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What Mean Ye These Stones?

Siegfried Roeske



  • October 20, 2007
    10:00 AM
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in this beautiful Saturday morning to begin this is called then all was a very obvious reasons my text this morning as and Joshua or twenty one children or no notice I sounds good lesson our hearts and minds learn religion this morning from God 's word Joshua four twenty one two twenty four all right everyone and I was a statement of the children of Israel saying bring your children to ask their fathers in time to come saying what mean these zones then you shall let your children know saying is role came over this Jordan on Friday for the Lord your God right on the waters of Jordan from before you and your you reptiles over Toronto got it to the registration brings you dry it out from before us until we were on over all the people of the earth might know they hand of the Lord that is mighty that you might hear the Lord your God for ever in nineteen seventy wife Joan and I took on the boys write English over to Germany to my Fatherland by point about three week visit was in the cemetery vandalism charge of my father is very Maya children have never seen the granddad Joel I took in the great design and everything that makes Hanover grade is a few shown that will not be high on which my hypo my father 's brother had his old my father 's name the old ways here German born March twenty eighteen ninety six and beyond one is your time September nine nineteen forty eight the usual time only thirty one years in the resurrection the Essex boy seven men will belie not probably the youngest because I'm the youngest son and I pastored more I think I'm to do no cheating that phone is an memorial of my father when I no voice so that by Thursday after the vision was very sober and was kind of a serious overstatement experience because it's right there and thank God for my father and I thank God for the God of my father and John is my little son to be a child of my father 's God and never forget what God has done for my father my father was a very committed dedicated enthusiastic Christians and I could tell you many experiences that have shown that to me and trust me not yet all excluding the one coming home from town with a bag of apples are the warmongers are going to garbage cans trying to find home and upon it given my download back of our goals my father was shown on the way home was eating the start moon was shining on a country road no traffic on his size and density God is a wonderful look at the example my niece was follow here short back then and now can understand that no one wants to reside under the stars he sang the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob find those apples I will never forget that God became real to me that night under the stars that no one was a memorial along the commitment by the sacrifice and the kindness of my father and I want to be like my father in every respect aliens character and what my son in both of my sons to reflect that kind of commitment to the living God and so we ready in the Bible and you can also read about them Deuteronomy six very similar picture the Bible records that is the reservoir crossing Jordan depreciable Carrington art of the covenants of an in on the dry bed of the river that Jordan was and as auditing of my five findings they came also over the Ark of the covenant each article should choose one man out of that fly from them altogether going back into the riverbed and everyone picking out stone which would become a memorial and alter a memorial altar of the greatness and goodness and the power and the might of the mercy of the living God and I used to think it is in the river but I I think it of the Pentagon suggested on the judgment of the land and to remember the God of Abraham and what he had done and she starts out to remember what brought it in Jordan it was usually a time he mentioned something about a diamond and the water was over running Jordan it was so mighty mighty river but then Sarah was gathered on user goals are not much affect then why got some water in March to invite round one of how old miracle it was there and then at the end of the day just to get at the Red Sea we talked about is money and childhood amendment now I think I was memorialized by these stones let me a stones going on with him I reached down and he had been sought asylum in Israel and in job don't present was heavy upon them around back to the limit that is the modular building a tournament in Egypt agent represent Satan and the power of people it was an overnight thing the Bible says God will be shown there I see the logger in his arm and she going up and they are joined when he started reaching down there and then Harold took ever was shot in the hand of God and it hurt it was bleeding I saw pictures of the scene quantities and and it raised a hand shook our error was not gripping to run godsend in a train and air force and knowledge made another great sorrow harden his heart and your number any object a and B Doctor Wheatland on and finally fell home was broken by the power that the land on the door posts of Israel's encampment on Egypt it was a morning Gosnell the firstborn of every creature animal sounds feral I a nickel God that Israel must might and power into the will worship God by the bugler alarm gingerbread see your talk about it this morning my same size addressing longer-term and any behind the German mile got the job I did anything from his people check them and their people on despair it wasn't enough as juveniles and droids using with an interest the power of God I will mention this morning America's number effect of miracles not last long we did a walk with God is gone Joseph Nye and general welfare students and Declan 's human heart that I forgot about authentic like Moses you take us out here you know to be killed by those Army and of course you remember the most long lasting gelato is using this on I wanted to that fantastic experiments to children the moms and that's at least all the water on to bring all inside the dry ground that he got to the middle of this even noticed that Farrell also saw this to be part of the news on the course areas with source and decided I had dishes on women's armies to destroy the enemy and a consistently shining swords on the lesbians coming down into the water to a friend God has also sent the Joomla! even difficult times yeah yet Ingles J got wheels should be reduced as stated in benefits on all the soldiers came to have a chariots and on the bottom without wheels only kept going the