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Eye-witness the Light- Part 2

Scott Mayer


Scott Mayer

Little Light Ministries



  • August 16, 2014
    3:30 PM
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I will I'm going to I'm going to get started on this because asking a lot of information to get through and I just want to say little beakers into this one a lot of the things in the same right now I have not said before and I really want to be extremely sensitive but I also think with that there are things in our church that we need to talk about and so you know they need the subject matter some are extremely difficult and in terms of the politics of what's going on in our world today so I guess I just want to say that before we get started in this and I do try to get through this presentation right here is actually probably most likely to be split up into two sorts how did I not really get the full story witness in this and this one are about to do my best as if the past the Holy Spirit here today is not hence generous his heavenly father we love you so much we know you love us Lord we have set our eyes on the things of this world we have let things into our lives that I know has has has blocked us from seeing you both this is a a topic that you have laid upon our ministries hearts to share with our fellow brothers and sisters we know it's not the issue the issue Lord is to how to get you into our hearts so we ask that you come into each one of our hearts today right here right now soften our hearts open our eyes and may this information impact us in a way that we don't want to ever be a part of this world again we love you Jesus and those of you that have passed days for the other presentation or maybe are coming in here for the new one we just went over a lot of the science of what's going on inside your brain when you watch television and I needed to lay that foundation so for those of you that are watching this presentation maybe have never heard of our ministry before beginning just have to trust me on this how many of you have ever seen a movie and positively impacted by raising him this is not a trick question almost everybody in the room has been positively impacted by some movie I so wouldn't be out of context to say something has a negative impact as well because you can't say while I'm I'm I'm exactly a good human being over here with this but it doesn't do anything bad to if it can go this way it can go that way to not say what as we could talk about some of these Hollywood movies what scares me the most is that things with the Bible references that's what scares me the most than movies like when we first started this ministry of anything we week we showed evil after evil out there I type I have broken down in tears in front of audiences before people out on it because I totally crying in and because of the evil that I'm showing any type I am sick of seeing some of these clips trusting I can hardly watch the last see a problem and the problem that I see in our church is that we read our Bible and we let these things into our lives is a blending of light and darkness that's happening here and let me tell you it's going to get weirder and weirder and weirder and it's going to get harder and harder spot the error I get to show you a movie that just came out yesterday I see the clip just the trailer to you that he doesn't want me to look at the trailer and were to sit there and analyze it on the plate for you first and I want to teach you how to spot these things and with God 's help I hope that someday you will wake up and you will say you know what enough is enough I don't want this in my life anymore Madison was so I let the cat out of the bad right now I'm here to hopefully destroy your confidence in the Hollywood machine and this presentation is titled holy Hollywood now why did I title it that within it with a.m. with a bracket surrounding me because there's a lot of holy art are messages that are coming out of Hollywood but I think they're full of holes and when there's something that is ninety nine percent truth and one percent error isn't worth anything to me Matthew seven twenty one to twenty two said this not everyone and said unto me Lord Lord telling to the kingdom of heaven but he didn't do it the will of my father which is in heaven now this is key right here it's not people they just say I follow God the people that do the will of God some extent many people will say to me that day Lord Lord when a prophet prophesied in my name and in thy name cast out devils and in my name not done a lot of wonderful works is a lot of movies that are coming out these days that you know what I pray to God that they are having a positive impact if they are causing error woe unto those people seven twenty three said and then I will professor them I never knew you depart from me ye that do iniquity to point something out here how many of you believes that God believes in God present at the more I am on Snoop Dogg entered service routes established in God is a little clip from and you and he is interesting Snoop Dogg believes in God how about Beyoncé Whaler now they get her inspiration from you is you and he and he and he is the reason why I do see our work and Paul and analyze discuss on and on Stephen Stegall establishment you seen any hands moving just break your arms national this is terrible staff on and on in show your celebrity after celebrity celebrities with attribute their network to God and the belief in God and in what this person Lady Gaga innovation lazy not innovate she thinks she's following and worshiping God I found this very interesting when I saw this clip and just about blew my mind they're asking her Howard is so famous how did you