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Rescuing "P.O.W's" (Reaching People with Addictions)- Part 1

Adam Patel



  • August 16, 2014
    2:30 PM
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I bet I know what the federal Montevallo here but is on lesson here and speed because we go back you know and I was laughing with him on the way of your life and I just was thinking about the other day I used it get in our battle stations you get ready to do our drugs you know and remember the state of mind and I was laughing with him and the Lord like vandalism thought at that time that the Lord would it shows you and me this because when God 's people AI just thought that was the most funniest thing in a most glorious thing at the same time so I give God praise him in effigy pray for me as I pray and continue to ask the spirit of the Lord to be it was okay my brother talk about was was very important talk mainly about how he knows who are in bondage and as well as all are the eligible candidates to be reached is very important what I want to talk about is equally important and the whole subject that I would be disgusted by the power of God today is how to overcome how to overcome and when I failed economy and addictions but in essence what I been uncovered today's how to overcome anything that Satan and I visited a couple three points to make it simpler hopefully you can remember these three points on how to overcome sin and addiction the recipe that has never failed in its biblical and ask a question what is an item with the definition of an item editing digital before God anything that takes the place of God would you agree with that honor me something to you that kind of blew my mind it really changed my life it's found in the book that I may know him page three twenty two listen up anything that separates our up at sins from God and lessens our interest in eternal beings is an item to be rated against Acrobat anything that separates our affections from God and lessens our interests in eternal beings if an item is a problem of whole lot of things on this earth separates your affections from God a whole lot of things and lessons your interest in eternal beings I guarantee you I promise you I'm I'm I'm I'm pretty confident you agree with me that additions whatever you're addicted to it could be pornography can be moved we think of the people it remains were of alcohol cigarettes and all the lesson your address and eternal things so guess what attentions is in the Bible you know what is called idolatry now is going to leave earlier I love what the sermon of the Lord spoke of the divine our because when you talk about it goes right into what is that what is an idol a similar law in the Bible does go to first Corinthians chapter ten it's also in Deuteronomy as well as I've seen a couple places in the Bible over the first we descended tentatively when you get there would you please say a man first Corinthians chapter ten beginning with verse nineteen first Corinthians chapter ten beginning with verse nineteen a man the Bible says in first Corinthians chapter ten verse nineteen what say I been that the idol is anything or that which is offered in sacrifice to idols is anything but I say that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice they sacrifice to what everyone doubles it humans and not to God I would not they should have fellowship with who titles and representation of the others as we want a little bit anything that separates your affections from God or less than zero interest in eternal things cigarettes drugs we pornography even movies I've been guilty I know this is true for me out a lot to Abdullah the movie that you know you shouldn't watch whether the inaction will be and then you try to be the Bible after that the essays are interested eternal things that denial we just read that idols are affiliated with what the website scope of this morning was so profound Satan manifests himself in the United States in a different way than he does another country 's you know to serving the Lord says about the demoniac of Mark chapter one he was possessed with the devil she said that same spirit with that within that man was in the Pharisee 's the exact same spirit he manifested himself one way while in crazy screaming and the other when he was sophisticated and intelligent a churchgoer and they all apply the same spirit I submit to you today but if anyone is battling with addictions there was the power behind the indigenous of battling the day we met you might say I've known people whose overcome drugs and cigarettes without Jesus I tell you something here in my experience my brother 's experience whenever someone overcomes an addiction supposedly without Jesus that spirit of addiction is still there you'll usually happens it's replaced by something I read when I start talking cigarettes you know I think that all of a sudden not a lot we are about is intended Google Canada I was drinking coffee like crazy did understand why with the spirit of addiction is been in efficiencies and and and the blood with this on my heart of what an addiction is an addiction is a visible manifestation of a spiritual bond to get that say it again I might as now the Holy Spirit gives me yesterday and addiction is a visible manifestation of a spiritual bond on desktop on of the Holy Ghost by the need to do is drop it on the yesterday and I provided