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Men and Women of the Hour – Empowering Youth for This Time- Part 2

Martin Ryszewski



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yesterday we heard some stories about spiritual leadership I just want to know you are repeat what you have heard the story of the gym I see the behind the start of the Gbytes yesterday okay so something that was on the mind of four on four five people and they started this whole movement below what movement that the reason why we do today okay that's part of leadership we heard about the story about Abram LaRue the one who went to China without support of the church visit by himself at the age of sixty five sixty six something at that leadership okay so leadership is a spirit is it is it biblical concept can you tell me something from the Bible that gives you some insight into biblical leadership just one text for some okay Paul sent follow me as I have followed Jesus Matthew twenty eight the great commission okay so what is that kind of beverage with spiritual leadership of biblical concept in Matthew twenty eight name I am so we had this in the morning also was mentioned name I I he is one of these leaders spiritual it is butting in and Matthew we have these great commission this call to make disciples Kate that's the biblical concepts of anything is based when it comes to leadership anything is based on the great commission and okay that certain terms describing leadership you found terms like leader our guide Romans do why Matthew twenty three you find terms like elders in first Timothy Wi-Fi the term shepherd that the biblical term for the leader is a shepherd and has some connotations that some some some has a set of values ingrained and so will you say it some as a shepherd okay the biblical concept of leadership of spiritual leadership is that everyone is called according to Matthew twenty eight everyone is called so sometimes we want to sign the leadership to some special people some professions are some people bless specially gifted but I thought the point the Bible points out that you and I are called to be leaders sometimes we would think leaders are just the people those who are in financial that's not true everyone is in a influential people everyone okay so that is just a hamburger the foundation biblical or spiritual leadership is not an office it's a calling son sometimes people confuse this concept again and say while they are some who call just summer call for to be apostles or eventually sell profits it's just for some if not for the whole church okay I'm true who is called according to Matthew twenty all believers are called to make disciples so you will have an influence as soon as you put your foot underground you will have influence day but some has been unaware of it okay let's see what I have here of its individual I need a very hand to move my sheets year through press the button and saw what it was he that stole him I kicked it to be but I tell you that the biblical concept let me give you some quotations update so far for all those who want to relive the more some of my presentation derives from this book it's from lack of the intellect of the spiritual leadership you want to read something really cheap into this topic read this book it's very good at Fisher leadership equity okay so what you're okay back of the bracket is that that spiritual leaders all spiritual leadership is not an occupation it's a calling Christian business people physicians educators petitions and parents all all to be spiritual leaders want more people in secular occupations are taking that's calling a spiritual leader seriously and they are impacting the wall and extending God 's kingdom came so it's a con let's see what you have here okay now that quote from black of the Christian leaders who know God and who know how to lead in a Christian manner will be feminine phenomena the more effective in their work and even the most skilled and qualified leaders who lead without God heavy heavy understood what they are saying Christian leaders who know God and who know how to lead a Christian manner well be more if just than the best skill second the so that's amazing okay so God is a point he sometimes got his appointing people to special assignments or purposes but this will not intervene but I interfere the concept of a spiritual leaders so in the light of the Bible leadership is always spiritual leadership is not just leadership you cannot make yourself a spiritual leader you have to be called by Christ so what comes first to be a spiritual leader that you will have a real encounter with Christ that you know God by itself personal experience okay so we're going to visit a remote depth later on let's think of you that's too fast that they can look into the Bible and all I forgot something we should have a breakdown so that will not worn out after two ha ha that's completely so this workshop will last until five thirty is the right is a five oh five while on the extended supply update so we would take a break in yet for synergy and object good to remind me someone who does this sign year when it's time to have a break okay thank you okay let's go into our Bibles and dogmas in first Samuel chapter three percent seven three percent Memorial came and stood that the more came and stood there calling us of the other time Samuel Samuel then Samuel said speak for your son is listening so calling needs that we are able to listen listen to the boys of God but often we charm these politics around and while the way that we say this Lord for your seven speaks so what would we have to listen first because John God wants to call us and we need to listen to him that his spiritual leadership that they had been supplied with spiritual leadership starts but sometimes we are not sure if the calling we feel has affirmation to be God 's calling you defamation if not you will become someone who is very lonely when we have these people around who feel Colleen Levitt who feel that they have an assignment but no one with affirmative okay so in it spiritual leadership in spiritual leadership of calling is always affirmed so how did this happen affirmation is something subjective to the person it's something out of your experience God is speaking to you putting a burden on your heart but the first thought of the second part is a more objective part because the Bible office instructions of values that you can prove your calling okay we cannot do it in detail but just that's your eye I can pinpointed on one thing part is the community aspect because chariot charges made up of many people you need to be affirmed you need an affirmation of the congregation of all the people that is what happened in acts five or next fifteen so the whole congregation affirmed the calling of someone okay that's very important if you want to be a spiritual leader you need support and that means you need affirmation there okay job of it like to be elected the eye I'll give you some only at this one here I'll give is something from them about spiritual leadership what is spiritual leadership or what our spiritual leaders like anemic they say spirit there is a spiritually this task is to move people from where they are to where God wants them to be okay where they are to where God wants them to be segmenting spiritual leadership depends on the Holy Spirit naturally logical update the third thing is spiritual leaders are accountable to God not to men so spiritually is accountable to God that's because sometimes spiritual units are not understood something to do things that people think you're crazy you can do this so you're accountable to God but you need also affirmation as I mentioned before update and then you have Dave mentions that spiritual leaders can influence all people not just God 's people will you have it hasn't read the book