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Creator's Masterpiece: Preserving Vital Force

Thomas Jackson



  • October 12, 2007
    7:00 PM
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it was a good evening everyone when you bless to be here I like to say thank God possibly even those before the announcement just to be here is a blessing the privilege because no man knows really no morning got give him is always someone in your is no more than you'd so what I'm going to simply do just share what God has given me and therefore there's a phrase simply profound and profoundly simple what God has give us is very simple nothing new to things that we want to accomplish this weekend the first step we can be in courage that we can be inspired and empowered to live up to that which God has given us and that it would not just be a theory but it will possess our hearts and we will be a living in coastal and he will actually be living out these precious true that the world Miocene true walking on two legs into hands that are right secondly as we embrace these truths then we are under obligation and in debt to God to share with other people and always on here to see Ms. because I'm in fit old old alter the mission field I go and so the way I pay my cat is that I was still sold one imaging of God a man to have another WordPress together those who can no nail those who cannot dispel hints file then another name of Jesus the father of Abraham in June the greater region of the sovereign of the universe the one who is faithful changes not a covenant keeping God God Lord who inhabit the praise of his people of God who loaned to have fellowship with those who he traded in his image we come now with these few moments to turn our hearts toward asking the Lord that you will convince anyone on time and the person of the Holy Spirit and take control of this meeting and remove every distraction that you were like fine a lodging place in our hearts in Jesus name we pray amen before we move any further I know I have friends there that I known for over years and those who are not familiar with us but I like to put you know that my cleaning is with me for over thirty five years my helpmeet my partner my best free free lovely wife Lebron Jackson could you just visited to be sure there is no distinction here is I praise God that what is kept as you know we remember was seventeen years of age uncle and then realized that God had chosen her in eternity blessed to live with me for thirty five years so maybe this Sunday you're probably hear from her some pills what you do not know who we are as brother Mike's favorite meat we get a lot of information on where letters from foreign countries and they spell our name MD-80 because they own it on the stanza but we understand that source evolutionary education amendments of training an announcement about a time of goals for compliant place in the Western part of Tennessee and I have a southern accent I was raisin in the sun upon Chicago and migrated to the stuff and so is a multifaceted ministry just like we we modeled you to find those of you unfamiliar with those institution have little simple lifestyle center and a medical missionary training school we put out little booklet such as these some of these will probably be around tomorrow evening off Sunday on different diseases send wonderful cookbook that sound like together from sad to Glatt OSS and for standard American diet what about flat God 's life activating diet that I'm slowly do farming that you are as healthy as the food you eat in the food is as healthy as the soil which it grows on and so we have had the privilege to travel around the world and my story bills like this and as it was mentioned in the little bio I was clinically diagnosed of arthritis at ages seventeen and another two months up and see how will I be sixty years of age notes once I be sixty praise God for that I remember when I hit forty I have a hormonal problems but when I hit fifty hours excited when I hit fifty fifty is a age of judgment you don't know what he wanted age of fifty you will not know what you want I'm serious again established at age of it is thanks for cruising in a map that they just seventeen and I will not get into a lot of details maybe late on this week but I was told that I had this number one crippling condition that affects something like fifty five million people in America one out of five persons in the last as well as twenty seven and as a stated to stop my career as a professional basketball player from my team physician seventy said Thomas is a you a good basketball player and unfortunately you will will you will have to live with this condition for the rest of your life and I took so much so many drug steroids anti-inflammatory drugs too they just lost it affect my body became desensitized to it and I had to resort to other measure just to play sports I was in my early twenties and when it was declared no hope doing the Vietnam War some young folks were not born during that time to institutions was seeking to draft me the NBA one of the teams with Philadelphia 76ers and the United States on which one you think I really want to be drafted by well you already answered that question but the United States on me rejected me they gave me the highest rejection to give anybody know of any older folks here it was four F four F supplement mean that you unfit for you can not less I was elated I was not a Christian but I was praising God anyway and I continue to play sports for my condition to games so severe that almost becoming came in mobile lives over thirty five years more I picked up the Bible I grew up in a Christian home but because I want to be rich and famous to me money to put my mother who was so gracious to raise any children alone that was my desire to return gratitude and love her when my career ended I went into depression not suicidal begin to do other things to transfer the anger and disappointment you can think about living a life you had dreams of vision and it just dissipated in the concentration is a devastating blow I know that was a blow to me but my mother the first when he is among life I can just see it now that she continued to instill in my mind that is about even though I straight away from that God got into a lot of other typo in films but what she and Dudley impress upon my lines they and God had to get my attention because God is always in pursuit of evenly going this way is always coming at us and since we were not just voluntarily willfully respond to him he love us so much he will devise and orchestrate situations and circumstances to get attention and only reason I'm here to see the because of arthritis it was of arthritis I would be a Christian today when you're going through the pain and agony you cannot see they like to adopt but in retrospect I said Lord thank you all for because you got my attention when I'm planning my back on away by the news logo as I picked up the word of God and when the doctor told me that there was no fuel