you have outside but an excess of in our visiting the spirit attached to always because let's say that once you realize that these love these goals really have spirits of evil attacks to them and therefore your boundless supernatural power that needs me my first point being that exists are affiliated with demonic activity their tools of Satan design process a regular basis from Donna lessened your interest in eternal things being as a supernatural being now there is only one name under heaven given among men whereby we must be said is only one way that when medicine and a host of darkness and that name is Jesus Christ would you say amen what point of a one carat is about overcoming addictions or set is that you have to want to be in his learning by that point of the one you have to want to be free and you have to cry out to Jesus with all your heart and with all your soul I mentioned that this will and the runners-up were worth twenty nine but if thou south think the Lord my God that's outlined in bouncy gym with all my heart with all my soul is very important that we understand that one so easily overcome something you have to cry out with all your hearts children of Israel were garbage and is disrupting an agent inside you know why God decided to set them free he said he told Moses at the burning bush you can read in existing with great is that I have heard the cry of my people as an example of what I'm saying in the same story I mentioned Mark chapter one with a demoniac it was bound by Satan he wanted to be free and I'm paraphrasing a little bit of what I read and design phases chapter twenty five the demoniac analyses is in the synagogue and he tries the one in their edit and edit request is freedom and saying Lord help me or saying me but as he was in the synagogue of Satan takes control of his local and all of a sudden the words that he wanted to say because I say a sentence speaks to access other like soon as I know who you are the holy one of the recall despite this optimism everyone else in the synagogue all they had seen in all the effort was a a a a while convincing but Jesus saw something else within NAC systolic prisoner now somewhat as well that was not eventually was not disclose what anyone agencies as her something that no one else heard him under you and is blue my mind isn't exactly twenty five desire me to speak at the same man the demoniac in place of prayer could utter only the words of Satan yet the heart unspoken appeal was her no crime so the main color and modernization wires will be unheeding as a mentor that he doesn't know that no matter how the German no matter how long you been battling with this addition is been being you and being down even to the point when you know you have control of your own voice Jesus were here the crime is so a union have to use your own words that you say amen and I love is good to hear you spoke to my heart when Isaiah forty nine this is thus saith the Lord speak of anyone less than with addictions even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered for I will contend with him that contended with the and I will say that children God is good step number one is you have to cry out to him with all your heart with all your soul to be free green half years ago I was a complete slave of Satan I was a drug addict to the worst degree my brother and I was on drugs for ten years straight without the Lord and greet after the goalie we were at the lowest low evidence on the story of the demoniac to think of myself to my brother he was spoken to a three and a half years ago we would've told you that actually felt like database and within us we should call our addiction the beast and the beast would tell us what to do the basement Dennis would tell us what asleep when eight wedding is the bathroom when the behalf went to be set and of course limited to draw we were under the taskmasters of Satan and we could not break for our will was not our own we would like to write it down in my journal when I was high on drugs and eyes to cry on this paper and write down how I felt and eyes of my beloved prisoner myeloma like a spectator looking on on the outside my own style and a solid another being entered into me and trust me within my my own farm my mother called me during that time I praise God my mother to call me and she said Adam got two girls did not take them church you not taken on Bible study to loan them about the and I knew about God but my mother raised me right and so I said you know what helping to your house mama was handled by the city sent Friday night and I did except on it that money broke the barbs that yet so I brought what the modes of the Bible state and I praise God that Bible study because God is and has to strategists it will do anything it takes to save you even take your life you love you that much as always strategize a plan for my brother and I what I need to do is get these hopelessly depressed drug addicts into my presence use the article in the dungeon nothing but demons dwell there and I could tell you all thought about going to be will be that occur whatever time with my mother South Dakota House of healing every time we walked to the threshold of the dual result the presence and I know supernatural life of God came to me the Devils are the following is not checked at the door money I know that the undecidable to wish to go there as we withdrawn just it just