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The Everlasting Gospel: The Good News Amidst the Judgement, Babylon, and the Mark of the Beast- Part 2

Alan Hush


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so what is going on in ColdFusion there is when you come no record computers and the like to go to the prospect that his message frequently than in his message ends with those who keep the come on God and the faith of Jesus in every Christian generation of always been those of kept the come ons of God I have the faith of Jesus Old Testament and New Testament so there are aspects of all three in juvenile or was being relevant for most people in every generation bowhunting put off to one side of the module lets move on okay so the three main aims of this seminar is to explore the three angels message and related everlasting gospel to the next floor the three angels unconnected to the everlasting Gospel and the first angel secondly to show how his methods have been integral to the gospel in every age of the bit about right now I want so much focus on the finish write and to see the love of God shining through in each message is a powerful testimony to those on the block and the three angels message it speaks of God 's love the everlasting Gospel has to speak of God 's love to even the judgment has to speak of God 's love God has to speak of God 's love worshiping gods about God 's love and it's only about the love of God and one of trying surely there's shining through because they also meant having an fifteen inches scattered the judgment they are terrified of the judgment they don't understand that just got over it I think at some point after eighteen forty four and presuming you know right after eighteen forty four then a little come up in heaven and go to make a decision right there at that time and if they're not right I lost my to what they do many Adventist kids think about things outweigh the I think you're going to be some kind of big old in the sky some kind of joy as you can't bring Mohammed down clock no guilty or not guilty to save your love and this is false image of God would run Expo this time put the idea to bed very quickly a brief outline of the book of Revelation quick outline of the book revelation please take your panties take notes and if you want to you can get a presentation from the author if you have your memory stick figure is the drive home and we stick the presentation very quickly before chapter fourteen seven three major sevens of the seven churches I have the seven seals in the seven trumpets three major sevens before chapter fourteen okay we know what the subject on to present to view excuse me for a moment this isn't recognizing presents of you wisest idea whose technical here please I can't do it for me but normally just automatically fix into presentable thank you but now that the activate itself I have my notes on the present of you technology is nice when a worksite we know what we don't really need technology because here I have my notes what is nice when it works appraisal scenario Paschal but I think we've said after chapter fourteen discontinue sure about that after chapter fourteen in seven plays in three sets of seven zero seven plays the seven vials in the seven heads John fourteen before fourteen how three seven after fourteen hundred and seven three seven is very interested before fourteen the three seconds of generally negative generally negative the message objective in this latest use of positive and negative generally negative right so you and and and and and and and and I'm enough a horseman right the positive and negative that the four horsemen in the seven Seals the positive and negative generally negative I still sometimes a generally negative before chapter fourteen hundred negative one spokespeople I chapter fourteen number Saturday December the seven heads and they are still generally negative with a generally negative towards God 's enemies are so the sevens are negative or hostile towards God 's judge on Hogwarts but enemy wants to extend this chapter fourteen very interesting chapter fourteen scripts that before chapter fourteen the Lord of persecution communal to stop the drawing of the beast and the false prophet is going off to God 's people and that a lot of persecution before chapter fourteen execution of the money through those thirteen chapters but now comes Doctor fourteen and then on to chapter fourteen it's good news for God 's people children jump to fifteen onwards it's good news that God 's people I'm going going off to the Dragon the beast and false prophet to use the Dragon chapter fourteen is five euros for the basin at bottom use for the false prophet so what separates this is chapter fourteen so something happens into more than actually impossible and creating controversy is doing so might have been in chapter fourteen changes they think it changes the dynamics of the wall I and you and I are involved with this in some way shape or form whatever happens in chapter fourteen so I'm sure some principles about interpretation and you can use them in your own personal study for example principles and the one I was going to principle number one now many principles about a provision put the seminar is number one look for subjects that keep repeating themselves we have a saying in English repetition strengthens the impression when butter is repeating himself he wants you to get something he once sure not to miss you and theologians call this the principle of repeat and enlargement repeat on enlargement thunder chapter to the image to spot about history represented by the image of the different metals then written in the book of Daniel he repeats nonsense fun history the optimal detail by a seven new it had been done eleven school repeat an enlargement repeat an enlargement for example when what when I was little my mother would say island with you you would wash the dishes in the kitchen please find is that I have you washed the dishes in the kitchen I'm going to do it I highly was delicious you look you can duplicate repetition we need it because we forget this regard understands this and so this is principle number one threat means of subjects that repeat themselves to very quickly outline of Revelation chapter one the thirteenth lots of persecution against both people fifteen is the close of probation on sixteen of seven Las Vegas integers seventeen seven halves of the eighth the following will maintain the description of the beast and the false prophet twentieth Satan locked up use the blog but use for enemies and good news for most people then after twenty one Avenue Jewish men good news for people that attribute to the throne of God the scene has been a good news because people and right in the middle is chapter fourteen gone is trying to tell us something chapter fourteen is the pinnacle point if the central chapter this would have checked the balance in the war between good and evil God wants you to understand something that's asked the question eventually need to understand what's happening in chapter fourteen I suitably read that this young person most common and intellectual on the next you understand and adopt important that if you want to jump to fourteen by the subsequent what's important about Doctor fourteen to November the tenth to fourteen revoked in the general context of Revelation aluminum of that chapter fourteen in chapter fourteen is cut into three general sections I got one hundred and forty four thousand integers and Mrs. one two five that we have what we call today the three angels message education six to twelve and then I would say is like a judgment scene it's if the second coming is the harvesting time as if the executive judgment has recorded three hundred and forty four thousand then you have fringes message and we can live with his glove the second coming I underemployed one thousand the three angels message and then the second coming of it often the question I ask questions and get beyond our style I write the book of Revelation written in chronological order Karen Johnson no Rove will not related to our hotel is the lead investor to the revelation