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The Candlestick, The Prophet, And The Fall Of Babylon

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • September 22, 2007
    10:00 AM
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thank you for your refund that orchestras of them together many years ago Angie Long my family here was our neighbor or her father in heaven we thank you for this unit will week that you given us in the social data we can come together about your word in your spirit will be with us and I printed your strategy through me I need behind across the network to be in Homeland that the words that you this is my heard Jesus all the title for today's sermon as you can see in the lesson is that candlesticks the fraud in the fall of Babylon and the sermon is based on Daniel chapter five annual chapter five now what is Daniel chapter five about think we know the story of the whole shelter and the handwriting on the wall and at the end of the chapter builds hazard is slammed by Gary is need if you wanted to summarize in one term while Daniel chapter five as of now you could probably entitle this chapter to follow our annual chapter five is the fall of ancient Babylon now we know that in the book of Revelation is as high as another that won't last long so it could be possible that what we will and energy Daniel chapter five is very relevant shoe the book of revelations of the congregants you what said Sunday she's starting interceptor five for more nausea she made a great feast to a thousand of his Lord and drank wine before the thousand else as well as the wine and managed to bring the gold and silver vessels which is automatic another in and out of the will which was injuries at the King and his trances his wife and is on coupons might drink their so what we have here we have a great feasts that no other is strengthened they are a few well and the people that are at this Easter is Ari happened to be the Lord the kingdom of Babylon which gives you the idea that this is a very political of the political thing that's happening your anyone of political significance you want to our insurance mills shuttered exchanges run the party and you don't want to be left out of you like President Bush on state dinner or if you're one of the leading politicians sure like to be and so should you have any political event shaking voice and notice what they're doing in this political offender drinking one now interestingly enough it might be fair to say that they are drinking the wine of Babylon since that's where they were and I'm just telling you that when you drink wine I never drink on Butler and I have if you haven't you won't start if you have I got Gracie Montebello the society that he drank one in clouds your sanction on Ron are you yelling if you want to know thinking and changing it on as you using that you made he wouldn't you enter normals are you use your inhibitions and without even realizing you gotten yourself and your role this is happened over and over again in the history of district people I'm different than anyone else my drink on the well dull chatter in these lords are no different than anyone else he drinks one their senses were flat-out another wages you what evidence of a traveling came under the lesion asked you there true condition each has what was really happening outside of the study was that they were being surrounded by the Army and the needs and version so all they thought that they were safe inside the study a storm was grew that neither you should notice what happens after they drink this one was electrical the one one dated the assessor loses his inhibitions as one we get those golden and silver the that my grandfather management of strikeouts some injuries now else Chester Chronicle he was a very good students history knowing what it should you Jerusalem how it had been taken captive how they brought the Jewish capitalist about one BC also need that the God of the genies was really all our huge team the wise men of Babylon and in true grit or even commenting another one of the dream will check you Eugene Daniel Carley there is nothing another's future after having his dream and check for and yet he started drinking wine he basically ended on the God you know what I minimize my wine with your willingness sure you really need about now when my notice what happens next in verse four as they drank wine and phrases the God of the gold and silver of grass of iron of what the so many hazards change in understanding a few the true God was that they'll censor because now I know my grandmother thought the God of his all-powerful God I'm sure the God of heaven the king of Babylon so he annexes the one about the woman holding the age range the wine and I start worshiping small and out of gold silver brass iron wood and interestingly enough for these elements are the same elements in the image and your ninja she and an application you can say is that they were worshiping the gods kingdom of this work refusing shared knowledge that God is God and that he is the one who sets up kings and state now and I was the last the netting another and learn and the reason why he was turned into an animal for seven years you read in Chapter four e-filing the understanding that God said to a year it also has him on King of Babylon and I'm in the Bible God of heaven on for my wine into the holy does God now notice what happens now verse five and your elsewhere so there is a lineage in this that I think we can look and great work factors in mind what happened in verse five says in the same Howard teams or fingers of the man's and wrote over against this candlestick upon the classroom while picking out the kinks of what part of the hand that rare few ever wondered where that phrase am writing on the wall in the store we probably all his friends at someone like me never some things about the crash Japan running from the law enough handwriting on the wall that now why was the hand writing on the wall why did singers of the man can come over in the right against the wall on the candles that this candlestick shine light on the right while you look a little bit more carefully the first four versus Bell center brings this political wards to the east they start drinking wine and management and she some kind of a weird real register and start worshiping false gods so here you have the political years of Babylon interreligious worship search drinking one so what you have here in the beginning and end of chapter five is you have a fall on moving you between that which is only in that which is grown in your the one element only nozzles and when the Eagle drank the wine a start worshiping all robberies of the local leaders do you have a union of church and state under false regions