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our father in heaven I asked to talk about for the most mythic and events in the history of your church she would communicate through me material that is the most helpful and useful I asked for this in the name of Jesus in if you are going to try to conclude from the writings about lights the contents of the eighteen eighty eight lecturers a wise here are some themes you would hear repeatedly one another was mentioned this morning is a matchless charms of Jesus another one is the relation of the law to the gospel and this relation is so significant in the teachings of Jones and Wagner have you read the book lessons on faith hope that shocking to me listen my site every one of your set out to read that book by the end of the semester or else to come up with a very good excuse for you to do it you could read that book through if you are if you are talking to someone you didn't write if you're reading a lightly you can read it through in a few hours it's a powerful powerful book now lessons on faith was a series of lectures prepared in response after eighteen eighty eight of course this was a general conference read/write the leaders are there but what about the people of the people need to hear this and soon that Jones is has an editorship of the review and Herald Tribune I began the professors of articles first by Jones and Wagner back-and-forth on the topic of faith lessons on faith is just a series of Bible studies on faith I can credit up with much of the success I've had in the canvassing world I learn from notebook to think once I'd read that book faith with a concrete idea in my mind that never backed away from that country recent ideas that come from the book you've probably heard sermon after sermon on one book and there is called or one chapter called creation or evolution is not about Darwinian theory it's about sanctification is not how to deal with the bad habit that you have the standard theory being that that you will try to wean yourself away from your Valentine to quit smoking by reducing number of cigarettes fourteen thirteen twelve eleven five three two one per day the naked on the zero per day not works is also winter takes them Diana know someone who did wean himself like that has stopped so in case you ever listen this I wonder they think of it never happened neither do I think that you're necessarily to start again and some irritation assist in case with this chapter explains that what Jesus offers us in response of faith is not rocket less creation of a new heart the hell of that God creates a new heart he says let there be light and there was light and the she can create a new a new hearts if you will believe in his creative power he will create in you read about the study that's only a snippet of it but it's a powerful sermon I have several copies you get your own private for ninety five and if you meet one of the men who are spent a life promoting Jones literature anytime you like three netbook I was guaranteed Olympic opener bag in hand you want there's another section in there that's is talking about the fixed-rate and it uses an illustration that are I read this I was seventeen not never forgotten it at eighteen years ago illustration presented better there than on a copy to you it talks about how soldiers the soldiers of Alexander were always anxious to go to another battle they couldn't wait to go to another battle they loved it they they would get upset in the bandit nervous if there wasn't someone to fight and that and the question is why will because they never once in their entire experience suffered defeat he says and there that that was not such a doleful thing if you're always having victory numbers the Christian life can be quite exciting experience but wiser for some people quite a depressing experience thus because victory defeat victory defeat defeat victory defeat don't want to fight but want to fight the feet don't want if I don't want to fight and not related powerful book electorate when my brain out that what was presented in eighteen eighty eight we talk about righteousness by faith there were two ideas developed by Johnson Wagner that while they are somewhat obvious are also extremely profound one of them is the definition of righteousness I think we all know it's obedience to God 's commandments it's that but righteousness by faith is the righteousness of Jesus by faith and so there's quite a study they are about the righteousness of Jesus that is about the right doing and commandment keeping of Jesus suddenly your story about the thing all your life you know you should be thinking about more but now you're finding that there's content to its flood I mean by context to it I mean that there is a sentimental side of preaching the Cross of Christ and I don't want to put it down but in that side the facts can be stated for the most part in eleven seconds Jesus died and paid for my sins so I don't have to pay for them he suffered that are found itself deserves attention but Jones and Wagner presented so much more content that takes a large part of the Bible to explain the beauty of the character of God the significance of the atonement for how it works besides the salvation the relation of justice the nature of the human heart really they made a science out of the thing that we treated as simplistic and that science fans off by itself making a lot of other things that we tried to study more diligently like perhaps Revelation eleven is maybe an example it dims those things significantly by the glory of the topic I have developed a few illustrations that I gathered may actually that's just kind of that history the reason I am teaching at Washita Hills is because of a book written by Johnson Wagner the glad tidings fly how to happen I got a hold of that book when I was seventeen years old went on a mission trip to Mexico it's so captured my attention that I was getting up at four thirty five in the morning and going outside for street lamp there in Mexico and reading the book under the lamp and it was the Clark's Harriet and old Mister NIST Mister Doctor Clark there observing me doing that that put an idea in their mind to call me later invite me to come teacher which is not part of the issue to communicate on this honey is it illustrates the power of that material was glad tidings it's a verse by verse study of the book of Galatians actually most things that member reading that book I think my