chapter twelve we find the own pocket to be more revelations twelve invest to the woman gives birth to the child right with the woman about prophecy God 's people the judge was the child introduced to us in revelation to focus to Jesus you know what happens in Revelation chapter twelve S3 very quickly as the war in heaven right we could use dynamic view the war in heaven Dragon Costello still sleeps with that lots of heaven and Ennis accustomed to the drive so did not happen after Jesus was born so that tells us and the revelation is not in chronological order that all parts of Revelation that are in phonological and how can we tell the difference between the two how can we tell the difference when it's not chronological order but when it is chronological order so how do we know hopefully not sure this is the principle of interpretation the book of Revelation when you see the Federalist second Chavez said before the fifth six seven we know the best chronological order the seven churches okay let me look at the sevens when the when the book of revelations mentions them want to be the second and third before that is chronological order is a timeline starting point and ending point outside of the generally revelation is not in chronological order for example in Revelation chapter fourteen verse six we have what we hope there in fact the fastest question before we go one hundred and forty four thousand before the failure message is not in chronological order no it's not because clearly the hundred and forty four thousand is pictured on Mount Zion UK the very clear picture to the retention is good of the whole second comment this is seen as a senior victory signify the scene of most deliverance is what God put Michael put the hundred and forty four thousand before the screen this message when renal failure messages fixed in time that is chronological renal biological by the tax and revolution very quickly you go to chapter fourteen hostility of his message the climate is also question how many angels are very chapter fourteen no no the sexy sex videos in Revelation chapter fourteen the wind or not how will that white white only how the six Angels message one with the six hundred muscles relaxing sections in Revelation fourteen what the Bible actually shows us how to interpret look at this the sixth on I sold is actually for your information there is growing in with an angular pop so invest fifteen dozen Angela Pops seventeen as another angel impersonating I so without Raven of the three angels we know that those angels are generally insignificant to the emphasis is not upon them when it comes to the message of this the six Anna saw another angel this is another hand who has been annuals before this one we include them I didn't have a message this is the first Angels with a message and then down in the essay on another angel him on the web is something this is the second angel with the message to the one before you with the beginning of the message being the second one indicating the first is the one before it so there is a second angel within a message and best night I've been another and show our lead long to have one two and three Angels messages in the text when the fourth Angel presents himself invest fifteen additional said on a full one for them this seventy fifth one from that way with me to the Bible wants us to number the one doing the three angels only unfettered law with regard to the customer the three engines because they are the only angels with the message the fourth and fifth in the sexism and fourteen did not have a message they were doing something practical life without they had no message this is why the emphasis on the first second that in your message why we put the message often after the hundred and forty four thousand chapters and verses were not put in the Bible too long after it was written so Chapter thirteen originally was not separate from chapter fourteen fourteen from fifteen vessels were not in the Bible when it was originally written their incentive a lot I'm a longtime live to far understanding okay for division purposes right so when the battle was initially written with no divisions and chapters of this is the size of the question what happened what's happening in the Bible just before forty four thousand people in Chapter thirteen I when you find out what's happening just before the hundred and forty four thousand things I like those on and it makes perfect sense why God put them employ four thousand people the three what understand why limited to tell you now in revelation thirteen were introduced were introduced to the market abuse by a job that the mark of the beast is issued by the base amongst the beast is issued by the beast in all of the worship of these of all the love and how the marketing and that will be one hundred and forty four thousand one the father 's name written upon it I was once a well I was falling down was in the basement his image that will be a group of people on what is going on the hundred and forty four thousand will start and allow the Protestant in the following and it will not be following the love of following Jesus Christ as Savior and that is what God does right by the one in question to be there I have spent a few about his views on the planet was standing for righteousness regulated because of the three angels that is as you and I was doing anything while the world is an apostasy in which the beast don't admit you an interview with Penelope this will help my management on the ball had not assumed living on why God introduces the Windows message because the modern experience and second even when it's not chronological it makes perfect sense he was so not much reason produces the market obeisance consultant to another that the marketplace is negative that I might be somewhat said that if I think I have I just have to have a important offset the stunning among Zion said that the characteristics for just a few moments I wonder what is now the father 's name written and therefore heads is a principle number three watchful contrasts in chapter thirteen how the mark of the beast I goes in apostasy and chapter fourteen hundred and forty four thousand to see the vitamin gauntlet of contrasting colors contrasting notice it from the loss will securely cancel the principle of interpretation is what a contrast in Scripture which contrast we do this today when we communicate the contrasting something like contrasting Barcelona versus Chelsea Novick on trust by Munich and Manchester United now when dealing in how you play with this is how I know you might do that but I do this is using the send method is just given the contrast this is that these online and the Devils to blog for me it's what is doing that the father 's name and the full head in an religious incident in unlike pieces going to use two methods to enforce the mark of the beast of chapter thirteen is to use the buying and selling issue is going to use the best decree issued a always been written about the whole global worship the beast is going to use buying and selling the previous money second thing is to use the great online social to be an issue of convenience another type mixed of the easement to scare you into which you can give your guests a quick but so was the doing bought the plane is going to say to us what all the love is like that I have people I like this positive how do we avoid missing the mark of the beast by having the seal of the living God that will enable us to stop him him all persecution the time of crisis on because they have the seal of the living God look at these characteristics and junk reporting they sing a new song innovation they follow the lab that up with throats that will dial that when I will follow because now the father 's name written in the offense to get the pictures of these hundred and forty four thousand five spiritual soup at the arose they are the spiritual hosts of the men and women of her generation spanning the freedom of boys before the furnace on the plan of Judah Joomla! and the ghost of a mystery that will be a contrast between my people of the world how did they get like that and experience with