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Sharing Divine Words with Human Hearts- Part 2

Dan Millares


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my name is only honest I'm from Sweden working at and Swedish post in the Navy and TV station my soul feeding when we are broadcasting via satellite and Internet that dismisses throughout the old Scandinavia with the reach millions through these technology in some rewarding work and that's why am a skilled in the center and communication director lifestyle TV so for the last six years I been then working with in the Bible regarding both the Swedish church union and for lifestyle TV and now six seven yes office other than that I'm advised LT full-time the safest for the minister to the church so I would share a little bit about that my experience about what God has taught me in the topic sharing divine words with human hearts I hope this will be practical it will be an inspiring and my aim is that all of us will go from Key West to Europe to be able to be engaged in this area ministry of sharing the Bible with hours that would bother us that's my prayer so before stock lets over the prayer than this jump directly into this at topic the spray can father in heaven was thinking so much for bringing all of us here for giving us your word enough although we pray that you will send your Holy Spirit so all of us in this room and to those listening to this message that we will be more efficient and inspiring to share your word with others that's my prayer in the name of Jesus on mouth a lot seven years ago I was converted to a friend sharing the Bible with me I was working at full cars in Sweden and I looked around me in my life now you said isn't life more than this isn't life more than just running my money having the respect from my feminine friends such a conflict with Bible studies personal Bible study is a friend of mine just open the Bible and for the first time in my life I found fulfillment in my life so I started to do that is a sixty eight or seven years ago I started listening thing I thought to share the Bible with others and I remember when God called me the full-time in ministry as we went to use the rally will and I brought some of my friends and I started with from the universe than my coworkers have said this company I work that I brought six of them to this youth conference in Sweden and the preacher made an appeal and I both found praying for my friends and I started in both their eyes ask God simply follow their speak to them speak to their hearts in the same way as he spoke to me once when I opened my eyes I saw the people that have answered the ultracold eyesore five on my six friends standing there giving their hearts Jesus said that day that is in my fulfillment in my means in my aim in my life and goddesses led me and taught me a lot of things throughout these last six seven years of which someone was checked into the office today no two Bible studies for the share the word of God it needs some preparations so we will go through some preparations in doing this efficiently will go through the actual leave Bible study on how to share what the same not say you have some practical tips and what to do and what to do and that would be the first this session on the first bottom power I think and in the seminar that will have a short break then we will continue and talk more about the region the hearts a given Bible studies showing the word of God is more than just sharing information it's more than just knowing what to say knowing how to say it's knowing how to reach hearts is known how to cooperate with the spirit of God in this work that's another incident at the second part of this seminar and often a short break but that's off with their preparations and that's first look at some Bible verses that will inspire us this is what I experienced and seven years ago the Bible says in first Peter chapter one verse twenty three seems to have been born again not of perishable seed but by imperishable through the living and abiding word of God according to the Bible in this verse what is it that makes us being born again in this verse however born-again by the word of God note that we know that the Holy Spirit is there working in the hearts we'll talk about that in this second part of this but here the Bible uplifts the important parts although conversion that there is actually powered in the road oh God to change a human person I believe all of us in this room of the spirit conversion experience and maybe had also experienced that in some of your friends or family members and now we're here together to be more efficient in helping others at the same we have through this personal relationship with Jesus not USA I kept if the file is then encouraging words about this to us social my word be that goes also my word-of-mouth it shall accomplish with without which I purpose and shall succeed in the things for which I send it gone synthesis when my word goes out there and when you share in the Bible study we preach when we had myself you send out through Internet and through satellite TV the word of God it will have an effect it will accomplish what got sent out to do I believe the core of an outreach activity and eventually stick a fork in the Seventh-day Adventist church should be based on sharing the word of God now that's going to the preparations and how to do this practical personal level with others we need some preparations I believe the first thing all of us should do when you go home from QAC to your local church to Europe school to your family wherever you go find someone that wants to do the same thing with you find a partner find someone like-minded find I what I call a prayer partner to bring with you go out to buy two and decrease yes this verse chapter four verse nine intends this to is better than one because they have a good reward for their toil for if they fall one will lift up his fellow I have experienced that when I walk by myself shedding Bible studies it can be hard sometimes they asked the question and I don't know the answer so I get afraid him I feel I don't want to do this again and then when some of us want to come with men I'll preach I think mall abase their home I don't I feel afraid of them out there but if I do together with someone if I go out like yesterday seven hundred young people going out together we are inspired encouraged because we are more than we are we have a friend puts Ubuntu only have someone to help us off when I fall find a friend and even though that friend might not have the same inspiration as you take him over with you anyway I'd love I would my wife several times as she goes with me she's the girl I'm a man and that's something I would recommend because then people that you meet will have someone to have an easy way of all the connecting went right because of everyone you meet is either a girl or a man right the abnormally long last Apple store about that but I will await the advice that a distant practical tape go to buy to find and someone that you trust someone that there will will help you be an inspiration and like meanwhile I've got together and do the things you have different roles one of you will do it actually sharing of the Bible study the other one will do that what I called prayer partner the one that suits their absurd silently pray support rep when I fall and take notes bills notes I would recommend that you off to the Bible study keep to your friend I will come into more lists and review material in different Bible study than horses in different things and I'll tell you why I recommend since it's the right something myself and give it to them him this way that's the different roles that you have of that and I do when I grew up getting by with those they sure did you have the partner and have someone in take notes and I help you when you fall something else you want to do in the practical preparation of different department you need to in some way especially if you do full-time by Wilbur maybe you won't do that but I would recommend this anyway find some way to keep a record of the bill wants to do need them and studded with that