at all one of the books from Roger Mono about prayer okay so you know about how his spiritual leader can influence the ungodly people and so I I I love these the diet I have a set of books here right with me in so these books are special to me they have a place on the shelf beside my bed so if you don't have these books from the terminal trying to get a copy of them what ever you can get you know these books I I believe they are so loud they are not in print anymore I also if I have them German English sucks very very strong powerful what he is saying about them okay so we can influence all people do not give you a yes the title from the from the books that the receipt because the Gentiles the different it's incredible answers to prayers and the other one is one credible answers to prayers and the next one is when you need incredible answers to prayers okay it's easy to thought remember asked to pray is what someone all okay good yes so a lot of you will not go into rule pastor ministry are a something that is affiliated with the church but you can be spiritual leaders to others even those who are in the second environment so you can influence people and Winder Georgia prayer and you will see how this is possible and how we need this kind of influence okay that thing is the spiritual leaders were from God 's agenda to be God God 's purpose and he's purpose is to turn people away from the self-centeredness and from Austin twenty desires and then draw a student into a relationship with himself okay that is spiritual leadership as part of it so the key for spiritual leaders understand God 's will and not to not to do what is just on their minds what they dream what they envision okay so remember Peter the apostle disciple he had his own agenda several times was letting fought according to God 's will so he had to change before he could be a spiritual leader and to to be a shepherd to the flock okay so the most important characteristic of a spiritual leader is to be a follow-up so before you can lead you have to follow so there's nothing like a leader out of the blue and two has never tried to follow gay son that nuts that's not an easy task at sea I think all yes already for this first I I added this it's it's important because sometimes we think about leadership is doing something okay but in in in all these new upcoming management theories and in all things in pedagogy send syllable whenever you have the stuff you find that the leaders are more people who see okay so you and the whole person you if you want to be as you have to be this that's so influential to be the leader not to do things the leader that's okay so doing is just thirty percent and talking with ten percent I I should stop eating so you want to be a leader I should do something with you and show you something about my own life it at all as Amy mentioned in the morning you should observe me one arm alone that makes me as leader okay cell leadership is about being and that means being you will be a role model you want to be a leader you have to be a role model to people okay so it means that you had to be only the slightest hard to to you have to be authentic you have to again need to be in into your person your integrity is is important okay and then not so much the tools you have tools are important to certain time but not as you look at the whole concept of a spiritual leader okay this is saying it's because of competence with a high-energy because of cake carrot that we are fired okay so it's all being so yet be the date you cannot make out the leader you cannot do the leader you are the leader are young not okay it's all one whether for the next thing okay there is the quote from Al light what follows is the most important characteristic of a spiritual leader those who control others should first learn to control themselves unless they learned his lesson they cannot be Christlike in the work they are to abide in Christ speaking as he would speak acting as he would act with unfailing tenderness and compassion so how can you learn this time of the gift file you have to follow Christ so that is when Christ mentioned at one when he was calling the first disciples he said come here after me come here behind me follow me that's the main so you cannot follow if you go beside a person you have to step behind the person so that means that you have to go the way he drove okay you have to follow them every step that is what we have to learn so to get you one of them to follow you can only make it maybe I should share present experience right here because sometimes we realize people are tempted and even more when you have that the natural inclination of off thinking of yourself being something bigger than you are then you then you need some lessons so sometimes came to my my I want to get the doctor 's degree out to be a professor want to teach and these guys down there in the classroom thereof as good as I am so and so on then I hear what God says hey take this tool and sweep the stairs not my calling I am a pastor why should they sweep this is not because I was used to be a dormitory being so and you have to clean the hallway sometime the stairs needed to over see the whole building there is a bundle of all manner of the Google of the prisoners have to know none of him but sometimes I was wondering on what why'd you have to do with these I studied for that is not so happy that's not so hard to do with it students can do that but then I came to my mind that have to be humble they have to take the assignment got assigned to the have to follow so Jesus was a certain Jesus went to the cross of kelp Jesus went the way we shall fall upon you we cannot go to cross I know but would have to follow him we have to be like him so to show Christlike character traits first on two over six thank you yet please please its enjoyment so first on two six thank you that is that is what our working together first done to reverse six must walk as Jesus did thank you thank you perfect that so we have to walk as he did okay so we have to be follows okay I don't have a lot more facility by will be so slow we will never make it Jenna Romano so we have to quotation here then I want yes good leaders are good followers their spiritual life and politics and other close connection with the one by whom they had been commissioned to preach the gospel that is about the desire of the apostles the first church their spiritual life and policy pendant on a close connection to find the spiritual leaders understand that God is their leader otherwise leadership of the apostles who they read unitedly in the palm of the Holy Spirit the more committed to the Gospel messengers was developing rapidly okay so the closeout connection God is all will be more more rep will be the results okay so bad that it's a promise I believe in that believe in him he will hear your prayer and commentary assistance in much less time than the public convenience could take one to three all four men from a long distance at a great expense to decide questions which the God of wisdom can decide far better for you I so spiritual leadership is relying on the is to be dependent on the subject sometimes be we asked people for guidance when we should ask the incidental set close connection spiritual leaders will follow update gears of leaders is still we serve everything the father has Israel is revealing to them the path of man while place as leaders is not an easy one but they are to see in every difficulty of call to prayer never are they to fail off consulting the great source of all wisdom strengthened and enlightened by the masterwork there will be an able to stand firm against unholy influences and to discern right from wrong good from evil they say that something challenging they will approve that which God approved of what strive earnestly against the introduction of loan principal