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Secret To a Life of Power

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)



  • July 26, 2014
    11:30 AM
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I will relation the fourth instead of using Revelation fourteen that we find the very purpose is of Seventh-day Adventist church and I think is important is even if you are visiting with because sometimes even if you are visitor and you are not serving the you might think that this movement is strictly another denomination to just hang on the wall of Christendom among the other nominations but I want to let you know that this movement is not just another movement this movement is the movement of product design guy reason of his church to give a lasting message and to relax a message that God given history is found in Revelation fourteen that manual fire Revelation fourteen I'm not reading as well just yet but Hungary versus six eleven and I want to see very clearly at the simple reminder is a the Bible says in Revelation fourteen starting inverses if you can please a man I will say that I saw angels lie on this is that having the everlasting gospel to preach and benefit levels under your every nation in kindred and tongue of people saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship Indonesia have entered the fountain of water the following of angels saying Babylon is fallen has fallen that great city because he made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of one occasion under Australia the copyright to what ultimately makes it really is these two Angels messages was actually using not in its fullness but in a very real very light green these messages were in force at the app has ever existed they were giving her the town was known as an act head movement that was moving all throughout the world it was studying the prophecies of Daniel 's as we are working very they were studying this concept of on two thousand three hundred eighty eight thousand and they believe that Jesus is was going to because they understood cleansing of sanctuary to mean a cleansing of your biodiesel to messages we just read it were given a more Seventh-day Adventist ever existed the problem was is that it was an incorrect understanding because they thought that the earth constituted the sanctuary and the other one is the St. Louis plan to go for the top and cleanup you're not quarter but with what fire so that was the incorrect understanding and this is why when the fulfillment of the prophecy of Daniel eight fourteen to please in October twenty two eighteen forty four the twenty three hundred year processing and it was believed that he would come in a as a result of him not coming God 's people the people went through a tremendous disappointment but these were at these were not in is coming of Christ so therefore this is what learning is appointed by a fuel noticed senior finger revolution fourteen and is quickly turned relations in it was after this disappointment took place the way in Revelation ten articulates it from versus eighty can is it was asleep in the mouth experience but we are in the billions and it was certainly better because if you believe Jesus is coming which will our you probably would you continue file you problem with you go ahead and do your account and make sure that you put all your money towards the work wouldn't have any reason for bank account for the meeting you can add Houston and is on what just on a temporal but the time that they rarely disappointed because you know what it's like eleven and in Jesus you moving from are you coming continue home we get this finally see him face-to-face in the artist and was like when you looking for great grand glorious event and then finally they come to your learning and the alarm yourself does not they were going through mental spiritual physical financial and just about any other dynamic of life they were going through tremendous was getting was a great visible but it was business that is now understood it was a misunderstanding whether it was as a result of individuals going through this disappointment is that whatever God and when they went back to the word of God and in the genocide is a rim I was a baby and they misunderstood the various sanctuary and had and I obviously must be a holy place and will is moved from the holdings of the most holy Place in eighteen forty four conclusion of and fourteen and they realize in the most holy place and they must be our because in them I was in the movie and I are in and when they start setting things up and realize God is teaching the ten Commandments and in keeping the madness when they care and they realized the more I is neglected in one her memory is making them only meaning the Senate and price unsatisfactory sons and realized that he working me Sunday was the data even got out of the Bible it means we get to thinking and understanding that is what is called Angels message when you came into the picture this was given as an antiviral proclaims in Revelation ten eleven and was commissioned as an asset in Revelation ten eleven and he said unto me now my prophesy how I can almost promise I want to organization and how is a king in other words we see that America is an angel with a correct understanding with the addition Byrne is so now I want to go back to Revelation fourteen is the third Angels message because it obviously very relevant not simply the movement but especially the Seventh-day Adventist church Bible says in Revelation fourteen chapter is now going to consider versus nine to eleven in verses nine to eleven you see something made of the third Angels message is Revelation twenty nine and the third angel followed them saying with a loud voice if any man worship the beast and his image and receive his mark in his missing something for the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without history into the cup of his indignation you shall be implemented with fire and brimstone in the front of the holy angels and in the last as long as the Senate remember and they have no rest day or night worship the beast and his image and whosoever receiving the mark of his name so here it is from Brazil nine two eleven the third Angels message comes into the picture this is the message that is given with great force in the closing scene is in other words right now in the Bible makes it very clear that this mess is in any case numbers and 9/11 this message is encased in a warning is a warning over this is a warning if any members of these exhibits and receive his mark is whether it's a warning now we don't want to fall in any of the reason why this message must be given with a clarion cry right now in