means you you you want to write him at least three different things personal information about your friend or your Bible study contact and number two you will write that you want to write on the statistic you have had with that person and how they responded to that study and the third part I write on this test was an experience that I've had with that person I would recommend of this is that you do these things because especially when you have maybe twenty people into full-time Bible work twenty people it might be easy to add confused them was that the family with the bird over the dog and and you come there is a storehouse your dog and if they are the public and also house the bird life of the mother that he is a you try here you want to remember these things this is just to remember and to get to know them better that's why recommends the right thumb the personal information like contact information when enabling all of these things you know that the family information if they are thin debts of any interest and other interests and hobbies that they have anything that would help you in getting to know them and then remember the person that you're trying to minister to and that's my recommendation and of course important to the Bible study that you have had with them you don't did the same thing twice will things if you may visit abuses this is safe to do for by Merck because normally you won't have a week with twenty thirty Bible studies if you could only do this part-time I would still recommend you to write these things down in the specimen left part with it dad system was an experience that you had from them off finally good way of keeping record of this and and find a partner to this preparation and another important part that will come in small is the personal preparation of their own hearts at that snippet that personal devotion you need to have personal relationship with God that on a day-to-day basis I believe in order to be efficient in sharing that relationship with others and some people ask me how do you get so many people to study the Bible with what you do do do door-to-door work dude do them health evangelism what do you do I simply say them and had some friends that are set this one core principle that you should follow if you want to find people to study the Bible with and that is what I've written here live the Word of God to create an interest in the root of all basic to have a relationship with Jesus and try to find opportunities to invite people around you to study the Bible with you I was so sitting eating dinner with my wife's family and all of a sudden they were someone banging on the door like this and incomes that neighbor over my wife said the family and then she comes in she's screaming him this is where I can think this is more and she says that the terrible relationship with her daughter mount I wanted to help her but I still house and what shall I do that if I have a teenage daughter so I can give an advice but also numbers in the Bible struck nothing this is an program step fourteen with this a soft answer can continue to test away Rapp thank you for up to fourteen and Proverbs I think certificate up for me and anyway I remember that that verse and I simply said because that would help me I come from a home of a broken family with divorces and different anyway conflicts of backups that helped me when I became a Christian cable to my family I try to live by that principle of Jesus and I love my family so I said this center I didn't bring up the Bible I think you need conversions of this I said this friend something that has helped me is to when you torture when someone is angry and and behaving in that manner towards me I tried to show them off I tried to not behave like they do that has helped me maybe should try that we do torture a week later I was sitting there in the same room eating dinner and on the door we hear it blazing comes this neighbor 's same person says that this also break it I can't take it anymore and since then she see me affect you what you said it works but it is so hard then I be targeted to give something else some of them there may counsel practical man of practical Christianity to her and most of that discussion him within this bomb are you a psychologist but this is my opportunity now I can say no I'm not but I know someone that knows every human being and how they work and how relationships should work for the best and then I can point her to define the word because no this is not novel she is open to receive network data folder mouth her heart is open for that knowledge helped me nothing among the works now it's not me meeting someone and just trying to argue with them as a hate study the Bible you need on your forming most of me that I have taken the first step I've taken the initiative of shame do it about right I'm not just sitting there just waiting and something in thing but I have been now share the word of God and she wants to know where the boss of these principles come from that actually works in my life before the emotions open to the windshield you shed the Bible and when you are trying to find interest in Bibles and studies this the word of God to create an interest in the investment comes to you that comes from the personal devotion time that you have Jesus that comes when you follow biblical principles people will see a difference in your life they will get interested in what you know and what guidance your life and you will have the opportunity to invite them to save hate this actually comes from my face this comes from my relationship with alcohol and there you have the pitching to invite them to give about the study first Grace so important prayer of course not only did you have your personal devotional time reading the Bible and praying but given that you pray for your friends and not only just before the study sometimes it it's like in Iowa with think about my friend and study the Bible with yes before the scheduled time if all that at all but I have noticed that in my preparations for ministering to this person if I pray throughout that we focus individual that can make me more efficient when I actually sit there sharing the Word of God if I have a love for them I know their needs I've been praying for them they are part of my life to have a part in my heart and on there and trying to help them favorite commend you for Raphael France I remember in the beginning when I started the shed blood of God the Bible basic don't think that the one thing I shared was the only thing I knew from the Bible but also excited as I rental around among my coworkers and my mice in and student to apartment there and knocked on the was is the head you have read this book and I remember that I you shed the Bible with them just information never prayed with them I never thought about that no one taught me how to divide the siding of the concept of a Bible work at all but God blessed by his mercy at the sin when I started to pray I'm a member specifically when I did that was a girl that the help we studied the Bible together we never prayed before I never prayed for her I just didn't think about that I thought we thought has answered my prayers several times maybe if I pray for her she would answer those prayers to help her and not only that but I did what does I sent the text message to four other friends that hate with stunning the Bible would you pray for us from that moment from the first Bible study when I started praying things taunted to have it changed directly today she said that I sit and think of leaving drugs and bad habits behind her and Moshe Hess on saving relationship with Jesus but listen don't work in their own strength in white invites God pray for your friends personal preparation devotional time prayer and of course they had to know the facts to know the Bible study I used to go through the Bible study even though I have traded hundreds of times before the Bible study I used just take it up through my notes read some verses from that from the Bible used the power myself to know what to share and every time I'm placed every time that helps me because I know I I get back to the first at experience