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The Everlasting Gospel: The Good News Amidst the Judgement, Babylon, and the Mark of the Beast- Part 1

Alan Hush


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would looking up and down the everlasting gospel in the context of the judgment Unlimited above the mark the beast and about the issue Bob along as well what is missing the everlasting gospel in the context of the judgment and a symmetric before we start about two forty five minutes sections with a break in between okay ten minute fifty minute break in between recognize you suspect Estrada so what if Christ father in heaven we thank you for this opportunity to be here at UIC for the workshops that are now beginning to ask for every workshop speaker to be injured with your spirit so that we can all be clear especially for myself best that you bless us be with us in this room help us everywhere we pray in Jesus name amen my name is Alan hush him from England on the youth director of the North English conference of the British Union the conference is for the forty supported UIC Europe and UIC on him so happy that UIC has come to Europe I think it's it's it's at I just got ordained really going on there and I'm so happy the way it today so they get it with a brief overlooking of the judgment I'm a fourth-generation of interest not to know when I was a kid I was terrified of the judgment I had preachers preach on I didn't understand that but I knew that was a judgment and I was somehow terrified with the fact that one day my number would be open heaven my name would come up before God in heaven and he would make a decision on me I'm not would be the end of me if I wasn't good enough and so that was my view the judgment very simplistic very infantile but that's what I believe and I was quite terrified over when we study when we look at revelation and we look at the entire Bible picture there is something that is something that gives you peace nothing interfere the judgment is for you with not against you that all depends on which side he was found on most of my look at this one packet in the book of Revelation with a few verses here and there in the Scripture say so that without militarism issues when it are three things and take your pens and paper and write these things down if you want to take notes if you have these it was that drives the memory stick I can give you a copy of the presentation I if you want if you've got was that memory sticks I give the presentation no problem looking at three things have one exploit the three angels message to his messages in relation to the everlasting gospel thus the festival going to be doing the second thing I would be doing is this to show how each message has been integral to the gospel in every age so the festivals message the second Angels message on the fence in the message of elements that have been relevant in every Asian Christian on pre- Christian Old Testament and New Testament elements of the three angels of being relevant in every generation since the fall before long the last thing we want to look here to see the logo shining through each of the three Angels messages will see how time allows us to get through them well only when a focus on the first Angels message the everlasting gospel what does it mean to fear God to give glory to him to worship him why should we do this because the hour of his judgment is called autofocus on not in the draft I will board the second and third in far more detail so just a brief outline of the book of Revelation I too thought the book revelation for you focus on one chapter and then a few verses book of Revelation very briefly before chapter fourteen that all three major sevens in the book of Revelation is the seven churches is the seven seals and that the seven trumpets on the seven judges as with an appeal to the church because the church is in the bottom way I the seven seals including in them all the four horses before horses of the apocalypse that generally negative so before chapter fourteen January the message is negative God 's message is negative news before chapter fourteen of the Chapter fourteen dozen of the three major sevens I is in a three sevens the seven plagues the seven vials in the seven heads seven plagues the seven vials of the seven heads also negative book is a different emphasis in the negativity night before Chapter fourteen is bad news for those people those along of persecution taking place of negativity is against God 's people before chapter fourteen Silva one to thirteen spot news for God 's people lots of persecution I is the driving that the beast does the false prophet and a persecuting God 's people why is why is John on the island of problems writing the book of Revelation because he's being prosecuted for by musical chairs before chapter fourteen I then have to chapter fourteen it's good news for God 's people so from fifteen to the rest the rest of the book of Revelation it's good news for God 's people I did not use the basic the false twelve good news of God 's people off to fourteen identify me as the drug and the beast and the false prophet so that the emphasis changed before fourteen bunnies once people after fourteen good news though both people and by news from and plan for the devil regarding the beast and the false prophet okay so something happens in chapter fourteen it makes all the difference in the great controversy between good and evil for the minds of men Chapter fourteen is critical for us to understand because something happens in chapter fourteen the change in emphasis in the great controversy on the judgment judgment of everybody good and evil the bottom the good something in chapter fourteen is so special so could the changes human natural and supernatural history and the great controversy so the something and fourteen that we must understand I'm doing most experience of Adventist youth chapter fourteen practice principle gone is the principle of Bible interpretation I look for themes that repeat themselves in the Bible and in chapter one to chapter thirteen in the book of revelations is a repetition is the theme and its persecution when a theme repeats itself on one since his emphasis on what's been repeated to have a saying in England repetition strengthens the impression now about the principle of all of Bible theologians whether it's free to sell over often along the newborn under whose is a principle above interpretation called repeat on enlargement guard repeats himself of any any any gives more detailed prophecy in the enlarged the truth he wants us to one Don Juan for example Donnie adopted to have the image the image is a representation of human history of along me to Persia Greece Rome play your the modern nations of Europe but then Daniel seven is repeated downhill at the same time his repeated on every time is repainted and done eleven is repeated after establishing painted garden setting more detail he wants us to understand something repetition strengthens the impression but when your mom says to you would you please morning the kitchen and wash the dishes you forget your homeless if they go in the kitchen and wash the dishes you forgot will you please let us that I'm going to kitchen and wash the dishes so when something is repeated to him on one sheet on the sponsor with God God is simply uses human beings that to get our attention and he's doing this in the book of Revelation persecution is a principal or those who live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution and but she was going is going to use persecution for reason I'm going to come to the was nothing to be scared off I took the subjects that keep repeating themselves I very quickly Revelation quick outline chapter one lots of persecution to thirteen chapter fifteen Cecily happens fourteen principles of probation seven last plagues chapter sixteen chapter seventeen of seven heads kept it in the destruction of Babylon chapter nineteen the distortion of the based on the false prophet Seo I used for both enemies now Satan was locked up by the user sentiment is locked up the new Jerusalem good news of God 's people on the throne of God