this day and age is good reason for the understanding of the Revelation thirteen in revelation the thirteenth chapter in East five verse one you will notice that the Bible it kind of makes Aaron and I will why is our Angels message must be in our nation and I is in access is even in our home is a reasonable and knows with my is reminiscent of early chapter in the Bible says in Revelation thirteen centimeters one and I understand that he is always right see any seven heads and ten horns and upon his ground and upon his horns ten crowns and upon his head the name of blasphemy burst to entities which I saw was like a leopard and is in need of a bear and his mouth is a multiline and exactly remains when you power what else see what else Andrea Morrison on three things that was given to believe how I been driving is none other than Satan and Omega revelations while seventy nine vitamins and varied I is the devil and Satan as Satan gave power to visit these what is really nonaligned was about Daniel is clearly not there was new version is clearly not the letter which was released therefore you cannot help being the will was none other than roll to the lease is being described as role and how will today called the Roman Catholic Church the paint is the vision movement is not leaving spoken of the peer is not a movement that could fit in this movement is being and how it by enemy the devil himself and he is going about with greater power doing a tremendous something work but instead had bursaries of invariant what inversely if ever I saw one in were willing to get within a designated will be one healing is and how the world is all the world will wonder are these so the Bible is speaking of I may surprise you I will point by point in detail by detail but if you really want to understand really if you really want is you want to be a people prepared to meet your God then you can come see me at the ACLU meeting and we will be happy to furnish you with all the things that we need playing in fact in just a few months in October for the comeback and dishonorable I will weekend always is looking for a few weeks and I'm going to be here to make all these fundamental teachings of the Bible including this article my reason will immediately and this is something that design practice for the members within is not for the beautiful people outside testers that they made here in the third Angels message so this is coming October William is in letting us know that as propane which is one long time call twelve hundred and sixty years and is placed you would probably know it is studied as remote as I recall the dark ages and went back to his place five thirty eight eighty seventeen ninety eight this is what made this type in seventeen ninety eight the papacy is enabled in other words it was no longer going to be able to exercise power but it is something that is not betting on it is that will be healed I won't steal his her it is all of the world will one day be without a little bit more clear what it means with this ideology wondering if you want to locate first line out of Revelation thirteen it goes a little believer it is an all world one of these now as green as seminars for stocks in resources and if anything that was called the world I was wondering under what him and I don't want to reason and philosophy welded it is an amorphous dragon which gave power unto the beast and works in the same who has a lot to be endless able to make more of the individuals who want under these are going to be the same individual level and to worsen the knock and because every individual learners and courses is what healthy weight as people just a few verses down now and now in revelation thirteen again and when I look at verses fifteen and missing out the sentencing Bible says in Revelation fourteen sorry thirteen and I will go ahead and consider first is what letting go as far back as erstwhile at this second one please comes into the picture is erstwhile a exercise all the power of the first beast before him and on your end them with love you do what was the first reason is that even with the heat you do not as the people who were sick the first reason also people wondered these and how well I wonder all this becomes very certain of the makeup are all reviews so my thing all in all means all say could mean that we are enclosing on this company thirtysomething if I am being told that I might wonder at these which is a little worse these humans will only worsen the page when I would need to dig what I'm thinking very very series discontinued so here is that not only do they wonder but they also worship what you have is another wondering and worshiping it goes on to say in verse thirteen eighty one million one hundred seventy five down from heaven on the earth is even them that dwell on the earth I mean those miracles of how everyone is the same to them that one of your patient making mention the reason with five hundred and eighty eight and how is a power anyhow I give my humans of the Hamlet of a reasonable speak and cause as many as worse as the image of the city killed a cause all of Great Britain formally in line to receive something what everything is seen and tomorrow in the right-hand war and therefore had and that no man might buy sell save he that tomorrow the name of the other number of his name so North Africa next day is when the woman is the own one or all other one but if we want a result it will question everyone and Westermann ultimately received what the marks of this becomes a very serious issue those who wonder what Windows is missing the mark to be in direct contrast to the Herald Angels message is in direct contrast to the Angels message is warning the people not received the mark here it is interesting that when we won't do that all of a sudden individuals will want to and were sent and received anything the world all number is if it says all of the world that was my question your guests will not do you make upon all and I was well on the connectors from an American point yes but the Bible had a different mindset it is an ideology under this concept of all wonder at the college to see what is the Bible on Revelation thirteen again and again remember is shown as individuals the longer they will worship but ultimately never seen the market of these in doing that and I get you visitors you might want to want you thinking that a margarita in looking of somebody at that as of what constitutes the market visas but the one thing that even if he is marketing his bad and the driver is alarming that I want in my concept of the marketing even though we might incorrectly think it is only not so we don't want it and how similar this proclamation we design