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Rescuing "P.O.W's" (Reaching People with Addictions)- Part 2

Taariq Patel


Taariq Patel has a incredible testimony. As a young child he spent time living in Saudi Arabia, India, and Great Britain. He was heavily trapped in the bondage of drug and alcohol addiction but found that redemptive power of Jesus Christ that restored both his body and mind, to overcome these addictions. Taariq is currently in college studying theology. 



  • August 16, 2014
    3:30 PM
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today my brother and I will be speaking about a very important topic before I begin I want to see the hands of those who knows somebody maybe yourself or loved one or friend that is struggling with addiction what about drug and alcohol addiction yeah I think that everybody in this room could probably raise their hands today we are currently discussing what are some ways you can rescue POWs inside of this rescuing POWs POW simply stands for prisoners of war what are some ways what are some things that you can do to reach out to help these individuals this is what I'm to be talking about after that my brothers in a takeover and easy to speak about how to overcome addictions before I go any further I would like each and every one of you to join in a word of prayer and as we pray I ask that you all pray for yourselves and as for the Holy Spirit to come into your hearts and mind to give you understanding and wider range of yourself please say whether her for me a man so I'll pray out loud and you all to spin your minds this power has the father we are so grateful Lord to be assembled here your people waiting to hear some truth from your spirit in order we pray that you would forgive us our sins nor and clear of liens from distractions far as we focus on this most important topic on how to reach and save those in bondage I pray God that her spirit would enlighten us to think along trains of thought that we never thought before and that whatever I say ignore your spirit when magnified to the hundred hour and give you will understanding that they can understand according to yours the Lord is so hot I'm grateful that you care about us better for us in the blood these prisoners out there who are bound by chains of addiction thank you for your power in Jesus name a hoping the finalists turn with me to the book of each of the ZS chapter four please just check for when you have it please let me know by saying amen please just check for a couple of events arise of the matter Ecclesiastes chapter four a man here we go look with me if you will starting at verse one so I returned and considered all the impressions that are done under the sun and behold the tears of such as where press and they had no comforter and on the side of their oppressors there was power but they had no comforter with life raise the dead which are already dead more than the living which are yet alive gay better this season both they which have not yet been who have not seen the evil work that is done under the sun my wife and I really do you see angling beautiful area and even if you see beautiful campus view of the nation when you walk outside my relive my front door and you can see the night stars so clear however we are in San Francisco once on Sunday this past Sunday at its total opposite from where we live compact filled with people back in the city the dirty streets of San Francisco and were walking down the street on this past Sunday and I was pretty much assaulted he and I come from angry now and I'm not used to come to the city as often as I was back in the day as I walked down San Francisco and seeing hundreds of people all over the street with careworn faces Walter beaten face in spaces that been through some rough stuff now you'll have to tell me anything I can look at these people and I can tell that they are held by chains of alcohol addiction amphetamines heroin you name it I concede on their faces I was walking down that street and it struck me profoundly blessed Lord there's a lot of people living here with no hope one brother was sleeping on the side of the street with no shirt on and he was sleeping like it was no note no big deal and everybody was walking my smelled as if it had taken a shower all you know the guy was there decided yet as for the all over his head so he can tax and fee but what struck me the most was there in the middle of the sidewalk was this was the one that she was on her knees with her head between her knees and her arms were out in her mouth was open as yet this couple of change right there whatever and I looked at her and I said Lord she looks broken mentally physically emotionally on all levels and it struck me that day on Sunday I said this is the testament of Satan 's kingdom this is what he wants to do for all humanity and I felt like Solomon on the way back home I returned and I considered all the evil works that were done under the sun and on the side of the oppressed their tears they had no comfort but on the side of the precedents that was how recently we heard the tragic news of Robin Williams Williams gave it killed the skills of the Monday something profound Bob I was there was a man a dedicated his life to make others laugh every time I thought about that guy I saw been smiling and here we find out that in his heart was something total opposite it's a testament of Satan 's King what he has to offer you in this world he also struggled with addictions in his life and has a hard lesson today think about all that the artists and musicians in all levels struggled with addictions and their lives the Bible says speaking about Lucifer Satan Isaiah fourteen is this the man that made the earth to tremble that did shake kingdoms that made the world into a wilderness and destroy the cities thereof that all men not the house of his prisoners unable to be talking about how to reach into the house of prisoners and how to rescue these prisoners of war what is addiction addiction is this it is not over conditioning of your brain 's reward system everything you see everything