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At The Top Of The Ladder

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • March 10, 2012
    11:00 AM
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have you found your family I was at the large yellow makes this video were so different from all the days that we worship Jesus and by the way how many days a week the words of Jesus every single day but what makes this they were so different this day is the crowning half of worse so when it comes to worsen throughout the entire week gone also is away on this very special sound as they can't be born in a base vessel type of worship and nothing to do right now let's bow our heads toward a prayer father in heaven we just can't do justice young and lower article rights argument is just our need of your racer father we pray and ask that you would bless us with the Holy Spirit were leaving at very critical times and God we need to understand your will do away most of all our hearts desires Jesus said this morning we would have a revelation of your character that we may walk away it changed because we behold the Lamb of God thank you so much Jesus in your name we pray amen by the way just a reminder what is taking place next Friday with a good life they are all descended on a prophecy seminars entitled revelation today right and is getting exciting time how many people here have been swapped often seminars in the last three half years raise your hand okay very good if you have not been to these lofty seminars I want to invite you out it starts with the delicious dinner at six fifteen and the actual presentation starts at seven fifteen and so folks we want to invite each and every person to come on out this is an exciting time invite your friends your family your neighbors as a newbie like me while many discussions on free giveaways incriminating fighting fire about this this is the time that God is calling us to go look for those both loss sheet amen so if you know people around you know neighbors know the police man the doctor you just human advertisement need to say here we want you to come to this starts next Friday Linda Simmons called at the top of the ladder at the top of the latter now we went to help bear what they were at the health fair Sunday to do now we had people all the way from Mariposa showing up to the altar Oliver Mariposa is exciting because a lot of people are interested in health is just a few pictures if you message you missed something really big hundreds of people there we had those from all all over we had different types of health booths we had a dentist booth we had a blood pressure when we had children's goods you name it all of the community in the fireside room we had our different checkups that were taken place three cholesterol screenings a lot of people were interesting that we get over a hundred class will screening we also had our you know what you call that thing by the way Barb Barb Gibson it checks your body fat with name-calling yet EMI of BMI body mass index right I know that the death toll now so we had that taken place in my life that was why the first move and ICRC remarks is not advantage he said I am not being a help in this organized before and the unity that with you it was awesome and so wanted testament to the dispute of God we also have our children to Nevada while climbing wall as well by Count one it was just an exciting time it was kicked off by a five day run out of people into the 5K run all that was awesome that's in place at eight forty five massive green blog that began to go throughout all of Sarah as and that it was just really exciting to receiving all the all on the creative participating and when this is the place we had just a wonderful energy that started off on Wolfman animal nightmare is engineered to call it with you with your today really do but the alarming it can be times that we need to proclaim the message that God has given to us and our health health messages in opening door to many people electricity about fifteen twenty years ago people used to object to the health method in fact things like well that was done way without the cross and also if the pink now when you bring up a help message is something so attractive that people say we want to know more about the people interesting how things ended and the time for us to use this as a way to get people to know Jesus while it is not a very interesting passage of Scripture think about was the genesis chapter twenty eight were going to Genesis chapter twenty eight and were going to study the story of Jake up and what of the Jacob at exactly right Genesis chapter twenty eight and if you are going to play men Jacob was a very interesting paper in the Scriptures he was the man was not perfect amen it was an individual just like and he decided one day that he was going to observe his brother and take the birthright by deception in his life there's a better way to get God 's blessing without having to follow God 's way unfortunately it ends up with his brother wanting to kill him a disunity and that's why and all sorts of things taking place Jacob made some really really bad decision in fact because of the initial deception that took place throughout the rest of his life he was just the old are you over and over again while a man by his own children your naming his long life had been alive with affection and it took place because of you initial deception subject was a man who grew your closet qualms in the tribe and in the camp he was sent away he was sent away to go find a wife I thought to himself well and take away maybe that will cost them peace can take place in the can so he says take a while okay and that the new Genesis chapter twenty verse ten but against the jump of twenty in the litter person now Jacob went out for mercy but I went towards Ron and so he came to a certain place in failure all my because of the thunderhead that any one of the