get to the place that you are right now I listen to the answer that she says she doesn't just mention a God snoop anything to be in God is a God is a God anything deviant thought it is giving reference to God Mister you say God she says she has put me here in fact you know that before every single concert this woman prays with her whole entire cast it's terrible these are real genuine prayers I'm not even in the place lately because I believe in the power of prayer and I don't know what God she's great too it's not my God and to show you something that's really interesting here she's backstage of Madison Square and that whole clip is really interesting cheesecloth needs saying I am such a loser I can go out to his second one for these millions of people in the Madison is one of the biggest places you could ever perform at a concert she is literally in a very tippy top again she's backstage bawling her eyes out thing I can't do this and she does everybody when you pray pray she gets together praise for the power to go out and do this here's what I find this really interesting here's why it's so important for you to know your Bible so that when you see and where you can say I don't care what they even say out of their mouth by their fruits you shall know them at every single concert she goes to the concert and she says she hates something more than money and here's what she says she hates more than money so she hates the truths Thomas Byrne John goes blank and blank blank over the truth anything she says that every single concert on the time you know what's interesting about my Bible who is the very definition of truth Jesus only I am the way I am the truth I am the life by saying you hate truth will anyway is going on a blending and let me tell you brothers and sisters I have been to some of our seventh day Adventist conservative academies I will not name them I have given a presentation I walked back to the dorm and I have heard Lady Gaga being in the dorm it breaks my heart then we see this in the first that is so commonly used we do not spot so you know what that error I don't want that in my life now showing you this because I also show you the flipside of the coin if you are so active that actually do not like God whatsoever here's one of them that absolutely does not care about God and hear listen to what the CNN anchor says to him and so he's very outspoken about his eye does not like God whatsoever in fact here's a quote from him I I I mightily system doesn't support the creators such as the call him God who created us in his or her image its image it's hard as I said in the start I think that we invented God so if I believe in God I do this because I am God the his was interesting about this quote to keep play God in a movie theater you just can here I show you some of these movies isolate a movie that came out I want to show you that they're taking people who are Christian to play certain part in taking people were able to play a part and sometimes in the and now here is one of the producers this guy was a former executive of eighty C I want to show you how a lot of these people who are high high up in this Hollywood machine if it is your minister about if I say right or left does that make sense you guys there on the right whether on the left right is referring to conservatives hate the left is referring to liberals and so the question is asked this is really interesting Benjamin Shapiro .com Jesse wrote a book called at about the propaganda of Hollywood video after video on his website and his intermingles to sell his book but he interviews a bunch of these guys asking about their opinions of the right of the left side in Hollywood anybody has to ask ask Leonard Goldberg and he is he he he he's he's getting to the heart of the matter always been liberal community and legitimacy over and over again is that these of the top people that are making this information if you watch a lot of this information you are eating two sides of the story is getting one and it's only over and over again Fred Silverman also says the same thing he was one of the dead the big TV guys and who was the former VP of two yes worked with ABC NBC and its guys like one of the top guys start there since it is not available let's start there the creator of friends start to open up a little worms here she's been atop a little bit about why they put some of the content in friends with me that they did go here and have watched friends or as you said regularly and I know that he is ready back memories this is one of the creators she created the show and then ask her about something they do it in the point desperate housewives writer to talk a little bit about why he puts gay characters in desperate housewives and what that had it what kind of impact that is going to have on society now you think that the tiny little seeds that are planted may not affect us immediately but the interesting thing about a scene that consider the ground for a while and all it has to be as watered down the road it pops up I found this quote really interesting with you make the big life big and simple keep insane and eventually we will believe it and the reason that I want to open this can of worms about homosexuality with you and to discuss further I think it's right or whether I think it's wrong that is a totally white and needs a separate presentation just on that subject it could be anything how many you've ever seen the movie jots by hurting you are actually generally like a little bit careful assembling the ocean I do you know that there are certain things that have been put out in the media that have had a deck that impact our society and the shark attack thing is is one of the perfect examples it's so rare that you