or will it happen praise the Lord 's office after fourteenth going to use that God 's people by news that God 's enemies but fourteen is what will for some time so what's so important about Chapter fourteen is going to look at is what is so important about chapter fourteen of them just young people you need to understand both intellectually and you need to have an experience spiritually with chapter fourteen if you haven't got the head knowledge that you have let the hot phlebotomist is you was PC with intellectually and spiritually I want to put my laws into your minds and write them on the tablets of your hot big hot intellectual knowledge along side and experiential knowledge with chapter fourteen especially because it makes all the difference in the book of Revelation another advantage of people you need to have the knowledge of the experience is left PGY C because of digging deep digging deeper have high expectations of young people both mentally and spiritually write the subchapter fourteen in more detail very quickly this is one to five talks about the one hundred and forty four thousand new head of the right hundred and forty four thousand I don't care if it's ritual all spiritual number some say all this only one of the hundred and forty four thousand people will abide like the one of them the longest I don't care if it's virtually through I don't get is but what I do care about is my possible possible it must care about one of them the weather was spiritually through a get bogged down that the six to twelve of the three Angels messages versus thirteen to twenty talking about the second coming on the harvesting the second coming of the eye what theologians call the egg the executive judgment chapter fourteen eleven hundred and forty four thousand three and is messy the second coming book on executive drugs and judgment is a declaration made by stop the fourteenth so simple is not before the thousand things messages Jesus coming again source and that's often the question is the book of Revelation written in chronological order is written in the timeline the book of Revelation is it written chronologically with sensitive eyes no is no possible and possibly on the Gunter is not how do I know the answers generally known the revelation is not chronological estimated chapter twelve Jacob I was enchanted revolution chapter twelve is Revelation chapter twelve is reversed three revelation twelve in verse three then another sign appeared in heaven oven on before the great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns on his heads were seven dies and ends on his tail swept away the third part of the stars of heaven on through them to the what is this describing in chapter three and verse three and four gotten cast out of heaven serpent 's tail served with third of the stars of heaven was at describing before Lucifer is this describing the war in heaven Satan cast out of the kingdom of heaven but no reverse to the rest to him she was with child and she cried out being in the above on the pain she gave birth was the she invests to the woman of Bible prophecy represents what God 's Church of God people who was the child was to Jesus bless us a question very practically was the Devon was the Democrats out of heaven after Jesus was born as a baby in the manger no lighthouses then the book of Revelation is not generally written in chronological know after we do it intelligently more intelligent enough but the all pots of revelation that is written in chronological on the hotline on the upcoming ultrashort the winner reading the book of Revelation is chronological how can I know for sure I is the question right is another principle of interpretation number two principal principle number two you looking out for the first second the Fed before the faith on the sixth on a seven seven judges seven trumpets seven bios Kurt you're looking at more closely and you will see that those passages in Scripture on Cronin historically in chronological order I think you'll is the three angels message from the six to twelve question to message up to fourteen again how do I know the three Angels is chronological chapter fourteen verse six on I saw another angel which amended another angel loses a second one I dress six then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven and inverse a on another angel what it says on second one to a second one in person that's telling you that the angel invests six seen flying is the one the first one one invest that is described on the second one cannot tell you right there in the Bible the best Angel is the one invest six the one flying the winter Bessette is flying S3 down there invest nine then another angel I want I said one to the Bible is telling you that these three angles are connected I saw another angel the Angels before the six I saw another angel but then another one followed I then I saw another angel a third one by the thoroughness of these free ends are connected when we read chapter fourteen three six Angels not three six Angels so I don't have the six Angels messages simply because the other three angels don't have a message so we know for sure from looking at the Bible itself the drill down invest fifteen invest seventeen and as a team go see three other Angels of these but these angels do not have a message so that much part of the three Angels messages Sweden also show that we have only three messages in Chapter fourteen the three angels are connected with but that's the other printers are not connected I think as messages you must ask the Bible questions and that the Bible give us the onset can process off another question about the question so why did God put the one hundred and forty four thousand before the fatal 's messages of the beginning of chapter fourteen I asked his question because of this agreed chapter fourteen the first few messages talking about a hundred and forty four thousand you get the impression that this scene is taking place in heaven it's on Mount Zion I been redeemed they have been reading it as it is often the fox to watch them gone for the hundred and forty four thousand stunning on Mount Zion that have been waiting before the fringes message at the time of the fringes message we understand to be the time on earth before judgment before the second coming way with me why did God put the hundred and forty four thousand before the trade is message it would make sense to me that the chapter 's shortest show talk about the fringes message first then the second coming in the judgment then the hundred and forty four thousand to follow my logic but got presented in a different way it presents a hundred and forty four thousand first why would he do not begin the Bible answers those simple questions itself the Bible answers those questions we have to understand the chapters and verses what I did to the Bible for our understanding in the original manuscripts both in the Hebrew Old Testament in the Aramaic is whether the Old Testament on in the Greek New Testament there were no chapters and there were no verses they were added later for all understanding to break it down into bite-size chunks and so originally there was no chapters investor so we need to read what is happening before but introduces the hundred and forty four thousand in chapter thirteen so need to look at what's happening in the closing scenes of chapter thirteen and known understand why God put the hundred and forty four thousand before the three Angels messages the characteristics of the four hundred and forty four thousand one is the first cartridge dimensioned about a hundred and forty four thousand in chapter fourteen is one of similar question this one looked behold the mom was standing on Mount Zion on with him one hundred and forty four thousand having his name on in on the same on the name of his father written on their four hits this characteristic is that the father 's name is written in the four head of a hundred and forty four thousand one the Bible describes a hundred and forty four thousand in this way but the father 's name in the forehead why why Chapter thirteen introduces something called the Mark of the beast the mark of the beast