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Wilt Thou Be Made Whole?

Thomas Jackson



  • October 13, 2007
    10:00 AM
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morning everyone I have decided to you all the Lord is good in math and in and the God of heaven inhabitants the praise of his people as I dislike of such times move and have another word of prayer with us those who can valve needs to get is not the spotlight he is your father God in heaven once again we come to be because you are the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and realize father is through the blood of Jesus Christ that we are able to gather in this place on this campus and what you inhabit the praise of your people and father you looking down from the throne of grace because long should you not only that while you one of people that can be up to the work so now take control of this type of study review every unclean spirit take back the forces of God 's and that all hearts be open not to hear what a man has to a we want to hear the bliss of heaven in Jesus name we pray amen as a visitor last night I assume as I believe it was said that this weekend is entitled healthy holy and happy healthy whole and have no start writer role says that the body is the only medium through which the mind and character can be developed to enhance this is where the adversary of the souls parking is Irene 's healthy mind in a healthy body is always on the study and I just want to take note of note notes and paper mills because of the time factor we want to come listen to you and hopefully we get the practical start why was with me to the book of John first of all John chapter five will be politics foundation objects John chapter five beginning at verse one job chapter of the you get with me John find the Bible reads beginning at verse one it says after this that was a phase of the Jews and Jesus went up to Jerusalem now there is a better rules and by the sheep market a pool which is called in the Hebrew dog in Bethesda having five porches bursary in these late great multitude of impotent folk applying halt whether waiting for the moving of the water point angel went down at a certain season into the pool and trouble the water whosoever then first after the troubling of the war terrace steps in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had a verse five and a second man was there which had an infirmity thirty and eight years and when Jesus saw him lie and knew that he had been now a long time in that case is set up to him Wilt thou be made whole this will be our foundational text for this morning study and as you notice the title it raised the important questions will not be made on how many are one of the main help I know I do if you don't I know I can not one expands that the theme of the Bible text that had been whole group and use it as three John two which is a very common favorite classical Bible text Gilbert Hill misread this together and having of having a fight ensued on the screen what is him the love I wish above all things that thou meas prosper and be in health even as thy soul prospered for those who are English teachers what does this raise here means even I was in the event at the same proportion you agree with that even as sold by God says I want to be in hell even as I sold price for the needs as we grow spiritually we ask continent 's Christian wheel God our physical health I will go on to declare things and of those who embrace the truth of Jesus Christ while being guided by his spirit and progress of the children of God children alike will not neglect their physical health is impossible to truly be a Christian is employee dress living well one of the God is looking for people that he can manifest this book stands at over thirty two years ago I bought you have people we have the troops we have not got what you looking for people that can demonstrate that enable it on learn am not a mechanic but I learned it it takes more battery power to call a light on automobile to shine dental two below one hundred and it doesn't take much power to call the whole and to blow possible it takes more helpful like to shop it doesn't take a lot of power to make no it takes time to show that there be light exhausted it was night so therefore as a state text goes we want to go back to set up foundation in the book of Genesis chapter two verse seven talk about that last night I just want to set a foundation here as we move quickly and loss study the Bible tells us that God out of the dust of the ground created man and that are components that what this living entity the dust of the ground the breath of life and man became a living soul you know that the thing that I saw as I just began to analyze that I believe man is made up of three components as we look at the dust is look at the breath of life and as we look at the very living so I can associate with the mental and spiritual and the physical qualities of May otherwise of another words I believe that man is made up of three qualities physical mental and spiritual view grievant and everything else fits into that category whether social or emotional man is made up of three while he was in microscope unit tests and studies by one of those three qualities number one physical Milledgeville number three and therefore these three qualities cannot be departmental labs just one thing they cannot be separated the mind is over here the Spears over here in the bodies walk around somewhere else I remember even though I'm in Chicago born in the South is a young man I remember my mother used to raise chickens she had a little chicken and as you raise chickens to eat I don't probably be about three years of age and I remember her going into the chicken penetration the chicken down as you will ground the chicken by the neck case in point here to meet this apparatus