into his costs in on that so important that we are spiritual leaders you can buy into leadership today into the second leadership and you can go astray there is a spiritual foundation for spiritual leadership and this is that you will have a close connection with the God of okay so away we are here our KKK and succeeding consecrate yourself to God in the morning make this your very first word who grew up here striving to do this the very first words each day the honest John is uncertain to these is something we need to become really spiritual leaders to consecrate ourselves to do that does not mean that we have to do it in a mill and the manner but just be aware when you wake up for the for life to God first in the money that your prayer be take me oh Lord as wholly thine eyelids all month on my plans at thy feet use me today in thy service by Whitney and that all my would be be wrought in the visited daily matter each morning consecrate yourself to God for that day in his something something important I want to emphasize it says I let all my plans at thy feet if you want to be a spiritual leader put your plans to the literacy maybe this goes here okay so run all your plans the name to be carried out are giving up interesting spiritual leaders you have some yes sometimes you have some dreams you have some imaginations what to be done maybe you can carry it out maybe you had to give it up it depends on his providence as his bonus shall indicate last day by day you may give maybe giving your life into the hands of God and thus for the job life will be molded mooring ball off the life of Christ and okay so a simple model of leadership you want to have a simple model of leadership there was so many quotations all day you can reread them if you get the material but a simple mod of leadership is listening learn to have that that is just summing up what it would have shown your so far this him close connection to God learn following cries day by day and then leave because you have a calming your content to be in the each of you okay now that some some more quotes interesting quotes leadership is not so much the exercise of power itself as the empowerment of others that is also important thing of leadership the basics down so when you leave people not to glorify yourself it's not that you're so important but it that you have to empower others to catch up with the work because someday you'll will be owed until one have the power anymore to do word and then someone else us to do some access to continue so I'm growing old and you you're younger than me you have to cave and work with the work at a further so I have to empower you and that is what you have to do if you have learned something from Christ give it jobless and polymeric help them that this is the emphasis of it I want says leading man should laze responsibilities upon others and allow time to plan and devise and execute so that they may obtain an experience given the word of counsel when necessary but do not take away the work because you think the brother of making mistakes is something interesting how sometimes we think all you may mistake the update I take the assignment back it up with dirt walking on the low now oh nine that is empowering others but no time to plan the rise and execute a Sunni time for everything and then they should obtain and experience and if they do wrong okay by failure but very important part of leadership and here all in the common walks of life there is many taught up patiently treating the round of his daily tasks unconscious of the Latin powers that goes to action would place him among the world 's greatest leaders the touch of a skillful hand is needed to arouse and develop those storm and its maybe some page you see someone like it like I mentioned before sweeping stairs while thou that empowers in this person you have never discounted but maybe you need time to talk to this person maybe you need time to observe is there something more and maybe he can do greater things than you will help expectant of okay so that's something it's called spiritual leadership metrics either trust the no not that skip this if you have given lifetime we can come back to it yet so it's it's the much overlooked spiritual leadership means making decisions I think any mention something a morning about making decisions so out what our life is saying basically is better to decide to do something about better to make a mistake then do nothing okay and that is part of leadership so we had we should decide we should be able to make decisions to leaders of those people who can make decisions not carrying to make a mistake mistakes will happen but to be reluctant to be what to be I missing the word hesitant thank you to be hesitant that that is something that the students and we should go forward we should decide and sometimes I'm wondering should I go this way that we should do this on that we have to count on God even we take the wrong direction because he can redirect it we have close connection with the use was on the way to efficiently do these affect okay so close connection to God the main video that was of the Holy Spirit all time but you will have these impression or maybe they are the people talking to you and giving you advice and you will know what God wants you to go okay so not the forgot so we have been with more time than something else learning from failure I mention it leave others to plan and if they fail in some things do not take it as an evidence that they are unfitted to be thinkers and so this is true fathers should mutual funds as well they and something that that characterizes spiritual leaders is that you can endure criticism that's not easy so if everything goes well it began to flow and everyone pleases what you're doing prospects you feel good as a spiritual leader but when they criticize you can you do it this evening it is a mistake to withdraw from those who do not agree with your ideas this will inspire brethren with confidence in our judgment it is argued into counsel without Brett and to heed their advice we got to see their counsel and when they give it we are not to cast away as if they were all enemies honestly humble all heart before God we shall not know is for me that is so old now I can tell you it's so hard for me to take criticism of others so wanting to asset and was preaching fastened I had my first seven English than the students reacted when they gave their insides and the impression I saw suddenly I heard this voice from the con all the classroom the professor the elevator is that put into pieces dies of what comes next criticism but I was so also scanned what would come next I wanted to have these old whole and the front end and disappeared Kate 's aggressiveness something hard to stand out okay so we can skip this one and now we have the right alley and then I told you okay for some minutes we restart it five five five two five one five minutes before start on the disabled three fifty five bits easier for me okay now we are come to the more practical part of it the how to say because sometimes we as spiritual leaders we we feel overwhelmed at times we think it all how can I manage that is tolerable when where are the tools I need to to do something good for the cause of God and a lot of this how to has to do with myself so I want to focus now on self-management and so that I will not burn out that said I will not become depressed so that I can fulfill what God wants me to do okay so first of eight and for some that is theoretical stuff but it isn't it's practical is smaller portion about tray so because prayer is a common storm of leadership prayer is not a tool sometimes we use prayers up to each that is not the intention of prayer prayer is the foundation of spiritual leadership so it we understand spiritual leadership as acting as the acting out the spirits through