horses had our understanding bottom of a slow them down considerably and the and that is what was also nervous I Moses was commanded you race is large and water in all all juju magic juke arm but one was not one must say I was reminded is what and how I see him him and say throw was water and it was a you and me I want a baptismal cost according as Peter and his wife meeting stones in the wilderness that was no room at exit sixty seven Audrain man out of heaven the cafeteria all and followed him down on the strength and health of all Hollywood gets it for forty years he will when being installed on the water ran out I guess it in the water with a bunch of event in the country hasn't someone in the water supply ran long and they knew that I was trouble commenting the desert was hot and all the company to Moses Moses did you take a audio with the cemeteries not good enough Araiza within Egypt like a custodian and it is also cool totally and complained but complained to Moses and were completely gone not much as changed last thousand years for the Lord brought them to unlock and monarchy of the raw living water in order to draw more interest and forget about their learning these stones and numbers they got tired of a man I was the same food every day the same slowdown stemming life-giving domicile oh and higher this will remember the individual governors and on and on the ends education and all immediately had an EEG one summary of who gets what wrong is to need no some people would you do that you were there I was in Iraq goes white and not to let .info he had a right in front while not enough I wanted anything they wanted of me Jenna should not knock today's oxidizer five days of violence as I I mean in Muslim Mindanao department always on all that I need it must have been whales everywhere and they ate and gorge themselves to just lost control of the boys at them and people began to go after the result was undergoing in God 's anger was killed against the community stones oh yes go training all over again year while God was meeting Moses in the mountains and given this wonderful and principles of this character the kindest people to consider the relationship with himself they went down below dancing around the golden chair it gone e.g. as I saw that haven't even thought that the fact that the international way worse than the pagans it in any respect they go somehow God took them out of danger but he couldn't get each of them acting as finally remember the plot is that the land him again God was ready to dig in the promised land he was in a fight about reform is no and that the Giants are to write a will use a mark on a weekend will let you that's okay with the anent finally the rebranded a cause of evil ways and God gave him again again and again talk about in the crucible I wanted today this morning I was thinking about this I think the ones in the crucible of a Lasix house is so I think you have stuck paying of every human soul if you start saying that sin has caused in this world and the universe change in sexual sin he is a great supper and went vegan in the crucible they just have the privilege of sharing some and clean the lenses on a daily basis wanting a Stalinist I'll try to write it all on our all up the other might know the hand of the Lord that it has my that he might fear the Lord your God whatever so here we are what do we really want to talk about this morning second and third generation this morning two days before October twenty two eighteen forty four what can an average range of dollars in the long but the average message talk about an October twenty two Scott enjoys fifty three years since eighteen forty four at this morning I thought I also made a Jones and A&R executive and these testimonies and strategy was very goes into God 's wonderful love means you start and the stones of the message and what do you suppose God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob 's cabin movement at October twenty two eighty forty four write down all over the United States not companies some something small tabernacle seven churches summoning against other private homes creating a farmers prayer enjoys with praise and land in New York knows friends are gathered together in the middle row Brenda handed his great decisions to go and talk to the world Jesus is coming that they watch all day for they knew will not what our anointed it forgotten what they are oriented in woman will become anyone to drink while I was at a updated notes for each of the day they are starting to prophecies and I have a deadline that is currently pinpointed the baptism the ministry of Jesus and the death of Jesus precisely identify the problem and continue to hand and discovered that it ought to hold pinpointed the very day of the day of atonement on a typical day of atonement which were fought on October twenty two eighteen forty four they are starting a sanctuary and as he sings well and is this to mean that Christ will come back is your and transit must fire until you have a was unedited which was a Internet so it was August twelve eighteen forty four at Exeter New Hampshire my time is called him writing again meeting I saw a number of people under the shade of the trees dotting like they were Atlanta's going to meetings what are the meetings decided on studies and then everywhere I the prophecy and shyness in all of his round at an end and shouted I've got it I got in an and Asia what have you got what have you got I got up from the huge volume of expected Jesus coming on the end of the treasure they should be in the screen of eighty will be dreamers and eighty one will I found the study based on the Jewish calendar and the victory of the atonement being all the attention of the seventh month that it in the tone of that year Wednesday October twenty two eighteen forty four and he shattered a people and a set of issues God is in it and gone this across open up all the holes of the sanctuary and on the listings that came along with trends in the data Jesus returns a century and make an atonement list people Joseph H spoke of this meeting the meeting and he said that this meeting was closed their crap out of New Hampshire Maine but I might try and trying to cut out and out to meet him and the people that they can't easily excited a manhole and study and pray and the momentum just build and build a process was August and early September and then we have October and so they were praying and building Sharon God moved among the people and digital distribution ever so serious about it at the shoulder properties at the own and invest the money and power are bills were paid I'm actually