was informed and better because it was the house a few the bastard that he bring them into my presence and is something powerful about the presence of the Lord I want to read you a quote same story the demoniac is our greatest chapter twenty five not think about this my brother and I were without hope felt trapped by these beasts but like there was no way out our likenesses of my life this is my life always on the battery went to get drugs essays but as I was in that room something begin the chain being in the presence of Christ alone does wonders for me reducing we got the same pneumonia the mind of this wretched sufferer have been darkened by Satan but in the saviors presence a ray of light and pierce the gloom it was the house too long for freedom from Satan 's control just because he was in the plan of Christ all of a sudden the whole list begins at home all of a sudden the president feels depressed start to ask questions about this and you know what is it passable to the easy way out and how it's important that you and I also failed to that someone in bondage being in your presence all of a sudden the whole list will have both that is Paramount's freedom because they can move my view you don't even know there's a way out but being in Christ presence alone brings hope to the hopeless I went home after a couple of Bible studies of being in God 's presence all of a sudden I was like to contribute the good I be like these people are crazy I never asked the question before I was totally depressed finally you know to cut the story short I spent on my knees in his apartment was a total bum didn't have a job for years was a poor product my case was settled later why didn't have any job while Stephen and scanning all connoisseur and I can understand him wanting the magic is real but I fell on my knees and I was a wasted I still talk about point number one notebook crying out is fundamentally limited along avoidable one I was on my knees and I never forget I I I because the Holt starred in my heart I sent five if you're out and I praise God I even set it because before I need to think about all because I was in the presence of the Lord I sent it hallelujah that's what being in the presence of God would do that I support frosted knocks on doors to go and want to go to bring in the spirit of the Lord to the old and lives in an unvarnished and guess what you has to shake because I was withdrawn and beast single father I'm trying to figure out they help meet rehab is a type that is all failure not begin to cry not a chronic then you and fears of all and am shaken in our same father please help me if you're out there and I pleaded with him to do one thing I said hold my on the live setting but I said hold my hand cry for these all my comments I was wretched body and operate his roll down machinery without you doing whole life ahead of does the Bible to have a thick layer of dust on it and I blew it off and I said Lord I want to hear your voice is because I was in in my trespasses and sins and Jesus says the words I speak you eight months I was daddy Jesus says I am the resurrection and the life not knowing I needed to hear some funny layers of leather probably not the right just one hundred and to know where I was going to open the word I said whole life hand and want to admit my eyes were drawn to argue your point I like the Mac that I couldn't pull away I'm trying to Jesus now any sense in the beginning with verse five state the Lord that created the heavens and stretched them investment for your investment you got given rest unto the people upon spirit in them along the ring either the Lord have called the in righteousness and will hold as is and is at believe they are trying to send I know that I don't eat anything at all armies are called human righteous is also Soviet rights I saw myself being clean I saw myself being one not only do these that you can call me at rights and hallelujah in order to overcome the first step is you must try with all your heart and with all your soul the Bible says God speaking in Psalms ninety one verse fifteen of Abu message Scripture if you are struggling with addiction this is not speaking to you today God is saying he shall call upon and I will answer him and I will be with him in trouble I will deliver him and honor him would you say I'm a goddess is waiting for you and I had anyone out there struggling with advancing the hunt with all your heart one hundred two very important indeed cut off all mutant of something in other words don't put yourself in a position of I can see that an is is been visited there's some Christians today what about addiction they cry out the law are available in step number two you got to do all three steps in order to claim victory you have to copy avenues of ventilation and not just over the position of weakness the children of Israel were forgot to select details and Deuteronomy and Leviticus now the Canaanites to hit Tyson Jebusites the article read all our review all these abominations and wickedness reports of idols beast out on without flattening pieces I want to mix in with them I want you doing the things that they need to live .com and destroy them you can wipe anybody out and abominations you know why this book of Deuteronomy Jeff December twenty five not only does God wants you to quit addictions you want to cut off all avenues of temptation for the addiction because the