of the third Angels message I have marked days ago on the world that Selena was sure this is something you haven't encountered almost the number is little wonder ultimately worse if anything was the market these so therefore lets find out who already make up his world wonders Eagles on a Revelation thirteen and you will find inverse eighteen is a very clean Bible says in revelations or university and pain that will all your sawhorses can remember we saw the connection wonder plus worship equals market reasons of these entities that were serving in the hour and is an all loving yourself all the time is and also worse of him whose names are unknown and is not the worst of the base is and all the earth shall worship him whose names are not written in the book of the Lamb book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world so if you mean numerically every body on the planet you live on the planet whose names are not written in the Lamb book of life you understand so when an individual staff I don't want among these is that enough is enough we just we just did a beautiful setting on the right I knew when I is the reason is because I got a whole I will this is only five hundred and willpower is beyond anything the human mind heart and contrite this has to be something as a result of Christ in us will it is something that only God can accomplish so the BIOS is very very very a group of people whose names are not working in the Lamb 's book of life laying the foundation of the world these individuals will wonder what ever see the mark is what I want to know how anyone even househunting for me I think is very important reason is less of a hydrogen containing related problem in sentencing Motorola is kind of many men allegedly so the Bible tells out in a beautiful statement you remember that when Jesus came of his early lead a very clear statement of what he was called to active listening even while still in putting together for Jesus to come into this world you remember that one I personally want to live in a cell phone and you shall save his people from visiting so now I'm looking at Romans ten and we let him run as a test chatterbox is something that I believe is beautiful Bible says in Romans chapter engineer to say that the Bible is not very nice and it says in Romans ten is not as bad and now self and that with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and shall be in thine heart that God and remember this was definitely in the bow shall be saved but is there anything were it my best with my mouth we in my heart that is a lot of work that needs to believe in my heart and I confess my mouth and believe our Lord Jesus Christ Leslie the virus is passed in a reasonably normal cells Susan if I wanted to recognize if I'm willing to do that accountability and responsibility for my singleness and my recognition and understand that no matter how you believe I got at some point or another they cannot merit the salvation salvation comes only through the man Christ Jesus that I must confess with my mouth and leave the migrating dye that I made me a when I got this atonement and this is what I believe is my efficiency was salvation is you have received salvation temperatures in a moment is beautiful it's a beautiful thing here is that what is it his name in the book of life that you do not seem to say that I am I and you and I estimate I receive them as always and I guess I don't know that this is because just because our name goes to the wall does not mean by people names remain in the book that we noticed these exited the thirty second in excess of thirty seconds after the Bible makes it very clear that just because a name and is the book does not mean by default names remain I would love to share this with my dear brothers and sisters that is the wonderful people and serve the Lord to the best when there is a teaching and research that says what they always say the Bible clearly contradicts that because an individual is in the book of life I see and imagine what might I say I will at another I will remain in the process by Susan at the present in chapter the children of Israel if they were worsening I Moses and Joshua coming down from the mountain and island views I know when they come down by José is as he consider verse thirty one is out lovers thirty and it came to pass on the morrow Moses and the people you have stand a great fan and now I will go up unto the Lord for adventure I so make an atonement for your sin and Moses returned to the Lord is all this people in a raid is an animated and graphical wife is intercessory prayer is yet if I'll is not what I do is lie on me I pray the will will now have three note is most visiting orderlies again and will take Miami I will mull a love I had one for the children of Israel and a long life is no less will only be a qualifier in so it is that window Moses is freely on notice about my wife says in verse thirty three North Sentinel 's zone and then begins need him when I was blocked out all my vote would be amazing about her if your name is you have your answer latitude it is definitely yet it is reached in the Senate shall just because the name is in the book of life does not mean by default the name remains the Bible teaches that life is clear this shall now think that means it's not enough to just get my name in the book I want to just the beginning of I may thought how does that happen revolutions are agreed in Revelation in chapter we find out now how the name remains in the book this is very important phenomenon is the third chapter in his husband Michael says as he consider verse five Bible says in Revelation chapter three of revolution yes technically looking at verse five and when you get here each day and Bible says in Revelation three five he was so not a team that will overcome them but staying shopping flow in white raiment in the province is and I will not blot out and in all of the book of life that is to say that that is not as good as you can remain like this is that we must like over so it's not enough just to confess sins confess the Lord Jesus and believe in are inherently suitable are mainly Muslim nation must remain in the only way our names can remain immediately what how in the world to do that this is because not only want to go yet overcome the thing that keeps a name out of the book which is because I is virgin so different when a situation of overcoming sin or the ideology of the jury oversight is the only way names can remain and what is Windows with a virus a single same chapter but not as in verse twenty one Revelation three twenty one we get a beautiful beautiful game but without Revelation three now I look at verse twenty one is with violence