you hear to Elizabeth now 's a chemical reaction going on well I don't want to chemistry machines out the button that certain chemicals in your mind such as in your brain such as dopamine and when you do things that make you feel good dopamine goes off as a chemical reaction when you over condition your brain 's reward system best addiction question is why do people get addicted how do people get into addiction to understand how to help someone do not know why I have I've been to a lot of NA meetings Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and I have yet to meet a addicts recovering addict someone who struggle with addiction does not happen filled with pain what I say panes that is a pain everyone everyone the Bible says we are born in into trouble the book of Job now there are different ways that people deal local with pain there are many people who grew all grew up in divorce homes parents split up has a profound dramatic effect on the child are many adults walking around this world that are affected from their childhood from a divorce and it only really realize it yet sexual abuse physical abuse death in the family a sense of utter satisfaction of unhappiness in your life I selected this job warehouse job for eight nine years hated my job firstly I want to do it outcome of homework my back hurt and didn't like what I was doing and I want to do go to the bar gives them beer I just wanted as one word myself my day I had a hard days work outlines escaped many talk with and that is an watch the game than he thinks a beard and his escape as I'm thinking that there was going on my reward systems are go crazy now because when you drink this alcohol dopamine and feel-good stuff chemical reaction is occurring on the weekend as well as new uncle to the club this into the music that I do some more thoughts get on cocaine and alcohol and we need in our escape away from my pain on satisfaction from my unhappiness of my life I wasn't satisfied with my job my apartment my plays nothing but I had this estate hold gold many people are unaware of the pain that they are carrying around and they don't know how to cope with but after that that the music was turned down after the drugs wore off after the alcohol were off and I'm laying there in the dark in my room looking up ceiling reality I have to face is always there the Bible says in Proverbs fourteen breast thirteen even in the laughter the heart is sorrowful and the end of that mirth is heading after all the latest state of the reward system that happiness is always there but when the heaviness is there and I feel in the pain again it's natural for an addicted person to escape him not a angle and feel good because I could say something when you indulge in drugs and alcohol it feels good at first is an escape some people are not so simple some people are not so cool midfielder not accepted and unlikable but when you do drugs and alcohol are more bold you're more confident your more cool your more likable you more acceptable at first at first that's why it's it's it's a enticing thing that draws people because it actually does deceive you into believing that should be always like that so people get for those reasons for paying on satisfaction and unhappiness but remember this any attempt to escape from pain brings more pain when I worked at my job for a week and I would do that smoke and drink to get away on the daily and in the weeks go by the month and in the months go by and for years the whole time my goals my aspirations my plan is there a window on a motivated to do anything because I was high on drugs but guess what the years of glob I am still at the top I don't like so the pain is increasing my relationships are being damaged my job performance is being damaged my physical health is being damaged it's a tornado all around me and within the and the pain is piling up and when the heaviness comes late always a I go right back to my stable and that's the trap that begins in addition but how to rescue someone in business logo here for Tony to the book of Hosea chapter four Hosea chapter four when you have an enormous and Hosea except for intermediate scriptures and in him and explain something to me if you have a verse seventeen the Bible reads each frame is joined to his items that alone time with me to Psalms eighty one Psalms eighty one focus Psalms eighty one and look with me if you will at first eleven Psalms eighty one eleven reads but my people would not hearken to my voice and Israel would not have me so I gave them up unto their own hearts less and they walked in their own accounts my mother raised from my brother nine seventeen views seventeen years for the majority of those years I was in a state where I called security or functioning at meeting base I was still somehow get some continuity some kind of money out of still able to feed myself I was still able to do what I do and do my job at the same time so in my mind am not that bad I'm not cracked out I'm not holding this does not have a little but identical argument of the little guys I still can do my job I can still function up closer than adding on this level when I called phase one of the diction is the most difficult person to reach Dufresne designs was idols that I'm alone I gave them up that all parts counseled walking around less because they were not here you can't rescue someone that does not want to be rescued from the Psalms one eighteen Psalms one eighteen eleven read something to use out Psalms one eighteen but there's always hope that it is always hope that would mean you have a verse eighteen the Lord hath chastened me so but he has not given me over unto death if you have a loved one out there this needs to be your prayer Lord saves him sore says personal work but do not give them over to death if that means they have to go to the hospital five times so be it at the star Soviet if you haven't voted sale so be that means if you are supporting them financially buying their food enabling them in any way you need to stop you must stop it's difficult it's extremely hard but if you love them you have to do because