when I first saw this topic when I first understood what this means for my relationship with Jesus so a practical paper for the Bible study leader to prepare yourself know the facts though the information you cannot share what you do not have right freedom don't have an Apple you can Canada and make sure that you have debts in order to English at the same way with the relationship with Jesus if you do not have a saving relationship Jesus you cannot give that right so personal preparation very important now that's going to live the Bible study and want to share preparing this study you find a good plan for what topics and what by Muslims share with your friends now as you might know there are several different then the resources that you can get there use find them go to your local church go to conference and see what they had ministers like a amazing facts I use it in their studies and most thing called lifting up Jesus like a great sense of all Bible studies Google for these things just find a good set that you like and or write your own Bible studies that's what I do I actually also write specific Bible studies for four individuals of the same topic but because will come into that but it's so important to see where the person is and try to meet their needs as we can look in my computer I will have a topic like this look throughout Bible plan this month I used basically what you want to find a good set of Bible studies that shed at message in error with your friends what I have is asked off with the word of God great controversy salvation and so long as you can see on this list and in my computer you will find files the done name but this word of God for the race the root of God for after them because sometimes I want to focus on something special site prepared through prayer Bible study a special Bible study for individuals because they have different needs those important thing meet them where they are even though you have a sip of Bible says in a plan like this don't be so stuck the net and that you cannot meet their needs and their questions that they have either that several times I need to sell them I thought I don't think maybe some of the first by the conference I had been rarely seldom I go through you topic by topic S among least like like very seldom then normally the first Bible study in secular Sweden and will be basically have made the one verse that I share with them and that we us discuss and talk about how buffet of Bob Marley testimony in these things and left then when they had that interest you let's meet again and that's going to the next study before that there where they are liberal spirituality they are in meet their needs one one guy I know of the distal to stop this talk he invited me there he was twenty hey himself a white which he had a special interest and also somewhat into Christianity because during full moon he prayed to Mary and the handout that cats that he love death of his brother is said to a week incarnated the enemy that was just kind of early in his tunnel and release and I was thinking because he was interested in meeting again something hotline stopped with this guy what do I share in the state of the dead oak of this and that I go into and great controversy what shall I do with this guy thinking he's really loves animals he loves that cats what did I I we've gone that me I prepared the Bible study about how God relates to animals wonderful thing of this was the first Bibles that I'm gay dating me how to trust the Bible gave this then the something like that it was just we sat down and we open or Bible C NAIA I board him I am than amounts and a Bible in and we just look through the Bible how God relates to animals him to do such a great rough in the Bible and the that often that continue for several weeks to study topics like this and that's the practical people give you see whether your meet them and when you have to to share find a good center by the slip of this book trying to minister to their specific needs and and build trust at here are some examples of what I should share with people went when I have time and I went when I see it's fitting things like how to know and that God answered my prayer things like a hog so I know the will of God in my life and how did I spend my life to God how do I find a life partner hardly resist temptations and how to deal with fear how do I know and what the good quick read recreation things like this practical Christianity through them in there in your settled by the study and plan and when you see it's fit in and this will give us help you and that their personal aloft in in in gaining trust in the Bible defining these things that actually apply to you personal life and work and principles that that you will that's them they will just have the question is this lady had the name of my wife's family where does this come from my discomfort so you would have the preparation somehow you have a partner you have some good way of keeping a record of the friends to do needs you have found the goods at the Bible study may be written it yourself and you have their prepared your heart through morning to the prayer for your friends and about this time gauntlet of since someone into your life that is ready and the first Bible study trust me at and you have your York head to schedule a time and start doing these things so we come into the practical aspects of actually sharing the love of God giving the Bible study backup tapes time and place I would recommend you that you meet once a week I have about thirty to sixty minutes at and they schedule that up with your friend people don't have much time today did you know that sleep you need them for me for by the federal two or three hours want to schedule a Bible study they will same items had to three hours this week but if you are therefore that in minutes or maximum power they'll think I'll squeeze that in the assessment could experience last week 's list of that so that's might might think you could keep it to the something like this of course I've done on breaking these rules many times sometimes with study for half a day with people but that the Spirit of God lead you try to follow some of this practical tips it is normally that what's what's helps find the goods instead environment said that means to rather thick by that by the kitchen table then name the couch in front of the TV where they are used to sleeping ice because said they will fault asleep and is comfortable but if you said that then it is those of you that are skewed and see in others it said you kids is hidden and and focusing uncomfortable chairs than in the comfortable strike and continue to sit and be alert sit at the kitchen table I would recommend almost ninety degrees angle you'll think I'm crazy but this is just have on some practical to the fifth step backup tapes why because then your time on the same and you kind of communicating psychologically that your equal if all that we are next to you when the same journey together and ISA can also record the reasons this is that my friends by ligase my Bible ideas easily turn the show where to find things at a show for my Bible and much eastern witness that material appear and is show like this just do that than others if you sit because I found out that it feels right sometimes can be uncomfortable if the person sits back in front of you if it's a guy and I'm a guy a rear car from each other not here in my there are units fight again if the go it's like when the dates Caleb said he did for me to try to make it in a different environment and I would recommend this ninety degrees angle than I have my wife here or even here also your prayer partner degree angle to see is some practical tools and when you sit down they used to help you to be more efficient and to be and more comfortable and in the in the aspect of sharing divine vertebrates human hearts time and place now it's going to the actual study we will have a good structure Bible study for thirty minutes of sixty minutes that we want to fold this is what I follow eighths five steps of Allah Bible presentation of Bible study or for that matter public speaker a seven and the