Reagan's message the message of the three angels prepare them to be among the hundred and forty four thousand this is what I said limit is usually on the fringes message to knows that you stop if that okay you can dance a jig or cage into some kind of drama can you know the lyrics all the gospel songs okay Battalion from the Bible I'm sorry you receive the mark of the beast you might normally restore the bottles on given receive the mark of the beast I don't care how how how how cool you are okay with you the market-based but the Bible to make orders over some experience with evangelist and an unavoidable about the prescription so we need a vengeance she was left thinking I praise God for GUI C it is going to be involved in I press .exe life zero we have a youth convention was not just when I done since you can well when you think about it for the foundation by knowledge because when we went me open the Bible we are encountering the mind of God I'm out on a half a generation of young people don't encounter the mind of God encounter the mind the all the drama he was funny as a pleasant time for the busy place and the time about when we come to church when we come to church is not the time for the circus and the background image to him okay so I found I hundred and forty with a three hundred messages now let's look at the fringe of messages was stopped at about twenty two for short break in a normal amount of time to do the whole presentation so please forgive me when you can technically you could get my PowerPoint strike I think you got memory stick you can take them all on okay I better get his best in his message first sex I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach and development on the determination every kindred every tongue and to every people what does the angel how can the six danger has the everlasting gospel solo the gospel of Jesus Christ is introduced to us and is introduced with a specific time of day at the last thing the gospel husband gospel being everlasting answer is yes the everlasting befall the full double of the gospel after redemption that will be the gospel it is truly everlasting Zimbabwe texted that helped focus the bottom window the other was given the first promise wasn't the first promise of redemption in the gospel was given out of out of enmity between thee and the woman and between thy seed and has seen on he shall bruise thy head it shall bruise thy head and he shall bruise his electric and in the basement shouldn't abuse that was what options it either what document translation is anything that he all but illustrated Jesus which is a critical issue in the original language that would eventually mean he's going to course your head with this you and that not limited of Jesus uncle again at eleven irritation to him but Jesus is going in that the first promise given to my gospel of the gospel was before thought when really when they read Revelation thirteen verse eight Revelation thirteen percent allowing that was slain from the foundation of the world when the own when the world was made for Goss who was a reality in the mind of God before that was in the social before there was that Satan before there was the fall the gospel is a reality in the mind of God necessity to chapter one verse twenty we don't have time to look at this notebook please study them for yourself and write them down Jeremiah fifty one West leaves his with an everlasting love everlasting love I have sworn you to myself the gospel is being from everlasting to go the next question of God 's love in a timely real estate himself was on the cross the cost will also supply if I be lifted allowing for old men unto me that is the time when Jesus step into the same problem for covering is the gospel in action what was express the love of God I'm out of this mess out I think the everlasting dream to Joseph in the Windows message with the everlasting gospel the everlasting love of God Calvin message of God 's love and the first angel books what's happened on this technology can get on my nerves the everlasting gospel don't know besides the question how did John experience the angel outage on experience the angel I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven how any audience they are financial showing of course he hadn't caused the baby was saying something we also saw it we need to experience these angels were more than just one sends you to see if we need to have an experience is not just about had knowledge we need to have a living real experience with the creative messages the messages must be saved must be exemplified that not just preached what they are learning someone said on Robin CSM Olympia one any day across the most convenient messages messages the cost must be laid with experienced we don't have a testimony environment experience with the gospel how can we preach it anonymously as with the gospel this is why I love you are notified of entertainment and judge what entertainment dollars entertainment remorse the experience with the gospel I replaces the experience with just a false veneer of church attendance are you listening you have an experience with the gospel they will come to judge him and rejoice boring biblical literature even if they were remain faithful because the Spirit is God they don't need to be hunted they will come because they love to come because they loved Jesus the have an experienced something to show them something to give they would open the Bible there was short testimony they will play with people they will witness one is that there would be scattered mess with them overcome us best for you and I will step out outside of their comfort zones and do something for Jesus powerful than a good hide behind the office and the drama are you with me as my customers are in the sickest Minnesotans that the federal playground at the feasibility of the church 's about Jesus noticed to be creative don't get me wrong we can be creative and judge but not entertaining there's a difference between being creative being you with leaders as you think you know the difference if you don't have messy the message must be experienced with related was gospel must be who we are noticed when the engine was fine with engine flying in the midst of heaven now some commentators say that this is set set set signify that the gospel will go to the entire world and motives the Angels are in heaven and the message is going around the world and I do believe that would be the agent the findings must have missed having a something who is under way to read one hundred one hundred and Angels don't live on the Angels live in heaven but there is no work is a universe on its own in the universe could be a chain of command than me just ask they want to try to say after this phone mammogram that was not the father he is the top opportunity he is like a general but then who did the father sense of this world to save this world his son the father sent the son so you could liken the sun to be the captain the Archangel but then when Jesus left the author he was resurrected and before he ascended to heaven he promised that the disciples he will send someone who did Jesus and the Holy Spirit now I'm on I'm not saying that one is higher than the other they all thought what I'm saying they may have different responsibilities in the plan of salvation they are equal and they'll want to know God but they may have different goals and one salvation when Jesus left to perform this next phase in the plan of salvation he sent this load census judge the Holy Spirit slam but the father we have put this on the map of the Holy Spirit could it be that the Holy Spirit is coordinating in the ministry of angels and the Holy Spirit is coordinating the ministering of angels no I don't have a Bible text will have a lot of illusions in the spirit of prophecy about why a lot of times she says that angels aren't that the Holy Spirit is like come on the coordinating the ministry evangelism prophecy identify the bug fixes maybe that would could it be that the Holy Spirit is organizing the Angels on more of the Angels passing the message to I is I'm red is attenuated the chamber that is weakest link