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A Call To Greatness

Richard Walton



  • October 6, 2007
    10:00 AM
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it was a shared with the end of the birds lying in the middle of a island no one ever heard into that last at that time in that place soldiers of the three hundred and seventy three hundred and seven and three Regiment United States Army three seventy seventh infantry division and come to do now on that tiny island two great nations themselves at war as they came over the top of that four hundred foot with the soldiers combat Regiment team of the dream instead of the three of themselves facing a barrage of machine gun fire artillery fire and direct mortar fire as if there was one soldier in Jerry again each carrying a medical in the face of an enemy counterattack against an entire regiment indefatigably treated and lowered to safety over seventy five of his way to come for his actions that day and for later actions on that island your see the following citation from a grateful nation Private First Class United States Army medical attachment three hundred and seventh infantry division in some engineer Regiment seventy seventh infantry division drew his outstanding bravery and unflinching determination in the face and desperately dangerous conditions Private First Class specimens and DOS save the lives of many soldiers is name became a symbol drug seventy seventh infantry division in above the Leon archive this morning is call to great and I ask you what is your name remembered what used to and that moment every person will ultimately face of the liturgy is fine his entire life career series of choices sacrifices and achievements what table of character are you meeting what decision will unite it will not be a decision based on the low it will be a decision based on a lifetime of joists in the earliest moments of our lives we are faced with opportunities to choose my grandmother once told a habit is occasionally leave and read it every day until the last and so strong we cannot break in school the decision to be honest on exams or not in practice the decision to go back and make it a little retroactive doctoring on charts or not the decisions we make in patient care each one of these decisions the decisions that lead to a character integrity and current are a cable woven from the youngest and earliest points in our lives until it becomes so strong we cannot rate it right first class not on that list at eighty nine suddenly designed to be bring you may get choice from the first moment association with the U.S. Army when he was drafted he had the courage to say my religious convictions in the area and what yet the current drought training to put up with insults and jeers from his peers he had encouraged time after time to move forward under heavy enemy fire with no weapon in hand on the arm in the face of the enemy estate lots of the greatest nation the others may live and so on it came to that hey on a four hundred foot sheer cliff face the decisions that he had made throughout his career ultimately and inevitably led him to do what he did sixty years later shortly before he died I privileges seeing there is a tradition in the United States military the soldier airman or sailor or Marine that wears a Congressional medal of honor is entitled to the salute regardless of us I came to attention I saluted that may duration it was breast I allowed a beautiful little blue-and-white at one low as defined is lying living and dead was the result I submit to you of a series of joists but so Matthew chapter twenty seven verse twenty two I'll say it under their what shall I then do I story this young man begins in the city is where a man by the name of Marcus are just a renegade and urethra sinus loyalties to home and country like the legions of Rome left the plane to Spain joined the Roman legions and rose through the ranks to become a general it was really any help of Rome the Romans completed conquest of Spain and as a reward received what the Romans with their level of the Congressional medal of honor was a special ceremonial javelin called a laugh was so crowded that awarded he changed his name to Marcus I just which we have today Anglicized to get a young ambitious son also stars in his eyes to thought that the worker dad he tried himself join the legions entities to fight on the front here in Germany but brilliantly in the German campaigns when the piece was one he had in South Iraq Roman great capital of the world the place where dreams were me and that beautiful city on seven hills you didn't find his dream and the fulfillment of his ambition a young lady by the name of the client only fifteen years old you better be fell in love and at their wedding ceremony her grandfather shown at Gustavus Caesar great your so young I just be like this has really fallen upstairs narrating the royal family and as a wedding present I guess this gave him the curator ship the governorship of one of the Roman colonies in Judy it was so happy with his award that he race that once this is area let these young right behind and moved into the Imperial Palace in Jerusalem that a word media shows us that an assistant think so much of this ambitious young Spaniard because it was at the time