the Bible says in Revelation three twenty one the words of Jesus Giuliani overcome it I and will I grant to sit with me in my throne and what is the statement even as I also overcame and sat down with my father in his room so noticed that she is speaking to individuals who overcome present in the province is those that will come you will need on my hospital and how do they inverse I know the Bible verse was able to shouldn't feel this look at the person she says to him that overcomes will I grant to sit with me in my throne was even as he known of losing even as just as so as even as I also overcame and sat down on his throne so Jesus says listen John fifteen thirty three be sincere I have all the world so that I overcame the world the whole attention is okay anything that shot the man and afterwards as if we overcome in the same manner as he overcame we have an assurance of your name in my name will remain lie like this is because cheerfully looking at the life of Jesus you will notice something that is very similar to your the Mark of the beast that the group of this great crisis that succumbed to the world as the child help everyone this issue is what is called a final crisis in other words you are right Alaska prices on many issues financial crisis domestic crisis we have crisis we are prices and allied health crisis will recently but when this market beating issue comes to the people of the world is going to be what is known as final Christ is the last one is right on now the best that it becomes imperative for us to say while I best prepare for the final prizes and you know we can look at it on their Jesus because he likewise the disease will you I is the crisis was gaga 's final crisis and was on the back of Jesus all the way up to the reasons even when Jesus was on the cross is anathema to brother isn't getting on his fines and how you know I denuded people that vinegar would be known the mind and the number by example when it's time to get him to denigrate John I mean Jesus and what ran one one release some of his pain whenever article that while he is in because he was more concerned with the state of mind and estate about Jesus understood I think anything that will create me if I think anything in my system that is not my mind that I can't understand what's going on in Guatemala and I removed my connection with Jesus knew if I send once the whole plan of salvation is even wrong with the humans on the same as a station was on Christ even at Calvary at every stage of Jesus 's life consists literally from the cradle all you come across Jesus was being pursued by the devil and Christ final crisis was a faithful old yes he was beautiful to look at Jesus VMR what I hate him so I will and I don't write his own hands life on earth as a champion what was what remained of our studies review not because I believe in preparation for you I believe in and so we know that the last payment no doubt about it but I reason his last song about it was in his talk while we don't stop sending me know this is as we know how people need a hot topic and I really don't want in my life knowing how much of awaiting recognition while I ungodly sinner I am passing the web cannot get in alone has price for McCain is well known as she is he is our example can and is to deliver six life is our example most of the lapses in first John two Americas University the Bible makes it very clear that Jesus was not simply a singing angel related things but he was also a demonstration of how you and I will always believe it viruses in first John chapter two an hour when consumer stays when you get have to say that I was having first Johns Hopkins University and he that saith he am I and him all him they'll also go to all even as the law and to live the life walking life the mind of Christ was a model of how you and I are supposed to land so the more the life of Christ in the more I can understand how I can overcome as he overtrained now when you look at the life of Christ there was something that gave him tremendous power to overcome I will add an invitation in his life and I want to see what it is we are all in inspiration and live on her was alive what you noticed his life on earth communion with nature and with God it is in communion he revealed will I don't like the class all his life of revealing the one shall I understand Neil in life of Jesus the more I understand that is the more I could be put in a position that I is and he had when he was on his enemy by grace of God you and I can overcome as I will be this becomes very significant new Jesus it was his communion with nature and with God somehow this produces what is called the secrets apply all your something is interesting about something that you will a statement is something you got a concert sporting an astronaut you got it puts an effort forth and ultimately to find a here is a secret another were largely look-alike features everything little dynamic here and there is a lot of learner and many times fail to adhere to find missing this thing of life power was found in his communion with nature and with God this is why the entire Mississippi La Quinta and Lord and in his communion with his father in his childhood in farming and prayer that he was able to ask some very special power and now I is able to overcome all of these very things like I give unto you the same power as a man so when we can someone even asking over and about in life is why I say by whom and when we talk with the you cannot accept for when I will hang as a proxy like a it is very dangerous fool knows who may be that Malachi prophesied who knows you in my house okay no one are one voice is not okay is is is is so I was a guest you knowingly as I is you start to point out of wedlock in your life if anything you don't just produce another so when you look at what is now absolutely I thought that the only solar flyby it seems like we may not want in life in Malachi before you look at them right here in verses five and six five here is a beautiful property you like to message and I want to see what in Malachi except for his verses I think the whole housing who not even my life was already gone by this life has well and but now it is using the whole I will send you Eli broad before the coming of the greater threat in the Lord and he shall turn the heart of the children and our children's and advised as I come and smite the earth the northerly life was going to come in before the great and dreadful day of the Lord is his incredible work of uniting our children and children's of the I cannot apply literal management arm while I is I being united to God God being united to us well the first application of this property is John that we noticed