forth and therefore I had to come to the conclusion that there was no an the latest vitamins and Fran were enormously nothing new there a lot of us I don't have arthritis anymore is been many years to the stairwell is in remission you call it what you want I used to predict the weather now I lost a job those with arthritis because islands in the atmosphere due to your jaws begins a my wife said the norm since I was seventeen I cannot get up about my joints aching it would take me hours just to get loose and after a game of basketball I can set twenty minutes in a chair and I fly around the world non- of license of the guys probably would have flown to New Zealand also that support the outline can you imagine since I am first-class but they don't believe that city and forth see the in the middle I'm six feet six inches tall when I'm sitting down I'm sure less than about tall because I have a long legs a short trial and video Madison and I have labeled fourteen dollars behind someone not respect your knees and just read about I couldn't make it so I thank God that I stand here this evening with no traces of that and not because of the fact that I am worthy of it he had a better plan for me and that's what has to you to allow you to get into details when a digital book on what have to come back and rest of the story but I think of the word of God attacks came to me in the book of Proverbs chapter twenty six two you might want to just be when we go to move quickly into our presentation and the doctor said there is no fuel for this condition and no known cause sometimes we can ask this question is the remedy worse than the disease some you all in the medical field probably can understand some of those within six Proverbs twenty six choose as the curse calls list shall not come to read that before the press called Mission .com do we understand what that means but is it me better call my repairs therefore we can come to the conclusion for every piece that there is a call in a glacier of those in the medical field study medicine we need to understand how to reason from cost-effective not doing that do not want to benefit your patient and those who are not inevitable you need to realize that there is a call for everything that we experience in his life whether mentally physically or spiritually in the book of Job twenty nine sixteen unbelievers as it says that because I knew not I searched it out maybe just check that for glad Joe I believe twenty nine sixty is says I was a father to look for in the calls which I knew not I search to ladies and gentlemen you and I have been given the ability the mind by God to be intelligent in regards to weight related nothing happens by happenstance or by accident savings are beyond our control but I believe that we are personal responsible of the weight weekly and theological position can a pastor safety is important yes the Bible says work out your own soul salvation what fear is getting Doctor EOU now is the important so why don't we work on our health with fear in Festival mean we need to take personal responsibility is all right turn with me to the book of Deuteronomy chapter thirty four and then as we go there there is a text that came to me the reason I'm standing here with the little bit of help because of Psalms one oh seven you can read it at your leisure seventeen to twenty one the Bible says he sent his word eligibility run thirty four what these centers where and what and deliver them on what then what are you out there how does God heal how does he heal through his word to give his alignment of a good run thirty four he healed through his word don't go ahead and manage also but he heals the word that the Bible says that was not in Deuteronomy thirty four and already there beginning at verse four exam with me and I will send to him this is the land which I swear unto Abraham and Isaac and Jacob Stan I will give it until the ICU I have called me to see it with my eyes but thou shall not go over to the reef talking to who you know to start on the set that up into about that we know what happened while Moses cannot go over into the promised Linda Dotson on Michelle you you notice it was known God Bible says in verse five so Moses the servant of the Lord guy there in the land of Moab according to the word below verse six a very and he buried here in a valley in an animal and over against that evil but no man know what of his or her unto this day for seven and Moses was how old a hundred and twenty years old when he died his eyes was not dim nor his wife natural voice of payday most die healthy though was it no show with you if you haven't died better ways of God if you have to die nevertheless it is in one audience of the people and understand that that is limited to clarify this because they are people who are sitting here there those who could be standing or sitting the agency Jesus commented while the glory will never taste death a man we know that's okay but I got out of this world alive to people over the in I like to be one of the better part of that group Psalms one oh seven they were here remaining of the matter the Bible says in Psalm one oh seven four seventeen and when I had this condition before God came to me and I began to study the word of God ladies and gentlemen the Bible itself is a great medical book the Raven the music and the greatest medical book that's ever been written I hope you stones in Loma Linda believe that a better and solid one oh seven to seventeen it says fools because of transgression and because of their iniquities are afflicted yet to types of people in this world today the Bible declares and solves fourteen one you know that some of us a fool this one says in his heart that there is no God given God said click it because of transgression and iniquity what does transgression any iniquity meet sick transgression brigand is there a difference between transgression any iniquity and a slight way yesterday 's bold means to break the law but there is a distinction between transgression in the in about another difference with his transgression Saturday about the program means to break the law in which the is no say transgression is ignorance every time you see the working within the Bible is always associated with God 's people never with those who don't believe in equity means that you know better but you chose not to do you have what you call willful ignorance and both were ignorant of the fact I when I was suffering with often minus always ignorant of the fact that water just one was the century to lubricate the cotton pajama and I do not drink water the body takes water from the top the following is the walking among John and we know that did you make shown that we don't write one would become dehydrated it would take water from our blood viscosity to come in we don't drink water it takes water from the lever without rainwater it takes water from the skin we could when Andre wanted to bring us a present one awake battery is not trauma automobile data does not contain water I don't