right now I'll let you come on who was the weakest link and it is not coincidence that in the original language the word for Angel means messenger under loss one carry-on messenger angel level and distance the three angels message with your little angel flying in the midst of heaven Virginia his message to all three ha ha the final link in the genital mind to take the message of the gospel to the well to godliness that the expectation of his young people in the last generation in the Senate government is just that will eventually live and experience this message I take this message to the entire novel of when we are the ones that are stopping it praise God at UIC praise God for mission driven movements in God 's charge friends gone so that's just a little so I thought one hundred regular carry-on is often forty five minutes now like I the thinking woman is no emigrate right after the break was closed little by the rest of it affected his message the little fellow wife Angela seems to do what is the Angela with the new English saying with a loud voice fear God employ to him for the hour of his judgment is called on worship in a midheaven speak and see the functions of one of the Angela 's asking us to do the most frustrating if you bought a exhausting us to give glory to him and he is asking us to worship him why interesting was that of those three things because our postjudgment is called the Angel of the everlasting Gospel it's always been the same gospel is one Lord is one baptism right but the gospel is going to give glory to God to defeat him to worship him in a specific time my passion is all of this judgment is not presuming you know when this document was eighteen forty four percent of the fund would a people for the love I took for making forty fourth in the hour of his judgment to the first Angels message first start to be preached in the spring of a in the spring and eighty eight team forty three eighteen forty three this is not a living from the beginning to to be preached to abridging the judgment I'll message something was going to happen in the sumptuary and have with us in the presentation so that the hour of his judgment is come free things to do because the hour of his judgment is come right poses an interesting thing watch the crescendos is another principle above interpretation watch for crescendos in Scripture watch for movement to something about the replicable candle for example for example the first angel in verse six is on the following another angel saying saying the lower courts second angel verse eight is when we got I was wondering the other for the sake of my thoughts right to verse seven is the best seven number six Los Angeles is a he said with a loud voice loud voice right in MSA Los Angeles second one followed saying is no more loud voice that Angel then that investment in the financial that one followed saying without what a loud voice and sometimes lashes his mighty voice and as another range Revelation eighteen is just the incident and visit in chapter eighteen best to my on their cry so that I saw a few things I saw an angel coming down from heaven having great authority on the effluent with his glory on the climate on Meiji voice sank this question was in the issue crescendo the voices getting louder and louder and louder also look at the first Angels message is an interesting thing what you say fear God I fear God that's two words I give glory to him for words I bought me all his judgment is come not it works unless you can haven't seen the funds awarded the sixteen words enough to four six eight the crescendo is interesting things some theologians brought on not my idea I read the books very interesting I so if God puts a crescendo inscription to any shouting louder and louder after he was to get your attention just like my so you know to call I be doing to stop it I was little I easily to stop it I'm always little star and always just little right that was the crescendo and sometimes God was the Scriptures who crescendos to what it is to get our attention listen to it I very quickly there's something in Scripture that we call precious truth on the something we call present truth precious truth and present truth pressures to the something of the truth that's for all time every Christian in any generation raised precious truth in a somber impression might be repentance the pressures to repentance every preacher in every generation of priestly and on the law preached repentance get into the off John the Baptist he preached repentance repentance of your sins more clearly what he is preaching in the management theories especially repetitive refrain of the first days of the feast of the three steps of the salvation repent precious true but there's something in Scripture court presence present example the present truth when that's used that she was no no preaching repentance which was precious truth and anyways a repentant getting layoff because the rain is coming but was not precious truth because when approaching nothing when a billion often when I'm getting human approaching the rain is coming that was present to thought his time what we do and which was rested through the open when he said we cut for the kingdom of heaven is unharmed at present food for his day beholden on the blog takes away the sin of the world behold Jesus the one who was fulfilling one was fulfilling the seventy weeks prophecy in the book of God behold God seventy weeks prophecy fulfillment behold sixty nine weeks prophets behold this is the present truth present from so that in the first Angels message you have precious truth and rehab presents truth is not rocket science it helps us to understand this so please explain this to you select a delightful help them to understand by so that you have fear God is a precious of present truth precious living in every generation with philosophy of God right what this feeling on me does anyone know there's amino afraid of and what is in the hunting respect yeah I get you obviously are going to shoot that is very true what is not the right answer that includes a formal enough I am a semi- speak about Mister DeLisle so they're in God 's precious truth right giving glory to God without precious present truth that's precious everyone's been asked to give glory to God it looked like worshiping him in a precious at present precious right now with judge postjudgment is called the precious present the present phonon emphasis in the everlasting gospel but the first angel wants to draw attention for the hour of his judgment is come and you cannot have present truth about precious truth present truth is always leaned upon the foundation of precious to you separate Jesus from prophecy separating the gospel from any message we can have every disclose the discourse we call Jesus was the center of everything we do not legalism legalism we strike fear in the minds of the usually breach prophecy without slots present truth this is a need to fear God we look at outright skills of English safety and God the doctor 's call about freedom or the beginning of wisdom a good understanding of all they that do his commandments so what if you got it means to get wisdom when the fearing God means we desire wisdom and why do we desire wisdom and understanding what is the fruit of understanding moments ago Sheena ten Commandments are often between the message to feel gardens to get wisdom to get wisdom means understanding when we seek an understanding kitten months ago she held the law cannot be separated from the gospel twenty same anonymous block on sale the keeping is the fruit of wisdom the keeping is the filter fearing God you keep to be saved the keeping comes as a result of being saved by Wesley B concept for the Commandments on the Moscow and then her brother-in-law Hank if you're going not only docket wisdom and understanding keep his commandments failing to hate evil so that if you got a means to keep his commands because you hate people not involved in the beautiful of the next message is interesting Ethiopian change his skin on his father and me also do good that are accustomed to doing evil I have to rhetorical question I have to