that easily one hundred and seven hundred and lose everyone knows what the Bible says is easy to lose one and knows what the Bible says if you look at one of them is ludicrous thirteen is one hundred and seventy one on the question why individuals really study about prayer prayer is Italy's typing in verse thirteen is an angel said unto him or not Zacharias for thy prayer is heard and I want to sell here liaison and also causing what John is talking about John the Baptist the son of Elizabeth and Zechariah the first seventeen notice what is Jean were read is there and he was tracking numbers sixteen and seventeen the better context and many of the children of Israel South turn to the Lord our God that's what was more spiritually by Benjamin zero is and many other children of Israel South teams on the back is turned to the Lord their God and he's our goal oriented in the spirit and how is your department I should turn the hearts of all the children and digitally into the woodlands to make ready a people prepared for the Lord is in the first application of that prophecy of Malachi is fulfilled John the Baptist by a apply to someone else because he is going on out range and video below interviewers that Angel Elsie when the book of Amos chapter three you would see that you will notice in the coming of Christ and all I was in that it must be a move meant in the last phase that will also work in the spirit and power of the lifetime that movement is that SSI will watch this when we are Green Day John Blair was an example of our work we do yet because John is also limited of realizing this is we the human following shall John become the beautiful Montserrat now whenever you are why should we teach people how to question the top of his wife you see why now the Buena Vista you go to the check in now and now I think we can appreciate the eleventh chapter notice with alliances why should we teach instruct visuals and understanding the beautiful dynamics of prayer the eleventh chapter when you get here is a watch care universe it says and it came to pass that as he was praying in a certain place when he least one of his disciples to him one hundred now he is God she is also rated as as Shauna also taught to question it is where all were yet been shot easy to desire the greater good even the disciples are greater then that's what you it's all profit responsibility to any five people joining sex anyway is not a little break and we don't even help them understand what rare in any given night was beautiful amazing company we him at all things come in an interesting leave my wallet is amazing is teaching people how to pray I can't comment that he was a door and as silly as to what constitutes practical Christianity in light of how in light of how to in life is the own and not wait until the seminar the area where you pay a registration fee and all other things learn how to create to learn how to say that I think of the Church of England from residences at something on us I hated every meter under the San Marcos don't ever let another new convert computers without taking time to instruct their this is biblical prayer this is biblical meditation this is vital endless method of Bible study don't overlook these things because that part of the reason why we have so much confusion in the church right now people told him I don't even not a don't even operate as saving one hundred dollars and everything else the same people got off this morning as I was working back with you that we've got something special to you and that's why I was covered by the grace of the Lord Jesus not like talking about George Mueller 's house version they were good men a happy place I like talking about our years in Rye is only going to jail over and I like to talk about systemwide she was using my bike are obviously endorsing that Edison brought and has given tremendous confidence for the Limited but I believe that all these examples pale when compared through my fifties when we look at the prayer life of Christ we will begin to discover things about his life that might go on and therefore on what is beautiful is about prayer life of Christ and my hope and my is that we will receive it is not simply as a good sermon on good messages something emergency while Allah more so that was a thank you Lord for giving me practical instruction binaries grab your spirit that I can listen you have to communion my right to notice the missing number one lesson number one and number one in his communion life of Christ in the communion is not summarize just in France on executive communion is when you dialogue with I will use I will so some of those dynamics as well grounded out prayer and is in my lifetime is not the number one and number one about the frat I think that you will know that he is always found a solitary place and Jean is always found a solid race to bring it what it is in the habit of his life that he knew always around wrong always around the multitude got a time when I'm grateful we are to find us solitary place I remember as well as the government justify Bible says in this chapter he was he is living there you gave an example to us all solitary place viruses in this chapter but consider at sixteen when you get there as a matter in July is sixty euros with a vile as it says but some arsenal but so much of all women Elaine on rock and and great multitudes came together here and to be healed by him of your and he did what it is and he went truly himself and the wilderness and noticed that Christ even though he had a tremendous where do all I see this was smart enough to understand sometimes withdraw myself and when he withdrew himself the way to solitary places in this context it was the will he went away into the wilderness and he found time union with his father some of the little statement to the area our Christian effort is we spend so much time serving and so little time and a half and we wonder why whistle we gypsies and comes our way when all of a sudden own website should look at all is that Facebook is something inappropriate I am looking to get eyes when we're clicking on it we wonder why I keep falling into the same because Yahoo power progressing but no power with how Jesus is the secret was found my communion and one of the first lessons regarding communion of Christ he knew how to withdrawal unilaterally will be the last thing I cannot help you withdrawal from solitary freight I pray as I talk to the ministries involved as an insult to the homeschooling mothers and talk to all of us busy people in my memory I withdraw you to draw your finest solitary place you guys can leave so I guess I is one fatal is using is erstwhile bad Jesus understood his need for thought