but not mock will be out in the fall had or in the hunt and who will issue the mark of the beast the beast is going to issue an enforced the mark of the beast I soon is that unlike beast of chapter thirteen mock everyone with the mark of the beast so the mark of the beast is connected to the land like these I chapter thirteen and immediately after everyone is receiving the market-based got saved but I is a hundred and forty four thousand one hundred mark of the beast this hundred and forty four thousand hundredths husband seal of the living God not the scene in the basement of the beast not everyone is going to receive the mark is going to be a hundred and twenty four thousand while the father 's name enough offense to guard a single in his barn is in chapter thirteen because people bought that shall be a group of advantage young people who were not received the mark these people up and out the name of the father enough for hand that was one of the seal of the living God is your God is doing he's contrasting this is principally by the interpretation number three Luke four trust in the Bible local contrasts God communicates truth by contrast we do at the same they Contreras of the summary to the complaint that you know we compare my in Munich with Manchester United to try make a point by Barcelona with Josie I could try make a point on that team silicon trusting special guards doing it this is them but have looked at this something different right to have a contrast contrast to the method of of of of communication watch for contrasts to the point that is making his bill be people who will not receive the mark of the beast why because they have the father 's name written and therefore hot in there for five days lesson to the point that was to make West we need to know we need to know if we are part of a number we can know if we have the seal of the living God us what we need to know when an engine of the numbers which will know I think we need to know that in addition people do we have to see the permit in the we have the father 's name written all for because if you don't you will have the mark of the beast is no other option it's one of the never even got to the fringes messages you this is the introduction seven hundred and forty four thousand of the characteristics very quickly they sing a new song they are vegans they follow the lab the first fruits that have no guile that without fault in the father 's name written in their foreheads so that's a pretty superhuman supernatural after Silva special bunch of our ministry is in the artist of the spiritual walk okay the superstars from there of course they'll to get the pitch of the Donovan forty four thousand of spiritual superheroes how did they get like I don't invite one thousand receive all of these characteristics and causes a positive how do they get them how did they achieve holiday villa into the three Angels messages the hundred and forty four thousand hundred next periods with God and experience with the three Angels messages off topic so if you want to be the first fruits of no copy without fault on the phone about your list virtual version you want to sing a new song on Mount Zion on the sea of glass you want to experience the unique experience with three Angels messages but the Bible is telling you the finest young people it's not trying to dance jigs is not time to just play around the time to listen to just gospel music to just Christian rock music is not trying to just how fun and games I like fun and games we could do a lot more than that we are doing more than just fly airplanes do more than just set the way to do more than just get into football blessings of good but we have to have an experience with a friend of messages if we don't will have an opportunity swapping football of the market-based while surfing a wave are you listening is trying to be serious and happy at the same time how fun have an experience with God one thing for somehow the devil has distracted his people somehow the devil can cite truckers so on his ministry is about having fun will not as having fallen on knowing God as your personal savior I have an experience with the phrase message going to do it especially the final generation right listenable was no a look at the fringes message the first Angels message I thought an angel flying in the midst of heaven how many everlasting gospel there is the everlasting Gospel amidst the market-based problem in the judgment the everlasting gospel to preach and to them that one of New York's recognition given to people so the first angel introduces to us the everlasting gospel the way everlasting tells us that the gospel is not a beginning or an end it is ever lasting women it didn't seem actually begin before the Garden of Eden is true the gospel has been applicable in every age since the four before Genesis three fifteen is the first promised out of many of the promise of the solution to the problem of sin is the promise of the Gospels the promise of the Messiah this is him this one was powerful verses in Scripture fest promise given tomatoes the promise of Jesus coming to deal with the problem of sin is the gospel on the everlasting Gospel now put enmity between thee and the woman on between thy seed and her seed and it shall bruise thy head and he shall bruise thy heel this is from the King James version book of quite clear that the version says on it shall bruise thy head on he shall bruise thy here he may Jesus I know it of it just about right it shall bruise thy head it is the skin gives very fashionable Russian sugar from this what you Americans on the Bible he shall bruise your head he is Jesus your is the oh and was not brutal crushing the original language that Jesus has been a stop on your head Jesus and of course your head into the ground in the original language while you are simply going to Bruce Jesus heal illness and is a global in the irritated which eases the thinnest short head into the debt of the original language I think that the promise of the gospel victims defeated before you begin us the promise of the gospel and soul and I went also tells us that already from the stops in the Bible just explained that analyzes the cross of Christ in the desire of ages uses the cross of Christ will be the science on the song of the redeemed throughout the endless ages of eternity and Jesus looked at how the reminder of the cross Scott into his body the nails and is hung on his feet as a reminder of what seemed cost so there will be an eternal remembrance of the gospel for eternity it will be ever lasting and its effects but only spiritually physically for Jesus everlasting consequences the cost was too everlasting the Bible also says I've also says that the land was slain from the foundation of the world Revelation thirteen verse eight what the Bible says blessed on all who dwell on the earth will worship him everyone whose name has not been written from the foundation of the wound in the book of life of the Lamb who has been slain the first one first twenty one P2 one verse twenty first twenty one P2 chapter one verse twenty four he was foreknown before the foundation of the world but has appeared in these last times for the sake of you so before the foundation of the world the gospel was in reality I was an experience in the mind of God as being truly everlasting in some way shape or form that the unrest but in the mind of God before but even maybe he prepared the gospel to save the earth to the gospel is truly everlasting and it's and its independence spectrum not just the everlasting in our experience because our experience began with the gospel with the first promise of set up at the flow but the gospel of being expanded as in the mind of God from everlasting to everlasting so it is truly an everlasting gospel Jeremiah thirty one first these days God has loved this with an everlasting no I have drawn you to myself but his love has been everlasting to everlasting right notice also what the first angel is introducing to us also on my soul another angel flying in the midst of those two phrases I sold an angel he didn't hear the angel for the injuries speaking but he also saw the Angel