would ever get attacked by sharks yet we have this fear that was placed into us because of some sort of media outlet so really I could discuss anything on the board I just want to focus on this hot to show you there is generally an idea behind the people that are making these things that are pushing certain types of agendas and how they are realizing that they are remaking all of the major comic characters and adding homosexuality for them can you name one that they just recently like a mountain doesn't well be changed Green Lantern and it's really interesting to me that in the leg the movie the little Green Lantern guy like Batman or something and which one was as little nuances in there that they do easily these things out there okay now this is the mystery is over this is actually from the DC comics website where they said the identity one of the characters is in question Allen also happens to be homosexual was origins will be shown in full detail until issue three we can tease that a traumatic event will serve as a host for him and assuming his super hero identity as the Green Lantern and here's an interesting little news clip that I found it was years ago University movie broke back Mountain things right now this is a really interesting idea because I relented that he cannot have one weird like movie for them to put the subject of homosexuality and gay cowboys that are both really straight actors in real life so you have a lot of things going on at play in your mind you know that both of these actors are straight you know that in your mind and so when you watch this it does something to you when you watch eight a very common to historical light in a American cowboy wear anything and all of a sudden the putting in a different context of the chocolate about that and why this is happening and what's interesting to me about this subject matter is really it is a small group the population is really struggling with this I mean really in comparison soon to the larger group box through this media that they're pushing out there look at what has been overturned in the last year you see state after state after state overturning these things that have been literally defined for thousands of years and the using media now what about accident has anybody heard that that this is actually a total homosexual agenda this was interesting to me in this notice is has witnessed the moment that will change our world and I didn't know the research and these guys rock singer was one that directed a couple of the the X-Men shows UK he also did Superman I rebuke eight you're familiar with this particular director but here's something that's really interesting article that was written neatly is the new day in this character here that plays magneto is actually a totally open practicing homosexual K and so this is what he said in order to get him they pitch the show to him as as as being an allegory where that was perfect standing for the current struggles of the LGB people and I thought he was right so he chose to be in the movie because he thought this was an awesome opportunity to talk about homosexuality in a needed in this way here's an interview with Bryan Singer talking about him putting homosexual things in the movie only be fought before I get to that this is actually a clip of Ian is really interesting when he goes and stays at hotels he rips out the part of the Bible that says homosexuality is not a so the way he deals with it obviously is the same communities remove this portion of the Bible but nonetheless it was interesting to Harris and Michael Gourley what helped write X-Men one two okay all open homosexuality homosexuals they talk about it as is this is also their allegory in fact this is both of them right here they say it's become more of a metaphor for sexual identity and orientation as it's more appropriate to look at a person has to say are you a mutant or can you can always look at a person and a half and know if there needs you just think you can look at a person I know it's the gay now here's one of the writers that help right and the third one I missed what he says I helped write the movie and I can tell you that there tell you the gay rights posts Holocaust Jewish identity work all allegory stuff that was put in there on purpose writer singer here and reduce the one that did the second Superman and if it is even have ever watched that is what Bryan Singer told the Hollywood reporter I've always felt that the origin of Superman is the story of Moses a child sent on mission to fulfill a destiny said Singer and producer on the upcoming X-Men film first class and this was a story about Bert about Christ it's all about sacrifice the world I hear the cries of what happens to get the knife in the site and falls to the earth in the shape of a crucifix with my kneeling on the head and I enjoyed that because I've always found that the myth of Christ compelling and moving so I hope to take my own take which is which is basically he's putting his own ideas in there so here's a little clip of him talking about putting on some of his own ideas into the Xmas is an patient and now I want to talk a little bit about this because this is a very sensitive subject matter and have to say this again and again and again as I I I I pray for these people I really do you know somebody that contacts are ministry all-time it is totally trying to reach out to a bunch of celebrities out into in the Hollywood and she constantly called session she sends great controversies she's she's constantly trying to reach these people I think we should be praying for them I think that that that any one of these sins that are discussed right here all of us are dealing with something all of us are struggling with things