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From Trials to Triumph, From Atheist to a Theist

Reed Webster


Reed Webster grew up in a challenging environment where his parents fought often. He was an Atheist that providentially started reading the Bible. For 5 years he accumulated many questions, and he started getting answers as he met someone that challenged him in a Christlike manner with the Bible. After much study he fell in love with the author of the Bible and now is not ashamed to share the answers he has found in God's Word.



  • August 16, 2014
    2:30 PM
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thank you everyone for coming for you I listened my testimony and I'm reminded of Revelation twelve eleven where says that they are examined by the blood in the land where the testimony is Emily had testimony and then a man and a good estimate income from those who don't we do have one those who grew up in the church and are still in the church are faithful to God so you have the testimony of my message is called from trials the triumph from atheist to atheists well if you are asking my youth I would've said that I was an atheist now it's a very strong statement itself it's a concrete absolute statement but looking back now I run at I don't think that that's a possible statement read I say that because in order to be a true atheist should truly be an atheist you got to know all things in all places at all times because regarding atheists not to make an absolute statement that there is no God and as a human being is impossible you can't make a absence in such really is the belief that there is no God so the closest one can come to an atheist is an agnostic you just don't know that atheists really struggling with just the idea of God in unity really puppy angry with God so I listened I was an atheist I wasn't truly hideous I wasn't mad at God I did have a hard life for children through a little bit maybe not as hard as that leak but you know it all our struggles and not view this differently so a little bit about myself my child my parents for my whole life and they argued they there was physical and verbal abuse and that's it to keep it keep it light I don't want a lot of time on that but it was difficult going home I wouldn't say the home was a place of refuge for me people feel comfortable coming home since their parents they didn't feel like they can be themselves at home that was not how my life was my life was in the dark dark place literally it was dark out my dad had this sensitivity to light and so it was a dark place even when you walk in you could just feel the darkness see the darkness that's my life is like and you can imagine okay so the guy is my think that he was and so coming home was a someplace I would like to be when when I was growing up I guess I wasn't raised in a Christian home I know I give a religion the closest thing I came to it was what I watched on television television made religion a mockery and Isis how I look at religion like the one you can hear me okay then I will get my company and is and was this was a reporter and you guys hear me now is better okay the Lord I try to what might I like to wrestle topless I will be left desolate as a Christian home I know I get a religion with ESL as well as on television and my dad was not easy for sing-along with my mom and her hand was my sanity she is a kind gentle loving person patient humble neat like every aspect of the fruit of spirit she example five and she wasn't in my mind aggression she was just a very loving person and so she was the reason I was able to I think my sanity and my dad used to call her my defense attorney which I believe she was and that's okay I needed it but in an axis thirty four verse seven says that God would visit his ends of the third and fourth generation and yellow I first read that verse as I began reading the Bible I thought this is so strange God is going to visit sins upon children they didn't actually do these things as I thought about it it makes sense to me it wasn't because the children themselves were suffering from with their parents it is not like Mister that the lifestyle issues were the parents reside a diabetic you know you may be prediabetic and early age know what I learned was that reason the sins to carry down the third for generations because typically your raise out the way your parents were raised in the arrays were there appears reasoning of the cycle of perpetual darkness the dispute carrying down figures your children to suffer the same thing if you suffer with so if you don't know that while you're young when you get married have children going in the past in the same things now need your kids and that's in my life is like my dad had a rougher child and I did love her child denied it and he would tell me stories I will repeat that I just couldn't believe it he actually went through the things so in hindsight my dad was much better than his that but he still had his own troubles and so I knew it in his heart he didn't like who he was it repeatedly she wanted to change and you know there was times when light which shines through the dark cloud that surrounded him but those words as often as I'd hoped the one thing I learned from them this is something that God showed me is that not even him I doubt how these strengths of anger you Stephanie called the war face and I laugh at them now because it just sounds so ridiculous but he can you can literally go from zero to sixty in a heartbeat any he had his face of terror and I don't know he tried to teachers and he said he avoided a lot of flights by having this war face it they just look someone in square in the eye to getting twice the size and they would step down because he had this fear in his eyes about my childhood as we try to teach me this action ever get it down like I like a nice person as if it didn't work for me and so he just got to give up on that but what I noticed was that when he would have these bouts of anger he would come back and asked for forgiveness you sent sorry Sunny of his life I need to do that start in this happen time after time after time to time after