in other words John experienced the angel the experience that through more than one cents and selling I heard it he felt that the message to have time and experience with the angel left of a connection on interaction with the angel the everlasting gospel is not just had knowledge that must be experienced with experienced juices before we can have a testimony to speak about Jesus graphic spirits and people have a tech before can testify of experience in for myself I experienced Jesus for the first time in a twenty four fourth generation on mentors I was unconverted in the church I grew up in the judge I stayed in the church of my house was cold I was when confronted about twenty four years old it was just me and the Bible and the Holy Spirit permit the Bible for myself for the first time I was twenty four of us were Jesus reached so just because it won the judge and argument of done drums in the Oakland offense up with two hundred women need to be stored in combat in the church mind can be elsewhere whether sitting in before the preacher and the church allows me to have some experience with the gospel it must be lived mostly off story only enjoys flying in the midst of heaven look at this ninja was flying in the midst of heaven what does the Bible describe the engine five in midheaven another was the Bible is enough and the Angel is an optimist said but not standing on planet 's visible was not on the ground this could be loaded to the fact that this message festival worldwide window into the message that the Angels have an intention for you and me some office says because it's in midheaven because the message must be seen and heard around the world that's true I believe it is true but it could be long enough as well as not it could this is my thoughts by many wrong perhaps the Angels are staying in midheaven because they want you and me to carry the message on the economy Daniel do not looking on the flag in heaven was looking on I was living on a you and me alone to read the Bible to get the attention in heaven there is a chain of command on the father when he sent to do with the same problem the father sent the son in the Bible when the sun was leaving back to have included the sons and Jesus send someone to the disciples when he ascended to heaven so Jesus was leaving he sent the Holy Spirit on so has got a father who sent the son is the son who sent the Holy Spirit to the chain of command quit the Holy Spirit become could the Holy Spirit be coordinating the ministry of angels just tonight is just a thought could the Holy Spirit be coordinating the ministry of angels and could the Angels be passing the message the gospel of God 's people don't have to take to the world and with me the chain of command God the father of the son Holy Spirit in jobs on as the final link in the chain to communicate the gospel to the world and you know the saying that Shannon Briggs where the chain breaks our kids we just link so on before the sun the Holy Spirit the Angels on mine who was the weakest leg less important than experience of reasons methods but if you don't you won't be cutting the world you will be cutting away with a week 's link stops with the change but my idea but let's move on very quickly there is no one single in a loud voice no healing with you what Angela say I love seeing it but hearing it saying with a loud voice what is the Angela asking us to do the ends of vastness to do three things the USA fit God and give glory to him only and is asking us to worship him then he was asking us to fear God give glory to him on to worship him I stopped there what Thomas thought it was quarter to wasn't nine forty five and you stop me then at ten thirty three short break times and now twenty three seven minutes left I stop in half plus a short break I saw that a classicist to do three things they blog about him to worship him so why is the investment to do that why the numbers because the hour of judgment is come so the angel is connecting the family of God giving glory to God in the worshiping of God to judgment so the angel has the everlasting gospel what is the everlasting gospel the everlasting gospel is to fear God didn't want to him to worship him why the hour of his judgment is come to the everlasting gospel is what does include judgment that doesn't include fear it does include worship also include giving glory of the gospel to be in jihad and that is the same everlasting gospel we see live belting in Jesus life when Jesus lived on that he was feeling God it was glorifying God he was worshiping God but there was something the reason why the angel is asked us to do this now is because it out of the judgment is come his call but the catalyst to do this with the engine is reminding us to do what every Christian is about to do why because now the Allah of the judgment is come so no the cost of includes the judgment from eighteen forty four when it comes that extends an end in more detail free things are so created off he must've feared God to give glory to him and to worship him why because the hour of his judgment is come to visit of interpretation another principle of interpretation in the Bible look for crescendos crescendos on a show you something interesting this is the first Angels message saying with a loud voice to glory to him for woods I why for the hollow of his judgment is come in towards the interesting thing forwards it towards worship him I worship him that made heaven on earth and the sea and the fountains of waters sixteen lights for a sixteen so crescendos pipe in the text something building some of the crescendos when you studying the Bible for momentum look for the volcano and looking in the text guards come to take you somewhere to give you an experience with him just like if I is that when your father tells you off my foggiest telehealth on food without with my cock I don't do it out of my car I don't have a lot going to call she actually I think it doing it right that's it the bulk of the crescendo my daughter wanted to communicate to me a message and I wasn't listening and wanted to get my attention so it was a crescendo culminating in a smart estimated to write about the strip applying the Bible look for those crescendos are going once to get your attention let's ask the question what is unique about the first in his message the something in the Bible to write this down this will help you to understand there was something in the Bible called precious truth precious truth and the something in the Bible called present for you to transmit into your and your mother tongue presents truth on precious truth and we give an example of precious truth renovation chapter fourteen verse six the first of his message there is precious truth on there is present truth and we need to understand the difference between the two I precious truth precious truth is a trellis for all time so that is to be that is to be preached is to be experienced is to be lived is to be impressed in every generation for all time that precious truth example of precious truth John the Baptist repentance repentance going around the wilderness around the river Jordan went around the hills of Galilee and repent the precious truth everyone has had to repent of precious truth but an example of presence truth present to the John the Baptist repentance for the kingdom of heaven is at present from a sinking precious truth with present truth repent his precious troth everyone is either not to repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand now is the time the fulfillment of the prophecies of Daniel I the fulfillment of the prophecy in Daniel behold the man of God which taketh away the sins of the world at present truth about generation this is the Messiah this is the one that was promised in the process is done at present truth so precious I present the example of present truth would perhaps be no one knows for Gibran and twenty years before the flood comes his preaching get it now save yourselves the red has come in the precious the present truth present truth so after the flood no is no a still preaching repentance get in they are the red is coming no because that was chosen for the time I was