temptation is strong enough Deuteronomy seven four seven twenty five God is given instructions what to do with these alters from the heat in the arena the Bible says the graven images of their gods shall be burned with fire I'm not desire the silver or gold that is on then nor take it on to the less now being what their bearing for it is an abomination to the Lord Bank possibility disabilities destroy the people destroy all the evidence of their sick because it enabled out there this can be a snare when you can be an avenue for taxation and one of the saddest things that I can read one of his many in the Bible and judges chapter one just except the one you can find there that starts off listing all the nations that the children of Israel did not destroy and meningitis shot through the age of the Lord Lansdowne who is Christ judges chapter two verse two seventy shall make no league with the inhabitants of the land you shall throw down their altars when you have not obeyed my voice why have you done this judges chapter two verse three now wherefore I also said I will not drive them out from before you but they shall be as the Lawrence in your signs and there are soundly while now notice what Jesus says here you said I will not drive them out before you even cry out to the Lord all you want to with all your heart what evidence will be a lackey tells you to break down their altars cut out the areas of education it's good to be a snare unto you and is in a fully white and Jesus himself is and how is the view following planes begin now if you want to cuts cut out smoking cigarettes don't hang around people smoke cigarettes not until you gain the victory if you try to overcome smoking weed of the ones was just what delete delete mass number on your phone the length of the phone all here's why plaintiff by the message and quit smoking weed cigarettes held power before all of a sudden we get it fixed when we met in April about two months in the month when you want and never did you I I I promise you I'm trying to put smoke a cigarette all of a sudden my mother comes on April the exit for you meant evil that is perhaps privacy whenever I tried to quit the laws of anything else I've overcome all of a sudden everything is free this Christmas all now can pass this one but if you put the phone away if you go to laterally nonentity my life to light candles told him I will say that channels the next year or I overcome birth right to translate all the blades away the long all the paraphernalia all the avenues of temptation and all this you on the altar lest they be a sparrow to you you know what God is not responsible if you don't break them down I cried unto the Lord I knew what was next you spoke to me clearly says but it's time now to go into the wilderness 's house in Egypt when you get one agent to go straight to the wilderness now in the wilderness is called a wellness because you are secluded from the Loral and updating wellness consulting and wilderness is overwhelming using is no mere than it already but I think I am on some hands or something and please tell me if I don't be silly not to satisfy up do not thought anything will have no TV for two weeks I didn't sleep because of the drugs I can eat I was nonstop like I talked hundred pack of federal to state that withdrawals on TV I spent the time to put outside in nature in God 's word you know beyond the supernatural five and has loved at all if you live in the wilderness besides himself is seen as something Jesus said getting yourself so I have all the temptations around with the same time you never can make you never get a making I had a wonderful uncle passed away things on my own jet I spotted something it was a wonderful young was a master martial artist he was into the high levels of martial arts world spiritualism and he also was addicted to manifold twelve methamphetamines crystal meth all that stuff and because of all that cabling and babbling he became a vessel of being my uncle was fully possessed by multiple team I can tell you story after story of supernatural speech that day because of the over don't have time I quite offer help you live in Gloucester England the elders of the Seventh-day Adventist church in Gloucester England came because they heard the car in a case with facts and I spent all night half an hour in one by one waiting for he was green spirit of the Lord was now upon and just like any man who never such a bond is the first thing that he wanted to do was go to exactly tell somebody something when Susan is a hard out of the abundance of the heart the mouth what is the evidence diseases that's a hard question this is my first diary at the mouth it is all about and what you can stop it so my uncle got wanted to talk and reach an end and role-play what happened I was delivered in the first degree he wanted to meet with his friend 's own organics fellow alcoholics good intentions but the thing the problem about this was his friend still hung out at the bar his friends go home and locations were Christians should go somehow I had good intentions he would go to the bar on the outside and Elizabeth to minister unto them that is as you know what if I might be more effective if I go into and ministering to your nowhere the Cisco altar was in turn the Avenue of temptation was to unit up he ends up now at the barstool drinking wine and just like Todd mentioned this morning all those