think the default I didn't know that I do not know that Sean one seven the white Bandito but the that pulls calcium on a mambo delete the vitamins I do not know that reasonable I know that they easily shuttle can decrease my white blood cell ten percent I know that in my following unarguably a note you can come to the size of humans scientific year just one I was in the cat I saw a consequence Whitney but once I learn that I need to drink water rather than orange juice all the time of 9/11 was used but once you cannot replace what about Bob but I was in origins ignorance I thought as long as it was wet it was suspension for me in Minnesota all you figure there I would need to Proverbs chapter one and we don't really pull you along this evening Proverbs chapter one holder vigor there in the book of songs I feel is nothing new to us so believable that would want to let you hundreds water writing math is the province job wonderment lasted a few those who want the Bible says the oldest one who says in his heart that there is no God but you know ladies and gentlemen I believe in God but I was noble I was still a according to Proverbs chapter one verse seven knows understands problems one percent and the Bible says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of what but will swot despise wisdom and instruction those electrician can we be a Christian and beautiful because we believe we know everything and not I can teach us anything are not going to meet on here that foods one despise instruction never get to the point and praise God I hope I've got to get to the point that I know everything I certainly know nothing and learn what each you read on the scope actually move on go back to Psalm one oh seven unlike the states because God revealed this week is a Jackson said son on which a beautiful I have a plan for you notice must put on diversity they very quickly the Bible says that soul abhor all manner of meekness who and they drew near unto the gates of death and I am barely walk and if I was not the divine was not actively engaged in physical activity I would've been in a wheelchair will reason about was not in a wheelchair because I was physically M&A has about my lifestyle was that he goes on and says it it was nineteen I like this then they cry of the Lord in their trouble and he savored them out of their distress even when we and our foolishness even when not in drizzle with this and we just cried out to God confesses the Lord have mercy on my soul he will hear a track of a contrite heart he will do you see throughout this week that those of us knows when the medical field can not separate the physical from the spectrum Minnesota six in verse twenty will have you noticed and heal and deliver from their instructions and I'm standing here today based on verse twenty one all that men would praise the Lord for his goodness and for his wonderful works of the children of salaries on the stories you just want to share what God has done with the book of salt one over three to Bible says no you know you that the Lord he is God is he that has made us and not we ourselves realize people and the sheep of his past it was gone all wrong premise we go to come to the wrong conclusion in all of our teachers and we must establish foundation and right comes first of all as a Christian I believe in creation best to schools about integration or evolution in another discipline every other thought what we find in a world hangs a one on one of those two cups creation or evolution even a medic medical field or education of the underway fact even is based on creation or evolution in many Muslim be the fact that we could be teaching evolution without knowing we teach evolution as the other cycle record we gone to study help from a creation perspective is all right we find that since God made us is given also known as man you notice on this man is all about what's the purpose of owners manual it is a LCD projector came of always writing the computer you bought a car it came with owners manual the blender etc. was the purpose of annual it tells you how to operate the product you agree with that so since God is the manufacturer and the owner of this fearfully and wonderfully made body every product the manufacturers own is meant in every new product come with a warranty three years six months I do follow me and down for the manufacture stands behind the war as long as the user follow the specification in the illness that if you disregard the specification you bought the warranty is only God got his hands dirty according to Genesis two seven and what you're not into existence today was a war three months six months about a loan as the product function according to the specification to be on the Internet we always value you can find ways to troubleshoot the product they have won eight hundred number now they have e-mail in order to allow developers builders United this e-mail column update does not troubleshoot I have all my computer the guy who was troubleshooting my computer it was somewhere in a foreign country as well you said while not somewhere after the United States any control computers that do it as good as a thought of my computer just operated by Buffy was controlled in another country God does not have one hundred nine is the e-mail knee mail when a product malfunction we get on our knees and cry out to the Lord are you with me in e-mail now another spent time on this but you familiar with the principles you call the new star heartland creation whatever you got what you recall we constantly Gosplan we believe God we trust is that the top this all the other laws angry punk objects we call them students that a doctors Doctor Truss Doctor Eyre exercise sunshine rest water didn't the doctor nutrition is there any drug that you get out of who the doctor been like musicals like and what I would be in your arm I will give you a free handout G humans who does we know he will not have prevented the delivery if you don't want right now you can download this off our website as either movable foot is then adopted that is a canonical simple the profile but we think something else got it he acted these low on the very low that maintain a phone so I give you handle my luggage on the right but I need to move on somebody needs to sleep was this man here Charles would you know much also in and we know that the man that Debbie was a proponent of evolutionary man and believe that this little single cell immunotherapy the Big Bang theory that natural selection is that I don't believe in the eighty 's and the world 's religions it is no God they do not want to be accountable that the following but you probably heard the story of Charles Darwin holy God been assigned this on studying the intricacies of the human anatomy and you know he came to the conclusion upon this wonderful study and you probably read the Texas at the thought of that Eisenhower could possibly be produced by natural selection makes me what you believe in his eighty 's had come so that has to be about atheist now