present from the rest of the front nose twitching now there was something in the first Angels message which is precious I know something which is present from me to figure out without me telling so many of the thing if we do not accept present truth about the right time we may even lose our lives return was important with pressures on present that both connected and you can't have present truth without precious truth precious truth is the foundation of presence drove a listening you can't accept the Messiah until you repent repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand behold the Lamb of God is with us and the world present truth is the foundation precious truth is the foundation for present truth cannot separate that when you do before the legalism veganism when you keep the precious with depression but the present is the gospel in its unity and it's a unannounced completeness when you separate that if veganism right so after that say fearing God is not precious are the present truth precious truth right Mister precious truth giving glory to God is not precious truth of presence truth precious Roy worshiper him the precious our present precious right now that it out of his judgment is come for resident is using a point you must get hour of his judgment the present truth the foundation is the precious of the engine is making an appeal which is the everlasting Gospel otherwise the endless repeating the gospel mold what emphasis on present truth we do this now because especially because the hour of his judgment is come up to the minute break thank you in a brick ten minutes so that is very quirky looking at this precious truth fearing God what does it mean biblically to fear God is left very quickly very interesting what is in the ability to fear God Psalm one hundred and eleven best ten tells us the fear the Lord is the beginning of what wisdom is the fee of God is to get wisdom fearing God is the getting of wisdom a good understanding or how old they then do his commandments so the fruit of Fayette is wisdom the fruit of wisdom and understanding to keep his commandments to feel God means to keep his commandments which is wisdom was liposomal Solomon get wisdom get wisdom Proverbs get wisdom get wisdom so to fear God is to get wisdom to get wisdom is to get understanding the understanding is to keep the commandments of God that's what it means to feel God therefore validate that genus is the fate of the Lord is the one hate evil on our hands and the evil way before most do I hate such a fee of God means to get wisdom to get understanding so you keep his commandments because you hate evil assertiveness to I am the one that was being you that the gospel what did Jesus do for a half of loss upon the cross while we were trapped in sin ship and in iniquity Jesus came and innocent problem just how God came into the problem of captivity the problem of slavery Jesus came into the sin problem I'd freed us from the clutches on the bonds of sin this is why Jesus said when he stood up to preach I have come to heal the brokenhearted I have come to give sight to the blind I have come to set up dictate those who are oppressed I have come to set you for a this is the gospel everlasting gospel experience of the children of Israel and the slavery in Egypt is a part eleven of them on the glory of the slavers in the deliverance of the children of Israel from evil is an allegory the lesson of the deliverance across from the power of sin but not to specify this five now then if you will indeed obey my voice and keep my covenant another was keep my commandments and follow me you like what you are experiencing Israel the authority fall hundred years of slavery sixteen generations now you're free like you you want to experience more just follow me walk with me walk with me I would lead you to the profile McLeod I will come in the middle of you walk with me I will be on the just keep my covenant the everlasting gospel just keep my commandments follow my ways for me to the promised land fearing God is the same gospel supplementing this for five to six is another story I'm not preaching to the Sixers for another lesson to the vehicle is the everlasting gospel in every generation I noticed this mess as well I took the field armies to keep his commandments because you hate evil fearing God is to keep his commands because you hit evil think of keep that thought in your head right look at this verse Jeremiah thirteen with twenty three an Ethiopian change his skin although that his spots then may he also do good that are accustomed to doing evil this is a rhetorical question we have just learned to fear God means to keep his commandments and pitiable right that the Bible is in Jeremiah you change your skin can't you do could lawyer accustomed to doing evil continually know we can't do it ourselves in our own strength we can't but it's a rhetorical question but seeing you conduit you can you conduit it has to be me that this it appears that we can't help ourselves and it's true to fee and asked to fear God means to hit people I keep God 's commandments then we can do good even though we are accustomed to doing able be up on his Senate ship and in iniquity and we are accustomed to doing evil you're born with a bent to send but even though the Bible says we are accustomed to doing evil through the power of the cross to what Jesus has done for you and can do for you today though you are accustomed to doing evil you can't do good I just kind of keep his commandments and you can't hate evil it was me him impossible as Jesus did make the difference if the power of God through the Holy Spirit healing on my back and give you the deliverance from the addictions but just filling with you can do what I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me I used to smoke twenty five cigarettes a day go again with the deliverance sleep around with many women before begin Christian about twenty four when I got converted I wasn't a virgin I wish I will on the special version but I wasn't a physical version when I got my I wish I was within the power of God even all the contradictions even though you are accustomed to do enable does a miracle working power that I can't explain but I have experienced and we must not experience the three angels message is the power of the gospel to change fluid lives to the pollen presence of Jesus America was in you both uncaused people have always been expected to keep his commandments were only done on Pakistan something here okay but not place so then what does it mean to give glory to God just very interesting was a need to give glory to God first Corinthians canvas that you want says one of athletes or drink or whatever you do do want to the glory of God evangelists like to use this text when the talking about the health message talking about whenever you eat whenever you drink it includes the I believe in the health message what is far more when not this one after you do you do into the glory of God join you what you movie are you what you have move into the glory of God when he was waiting watching that it is now and and swearing and violence and she did it I walked cool movie idea to the glory of God it impacts everything about who you all getting bloated garnets giving glory to God in your whole experience in your life worship him what is worship in the very quickly worship him we wish them twenty four seven which is only going to church and about after we have to move on so there the present truth in the fastest message is the hour of his judgment is come to regard glorifying God worshiping God will support present truth and you can't have present truth without precious truth now then what makes you a Seventh-day Adventist the spirit God make use of advances doing the judges fear God is worshiping garbage was implemented for the judges worship God is giving glory to God because in the event is to just glorify God omissions in the event in our judgments the present truth the reason why God created appointed seventh Adventist church is to remind the world of the gospel in the context of present truth and if we are not experiencing living in teaching the gospel in the