if you're buying a phone you're paying for the drugs that money that any use of food in amusement and your payment details to paint the job I remember my brother and I will be on the way to the club in the car and engine low the tile blowout in West this sailing on the exit like a pinball on both sides of the rail sometimes we will be on the side of the road and the cost of the Kazaa been taken to jail one time out of the gas station and I got beaten so bad over the hospital nose throat like my face was cracked and had gone to the hospital there were times when I had a supply of my drugs and I was getting it from this bad doctor and that supply dried up my health will sign up eviction notices on my door my car was breaking down I was being chased store one of the main things that spin against somebody to start turn around as if there's pressures in their lives if they continue to fall down on their back Lord say stencil got a remember this is a war this is very serious this can take some persevering prayer for this to happen the Bible told me he was the one he was at the one Hebrews chapter one hour to read something to you Hebrews chapter one and look with me if you will at verse fourteen the Bible reads speaking of the Angels are they not all ministering spirits set forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation was in Arizona who are the heirs of salvation as you now that the angels are ministering spirits sent forth to minister to you that time when my car for the runoff that rail over hundreds of feedback times that didn't jump in going to the hospital after the diet that gas station that I was going to that party will be getting a shot and stabbed the cost of the sale you know what was happening it before the morning my mom was waking up crossings or her needs because God what Leventhal and she was praying for her boy boy and that is the prayer of a righteous man the Bible says that a painless much the son of God says that a prayer of faith in a car was a warmth and no other work that way everything a conference only to encompass the special work you know she says the Angels of have been waiting to cooperate with humankind and she ends the statement said the same they are waiting the Angels are waiting to hear the command of Jesus prayer of faith to go on how to the gone help your brother your sister although struggling as an addiction is a top thing to do but you have to pray and believe in your prayer believe that angels are there to preserve their lives I think that you story after story when my brother and I should die but was still here because the church was brain and my mother was one more important thing on telling for phase one this is all phase one at do not give holes and given them the word of God is of utmost importance that they received the word of God is very good in the church didn't even have a little more of an advantage because the children is in their machines are in but if they haven't the point of rescuing POWs is you need to be rescued yourself you have to be so in tune with the spirit that you have to listen to God as to when you could drop the word on him and when not to because I would say something you become with all that shoot you want to but if your approach and your timing is wrong and it's all bad it could backfire it could backfire you need to be able to listen to the voice of God know when he's speaking and know when to speak if you need to be serious about saving it up in his face because the frame is joined with xylose let alone he's on his own path and until you see fall down so let's than to realize that you dropped word on when you can because you know what no matter there's going for saw an increase in financing when they are back in their ruling the night and all the jobs paid off and that happiness is there back pain that unhappiness is always there and if you came I know that they can use JavaScript on unlike Isaiah fifty first to one of my favorite is my hassle and that all that I cannot be final power to deliver behold my rebuke I tried this script is that we may take for granted nowadays I come up to me all you know where in a related and I will give you rest for someone who is restless and heavy and unhappy that Scriptures the word of God and Jeremiah is like a fire Dolores is not my wildlife the fire said the low end like a hammer that we get the love and peace some of us doesn't rock cats and God said my words that have you just let the words of the talking he even had been preaching at this stage that the word talking because in the dark night of their dungeon in their lives the Scripture has a profound supernatural power to regions are hard that no human has ever let anything hurt when they are reading it straight from the word verses from new certain times now want to make this clear that you must be until the guy I don't have all the answers the whole point of this is humidity so in tune with the Lord as you know his voice and you know what to do and what when a person is chosen so sore their life situations in combination with the word of God and prayer prayer prayer prayer you have to distance of the point whether chasing social and some people had all harder than others and some people it takes in decades in and out of jail in hospitals but you keep right you do not give up you keep writing because you know what your prayers keep them alive as Cuba when their season sole-source to the point where they deteriorated enough my brother and I want OxyContin and it got to the point where we were taking the drug not to get high anymore we were taking it to survive I hated that this is full-blown addiction this is what addiction really is when he but you don't want to live without your stress is a love-hate relationship I take the pill in order to function again if I wanted to head off for a five thousand four by Martha had to get another things and it was such a miserable condition for me I was sad I was okay but I did not know how to get has anyone ever watched on television like maybe World War II or Vietnam and UCR maybe the recent wars arrested actual person