someone will see a majority of also a Christian so we go to do with these words as we hear what was I to do when we are just encouraged to just embrace that which would already know in atheist came to the conclusion that there has to be a mouse and man is a well long am I to get read the paper recently to see what the bias this paper presents not found the article and I will now send me as I was assigned this amount the mouse genome that means the side effect unraveled the genetic makeup of a mouse but the paper goes on is that this is the one to discover because now through understanding the genetic makeup of mouth is a giant step for human research because the scientist came to the conclusion that there is a intimate relationship between you and the mouse these assignments it goes on set is assigned as they arise that mice and humans share the same rebellion as the SSO that may have spirit beneath the feet of dinosaurs as long as seventy five million years ago my money is spent and people exalt the site is to come to these type of written as ludicrous conclusion that you and I have some common ancestor to that maps and that it even exists in the bother me it was a result of the flat but yet we would say this is one of all Discover and so the secretary quickly and just to does to reinforce what you might already know about the creators masterpiece and understanding that you and I were not born in regard I mean the laboratory with born of God very important instead the Bible declares a Psalms one thirty nine fourteen you know it that David under the inspiration simply off fearfully and wonderfully made it as any in the dangerous species on the base of the human being I felt grateful to God that he's not allow man to self-destruct he would do that in just one single because he will have people in this final generation that will glorify game with mystic a little logical journey not want you to think I'm doing injustice to the Scriptures as we study I believe that we can draw the logical principle by understanding spiritual truth as it is a spiritual sort is in the physical eyes begin to study physiology from the Bible even obligate college instead of that but none of them began to really study physiology from the redemptive perspective I became overwhelmed with the goodness of God just think of a book and want to all the bones in all the nurse but not understanding how it fits into the predicted plan to meet was amiss in the book of Jeremiah thirty one thirty three to Bible says I will put my law in their inward parts the delightedly that while what you already know is the law of the DNA gotten out of it as long as my butt in the park every nerve every fiber is controlled by the law of God written with his own thing when we look at a sale which within a moment is made up of three parts like those who studied a word about the sanctuaries in the appropriate and we look at the DNA to those who understand that which is the brainchild and look at the love of God from the perspective of the Bible besides when the law is in the innermost part of the sanctuary in the whole visible I consider the DNA as the divine nature apply you have a RNA which is the message of the DNA is read the nature and God will restore his image in the souls of and would realize that the devil is trying to unravel the mysteries of life but remember when we spent and what about in the sanctuary all in a high priest was with drivers to go into the holy of home now I will present to the agent and a wholly-owned the devil man would never understand only the mysteries of life in the consult our domestic auto care how many degrees you have on many college you go through on the medical degrees you would never understand your life only that which God reviewed us to come here over we need to do with what God has revealed its variable the Dean you know this is something not neutralized below within each of our sales contain the genetic material that determines our height color the hair the eyes and shake which makes you and I delete you know that Monday they said I was going to be six feet six inches tall slender built one nostril long-lived only half Brown has dogs in any no extreme makeover can change that you cannot improve upon God for so how he made us is unique because he made a full purpose so while we compare ourselves why we want to go put extreme makeover why as a black man who while not the one appointed nostril wide as the wipers have appointed now for a while nostril why is the black little brown asthma blew up we say God made a mistake everyone will you a unique and special in God the DNA Doctor Carl Sagan in a book called accounts and since they believe all the information recorded just one big molecule legs and him and those less signs of the how large is a DNA molecule in American film in any estimation real moment I hate you think I would like was said that Mayor okay maybe your blood sugar is low this evening ladies and gentlemen a microscopic limited speed estimation of it you can take a needle sewing the recommended smalls the tip even to the needle is too large for DNA molecule but you get a picture not Doctor Cossack and says that if all information recording just one DNA molecule could be translated into the English language and credit into volumes it would take a huge library to hold the complete set piece because it will work out to be approximately four thousand books each one the size of the Bible one being a mom he further goes on this date is that the DNA is so narrow and compact that all the genes of the sales of an average human adult could fit into a ice cube yet if the DNA work on while they join together and in the strand could stretch from the Earth to the sun and back more than four hundred times we must explain with the date that the Psalms we offer you in one of me and Ms. Naomi has went to the moon was anything wrong to adapt with daily human being the body is still a mystery to me just that we should praise so the city we get down to the last you're not our healthy as I was snubbed in the butt we need to really apply we want to find out all the putting remembers how can we preserve what we call final full 's humidity run thirty four read about Moses eleven one hundred twenty years I have not been natural force nothing he had final four 's as I want to take a few scriptures for the VMI case or to just encourage one each one of us to place the God Senate Deuteronomy twenty nine twenty nine the secret things belong unto the Lord our God but those states which are revealed belong unto us and like children for ever that we might do the words so God will reveal to us that which we need to know I found herself as we need to have and to understand the mystery of life this manuscript is with us choose three basic in the book of Psalms thirty six nine which of following and just thinking you connect this link for a web meeting is the fountain of life and in thy light shall we see light the work found that means what genetically remains with out leaving a phone is up