context of present truth we are feeling and Amish are failing in on mission which is why youth minister the truth is really other gospel with our present troubles and had been discharged his face in its family when I hideously this cynically used to not need to know the doctrines they don't not need to know the prophecy is why I hated leader said that although you don't need to know the investigative judgment eighteen forty four the sanctuary bus to have you thought that careful reading with timekeeping church by keeping the world compete with the church cannot compete with the world in people 's interest because they have a purpose and have an identity commonwealth of the truth so your youth leaders must present to you the whole gospel in the context of present truth more than just entertainment entertainment is a small pot of his next a flaccid praise God for G1 ice sheet caused UIC places the emphasis where it should be with me was the judgment I'll message that we need to know and didn't understand I wish I had more time on the loan put enough time right is a conservative attention very quickly when you're reading the Bible of auction woods for the auction was in the text what are the action was in the first Angels message flying preaching indwelling for a quick deduction was flying preaching of dwelling on those three auction was which of the most much the most what the flying into formula important Mach three automobile care I put them in the head that's an action would put it in the validity of the dwelling window but dangerous preaching saying something when you do not forget I could to get attention to the Angels message I listened to the prominent action would in the Scripture when you're reading it if you find them in action would help to find to find where the emphasis is on the questions when reading the Bible what where why when who when how often question applies to his preaching is DeAngelis preaching the whole list into preaching to those on as what is he preaching is preaching the everlasting gospel what is the everlasting gospel to fit got to give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship him that made heaven and at last the everlasting gospel of courtesy of the truly essential vitamins and heaven I don't think so I don't think so that Huckabee spiritual ugly look of a symbolic of October Teddy Galatians four fourteen Galatians four fourteen tells you that the apostle Paul is an angel Godlike is meant to angels when they have a message relations for this fourteen recon that because of time for these angels could be symbolic of spiritual condition Barlett symbolizing men taking the message of the gospel to the world on why things like heaven couldn't get the messages worldwide have mentioned that is the everlasting gospel the same gospel of the gospel today yes because it is the Bible says this one Lord one baptism one Lord one message one baptism I how do we know the fear and what you want to go on what's been going out with judgment is the gospel we do a spin from the Bible both old and New Testament look at that fearing God is the Gospel given voted what is the gospel we look on it I wish of these four characteristics explain incompleteness the gospel I like to suggest that the hour of his judgment is come and that is not meant to Doctor that explains the judgment I'll message you wish what is I'm a time to even look at that message is the sanctuary message unpacks to you and ask for us on talks the gospel message in detail during the time of judgment eighteen forty four when Jesus comes in packs it beautiful detail in a way that words cannot do it you know what I'm trying to describe to you my wife she's the most beautiful girl on there I am subject to write on the subject she's the most beautiful woman on earth I was perfectly beautiful I'm trying to say Joe Kish a brown hassle big brown eyes so nice figure but he is her about this big yellow eyes about this wide know this flowerpot the nose is about it has said all this while the beautiful Jake the seven often just be good for the next it you don't get up into the woods come not give you the pictures I'm trying to portray what I pulled out my pocket a photograph over the original will she is poor knockout she is sweet she is beautiful you agree with me right I you should tell a thousand words they listening to the sanctuary is a picture of the plan of salvation and that picture tells a thousand words sanctuary that helps explain the time of the judgment is nominally sumptuary while she wanted the characteristics of Jesus everlasting puzzles or their sponsoring message who write so when we worship the created June the hour of judgment and show us that you truly fearing God and giving glory to him there's an emphasis on an creation in the first Angels message worship him that made heaven and on the sea and the fountains of waters creation is mentioned in the first Angels message on the connection between the fourth commandment creation creation is found in the fourth commandment right on on the fringes message for the connect is a connection between the fourth commandment and the three angels message and the first Angels message you have the name of God I fear God gave the associate business is not the title worship him who may have another creates a doctors title by his name is not his type this creates a will stop the territory in the first Angels message worship the God and worship him who made the creates the title then could an untitled observatory and see the fountains of waters so we have the seal of the living God in the first message seven zero in the fourth commandment accident so the first end of Methodist connected to the fourth commandment that you creation lessened his message on the second method of founded upon the festival connected so those something about the seal of the living God is connected to the shop so if the mark of the beast could be Sunday worship on the scene of the living God and with me in the Angels message religious worship on Sabbath because some government help on hot center gospel everlasting gospel so when you see a man it will give glory to men then we will worship the beast and receive the market abuse remember Revelation thirteen when we feel man we will give glory from men other leader in God 's church by fear among more than I fear God I'm not a leader on the public in a positive money keep your money can his if I feel God before the fear among the ungodly I'm a true shepherd gossip into beautiful shepherd when I put them when I put the ways of men before the ways of God God is looking for youth leaders in his judge will put God first before men to do what's right is necessarily what nice to know what's right is not necessarily did what's popular but I wanted to determine leadership when we fear God to him and me will receive the seal of the living God and say to fear God we have learned is to get wisdom to get wisdom and understanding so that we can keep his commandments because me a people of revenue streams with God so that we have a hatred of evil and we want to do what's right we would receive the seal of the living God not beautiful enough so simple we receive the seal of the living God just by Bush of being in the presence of God I want to do what's right will be sealed and then we will automatically want to glorify him by keeping the Sabbath holy privilege of the Sabbath in order to get the seal the Sabbath is the fact that X is the side of the seal to receive the seal we just want to follow God 's will that we would do his will I would do without you keep the Sabbath day with me the Sabbath the keeping of the Sabbath is the fruit of the gospel is the fruit of the gospel I'm this close down before God on demand takes place during the hour of his judgment that will come a time when you would either receive the seal of the living God he will receive the mark of the beast but that would be one hundred and forty four thousand will start at twelve ago refused this we see the market the base because they have the seal of the living God in this case the sure in our judgment that takes place both eighteen forty four on three second coming with judgment