and communion with God point that as well it is any candidate Pat Kindle in any way how long I can pray confessing you all do you not leaking in what I like the monster would be an obvious series but I live the life he discussed with my family I had horses this is I tell you it was one point Al Gore 's government was when absolutely assignments and eighty eight it shall all it is the deception of this is God workers it shows how sometimes we work so hard when you do some amazing people you want to see how to get the most done with Lisa willing to disqualify himself like a brother and an industry it is all my other words there also disqualify the veganism heart is because some workers that was themselves so hard they will push themselves so are you won't be able to is likely to press themselves constantly get in the work finished that it will compromise this meantime they will compromise the unions on the Babel compromise even necessary things like drinking water sometimes I will resume the any place themselves in a lawyer and in the name of his work I wish I could remember you remember what the page where it will are in fact it is these preseason Hewlett goals and so how many of us will be doing indirectly as we are doing what we talk about with trusting ourselves in his work demonstrating an actual formalist self-righteousness because with thinking if I don't work a work okay God God and work until you drop God say praying the Lord of the harvest that he will bring forth more later as to labor in his I heart you are messed up else eczema must think that he is insisting on late night after night putting his arm is putting together thirty thousand people will think everybody and we are so that I think the obvious symbolism is the thought of an annual of the time I will not lose loss you will literally get in with placing ourselves so strong is nothing wrong with you soon but it can be taken to an extreme and that's why I'm happy to see the new time to withdraw Christ understood that what in the world is wrong with us anything is possible and get it done or else someone was a trusting more in our work and our labor in our effort to trust in Christ and one was a rut in the admire of the challenges that we same as when you trust me to do what I say so therefore we have to understand yet is the time to pray all night and Jesus created lots of help and he opened so there's nothing wrong with taking time here at times there remain a statement late as things example now we make it our whole life that he is into fanaticism and we didn't even realize so therefore Christ understood monetary relief breaking away from the people you and I must understand we are holding this wonderful point from his recent reflecting Christ and all round questions relating what it is when I is hot and have placed little secrets are seen as an amount in one willingness I was out there know is if you are and how they will rather see a visible communion with God so soon we we all come by however I will no loan with God in your life unit on the lookout young children known as embezzlement and money management is in which a man is his way taking my goal when I finally returned my phone and close the doors a blog in my solitary place the matter how many but have a place where you can go get your communion with God and how is outdated and barely knew his father in a solitary place how to wish you the best medicine what lesson number two lesson number two lesson number one is what solitary place got in the wind withdrawal lesson number two brothers and sisters please please please please I can't figure why I need a passport because when we don't you know what you like as I will modify what you will only not bring I can design all day and not because I'll go get her rubbing is always on the move always doing something as music and he would not want in my view we got to talking with you as long as you and is by the time you all from the busyness of life and have specificity with God not cause running twenty driving on the road without having people coming by your desk and asking for help without actually going to use anything mommy daddy and he is a time when I know when we get is the Mark one thirty five the virus is a mark one hundred thirty five as the Bible says Jesus is realized how is what is in Mark one and verse thirty five what is the Bible says and we get there saying that in March the first thirty first year was Jesus 's time is visited this is in time to meet with his father even though of course he is but this was the regular class is tomorrow however thirty five and anywhere in the morning when I want to clear the morning writing up a great while I is he when I was in here every so you'll notice that Jesus would get up in the morning anyone going to upgrade on Wednesday November the Bible say I must work while in his game no matter where you signify his prayer before his work cut before school we are a and all the busyness of my wheezing and you don't route in the morning is why perhaps one of the people is leaving at that time that we are going to continue our communion with God because of at call time with God when you know you have a project that you do for your boss or your life that will meet with you wife the husband you know and only everything is previously working as soon as a end Hamas is on the time and eliminating that operate on me when I is losing lot is empty and quite powerless so this is what will rust the hustle and bustle of life will all the time constraints begin to call you get Digidesign Sven you know I read a remodel and all and I recall was in the night you have no pressure on you and you can just commune with God it has become convenient your friend is explosive and so therefore it is time for prayer that as a writer my sister Kathleen I jealously we are told on you and your hours for prayer Bible study and self examination is assigned a portion of each day as well is in communion with God God you will Internet you don't have to run this is again you know you're not doing anything anonymously I counsel people on the lot is the state 's power in the things I am always on my sales it seems like it seems like all who is talking about the community will tell you much and I and you start it was the first is whether this is due to you do it regularly the unit and people not seamlessly lionized ProMedia struggling on occasion needed to support programming and I you will be having a sexy result of God and the slaves which I have no power low back pain as his own with my committee would you might find out why was a similar society draws within the uniform of a cigarette alcohol or the hearts that we do not live in either case I give