that I want to point something out and this is just one of them I don't want to make this the arch seen or this is the arts problem but I want to show you something that's very interesting to me he's making a movie like superman any quit eating it to Christ now what I'm very very cautious of these people that are making a story about something so intricate as the story of Christ better be sold out to Christ you better not be able to do open yourself up to very satanic things and then try to make a story about Christ because it's convenient twisted story you can't have both feet in both worlds and that's what I see is happening with a lot of these things that just because Superman is an allegory for Christ you have to look at some of these things and say what is the fruit of the person that is in making that project does that make sense because this is an allegory for Christ in order for it to really be truly there I wouldn't want that person 's soul they are reliable because it's very very easy to open yourself up to the double filler service the only being invited right now for molestation of new multiple people fifteen -year-old boy that in Hollywood says when he first moved to Hollywood there is a ring of pedophilia that prey on all of these young kids then moved to Hollywood and try to get in there and there's houses where terrible things you can't even imagine the terrible things that some of these kids go through and all of a sudden this has happened multiple times somebody from England somebody from America is being using court constantly for these younger boys my brother worked on the show with with John Travolta Lisa Jones royalties to show the set with young boys all the time there are so many people in Hollywood that you have no idea that the things that they've crawled through an end and all you see them as work -based value there are so many evil things in that town and all we see is a surface value of some of these people so this is one of the young kids talking about it actually might skip over this this click just because you guys get the point you don't need to see him talk about these terrible things that go on in but I do want to point this out you know that the guy Corey Feldman on a sunny interview with Corey Feldman from CNN and him talking about the pedophilia that happens in Hollywood I do want to show you this click because I want to show you not there is even more terrible things and you could possibly imagine that is going on behind the scenes and this is one of the things that that that is not being talked about at all and Corey Feldman not finally came forward and talk a little bit about her worries as you will is you will is will is who are in as you are his own I believe I be in an and he is as you will and I he is a serious is a a will is will it is in the will show you will is a will is is is is one of only and is in and out and is a a the same way as they are a is a is a is she and he is in and is a is is is is is is is I will pay will go as all that is in a way that is a is a we will do in some alive things going on behind the scenes that you have no idea that's what kind of people are and if you watch this whole interview in major major everybody's watch movies and some of these people everybody and this is the spirit of the things that is going on behind the scenes how many of you know where he got his character for this particular movie anybody is what he's told the Rolling Stone right here while this is a great book called saw any and the pirate tradition being interesting and very interesting interesting book and it was exactly going I wasn't exactly going for that character is Keith Richard is not flamboyant in his actions he is pretty much still meeting key bridges on the Rolling Stones who is he's been known to be a totally day and answer these the lending mixtures of this book and Keith Richards into his character and cell phone with Jackson was more like the idea of being ambiguous taking this character and making it a little bit and questionable because women were thought to be bad luck on ships these pirates to go out for years at a time so you know there's the possibility that one thing was likely to another your lonely in the next ration of rum cabin boy this is the kind of character this put them there need millions and millions and millions of kids going watch these movies and you wonder what kind of scenes are being planted in their minds this makes sense these are movies that are not just just little things this is what I'm going with this whole thing this is why economist I know we spent a lot of time focusing on homosexuality thing but I want to point this out Hollywood reporter wrote this delete and modern family drove voters in favor of gay marriage I want to we have been staggering right here asked about how the shows include and twenty seven percent became pro- gay marriage in was one year and one out of every three people totally change their mind about something I totally went in a different direction it is astronomical numbers astronomical numbers one out of every three people in a way if you've made a decision I believe this all you have to do is watch enough television and that belief system and start to change as the only reason I want to show you this is something that everyone in your mind be safe I know what I believe about this anesthetic administration all I have the truth and I know what I believe let me tell you watch enough TV on I need to change anything anything tangibly system about anything and this is where were getting to this ABC put a show called called the resurrection and he seen this clip the resurrection right I want to point something out the window watch television or when you watch movies I