here and she will grab the chicken by the neck and just began to rain the net and that she will pass the net a young man watching this check and then to the chockablock and cut the neck all the net gets the row the bodies still moving young man trying to reconcile this in my mouth how can a chicken be moving without a net although the drawn up a Chicago as a young man is to get a little difficulties my mother with a son you running around the Atlantic check-in with .net cutoff what she was saying ladies and gentlemen you're not using ahead the following is only the mind is controlled by someone else nobody will be controlled by the Saints is the mind research will and as a battle between the mine we cling to power all your month and will control your mind control your destiny who has Job only running around him like a chicken with his incident likely going on right now using managed physical mental and spiritual so what does it mean to be made home when Jesus asked that question for that band that was there at the poodle that this in the book of Mark chapter two verse seventeen the Bible declares reasonableness on the screen because I know time is a factor I just want to move quickly uses like you to monitor all of your wording to put it go eyes on the text note that the Bible says when Jesus heard it he set up the van they now want whole have no need of what the physician but they got what identifiable says Jesus I came not to call the righteous sinners to repentance so when the Bible declares that do we want to be made whole it has a relationship with our spirituality on last I share with you the final call is that God became man integration was the very life of God and when Adam severed himself from that Celeste the loss that I end out for when we are separated from the source of my we are seeing in the only way we can be made whole we must return back to the source which is Jesus Christ and that involve recognizing that we listen we also know that is righteous nonsignificant even of the teacher even if positions even as whatever your occupation what makes us whole Christ tells us that the Bible says in Deuteronomy six five thousand lovable of all Baja that is what meant to evolve by so that spiritual with all that might that his physical once again we see that man is made up of the three components in an orderly we can expand folders we must ethically mentally and spiritually experiences with students noticed even in the life of Jesus Luke chapter two verse fifty two and Jesus increased in what wisdom and and in favor with God noticed once again fable of God is what spiritual wisdom that statute physical Jesus developed his Iraq and he says that example as we look at this so it means complete and child told her I would lean out the drive would take a journey here back on John chapter five self-management of chronic qualities named them what they very good you got him a little back to John as he read this the Bible says that wasn't fooled at that this entity where was all groups or individuals the rep that the Bible says here in verse three impotent folk how blind and with and they were waiting for what they were waiting for what the moving of the war why were they waiting for the movie novel to be at the knot my question to you to listen to questions and statements that this experience here in Jerusalem that will was that of cause these here to know you won't be safe no time from John no amazing the SCA on as a guest testing they don't care as an height also said no does the Scripture give us any indication whether it was not God 's or is this just show opinion welfare jobs in this text within the Bible itself in this text it would share with you whether this was a God or not so for sake of time I know you think you look at first or in the Scripture of John chapter five with a John jumped the fibers faultlessly by Mrs. one angel went down at a certain season into the pool and trouble the water I want to read this last thought with me for jobs on what it is that oh so ever I drop it whosoever then first after the troubling of the water down and was made whole of whatsoever disease he had what does that imply you what is and why you does the Bible of the business God is no respect of person this is chaos there's a gentleman in your own discount of the Loma Linda that will help who of this caliber and all the surrounding counties and cities new of the pool a Loma Linda campus and who ever came in guiding others bigamy yield of fibromyalgia and cancer and diabetes in a without a room and up the hole double I guarantee you that because there are people today holding thousands of thousands of people in their audience and all they need to do is read only and always hands with them and they become this full was not of God 's design and refine the word as we think of it it means house of mercy and love that doesn't mean you know that as some of theology those who get into that development will you remember Jacob remember the angels ascended and descended is that this is nothing but the house of God he called it a best means how still means the that doesn't follow me this is also familiar to his Bethesda means house of March but very great work notice you would be using a big was the last treatments on SS S D a ladies and gentlemen yes it's very we should be the house on message no we the people as they enlighten people will wirelessly be beat in the flour do not own the phone of human concoctions not because we are somebody because of the true way to go to President Bush and revealed to him the solution to the problems talk to me later tell them to come of the law in Iraq let me we ought we should be the house of months there were four types of people there is a benefits very quickly which is unfortunately a great multitude of impotent folk as number one outline with her halt and we find that I took the