skip of the man with the first first step will in this study structure would be this sure social talk with Smalltalk that we do go to open it no more friends and do that before the study knocked off the study and make it short see you basically get to know them and what their needs are being a good listener ask questions that them speak how a few weeks how I has a dominant decision you we made together last week at this time the questions to get to know the progress end of the questions and where they are in this work together with them have that short talk in may be like a maximum five minutes before we started actually Bible study am then of course an introduction this is how I do I do the Smalltalk did social talk and then there I have the introduction that's basically what is this used them and what we are about to study these the dummies it's a basic essence is the same sold today within the study above the law of God so today I've been paired up by the study about this great conflict they knew that we experience between good and evil let's look into that this does just that the introduction of Buckinghamshire this efficient and save lots and so what you're going to tell them and my wife is a teacher and she will tell you that in teaching and it's due to an follow-up principle maybe you have and teaches them here out have some and maybe you will and support this and before we teach before we tell them what you want to tell them also before we tell them we tell them what ones tell them and often told them we tell them off with told right selection the repeat three times but ways ensemble I put my booklet here and I say this so friends and I been up to today now that friends I used to get a so did you see that I think that this book is from the table to beautiful me so so what I'm saying is that the guaranteed emitting different in new ways not everyone in this workshop they will you will go up from here you might recommend what I shared it with you will remember this and that died than he picked up the book from the table I'd so that's if the taping chain helping your friends to get the message and in the introduction to what you won't fill them then comes this study we tell them we share the love of God but for that prayer of course we pray I want to emphasize this again don't forget prayer even though useless sitting there with a person that does not even believing God is saying tell them you know before I open the Bible I amused prey dedicated to pray together you have a lot of prayer it should be short it should be to the point and should be personal and you should include yourself in the prayer this is not the time we had the long prayer okay let's select Tenebrae requests to you haven't and then openly pray for the leaders of a country and all these things this essential is this way pray God help us to understand your plan of salvation this is a short prayer of God help us to see the blessing from the seventh day Sabbath through the time that we had together that's the short party that once so I've questioned many of and him questions and he that is if you get that the person the print was depends on the person if that I would say I have I remember one of the first persons I met but awake and I leave some time we would Christians in the handle of the list them presentation and invite them down keep in there and will have some dialogue together and that's a good question thank you and no end and what I recommend the first Christmas that it would in Sweden a girl she was erased even atheists and secular normal Swedish family but she had somewhat interesting in the Bible and at this we met with her and we started the study and then and then on the Bible said about I pray that the in the beginning but in the end of that Bible study I asked her if she wanted to pray because I was me being naïve or I had a big faith that knowledge women study the Bible for one hour she will have a fate cannot so I decided with us would you like to end with a prayer and feels like no a incident while I don't even believe in the Martian upright ass like thinking she is not verse positioned and I was when I started to study the Bible when I first the status of the Bible I believe in what I call the supernatural conflict therewith must be some kind of grades are behind where the living but I had no relationship with God I never read the Bible I was the Christian and SOS saving visit here with this girl thinking why do you ask that question is that Hester Dupree but the only thing I knew was to continue to study the Bible show my face and invites her to be a part of a relationship Jesus said to give the other members of the sickened by the study after the same thing I thought about not soon enough to break the no suite continues for months soft almost up to a here we met every week for year and a accident not to pray this it just became of internal joke and we offend you greater give up because of it the fund experience in which the others showing my faith if I turned to be a part of that and in the backyard remember that studying the Bible and in the end of the Bible Sunday said so would you like to pray a bottle downgraded to pray for myself for know the answer this author -year-old Bible study this girl is sitting that this machine of these wonderful words yes I would like to pray and to this day this is seven years ago to this day that is one of the most wonderful and cute footprints if I've ever heard a human being praying for the first time to her creator 's painful more faith she's paying it's able to understand what we're going through today that girl is baptized Seventh-day Adventist active in the local church night and day that is the power caught I did not learn her in there with some juggling or some staining on my hands so they have favorite music I just did what changed my heart enough share the word of God with our I believe this works I hope the might of my prayers I pray that all of us have experienced but because we argued and we are in week because we have the power of will because we went this seminar will help to shed the blood of God but the costs of Jesus because he can change hearts and soon good question thing José did this today and you'll be getting to know them but I would say that if there is see that they are comfortable in praying important to do that otherwise I would overdo the prior and I normally do that myself and at least in the beginning of the study ticket make it short personal and to the point is that the people the short prayer sought social talk Smalltalk and then introduction to my short prayer then come special Bibles this study this is simply a Bible study of the questions and answers from the biblical text that they can did a Bible so this can seem to find one of these materials it's the it's it's a Bible verse to questions of adverse or maybe my comments and then you threw in there throughout the structure of the Bible study illustrations testimonies to to to take these thoughts in these verses to their hearts and that's basically what the studies so let's take an example of ascertain this a couple of few versus I recommend this you don't need to have twenty versus and you don't need to have ten versus it I normally I do some Bible studies that only like five or six versus you don't need throughout the three versus the prove your point especially not if you work with a secular person that though not to have faith in the Bible and him have some preconceived ideas about teaching from the Bible before that if they have more questions and when they study by himself they will get vis-à-vis other versus right but I would recommend you to make it simple make the Bible study simple lunch go him there have to go appealing that are our life that's that's mythical than this the development the company listed to his make this very simple biscuits in Genesis chapter one so this would be off today social talk off the introduction you will say this since they would never look at the plan of salvation then have a word of prayer God help us to see your wonderful love and your plan for salvation for us now is that the Genesis chapter one verse thirty one