I find this fascinating if you've heard them say hide things in plain sight they're selling you right up front what they're doing in the little words you can literally watch this and an end just like turn off the music and turn off everything and just read the words and I wish this thing was would would be able to see if you can see on my computer here it says the resurrection I saw Michelle you and the words that they claim here it said if you lost someone you will return to you notice they get too emotionally the writer of the television event that will make your quest can everything you believe within thirty seconds I just heard something that will make me question everything I believe I want that in my mind I wanted to look at these things and within seconds it was sad to want on my mind I don't want that my mind I don't need that I don't need somebody tinkering with what I believe if you just look at the words they post on here this is for the movie sleepy Hollow by the TV shows anyhow two worlds the battle for mankind and are telling you exactly what is going on what they started to tinker with what they're messing with and if you listen to the words are talking about Helen and also at the things you write all this stuff it's from the Bible politically convenient to you this is about the TV show called sleepy Hollow and if it sounded called sleepy Hollow and you can look this up on the Internet or you can you can you can go there but their effect on the fact that is very interesting what was the population of sleepy Hollow somebody must know the truth template that on their you don't randomly put that on a thing in the background without knowing the truth brothers and sisters this thing is just so deep it's the online which you can possibly imagine there's nothing in a frame in a movie that somebody did not consciously make a decision but that there is somebody had to make the sign somebody had called the art department is a art department put population one hundred and forty four thousand somebody had to say decision these people there's so much more than meets the eye you would be shocked at what goes on underneath all of these things in it so he will or will but if you watch the trailer for this movie you will hear something that is contrary to your Bible and see if you can see all interesting I wonder what subject matter were talking about here if anyone together save us in your things my God it's us you don't understand how movies work what are you taking to heaven with you the character which is made up of two things what thoughts and feelings right music is the feelings the words by the thoughts all you're doing is watching thoughts and feelings thoughts and feelings thoughts and feelings you watch enough thoughts and feelings just like Adolf Hitler says you will believe what is told to this sobering because I grew up a Seventh-day Adventist boy I grew up reading the great controversy I grew up in a very conservative home let me tell you I wasn't allowed to watch television and when I got old enough to choose in the world do I want is a part of my life guess what I left religion so please would make your head spin I knew I knew was going from me to an hour keep going so let's get to this is all you will know I love you I carry in acts around me to chop down Simmons I and you realize what we're dealing with here these are huge in people 's minds I don't even have to show you the trailer to this movie right here all I have to do is say look at the movie poster is missing contrary to my Bible when a while needs a hero who do they call I called Jesus I called Little Bill at one I will have mercy on our church how is it that we had not read this and been able to spot this a say in what they're doing in your mind the building of the villains of building up the door the building ability over and over and over again deal with repetition goes to it reinforces inside to keep you see why I feel so passionate about this you realize I went to Hollywood in a green to make this stuff I worked in this industry for ten years I worked on so many things I could not even share with you that it should is to shameful that I even worked on them knowing what I know and when I came out I said Lord whatever you wanted to send me whatever whenever you want me to do all do it you name it I'll do it and he sent me around the world to speak about this thing that has crept in everybody's home when you say I would be sending more I don't mean this I want to think I need to focus on my relationship with Jesus Christ so I go out there and do what I was called to do the Herald of both sides of the fence I know what it's like to like this business I know what it's like to be in love with Hollywood you don't understand brothers sisters I was in with this business that's an understatement I saw every movie that came out when I moved when I lived down there I picked apart analyzed look at the background statement said how do they do this shot because I wanted to make the shot I ask you to do this because of which I was missing you must destroy or I'll than humans go to your fathers must go to your brothers and sisters and share with the freedom that I gave you when he broke away from this imitator and freedom two movie theaters what I'm showing you right here I've seen these movies and look at it I looked at the movie poster that's a whole could you guys can do because I believe that if you prayed this prayer Lord do you want me to have this in my life do you want me to watch the steam wand needed to get his dog will not ignore you don't prick your heart so hard and and and impress upon you the things I wanted a special person it takes the stuff out of the blue it was just a simple understanding of Lord