liberty just a defiant time when not permit us to define that but within God 's church myself including we could be in one of those conditions I look at if it means powerless when the manageability cannot produce a appropriate God has people that are powerless that means we in fault we ought his slaying which said in a live interview pornography could be bit it is the anger me the deception on quality and we trying to get reason I lie to say lightly struggling with this pain syndrome we're told that we go to be sitting to Jesus that is the display is Satan 's between him and give us the power to overcome resentment envy life very how very catchy that God used to bring the world into existence is best to transform a minor into on this day that power to try at all but the unfaithful husband an unstable wife into a faithless best how to change rebellious children live with how to move the you believe it but when the man which is best that Palm does not come within it comes without the more we look within ourselves on our condition the more we see deeper into this book from filling out this problem you know revolution chapter three talks about blindness because of a violent or not I I I sent you remember that applies to be leading the black one I want to do is overlap asked that we can see SEC house is a look at one another sales that will do as much of my condition is not as bad as John built over there look at them we need to have our eyes anointed that we can see clearly paparazzi and then we need to have eyes to see the needs of ophthalmic related to outlast all costs it is our right we find there are people while all motionless when George was a week that will save much article but the world the Bible says the harvest is planned for the leaves where all my swear my labors and we finally did you than you know those in the medical school you know if you don't use it you lose it it was after three you know exercise your faith will show you love with somebody else you bought a bull call by phone you must schedule now you must schedule a otherwise you will not spiritually Bible says whether I thank God that he does not waste time on useless to the wall so you got a disabled guy but a dataset as note is and nobody don't have to be a doctor lawyer or to get you to be a mechanic given me in all that with the young lady was a domestic engineer we like titles and find a want on about below about an end I was a young lady that was a domestic engineer but remember that was a man that hath left his name was ninety and had a little made in his house she clean house and by phone they left a job nobody else want a domestic engineer cook it was because of her name and will be in the kingdom nobody was useless when they turn a mindful pool of human philosophy ladies and gentlemen this man was that the food was at the meeting information tells me the reason he was in that condition because of his own choices about their he made bad choices if I'm a bachelors of his rhetorical question right okay think about how to raise my hand if you're a fan is on Islamic finance of the condition it would then have allowed time and I thank God for that Sabbath day then man him who every time you ask someone stronger than he bent over him and jump into music that was destroying coming down from that you say we go back that was a strange and slow interval of underground carbon and they began to build a new angel trouble that will no such thing even with using the New Testament when you look at what was it like everything is just faded away you have any think you think .net seven days sovereign of the universe within that it's got a shout overshadowed that man looked at that man he did not say to them and you know for thirty eight years you've been in this condition if you have not drank or smoked on that worksheet woke commit adultery you would be in this condition to the same as one course we'll have a look beyond his fall insolvency and tries to raise that question is new Batman what they may hold him what you told anyone anywhere a man you already know to answer defendant it cannot do anything without the cooperation of humanity God cannot save us apart from our cooperation ladies and gentlemen we must make the effort even though Ismael God take something simple and does something home to get something natural and do something supernatural exec something ordinary and does something extraordinary is that God 's nothingness and our Micah if you'll be nothing to you Jeremiah eight twenty twenty one twenty two is that no bombing really is there balm in Loma Linda we ought to be the ball to the work amen has God given us the message of hope help and heal not the beautiful Jeremiah each of us that this move on quickly here we find that Bible says in acts chapter nine thirty four by Mister Jesus make us whole is a one-dimensional we are only instruments Christ uses man to carry out guestrooms notice in first Thessalonians chapter five twenty three and a very gone I defy you how and after I got your what Holy Spirit soul and body be one preserved blameless when she does take place in order they knew all prior to Jesus that's what the text 's death of the text that will not want to try with me as we come on down and turn with me to the book of Matthew chapter nine and let us get some practical principles in these closing moments Matthew chapter nine I went to look at first to very quickly not medicine made of how many qualities what they once again a man Matthew chapter nine verse two notice of the Bible says and behold they brought to him a man sick of the palsy lying on a bayonet and Jesus seeing their faith that's another study in his limited to before you do you know that you'll think of you can admit all the people all in all you'll think before Jesus and give Jesus the rocket to intervene in the understanding he has results of a