here in chapter one the Bible describes the creation and obsess about history she infers that a one Mbyte away you would want to take turns reading the Bible verses to say that I'll start another other read in verse thirty one and God saw everything that he had made and behold a plus very good and there was evening and there was morning the sixth day of the Bible verse they asked the question so friend Hall does not describe his creation and you wait for an answer so you can have nice my friend it's a very good then you ask another question maybe you think it's a friend would you describe the verdict be leaving today I saw a very good place perfect and wonderful place with no problems would you describe like that no so that I have a question what happened right now let's look what the Bible says happened in chapter three of Genesis she returned to Genesis chapter three severe for how we have used a Bible verse questions and go home to our study night that you will find this in a mean we could take twenty four hours to get together and go through about all of both as I normally do that when I go to churches I spend the weekend there and go through some examples of how I share some Bible topics with illustrations as the moon this and some by the values we do that together and then we would go out the fine people and we are thinking with meal studies to help church members and churches to start having this list them as outreach activity all over sharing protocol so that's how it when we go for some of the Genesis chapter three and I read about the fall of man and you choose one the verse there may be when they make the choice you will basically say so here human time to get to this choice of either following God of following the serpent and the devil at two choices each or phone feeds and never seven we see the choice of men did so when thought sorry verse six and out as if I read the first verse of that phone will be one of you to read verse six for us that's how you do the Bible study take turns reading help your friend to be comfortable in reading the Bible by themselves so if anyone would these read for us or six and then this is six versus that's right thank you 's you don't need to read all of it you can use do what I did is tell what's has happened before and you simply say so here is the story above gone and that Adam and Eve and the serpent God is saying don't eat submissive eats and humans need to make a choice who do I trust to a trust God would not trust this is the goal of this news Smith serpent and I asked the question off the river the first two what choice did mankind do what the you would implement into what did he choose you choose to trust God to something else once I thought okay you get the point right on how we actually do the Bible study to do this very simple you don't need to read through big parties explain every version everywhere there and get stuck on these old Bible terminology in all of these things try to avoid that and showed that that that is a simple logical and and and and comparing Scripture with Scripture of topics to build this picture of what God want to say concerning this question what they witnessed the June studded with them think you'll find many good materials out there will write your own things for this I should be simple logical that I would say fewer versus is better than many versus I would say this hide your information what does that mean that means give ten percent of what you know about that because if you give a hundred percent and in and have a question how much can you shed of that but nothing because even all the men she had everything right and and people cannot take a hundred percent of what you know gay people can take as a share ten percent of what you know and then you have a vote of ninety percent of information to share when they have more questions next week to meet whatever happens an amazing thing they will go home and he will study by himself him a final something is one of those verses that you might send the chatter music and then have you seen this since he also said that the only one in immortal bed is gone and I'm not sure the press maven they were nothing but amazing the purpose of wonderful and you'll see how they grow beautiful and the public if you check yes everything they've the first of most probably won't come back to the mother by the statistics you been sitting there for an hour or two hours in sharing and information to be practical simple logical to the point cheap to the topic and purpose of the Bible study can so and don't forget the testimonies and illustrations to through in there and we didn't do that in the software but you can use through in the station and to make it simple and/or more understanding this last part of the structure of the Bible study and is very important that is their appeal basically the indication to take the information that the insured to their hearts basically to help them to make a decision upon the information that we have studied together this is so important this is not a conclusion I've written often that conclusion in small and then R peel because of peel is so important if the only thing you do in the Bible study study is to open the Bible and read a verse and then make an appeal that's better the significant screening test versus four hour and don't make enough people this is where you help them to take bets by step walk to get into Jesus towards salvation him basically I will talk more about that in the author this is often the short break at about the reaching the hearts and basically this should be a personal specific clear and question simply to take this to their hearts and follow a simple question like this but would keep you my friend from honoring the seven days in your quite the next authored word should be your friends let God work in the silence pray for them and wait for their response you might be tempted off that appealed you will feed uncomfortable holiday answer what do they say what to I saved a as a possibility he will think well you know you would make a fire they love you know it's also good to it it's also as you can do good things from the Sabbath you know all of you fellow is make appeal and then make the choice that the spirit of God or Simon wait until they have given us that simply there appealing than other of the Bible that Bible study will talk more about that in the end then in the second part of this workshop this continue to look at some more practical tapes questions would come and when questions come I would recommend you to do this to you heed these their attitudes that I will give you don't pretend as if you know okay if there is a question and you don't know the answer dumps right to give a man send tried to sound like you know the things right that will only breakdown trust if you are honest and you say hey I don't I should know I never thought about that is a good question you say this will him them know but I promise you I look off back home study and come back I promised it to see if I can be of begin defense of together and then do that this is how you grow old you know and if you want to grow spiritually and and and in the understanding of the vote of thought who often shared the WS and you will get so many questions and get into some in situations where you use need to go back to your that led to your devotional time on your knees and pray to God and open your Bibles I thought you need to teach me need to help me answer these questions for me leave me teach me a real holiday reach disperses art piece is how we grow us Christians in ministry ministering to others some data but that is if you if you know you say this is this thing don't know but I will look it up and do that or if they do this left that you know and but it might take too much time maybe if that is something and they asked something about that so what about the six hundred and sixty six oil but about this mark of the beast and you know that you will cut with that in Bible studies ten weeks from the use of insulin this will definitely good question but at the end and I promise I will have published about a day and the loss of floppies