being rescued was a POW a prisoner of war what do they look like they were you don't usually sin and wasted an emaciated and they use it to get tired on the stretcher to the chopper in the absence of nominating nutrition and their bad thing you think about these people in the same condition they need you to be destructive there they need to carry them they need to take into the right position place hospital facility as well saying you we do all the work a person for so many years on a gun escape from their pain escape underpaying people never painted in that they never make and meanwhile all the pain and satisfaction this bill there is increasing not wounded and broken down mentally and physically that even in the weaker state than they were when they first started they didn't have the courage to face their stuff when they first started so when using the cards as of right now when you think motivation is right now he is right now do you know if you have a cabinet chemical ran out on yourselves right now on a piece of paper with your and then you have a life of addiction and it is your same chemical print out they look like two different people you know why because you're essentially changed you might get you wonder whether not the same anymore because they're not chemically or not they are POWs oppressed we wrestle not against flesh and blood family and I am fully convinced that these demons of addiction are one of the worst and most difficult demons to get out of people 's lives Jesus said this kind of thing but by prayer and asking demons that console peoples bodies and there was power on the side of the oppressed you need to do you need to find out what facility they can go to use dual networks say I look at this place I found this facility is the cost this much this counselor this remedy whatever this that is the plan of the program you come up with Edgar at this phase when you know they're better that angry and are not satisfied admitted the woods admitted I hated Bastille tract if the SSA 's with their winnings would minute assessment by the spirit humor as a way of escape to and say when you go they need to strengthen their they need to be tightened up at that point nothing I'll share with you I have met God what he revealed himself to me I shared my testimony last night and God showed himself to me that he was really there and I said wow and I was going to the Bible studies in our spread moves in but you know what I and I and I enrolled in a place to go to recovery in Houston ago but in the meantime a couple of months before I went I still had to take a job in my system the function and so on and I place on on on a late-night and I'm angry because I'm going through withdrawal still and I think about these people of the Bible study know what I'm going to multiyear shaking yet God is good and the devil is getting into my mind seeing God is good and all that but then nobody knows it on booking the pain is excruciating I broken above I burned myself before but withdrawals the worst thing I've ever felt in my life and my nerves on edge and I'm shaking I'm watching the television screen is very blurry and there's a pastor talking on the screen and he's telling the story he says because the hospital to try and console this woman would just lost her son she goes into the hospital and the woman season after he said that I want to adhere I wonder nothing about God what does God know about losing she was good as they would've gotten all problems in the side passage to signify that she was it and they exist and say the president began to speak as Allison on the couch shaking angry the pastor said what does God know about losing some matter of fact what does God know about pain and that I might be giving a talk about Jesus and how we in the worst emotional pain was mental pain and I saw Steve through the blurs the television and in way that being born I thought seizes grassland in his costs down and he was thinking and I thought he was shaking as he was dying on the cross and something in your neck as I was thinking I didn't feel alone not only did I not feel alone I broke down in tears on that count is also home as I said I'm complaining about my withdrawals is this guy leading sweating not even open his mouth not in a Coldplay and is doing it all for me I is the must out as something how that happens you can identify with somebody that's been through what you going it means everything to someone in that position identification is keen if the person is willing to go to an NA or AA meeting I highly recommend it they are willing to go take this something that happening me when I went to recovery and I sat in the back of the AA NA meetings and people would get up and talk about the same thought start thoughts same feeling same struggle same addictions that I was going through and I identify with them I feel alone anymore and on top of that I saw somebody on the opposite side of addiction that needed out in a deep hole a person caught up in this trap is a completely hopeless person it doesn't a lot of motivation for yourself your mental things change but when you see that it's possible that you want to share this with you Philippians chapter one Philippians chapter one living so long that as I read through this I want you all to think about where Paul is as he's writing this letter Paul is actually imprisoned and he has freedom taken away as he's writing the book of the look with me if you will a verse thirteen so that my bonds in Christ are manifest in all the palace and in all other places and many of the brethren in the Lord waxing confident by my bonds are much more bold to speak the word without you the project to verse fourteen do all things without murmuring and disputing brothers imprisoned budget chapter four verse four rejoice in the Lord always and again I favor zones above is imprisoned look at verse eleven not that I speak in respect of life I have learned in whatsoever state I am there with to be content with his mother at this muffin right here with you verse twenty one salute everything in Christ Jesus the brethren which are with