beings .net Pingback and they inhabit his applicant lesson cut down the adhesive tapes but that's the way well blended on good known to be very holiday unit of the prison Jason you saw right ended up in prison my uncle Dick and just before he was released he dies but that's all in the praise the Lord God knew that as soon as mouth hit the streets and sanitation the idolatry the island until I one of overturned and was and is one of a lot of deals that I'm a think about how to seem again I will yet that Saddam Hussein is not so much it would take your life say when number two all avenues of temptation final point I think we need to practices so much exercise your faith work exercising your faith in the word of God debates supernatural and explain something to you when you cry out to God Rachel Satan at first test control of you will dislike this by making a control you will only cry and all of that in Christ will come and take control of you with open exercise faith in his word Christ and gives you how were you is a difference it takes controlling for exercising favorite is what empowers you will save forty two was the only scheduling baskets are driving when he said he was in a whole ahead right at the two weeks I I held onto that Scripture like I was holding onto the hem of his I then watched TV I didn't do anything else all I did it in three four o'clock in the morning because especially from midnight and nine o'clock in the morning that's when my body went nuts I kid you not but like an exorcism I know some of us it seems that since his movies that's what I look like nobody is out of control can control your jerkin everywhere and so I couldn't sleep of course I would pay seven dollars as the room like this all night all morning and only thing I had in the darkness of his home in the dungeons goes to the and all I had was Isaac our retirement I would mean paying an hourly client software the consequences of my sick when I is not related to exercise faith in his word because that is the power over the hill and you know that it is what I mean by exercising the right Isaiah forty two was my Scripture that God gave me I think it's imperative I think it it it is profoundly important to grasp that asked the Lord to deliver you a specific Scripture so that you can overcome with you need a Scripture specific Julie addiction that you can claim in your slideshow so he can get his supernatural power to overcome it only happens when you exercise faith in his word we make a practical Isaiah forty on CIGNA shake image from walking up and down minus you he's filled in a drunken house on Lebanon in the apartment with so that was article taken one think about saving with you that my brother depending is better but the essay essay don't let your brother got the job is both an sniff Sunday I slept in seven days Mangini is very going to take a little busy with the temptations and so I would describe what the Bible and Islamic Jihad single you say that you call me and at that moment as a Lord I believe she told because one has to go home I had you said just now with the supernatural thing to me is funded by and because of that experience I said Lord I believe that you called me in righteousness and then I would still have that vision of me washed clean identifies those from what I said Lord you said you will follow my mantle is with you and the Lord a lot of avenues of law one of the contracting boys the best thing is to withhold his own back in the past thing you can do just day one I praise God you know I do I opened the book is often given his words back in working legal active businesses were passing will use as a whole I had an open vision Jesus in the dungeon and adopt ethanol is what he and I will believe of all heart and trust me I'm really out of the deal because of what I was feeling safe to get a world class Christ was the work of the spirit and the spirit has how we can have the word Satan was the last talked to me answering your prayer is still shaking is still hurting is still in pain but guess what states this will happen as I was feeling this way and I was crying walking up and down memorize Scriptures on walking up and down disclaiming it back and about the day one would struggle about the day to it was a struggle of Doctor date three it was a struggle guess what was happening as I was claiming God 's work this process computer and in some cases like my brother to get cellular testimony of how God delivered from cigarettes certificates from his mouth like that I settled what it is you got to know that he can take it away from you like that song is felt first within the zone looking for a don't expect implemented take away the pain because he may need to suffer the consequences of your say so you don't philately center theater chapter one verse four this is what was happened to me I'm talking about Scripture in action whereby are given I was exceeding great and precious promises that life easy might be partakers of what everyone having escaped the corruption that is in the world the only reason I was able to get day one day to day three number one I exercise my faith in Isaiah forty two they called me in righteousness that he was get a hold my hand that he was geeky and because I exercise faith in his word I automatically became a partaker of his divine nature I automatically became an over comer of the corruption in the world we lost unbeknownst