time after time and effort data freely it was almost like the norm I know he doesn't really need it but on dinner on the forget and so when people reverses like first on one nine where it if you forget the asked for forgiveness God is faithful and just forgive us our sins or a Micah seven eighteen who was a God who can pardon sins and forget the transgressions of his inheritance was exotic forgive so greatly for me this wasn't a hard thing to accept theological struggle with these verses like I gone too far God is taking does not forgive me but this was hard for me to accept I've forgiven my dad so many times but he did any how could I forget when he got right how can I forgive more than God can forgive so I really got forgetting the words of forgiveness come from within the outing why would I want to forget someone clearly God gave that to me that forgive me that's a neat clearly we've had more funds to forgive others so this will then myself when I was nineteen years old my parents somehow became religious it was really out of nowhere I still really quite understand how that happened they were talking about the Bible they were reading their Bible there watching biblical things on television they were trained they were going to church and community like a hobby I thought while this is interesting what brought this upon but I think hairless eighteen years old moved out in Sinise as I could not want to be home and they had tried in the past to improve the relationship you as any couple does this times we argue you don't along very well and is fighting anyone you want to prove this is back-and-forth if any divorce only times and it just was it do it was never long-lasting but when if I go to church it became long-lasting longer-lasting and so I thought what was interesting this must be suffering related to this hobby of nursing of what was this whole religion thing about and so my nineteenth birthday although I just kind of thought about mine they bought me a Bible and I open it up a member Christmas day my mom was super excited in his one president of thinking wow what is it very functional person I don't like I don't like things there uses like clothes I like toothpaste I like toothbrushes I like to use what I'm going to get a gift for something when she so excited out and she and she gives me to get and open it up and the Bible to me I described as like the ugly sweater iconic object aware this thing right you do nearby what I'm not going to read it have to be excited thinking you know and so I put it on the shelf and sat there for about a year no interest in reading it time time had passed and now as a job where I had come strange hours hours that allowed me to spend time in watching TV late at night because all my friends were out doing other things and I was nearby and at the time I saw this book shuts that myself I decided on the life of the desk to check it out on months of the read of the book of Matthew I found it gotten broken church I denied it with me but Matthew really interesting stories to me that's all they were the interesting stories identity insights but if I like that story since I read Matthew this is strange I read a book in the middle it's a waste design everything I appeared to figure that out I start reading Genesis anyway I decided to re- beginning and I didn't want any input on what this book at the same Al Qaeda how many of you have grown about this okay as I handwritten answers actually heard this but but I didn't know there was a lot of religions out there and I didn't know there was a lot of Christian religions out there how can there be so many different religions from reading the same book coming out at times he reasons also the reason you I don't know the old man in a sea of yellow Hemingway and says all rights of something totally different with netbook known on the guide is ready to start now he you don't get like different stories are different perceptive perception of what the book says it all come the same conclusion you did I say lost whenever happy with a book from the conclusions of the items like I don't want anyone else opinion about what this book says and there was a secondary reason for that my parents argued about what the book said and tell me what the book said in a green room sounds so read this I want to come out Clinton's who think of a good conversation on their talk someone all have a Muslim before I would have a intellectual understanding of these chaotic conversation like a sale this is what I read and so I read it and I can say I didn't understand I mean a lot of people here got answers he had you have information share with you how how the Scriptures of the understood this wonderful I took some things away but I wouldn't say it I know I could understand the doctrines that between us and them because I disputed doctrines watch it in but there was a few things stuck out to me three specific topics one hellfire to status and three that stated that these things that interesting enough but had we die or are wanted which is on Sunday and if God is loving life and so I had these questions I finally asked my mother she had no idea was reading it as a matter fact I was so discrete when I came home and are one time she walked in on me as I was reading on my bed and I suffice to collect the state should remember this but I'm laying on my bed on the arena and now I'm all in the book and I hear coming I hear the door opening like you can quickly connect early covers over that in one hundred dollars reading it and I'm just thinking out around my age what was she thinking I was looking outright said like this I don't want to read the Bible but I'm thinking I'm not really looking at it than what you think I'm doing so strange to me like I'm hiding the Bible for my mom she's the one onto your reading in so I didn't want anyone's opinion and so I asked my question mom what what why would God have a place Reverend and one hundred on Sunday dinner answers and they were the contractors you expect to get you some money didn't go to church on Sabbath new detox only way to really help your neighbor same response you would think I was the status of