rhetorical question because on the face of it the Bible seems to contradict itself one text about what you said that wisdom understanding to become him right the necessary than in the Navy also included are accustomed to doing evil how can you look in the commands doing good right and wisdom is doing good needless legal right to help you accustom to doing it was a rhetorical question we can't do it but someone else can do it in-house enough I wanted he'll get his conscientious skin and conscientious plus whatever someone who can not even if you are accustomed to doing evil nor you can't feel good with era someone who can rhetorical question if you fear God means to hate evil interfering armies to keep his commandments and we can't do coolant even though we may be accustomed to doing you know we kind of loads even though we are accustomed to doing the look of the Bible also how to enjoy the presence and the power of Jesus and I live how to annex the initiative for messages if the miracle of the newborn icon next will experience this by the smoke twenty five cigarettes a day I was addicted to nicotine but I have deliverance of the power of Christ I was a virgin when I married my wife became a spiritual bridge the power of the living God in my life you stop doing the things you once love any company stop a lot of the things you one hand once head of the everlasting gospel of the power of the cross to change ruling lives upon the cross has the power to heal broken homes the first is message has the power to reunite lives with the husbands and husbands with that why I really like children with the pad and I think I'm Jack Warner you have the power to reconcile the most worked with Nick and Nick were divorcing from both receiving the market agrees one hundred and power of the yes of course you can glorify God as precious truth is the present of the above is one Corinthians ten thirty one whether therefore ye eat or drink whatever you do toward the glory of God now my family and I have in the cost of use this text when we preaching on the health message that he retorted it drinking toward the glory of God for the Texas State Farm although not as whatever you do the movie you watch us to the glory of God you know when the machine gunners firing off its rounds in the Princess Buckingham were one is fornication the line there was passing there is cheating on the plot is called on to glorify God watching the movie on more than just food and drink everything and going as always in every generation I spent to glorify him and everything that we do just precious truth severe and God glorifying on worshiping gone all support present truth yet they are precious to us Yukon a precious truth without presence of pressures to what makes you a Seventh-day Adventist is fearing God we can assume that mentors alone know there's worshiping going into the seventh Adventist alone others is giving glory cannot make your seventh on Memphis but what is unique when a specific what is the catalyst out of God 's judgment is come you need to know the judgment all next you need to know that judgment on our postjudgment is five-minute break right to make a case yet everlasting gospel includes hearing the worshiping God have his judgment is come we need to identify somewhere we need to identify the ministry the death and resurrection of Jesus and everlasting gospel right and everlasting Gospel enclosed a regarding octagon with regard for the obvious judgment is calm we defined among these all the ministry of Christ we need to find where Jesus is because he is that I like to present to you that Jesus is in the hour of judgment message which message helps us to understand the our message is wearing everyone upon Jesus is no better place to find Jesus than in the sumptuary message because the federal message is the best day that God has chosen to explain to us the plan of redemption the plan of salvation but a whole different subject to talk about the sumptuary message by me just say this to sound story is like sometimes it's hard to communicate you the gospel truths theology can become located in regard things like justification sanctification mercy grace and all these particular people times that can bulk of your mind right put all God has done his warmest on who I am is a picture postcard that the plan of redemption in the office sat in the sensory message XP into to you how my wife looks like it's difficult for me to explain to you in a clear picture how my wife looks like a block caching of brown highs just got noses this loan they wish they and our eyes are like a Firefox you don't get a printable and upload a picture of this my wife that you get the picture is what God has done with the sumptuary he said to the world you want to know who I am you must see me as jewelers this is what I am doing for you in the plan of redemption you want to see Jesus essentially it's all about in so we find Jesus in the first Angels message in the August dollar as it is judgment this judgment so the fall of our misjudgment completely reveals the cartridge sticks of Jesus completely reveals the purpose of Jesus so that when we worship to create the jarring the hour of judgment it sure all all new numbers in that we truly fear God and give glory to God when we worship him during our judgment there is an emphasis in the first Angels message untrue on creation and worship him that made heaven at the scene the fountains of waters so in the judgment and the first angel doesn't appeal to worship him who may as an emphasis upon creation to the fourth commandment is in first issue that the fourth commandment is in the first and this message remember now that you remember the Sabbath day to keep it home that was creation so that the connection between the fourth commandment in the fringes message the connection between the ten Commandments on the first Angels message in the freeing of message right so we are called to feel good about going to worship and because of the judgment Allah what is it about the judgment there is something about the judgment that speaks of the love of God in his ministry for us while in the profession of message we have the name of God mentioned worship God right she had gone he is mentioned by name finished mentioned worship him who made evident is the creator who made will have a territory in the pheasant of message heaven and as to have what governments call the seat of authority lived in the first Angels message come in the fourth commandment of exodus chapter twenty the seat of authority in the fourth commandment so there is something about the keeping of the Sabbath it is connected to the judgment on message that is connected to the cost that is connected to the hundred and forty four thousand Metro 's farm before Jesus comes to see that connection the Sabbath is the single of the living God Sabbath is connected to the previous message that's very important very important so why is the Sabbath and the three angels message why is around the facilities when we see a man we will give glory to man when we see a man we give glory to men on then we will worship the beast and receive the mark of the beast so all luminaries is somewhat in the north the music started at right when we fear someone we are going to give glory to God which we feel towards the ocean follow us which we have given our allegiances to geography of men were not enough your body can't do both garden needs young people in this last generation with the handy for feeling the other that that the sight of men are evidently unproven SSN reasonable stand up in his judge and do what's right because it's right because the putting God first in the life doing what is right is not always doing what is nice detached doing what is right sometimes is not doing what is nice judgments but a nice time judgment is not nice it depends who you are inside Iran but when we see of God we give glory to God in the receipt is season I'm be safe so the seal of mentioned is connected to the fourth commandment which is the Sabbath so there's something about the seal of God that is to do with Sabbath keeping which why are you showing them from one listen between the