stones of that place and pointed out that any lay down in that place that we know this is very interesting Jacob was sent to go find a wife okay now imagine what took place a few generations prior a plan that sent his servant Eliezer the vote pro-life but Eliezer will allow what you have even though it when he went to build a wife for Isaac what do you have with them yes that's exactly right he had all the town on Smith's sermon he had pulled Vioxx crisis I mean he wasn't ready for the wildlife and so he goes out and he ends up finding this one and later led to let Rebecca go but what's different about Jacob peters is that he has nothing you have absolutely nothing you have no gallery people are pulling these mapping and you can imagine he probably feels like nothing people want to take his life as both areas after you sent away in the desert the goal of pro-life and you get mad in any a myriad being away now probably a little scared probably a little bit more important about marauders coming in fast and wanted to take his life and that even now by himself while he does this cloth and there is different even someone with a little choir anyway is now justly and he puts his head on the round rock and very despairing about this guy and he begins to go to sleep you can imagine how he feels forsaken by his family forsaken by his friends and forsaken by God she felt utterly discouraged hopeless and at least scared up in the sky wondering what happened to his wife something remarkable takes place in the middle of the night but the going liver swell then he dreamed any role in what a ladder was set up on the air any thought to reach to heaven and they are angels were ascending and descending on it and behold the Lords that abundant that I am the Lord God of Abraham nor what not frame portion and the God of Isaac the land on which you live how to get to you and your wife defendant also your defendant shall be of the dust of the earth and you shall be spread abroad to the web into the East into the north and to the south and in you and all your speed all the families of the shall be blessed with adversity the role I am with you and will keep you wherever you go and will bring you back to this land I will not leave you until I have done what I have spoken to you though this is remarkable to my soul remarkable because Jacob thought to himself I am compromising her since I didn't die in the desert and let me responsible for anything ethanol I absolutely see caused distinctly late and very in the middle of the night in the middle of this argument in hopelessness in the midst of despair he has amazing one hundred three and bought implemented I am the God of Abraham your father know if you question who is Jacob 's father was Jacob 's father they should be more people answering that question I was Jacobs father moment is not very what does God say about Jacob who is his father he and Abraham your father this is very important because Jacob himself had cut himself off from the family by his own sin the actually he inherited the clinical cell phone either from the camp through his iniquity and silicon crystalline either Jacob I have called me like I have called Abraham your father and with a remarkable about that is that Abraham 's father was not a godly man but Abraham of an individual who was called out from the people who were in the midst of idolatry and sold by God that he attaches a program to Jacob and think that's what you're just like Kate you're just like your grandpa Abraham was like a father figure next to this father of faith to this man was called out and they're gone upon Jacob I'm going to bless you I'm going to give you descendents unless even bring you back to this land no one who differences in response to that the domestic scene then Jacob awoke from the statement said surely the Lord is in this place and I did not know what in how awfully this place is none other than the house of God and this is the love didn't have been thinking that Jacob rose early in the morning to the Philadelphia put on your credit set up as a pillow for oil on top of me and he called him that place Bethel but the name that he had been loved previously then Jacob made a vow saying if God will be with me and keep me in this way where I'm going and daily breakfast and clothing to put on hold and I come back to my father 's house in peace then the Lord shall be my God and if so which I've set up as a pillar shall be brought out in all that you give me I will surely give a tenth to you Jacob not making a deal with one question response to God 's goodness as you know what God I'm not only going to Bali but I'm going to pay attention of everything you give me some that will get high and offering us for this transaction we haven't got I give you you give me I give you you give me guess what it was always meant to be a response to God 's goodness that defendant that I really appreciate with Henry now said that God wants to bless you don want to bless you amen so when your faith on the little things God promises very special blessing but it should be based upon our response to what God has done amen though Jacob decide fifth Donna follow gauntlet on and be able to draw down a pay my time like I should be this was something so remarkable in with a interesting about this now hear this because I like sharing my journey how I come to sermons and understandings because I really believe God we can solve this morning I was planning to preach on this topic and I was going to head towards Peter 's latter does anybody know what Peter 's latter 's razor had a space Peter chapter one where God actually describes the Holy Spirit speaking to Peter the steps of sanctification is the only one of her baby subjects to preach on and what she does she actually connects Jacob 's ladder Jacobs ladder to Peter 's ladder what do you all on that discouragement was a way to having cease all Jesus Christ essentially and what appear