human agents as for attitude which allows God to communicate his will to us in one you when you look at the life of Jesus and you can open your Bibles and had in Matthew fourteen twenty three and you see that Jesus live was embedded with prayer that is something we should follow that all I've will be embedded with prayer and acts to you see that the that the early church was united in prayer and in sync remissions chapter one verse eleven you find that intercessory prayer is is an important part of the life of the church and import spiritual leaders they prayer that the prayer to be filled with the Holy Spirit is something that is central to Jesus teaching you find it in Luke eleven verse eleven to verse thirteen so if we want to become or remain spiritually filled leaders we need prayer prayer that is already in its at people on people 's Obama I don't know that means intercessory prayer doesn't vital important part of our prayer life the second thing is that prayers oriented at Scripture so that we become filled with the understanding of the word of God and the third one is they pray as audiences at the will of God so that we become quiet and that we will listen to what God is saying is really really important my single day she said today I have a lot of work to do therefore after Braylon so sometimes we say today I have a lot to do therefore have no time to pray and we we should change our attitude when it comes to prayer him I I have a friend and maybe some of you know him he is a pastor in Switzerland and he has the saying and I like it he says manner for banana okay son mentioning that meadows stands for the presence of God the Word of God so make it a habit to have manner before nine hundred okay and him what when yet when you look at the other something wrong here with my battery okay fix it let's asked what was the essential thing the first thing the children of Israel did when God shared for them with heavenly bread was the first thing they did each morning they opened the ten is that manner that so they did it in a Sabbath belt in the tech the one number okay but just as an illustration so the first things have to be put first and prior something that has to be put first manner before another day a white says the secret of success is the union of divine power with human effort those who achieve the greatest result of those who rely most implicitly upon the Almighty on existing she says that we can achieve a lot but those who rely on the almighty arm will be those who achieve the greatest results and she goes ahead the man who commanded sun stand still upon getting on end-all moon in the Valley of Ayala and is the man who fought ours lay prostrate upon the earth and pray in the camp of Godel than one yes I like this sentence most the man of prayer on the man of power the man of prayer than men of power if you want to be or become his spirit is strong spiritual leader you need to be a man and a women of prayer okay this is for later I want to mention the again brought someone will because I I'm so impressed that's what an weekend went when he died do you know what the weather than what was written in all magazines of all those of Mongol that the mainline was we lost the trail worn so he was really a spiritual leader because he was a prayer warrior and I I think I've never read something more impacting myself them what he saw testifies let and let me give you the introduction of focus Berkshire the third one when you need and try about to surprise and I I like it how he starts just the first few words my friend Jesus is always unspoken my friend Jesus continually response to my prayer request as well as blessing my life constant he's even interested in what may seem the most insignificant details in the lives of his children are God who sustains the very absence that make up all planets and everything on it has been reminding the office care and concern by watching over something that might seem unimportant to many people he has been allowing my canyon PC one desktop copier to produce high-quality copies without any toner and the printer cartridge and the stories in here so you need to change a copy of this book arcade I will not read from the story room maybe you can do it late on but you have to stay in this room to stay close to the book but it am in addition my Lord has enabled me to carry on my intercessory prayer ministry despite my seventy years of age by restoring parts of my body to what they wear like fifty years ago no matter what may happen in the future I can look back on what God has done for me and know that you always that he is always with me even when he does not seem to answer or intervene he has given me candles on the interior hello my memory no matter how dire the world may become around me and they are rays of the line lost and compassion that I want to share with you sounds interesting a man of prayer so we we need prayer sound wife says the be sure to pray and counsel together before laying your plans and then in the spirit of Christ push the words United in August just one sentence that they are so many Paul Ford things in here be sure to pray and counsel together before laying plans and then the Spirit of Christ push the work unites the that is spiritual leadership you cannot do it alone you can do by itself you need other people to accomplish what God puts on your heart some of you may know PMC by Memorial charge the states at Andrew 's campus of an abandoned zero University and one was forwarded was at service I saw these huge public saved these are copies of the wall they are saying forewarned on our knees so prayer prayers the foundation one of the practical foundations for spiritual leadership the how to okay so much about prayer now effective leadership let's look at what you can do when Moses was much burdened the board raised him up in Heathrow and advisor and help of the advice was taking and the burdens that have come upon him when divided with others and it to fall object was gained Moses was relieved and he had a better chance for his life and then when learning to be a responsibility is to qualify them to do work in positions of trust so that Israel should not learn to the one man and trust than one man and think that no one could do anything for them unless it came before that one man okay we we know the story about Moses and you throw and the burn yet unassigned sense not as hard and was his whole life was burned on cell out what is emphasizing here Moses had a better chance wildlife she emphasizes also men were learning to bear responsibility to qualify them to do work in positions of trust and the third one we shouldn't the people should not learn to look to one man and trust in one okay so what is the practical thing and it's the key to successful leadership is not creating more time in one's life on packing more activities into one state but staying on God 's agenda so are you striving sometimes to put all the stuff you should do into your twenty four hour day some of you have a advocate so sometimes I I needed a forty eight hour day at it this would be bad I I don't know I'm I'm not sure but time management is is something we had sold for four D Kayden all we have to do a balance time management in Albany the majority of time management is something very important but time management is not the issue something else itself minute because what because every one of us has twenty follows my more nor less with twenty four hours a day so we have to manage ourselves that all life will fit into twenty four hours okay so back in time there was that what these trends to be more effective to put more things into twenty followers sold to accomplish more in the same time so then this change in the eighties and then there was peace trend of efficiency and so to do the right things instead of doing as much things as possible so changed