the responses so I had a friend of Stephen and Stephen was a front lines those nine years old about twenty five so five or five years read the Bible have questions I'm an acetate of the lower little bit more about myself when I moved out I made friends and I got involved in a lifestyle that I definitely would not recommend anyone in I was doing drugs I was drinking I was going to parties girls were my ninety percent everything I was doing my life was revolve around okay this can help me get this particular girl whatever and this was my mindset is announced with five hundred and still in this mindset but I'm also struggling with the spiritual interests as I had a friend and he grew up across my grandfather know those nine years old he was a Seventh-day Adventist and I would've never guessed not because it was a kind person not because he can go to church on Saturday but he was been thinking about neutrino means go to clubs being we know it the same things we've really nice guy I know the one thing that's the reason I talk about it he was a very nice guy I knew if I asked in the stupidest question ever that he would be so kind to me it would make me feel dumb you respond and so I decided on asked my friend Stephen what exactly does the Bible say about this and he is the same age as me but I know he was a nice guy selling it is just an opinion little did I all well and while being answered my questions remarkably in the network and what questions would lead to more answers and they were raised in this just got the ball rolling so we're just dialoguing talking on religion for a long time so one thing I want to take away be kind to those who ask questions honestly than I had any questions just take it slow don't expect to know anything even if you think the group and the church is that they most likely don't know as much as you wish they would and so this led to formal Bible studies the friends I made in the Bible studies became my tight unit and if if you have a Bible study group of you ever attended one that will type Bible study group will become your closest friends because you have so much in common invested time with them you give grown together you learn together you relate well together this is those kind of friendships are built on something bigger than just like-minded beliefs in sports or school or girls or guys or hobbies are one it's built on Christ and that's the foundation of your friendship and so those links and Bill this change of bonds those are the people you go to in times of confusion struggle sky overlooking Laguna bill so if you have friends like that you need to make them as so this little type Bible study group we studied every Friday night now at this time I was working with the new job I had I was in a job of making a lot of money on that job died out so I was in this limbo where I was trying to figure out whether due in my life and I just started a new job and I decided him to go back to school so I just does the job I told them at the beginning I need two days of not when the school method two weeks after I just got that job we did a Bible study on the this is like the fourth or fifth study that we did as a group and if I thought that study to do now even I was already thinking that it doesn't exist on Sunday this actually set the Sabbath what really is it's a big deal especially if you grew up in the public school we learn about evolution to think that God created in seven literal days and on not only just a knowledge that I have to change my entire life and build around taking off this day and dedicated to God was I fully convinced that there was a God enough to risk everything and lose my job future jobs was like and that is like water treatment mail honestly I brought all the verses that I need when I read the Bible in a study with someone who just as will my pastor said this will walk you happen the church says that I actually read the Bible I knew all the verses while I knew most of the verses that they used to support Sunday sacredness is that I got everything the calendar I run everything I could think of the refute this idea it is truly a sad and to keep it out of the study I was fully convinced and when I'm fully convinced on fully committed that's just how I am I will argue with you into the ground it's a bad habit I'm on I grew up in a household and that's how we function and I'm still letting go of that habit but I thought it to the nail into the point where I was without argument synonymous situation at fifty percent I just got I'm sure they are even birthday off an ally because the job and agent job I work nights sometimes and it was likely just to morning or night it was either need the whole day off or even worry this is the holy authority twenty Tuesdays off I need to phase out I need Friday's off I got a something to start this job on who is my job in this reminds that okay with thank you for the job restated but I'm highly understanding and let me have my four days out of seven off and so I go my job and I read them in nice neat how they deselect the opportunity of the grades but I be convicted this out at the next thing that was and if you can't work on a schedule agreement stand item the convenience you did the offbeat maypole decide to stay well you know we don't normally do this but were parallel you keep your job or in order to schedule while break the law arrived at my job that was like a testimony that God is real by praise Lord that's what that's one experience track but that's okay so as I was as I was learning these new face the get-go I started loading up a help message and for me help was already important I love to be healthy I love exercise I love eating good what I thought was get you a ticket number eight I avoided saturated fat in a roundabout life that was good and so not now you tell me identity the okay and the interesting thing was I was on my own I learned up help message through a set of videos that I had started watching so these help videos was like okay this makes whole logical sense the vegan while my little height group might see a friend I made they were vegan and vegetarian some funding convicted on the vegan