describes in the components that make up the character of Christ I was bent on preaching the sermon key life this morning until after I join the prayer team around five thirty I started feeling very impressed almost ran into another topic because I believe that God knows better than me what needs to be spoken in this church amen everybody think about let's go to Leviticus chapter twenty two versus one to three is all the loss you're getting to you using like they had just come out of slavery so you can imagine the people they were uneducated their individuals who do not know any type of civilized behavior God had to give them even very minute commands that C-SPAN thing like sanitation he said that when you go to the bathroom he would say things like if your neighbor 's cow went away all bring it back now why would he say that because Israel Israelites were sold on line fund their humanity and just simple intelligent Klonopin since they then go on tour read more the nobility of Israel by giving them commandments statutes and ordinances and felt like you find in the first five books of the Bible of the books and most of you my God trying to restore Israel to a nation can you say no and that but what's remarkable with this that within all the little law and all the things that God spoke the panel warning you came into this fix everything is up I just really want to be encouraged I don't want to be mourned today I was eleven Athens is circulating on Adventist churches and always be warned about something right well it is not only will you be born but you will be tremendously blessed okay let's find out a specific long gone had me go to the biggest jump of twenty two what the Bible says the lord spoke to Moses saying speak to Aaron and his son and then separate themselves from the holy things sixty three speak to Aaron and his sons that they separate themselves from the holy things of the children of Israel that they do not profane my holy name why what they dedicate to me I am the Lord conversely say to them whoever upon your defends to make a generation ever goes near the holy things with your children is authentic to the Lord Longley uncleanness upon him that person shall be one of the next words cut off from my president I am the Lord know what you find in it after you find throughout the Bible to most of you find them raised on appearing over and over and over again this is some type of social rectifying that takes place when you commit a sin you should use the open somebody you were paid back to them the Bible teaches in the first five books of Moses in five four nine but there were certain things that Israel now when they were committed there was nothing you could do about it you were guilty in fact there were no brave cutoff appears over twelve times in the homeless fourteen times actually throughout the first five books of Moses and what it describes giving the buying penalty that takes a when people the law of England live himself again hold them accountable for what you like doing very express command student to the Levites in the brief anything you need to follow my when you need to do the things that are right you don't need to be unclean you can't be one my present sure you're not doing those things the rest of the Israel County the Israelites are doing and if you transgress my longest that you will be caught off man's long morning but it's not so much a warning when a whole eight one one when bottled agility is not if you don't show up on the day of atonement to the you will be caught on over and over again you might remember the first five books of Moses God pronounces divine penalty not simply like what he does in the camp we just have to repay them when you just have to give up is that all the words that are used are very strong cut off you are cut off these are very long with God was trying to want is life about something this is no mere social on paying back for some type of jail time no cutting off with the divine penalty on himself who take upon himself to actually bring judgment upon the individual it was a warning the word that people were distraught actually white cane in its testing is New Testament are NIV commentary actually kind of theological matters he talks about were cut off and he said that this war is still trying to be understood by many scholars we think we have an idea of what exactly needs effectively began study Bible but it is working talk about Mister to understand what outbreak that actually need to cut off maybe you have an idea but something them come to a conclusion about and it is it number one race cut off is not something that a human can atone for it is not something they can pay that in the divine penalty in addition to that there was a clock went up into that your radiation would be affected by the same people running but I don't manage your family my New York friends question your family could potentially be cut off from the paper upon Doctor Sonia feel the heaviness in the pressure right now and still wanting to thought why did I come to series the day of type fonts do you need to hang on I promise you will be blessed but pay attention to this was a divine penalty work on himself and actually bring about a second penalty or judgment to the individual who violated the law it was not something that these people could just pay back it was not some action they could do with brave Hawk was applied it was something regardless think that I am being very serious with you right now until you think it over and over again know why is this remarkable because there is something that is said in the book of Daniel think about what Daniel right now Daniel chapter nine Daniel chapter nine starting with verse twenty six of another gender chapter nine is about all you need to do is look on the screen the family property the dentist after nine good eglantine and all right thank you so much I want to find them to upper nineties the centimeters while