what he wants in my life the later movie I haven't seen this movie I read about it I understand the concept I've seen the trailer to bring it down to forty okay the lead character named and any Legos are all fighting against something there in person a box if you would that is up in the world is created and instructional books stop it when I get familiar and that all of the labels don't want to follow the instructional book I want to do what they want to do to break away from this world interesting I believe in instructional book I believe in one that we should be following not teaching people to break away from his name is Alex which is really interesting major scholars in the room and it was suggested by this person here Greg Silverman who also was an instrumental piece is one of the president of Warner Bros. in inception and matrix two Gnostic films and it needs truth that here you have a guy the lead guy who's calling truth that needs to leave this world with the instruction manual on and the word truth and in the cup in the quality of the cabal is having on the cabal is a Jewish cult right it's not necessarily a cold snacks it is Jewish mysticism a wee color black magic that he heard Mister Tito Eddie herdlike madonna big and that the Kabbalah fact object to that in a second this character here who is also a good guy his name is patient Herbert who means yes right the Trieste number that is in history is the great architect in fact Demetrius man you see that the picture of handling this in a circle with interesting to me if you know how many they summoned launches are titled this look on the Internet just type that word in any of the bar all this may sonic activity centered around listening and her name is Lucy out of the little gander here is Lucy 's short for something maybe these names are not put in these movies by Shane 's somebody made that decision somebody put that in there is a is an once again I have not seen this movie I have not seen this movie but I want to point something out to you about this movie it does not take very much research to look at something and say isn't this contrary to my Bible I don't care if it's in one percentage contrary to my Bible ninety nine percent truth and one percent error is a false turn that's what it was so I take a look at this and I don't want to pick apart the story and totally go crazy if you just read the Internet chatter about this movie right honey give her the homosexual agenda placed in this movie all this right had heard that and that some of the most popular song better in here are our are aiming about I will break away to I will say this this movie has made box office numbers I mean it's just astronomical and advertising YouTube editor looked on YouTube and seeing how many people are like singing that song let it be I let it out sorry fantasy is downstairs uneven and let it go sorry letting go just look at the numbers of these little girls that sing this song there in the you know you so reason tempted to even just fathom that somebody that's not even the artist singing the song is getting hits on YouTube at how popular is this whole entire movie has gotten a similar point of view now that song let it go the pain but it felt that he wasn't written by these two guys right here so any time that I know okay here's a popular song is a popular artist here's a director here is that something that wrote this one I know a little bit about those people so I typed in the Internet what do these people beliefs because whatever they believe if it's true heart and appointed in the art so here's what they believe from Pasadena news .com for the story to work the filmmakers I needed to find a way to that would thought out else's character that helped along the songs composed by Robert Lopez and his and known for his work on Avenue Q and the book of Mormon and his wife Christine Anderson Lopez case so I know okay so here's two other songs that they haven't written one on a thing called Avenue Q and a book of Mormon so I taken the Internet what is not if you've never heard of this in my entire life and your family and she lived at entire planned dedicated to homosexuality and in fact some netizens if you are gay you can count on me to always be there by your side every day I tell you it's okay born at Wayne Obama law right in his earlier book of Mormon what is I have no idea what this is not never seen this before as a song in the yearbook of the Mormon character okay it's all about being gay when you start to get confused because your thoughts in your head to don't feel those feelings hold them instead turning off like a light switch just go click we do it all the time it's a great little more than trackball on sociologist tells me by deduction of reason there's people that are very pro- essential movement on this side that that story or in that song so let's just analyze the words of this day Clinton couldn't keep it in heaven knows I tried don't let the men don't let them see you being a good girl you always have to be concealed don't feel don't let them know well now they know the letter down can't hold back anymore Lego Lego turned away slam the door and the fears that once controlled we can't get me at all it's time to see what I can do to test the limits of breakthrough no right no wrong no rules for me I'm free you tell me where in this visit say there is no rules and no laws and that I am free only in business because that's when Lucifer sin and have item following rules I don't want to follow your loss I want to do whatever I wanted you want to break free from this is not in-line with my Bible whether or not this have to homosexual agenda that don't care doesn't matter to me that matters to me at all being theological