teasers for them they will think will come of that and they don't know it's ten weeks ahead the right but they would come back to the Bible studies they will be excited he would be expecting more things because they have questions of a difference or something like that that will take a lot of time to to cover the answer don't do that in the Bible study stick to the edge of that stick to Europe and a copy and then and then if it is something that I question the directly in and in impacts their understanding of the topic of course and even if it's short deal with his answers and and and them and continue from there and make sure they see the answers from the Bible this is very important and if they have a question open your Bible point and that the divide of God is not your own opinion but we're here to share the Feinberg which human hearts right not your opinions with humans as the point into the Bible and an and build a trust show them that you find your answers from the Vodafone and that's where we together and find answers that spark very important do not argue all we are tempted I intended so many times when I sit down there in the question comes maybe at some and to a position to something that they read to understanding all of the Bible and they say hey I don't believe that there is tough to argue with you do not engage in that do not argue with them do not argue not there to two and argue and say hey I believe this and throughout all of your person that person they took back don't do that that would just be a break on your relationship breakdown your testimony new business and in your efficiency in trying to help this person to a relationship with Jesus prepared for his second coming it will not help in the pocket and the smooth muscle in nine analytes is this oaf the FCC two percent the truth opposition will be aroused but if you seek to meet opposition would argue you only multiply and that you cannot afford to do hold to the affirmative Angels of God are watching you and if not and they understand how to impress those whose opposition you refused to meet with argument if you angels of God are there if you refuse to meet the person with argument Angel saw their trust in the help from God he knows how to reach them right well not from the negative points of question that arises but gathered to your minds affirmative truths and fastened them there by much much study and earnest prayer and heart heart concentrate consent a concentration this is a positive iPhone works when you share the Bible when others do not argue other infecting updates and before or break you keep a positive attitude we know there with their tactics you don't know you New York ignorant agnostic CD starting to teach you the truth okay that's not the attitude your friend be loving the time what ever they do say or how they behave do not be shocked do not become people will do what ever things may be just text you and see how you react I sat down with a backslidden Adventist and we came in there and we set boundaries that once have I told them I was without fault on the new Bible work in this local church in this one but the visit you people are missing in church in Wheaton I went in there and we talked and that this guy he is leaned back new with a smile and a okay let's talk and then into this film and once him got some coffin that have hinted at the end and leave the government a cigarette instead of smoking side of again do not be shocked they might tasty us to see how you would react if an behaving in whatever they do do not be so their member and getting this advice before I went out there and and studies the Bible and be hired as a Bible work told me these things and women became the door me money my friend and obvious partner in a thunderstorm started by the study with this said eighty came back several weeks and then one day we came back to the dissipating scheduled by the study I knock at the door and she opens the door and she does not have a thread of clothes naked and I like now I said I think and I think for myself do not be shocked enough and and and and and enforced fortunately my friend of the girl 's face is pushed pushing the funds they hate maybe she will deal with this soon what things will happen at the show the love of God and do not be shocked the game people don't be judgmental in whatever they do and administer healing by m this may sing of work he will get so many stories submitted and experiences anyway and in a minister healing page one sixty five and get this description about the minutes of Jesus it was a continual pain to Christ today to be brought into contact with enmity the privity and impurity but him or her TV after one expression to show that his sensibilities were shocked or his refined tastes offended if you it was a continual paying for Christ she continues what what ever the evil habits the strong prejudice or the overbearing passions of human beings he met them with all that he met them all with acting tenderness as we partake of his spirit although his spirit we shall regard all men as brethren with similar temptations and trials of them failing and struggling to rise again battling with discouragement and difficulties raising sympathy and health this is what the friends they might come in an argument they would much come with some some find thoughtful of all opposition but they need help they need to be brought into an understanding of the love of God they need to have a friend that the puts out a hand 's host sympathy and guide them towards Jesus then we shall meet them in such a way as not to discourage or repel them but so we can hope in their hearts than official show the love of God keep a positive attitude be enthusiastic and give them a good experience you know many of the ones that I study my Bible the Bible when they say when I come there you think I'm so glad you're here this is the place all were of my week in love it went off great time we we we left together we pray we cry together the group notes that him or the former human hearts give them a good experience keep a positive attitude and some of us need I am one of those people have a hard time of it giving him good first impression believe me I need to make an effort of all the old old old getting a good first impression I need to smile because I need to use my muscles to do that it's a nice something it's an effort for me normally when I think when I'm used new trial neutral I look like this my life the value I use our RU RU could request that you know me by knowledge noted that that's how I looked I need to make an effort all over the dealing with it I think it's definitely due out the tuneup on the worst you need to give the first good expression I know that when I go to Bible studies and I succumbed with my putting my broken jeans and my unshaved and she they will think I'm there to rob them believe me if you saw me I do when I'm just outgoing is something you will run away from me no invites is my point is a too whatever you can knew outward expression on your aptitudes and interpersonal preparation of your heart these give them I could experience and breakdown and needs chancel of building up the unnecessary walls and barriers in and in your work together am uplifted benefits of this study were not there just look at all their day-to-day the making a list for them as they dismiss Christianity you need to do this you need to did this you need to base you need this mouth do this or you will burn right that's not the best shoot up the positives A relationship with Jesus I remember just before the break care I remember I be invited to something in the recall that the panel discussion entitled was a discussion over the borders they invited different than a people from different worldviews and they had a cat leaked and they had a Pentecostal guy there a method list that must leave another China must mean June and and Swedish state church had a humanist there in this panel and he called me and said they whistling on TV one we want that we once again if you want to come to partake in this panel discussion and with other religious people as a representative of the Seventh-day Adventist church