been the first two pages that are for God 's printer seventeen years gender Bibles turned the Galatians Chapter one Galatians chapter one and looking the first few verses for this idea that Jesus gave himself for our sins but versus that in verse four Galatians one four Jesus gave himself for our sins that is the phrase that was developed and glad tidings and develop like this when you buy something at the store you traded your money for the something because you live in a free countrywide on purpose why do give money for it you want to ask and if it costs more than you wanted it would you get money for it when you pay for it it's proof that you wanted it more than it costs not if you pay for it is any question about whether or not you're going to take it with you this is a very obvious to pay for that you wanted very badly enough to pay for it then that is the question of will you receive it difficult at that catcher asked you are you willing to take this with you what a silly question is about the question that we put in our minds and the question about whether or not Jesus is willing to receive us having to pay for us than he do it on purpose and how much does he want us more than he wanted his own life is the very clear and wouldn't be of very strange question asking if you would receive you know where to get himself for what to say he gave himself to take your sense how about if you want to take your sense of wonder and want to take your sins badly enough to guide us what you want to take your sense is willing to take your sense the dumb or tell your sense are so bad that he's out when to take them you can know from Galatians one twenty one the badly enough to take them how do you know because he paid for it the idea has meaning it's a sample of what Jones and Wagner were teaching it was the material that the heart is looking for the things we need to be thinking about maybe some of you theologically inclined I've wondered why ACA gets so much attention you probably know already that people who emphasize a.k.a. don't agree with each other on what is true for example emphasize and I disagree significantly with others who emphasize eighteen eighty eight and what is true but once you get so much attention because the things that we all agree on is being true however tidbit from the fugitive Johnson Wagner what is the gospel according to Romans one it's the power of Christ unto salvation what is the gospel is the power price for the gospel is the preaching of the cross but the prince of the process power you want Howard your preaching and preach the gospel of the cross of Christ that is the power of God under salvation this power don't look for power somewhere else that's where the powers that this is what Paul is teaching very purposefully and Corinthians first Corinthians chapter two chapter one and chapter two is and I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified will buy nothing else because he wanted to have power beside and want your faith to stand in the wisdom of man but in the power of God what's the power of God is the present across Sweden let people to have their the foundation of their believing on the rhetorical skill of a speaker he wanted their faith the beasts that old on the power of God is manifested in across the what kind of power was manifested in the cross was the power of love and businesses develop as the Bible saying I'm giving you the conclusions they much of the aggregate was the study the study developed a system of belief that showed meant that they had been lousy polemicist was that me they had been low up our viewers of doctrine however right they had been another doctrines they had just been ace arguer 's about what's right and what's wrong and that never did convert someone and a lot of other things hear a man who can take the cross and presented as the gospel the answer to man's need in such a way that you could see all the truth about Vincennes on you could see the obviously they were true I mean keeping the commandments that when you understand the righteousness of Christ in relation to the gospel editor sent to the Commandments wants to keep the Sabbath learn the Sabbath is the power of God manifested creation really everything we teach ends up being very central if this ends up being the center some people make quite an issue over the apostasy of Jones and Wagner I think we talked about this several lectures ago in the weak confound the wise why God chooses men and it makes perfect sense God shows Johnson Wagner to present the truth they did first of all he gifted them so they could present them in the most wonderful way second of all their weaknesses were such that that was their best chance their best out of heaven but only speaks clearly that the blood of their losses going to be charged to the account of others not mean that they won't be held accountable for their decisions we all are but the man who opposed them you realize how it feels to be teaching the truth and to be opposed by men who should our response will be teaching the truth that is a very painful experience especially if they are your elder statesman happy to push against that pressure saw offended these men to make them easy victims of Satan 's seeds of bitterness of intercourse in just a moment David if there is a lesson to be learned about eighteen eighty eight it is the lesson of Hebrews chapter twelve and thirteen Hebrews twelve and thirteen teach that paying attention to Jesus is what gives you spiritual energy in your life it's what keeps you from going weary in well doing but after the introduction a little bit later in the chapter says looking diligently lest any root of your the next word and a root of bitterness spring up in trouble you and thereby many the defiled in other words the opposing forces in the life of a man are the righteousness of Jesus 's sacrifice in our attention but when that receives our attention and then were growing quickly Satan pulls out if he can on his very strongest opposition and what is that thing that he opposes to the consideration of Jesus it's better this why does the double pullout the bitterness stop at that juncture because he knows that the presentation of that topic will always raise opposition this is what Galatians teaches us what Jude teaches us what Genesis teaches us that if you make it teaching the truth as it is just us none will oppose you Satan will oppose you through man and Satan will try to soften you up by