a little bit today I don't want to to to be boring with my explanations of today we have the company did different approach today we haven't an approach that is called shared life balance today when you look how can you be a leader star leaders how can you accomplish a lot of things it looks at your whole life it's a holistic approach so it looks at the elevation of time or what time of lucida family lives of your relationships it looks just shall live as well so today when you look into all of these management theories you'll find something spiritual doesn't mean that is the same as the Bible one the Bible is talking about their jollity but it is something that is even bigger then your life something that has to make sense in your life has to give value to your life so they call a share life balance so let me let me show you how you can have it will issue your life and that everything fits in so that your wallet being Walmart be destroyed and that you can set of God with a full potential and capacity you have opted at it I never wanted why Jesus was never burnt out I think Jesus worked so hard but he never was Bernard 's about today we have a lot of people being burned out somewhat what happened to him that does not happen to us wonder what this is secret it amounts on and on Jesus were really high everyone had ideas Holly he should spend his time how he should invest his life so and while I was a strong impression but the reason was Jesus did something very unusual you know what it is he tried to do this how this will that was his his emphasis but what the main aspect so Jesus says that he did only what his father told him in all these these Scripture quotations in mind I think he did not anything by his own everything he got up either everything he did he got from the father so I receive I have a quotation here something outcomes later on Sunday as he was relying on the father 's will and on the on the guidance of the Holy Spirit you remember what it says when when Jesus was baptized it says the Holy Spirit that in into the desert so Jesus in our life says about the life of Jesus that he did not make plans for himself and can you imagine that you have no plans for your life of no longer said it's very hard to imagine so how is it possible I cannot give you the secret the only thing I have is that the Bible hasn't it has a role model for me and that's Jesus he was talking with a father constantly he spent it used amount of time conversing with his father I think there is a secret fuss to submit ourselves on the will of God and to listen to his voice and then to make plans and as I mentioned I was before she says we should pray and then we should work out all plans but we do it the other way around half we have all times and then we ask God to bless all plants that are not better or not let's do it the other way around so asking first what we shall do and then do an activity that can be says leaders understand that the daily schedule primary primarily review of two things those things they have chosen to do and though things they have chosen not to do okay and now we come to the really time management all self management pipe so when you when you think all of this there's something so big to do I want to have the convention like this G Morrissey convention I want to do it in my little city off of whatever you mention the name of the city bidding on this so much to doing before you started your depressed because it's the much okay I do that okay I have all this the defendant to learn them allocate incidental died before start self one when we have to manage ourselves we have to make decisions to decide what to do what not to do how do you know how do you know what to do a benefit experiencing okay sometimes Ascot it's so easy that it does not often all my answer know it's a difficult because we have all plans but we have to put down all plans and to ask God what we shall do any at Ascot to just show you if you should buy the Dwyer digital so get ready things in Ascot and you didn't all that's good so do you put all your plans at the feet of Jesus every morning so let's thought to do that maybe God will change as him may well make us to be spiritual leaders okay so not even sell we have to do something okay so heavy effort tried to two steps of your time you can do it with the guidance of the Holy Spirit but you have to do okay so you have a full schedule how do you manage your time of day there are a lot of ideas out on the market so I just want to mention something that seems to me it should work well now so this is business kind on the kind of a personal wiki commander to schedule my time and all I want to explain and liberty you see some blocks year so I start with Monday so maybe you will spot on Sunday are on the Sabbath but a start on Monday I have sounds some blocks you and what I'm going to do is on on Sunday evening I take everything that comes out next week in this schedule and I plan even my devotional time I I plan my own my nation time activities or some of them what is important to me I plan the time with my wife Kay the romantic part of such edit I can tell you it's not easy just try it just like our case who wants to have the presentation then you have the form it on the schedule so you can print it out for yourself and then try to take some notes the speaker notes down and put read Dave you have every assignment you have put in in these blocks let me evening afternoon wanting and try to figure all that you know what well next week because if you don't do someone else will take your time and it will be taking for sure if you do not than someone else will plan for you and then you would start out even with the emotional time so is starting with emotional time okay so if you schedule your time is getting easier so and they are some some guys think what you know all know that's not netted nothing for me I'm so I'm soul of souls are created I'm not I I don't I don't want to have a routine filter that something is boring to me so update even though maybe they are striving for more than twenty more years but fought for me it works maybe it does not work for you so you have to find a form it but I'm just mentioning something as possible so put everything in here and then you see how much space how much time of frames you have left there comes a certain part let me show you something because when you when you try to plan your your daily schedule of the time you want to share for these dating beauties of the time you want to share for the cause of God and for project you want accomplished for him and she put it on your mind you prayed about it so and you know okay that's what I should do and you have information all of the community of your church or whatever entity it is you know okay that's it I have to do so selling you don't scattered you will never reach the goal so you see people who are successful at them they have a schedule they haven't ran they know what they are doing and sometimes it's it seems very rigid but as you see one explain this one here you will discover that it will give you more freedom than he ever had before at some of you what this chart shows is this is the amount of time you have okay it's one hundred percent okay I don't know how much time you will you will have and in the usually fall for one week self but it's it's a time you have is not just what time that that was that was a mistake money is to hold time you have when you wake not sleeping okay okay so the whole time so what you should have you should have scheduled only sixty percent of your time six percent so if I scheduled to know if I schedule my weekly in it at that my weekly schedule I would have one hundred fifty present time I need so much time so it will not be enough not do it and you see that is my aunt mentioned this one before so fill in everything emotional time later