me greet you all the saints salutes you chiefly say that are Caesar's household the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all a man this brothers imprisoned in Caesar's household a prisoner of the Emperor Nero and his household this brother says that my exchange my bonds are witnessed and are manifest in all the palace and anybody is looking at me in my condition are receiving strength and are talking about I more only now because of me there's brought away from from Jerusalem all the way to Rome in prison and started a church in prison to get again all the saints here at Caesar's household salute you rather go to prison and start a church you know why because brother Paul was walking around the palace windows Jane rejoicing in the Lord always and again I say rejoice brother Paul was content in any state that he was a you and him and a song on his heart he was encouraging and exhorting you and complained in murmuring in dispute you know everybody else out of the take notice of that while my walking around this powerful freeness by the sensational one hundred percent of disposable reasoning the Bible says with the spirit of the Lord 's there is something that caught my mind and dungeon of my room in the dark when I experienced the head 's you know what you still bother me I said I was free to do everything that I wanted to do my life but yeah anyways continues of playing online and get on my nerves it was the face is up my parents I kept seeing my two parents smiling and happy and glowing and I couldn't figure it out us about the lab has led to a lot of hard stuff and I like but every time I think about him every time I go around and are always happy they'll always have this blowup and the well considered the best will do Bible study and all these people come to Bible study talk about taste and see that the Lord is good brother put his hand on his animal shoulder and said nothing I wanted to slap and I love my shoulder but his eyes call it was as if Jesus was standing right here new Sundays workings second brother to been seen in the Lord 's I felt like this brother was so confident in season is it shook me and you know that I was sorry and that you can speak is not within this was switching godly example on Yukon communities when you step into people 's presence today know that you been with the low when people are angry I see when I call 's are complaining are you complaining with what someone cuts he wanted to what's rightfully yours are you upset on you rejoice in the Lord of everything give sex the Bible says for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you people get back to you and you must the appraiser you could do good to them you know what happened when I was at a Bible study I realize that the wireless power cool but when I saw the word incarnate when these guys were talking about their testimonies in their struggles and are praising the Lord how they carry themselves how they behave how they even taught their children never seen nothing like that with my coworkers out there in the street it's the only motive to ask the apostles Paul accountants won many a soul to the gospel because he had a heaven born piece express on his face Paul carried with him the atmosphere of having all was associated with him felt the influence of his union with Christ the fact that his own life exemplified the truth which he proclaimed Jane convincing power to his preaching lies the power of truth the unstudied unconscious influence of a holy life is the most convincing sermon that can be given in favor of Christianity argument even when unanswerable may provoke only opposition but a godly example has a power that is in humble holy services are saving if you want to rescue those in affliction and addiction God has rescue force he has to rescue universe so if you want to save somebody that means you got a wall close to the King that you can have that atmosphere had about you because it is a godly example and go I then began to make people think God is regular in the dark corners of my room exactly say stuff like this God I believe God heard to helping all these people God can you help me to and at the point where I put that hello I flat out to the Lord help and tears will come in on the hot eyes and my heart was broken there is one that years the groaning of the prison to lose those that have appointed unto them he brings them out of darkness and the shadow of death and brings their bands he is combined with a broken heart and to proclaim liberty to the captain 's and the opening of the prison to them that are Psalms one forty six declares the Lord knows the prisons of this woman being a daughter of Abraham be loose from her bonds this day one thou Art loosed fund unemployment the service daughter I say unto the all right I is and being afraid only been around straight up TypePad and will as you again kneeling down onto him and say to him now you can make me clean and Jesus will with compassion for this hand entrusted us with being beaten on any say I seem and perverted that which was right and it prompted in he will deliver his soul from going into the and his life shall see the loan all of these things were gone often times with man to bring back his soul from the pit to the end like when the light of the remember the Lord uses the prisoners is now heads heavenly father we are grateful that it is not power but it is your that others must see and learn real quick for the suggestions in the Council that your spirit has spoken to all of us today but maybe take the best counsel and that is to draw closer to you for you are the source of wisdom and strength and discernment and everything got a lawyer who want to take this time right now to pray for loved ones in our minds those who we are thinking about right now we pray the prayer when seasonal sewing and work your power and what can happen on her as he is a a this media was brought as an iPod the website dedicated to spreading God 's word to read sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. audio verse .org


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