okay I'm convinced with me I'm committed on the ongoing vegan omelette on our tour are not only an outline committed unserious like I was the menu the bread is a Democrat among the eye can I get on the get lettuce wraps on the all Estonia friends were going out to eat on league and their barely vegetarian and find the converted Christian any other doing others say and how we got a soap some amazing house for long of you to do that how committed I am encouraged to fall youth out there doing know they were making fun of me they were telling me you don't view that so dominated their food mittens so good you missed it out and meeting up is China really I do know why they were doing it that's I think they were just convicted on their own but they didn't want to let go themselves and so on are you committed to understate true and so time went by months and months and months they never came around I think it's a almost a full year before they actually emitted the gate so I was able through my committed decision to stay faithful was able to even bring out then into further life so my festival refer you is that for my encouragement to you is stay faithful it may take months it may take years but there to look at you and say wow that person really believes what they're saying their committee and that commitment will follow you wherever you go unity unity known is that we are to all the better that boring on their Jesus reading the New York Times turns out is a thousand of those of the things that you can recognize formal praise God for giving recognized for so now I am I'm vegan I'm studying every Friday night for almost two hours lack two hours because I went everything that they were teaching me I would find it because I needed to understand how they believe it's so fervently how do you know that this was really what the Bible says and I couldn't change it I wouldn't believe it and I was like that was a sweet how I thought so two years ago by studying every Friday night we went to every doctrine every single document and I had got baptized at I realized within about a year that I was I was more avid system the people is going to church with an unloaded church and I'm going to status quo I'm going on here in the messages from the pulpit memorizing this is what I'm wondering I'm studying Daniel on the twenty three days with some of the three angels message cannot that want to go to church this is like this is what I'm learning this is so boring this is like the messages on here you have so disappointed I'm a really disappointing I spent unlike exciting sharing I'm on a job on talent everybody any time or I had an opportunity to share it with you this weekend on not banding obviously going out with friends in a party hearty northern nesting when even all of philosophy that young go to church on Saturday Saturday only tell you about it effect of Friday night Bible study two hours the understanding is excited out of everybody and I begins on talking for hours of people I mean this or this is like one wrongdoing in my detergents on I'm not getting that fire rekindled on ligand model study as I realized I can't go to church and that are not many get their personal time with Jesus and so two years go by I finally get baptized in the reason I get baptized because I want to know everything the church leave before I finally committed to say on the seven thousand the thing I realized is that if you tell someone Singer is the disciple you tell someone your seven-day Adventist they all know if it's also one are you actually got doesn't burn forever in their intimacy ask you all what church you go to our what religion are you rightly say that while this while those that has you just basically told him I believe this because my church and I could tell this already I mean I talk to people online the second committed to this there were committing to this organization and so I did not want to commit to organization they say or what religion are you unchristian ligatures what a church where I'm confining the most truth and that happens to be the finance charge on the seventh absence but I realized you why my why my so hesitant on axes Sanderson and efficiently I think the economy has turned Jo Cruz before the cruise Jesus of the five thousand coolest thing people ask him or what church you go to any standup all tall Sally says well I'm Seventh-day Adventist Friday on the rack and so is really something we should be proud of we have this mess is that so amazing at what kind of hesitant on sharing on some of the conflict there is a Michael negative thinkers in that negativism that whether one knows what you know and if you don't see this and you can share with why would sure from the Bible what this is not Jesus in your interview with women more so you know I'm on on the new Christian on learning these things on on trying to understand how to witness the people so I finally baptize and I'm vegan great now I'm coming the truth of the Avenue and hope and hope audio verse these two things together exponentially grew my faith is financially of your lawgivers really learn it should be on audio risk all the time powerful sermons are synonymous share with your analysis of background knowledge share with you the reason why the action at his feet up although it wonderful praise the Lord that I announces they wanted me talk about a way that I used my faith to be strong and to trust God and be faithful so the nine months ago my dad died he died suddenly unexpectedly he did not have the best health but his health was not the primary cause of his death awaited the general memorial service one mom started planning his moral services she asked me if I been talking about my religious convictions not talking everybody about it trust me she's heard the same three say the same three topics are a hundred times the donkey logo reactor like making circles but insists he doesn't want to go so she knows what I stand on a lot of topics and she asked me if you want to speak I got a moral service no mom I don't I don't want to share anything analysis often with Sharon doesn't want to share about my relationship with my dad and I do want