a soulless fountain of life so the Bible year is referred to God abides in God you are also while in inbound line with usually one not hydrated conclusion here that life in light as we read in this context also known whatever life what is life that is liked this will do nothing the lord is my wife Jeanette video says the Lord is the friend of my life now this is not referred to the Holy Spirit will grace been sufficient grace all done with the power visited with that which can shrivel up that we can diminish the Bible say God is the strength of my life in life the book says a job one for in him was what end-of-life was what the lid of my best what pillow under his is that and I said according to the sums if not just visible and Holy Spirit were like we look at my here how does this work what it is like come from how to become one eternal to switch right so we thought it is which one gazes which the power to produce his life as electrical power lines connected to this building right there whether to follow last get its power from from that is a transmitter right whether transmitted is followed from volatile black limited out of the house I get the power through the apology retransmitted to get solid electrolyte to get top-of-the-line from wet wet wet way to the power from from where from what source was so generated legitimated the power to generate electricity water oh what a waterfall from the from of the heavens he wanted him to let it happen to the waterfront it made the government on Wednesday and when you come in this room talk on this my recent was a weak jaws of life but we know that they went out water with a few that can be helpful without God who created it can be no evening in animated speak the power of God not days of what this is just a scientific situation I don't believe there don't draw a conclusion on the same God is what you but we know like electromagnetic compulsive electricity and magnetism hold the world here is held by electromagnetic force that would remember the central nervous system are you following the electrical energy point is this vessel back in Genesis chapter two four seven the Bible says that God created man out of the dust of the ground what did God give Wesley brought that dirt it out of that source shake it with his own hand sculpture into a human being the Bible declares the green left into his nostril what what was a rental lot was an visit Holy Spirit the ones that you got to follow it was not oxygen it was not the Holy Spirit if we go back the vibes of God is the fountain of life when God brought that Clayton together it had no life and to God what brief was that God put his life into that be sons not inherited as that God puts his life the man became a living soul men with particular the life of the inspired writer wrote that when God created man God Saul a specimen of himself in a and may succumb uncut man receive the life of God which was measured with the life of God no man was not goth Great American is like the man with the mythical Avalon and when man's sin it was not there it was hot to that life and management of is when God breathed into man it was not the Holy Spirit it was not opted it was the life of God and then through sixty thousand miles of blood vessel those men let sales moving forty three and half miles of how well maybe some old by heart begins to beat with no strings attached one even by systems we owe all glory to God that Brett was man became a living will be when was in spite of was a recommend giving God gave man the breath of life the brain and those of you in the medical field know when that android network takes place that fetus began to develop the first thing the development of fetus is the central nervous system is the brain 's right talk to me into the brightness of nervous is the best auto body receive communication one writer wrote the one writing the I wrote a book called temperance patience with thirteen is as the brain nerves are the only medium through which having can communicate to affect the animals life for me the brain is held out hope we got Ami was great that women and they were not ashamed of the Bible says and they had a coal of what I would like overall the eternal delight the sun provide the light would come from when I breathe the breath of life because we just read that in the light SUV my than the Bible says is the one out of the receiver Michael God anything why we walk around as though their logo what happened from his and those found in conventional medicine out that this might not have problem is that my thirty years given with natural health lung people get into MetroHealth and also Sunday a project of the cooking school I will show you simple remedies but in the field of natural health lot of people that I become acquainted to win with they tend to put a strong interest in this one the product maybe my upper may be the doctor maybe put emphasis on pharmaceuticals like the people natural help for emphasis on new consumer and I might be a place for both liberals but I'm sure something you when you went adamant he see took a little bit they disconnected themselves from this line the labor this is a this is a principle of them share with it we want to help people to preserve their health we need to understand the source and when they do that that I vanish good enough good enough antibody with amenable to send me down the seed of doubt was planning in May why because he disconnected himself with the soils of lot so as a physician ladies and gentlemen I have to teach a lesson medical missionary Guest disease is something that we want to try to combat the problem we have is that activism is a stranded deal with this so-called entity called disease rather than have the people to be reconnected with good and maintain victory over camps of things is eternal life you will probably observe we need to deathly not address the disease but we fail to realize that by treating the disease of treating the this thing called disease went on they only made his will be great when we can was was our religion will compensate when he raised up his health Works medical mission work is to create an environment for people to inquire we shall go about my surgery so that securely come onto so vital for us that God gave man is this electrical energy that all of us came here possessed to devise a different degrees those while we get sick while some recovery quicker than once again I want to quote right gone invalid man with some vital was that he has with stability jubilation of disease brought upon the raise in consequence of reverted habits and continue for six thousand years probable cause conflict incurs notices this fact in itself is enough to evidence to us the strength and what electrical energy that God gave to man at his creation it took more than two thousand years of crime and on the base passion to bring bodily disease upon the race to any greatest so I'm not pulling things out of the air got sick in the beginning he gave man a final full electric goal energy it took