you the victory you remember it was the secret of the life how you can minimize as I am finding answers about this I'm finding some individuals did you know there was an article on an and in a access to certain individuals actually ongoing as a result of looking at things no one here is where you were not they were going into space in the presence simply because baseball bag reports okay I will do it beyond that he said was the reason why some people doing this because some individuals must be legal unfaithful to say I'm just cynical on check on this I then want to check you message me know what happens don't all of a sudden something possible and you say interest in design and management of environmental but it may not be blogging much we were a little and identified myself and her son will send in my something like that but as you see in your life or a controversial subject among the most controversy is not in the mood of in thing because another one anyway needle limit on ninety one will need on the night and usually this would visit and study this is what they found is that it is meaning only we aren't just for a few minutes anything you know on the on for several minutes on our and in the depressing because he realized I just recently out and I got nothing nothing productive and brothers sisters I have fallen for this I went to UNC I started realizing me Soriano out on a lot of my friends love him but unfriend everyone else on this like I can anything is to present it I know the word lightly on my and what anything on these chimneys and I realize some of these things are they just grab your attention anymore you know you lost in time and look back in my word and I thought about thirty minutes is gone by and now what are and back up with were recently genuine like all cases is time for prayer and don't let anything get in Windows and when it is by Jonathan don't read anything in the way of a guaranteed one thing that Jesus me so no one got in between talk about the secret life properties right lesson number three lesson number three outline in this lesson we'll listen number three pray allow praying Allah that is not being afraid how it means for a allow what I'm talking to you talk to you about it and thought about a mile on it doesn't mean that you just need on the commuter train I is in the eleventh chapter is noticed in the last few remember Jesus was praying as I can add wireless in and Wednesday in a way that is a loyalty to bring Jesus had a tendency praying a lot for a allow now is because they went because it will notice is that he is ready to his wife and is on his vision in verse seventeen what is the Bible since I need to add more to add who will I pray I how easy on your monthly grade and cried a little why does God want to pray allow in your sanity just what is one thing for sure is one thing for sure one thing that every single one of us in this room have a tendency to do is allow on my wonder is how you and you thought W this in Jesus Christ all the right and him at that point where all the second limit your lawyer and you know I'm a presence in Africa while there is all these thoughts start coming in I had while living in anyone know you planning the plan is not the Pentagon announcement and you can do this tomorrow night is an interesting software I'm thinking things that God when you pray about it now hard is great about try you start praying alone is not room enough for you don't you but we can pray him you will find one of the practical benefits that comes with it is when you pray allow you or you will see that you will get a greater than it is you who is raising evening when another character which I think that we must all correct in our religious life where is his role in raising and even as I felt at several who is physical well-being we will live on all the guy where my wife presently must bring him something you might want to bring it back to you and I are very accurate I will finally make it easy so God will have his thoughts in mind wondering all the time in prayer when he is an ally this is in Christ page one hundred and one that the reason he wants when he wants to go but we can only overcome as I overcame in the grip of the power of Christ he had a solitary room is your time for prayer he prayed a lot is that Jesus and his communion this must be that those in Christ in them lesson number four lesson number this was a very important point because while the time for prayer with God we have to understand that God does something notice in the inverse for his numbers for the Lord our God and all of the learner that I know how to speak the word is in the morning by morning he and I at about our sonar is God awakens Isaiah here to hear him as he will remember Communion is talking to God is allowing on what talk to you when you are here and we can hear him and his wife how does God speak to us in a very simple Michigan one twenty two the jurors are being written he had a job where I not Wednesday nearly but will when you are meeting where you will be amazing if we understand why is living God speaking to is what I found Y by our testimonies to the church when Elimite would encourage not even the brain is missing rain on your knees she's reverted easily the word on your knees why because I'm on the past career worst and went on in the classroom and at time studying the word of God is my God is speaking to me and when I seems there was a mighty man is amazing how our practice is that I thought that enables a point and I pray and I'll call in on him Lord help me understand is how we make these practical and they never continue reading he begins to talk to me we ought to receive the word of God not just as God speaking from London but not actually God speaks through his work is like Jesus was a life not certain of prayer but also that he wore number four is the must take time to study the word of God and all our God God means of speaking to me this is what Jesus did often enough I slept in it is written Man I never file in lesson number five is the most beautiful boy because we supposedly solitary in time for area we go all day difference that introduces something in his work at Disneyland in John Congress crazies and developed an attitude in my own self do nothing I think not only will but the will of the father has been a John six and is and came down from heaven not to do my own will but the will of him that sent me an Angel in verse forty nine I must be on my fathers John Boyd versus thirty four mind me using Joomla! William and technique is finished the work in twenty two forty two not my will but thy will be done we can see throughout Scripture the life of Christ was a life that was only seven days and