to me at the time I was given super natural Dino got has a name for this power it is designed to give it to be given up to us to overcome our weaknesses is in second Corinthians sentiment is just twelve we talk about it all the time but I don't think all the time don't we we talk about in the right context we need to really see it as a power given unto us to overcome our weaknesses second Corinthians chapter twelve and under this would reverse nine and he said unto me my what is sufficient for the for my strength is made perfect in what most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities or weakness that no one had aware of who whenever I asked somebody what's great some most people safeguard unmerited favor it is but I like the biblical definition that this one gives you biblical definition it tells you to begin a verse nine my grace is sufficient for the very last part of verse nine says that the power of Christ so what is grace empower clients according to this word this verse is given it to you in your moment we humans are four sixteen how do we get this grace of this power in a moment of weakness let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of what that we may obtain mercy and find grace to do what to tell most people missed that point Grace is designed to in the archives of the beginning Isaiah forty two I make it a practical young struggling oncoming bowling to the bone of grace exercise and fitness for because I believe the Nimbus is righteousness by faith because I believe in his work I believe in his work regardless of what I was feeling regardless of what I was seeing I believe in his work and because I believe that in his word counted on to me for once right and because I believe it I became partake of the divine nature because I believe in it I received the power of Christ that came into me and my moment of weakness in my moment of need and take a look at this I became an listen I forget the rest that I this is a simple as I can make you some of us need to be in the presence of the Lord even realize where you stay is not until you get into the presence of Christ that you see him for who he is not automatically make you shoot yourself cry out to the cutoff year is attempting number three exercise faith in his work your description number close with this after two weeks in overtime docketing sequence of the withdrawal my vision got blurred the packages recite any Scripture the annual event hangouts what diseases using the wilderness of the Satan the word overcome all these items are affiliated with the evening 's emulators and the battle has been scheduled did that access to the film you won't get you on over after two weeks I fell asleep for and I woke up and went to sleep at night nine to one o'clock and I woke up and I said I is a new phone then I was on the road screen half years and I knew we had to design new levels on the road to being holy and God was now IEEE honors for there was no way will now recommend to someone if you want to heavy drug like I was doctors would tell you it's not wife cuckold but I was giving permission by the doctor of all doctors Google agriculture all right so my case is very unique because I went cold turkey and that was like what I did most people have to go to rehab and fictional but God gave me instructions to do that I felt this assures that so I sent it to wish to guess what you clean out the drugs and I was on my password but I was still smoking my cigarette freely about December two thousand ten I January two thousand eleven January first two thousand eleven on never forget it the Sabbath day I woke up that morning Sabbath morning was cloudy I went outside of course anyone who smoke cigarettes the first thing you want to do this mostly yet my cigarette and while smoking a cigarette I'm getting tired upset you know I'm newly free now from my bondage Satan is my life in that regard heavy bondage style NFL is local article font out of the battery and I just wasted for five years family job everything so I'm back catch up on everything that I was not are you running for two weeks and you still haven't told me what I need to do you still haven't given me a job unless I was always regret I didn't really have a single sums up my cigarette I have been talking and I to my cigarette out in our books this Sabbath morning January first and grandma I get my knees and I thought the price out my cigarette and tobacco in the presence of the Lord is the longtime smoking is an automaker that anyone smoking cigarettes is not this policy will you know I knew better than Dubya if you're higher the price asked how he reached me I was hardly kindly all right so this is not meant to put on anybody God knows where you walk I was in his presence like that McCain would have to leave this I need some depression joint event was nothing like the choices that the whole of the testimony is designed in this respect God I was angry more I need answered so the Lord Adonis at him and open new word Lord and him and get answer I went like this no one had to face all the time and I see you know what I'm never read anything in the book easy to before the Lord Jim I thought of it something brand-new had an open music objects wanting after inquiring of the Lord all these things I wanted in my eyes like a magnet was on Ezekiel chapter twenty verse three Mina middle and encompasses the state the Lord Mulcahy