and Greek literally means crisis in the Greek and means crisis judgment means crisis that is authority is in English though when I was younger I was a bit naughty I was a bit naughty popping up before judge and athleticism and I did something I should know that I did something very bad I have sitting before the judge is not a crisis is a crisis for me but in the Greek and then in the Hellenistic mine in the time of Jesus and the common language in the Greek language judgment noncrisis especially if you are guilty fugitives crisis but if you're in a sense a Kobe deliverance so depends whether among the innocent audio guilty in the judgment went into crisis I'm not which is why I think the judgment is positive if you want outside what is very negative if you are on the devil side the judgment is good news for the question what is bad news for the world the judgment means crisis to collect up-to-date by I saw the judgment is to define between good and evil was a worship the created those worship the beast of God on those Sufi and then couldn't believe that God will you'll was a crisis a crisis to identify our job on to reveal what is in the hot could it be that God is using simple practical test simple test that we accept and experience every day in a secular life to new wheel when you go to an examining university good simply revealing who you are is revealing what you know who you are as you delete your one ninety examinations and university is revealing you'll type the only law facilities and going to simply using what we use every day in our secular life to reveal to him onto the universe who we truly are simply some simple anyone can commit a passage in the Bible whether it was a test to reveal who they truly were a time of crisis and there were three of them we know okay I guess that was a crest of the Tyler Prashant thinking more Old Testament not Daniel Osler focused on UES Chandran the second Abednego in the passage when the time which I did there was an image it was a call to worship those desecrate the policies are the right so sweet bluesy voice control they received the seal of the living God without this unit and rubbish the dog refused about out of the imaginative dishes like prophetic language and the revelation while so though the type of crisis when both you leftist control was a received see the God who bemoan the hundred and forty four thousand they were not receive them up in the basement and I will do what's right and one a lot might want and will do what's right because of experience in a live the free Angels messages then I spins with his gospel everlasting gospel there feeling God they glorified God that worshiping God June the hour of his judgment the judgment and always bring judgment on your chapter three always being judged with a just a three boys always up everybody to a story and I know three are presuming in all these things forgive me if you don't write everybody was being judge right and money on the plan of your from all from all of the other provinces of us is on the satraps the governors the prefix to my distress and all the assembled body everyone representing the entire kingdom was that on the pin into a rut and link body was being judged judgment in the book of Revelation judgments is for everybody and that judgment reveals who God 's people is the judgment is for everyone but as for God 's people as against the world the judgment is good news for God 's people which is a good time for them to review who they truly are they've already been sealed so that all message helps us the first of his message houses Congress on something from eighteen forty four presuming you notice as well forgive me if you don't run investigate her second coming offender the time when the first Angels message began to be preached right out of his judgment is come in the spring of eighteen forty three get momentum open to eighteen forty four I believe that judgment begins with the death of the Bible Texas a poor lot I was using to judge the dead how easy the judgment that is suggested that because of the books of record the Bible says that on the books of record and then write its history between the books of record but how do you judge the living how come someone judge someone who still live I'll cannot be how can you judge the living bunch of the good judgment begins with the dentist to get right but how was God going to judge the living is there something in heaven like a timeline with tossed out of hush around the twenty fifth of the seventh two thousand and twelve my name comes up that how it works of Sally's to think it works the judgment of the living I was always terrified me how hard to judge the living such as the Bible and getting up and getting a picture from prophecy it seems to me that God is simply going to use a crisis and as a mechanism providing a simple test to show the universe to show the world who we truly are that's what it seems to me judgment is all about that's how he's judging us he knows us knows our hearts the Bible says no mineral temptation to come back he knows when Julie was a crisis for us to show who we truly are Bob let me what it means when the Bible says God will judge dreams the crisis to show I gave him a time for the sumptuous a different story so then judgment his father is for positive the Saints judgment is for the Saints with the seed of God the judgment is positive for the same swap the sealed judgment is against our is negative the sinners with the mock of what has us for the judgment is the three Angels messages us why in the book Revelation it's negative because people before was positive because people often because it's the experience with God through the gospel makes it possible for us we cannot be lost in the judgment is impossible to be lost in June the time of the investigative judgment if you're a child of God it is impossible while a judgment is doing is revealing to the world into the intimate always you are a thought of doing it's a simple mechanism could reveal who you truly are is a mechanism that is fair that is just that is righteous and it's easy for the world to understand because the one who uses the same mechanism in the secular life every day of the week so God is a practical joke God is so simple upset the mechanism includes the Sabbath this is something so simple so simple in other words I had one preacher say wants to member my uncle George one America in a mock family walk family was the Siebel the pupil of joint fundament by him up from the bridge Re: my remember the joy fundamental is that now is an analysis from the fifties and the sixties and seventies boxing we studied under him when I hear my family I hereby number and I'll go find them and said this week and upon ourselves God does not close probation appointments we choose whose we are we choose we belong to and it's true I believe it correlates but does not decide what he will do it us before we decided what we would do with him we close provision upon ourselves by choosing whose real God and his love garden is messy ways for us to decide whose real and at some point in the future I do not know when everybody on this planet would have decided whose they are out of the window will be a smoked given in Scripture for us to know God will know when that time comes right now both of the young people to decide who is your window into great controversy is in one of the closing chapters of my essays and Angel returns to heaven from us declaring to heaven at the last decision Anaïs has been made unless when Jesus takes of his Christian roads comes as King of Kings when the last decision on it has been made that decision is tied to hand it to an angel messenger could be the engines of one must make a decision forming an score was in the book the great controversies with the closing chapters one through my mind when I read it I thought more women deciding what we were doing because probation upon ourselves we are the ones that have to have that freedom of choice and what is waiting for us to make a choice in the pronouncement in the investigative judgment is when revelation revelation history of the rut last book of the last chapter the book