one of the most troublesome of the different Roman Robinsons at least five predecessors and learned that it was extremely dangerous to be a governor in Judea it occurred that skill in its discretion up I will add her injuries and the Jerusalem at night holding aloft a personal standard of Tiberius the Roman eagle with the words underneath if you are still not this book unless you don't mind the Senate and the people of Rome and the city of Jerusalem went mad freedom loving Jews decided to end and they saw their religion and courses in the ten Commandments that they could not have his idol assembled inside their holy city city riot after three days and when it was finally done I would have to take the standard outside of the city and three hundred and couple of other times I went on himself the lack of conflict with the Jews in fact both occasions and this brings us to the morning twilight of an April writing and eighty thirty one I can does tell the story and dialogue drawing from all lose your diary written language rendered Pontius Pilate was dreading the Passover weekend anyway is roused by shrill voices attract the know a centurion reluctantly stuck to his bedroom door and not discreetly excellence on traders trouble debris seven and they want executed today something to do with your joy your beliefs is a huge crowd is growing what he wished me to tell giving youngish looking to refresh his luge was linen sheets and since is dark-haired angled her restless night is black tie snapping I like Delano currently replies but will have to listen to the local LMI will be there in an hour and have it generate starting water for my back a huge crowd boisterous as they wait a vent their frustrations on their prisoner who was taken quite a bit he says nothing just absorbing the punch resonators sister I just seated set up on the race help locating cells outside Iowa Allison moment late moments later the governor strike that takes his place on the Carrillo chair is anything but happy in his manner is Kurt well on his what is your accusation against this may turn to John John Chapter eighteen verse twenty state of the word John eighteen twenty I will happen to them and said what accusation bring you against this man what is acting exactly like a Roman judge which is one of his job as governor of ureter a PDA his job is to hear capital cases one of the institutions of Roman government was the awkward and occupied countries did not have our carry out at themselves all death sentences attribute written and executed by the Roman government authority so having convicted Jesus the Jews had to bring in the Sanhedrin having found him guilty to be punished by death and to bring him to the Roman governor for the death sentence to be a group and to be carried out so I'll take the seat of judgment just down demands to know what accusation is being brought against Jesus I will turn to another gospel now we get a slightly clearer version of the story in Luke chapter twenty three starting with verse one Luke twenty three verse one and we got by the Sanhedrin has found Jesus GOP the whole multitude arose when eleven pilot why and because pilotless the one who had to carry out a death sentence and they began to accuse him saying we found this fellow perverting the nation and forgetting to give tribute to Caesar saying that he himself is Christ what acting is he Tyler as a Roman governor could care less that Jesus has declared himself to be the Messiah has a religious infraction has nothing to do with Roman law it is not likely punishable by the death penalty under Roman law so what do Jews have done is to bring on a charge of being a false Messiah but a charge of in what a rightful King to my DNS to Caesar a charge of sedition which is punishable by death in the Roman Empire in fact out what they had done is to appeal to everything the island will close and jeers of the Roman authority and protection that gives incentives sheets a beautiful palace Olivia on a spec hack killer deal spectacular view of the city goal at same authority can also send island to the dungeon and possibly to the death crossed himself for failing to deal with the charge of sedition why remembered is on the throne back in Rome his grandfather I guess this season is absolutely stark raving paranoid is not even begin to describe the problem is they enhanced in fact one Roman consuls mother was executed in the name was gauges Gimenez his mother was executed for reading and his general even executed for treason there were over fifty two prosecutions and executions for treason under the rain is usually not Estes the Tiberias Caesar selected user done is to bring on one chart that is guaranteed to get high with attention as a Roman judge as a Roman governor notice however that the charge they are bringing before Pilate is not the one they convicted him on in their court of law nonetheless this is the charge that they are trying to get them executed on and if you go back over to John you will see the island does not take this jargon very seriously John Chapter eighteen and verse thirty one adding her to charter submission despite explosive and inflammatory nature island obviously does not think the charge seriously because in verse thirty one each health accused eight p.m. take Jesus and judge