I said if you want some from within that in this church issued a call to the office in insult means the home but I can come and present my face if you won't let it we want you to come so I came there with certain sitting then this panel discussions and discuss different topics and people came and listened and how to remember how the first then thing we were about to do was to have a short one minute presentation of all Board of Regents of our faith and the Muslim guy starts and he says well my Muslim and than I don't do this I don't did that and I don't than this and I can't do that Inc. continues to the other type of Muslim he says where I'm a Muslim too but we we in addition to that we can't did that and we did this is forbidden and intent of the content of that content is not like that within Mormon guy and even the Christ has come in there because maybe they will call up and that's it they still don't do these things if you belong to my religion and also they are thinking how could anyone be interested in their image I believe this list of detected this and this is bigger than all of the things that is not Christianity right what I simply been Hermann one minute short testimony to describe how I have found our relationship with God actually the root of the universe and how I had experienced that the Bible is the book of God so my soul and because of my relationship with Jesus I want to follow where ever he leads that of my testimony now that might include some of them don't do this and we do this but that is not Christianity Christianity 's relationship with Jesus and that is the essence of the focus of sharing the Feinberg which human hearts of list the positives of the joy from your relationship with Jesus in the biblical teachings I so make Christ this is the best thing make Christ the center of a very study and alliances hanging upon the cross Christ was the gospel this is our message or argument our doctrine or warning to the impenitent or encouragement for the sorrowing the hope for every believer believer in the list and this is what we can awaken an interest in men's men's minds that will cost them the fixed their eyes on Christ we may step and ask them only to continue the fix their eyes upon the level of this is our focus this is you know sometimes I think with the people I work oh what a friend leave the city what happens if I do I'm not here all day no one would teach them no longer help them listen if I come there for the aptitude of the Dean then affixed their highest upon Jesus to find their own personal relationship with Christ I'm not there to make them believe what I believe to head make them happy faces that I have but to help them to have the faith of Jesus if all that I'm not there to suit that changed them into behaving like I behave but help them to behave like Christ the focus of sharing divine word with human hearts of Jesus in every study if you do not know how the three angels message and the doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist church every single one of them are connected and important for your salvation and your personal relationship with Jesus don't shed the default if you don't know how it's connected to salvation and a personal relationship with Christ Township figure that out study with a focus the mind thinks that the minimum call and have others to definition and outlets have a short break of over this refinement is that okay for me tear five past four a stepped right that the time was still okay to bless world in its image here that's to make it it can pass for a set of a trust MS for this meet bad bacteria and will going to more than the appeal him there cooperating with the spirit of God okay at ten past four thanks for this time and this year 's findings in this second part of the sharing divine word suite human hearts this is the session talking about the big Corporation between you and God and dealing with the reaching their hearts and we had some practical tips and tools in the first part of Lugo into the more understanding of the Holy Spirit in the conviction and our role as friends as in trying to reach people and showing the Bible with them before we do that that's then also a net handle this will we will try to have some time of questions from most of the first part and also this button will go to the father not also write on your questions and ready with them thinking that spray their father in heaven with thank you so much once again that we can gather here and discusses as brothers and sisters in Christ how to share your love to others through your word we pray for that you will guide us into Holy Spirit that we will give it be more efficient and being inspired to be engaged in sharing the divine word the people around us that's my prayer in the name of Jesus on house liking my kids open your Bibles to have them with you to John chapter three and John chapter three Jesus is involved in sharing the truth to a human being in John chapter three the meeting between Jesus and Nicodemus and Jesus is here describing the conversion experience and step-by-step in a way that he doth not describing any other location in the Bible as the chapter three if you want to know how to share as Bible and the people to salvation through Christ but keep in verse eight there on illustration of the working of the Holy Spirit and that's look at that in verse eight and Jesus says the wind blows where it wishes and you shoot some but you do not know where it comes from over ghosts so if this with everyone who is born of the spirits Jesus compares their working on the wind with the working of the holy spirit we might not always see the Holy Spirit but we might see the effects of the Holy Spirit working on the human heart and that is what you and I as a pass at Bible students ask as this Christian friends want to look for when we have a Bible study or by the presentation looks for the working of it then they fix on the working of the Spirit of God and there should chance to help them make the right decision will go more into that this continues to look at some and more Bible verses here in John chapter sixteen again Jesus is speaking about the Holy Spirit and the work of the Holy Spirit according to John sixteen members eight again as Jesus says that the host him three things in John chapter sixteen verse eight Jesus speaking about the Holy Spirit says and when he comes he will convict the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment what three things with the Holy Spirit convict the revolve equity efforts three things so that is basically sin what's wrong righteousness what's right and judgment the consequences of either choosing right or wrong right and that's simply what the political dispute this and everyone in this room and everyone listening to this message and once in your time experience that that is that small voice voice speaking to your conscience saying to you this is what you ought to do this is what you should not do and not only to us as Christians but Sue according to Jesus who will the Holy Spirit convicts in this verse the world since not only Christians that the Holy Spirit will teach what's right what's wrong and the consequences of that but the world that's why my sister we are forth as the siblings in my family 's only two of us that are Christians Mike pence on the believers either about my sister I remember studying the Bible with her trying to help her to see the Savior did I know and we studied the Bible and that is why she when we study the vote of God she says to me with no faith in God we know a relationship with Jesus and she says along I know I might not leave the life that I ought to live that's why your friends that's why you before you became a Christian that's why I before I became a Christian I did things and this coalition spoke to me as the Don this is not the right thing to do I believe all of us have experienced this this is when the character of God when the truth of the Bible when the word of God is lifted up when you slip each firm of Jesus I do through a sermon either through our personal Bible study or you might hear testimony from someone or you might hear piece