to share about my dad I just didn't want to pinpoint emotional out there I want to get you angry if any of these feelings I wanted to talk I feel the need to share with anyone about my dad but she was very persistent and she said I really would like to share the Civil War going talk about just what everyone so okay would allow one talk about what happened same thing I thought the all-time low what happens when you die without the judgment at the second coming okay I tell her that some thinking okay mom posture is so the day comes in and I had exactly worked out what does this say not three days before I just cranked out this sermon it and God brought to mind all the verses the just high so well together synchronized to condense those three subjects sound like twenty five minutes free time so I have to start working out so well so I was couple was going to share but I knew the audience I was really speaking in my mom 's church it was a neutral environment monsters my moms friends in my my family they also think Senecal and helps no one opportunity to really witness to the housing received last time all more likely to speak in my life at the beginning of my feet and and she said well here is the first and then on I have my pastor close all that's good I'll break down all the biblical truth and he'll be backpedaling at the won't loan no faxing bonuses in excess of what he said and done things and if the day comes and the monsters of the change plans at it is the first in your way to work for me I don't want to go after him at any rate the SL I just trust God bless our dishonesty I'd ordained and orchestrated when you set up a cell to my surprise the pastor doesn't did this typical sermon where we know he's in heaven he's looking down on us he's a better place election very nice sermon and this is not the love of God and so I can build on now my goal wasn't necessary just to share the truth you have an audience they're there to hear it and not give them light and got to do with it what he wants I Michael was I want to create dial I wanted so much cannot come up I wanted someone to come up to me and want about I wanted to be able to witness to some and so this was my prayer so I go up I get my sermon that before I start though it is like a sermon for Rihanna saying okay however to gather vital to so I can pause at the Belgrade Bible from the back every other Bibles may use these and so they'll have their Bibles out and I'm going to the Scriptures on building my case anyway it's all over again in appeal that is causing as the service winds down I'm trying to meet people any more cannot intermittent floor and they're saying now and also gladly shared I never understood the way you explained makes so much sense to me prisoner thank you something they asked questions and bottles that you now they just moved on the way this is an outlet that delays in obtaining same thing really love that a couple questions for a lower question asked or answered questions General questions for mining immediate moment unlike the great questions answers questions answered and so happy and of these questions I said well you know if your hurry you will believe that they love to share with you some more and so everyone has cut is started shuffling out and Mrs. Fourier area table set up food provided in the middle of the room is to raise hundred miles that he two hours to Bible study on my families their friends and are looking on it was like a wedding analysis television on Cedeno and it's time to break down its years of sure these amazing shoes I learned and there just exists health dislike this is also new to them and it was that it was a great experience and he and I gave her a witch you guys should evening with the aim to make a point of video keep biking is my car to privilege my car ran to my car key allies this great and so the disappointing what don't disappoint part of it was for me was I should the truth right here I am writing this chair the truth about him him about two months later and young when you were like usual and she says somehow came out yelling really an appropriate way did you gather more Hawaii Alaska state I didn't want it rise but you do need to share the news that the talk I want ride but how would you feel if I came to your and obnoxious is how is you feel if my pastor came to your church and he spoke about the things that we disagree on your church is this true but I'm a pastor this is my dad 's memorial service you asked me to speak in this business is how it has to be and so she says what when you left the pastors really is okay well the truth hurts and so she says the next week he called everybody the front he says who is that my mom 's name who is that reads father 's memorial service last week if you were there could you please come forward because I'm for it she thought she tells me that he doesn't explain anything that I said he just says I want you to know that her son leaves and soul sleep and we don't believe that thank you and they walk away as it he just he just undid in my mind he just undid everything I had said bike just because they didn't read their Bible I hope that's a lesson that you can take away your we're going possibly universities when you are here throughout the schools guaranteed you can hear things that aren't true it's sad but that's the state of our church you may hear things that are true your children are in here things are true annually only the combat isn't you know your Bible because your faith is in the check in question all the time faith is given the just chipped away at the machine know your Bible and these people that go to church Everest Sunday and I just opened the Scriptures such they just came to me and said wow that makes so much sense I can't relate to realize that before wow and now they're told it's not true because we don't believe that that's that's what the condition of the world is people are reading the Bible so that was most tough for me my only hope is the seed was planted in on they read the Scriptures again their income all yeah that actually makes sense have tended okay I share quick housing include this on the love had extra