the opposition to make you vulnerable to a roots of bitterness and my closing lesson for you in the short lecture is to watch yourself when you come to understand the righteousness of Christ in relation to the law watch yourself and you can understand faith and grace and gospel because when you take on yourself to teach it the devil no doubt is going to use the very same topic I knew that he is using the past and are you warned in Scripture looking what's the word diligently last any roots of bitterness spring and trouble who you and thereby many beautiful so we have the benefit of history we shouldn't be so easy to fool your comment or question Wagner you know what happened in his later sort of asking the summary of what happened to them was that Ellen White wrote a letter to Jones that he needed to do something to help Doctor Kellogg C Kellogg had been used by God to do a mighty work in reference to the health work Kellogg's contribution Adventism placed on us in doubt write S life in the view of the world presidents came to Battle Creek for treatment in our sanitarium United States presidents you are more advanced now than then but that's not happening today we have a lot more hospitals Kellogg was a mighty man and Satan used the very same method we just talked about Satan began the plants again that in catalog of bitterness why is Kellogg was presenting truth and pass jurors were receiving it Cooley that CO OL Y I think you should never try to sell things from teaching there are many ministers were still meat eaters and hear Mister her Mister Kellogg was promoting a not just vegetarianism the exercise and drinking water and what was going on with with the ministers the leaders of the church they were given example of growing overweight sing of their desk hunched over it in rooms without fresh air and eighteen good dad accounts and it really made it difficult for Kellogg to make progress unison was coming from anyway was not his friend become better but with happening and when you become better you become less sensitive the teachers of the spirit so who was a man who can help Kellogg Jones did not have a mind quite distraught as Kellogg's rehab probably the closest thing to Kellogg's genius mind of existing nomination and Jones began helping Kellogg but there came a point when Elimite wrote to Jones and told him he needed to leave Kellogg alone for his money the old were operative word but like overwhelmed by the power of Kellogg's mind nor was I also is no proof of the Ben-Ami health Uganda nearby shop that's what Jesus did for Judas Jones when he received that second counsel made it what I consider to be that terminal blunder in his life he took his old teaching that new revelation must be judged by old revelation he compared the letter said go help Kellogg to the letter letter the sad time to leave Kellogg alone included offense the first thing was true the second they must be false of course what's the air in that line of reasoning circumstances alter cases amended as a heretic rejected after the second admonition so you try to help him yes or no yes help them twice yes open three times no there is a default of the there's nothing inconsistent what was going on but that root of bitterness was what clouded the mind of Jones even except that counsel Wagner 's influence over me Kellogg influence over him dead it blinds him to begin accepting ham-fisted theories his idea by inspiration began to degenerate to conclude Ellen White was a false prophet he maintained that she was a false teacher in the basis of the fact that Bush talked about how to relate national Sunday loss by development Council was that when the Sunday loss instead of going out before our potatoes on Sunday we should make that a day to do evangelism to go and get Bible studies devoted to reap to religious purposes and Jones 's mind that that darkened stage that looked very much like receiving the mark of the beast light can not standing up for their rights of course was God 's law say this is remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy and how do we stand up by teaching the truth about the Sabbath and keeping the Sabbath refusing to work on the Sabbath but Jones didn't see it his mind was darkened he concluded out why was the false prophet into the end of his life Jones remained a Sabbath keeper that believe the truth about death but ended up joining for a brief time assess sanitarian Pentecostals and the NNN being by himself and Wagner went out a different door he went out the door to morality began cherishing thoughts it married the wrong person realize that you just met someone who would've been a much better person than Mary much better character concluded that since you can do that here on earth the release and the new earth which is soon coming you could marry the person got intended for him is a happy about that he began teaching this idea that night we should divorce our lives here but if we marry the wrong one we could form a friendship with the one mission of married and develop a spiritual affinity he called it but that's too close to it playing with Satanic delusions to not get burnt when the brothers all is going on they sent him to Europe to save him that is they sent him they sent his wife over they not send his secretary these lighter over there a few years began writing her and then called her to Europe she came to divorce his wife and married her that was it I have zero impact on the power of the Bible presented in the studies that they have topped and it's true you can learn from print visit of God gives you the gift of tongues is the evidence you're going to be a sci-fi person for the rest your life you can become proud and arrogant and you still have the gift of tongues looks like that also applies to gifts of wisdom and gifts of understanding and behooves us to be careful of any root of bitterness spring up and started server our father in heaven I want to thank you for the examples of man who held faithful to you to the end I have to forgive us as a church for the way we have opposed your teachers to the extent that we've made them vulnerable to Satan 's bitterness and I has to be by your spirit you would preserve us from falling into a similar trap that as the world opposes us that she would remind us to look diligently lest any root of bitterness spring up in our own experience I asked for that gift in the name of Jesus in


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