mother 's faith for me your faith then you have read from a medical perspective is says that those when you walk into the same room a patient in crisis a Delhi thing was since the presence of a living body human props is mobile so adverse to those of the Bible says it was to which of following up the Bible says in a resolve the fate and he said unto the sick of the palsy with these incidents involved was the first eighty seven SigmaPlot son be of good cheer now here's a test it should just management of three qualities which one of those qualities can we associate this one with one adult is a spiritual summons and mental I guess once up front I was passed at some web assessment is with the mental gzip to the members in a moment as we come down Jesus son be of good cheer thus the mental quality than the next phase that it was filled by sans people given the interview were living on the time of this individual to be sent was to be under a curse to be condemn and to feel guilty and third-down missile the second one is done with the spiritual and even travel down Ribera six and seven inches of people that they had a goal and a half these are the best about with the government and my limit thirty to thirty years in medical missionary work and like I said last night I don't know as much as you know I know from experience we get was in serious cases Asian Kansas etc. I do know that physical healing can not truly take note unless this mental and spiritual you what a person is diagnosed with cancer they stress levels go through the ceiling the greatest things in them that impact their lives and not understanding everything else that is partly lies prior to the kids that could truly be no visible human development in spirit that you don't hold approach Jesus method of human he addressed the whole purpose I wanted to finish up with just one aspect I would give with one that said be of good beer good she is a genius evident that man was discovered decisive this fund which is little how many of us in here ever been under discouragement any ability to raise your hand that all of us have to face sometime in our lives as they have to control you and their normal casualties and children as we move quickly discovers men is the devils anesthesia to put you in a sleepy voice feel your heart of Joe and he was discouragement is the devil multifaceted to do in your life and mother it brings about this depression Jesus said in the book of Matthew fourteen twenty seven being of good cheer is I do not offer here is the opposite of good cheer we live in a world of bears is not eleven is estimated we are concerned more with security and freedom theater brings up on our back four minutes of a world where anybody even in the medical field it this evening it has a biochemical adverse effect on the whole existence the Bible says you see God through faith the problems that these about classic example of David Saul a Gallardo what was the problem salt again at Israel they fear why because it is all God eyes of this problem in my quality that meets all was problem focus saw was not a solution focus in our economy when you have circumstances that you will face it and you continue to face and focus on the sentence as a you will put your annual banquet on the other hand saw Goliath and eyes of God he was solution focused enough like a livestock company to be to you in the name of the living God this day I won't have you reply Bible tells us fear for God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power love Salma at second Timothy one seven first John four eighteen basil and love but perfect love casts out fear because fear hath torment to that it's not made for legs and gentlemen if there is a physical mental spiritual problem quest what a perfect person has a mental problem what profess professional person the basic pica in the present have a physical problem what professional person they say a physician if a person is filled with some spiritual problem what professional person with a single a pastor at those people dumping on importance icon or consulate they are important would you say so now the national question does a psychologist or psychiatrist agreed with the pre- chilled reach agreement a psychiatrist or the physician will infringe you agree with one another something but the majority you five no synergy that they don't agree with one another so that means we address your mind to the psychiatrist nobody to feature original position and your soul to a passage they don't agree with one another and we still have a problem church have you been made home so what I propose the word of God Jesus was a mighty counselor amen he was the greatest medical missionary ever walked the face of his desires out and realize that and that he was the greatest features I would be glad that positions and also the teacher on the positions of the features that I write what he meant what that means you need not know how to work on the body but you need to know how to minister to the Solomon R is all right as of the Bible tells me know at times absolutely just met this funny could you send it via a second visit in him all difficult to make Nova Scotia not found in molecular that you sent in the book of John sixteen thirty three that takes three ingredients to make a sandwich slices of bread is evident between the river that was a avocado sandwich with whole wheat bread avocado tomatoes and that grapeseed mayonnaise I follows that sprout Sandwich cucumber sandwich okay with listings these things I have spoken unto you that in me you might have peace as the first slice of bread which we have peace in my degree in my job even in my wife and my children second meet keep this in mind everyone happy is the only found in Jesus is very important degrees and jobs are only tools and avenues means to glorify God that is until the actual priest goes