almost two thousand years for that to be any adverse effect by the way he leads into the there was only coming the scuba it was very rare when you do you'll suspect infant mortality rate was very ran from the time of creation but the two thousand years there was only one incident where a shower died the boys pack as a genesis Chapter 11 verse twenty eight I evolve we find that children should outlive their parents but today children that died before their coverage of the Papua New Guinea average lifespan this forty years of age in the mortality rate goes from nine fifteen almost twenty percent of another forty years will last it will wipe out the country nutrition problem X final forms electrical energy salt one oh four verse two of the Bible declares who covers asset would like as with a garment who stretches out the heavens like a car by the curb I hear we are a book called by three teslas of the church one thirty thirty nine if Adam at his creation had not been endowed with twenty time is what I was as men have the race with a present habits of living especially debate of twenty persons with me I just noticed that the medical 's booms unbilled work with the stress and the life the environmental toxins the food no sleep no exercise in again we preach and teach him and we go to notice the missing of the company conclusion in the race for the present habits of living in violation of natural law what we call the if God had not created man with the title was that Adam had your time would not be here today we are living off of father Adam 's final full diseases nothing mysterious about losing is inviting one way to it never called Lovato calls there is a calls for everything that reminds little studies spiritually based on what we just read Adam had twenty times the length of energy and creation I spent sixty six inches and I live in a degenerate society I don't believe that six six was the original height on the results of see someone said was shorter than me when my wife that I will be calling you in heaven about the producers I got his start out you cannot make it there now I believe according to his five history and was between fifteen to seventeen feet tall then we put three heavy on top of me and if you use the present method to determine the weight accorded a high and weighs twenty five hundred therefore if you talk about it if God allowed the end of the blooms only is known for the long note James nothing could prevent them from picking up your car carried away concern is when I built our that have changed Alden back home I found a gone in and down these men would find a full whether this is true and not here in nineteen fifty they found the port forty seven and human femur than the Euphrates crediting that Adam was actually seventeen people by the sales lady was just little children within and before I have a shortfall sold a lonely and was perfectly symmetrical I found the lifespan of Adam with nine hundred thirtieth will have time to get into this if you have time to go into the first recorded obituaries when you find the first recorded obituaries in in the book of Genesis chapter five and when you read about that is that all the days of the bills would not notice its values anywhere and we find the first generation report of the set not in twenty years in the Bible said he bought that says enough is not five years and he was either that just by using a history says they live so many hundred years and they would get it done among talk to the legend what a Dino I Harrison was only rolling commercial software do you remember I said that if you have it you happen best ways of dying your member that I want to go with me to the book of Joe Chapter twenty one very quickly here the book of Job chapter twenty one vilified of course will come to conclusions show you how to preserve that vital ego just jump in here HL twenty one it gives you two ways in which a person can do in verse twenty three id. with a joke twenty one verse twenty three notice of the Bible says jokingly one twenty three oh yeah Joe one diet is more strength being wholly at ease and quiet and hit his breast off hold on meal in his bones almost aware of what Merrill would what death is that the Deuteronomy thirty analysis patient had final four but most what was the cause of his death he was available but he was looking to go into the January that was only eight now he denied that the release isn't as easy to want to be done the multibillion of the story it was why you don't give me no reason yes God that you will you want to say the dog to intellectual I was a simple man until it is simple to develop all the time and on the basis of this is simple ladies and gentlemen we gone amiss patrol I nominate Mulder hit a rock committee the high-quality please plan the people did not die of any diseases that there showed his numbers look at the second web mostly five and a noble diet and the bitterness of his soul and never it with pleasure medical skills knowledgeable to see people dying I help people life support you'll see people want to agony hadn't seen that yet you have demanded that I like this was in fact you fulfill your days your comps of work are called disclosure international wake-up fifties with me if I'm not translated that's the way I like it unless an accident since I fly so much about airplane thank God he does hold up in old age notices in this traffic ladies ladies definitely how old was enough when he had his first child and I may have to make sixty five lady and not man he had his first child essay was that the only child had it says after three hundred years he would have and what you will always want talk to me notice the degeneration of the blood it dropped from nine hundred and twelve years of three hundred seventeen years decreasing today notice what he says conflict encourage thirty three men before the flood lit up many hundreds of years and when one hundred years all were concerned about what those long-lived man has sound mind and found body notices when they came upon the stage of June from the age of sixty eight to one hundred years about the time those who now live the longest have been a part and they will enjoy my time had passed focusing when we dine at sixty five one hundred they come in today you same God and they didn't still last day that we not only to be none left but we can preserve vital was that we can spend eternity with God God is not okay to heaven when we went out for me live conferences the music is in part would result off his electrical energy God given us we need to know how the best wiki to preserve what purpose that we may glorify and feel blessed to have is not easy and is a means is one of God 's divine to to help us to be ready to prepare people for coming of Jesus Christ to build up his kingdom I would be help is often run a marathon only I want busy body to have a sound the best sake and I cannot afford anything less so that VC cannot come to lose you don't navigation day is seventy years of age with him from eternity nine hundred