good things about the one of the Jesus only anybody shopping around holidays to have a different philosophy for this loss again you all the way to finish off work would be a lot of you are not just people around the world and max out and get the biggest own agenda and put it on the work of God River Wagner finished in a de facto on eschaton thinking that they were thinking that it was Indonesia 's legal bills but something even more beautiful wrong to write it uniformly Jesus they had to house the fire family member or neighbor I thought that's how local is allowable that's real revival would be the wedding to make things right between themselves and the message sent between them another person of precious stop running at this manager from select harvest is a testimony to the coming he then vice president of the neighbors and ninety nine this isn't going to a hot rigid communist order to have it tomorrow I wish you come along as room or you are sure that you are saying hugging them say goodbye to the last time while I tease you until you without your info to shop in publishing outside closed in on King Jesus how cool that it worked for twenty two waiting for Jesus to come it into heaven the sun rose in the east bridegroom coming out of his chamber the right to not appear as it is seen as more sunlight campaign with healing and as we dishonor righteousness failed to shine for then the sons in the West blazing gators have horrible like an army with banners but he that sat upon the white horse to return as leader of the host of heaven and so this evening of October twenty two only a matter of hours and Jesus will be here Google 's indexing and it is already there was a result world with all this heartache and sorrow his appointments and shares it with me Jesus the Savior that ran so there will be no way to currently wife sitting the new Jerusalem wife and excitement what an experience then all this excitement of regular children who get into the mother Mrs. dredge husband creature and I couple weeks is a little yet baptized in the gold that you know the morning and I have rather done a certain amount on October twenty two is at mommy will we see daddy today in all yeah children in real estate the resurrection will happen together I will tell you angels stand by these children watching his harlot Bob must've broken to see that kind of expectation only two hours to midnight Kimes not keep silence but inside is a watched and waited at the front nine and JVM and eleven and then they couldn't believe it Jesus did from can you imagine that his appointment I'm a big change that Jesus was in the millions of them all the noise was the all-around sense is present was real to them I was about what was in and he said all along the expectations of last states will in fact I don't really think it will run us I had never experienced we went back to form in their own nine ago they don this one is not so much in the firm and that he be elected and since I used in our own hearts saying my aunt and experience has been the richest and brightest of all my Christian experience these people do not consider this explains in the state no they did not they saw Jesus in his and ate it understood that there must be a way to explain this properly but it must've missed something financing on Crozier decided all the cars on a better bypassing for the quantity of the horizontal joints install the visual brethren and high messes as he thought this thing the I think owners are going to clarity to him yesterday and clearly that instead of a high place coming out of the holy Muslim guys are then exaggerate to come to visit us on the density of the seventh month at the invitation of the property key for the first time enter the most holy place to begin is where the final will work of atonement and remove munitions of the people from the record both in heaven and on the hearts and eyes and questions raised with the goal of permit this disappointment degrades I mean embarrassing is the pioneers but yesterday 's panel that bar on our history no plans it's not about Mark 's rights I think God wants us to catch the vision it is startled those people of eighteen forty four I would never criticize them or that experience Lima programmers don't withdraw those deluded if they charge endlessly in an organization they know it by faith alone in the sacrifice of Calvary it was the reality of them and unless you have that experience we need the capital how we charge and assessed that it brings her midnight on from an old Nazi points number one the Bible predicted the disappointment while not allowing the Bible predicted that in the revelation then you know the tax online and can I wonder the Angels have been getting a little easier for me to get an even and it shall make thy belly met her but it shall be in the mouse is on the items available on the exam I hated him and with him a most sweet as honey as soon as that in this my Billy was greater than what you and he said to me prophesy again be more benighted people nations times and changed the word of God will yet all around the world and brings this message everywhere and so the experience was very sweet the people who were involved are sweet and then it became bitter for Y number two the second reason why Jesus permitted this disappointment and the share I will get by raising another question another interesting form why did Jesus permit the great disappointment and eighty seventy one million other was a disappointment that right probably later than one eighty one people and more static row yes probably in the was eighty four people on Sunday morning I actually remember Jesus here and on his eyeglasses and then raise up home was a testimony to Christ as the manner was born as was the beginning and the Jerusalem bureau for the first time you was allowing resolved a donkey just like everyone he knew it seems like you coming back to victory and bring it within all the trophies are that he had gained writing into the city and everyone looked okay victory and glory to the King and Jesus the first time I allow himself to do this how was this other worship must pass over they jointly were gathered in Jerusalem to witness this tremendous event is with good timing and on Sunday morning as he was riding in their everyone began to shout hosanna was that children will bring that enraged natives out of the middle names others were sent where he'll was actually the one shouting the loudest because I thought you shall because Jesus 's anger the Nazarene EU the master had left them and healed them there is no shout and shoved his running out who all the hills Jerusalem what do they