the Madeleine all are talking that we teach are designed to do one thing all the beauty on the clock localities they meant that I come across a lot of them down into the signal will preach doctrine he also didn't like to think those individuals you need to hear that ball in the life out you will absolutely love that teaching a man know everyone happens going to send a reply to a policy finally when it's your day my dance was six years I see are actually the re- car sales that come from Jewish rabbis around around the dark ages actually with the request that came from Jewish rabbis and what they say is this anybody who attempts to figure out if he found in Daniel chapter nine V across letting his bonus was that his family because they actually pronounced a curse upon anyone who attempts to figure out Daniel chapter nine but with a wonderfully that women do not right now then in chapter nine that's on the first twenty four seventy weeks are determined for your people and your still the city to finish the transgression to make it handle seems to make reconciliation for iniquity to bring in everlasting righteousness to field of vision and Flossie and to anoint the most holy the first thing to understand about the first burst of offending the swap is just describing what the objectives are going to send me popped in other words these things are going to be accomplished during the seventy weeks prophecy now what takes place in the next verse is simply the starting date know therefore and understand that from the going forth of the command to restore and build Jerusalem unto Messiah the Prince there shall be seven weeks and sixty two weeks and the street shall be built again and the wall even in troublesome times it gives us a starting date for the second week prophecy and how you may think your focus sounds like basic arithmetic the going and after the sixty two weeks Matthias Albee what if an x-ray caught all know we were that were before working on but not for himself and for the people of the prince was to come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary and the end shall be flat until the end of the war definitions are determined that he will confirm a covenant with many for one week but in the middle of the week he will bring an end to sacrifice and offering album wing of the abominations shall be one makes desolate know what's so remarkable about this prophecy is not simply describing what Jesus would come if actually describing what Jesus will do it describing something so remarkable that in the mix of this week in the list of the week of the Messiah shows up there would actually be a time when he would be cut off when affecting WinRAR that phrase before and was pronounced upon anybody who violate certain laws of God laws that could be long for they would be caught on yet you're reading right here in the messianic prophecy that something would take place with the Messiah and he himself would be caught off a divine penalty would be placed upon the that's exactly right and what the Bible is trying to do it's trying to bring us something is trying to help us understand something about the mission and wall of what Jesus would do everybody think about what I fear chapter fifty three lets over seven idea one four seven a watch with the existing trainer she was old Robert and he was afflicted yet he opened not his mouth he was glad of the lamb to the slaughter and have received before this year if I went so he opened not his mouth he was taken from prison and from judgment and will declare his generation for he was like that brace cut off when he was let go from where from the land of believing that the Bible does it simply doesn't teach blogging just fine it actually uses that they break I was using Old Testament to describe a divine penalty a judgment that would come from God himself upon the wicked but the Bible says something very interesting it teaches that the Messiah himself when facing the same divine penalty that exist not for himself but for us to bring in the closing you know why assurance of salvation is important to us you know why a assurance of justification is so important to us do you know why it's implied confident that you are in a saving relationship with Jesus even as you are in a life very important to say I do love Jesus and he loves me that's very important to actually have an assurance that God loves you because of this reason when Jesus was on the cross of Calvary and he was there on that cross and he was basing that divine penalty that you're saying that my Sandoval said he became sin for us in the Bible teaches something so remarkable that this divine penalty was placed upon Christ's no one actually allow regular glitches it has all remarkable achievement one o'clock in animal form of an leave in the expiring advertisement along the Indians expiring agonies of Christ because God removed out what I sure if he had hitherto given his beloved son of his approbation and accepted not many people were blown away by not raising okay now mostly boxes of lower Manhattan one I want you to pay attention with a woman ready for this phase in whole trouble as he was expiring actually in the expiring agonies of Christ because flawed removed the what are you sure if he had hitherto given his beloved son of his approbation and accepting denied even bright hope and confidence in the plan for convenience in the future the life of a loud voice father into thy hands I commit my spirit that's very important because on the cross Jesus was a lost man David had no assurance of salvation you understand why assurances on point with his Christian because Jesus had you know why fell important to have confidence about what God is doing in his grace because on the cross Jesus had no known release brother I walked away savings like sometimes I believe hundreds I feel like Jesus in there sometimes I feel like even if I want you to understand something when Jesus was dying