you lose your job overnight and tell people you probably heard it even if you think about getting married you don't get married to be happy and you get America be happy you already set up a voice and I went me you need to be happy before you get married to have the people so why did God put them to sleep the night he went on abilities than he liked best and God said he will call then there is a definite yes God is not bound by biology we thought any incarnation of Jesus Christ no man is married and with the Holy Ghost that overshadow him and God is the one who break the farm moves would take two people to bring baby will make you know that you thought would be put out of his league to read very quickly number one and had nothing to do with the chocolate is why it is not standing at thirty six twenty six blue eyes blonde hair is that and no Jonathan and I went because I have a moment eating at McDonald's I know your heart I know what you need to know the unique notice may want to thank you and when you wake up as one finds that wall man it reminded me outside and in the lives of that is also not only that he did not have a decision-making of the Honda what I propose I think Banjul one how do you estimate would be thirty five praise God unknown fingerprint for my wife and follow me now the second reason second reason why can we do with the government second reason God had fellowship with them way before anything else was created by the Whitney God with all that but if they had famotidine even devoted a man on holiday God revealed the plan of the whole program Adam is a doesn't in any of the county talk to them to talk about relationship to revenue presently work on werewolf they then flew him now enemy to help me so God is listening is not absolute the second report will be that God be spent related on related I didn't is important call want to reveal himself personally to be that he maintain individuality and dignity and that she will be a free thinker thinker and also have the peace and joy knowing God before she knew us that they bought to forget is that when I felt that I have projected that I had only had I to the whole environment may do all people in God we have peace in God that you are need and want notice that what the Bible says in this world you may have trouble putting together a blog on the end as well you may that him and that was found if look from a why we don't blame the problems related laws apply all my means we reclaim all the problems but not God 's judgment as long as you are on this on this son of joining you want to have problems school problems relationship problems I define a URL problem that they didn't get it it is best given the global world Homer was the duty imagine driving on the highways that this traffic trying to get to a meeting refinement as a way to have a blowout to get out and get insider from your hands your Christian and you're not going to have praising God is not doing that you're not doing that and people watching within ten miles down the highway is a twenty car pileup and God allowed law to prevent you from being an Apollo is done again another possible you know Dudley said a prayer to God in all things I hope you play a average adversity that as an opportunity to glorify God last life in the opium that year I overcome material closes the deficits in social methods this take responsibility for the get-go which are used to talk about trust objects discouragement is the most effective tool of the God what you are not to be his witnesses amen depression is greater than the church for P compared to the world I felt around the world one on the ninth was that I counsel and depression Christians do not say that the condemning is the reality somewhere along the line the connection is nothing and we got a point sold in a practical way how to trophy the grace of God it has to be no more a theory has to be in the hot if you want to be unconvinced of the message identity conversely there was a woman was which change the whole approach to health for many years ago this one had a liver condition for over thirty years cute at that time problems in her early fifties we were operating a clinic in Arizona and we began to pray with garden her energy level was almost you can see the skin condition she was in horrible shape so we put on the programs events adopters etc. the width of our natural program within three weeks she began to get our energy levels color and became beautiful as I have not felt this good in thirty years praise God three weeks later the woman go back into remission she goes down again now began to apply war not really is a liberal tax and achievements cost of the opposite is that they can do to get better again ladies and gentlemen this happened several times then came to me since something is impeding her healing process something else I'm a fan of good food it was a natural allopathic natural everything is not work a set that as late as that something is happening now with the bed that night test things we really also of limited value chapter eight verse seven thousand fugitive glass then labor seven I believe that you unanimity he fell in a RAM Eagle ran ran into the Eagle Eagle ran into ram and password you have a King James Bible there is a word that almost as the word is in a blaze of Daniel eight seven BC in their double descent were there if I then what is it what doesn't work me not that that is the you might just not right about where that is the very root of network in the medical field that will associate with anything else though from a medical perspective and ideas of what went less law with that and come back to the liver when you look at the work inflation back to another work all healed up HQ in all our dictation to another work by B I feel he that is produced in the liver to check the work that the network is addressed and delivered