him according to normal other words chart him on all the science claim do not bring this edition charged me well is a momentary tunnel that will quiet voices and use comeback in a state it is not lawful for us to quit any man today now let's go back to the loser diary and pick up the story and dialogue Excellency we can execute this man this is a capital case in Roman law does not permit us to execute anyone I K you wanted to sign the death warrant just like that because discussing Windows aside judgment hall leaving the lot vanilla 's injuria brings a man to me I will examine you in here acting as judges one of his duties as governor of Iowa has heard many legal nations as Jesus brought before him his eyes white using again murders Digital's easy to the false Messiah are cheaper there have been many and he expects to see the salvation of man he knows he's lost everything is prepared to go down spinning in the states that this nothing in his experience in its users has been that I lack and thirty bruises on his Asian blood trickles from his nose and he seems at ease Fayette County pilots as you claim to be the Jeep is a so adjourn heating is yours my world is not of this will actually pilot seizes on what seems like an admission exchange like this is edition case after all one could almost hear the wheels turning in his mind so you are exceedingly you could put it that way in human terms but this earth is not liking I came to this world for only one purpose to lead mankind to triggers and that is why wrong I'm King of the realm of sure her long-lost silent studies raises the torn clothing the evident beatings in the calm serenity that is inured them all out now uses to himself this strange quiet spoken and is no threat to the Empire and Germania where I once thought your wild barbarian extent enables input a javelin clean through of course now they are but this milestone calls himself the King of truth and aromatase is no danger such as him abruptly high levels of the door of person jury demand his Excellency has resumed and the judgment seat words ring across heating system I find no in he if his hands all averting it goes back to legal doctrine that we still use dadoes back every morning you all rescued a child once they had been dry and reopen it you can reach right used for a murder they have been acquitted of having people here in the doctrine of double jeopardy what I has to as a Roman jet is entered a bird of acquittal and that should admit innocent set prisoners but that bright young man brought to the moment that would define the rest of his life with designing and drug ancients after a lifetime sacrifice in addition and success Greg and editor with entire hour of the Roman inquired his backpacks from Anna G Square Roan San Quinn roams in because Rome since a young man on the scene of judgment but at fifteen twenty third thirty seven regions and is adding a judge having a decision found that stable of character that he and we a backhand down following his conviction as I know she what he knew to be more at able and care all we now interest second-guessed is also into negotiating a life of deviance and at the end of that horrible day as he signed the networks of the Lord of creation to the cross instead of using it as a Jew free Jesus as he should have been the instead who are you today what is your mission you are not Christians your seventh day at questions your specialty no other special time of the special your heritage is one of a Nevada this Church of England came up with the police that we share the people and created will be system that brings us all here today to share they were younger it is not everybody is JN Andrews Renan Drew University 's name fifteen years old on aging or equal all are seventeen James Whitehead wanted to become her husband twenty two years old Erastus twelve his sister Annie Smith wrote many of his songs in your Seventh-day Adventist uncle sixty at a shorthair heritage of young people with only encouraged and digital of character that left him on the morning of October twenty three eighteen forty four to ignore the jeers of the world and to keep digging for truth and Sarasota will allow in his eye and ear walking down the street and told my neighbor is at all rather are you still here with us on this earth to respond no brother I hand in the land of the dying the signal in the land of the living when Jesus comes what kind of character are you meeting today I know it's time to go there is much more I would share with you this morning as I leave I like to leave you with words from your from a young lady who at the age of seventeen and encourage to keep on going what is the aim and purpose of your life if you have dreams you dare not mention that you may one day send someone an intellectual greatness and help for the nation there is nothing wrong with you you may every one of you maybe your aim high and spare no juries there were beautiful Sabbath morning in a beautiful lace we don't work to other worships the home jewelry will be dealt with challenges not in the remember that you are the source of our string that you are always calling us to greatness out to make a Joyce's today that when the true test will help us in word and not Jesus


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