time so I'm vegan two years ago I had this great idea right years ago I was going to change the perspective of people 's I idea about what a vegan looks like you talk to someone you tell your vegan when they say always approaching from you how he how do you survive basically and so this perception of what it looks like I want to change some idea with him in the gym every day on the get really really physically in shape eleven means a wow what were you doing how are you so fit and help message I help message to fail about it now living epistle Italiana and very in in the same sense I'm very kinder dogmatic in the way that I was sharing a help message and forgive me for this but like I said one convicted uncommitted and so I was committed on sharing it inappropriately and so I was sharing that lifestyle really was the cause of all the seeds of you have diabetes you know you're overweight you know you got to learn your you know you got some sudden illness you are here well okay notice all that help message if you're not doing it your fault is a schematic if you have senior guy in your signature fall not the right way to look at it and got how to teach me to my own my own health condition that one night I woke up after about three months of steadily working out to not seeing great results and I wake up Acrobat screen as you do them on the pre- rock rock salt sleeper the bathroom like it is like I didn't have to delete like I went but it was the night when it was Lyndon 's up in a strange connect that is again the world okay this happen the whole night I didn't sleep at all next day all day all I could think about I know that this is so crazy I had excruciating pain it's like I've been home for hours back I go an awfully it's just constant the next night the next day going on forty hours and not sleeping I can exercise I can barely function I think you were on and on and on about my feelings on my hands beneath how thing about tonight I go again and so I'm freaking out the clinic Greg says no you know how to make a connection note fifteen Iraqi blood tests line I'm a vegan what in the world am I going to do to change my lifestyle on drinking distilled water accounting try our natural patent remedies they'll have in your company under the cranberry juice bottles of like downing it like white undying thirst downing it on looking for other enemies the broth of block we know it if this is this is just something I discovered it's disgusting by the way it is close and I was pounding national pound the rock regions hydrotherapy I I e-mailed natural path Doctor Zell a world-renowned Australia Canada South South Africa United States they had no idea I went to a special just a specialist urologist and what that means is this is where they specialize in their particular field on this particular subject I got extensive pro- paycheck extensively throughout was going on and you guys can you hear medical background to be one on okay alleging the urologist not you looking at zero I'm dying here I this is on that a year and half on its it's improved but I'm waking up and going from waking up about twenty five times per night to about fifteen hundred night maybe like ten times a night and my mind 's foggy unexhausted I'm just I'm not myself I'm wondering online on this happening on front with the help method and instruct down with help from and so I don't really I never got an answer from God like a voice from heaven said read the review doing this is happy because you are not so in my mind I have to reason this through nine are the same as the cause of a Paul all health ailments but that how they help laws are there eight eight eight one person got when I was going through my health regimen my vegan dogmatic lifestyle message that wasn't likely to my philosophy on health was that if you weren't changing your diet it's your fault you're not vegan you have yourself to blame on vegan on accident of the Sony again on the look the healthiest meaning you can possibly get that one month and this health problem severely than anything is that like Paul I have borne my side I was reminding me through a health condition that came out of nowhere this wasn't like choose three -year-old graduate note problematic things to do this climax of problems is like out of nowhere I am just gone on just I can't function and so as Paul it was a reminder to me that God is the sustainer and source of all life is the source of all truth and I had to trust in God to see me through and so because of that my take on the help message his term changed I am much more patient and kind if you their own pace as a reminder to me that even if I am eating a lot unit to be self righteous I'm doing it because I forgot to ask me to do to take care of my body and I think that is the best thing to do and I want to do it to glorify him instead of coming off like I'm the again usually in the end and if you're not then your less of a Christian or something like that and so to take what my great way for you all is be patient with people as your sharing the truth and you come round right away as your sharing the truth behind the courageous people in situations where you would normally do it and gotten the blessing you in the process and trust in God throughout every ounce about my testimony and perfect timing and so will close order prayer thank you for McCain suffered through my testimony are I give father in heaven I thank you for giving me the words to speak and clear your mind present on how you touched my life I know that each person here has a testimony of their own and less to hear them let us be courageous for you let us be reminded daily of our need for you and let your Holy Spirit dwell in our hearts and are in our minds that we may represent to the world what it means to be a Christian not only in word and we ask you all the things you know that you like to make a disobedient was brought by audio players a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to the sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about how to you might want to send him a visit www. .com universe .org


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