file how is it is use the word that it will anger because anger means that it is an angry and so I got up that morning and asked the lady at the ethicist assistance I said to her my guess is that you can with some emotional issues and allow that could be interfere with your human process there was silence then I was then I know that I maybe I was overstepping my boundaries backup SF to talk about it he got up and told his Johnson I need to talk she said yes she said no my adolescent and teenage life my father continued to sexually molest me Chiarello this gives Obama she had a help father a good number who get busy marrying and that turned to be sour the husband begin to get better and begin the sexual abuse on and destroy reproductive over shipping carrier this thirty following should not be limited one minute of pain can suppress your immune system six kidnapped nineteen event methods one minute of paying unforgiving spirit suppresses helpful essence she could not be given as does not say it was all right would you give to me that Dennis does not condone the beginning is free you plug that individual will head read on to get because when you hold onto all of us spent on plug-ins then someone is controlling your life for Guinness this power is forgiveness to I have to learn the two minutes forgiveness show people how to do you know what I have to expect because I had a good experience with my cloth and I held business to document my life as I saw my father I need a bracelet I needed no but since my father I didn't have given this the things he did on the twenty John I was will bitterness and forgiveness later developed two-story Carmel fire he'll close and problems they would expose them to publish up to three one as we redisclosed and checked my pugilist this morning metalwork that God wants to do right now we don't have time to these depressed thoughts will have time to hold onto discouragement is going to become discouragement but discover Jamaica's food to be a blessing winners will stop in the crucible of trial for this study and depression is taking its toll there is no control on the market that can cure extensive car the only solution is coming to have intimate relation God and knowing how to hope he is creased in Proverbs chapter three you know that tests closing texts that are the physical healing best B is a restoration that that has to be meant to message the Bible says a provost at the radiological folly is posted here you're ready for trust in the Lord with all the heart and lean not unto the whole understanding that's what we got teach people how to trust God verse six in all thy ways acknowledge him and he should direct our path being blasted all has through the law department numbers ages with one of the most excess of what it should be one half of what the him why macro to the bones should be help to enable a marital homes trust level where Joe Nathan is right here all your internal organs around to enable trust even increases digestion of you got that you sent down matinee idol will even over the best vegan food in the world it will be no system trusts I guess well tries assist in giving the Admiralty alone one that displays in the bone marrow I'm on top of a red blood cells are white blood cells that me and I learned to put my trust in God is learned to wait me know him something biochemical take place even if Sprint is my immune system and dogmas began to develop and refine Volvo neurotransmitters and sixty thousand mile public nozzle connected to every sale horrify them against the onslaught of viral invasion that's just trust the God help us as we learn to trust anybody this morning as we pray the God special blessing because you might be sitting here this morning I know I was in maybe hold onto something that God even though whatever it is only gone both don't we need to get rid of this we can be made whole in Atlanta this morning need a special prayer that need that power that touch this morning and thought that something in my life that I can deal with this great anxiety it could be a unforgiveness and bitterness that could be recently having these pages for bowling building don't you want the peace of God in spite of the trials in spite of what do you know what you want to use it is your desire you knew this morning and I've been loving father in heaven Lord the sovereign of the universe our Creator now reading God you committed your love for cells we get people who were at war with you know what you'll love is not to contingent upon our love for you Mrs. Thomas we on the object of your love and you hold to half the ship with your note rate the children of the sin has created a golf saying is what about guilt remorse goodness depression anger and that's only one way that can be resolved and that is through Jesus come into the ice of the one who was open to receive his grace father we plead the blood of Jesus and now that you will come into our lives it's a very into the very innermost part of home being and as you did when you won't miss our two thousand years ago into the Temple and turn over the tables followed turn over the table and cleanse the temple of every trace of a forgiveness and forgiveness every trace of a recent heart with it up when you vomit please clear the Temple and replace it with guilt your with your love and with no piece that we can be told in your hand to this place the gospel of Jesus Christ that sunlight is more involved I know then that would discourage them and whether they own this college campuses school limited not a father I pray in the name of Jesus that you will break the shackles of the devil and speak peace at heart and father would leave his place that is remember that we individually and collectively as your people we should be a house of mercy in Jesus name we pray and praise


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