of music when every human heart comes in contact with the word of God there is some power just as invisible as the wind working on the human heart it's the Holy Spirit the third person in the godhood working on humans up healing to them to follow but they just heard from the it's called conviction it's when God speaks to our conscience in the situation you and I as Christians want to have once to be able to recognize the effects of the working of the Spirit we cannot see the spirit but we might see the effects of and we aren't when we see that we ought to be there with our friends and help them follow the appeal of the Holy Spirit Q4 conference saying that's a practical role when we share Bible truth with our friends to be a friend we talk on the arm and said I had been there I made this decision that's praying to do this together came in assisted Christ will read like the wind which is inadmissible yet this fits all which are plainly seen and felt if the spirit of God in its working on the human heart that's really regenerating power to no human eye can see the gifts on your life and the soul it creates an year being in the image of God while the work of the Spirit is silent and in their perceptible its effects are manifest that's what we're looking for we will note this will see you in the in the faces of the monthly study with him in that and they waived the talk in their eyes we will see that they are going through conviction the nurse hearing the voice of the Queen the Holy Spirit is working upon their heart and steer we need to be a friend this is not the time to when we see someone going through conviction when receipts here's coming through from their their their their faces this is not the time to come up and say hey I told you for ten years of the full Jesus knowledge do this I just make the decision that's not what the artist this is that they can no to make a decision for God the folder we love God in contrast for your own selfish desires that is hard in itself you don't need to have a friend him hotter this is not the time to push people down think of told you my league didn't you know what's to know this is the time when you come to them as a friend it's new reach out your hand the incumbents I been there I know holidays I know it's a struggle to find over this decision the dropout to make but this do it together let's pray before that's the kind of appeal you do in the end of a Bible study that's the kind of all on leave from your heart and better yet from the heart of all the full working of the Spirit practically some of the signs might be Pierce is to talk about I remember the first time I saw someone going through it conviction of course I myself went through it but I did not understand how to be a friend in the in when someone else going through are going through conviction I remember my own conversion but I have a hard time in helping others in the same situation I was preaching in the church early off my Baptist and I was just simply sharing my testimony and also that and I did not understand conviction but often that I understanding it in the outside to meet the holder and people came out the month man came there with tears in his eyes and he is came up to me took my hand and said Dom I am not leaving a Christian life I was afraid when I saw this mountain first I didn't know what to do I know what I know what he was going through I was thinking this all unfolds grown up a man spending a crying much I do I didn't do a ice shook his head I didn't say anything else is in shock and passed out early evening went off before he went out maybe best of late item no but anyway my point this we need to know what people go through we need to understand that we have a balloon in this world the spirit of God is here God is at work and when ever you shed the blood of God 's you will be there helping you in this work conviction we need some so much of its students to that and understand what I understand they and I could have told my friend friend what ever you're going through but every a situation this fall but context us pray together this do this together before me I could do them as something to help this person to make the right decision and these are some examples of what people but you might see in people had a end and which can be a sign of contradiction only working of the Spirit the poem a human heart human being yes we already discussed and I will tell you an amazing story of Justin brought rainouts being poor terms of understanding how to reach people 's hearts at Niceville TV we invite than a vendor list of speakers from all around the world to help us in this ministry to come there and do a meeting to send and end programs morphine was there a new tortoise came here and I of course if the Bible work into the chassis and market doing to come out and name meet my friends thus the Bible with Angel give the Bible study I lived there in the dark a film about admit different people and I'll tell you this from all of my hours in seminars and an Bible school and workshops like this getting information and practical tips and tools I have not learned as much as they did during those hours of being mentored by people experienced and know how to help people to Jesus if you have a friend like that if you have the opportunity for your paths are full of it defends his follow-up Bible record full of friends find them and and and be mentored by them and see how they reacted practice of Jesus is right he thought he taught his disciples through to teaching and to information but he talked of them with him and need make people and show the house she ministered to them and then he told them to go off and do the same thing by simply said for me for Mike's uncle anyways I remember the toys and I we are meeting this guy in the same age as me who was there he's like three times as oldest as this guy is an and are thinking that I need to put kindly for this because I I know this guy and and we are in same age same culture the same and background and I used independently too soon to be able to minister the disguise I told them everything I know about and doesn't believe in the Bible and he has a kept Catholic background culture of Christianity he broke his needs he said he lost the him own basketball player but now he's like this is broken into one student and find something is then we have gotten to start the study Bible together knowledgeably and you should start to talk about you know believing God to declare the violent note driving in lieu of sleeping in the end of history thinking that I was about the men feminized inside the author while infants and became up to this guy and this happens the way opens the Bible often the Smalltalk that be a stop about five minutes of getting to know each other he opens the Bible so verse in first evening 's epistles of John somewhere in the program of the reference sorry but it was the Bible to this Restasis the woman who has the son has eternal life you recognize that this was the thank you note so he'll is the first and then I'm thinking okay oh do not read the Bible not but I at least just doing anything everyone reads that verse and the acid-base solarium who has eternal life and his love the one that has the son and nephew Jesus and I don't as yet have a few salacious so do you have Jesus and unfit announcing all this smoke looking for something in the Bible stopped somewhere else he and out of this note I don't have Jesus and on the gimp doing anything so do you want eternal life under new and looking at him what do you say advances no I don't want eternal life I think it for myself hope this guy is not whoever heard he has been so him off what would you do is sit there with a friend and trying to share the Bible with a person doesn't even believe in God and does not even want eternal life what would you do what we did with this simple yet so completely because it's takes a it takes experience of reading people knowing how to reach them in knowing the human nature framing know what to say and when to say it this is what we did for anything I don't want eternal life I'


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