time many times whatever back and if you need a nap in the afternoon schedule a and me we go a little bit more in detail yes we have enough product good okay so sixty percent why so then you have forty percent I plan I'm unscheduled time and then what what what reality will show you is that this sixty percent will raise to seventy five percent of you know what then you have a timeslot of twenty five percent that gives you the freedom to do whatever you want you can with the time you want you can spend the time of a lot of people you can take another project if you want if you feel starting off at but this time at this time is awesome for everything that is unplanned and unexpected and he will not be in a hurry now and that that's the secret for so start to do your weekly schedule just with sixty percent of land time and forty percent on plan time led to be easy now I know I know but it is so that okay so and then have to somebody all the women on the readability over read this book that so important I wanted a want to get something more you have to plan it if not the told you someone else will plentifully okay so I think that seeing okay there's something have you heard about the potty until the guy article I don't know him maybe it's more well-known in Europe than the head of Wells it's about Angel he's a guy he you want in the alcohol aging Sentry and he was a business 's own see on the just gay and he found out that in business everything we according to this eighty twenty rule okay eighty twenty one one the eighty twenty roof and have heard about a different room okay so some did I'm I'm I'm ahead of the K holding this first twenty one what the rule basically Wildermuth says is that swanky purse and I'll get time or your effort will result in eighty percent of the output the outcome twenty percent effort time eighty percent of the outcome interest so that means that means that you need for the rest that twenty percent unique eighty percent of your effort in your time on interesting how so I'm a perfectionist and work for me it works it works one oh one two thousand is up to me if I do it okay I never try to do something like this definitely but that's not something for lazy people both candidates and avoided to twenty percent I get eighty percent of the result will not mama mama mama it was just if you dedicate dedication first okay but then you need only twenty percent of your effort to get a person who will work here for the rest twenty percent of the results you can get who I don't know maybe you are one is me at the perfectionism that could propagate so and then when you when you remember it that when you have the all when you away prepare a sermon or devotional or something like this that your listeners will receive just ten percent so they will receive ten percent out of eighty percent that means how much effort do you have to put a couple be dealt to put all your effort in but it needs just twenty percent but then we give you some somewhere samples for it it's so interesting because it ingrained in creation twenty first cent of Kodak defects resolved and eighty percent of complaints interesting or twenty percent of church members raised eighty percent of the crisis of the thoughts of most twenty percent of the copy of show eighty percent of weird interior uneven with just these track these line on the topic will on twenty percent of our clothes will be used eighty percent of the time that means you can get rid of eighty percent ago okay twenty percent of the employees cause eighty percent of the sickness sickness absence rate interesting so that is something that is deeply ingrained in creation so when we take these and and readjust our scheduled to this rule we can accomplish even more than we did before about that that's not the point it will free us some time for reading the Bible praying him operate what I pray and to schedule while time and you will have to okay I'm a white says so mentioned this yet if I saw that we should be careful of our strength and not take upon ourselves office can and should bear the word God requires of us will not shut us away from caring for all health the more perfect I'll help the more perfect will be elevated to see that the holistic approach self you will not set got better when you exhausted it will serve and better when you're healthy when your well-being is really good when you feel the power you feel the strength when you're fresh when you multibyte and motivated when you can encourage others to because originators it is empowering others are flexible in Canada and the I had to do it to speak to the youth on the possible anymore I'm so allowed the loan policy if you're so exhausted if you go to grade and you know never in history with a lot of people went to know the grief that was not the will of God it wants to have us fit for him fit to serve in feet to come when MSDS 's and so we have the responsibility to care for self supply management is what self management update the throne of Peter had ever heard about that the Eisenhower Mattrick 's editor tried to to to Ogden I is that you live in two of these I forgot the words how you call this what it is loosed way Amy please help me yeah that's the squares with what drunk for it what whatever the Swiss market in Germany twelve hunt the same in English one and all thank you again so you see here is something so you have one on these axes its garden think the urgent high envelope and things are important though and all high the perfectionism has conceded all get a present okay twenty percent have okay so four quadrants which is the best one to leaving what you think if you work on these birds and high urgent things and not important hydrogen not important what can be highly burgeoned and not important while things that have to be done but I have to do it take something is urgent it has to be done but it's not so important for me to be done so okay someone offended on maybe it's it something as it's urgent but it's not important so what can be urgent people up pushing on us and this has been intended to do so and we sent him maybe it's person with a important for me I will eliminate okay the further that the second one it's high elite important it's highly urgent things that matters for the boss highly urgent and highly important or when the baby is crying again I think that's not important maybe it's important but not urgent but maybe because the Emperor is a full half that at some point in the notion of the well but some fire that's highly important highly ardent and does some calls a highly important I do so if the present is calling her you should not say the important okay so that they has not one that there are things in the life that I'm not urgent and not important just the time wasters just looking around so I do then know I'll look at the Internet of as a magazine out that unemployment action so the time wasted okay when you lift we live in this quadrant it will accomplish a lot and it will be a moot point to you at itself but there is one quadrant and I saw says this one is the one we should leaving things that are important and things that are not urgent in a light this is it is good when you have most of your time and most of your life in this quadrant because you can't it's important I thought as I type it is I can envision something or is that what I wrote that the point of item away thanks you use you can exercise for yourself they are a lot of things you can do in this so that we look here and important and not urgent what you do in this quadrant is used at times to do the work that located in this part and that's good because you will feel exhausted when you live in this part copy a student copy who is well-known says highly effective people do not really manage time diminish themselves and this is what I dies and how law naturally so principal Shelley