speaking always put yourself in Scripture was thus saith the Lord God C two twenty verse three and thus saith the Lord God RD come to inquire yet met hot gossip oh falling outside the our home I was down and I said oh news ignored God I will not be inquired up behind you and hello and him and I is that I don't want my Lord until he so sorry you know and I continue to read use good common to skim through this when he told me to stay and invincible on remember with an addiction Wednesday and I say unto them verse five thus saith the Lord God in the day when I chose Israel outlining the day I chose you and it am I had to the seat of the house of Jacob and made myself known unto them in the land of Egypt they are set to run out of Egypt when I lifted up mine hand unto them saying I am the Lord your God when I can and never will sell the holds her head this is when Satanism and the data is not my handle to them to bring them forth out of the land of Egypt into a land I have survived for them flowing with milk and honey which is the glory of all the lands of Lore says let alone a particular region from your bondage which is Egypt remember what I told you a call to righteousness you can have a cyst life remember that what I tell you Adam verse seven says that I have to than Casita away every man the abomination of this are and who file not yourself with what was the night nowadays is sinking God said that while not to sell with the idols of Egypt I am the Lord your God in verse eight he says but you rebelled against the and would not hearken unto me they did not have a madcap the way the abominations for their eyes neither did they forsake the idols of Egypt then I said I will pour out my Spirit upon them to accomplish my anger against them in the midst of the land of the the goal noted zoning plan clear that scriptures without my individual needs are brought to our call to righteousness when you left Egypt you had in your system and I don't but you know what was so beautiful whenever God speaks to them that went into his command is the power to overcome you it is so I said Lord that they January first our smokeless cigarette okay this edition signature you just hope it's time to cast away you just showed me that you upset with me I didn't think they could definitely earn you just told me clearly now it's time to drop and I was scared as cigarettes boy I hope all my brothers at how is that a cigarette but that they would visit the power is what I sent to know them through each day is safer than we do Isaiah forty two while writing for those of us who smoke uses about what happens right after you eat you want to smoke so bad you just live a starts acting up in one small right after I like how you know I did these of gum and open of these the project it's one and I read easy project it's one single never forget what you told and uses Scripture as our exercise in writing a letter to happily live the way mama cigarettes compensation and the legacy packet extra pack is hidden smokers Noel talking about though that away as well right you my best not to hang around my brother does he smell like cigarettes right now praise God was on the Sabbath day because I was interested in his will anyone would like to smoke citizens overcome usually good three days in on the third day it's really that every time I thought Quinn am closing in the past always on the third day I went into an argument with somebody else he had this and use my address as an excuse why do I know there are days of the Lord am I to get someone to call me but each day I went to claim in the work claimant or claimant workday number three show about that testing somebody called me an loyal like they disrespected me call me every name under the sun and the call was going on I live it up mine eyes of the video from whence cometh my help him to his house on the phone I literally live them I will smile because the person was cussing out at an icy smile and I knew at that moment in time I haven't smoked a cigarette since then as January first two thousand eleven on the Sabbath day because of the recipe that was right when she puts it in your face you cry out the time to take I will have the power to induce the necessity of medical right if you got a sap sacrifice friends I can hang out have fellowship with those adopts I could just to bring them to life but I can hang with you might know I miss him there to witness and be alike and especially by the weakness that we overcome that first before nouns exhibit some copy more than half our system over twelve years almost to the accident but got to give individual ready number one cry out to cutoff and exercise tubing buzzword a man Oaklawn I thank you Lord that we can trust in your power and enter power never fails now Lord I want to praise specific prayer for someone here go to any addiction known to be something as hard as Toronto can be something like movies he could be a friend it could be pornography I pray Lord that person is wrestling with pornography that they would give it to you cut off the computer and grab a Scripture net size and whatever you send me a letter whatever the seemingly same as our and this media was not as high as the website is spreading God 's word to research and audio and much more I would like to know more about a person 's life is more certain than it is www. nonanswers .org


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