of the all or because that will should have enough that the God of heaven is the true God but instead shows you worship a false God which they were more easily led to worship when they drank their wine about and so the first five years you have the fingers of the men that right against the bar on the plaster of the wall and have a channel that shines light on this message has been written on the wall very interesting now let me point out a few places of what fingers of the manhunt and possibly represent mobile now if you like advantage of August twenty three twenty four clear annual total alternative this hand was sent from God so got some slow to understand to write this message on the wall the human Scripture there's a few places where we had the hand of God the fingers of God so to speak writing a message one places the ten Commandments written by the finger of God and tables of stone a pointless other place you have a womankind adultery Jesus states that in right fifth finger in the dust and arrive all the leaders that were used as one of me under I condemn you gallons more and he was just those leaders were condemned as one adult and one other place of point home however it is the eight nine sixteen and eight nineteen you have the light of life in court on the injections over the way applied for judgments of God on Egypt for not letting his people got so you have like a aged gang assesses associated with the judgment of God and until that time the magicians of Egypt have been able to copy something like that when the light came they were not able to talk about goings-on in Exodus eight nineteen Mason truly this is the finger of God so if you does different examples together in Scripture the anger of God is associated with judge when you have here you have in Babylon in ancient Babylon was mere thing an instructor by the fall of Babylon and the singular than that let's do it all you have dull schnauzer calling the political of the drinking wine using the wine and holy vessels and then CEO worshiped false in that combination led to the handwriting on the wall it surely is connected with judgment obviously in verse six health centers very troubled as well he should be and then verses seven eight else as an aside Paul the wise men of Babylon to try to help him understand what this writing on the wall it's him after five in verse eight then came in all things why is that they could not read the writing nor may known to the king the interpretation thereof now I just thought why would Bill 's shoulder all the wise men of Babylon again at as early a little bit of this and chapter one the wise men of Babylon are one as smart as you generate vision and why would you bring in a group of men that are in person as smart as other people in your chain in SF CA the wise men of Babylon they can even held an interview with the dream as well given the interpretation that Daniel of course Daniel ignore what about all intruders Daniel chapter for the NHS or even sell his wife and what the dream as NHS interpretations but then so then history repeats itself in chapter five is a handwriting on the wall and get humility to all my manual that the wife of your jumpers in the smartest annual phase never been able to interpret any of the dreams that we seem the evangelists further hearing of the prudent they don't really know much and sure enough they could not make interpretation of Henry Malloy and I was clearly terrible it's it withdraw so why do you think that every time that the wise men of Babylon that not true the message from God again you already joined our truth why not glorified in that way and forth we know the story the Queen Mother is as you need on your first love Jesus used in him as a scare that only God is the bottom line understanding and wisdom like with another guy management and author came to our made master of the magicians astrologers Chaldeans and sees in circles so Daniel 's hall and shared intragroup the handwriting on the wall and we know that he was able to do so the notice work what Daniel this is told that if he is able to make the interpretation that he will be closed with Scarlett Havisham brought about eleven shall be the third ruler in the chain verse seventeen dances when I guess it was something in the report I will make the running of the king of magnanimity in your nation so that I wasn't interested in any worldly honor wealth or power he just was there she do what God omitted and then she gives L Sasser a little history lots of testing are your your honor ninety German or what happened to Steve became an animal or seven years it just got humble and yet sure you are doing the very same thing you should have known that that has or perhaps didn't know any better and so God is the appropriate chassis that those hazards you knew all this yet give my humble now what does that say about a lot of things we know and you we learned our life a little word of God when we know what the word of God says reviewing the East notice the things that Daniel mentions that are essentially leading shoe is all about Daniel says in verse twenty three number one you will set yourself against the Lord of heaven in your used only vessels that are really intended only for only eight boys you've worship false any of non- glorified God so they'll shattered Wednesday decided you drink the wine about one the holiness of God and worship of God even lifting themselves up against the God of the spirit about that is why Babylon fell down one cell because it let it snow against the God of heaven and if you study about the enzyme that one is injured these great words against the most was obsessed most sensitive will get back to Babylon received an judgment of God because it limited itself up against God knows I want you show you some interesting things no man and wife interesting experiment verse twenty five Daniel now reads the handwriting on the wall and just the interpretation of this camera in verse twenty five and this is the writing that was written meaning you will you are is interpretation of need number biking tackle our way in the balance and found one Arab kingdom is divided and given to the needs and that her of what is on a very fair the first car God has numbered the kingdom is finished not realizing this is God 's judgment being pronounced on Babylon as it is reached it fallen a little first part of the judgment is God has numbered the kingdom and finished this gives us the items of God has numbered your kingdom that God has been working in the kingdom of Babylon he's gone through eight hurrah of each termination numbering or investigation to come to the conclusion about the kingdom of the so the first part of this judgment is incremental on Babylon is that God investigated your kingdom and the