document yourself you have enough time you have the important things in mind but they are not urgent so try to adjust your life that you have important things but I wanted virtue you can plan your tab time ahead so sometimes we have also that the really important and urgent things that we have to do any about this device a convention the things to do here high important highly important and highly urgent sometimes at update so there are times but that should not be the usual time they don't let me go back to something I missed okay and I so hear down this map here when you plan your time when you plan your schedule look at your daily rhythm there are some early birds and they are some night elves summarized to peak when it's late at night and some are so fantastic in the morning I don't know why but I'm in Idaho will okay so look for your daily rhythm the way you have to put the most important things in your schedule you can go to this one back for the most important things in this area when you perform best K so that is something individual a as well a lot one night when I like to do since a couple of months is I have something we called this super book have you ever tried a simple book crap and knowledge into the year with me again how is about what is it about this it's so easy in times when you have all these efforts on a gadgets it's something old-fashioned because it have to write it my hand and I like it so because it's in chronological order and every year in this book starting with a certain date and then I write down everything that comes to my mind everything I have to do everything I have to memorize summer gives the business obits today palm stick it in the I I I write something down on the small mode take it bonds to get in here so I have it I have everything in here I cannot miss something now because it's just than one book and then I review the book every week and look okay is this accomplished schedule is this a capable but I'm not I I haven't scheduled this one yet okay I put its on today's part in chronological order you won't miss anything and it will free your mind will free them and you will not forget things against you know sometimes you looking for system at home or for your work and okay I'll output this in this file and that found their vistas and at I have four hundred fifty files or need another file to find the files on this confusing so so this one helps a lot tried stop with a suitable of your business is multiple to the next one will be double enough so better because I can speak in the bigger sheets of paper okay so everything is in the and you know what after he you can receive review your life what happened all I've done this I have completed this I've accomplished this all volunteer I forgot this I have to call my friend K that's very very good okay so something else you want to have something more practical how do you prepare your day on the prepared in the morning there be prepared at all okay so prepared the night before and takes five the five most important things in steps of the okay to some density of the review yet weekly schedule but what do it the night before and you can relax the five most important things when the next day you can pray about it in the morning to pray again as God if you should do it on a future shunted advisor cigar can put something from his heart on your gender you want to do God 's will do it this way given the chance can what Alice always yes you see when we have been working over the work blocks year we put in blocks so schedule your amount of words your daily work in blocks and do yourself a favor have just one but two times a day for e-mail shut down your e-mail Windows it if you want to accomplish what you need so because it is that comes something in general they then they are some researchers who studied the impact of all distractions and you have something like his songs looks like assault your your your concentration rises to a peak and then the distraction comes to your zero and then you have to go again to the holiday is like like us all our children to join Al Qaeda translators I can idea of like it translated that the okay so so have what blocks and there's something else I will add this shield quiet hours established while all the quiet hours and shield them because you need them for concentrated work she allowed amount of time I would say that movies one oh way can work on things really concentrated that is that is so important if not at the end of the day you you think of one shot you have no time shield yourself channel your cell phone John on the computer you don't need it for for these tasks channel your e-mail and put a sign of the door don't disturb so that you can work tell your colleagues tell everyone who needs to know that you won't not to be interrupted at so you you would see how much you can accomplish what you have concentrated our the content and help me with the English word for fuels the car is okay today's cars is that we are accessible all the time and we have to be in accessible again you know state of the art today for managers to be accessible when it was because the going was that a manager has to be said about at all times no make yourself an accessible that means devotional time but it means as well the time when you need to concentrate on work one you have to do something for the Lord have these time where your inaccessible and then you need timely accessible again nobody said I am an accessible all the time one another and another manager okay so what else do I have for you all yes alone that's a cardinal virtue lie down everything you have to do because it is not written down it is not all in just the mind it was built so right on everything that is one of the cobbled birches so and when you have done it many again scripted on okay young seminary and that that is the decays of the book lighted down by your own hand because you know there's something that happens in your mind so because the chief aesthetics help you to remember to memorize things that don't don't rely on all these lipids stuff of two veteran of it okay so what else is important for you and all that that meant let me ask you this limited is that something you wanted to know in addition to whatever presented any uptake is that many County and as you work eight hours and you'll usually announced they have a note left okay yeah let's take a way that the time for sleep in the near sixteen hours date yet eight hours of work young thought yesterday was that when you have a valid left so on all of these eight hours how much would you want to plan so if you if you can you can put on your work time by yourself it arises in a but if you have just these eight hours okay tried to planet you know not everyone is implied in the church some of you want to Congress something for God and for the church so then you have a analysis planet plan your your leisure activities that you have a no you know what you want your raise you to take your work time or that's what you okay so you can correct me and that comes in my mind right now I get it taken other than sixteen hours of think how many homicide as always a super Santos is that ours is not what nine six okay so eight hours are what time that I have one hour and how many minutes lifted in forty minutes while forty minutes of the mountain no you can think of that's true you know you okay is he identity good okay you know I'm I'm in the situation I've become a wartime also believes that the different okay on you found a new way good okay something else while one seeing is that we should live a lie it to read them so life so what we know is that we should guide people move people to do God 's will that is his agenda so to move them from where they are to where God wants them to be that means to do his will okay that was basically this is but so we give we have a close