junior from one list how the Sabbath is the CEO of the living room I was only one person could use twenty two valid argument as the company out of a whole raft of tax shown on the Sabbath is important for Mark this is one rest of us in his message connected society is the sign of the seal is the sign of this field are on this all-star list logo Atlanta explains doing hourly judgment judgment in Greek means that it's really a time of crisis the Greek word for judgment is interpreted as prices all caught up to divide fishing legitimate is doing in the mind the fourth of the rights 's retractor presented to us that the town of judgment is a type of dividing time of clicking on it's a time of crisis also the judgment of the time that will divide between good and evil between those was said in between those well lost was allegedly created that will solicit donations both of which owes allegiance to the saga of the creator of heaven and those who chose allegiance to the day ordained by my rough presentation who also fear God and those of the Amanda time of judgment were revealed to the universe unto God he knows we aren't aware of the practical revelation of who we are inside that is the purpose of the judgment call to review we got is when he was a crisis to identify car Gar is going through to use a crisis to reveal what is in the the purpose of the judgment revealed who we are so simple it is so simple it is so beautiful in its simplicity when you think about what we do is ever in the secular world students at university you have to go through an examination process the kind of judgment it is benefiting as caring for your degree or five years I know how long that they should thought about that that kind of investigation right but then there is the executive that reveals the time examination I join examination you revealed your examiners who you truly are by the answers you give methanol if you be listening if you've been understanding with the movie while we use this method every day in the secular life got so simple in how he has once to reveal to us who we are the world we are no different from what the universities of doing that the judgment acts of bankruptcy than when we feel men with people ultimate memo worship the beast when we fear God and give glory to him we will see you conceal you say gotcha simply using a practical method to show the world who will test to test revealed a quantity of a column to the universe I can examination process just like in Daniel chapter three Chapter three you have an image on the world disaster comment about down to the image representatives of the world are asked about onto the image on the plaintiff to I definitely was not worship the image I have a time was a time of crisis but was was that decree for everyone with a degree to everyone or to order the three Hebrews everyone is the judgment for everyone only forgoes people everyone that judgment is everyone because everyone receives either a mock office she is judgment is for everyone God is not judging just his people is judging the world in righteousness the Bible says no time unattended you whether a division yes there was a clear division forty three remained faithful restaurant onto the image this tells me that the judgment is that everyone is against those who have the mark I is for those who love the seal of God if you have the seal of God you have nothing to fear when the judgment because judgment is for you but against you if you have the mark of the beast of everything to free because judgment is against the judgment is good news right and when judgment is good news the judgment unless it is good news unless it is to help people understand how to enjoy the title judgment is to help to know that God is not someone to be afraid of but somewhat to be a friend all bound estimate of eighteen forty four when Christ stepped into the more one when I is the message of presuming to making forty four hundred the second coming Jesus ministering in the most holy place tournament we not begins within that should put the Bible verse of I didn't run for the second time during this evening the judgment begins with the biotech but how do you judge the living judgment that is easy to let record is written down the record of the life is in the books of record and is written how do you judge the living the life is not yet completed its cost how you judge the living are you doing particularly well seems to me that God is simply going to use a crisis to judge the living crisis is culminating the time of trouble crisis deftly buying selling us the ultimate time of crisis but as you use that crisis June the time of his judgment to judge us other words to reveal who we are Georgia's Gwinnett Gardens when he was a crisis to judge the living policy judging the living by putting us in an unavoidable position to reveal to him who we truly are the most illegal parties putting us in a position we cannot avoid to reveal the universe who we truly are that's what I believe it means elsewhere I believe actually means the Bible says that he will judge the living is not a timeline when your name is one of come up in the kingdom of heaven no it's nothing like the with permission upon ourselves we decide who's we are because we decided we wish so we are our own in the majors we are the ones we have a picture in our own hands because God is waiting waiting for us to make a decision for or against him we should apply for the position where we have to make a choice we have to chose with me off at some point in the crisis comes before Jesus the last generation anyone will have to make a choice on again and in the public domain Doctor Hobart is going to judge the others how would I believe he is going to do it in a sense we don't judge ourselves at a concert that we judge also know we choose our own destinies we chose Arlington 's of God is waiting for us to decide what we would do with him before he decides what he will do with this you got the love of God you would never force the will I don't know when that time will be when he decides I'm coming again I do know when that time will be when he takes off his priestly robes in the heavenly sanctuary comes to take was to enter heaven for thousand years I don't know when that time will be but before that time the great controversy tells us I forget the chapters towards the end she says in angel flies from a to have an angel communicates in heaven with every decision has been made on for I can't say heaven entities Jesus comes when he's waiting for every decision to the middle of it I don't understand it all but I believe it I couldn't comprehend it but as we every decision to be made on planet before he comes again I understand only he knows in his infinite wisdom he was a half to read some lines please written for everyone and not we can all make a decision when you have evidence to make a decision this is why America twenty four twelve fourteen that across or the whole world as a witness to the gospel to score the whole world as a witness they show the end why does the world need a witness to what is a witness to the people can make up their minds in a court of law you need a witness to give evidence information so that the jewelry can make an intelligent decision so that the everlasting gospel does go to the world infringes messages must go to the world we must take the message to the world so everyone in the final generation will have made a decision cognitive decision for or against God and Jesus will come out of the limits and will be run when I must do is preach the premises of the three angels message is not trying to be in the house long for this grade I thought I like to snowboard I like the wings of I like to fly airplanes I can do wonderful things but there's no way to spend your life that is best to see what possible Christians life USB spending that much switching of us all being missionaries for Jesus read about we are a missionary sometimes my factories Google Street in ago someone technical document job yet but reasonable the time is almost gone so then we would have enjoyed tremendous for the things the judgment is for the things that I am charging