciting but you know what when you have a relationship with God I would take this excitement over that excitement and in error so many amazingly exciting stories in the Bible but all appeals with how you have your relationship with God so the next presentation that really getting to let you guys go vertical breaker earnings here were going to start to get into some of the subject matter here activity gets a retail end of it but basically hopefully they set up in your mind that hypnosis is going on there is a level of hypnosis that's happening when you watch these movies it's all emotionally driven and it's changing people 's belief system and the very next thing they were to talk about his show you what some of these guys who are running NBC CBS who created the show 's friends what do they believe they arc so far on the left side of a safety walking to Hollywood and you are on the right wing conservative Bible believing person you have no place in this town zero all of the information is coming from you so far to the left that all of a sudden it's like what you're reading your Bible and your soaking that if you have such conflicting information it's a real compliment about that talk a little bit about how the holy sexual however the agenda is pushed in the movies and I'm not dealing with in this way I'm not sit here and tell you whether it's right or wrong that is a totally different presentation you can go listen to that and fear has got a great presentation on that that's not what I want to handle but I do want to show you is from the top down there is an agenda that's happening in Hollywood and we get to the religious movies you will see that an agenda is happening to change the way that you believe our heads for what are you gracious heavenly father figure so much for just the blessing of having conferences like I share and Lord I just pray that something that is said here today this falls on ready soil takes seed Lord it's your job to Holy Spirit 's job to water that seemed to me to grow into a fruit that is my prayer that everybody here is less than a reload is a disobedient was brought by audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain and please visit www. audio source .org


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