and twelve to three hundred seventeen to seventy years of age and ladies and gentlemen is amazing that God has chosen this week degenerate generation to vindicate his name dignity of those guys that got a little more stronger than we either that's why every knee will bow and glorified he would take the foolish things and come from the wisdom of the world as so let me leave you with this if I will solely be just share with you what little but of course we have enough to prevent diseases or to restore because prevention is better than Q1 and even though we have sickness and before this meet with this I like to say to anyone here when I was sick as we have the focus should not be on the six focus should be on health and by phone if you have diabetes and cancer etc. and we treating cancer which in diabetes we not get into the we must focus on being healthy if you want to lose weight fast natural problem is being healthy if you want to gain weight the central problem you want to be healthy if I found you cannot kill the tree won't plan by plucking the Lisle Joe fourteen seven two nine six it says that whole luxury villa be cut down yet his wife's old and the earth at the center water is just prompting the only given a drink I get to the metabolic bone diseases tomorrow evening afternoon we talk about some specific things that we just finished up preserve what is this vital force I share this all the time because I think is fundamental you are not have two types of energy and me going to be well or preserve what is remaining two types we have what we call usable and reserve all matter is energy the agreement that it produces heat electricity case in point this piano contains matter and therefore God will be it I will not put in the fire but if you burned his piano but in the fire it would news feed and energy you really that this paper contains energy map compatible piano which will produce more heat than the analytic wing is obvious this is why when Adam Anita with Adam Ingles and diluted limited to be nine hundred twelve years and etc. close to the tree of life in the goal it would remove even when that guy you change anyone saw began to eat less food they had no vital voice to keep them from succumbing to the toxic closet in the classroom I followed the day we all have that type of what so would a president have high blood pressure cancer is not a matter where I'm going to try I'm going to graduate when you didn't would did you use diseases is not possible to do it tomorrow today we hear his voice we need to begin to make decisions in life while and we find is a say these two type of energy usable energy is like a merchant account what we do a checking account we continue to pay bills we might yet I do follow a savings account for the second time and I won't begin asking questions I need to get on with it yet but a result energy is the same of the cow was the purpose of the savings account for writing boy emergency you don't touch that save his unless is an emergency you River that now hypothetically if you have a be-all of book three hundred dollars in your head one hundred dollars in your checking account and you brought a check for three hundred dollars you have a house in energy it were me I don't have one hundred dollars in your checking account that one now you got to go all out to your savings account to borrow two hundred dollars to make the dip you probably might be all right one time when not permit you but say that become hoping she will you give them an ideal savings account to make up the difference in your checking account and when the emergency call there's nothing for you to pool I follow me does not draw this conclusion and God has given us while all the Bible tells me until twenty eleven his bowels Apple will stand with you we shall lie down with him and his dust ladies and gentlemen we have not done on a no wait what house you come from maybe her parents thought we put adding received principles of how to preserve my health in a week we would clean the foods we ate etc. I wasn't taught those principles the Bible says the sins of all you will catch up with what you said Jackson we spend the first four years of our lives spin in our health on gaining with an initial years of our life and our wealth on regaining in my family when you're young when you're young young false I know when I was young I had a lot of metaphors this stayed up late and I didn't eat right before Wednesday expanding that energy is time to catch up with me now I read the consequence now I'm trying to pull out some some reserve unit without the right is an diabetes would come of all the scientific name but Arpaio was his big league those sales about the golf will not learn the basic understanding of the laws remember the water drinking we burned the midnight oil I know when I was in college I wish I understood exactly by this is not wise to stay up late go to be a rate rise over Wednesday on all remember anything about studying was just another pass the test file we don't have wheels of the meeting was a duplicate we can't tell us believe that it will catch up with and so the Bible says I will praise the one you want me I will stop and give you five quick things in the body is made up business skip some of this the body is made up of the dust Bible says substance matter and God made us on the element of you believe that notice scientists use the lad at this scenario however after a century of scientific examination of the elements within the human body signs have been startled to discover that clay and earth contains every single element found in the human body a research Reader's Digest article in November nineteen eighty two describing fascinating discovery research at NASA a resource in which the term the Bible 's account that every single element found in the human body exist with in the soil scientist with a hot it will ball the way Windows Vista the scientists concluded that the billable scenario for the creation of life turns out to be not far off the mark hello out there therefore when God made man out in the desert Mount on the very limits of the error in order to pull the body to be preserved every element must be present in the blog when I'm dealing with cancer when we talk about cancer there is a problem with what we call the electrolyte a delicate balance between potassium and sodium cancer likes salt and when the racial sodium is high in potassium cancer bone and by cancer cells cannot drive an original testament by just one of them the elements that we may not obliterate Windows elements come from when you come from when you come from among other things the most loyal now the body is made up of sales hit up five runs will leave you with the body is made up of sales you agree with that every Seo and the body knees five think really the first thing that the sales need is oxygen without oxygen to brain cells would die in a matter of a few minutes begin on any positive that we need is not positive ions is negative ion and we see here in this lovely state of