second department is not thou art weighed in the balances in March one over the first car got a message urging them the verdict your way in the balance of themselves want to be in the last part of the judgment is your kingdom is divided and given to the needs and versions not since the judge Jeffrey Proxima start the first part is encouraging investigated your kingdom the second part of your kingdom is late in the balances and found wanting a master artist is divided and get you have a proper investigation you have this number and you have this reading heart of Jenin will follow back and of course the last part was a little problem in ninja cheated out of goal is all I hear your so there is little hung across as an application on the remaining time that we have an chapter five is written in the Bible for her reason is there to help us understand what it will be like when Babylon called again in the world you have a scanning shouldn't have been the trigger is that he just shy to worship the way he wants to own drink doesn't want to worship the God of the goals of progress arm would and he'll do so in a religious and political arm and I want to read Revelation chapter eighteen verses two and three relationship ranging verses two and three starting our own universe Babylon the great is fallen is all and become a habitation of devils in the old every foul spirit Institute of every unclean and hateful bird for all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication wishing the leaders committed fornication with her emergence of the earth you were rich the endowments of her daughter is easy the same components as I think your drinking on about one years of their God goals oversaw breath I went all of those things are harder of all of thou the end of time that one is a union of age and if you get in Revelation seventeen of the one and I want to make other train or want and so each other that they worship false gods in this leads to her floor and if you are reading second Thessalonians registry versus my thriller is that God will send them strong delusion that they might believe a lot and of course that's strong delusion comes from them drinking the wine about when they become the leader they are able to discern the difference between truth and error area or Korean Herald in such a reform eighteen ninety three and this tells us clearly in Babylon the following denominational churches are about thirty the following denominational churches now sometimes I wonder why we go to other churches to figure out yet shirt rose improve our worship services under the altar to the Bible and Xmas we are the light of the world that God is interested with a message millennium Greenock that one has been sponsoring poisonous doctrines the wine of errors that wine I want about Juan 's error and Shia list some wine writer this one of errors made at all Spartans such as the natural immortality the soul each journals weren't aware in the denial of the preexistence of Christ prior to his birth and death on Monday and have heating and exalting the first ever wing about the only thing in my day these engendered errors are presented to the world by the various churches in the structured Scriptures are from Elba is a for all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath he and he ran great controversy she also says that he cannot stand yet the all Nations and drop one occasion I come to bury the child know what I want me now is the this message of the following Babylon is a crucial heart of Gazans on message and we as people have a crucial part of claim remember Daniel chapter five when the handwriting 's name on the wall what was it that shall online on that street art judgment message of all about it having to be a candlestick if you like a ninja five says in the same hour and fourth fingers of the man's van and drove over to the candlestick upon the classroom of all the scandals that gave aligned to the three-part judgment our message now it is time in relationship to fourteen there's a three-part judgment our message that goes of the whole world the second Angels message is of course Babylon the great is fallen on the issues made all nations drink the wine of the rest one occasion and those reading messages are treat heart disease stroke claims during the judgment our first messages fear God and Gordon our judgment is just as there was a judgment on Babylon game Chapter five is also a judgment on Babylon at the end of the war and the candlestick gives the lie to that street art to our message what is the candlestick is a church which the seven candlesticks revelation while the candles is that channels a good way to see what the latest CME I'm just people so a judge people are a church that fine line on a three-part judgment Allen just as a candlestick he gave new life to the three gardeners are our message in the past now even though there was each candlestick has shown my on my three part of our message of wise men of Babylon could not interpret the right and the same is true to fall in terms of about one a.m. the slightest clue about three and a way we were raised by God to give them are rolling in Earth 's history we are God 's people to get that message because the wise men of Babylon cannot interpret the dream they cannot interpret the right now is in the book of Daniel interestingly enough after all there's a frosty that points to the China beginning in chapter twelve her sinuses the wise shall understand and Daniel was a wise man and then in chapter five who was ten times harder than one of them clearly is very I understand our model and has shuttered for the wise shall understand because there's something that's sealed till the time of the outages running quickly download the list of descriptions and revelations this field is open is open for the understanding of the site and have made now what specifically was open for the understanding of the second half of men while we know that this Douglas he also is harmony in seventeen ninety eight and in the book of Daniel chapter eight verse seventeen the angel Gabriel Bell Daniel understand the vision is for the time you aware this was that it was the vision of the twenty three hundred eight so those who are wise at the time of the will understand the twenty three hundred eight crop written by the prophet Daniel and the reason why they will understand that twenty three hundred across these because that's twenty three hundred a problem is the specific cross the points of the three Angels messages that state fear God and glory the hour of judgment CMS three messages of Revelation twenty two the fall of Babylon a judgment on warranty and is just as you have a three-part judgment interpreted by the prophet Daniel Daniel chapter five so those who are wise