revelation of pronouncement in the investigative judgment revelation twenty two is eleven this is the pronouncement in the judgment that the one who does wrong and still do wrong on the one who is filthy still be filthy on the one who was righteous still practice righteousness on the water was wholly still keep himself wholly another woods that had always just be jealous of him was on just be unjust but the pronouncement in the judgment took the time and investment judgment of the Congress to show who we truly are and once everyone is made up their mind to show the universe the world who actually are then God will say that handlers just be just isn't that what we call the executive judgment the investigative judgment is taking place right now and we can a lot we use the same mechanism and a causal role he is not in Austria and Switzerland Germany and Poland and Hungary and in Yugoslavia and when you said mechanism the type of investigation June important all right in the investigation now the jewelry presided over by a judge with a time of investigation where does we bailed to the quality to Saul who we fully all defendants and then there is a pronouncement from the judge that he was just adjust a walk free than him who was guilty that of the guilty go to prison in the spiritual judgment is real and individual investigative judgment there was a time of investigation now is not time there was a time that is executive and that is a pronouncement in Revelation twenty two but it was just be just unknown of the new Ford is just is righteous that he was righteous be righteous the pronouncement revolution twenty two Mister Levin is the very addict under reward follows and what's the reward the new Jerusalem getting to heaven is the reward is the message of judgment within the everlasting gospel yes the judgment is not at the second coming moles evangelical churches believe that the time of God 's judgment is the second coming for the child of God 's judgment is now the executive pronouncement of the executive face of the judgment is pronounced just before Jesus comes that he was righteous be righteous still got the pronouncement and then Jesus will come the second coming is not the judgment second coming is not a judgment most of Christendom believe the judgment is the second coming left but the case without fences don't believe that because the biblical I work on my moms to the judgment is now a message of judgment begun in eighteen for the scarring on right now is the executive face early phase reminiscent trying to list eleven and then there is the second coming is an interesting question come the last generation be saved by being forgiven the loan from the last generation be saved by being forgiven the loan answer is yes and no because the last generation will be forgiven what also be pronounced just so the news to be a declaration there is forgiveness on there was the declaration of being just the act of forgiveness must include the pronouncement of the verdict we need to be justified as he written revelation twenty two verse eleven and took the truth of justification by faith justification by faith in him or otherwise said and one selected messages she said when answering the question is justification by faith in the three Angels messages at an wife said the three Angels messages as justification by faith in verity that was the thing is message in its completeness is justification by faith so as to the question can be saved by being forgiven answers yes but not without justification by faith but that's a whole different seminar on Sebastian Broxton is doing one justification introducing righteous by faith that is in the three Angels messages now about ten minutes left right were ten minutes this twelve I will no longer watch I'm hopeless with time zones would love to have what forty five forty minutes while while you know what I have in a short presentation tenant can do that shot just twenty minutes some questions about my next presentation you may think the Congress hereby been forgiven I respect you become is hereby being forgiven but I thought the complete story just by clicking a shadow images that they remember the story of the prodigal son I focus on is a passage about forgiveness forgiveness is not mentioned in the passage but the question when was the son forgiven in the part of the prodigal son when was he forgiven a mosque and when was he saved among asking when was he saved a financial point of his nephew radical dramatic unadventurous strike to nothing else the get is that God is no decision forgiveness of God is an opportunist we use them about Texas supported that write them down I think I will than done as a text in the Bible it says that Jesus is the propitiation not only for our sins the Christians but for the sins of the whole world when that text the speakers and I find it ongoing open highlighted I think you find it help me but when was the one of the particles unforgiven I believe that the provision of forgiveness was in place because those who the father was the provision of forgiveness forgiveness was that inland fog in the money in one eight before he asked for the money because it was when the fun aspect comes in the father we could not benefit he could not ask forgiveness could not kick in the back it had an egg it was an experience that wasn't received until he repented that he decided in the pigs that I thought was too good my father was too righteous how my doing this when my father was so good thus repentance right with the All-Star the provision was there on him those whom the father was the problem with mummy forum waiting for them to come home to look up to God was like authority left the goodness of fit the provision the forgiveness was bad when it was not received until he repented and decided to come home to when Jesus was on the cross Jesus prayed the prayer father forgive them for they know not what they do now was everybody in the sight of the cost the given with a forgiven when they say with everybody in a side effect cross saved him repent you have to go with your right mind we've looked about to call what that means if it got to get wisdom to get your right mind box to get understandings to get the right mind about the particles in his right mind box people who put Christ on the cross topic at the right night about how to do that would ban the luggage is pressed on the phone and for they know not what they do forgiveness is a provision that if there is for the whole of the whole of one benefit from the forgiveness because they have to decide to receive the forgiveness and then forgive me with me it's a true week it's a two-way relationship it's not cheap grace is not cheap Grissom preaching now is to win relationship is good accepted the goodness of God leads to repentance what is the goodness of God Caithness would you have to be pronounced just how we pronounce just by repenting bustling causes your figure your saved by repenting the judgment is not particularly want to stand up she was with a suicide they are Jesus is if a given joint just as critical of the next message very quickly keep your questions for the end annoyed and confused I'm not preaching to grace on the Pridgeon everyone was forgiven and saved preaching the refining and to think about the number of God and how his everlasting gospel has been much is the same as for the lost it's for everybody there's no need to fear in the judgment of God has done everything he tried to sue the entire a while and if you choose to them outside how can you be lost because God takes responsibility for seeing you through because our responsibility to seeing you through remember Exodus chapter nineteen verse five hundred waited to keep my covenant you will keep my ways is to my voice you will be for me a peculiar people you have before me my special treasure you will be coming by kingdom of priests you will be for me my holy nation you will refund me my witnesses my compost you will stand out and you will not receive them up in the base of the promise of God when we started on God 's side I've been to show it we cannot get us because God s


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