do abatement I wanted time waving their palm branches of the tree to hear about statement on Virginia is right over why did Jesus use of questions why did Jesus in the hands of them is understanding if you look at that only a few days hence some of the very same table when I was shouting would be at judgment all sorry again on Friday but isn't it which I'll crucified him crucify him and then Friday morning at nine a.m. it would be nailed to the cross and raised up outside the studio use them you have a number as a sacrifice to the race what a disappointment that was all I said they are after one in eighteen forty four I think I be more so on his disciples to soak him that it was all over history the holes have been have been extracted in this kingdom the date of throne of David all what is wrong you don't control it must be weeping for several days your closet is managed and Sunday morning sun something that's good motor Emmaus maybe and encourage at some of the saints and Jesus join himself Jesus joined himself aside and said that why are you so sad as they said you're from Jerusalem to the White House and it was on Friday and crucified out on his dad 's so we thought no one is ever throw but as always as great as no future in her rate of the grade is used to her East seeing Jesus to drink or be trusted it had been Richard Israel and then Jesus open Scripture to their arrival they will probably position to get games under all the other prophets Isaiah fifty three and also to shift greater than the same concerning himself and I began through borrowing is not it makes sense of these things not have taken place not remember Jesus in the states the disappointment having won them over and over again that he must go to Jerusalem suffer many things at the hands of the parties is not die to one time they got a guy who one timed the ascent of Everest if I is just data behind me Satan Satan student to him and keeping him from across the Charles Grassley wasn't a victim he chose the type of the human race remember that some excitement of the moment that was all about just on October twenty two thousand and ten Jesus explained it all based on a description of the Holy Spirit let them on into a deeper understanding and on the sentence and what he is prevented from entering for the same reason it permitted the trachea and the second coming all around the world and agency recently on general cocoons in South America he went to Spain and other countries and it is an impressive second coming we had more German general actions are converted to Christianity and he preached in central Europe at the coming of Jesus Irving and England reached and enslaving others John wished the same old revival in the handle horns are so then Dupree and coming of Jesus in Haiti thirty one but in history I'll is that the greatest event and edge of your orthogonal to a son of the living God taking the place is based on the cruel cross to pay the penalty of the sins of the world was among the human race this even didn't know why is this was nothing like the job and she that could attract attention to the June washing your thinking all yes you are affecting that it are set out asking him yes he did not know they wanted him to an albatross that was the victory he rested sixteen of Satan 's hand on child will ever eat have not intervened on Calvary Jesus took possession of the scheme to begin atlases so it was a kink in it using now was on the amount of time to finish the scrimmages and get this one done and so it is important more Jesus was about the biggest waste and emotional they are starting again I thought I was thinking is coming same methods he was an artist data on the above called her yesterday the great work definition of Calvary in a most holy in his heavenly ministry was about to begin this torment is used needed to be publicized around the world Schroeder Weatherly is that they are in heaven reading this blog and our behalf in a final work of atonement so you come again and finally did you still haven't settled in for good as an eighties of anyone's waiting war the work had very small beginnings when I think about it beginning on it has grown into a mighty work around the world this morning from the handful of for mostly uneducated and uses a fishermen and farmers and so on in eighty forty or some Hamas for people than either of his girls dress jeans don't draw the witnessing today numbering over forty million around the world and the power of God 's foreground around the world in Africa and India I'd been there the students I see no one is more in a mighty way I couldn't believe it once the end of the meetings that I was standing the people about rising their end of row one hundred feet all candidates walking into the water I was just one place and most of the other places don't eastward moving and doing his work it will also happen in America Inc. to turn and these people are proclaiming to complete God-given message of Revelation fourteen including the second coming the beautiful sunshine intercessory work of God the Sabbath the wrestling Jesus from sin and from work undercover work estate of the day that the level of sleep in peace and quiet of Jesus comes again I wanted a house message out on that none of these diseases come upon you got to be my house in the LR easier pneumonitis resolution of the going to ask you are smart to all our great intelligent human barking amongst your people know that you are in the wonderful medical work the gospel to all the world to prepare people for the coming of the game getting ready for the trauma injury again I think recommended the city of God and new Jerusalem my brother and sister we all got in charge we have not followed cunningly devised fables what mean these arms they means he who has begun a good work laws of employment and complete on the day of Jesus Christ what mean these stones okay what meaning is still whole on Christ it I stand in this Wednesday on a round is sinking sand on the other ground is sinking sand out of environment heaven within people the sacred moments on this beautiful Sabbath morning thou has been a good God sacrament of people with valuable claims and rumblings and strongest on the profits and yet I has no everlasting unprecedented anywhere today October twenty two days to make memorial day outlet that has been out of work is the next we know that though stands at the door soon they haven't right open and Beijing well vitamins nor gather used not much of the other they start a blog that you get a raise I mean and child's one Saturn moons in the something you use a snake


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