connection to God we understand God 's will in all and that is that's part of the plan of redemption such a move people they are okay because we are followers of Christ and we have to make all we we shall make disciples is what I meant to finance on sometimes it may be important but if you look what you want to achieve you have to decide if it's important work on the unknown the eighty percent now if you work eighty percent of the time on the twenty percent of the outcome so sometimes it may be but usually and that's something that comes from business you know and form from economics and so usually it's not important for yourself maybe the regular prepared sermon I know what they are times when I what went when they has such a good flow I can write down most of the sermon within an hour and then I'm sitting there for hours routing over the rest of it is that souls hard to do was almost there let him a headset okay I would get only ten percent of done that so you have to be sideways so if it's not it's no approach for researchers they have to have everything in detail all until the end even if you die okay yes you know you know why how many of you have regular breakfast I can see the others who don't have as many know how many of you have written lunch at all of every hand should be raised in a in a you have to donate you see sometimes you're stuck in a hurry in the time to eat all you need to undo it take these to build things that credit and then swallowing yeti can shoot later so does make sense in him if you want to have these holiest you want to have a healthy life ended to be healthy and didn't endorse thankful avoid we have to plan each pipe and slippery as because it's also time when we can relax when we can in July sometimes we are not able to enjoy new and on the outs Baltimore you cannot some of the more but with final minutes this that the point so I don't know what I should explain why you know that's exactly what it says so eighty percent of its estimated that twenty percent of your time twenty percent of your effort result in eighty percent of the outcome while you know that is something researchers found knowledge and I don't know how you can change it favorably day they are some as a percentage of web moves to run from it all but but basically that's what they are saying so I have no idea that is something that is any way I mentioned some exiles some some examples that is something that will need it is seems to be ingrained in creation basic principle so I may need some day will without the answer and God will offer residents a wide is the way it is so much we have a lot of things that astonishing we do not understand the company please than Cheney apologize it up and trying to do something better so maybe and indicated I have a new concept does I have no idea that the adult Apollo vision someone asked in the morning commute save on remote vision exhibition is something that has expiry date maybe this is often expiry date for me it has the fate that is just something I mentioned to you you have to find your own way okay so then they had done some research on the unsound management time management and for me it's it's not so easy right now I'm in the process of transition to come back to to a more organized way of living because I used to be a demon of dorm so and home and I can value some that I was up late at night to do this stuff I needed to do to prepare some devotional to prevent sorrow something because I was running around all the time during administration and to get tickets and it went when I opened my door from your body now they are waiting for me to own men so even I had a day off so I was cheating for a couple of years I should make the T-shirt says I'm off duty so but it's like being parents know you're twenty four seven on duty so it was a season but but right now I'm in the process of transition and trying to organize my weekly schedule me a evidence it's really helpful so I'm I see results and getting better and better because I'm also suspect that like you are both of you okay but it must update so that means okay get so start Sunday morning so I I I mostly get twenty year okay so start a morning I want to my is what I missed yes I want to fill it out for you on man wow market so start in the morning for the devotional time there from many say from six to seven was seven thirty okay and then you have one hundred fifty minutes then he had a breakfast schedule everything and then use the hardware though you do have to to go to work drive whatever and you come back to him for lunchtime so scheduled lunchtime started some sometime after that you have leisure time that he can take a nap so save two two two thirty okay then okay you have go back to work your back of helmets five thirty and then you'll do a walk with your dog and supplemented and then you see okay while all of that that's a lot Mike Davies almost full okay no it's not because something changed in time management people used to plan along the UK and they changed it to plan the whole week so the amount of time you have belongs to reach a cake because they are certain times when you were hard and long is certain that day but it doesn't mean that you have always scheduled to hold week K SASE I'll take this day 's company before but okay then I have to schedule for another day more leisure time more or other romantic activities and so on not okay Manuel Ryno okay see you used ad nauseam time for church in time for our region whatever you may see okay I have to M1 when you have the old amount while me impression that you have scattered too much time then you have to reduce it you have to get rid I forgot something very important okay that the timer thank you leaders have the ability to say no and you will more often say no then yes if not you feel so what you're provided if you cannot say no there something wrong with you because Jesus said also know Jesus did not follow every demand of the people he could say no one there were a kind of February but you need to know you will do God 's will not the will of other people and not the own so you have to say no it's not easy for Oklahoma views it easy to say no to something people asking of you you dating man all there we changed her however my wife always complaining and saying to know about it if you are not edited somehow I was always complaining yes I know that under the due was so worth and do feel importance of part of the vision bottle vision is that the other thing vision has an expiration you can give to someone else can take over and that is what we have components that is one would have to schedule a live in way that we can empower others they can take over we can relax and ask for something to connect so we are running out of time thank you that you help me because that you have been here was helpful meeting so I know what my mistakes on you don't know maybe you are aware of it okay so that sample the Lord Jesus will want to thank you for the possibility to meet here to help this seminar and we fell that you are guiding us the direction of being that is spiritual leaders you have called each of us and you are preparing each of us so that we can do whatever you ask that we can live according to your will and the that we can live life the fulfilled in your sins and that we are able to manage all lives you know they are so many demands and some encouraging things we think so but maybe after free all minds that we can see the whole picture that we are able to take the tests you on the lives are the leader we need you to ask for from the Holy Spirit and you don't this media was brought by audio course a website dedicated God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I really would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain that the visit www. .com universe .org


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