now thank you Norm nonchalantly jogging out the tip is a problem with the cloak of charting now nor not judging now I'm judging now thank you not let Charlie know what you said and issued on the moment of run about three the judgment is for the sins with the seed of God 's judgment is against dissenters with the market the beast is waiting for us to make our decisions and so when does the pronouncement in the judgment take place on the bottom charge now I do when does the pronouncement in the judgment take place judge Revelation chapter twenty two working now Revelation twenty two that's eleven verse eleven is the executive phase of the investigative judgment and judgment has two phases at least two phases investigation phase eighteen forty four the benefit executive phase when the judge stands up and makes his judgment the judge executive phases best eleven of a revelation that those who do wrong still do wrong that the was also think still be filthy that those are righteous still practiced righteousness that those who are wholly still keep himself only the word that was what just remained just at the pronouncement executive judgment on one hundred and forty four thousand who refused to receive the mark of the beast because of the seal of the living God how did they become among the hundred and forty four thousand are missing to feel the living God when experience in the fringe of message letting you know what judgment they learn what it means to feel neglected to give glory to God and worshiping God they understand the sanctuary message that preaching is living in the teaching is the focused upon Christ it prices going and never living so that they can kick you in the personal life overseeing that whatever decision on is made God will start another film that has always just remain just I have always felt that remains to idle enough time is coming but I believe its own I believe living in the last generation of US history and God is looking for young people in the church will no longer satisfied to just play around will want to study the word of God want to get together to pray one a get-together at the time to do mission to do missionary work to do something for him in your SQL to be doing all the nice fluffy things we need to finish the work message of judgment is in the everlasting gospel pronouncements made Revelation twenty two the judgment is not the second coming the pronouncement of the executive phase comes prior to the second coming did you catch it Christians believe that the judgment is the second coming Protestant Christians believe that judgment is the second coming it's not not now living in a time of God 's judgment on extend to Revelation twenty two eleven left center his aggression condo last generation be saved by being forgiven alone homiletical and black finish all that time but the question come the last generation be saved by being forgiven alone yes I know the trick question actually we need to be forgiven to be saved which we need to be pronounced just Revelation twenty two the final generation the Christians living before Jesus comes will need to have the pronouncement in that investigation has now finished executive is now the pronouncement of just or unjust justification by faith is in the three angels message the presentation from scientific justification by faith righteousness by faith is the half of the Windows message wife that if the fringes message ability justification by faith the outset and a better welcome was sent to know the laceration locus if I just be beginning a long ability to be pronounced just the one they are guilty ability to be pronounced righteous turn to Jeremiah chapter fifty is to try to emphasize this point Jeremiah chapter fifty member talked about in Bible prophecy we have a literal fulfillment and a spiritual fulfillment if you're talking about a literal fulfillment were not spiritual application fulfillment as well before Jesus things were fulfilling truly before Jesus comes into a Jerusalem I often changes we have spiritual Jerusalem the new Jerusalem I before Jesus we offer little Israel the kingdom of Israel after Jesus God 's spiritual Israel God 's people living on your list on that point though and Bible prophecy we have the true and spiritual fulfillment there is a literal fulfillment of Jeremiah chapter fifty four there is also overtones as a spiritual fulfillment of Jeremiah chapter fifty four the end time that may explain that there was a prophecy against Babylon in chapter fifty being preached by Jeremiah and I was a little fulfillment pop along with Cosco on on was overthrown to look at the overtones is full blissful in those days time declares the Lord the sons of Israel will come both they and the sons of Jupiter as well it will go a long weeping as they go on it will be on it will be the Lord their God they will see it will ask for the wit desired turning their faces in this direction they will call that they may join themselves to the Lord noticed this in an ever lasting covenant never ever ever be forgotten did Israel forget the covenant when his religion we preach by Jeremiah S they did what was supposed to sizing ostracizing ostracize the everlasting covenant is the generation while while while asking the windshield Psion and Revelation fourteen hundred and forty four oh well responding my eye this with about a say there is a spiritual tone to the final generation was done when Jesus called will join themselves to an everlasting covenant with God and they will have left this is what God was asking the way to Zion that I was they will be among the hundred and forty four thousand votes read on let's read on making appointments twenty first Wednesday in those days trying to conventional in those days by the testimony of search will be made for the negritude Israel is the only best description I can find an investigation search will be made for the sins of Israel corners looking for off-season he's investigating us search will be made for the sins of Israel Jeremiah fifty first twenty twenty in those days time declares the Lord search will be mad for the McRitchie of Israel but there will be non- on for the sins of Judah but there will be none found for I will harden goals whom I leave as a remnant for there is forgiveness vote the guard is looking for sin but he will not find same because he's part of the we have to deal with the same right turn to chapter fifty one and a chapter fifty one and about the significance messages dropped fifty one group 's first night plus five for neither Israel world Festival of a seven bubble has been a golden open in the hunt of Lord over your member nations have drunk of wine certainly Babylon has fallen has been broken what is going revelation chapter fourteen verse eight progress five Israel Judah has been forsaken by his God alone the whole sample and then run this foot of what gives the lowdown on the sort of guilt before the holy one of Israel believe in the midst of Babylon my people at the second Angels message from the Mister Bobbitt on each of you and save your life like the time on the vengeance at the time and on problem actually do not so thoughtful how do you believe your land this will give you are guilty I will spare you because I will begin you and Revelation twenty two verse eleven I would pronounce you just even though I lost all guilty I will pronounce you just unrighteous reforming the citizens were message we need to understand what we need to do is separate from sins willful known same during the time of Mister the final generation will no longer be willfully committing sin knowingly distribute God 's pronouncement because planning a sinful flesh we still reschedule soon unwittingly just by the virtue of being human life is not prayers the press of the most faithful saying still good to go to put the channels in our prayers and worship my prayers need to be made in the righteousness you need to be pronounced just in the judgment some opportunities for sin knowing was now the turning away of sin thus essentially message the cleansing of the sanctuary the cleansing law is in the process of pronouncement that must be made in the final generation