and understanding twenty three hundred April the art Siebel at the time so he got assurances zero October twenty three four with no missing Jesus went most holy place as soon as you send from heaven that one of our is false because God is working in the sky will understand twenty three hundred are you sure that the world now is when our one hundred and it is true that those who are wise units on one twenty three hundred eight runs in any industry our children our hostage to the world and is true that those people are the second animated which is our churches and church bananas and Daniel chapter five but it was especially Janelle who was able to enter the writings the writing on the wall was dancing Daniel was of course the wise man the Hebrew chapters but he is also God 's troop crossed Daniel was God 's truth raw format do this is not sent a true pro to ensure crew as three-part judgment our message and I will tell the first round of you think you'll regret that you and your three per judgment on the dependence on so I have no apologies and sending out why the remnant church to give us an understanding industry are just enormous and let me just read your great robbers against four eighty six one at the time appointed for the judgment a close of the twenty three hundred and eighteen forties or begin the work of investigation and the walking out of dozens also have ever taken upon themselves the name of Christ for most assets searching scrutiny of the living and the dead are to be judged out of those things which were written in the books according to their work God has given us as no negative symmetry here today are you listening you never read online if you have time you are going on to the manual very much and very on one that I would highly recommend is a great and that of all is what's your most writing possession she and he has an inside imagine I'm not going to further away to be politically correct because God has given master of the messenger should help you here for the time which we live in now once you start throwing her out of her starting to get on very shaky ground what will happen when Bell shows history and Daniel came back into the picture after your way rebel shot model of what happened on was with a practical application really true that the fall of Babylon was associated with a one-on-one nutrition stay in worshiping false sense or is anyone really getting on his message over what I like about the manager Tuesday to Sunday worship that you are out of town now all these things we know that were living in the judgment hard realist like the living room just is Jesus our best and we love Jesus with all her heart that were spending more time at enmity with its television the Internet things of that page Jesus is averaged and she switched apartments on which you agent forty four as our great high priest and the main what he is doing right now and we are living in China we now I'm not now how God want us to eleven euros this judgment heart on as each use on him while in all this time and God will forgive me and I'll make things right and only I got a higher standard you want to address to live in the judgment Howard and I'm going to read is based on Dennis hundred five seven minutes found in the writings of Ellen White remembers UK were ninety one watch she therefore less suddenly he find you sleeping carelessness the condition of those you growing weary of their watch turns the attractions of the world while the man businesses absorbed in the pursuit of gain while pleasure lover is seeking indulgence while the daughter of fashionable ranging grid dorm it may be in that hour the judge of all fearful pronouncements our way in the balance in our town wants the message vanish after five is just a street address today as it was rebel shelter and is in her here in Southern California so easy to get on to the mistrust business metrics you are absorbed in the pursuit of game it's so easy to be singing about getting an education so that we can make a lot of money and have them all on one of my general it's so easy to get absorbed in the players that are so probate of around running a morning among all of the Holy Spirit is whichever one is that you're struggling and the world will run your mowing audio and all of those things is through that right suggests should be under care of the judge our human judgment are messengers under criticism yet even in the last years people normally trembling the judgment on something or any message that makes me no longer just well the Bible is clear he will face the judge whether we like it or not whether you believe in a theology that minimizes the judgment there will he adjust and have personal force thankfully the aftermath of Jesus Christ everyone is making her session throughout and she's in heaven right now interesting for each one of these being on your behalf at his heavenly father with all of them homers saying my grace is sufficient my strength is made crooked in the heat offers that our each one of us today so that we can live like Jesus in the judge and there accommodations are they very soon when the revelation eighteen one or regions which doesn't ask for these things I saw another angel come down from heaven having great power and the earth was lightened with its glory and what's the message that follows one at all what it who isn't that like your photos chlorine is God 's people through the candlestick on Mister and that will happen when God the people you journey and you instead is gorgeous I will serve my current router today is that you will realized that we have adjusted our world that we will get Shane and we will not be ashamed of the special gifts that God has given to his church is given as he is made of the candlesticks of the world you given a raw and with that nomination she told us to go out to share this message the world so maybe the face she's a challenge that guy is dressed as we live in the judgment of the other in heaven we thank you for the privilege of being seven then we know that with this privilege comes great responsibility we asked for forgiveness for where industrial unmanaged arms we pray that we would let each of this message through your power and we would point people to Jesus you is our attic ever lives to make intercession trust so that each needs and on that Judgment Day of us to be faithful my printers any person you are today that has been convicted by this message and is maybe struggling with some of the Ellen Baker that you would work on their part in helping to see in the that you can know that every need in life including the sins that so easily beset the health of you like Jesus we thank you for your lecherous as his marker and uses the


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