California and LA Mecca three hundred people die annually from the small forty three hundred died in New York and we find that even in Montana the old zone is been affected by the myth that whereas the methane coming from cow patties very air we breathe as the as yet that's why when you go on the vacation of the world altered oceans into the mountains to refresh a eleven born on the body cannot supply of oxygen and down day that it did it would also number one if you eat have a high intake of sugar is going to interfere with oxygen in the body of oxygen from who run those that contain that it will often the most drive bootable PLC killing both continues leading edge about thinking of going around a marital bargains that suppresses your immune system on venues and you and I know you know he does not praise God hello out there but you and I he debris and resale and the body depends upon oxygen this depletes oxygen on the we all have stress but how we relate to stress when you are dealing with when you cannot deal with stress it will rock your body of oxygen lack of water lack of exercise and water quality now simple principle you'll have to medicate to get oxygen breathing breathing is one number to every cell in the body needs water and will go back to positive administrators within the brain uses almost twenty five percent of oxygen in your body and when the body is deprived of oxygen is both that the funds of the lack of memory lack of concentration and economy style attack oxygen that she is talk to me may not be the seven oxygen in a bottle what this will want to bodies Elizabeth and water blood left is invisible mom Simpson one to December thirty one member seven percent one brain eight percent one and we find when we dehydrated windowsills of the problem one another three days we realized that as I mentioned earlier if you don't drink enough water the body limiting water from the one below and that would affect your blood pressure on what would people middle tales President Reagan he wanted and exercise a ribbon on one part of status and estimate how much more even than from two cups a week game is a water to water as a sadly settled within ten days of blood pressure drop about twenty blocks almost guess drinking water when you are dehydrated this causes the blood because they would run the annual and when given a vacant of what always it is the liberals realized that among these was someone imageable to get upset with you and go on with them this time on this principle like the water grace irritability I found Blackwater gone to produce consultation ex- lax incense that other tools leading over-the-counter drugs in America sent type of stomach aches like to take it out now without minimums I probably water is a laxative new body weight divided by sixty number glasses a day your note announces new body weight by about two one two that Iraq was number three the body of the sales not only need to get a water what nutrients the sales must be made the usual test where we made when we may from from the Allen so every cell in the body must be properly and in those elements must be somewhat a result Wendell 's elements nothing we cannot speak I hated into the dirt to get the elements we got five minutes zero what is know what else elements come from the soil for a strike on the soil we are proud of the salt so that walking means we have to shoe show can't kill it is not to provide element I said this week anything with a face one mother one cannot provide them where does the Countess is full of elements from the soil so every cell in the body must be provided with elements that on those silly old when we understand the sales of the body we've involved in closure on Monday to tell you what people do you know how the body works you must get those elements from the soil you cannot stick your head into the soil will only get both elements of food you eat must contain rooms and account does not have groups and will show how rooms J don't have roots you don't hold with talk more about that is number three number four sales not only need oxygen water and nutrients sales through metabolism oxidation must be free longest waits with them and freedom from wings I finally when those sales are not getting rid of the ways of condition call toll intoxication sets in best-selling causing increasing environmental pathogens to roll sale pollution in by Whitney that's why we select we have seven channels of elimination this game in the largest belongs the kidneys the limb and wondered about limited government by sure you all know more about them the men are only maintained upheld the help of Olympus only maintains number one through exercise and weight because it will not exercise in the live cannot function for you agree with that and the fact we need someone that is deposited in them it would not exercise it in one of the most deadly cancer is a disease of the M and we just sitting down all the time we can get bowel movements noticed my gauge for every meal you eat you need differently if you eat three meals a day three eating all day long you in trouble minus MoveOn and closing is only sold out for America is a complicated country and is not a joke because when I did research on three countries Africa Australia and America to check the transit time the time of intake digestion and elimination the average transit time to be twenty four while that needs the time you think that just being taken who ingest digestive process and the residue comes out to be twenty four while you ate breakfast at eight o'clock this morning the residue of that meal to be coming out the next one eight o'clock when you go to bathroom at eight o'clock the next day that's not the meal you just a afternoon yesterday I found twenty four hours in out of the transit time of thirty six dollars we talk about the people that live close to nature a Australia the transit time was forty dollars we talk about aborigines in America it was seventy two the average person America have a bowel movement every three day and even as you study levels we presently have been in one of the forces that will have a problem once a week is not what goes into the last one for fifteen sales need to we need to pay attention freedom from polis putting things in so Kathy should jump alcohol is only am I not drink alcohol that when you mix that ice cream from the account with milk and sugar you drinking alcohol white sugar and milk combined together produce five things name of it was the first thing sales a second thing Thursday next thing and what keep that in mind as we build a case only be back in tomorrow if you have questions write them down tomorrow afternoon we will provide time in question we might not know all the answers but have questions even tonight could you write them down a sheet of paper give it to my wife and I would be glad to address those questions even those might not be something new but I hope is inspiring to you to preserve your body may not match


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