on the cross and what he was facing a combined penalty of being caught off he had no assurance of salvation in other words the insult do not know that he was going to be resurrected and so easy it is for us to doubt God only doubt that God really loves but he really cares for us and sometimes little feelings of assurance on their incompetence and godliness all we simply do is need to look across and when we see him who had no assurance upon the cross we see Jesus who had no confidence except previous evidence of God 's good man who was on the cross was dying the death of the wicked and I don't think myself got the week and when they face just enough off in the future the really good and getting books I want you to understand Jesus bought into that upon himself the love assurance in your walk with God do you have insurance that God 's righteousness godliness and the one that assumes that when you walk out of there you'll have to say I'm say but you can sure as well think I may find safety and do that is gone lustily welcomed you into his presence absolutely absolutely business everything to us ladies and gentlemen we need to understand this never before because when we meet people on the street and mythologies of love them do we have that assurance otherwise one of me telling them the happiest Christians are those who know they're in a saving walk relationship with Jesus in other the happiest Christians are those who know that God loves them and he welcomes and always into his presence they have assurance of the goodness of God those are the happiest Christians on both this is everything to us he won the one because he had nothing on that cross he was cut off could not even see the hope of the resurrection while he was dying there and Jesus died as the awesome man exactly what the wicked will face at the end of time is what Jesus and he was on the cross the something so remarkable about God to make even the puns when I got back upon the wicked in the time he's Artie taken upon himself God will never do anything that see themselves have gone through it and installing awaken the Bible says a stranger the place it upon himself he will never do anything about the very last thing the wicked are going to see if the cross of Calvary it will devastate their dying in their sales and dying in the judgment them to be gone in heaven who will win through what they're going through at that very moment the light of coming to this church service this morning thinking to yourself I'm not sure God that's exactly how Jacob felt that night you may come to this church service begin to yourself I am nothing and I feel like nothing that's how Jacob felt that but when he woke up in the middle of the night in the middle of that dream he saw make away that have been made to heaven the purpose of the latter was set to help you get to a higher step and we look to heaven before he went to sleep the salt place so far away from them but when he awoke he saw Christ another way had been made for him to enter into these all Jesus the unsaved the whole of being saved because if they became unsafe for us that is a mentor in our leave they want to the battery of knowledge of good and evil it was a living tree but when they ate it maybe came down to what we look at also when I jumped on will I only look at the clock even while only wanted when we become alive and if a man cannot both does and everything to us that in a highly discreet and all our teaching on the platform for talking the cross of Calvary and we take that into our hearts each and every single day both we will be the happiest people on this earth amen oh by the cross of Calvary is going to be the fire of the redeemed for all eternity because infinite love was manifested that a man dwell like this writer his dying love manifested in Calvary is the thinners assuring us all what accepted the analog TV things in the simplest one the famed Arkansas made a light shining from the cross of Calvary United come into this room today like Jacob hopeless despairing and thinking to yourself that there is no purpose for you and that your lettuce may be cut off that your whole family has been affected by human effort think about but when you look at that while you looked at that latter and when he thought he saw hope in folks agree with you today because you maybe somebody who's come today shared service looking for some hope let you guys know their home ground in the cross account name and in any thunderings and a list lovely evening downing the goodness of God to come to the right place this morning all you need to do is look at the cross of town amen please somebody who wants to experience the love of God like never before to be long and it is really all you need to do is look at the drawn the boundary folks today is the day that she is longing look deeper ever so much deeper where love you now you know they many remember them now as a weatherman father in heaven who only mainly understand why we think we know what it means run of the savings and I will have no idea even I mean we have never fully wedding like you because it's always a glimmer of hope as well reading your today but we know on that cross Jesus Law and everything that God he came back he came back out of the grave he came back in the Bible and in nineteen ninety three he was easy to see you are not I really like the person enemy they may want down with assurance in their marks and now the blood of the Lamb doesn't cover this book credit act each person walk around me know that the latter and all he is going to be on person and the newborn that's all we have all we need H President God is going in a you know he loves me more than he is enabling this media was brought by audio 's new website dedicated to spreading God 's word free audio and much more you'd like to know more about numbers you like the more so than please visit www. on universal


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