will be pronounced just because God has forgiven us we need to be pronounced just to must come together and find a generation left message about half an hour left son introduced just very quickly or justification by faith introduced the sons were messaging is all there in the first Angels message without even really studied the second of a third no more deeper sense of time does not allow join us questions on a long addition to present something else Russell questions but only to present something other present justification by faith question everyone is there yeah just wanted sorry Andre can do the same thing again to slip out of preventable they say is affected by the says that God will only what accountable for what you know that's true and possible talks about like a Roman snoop in your the Romans were a nonissue this is why this is why the message has to go to the world that everyone makes intelligent decision based upon what they know best the reason for the gospel to the world before Jesus comes because the Bible tells us that Thessalonians that God is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance and keep that all should come to repentance so the message has to go because with the mystical because he wants everyone to compute engines because it is not with an FM you want to perish we have to make a decision sometime so I went also says the desire of ages she said that there will be a people a group of people in heaven but another Pentecostal elder group of people and have them never had the gospel and Jesus will take them for a walk on the bus of the river of life is short in this cause and his preached to them the gospel for the first time you have how they lived up to the light that they have received had been faithful to the Holy Spirit court upon the life of November for the life of every speed that they received an edge information I followed that followed the winners of the Holy Spirit of the fit is the host is spoken to them just clear him up yet what is a God of love is not inconsistent when the final generation we all have to make a choice and thus like on his weight is not inconsistent is consistent with his controversial toys waiting for the message to go to the that there is officiating will you I visited as it is all connected it is not my father to my message on the sifting time is connected to the preaching of the strip testimony nine messages that I can tell you on the youth director in God 's church saw as a privilege to be project but I can tell you that the members and the judge will get irritated by the famous message that irritated with the liquids will definitely deliver this year that irritated the obsession of Russia seeking crisp Adventists and I get irritated with the truth I see regularly so yes the reason that will be shaking it would be separating I believe that God is his church on the when essay on what honest with it and you are asking for me to say but I see the full see the fruit by have to be responsible in you have to be responsible to do what's right in your sphere of influence in your time your place you need to do what's right before going for your conscience and the Bible says all those who live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution during the second time in the timeshifting that will be leading up to the final crisis the desecrate the help so yes English judge it's God 's church but judge that all the weekend and has in his judge the wisdom that says all both in the pew again the Pope the administration on the membership but not as far as I know it is going to judge women criticize questions about that as far as I dangle I is the sensitivity to the commencement of the faith of Jesus you absolutely enough one and that's why also one instance whether finishes message the minimum extra time because every generation God has other people to keep the commencement of the faith of Jesus even in the docket is the time of this queue should persecution and yes absolutely you got you and that will culminate with the with the declaration Revelation twenty two minutes eleven then Jesus will come you okay I I know I know there's there's there's there's arguments both ways from being a slave one question for me people in question is only part of it on my part of it is addressed virtual for me it's the intellectual question is not will the seller is not a spiritual question for me is an intellectual thing that okay interesting you know it's interesting but when I believe you are on one without not ruled on the question is about five hundred and forty four thousand Huckabee Bob forty four thousand documents of seeing them that it is the jewel about arguments that it is spiritual adulthood I have been studied up on the self because of the decision the important question for me yeah I think the least because I see the division in the church I see the two comes in when we start when we stop picking each other I don't assure that no once in the hundred and forty four thousand when I say what I think about wealthy conservatives reasonable to believe what an end of it was written the conservatives is like was this like the time of Christ in a forested hit of the Sadducees and the subtleties in the forest is out of the saddle with the blood of Christ on the cross the Sadducees and Pharisees both of Jesus on the cross so I will get unwanted and drawn into these debates when it says that the nonessential the nonessential is not important but like I said when I see them picking each other I think you both need to re-examine your life it might not even be in the forty four thousand and yet only forty four thousand is a description and it's it's it's an expression of the description of those who are going through the time of final this is delivered the final generation of the one hundred and forty four thousand the month of June bus when we all get to heaven a great multitude of numbers on numerous number that's all those who have lived and been resurrected when Jesus comes you know now I'm lusting hundred and four thousand individual number in the Bible symbolic language inspired by the language describing the goal is welcomed with a time of crisis yet it is those only those you because the other we want to receive the seal of the living God the only ones who know how the carton on the card refund the full and the vegans and in the different characteristics of them would look at their initiative and an interesting study on the book of Revelation the hundred and forty four thousand in Hebrew the names have a meeting if you go through the list of names the book of Revelation anything remaining in the Old Testament you will find that it's actually it's a sum of experience with the meanings together as in the Old Testament and others that in order and the book of Revelation and some of experience that they are going to only those with untrue so only those concerned up so interesting study the names of the sons of Israel the twelve tribes of Israel they look about right minutes we can finish leaving your free you can go if you want of course the watercraft waking goal of enough time to do it the present is not justification by faith is very interesting book not make a mess of it Omega messenger fundamentally you photo told the agents total devotion to get a question actually again this is from the characteristics of those who gone through the benefit that Angel is describing because describing those who run through a time of trouble being eleven hundred eleven thousand those who keep a come on this one the fifth of these is lots of describing the quality is a total commitment to total allegiance it's a total surrender to Jesus Christ just as Jesus and Jesus got in the way and not his son to do the book of the Gospel of John Chuck today under the places Jesus say I do nothing of myself really the fathers thought me I I I do I still speak my words and I say I say for the father and of the heart of the father I do most of myself I do everything to glorify my father so those are going to the final generation will have an experience with Christ and his Christ and that


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