difference in my in my belief system for this now I'm starting to show you how to spot the great controversy in popular films okay how many of you that have not seen a presentation or see what we have to fail this I've seen this movie right so as not to question don't worry I saw the first one so don't feel that it is a good guy or bad guy this is this is on this optimist prime and I is undersigned yet here it is united this is a similar trick question and then I want to pay attention to something and this is why it's important to listen to the words this is the very first transformer movie and listen to what you said in the trailer the very first transformer movie this allows the information I was told to in the beginning there was a war that we all believe that there was a war is a war going on balance right as true as a true statement and in this war there is something that has the ability to create worlds and filled in with life in your Bible what is the only thing that have the ability to create a world and fill in life more specifically who Jesus Christ is the one that has the ability to create a world of village life here's the entire premise of the entire Transformers movie right here and tell you in the trailer will will think about this logically assume what interesting to read perfect parts together what does the city of Jerusalem like team bases so he over and over again the whole idea is to destroy Jesus you think about it and you go back to the movie poster anything it says to destroy this guy it was interesting about Metatron he was frozen into the earth for three thousand years you know what a thousand years is like a God like a day acting like a thousand years so he's in the air for three thirty days it goes on you wonder I read my Bible and the Bible is in direct conflict to what you link your money that's why this is the movie I talked about that was opening yesterday was the first I want to play the trailer for you the reason I want to play the trade to you is because I wanted to see over and over and over again this being that is popping up again and again and again and hopefully he'll be five adding more importantly I must say this first he will not be able to spot an error by studying a counterfeit and does that make sense and it is not my goal that you go to the movies and try to spot this stuff out that is not my purpose for showing me this my goal is the closer you get to the truth and more you go I don't want this in my life I don't mean this in error present to my mind so that is why I'm showing you this because I want you to realize it and I'm having a double standard here I want to make Hollywood's confidence are your confidence in the Hollywood machine because they are telling you stories of the great controversy upside down so you guys to play the hotel if we are not integrated so soon as long and want to disappear think about it in the context of the great conversation with you to pick out these parts and then we'll go through and I'll show you how they doing this are you at the top of the movie poster search for truth and find freedom isn't that what we all want we want the truth and one of the free okay I say this every time I know there's a lot of people out there that want to come in here and I was trying to get to the whole presentation so I'm actually not go through this whole thing like little click by click and show you the error I disconnect telling the error community spot of the things I'm released by the Apple how many of you spotted these various life like words terminologies that you hear in your Bible all the time there is a black-and-white world out there and and that is wanting to solve the problem of suffering and paying to watch what was going to do solve the world 's suffering and pain and so all of a sudden he has this giver who gives them something the first piece of color that he sees this red Apple all of a sudden this is a Gnostic story at its highest and all of a sudden he sees that his father is the one that killed his brother putting little seeds in your mind that the father is the evil one this is goes on and on and on brothers and sisters let me no I pray I pray that this kind of content is is is disgusting to even turn is disgusting in your mouth praise the Lord in fact you know I I I shouldn't even be talking about this thinking in our church was focusing on how do we get a better relationship with Christ and that's what hopefully this is all about is getting the clamor in the clutter out of your mind so that you can fully focus on your relationship with Christ identity and accreditation guys are more than welcome to take to stop by the booth is a guest whole bunch of people out there so I really just a silicon jump backwards a little bit honest presentations of you probably stick around and stay here I will be here all tonight and when combined with the questions you want to chat to stay till afterwards all seniors long as anybody want to buy less power as for where Gary Sedley father thank you so much for your saddest day Lord forgive us for allowing things into our mind that are completely contrary to what you want in our lives I just pray Lord for everybody that's here to send the Holy Spirit to impress upon everybody what they should do where they should go how they should handle this information in Lord I just pray pray that we as a church realize and understand how to invite you into our hearts every single day of not well this is a this media was brought as Daihatsu verse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to read seven audio and much more if you would like to know more about are you like him or send him to visit www. .com universe .org


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