eighty doing the will of his father as a result of this when Christ had communion with his father he had communion with a very important attitude I want to do anything because there is my only completely submitted to the what is on because I is that he had an attitude is communion with his father noticed the attitude is you the attitude of Jesus life and he is in me though I have not met me alone why got goes on to say for always tells me that please him John eight twenty nine Jesus wouldn't go to his father and wonder if the father has built an NES Jesus always had confidence in his father and what I asked in King William because I am not at all I will voice his will be done you understand why simple because when you buy in is the confidence that we happen him that he had already flown in on doing as well he hear us so therefore this becomes a very important principle for you when I comes to all and I we must believe we must clearly on exercise and in the things of the report is nothing that God is more so than we frequently think of thing I hope your hope your all religions and I hope to do it know what I want to do business with lithography is only so if you pray and ask that you are nice to be able to see that God will ask because asking is according to will so we understand the desire to the bonfire of prayer and the comparable eleven twenty four season run amplifications as an entity is very important is to pray they are holding and immediately started to get in the press lately with it I is a science that everyone who make them successful understand process class is what is learned is that when you pray believe that you believe that you shall have eleven twenty four G has narrowed down his thought never example when he came decoding the prayer and faith you know my problem is I not abandoning why can I only do those things that please and I very submitted by you will always mingle prayer meeting you will not be the result he is as he may explain why important I don't we must have been ready as I have received must be used in doing his will is in the promise on clinical interview and I don't want to once I get from this is an we must ask is not an easy must be used in healing as well if God wants us to bring the point where I don't think the cat out of your car and we can know and I will want in my car wheel whatever you may think is nice and is a very beautiful I still feel that guy I stripped the other when we get these temporal blessings of God we must make sure morning in getting as many users now that how to help others what I have how can I bless that is what I don't be careless no English is writing them is ridiculous it was endangered that he was one of the electronic call you think I'm ready to use the product this will talk about that when people need help deciding what you want to help you money in the interviews easy to help someone you get a car you house it whatever and wheezing else like him God gives you hell he you can necessarily believes were no matter what it is remember you can claim what I always can claim without promises to go around claiming that I have any money my husband and I is Kevin and his fellow limit your narrative that is so we can claim those things is an you may say what you will need you have come together in unity will watch your profits of these that's all right is now leaving on the claimant brothers claim is claim enabled me to do that I don't enable at is I never override commands will you as a neighbor is that it is in the neighborhood that says I don't want Jesus you can't make him think that these savings lost we will clean and without you I exactly what comes my talk about John McCain with already promising in that amount that God promised Venezuela got from this something which I do not claim to bring opportunity practices begin with and would not only give you anything so we understand we can only claim with God Pentagon or anything is that the province is unequivocal what is an example part of the for the Holy Spirit for Christ phone with a straight to his work for a yeti has promised me and me I believe that he is God I have seen that is what can clean that you don't have to doubt as long as he is seven and to the soap is prayer and faith is letting Congress things our last class last to verify that all licensees of life is beautiful and we've seen some beautiful that is living in these movies and you can't laugh at you is no one will be ready for the market reason Christ is always a one letter number six nine one last note is in the is as is as a result all of this communion life of Christ in all the other fine examples you the last lesson that we look at your one day Christ is pleading with God he is pleading with God and he's going to is going literal paint as a result of the fact that he knows his father is about to turn his face from him for the first time or even limited field wrath of God for the punishment of sinners Jesus took our punishment is known as Jesus is in the seventies going to a trial that cannot be spelled out words the Bible tells us in twenty two forty four and being in custody at any and adding what do they do the praise law are earnestly and his sweat is like going down to the ground now this is very powerful because we understand as eloquently as you are in his or her extreme pain or anguish Jesus was going both of a physical all the mental physical spiritual but quite honestly his mental pain really overshadow his physical and even though his body was the trauma of the blood vessels often and it was like that when you will but because he cultivated this is one of the union when he was in a serious crisis of our he was able to endure he prayed more thing right now when God is as if you are crazy this was the young generation and giving up twenty percent or less in time people obtain uncles prayed not giving you what amounts to get it it will as in I believe in a young person or any and all and God bless them and they don't get it to me like his little heart and walk away from the Lord I almost guarantee that is not practicing as you believe reason six they could not embrace it is a lot as that he'll be gone and is not a photographer this is a nice dressing we know how the role of song birds I will give you retire which I have failed I've not got coming I hope the crisis in drama and child and he allows people to Brunswick County 's leading insurance and an e-mail enemy is a Jesus like nothing is working just reasonable faithfulness of Christ and with his fruit of our lives revealing what was really going on when nobody else is seen as enough as it is sometimes living is sure is in this phase as the ad this is the worst days of what we are going as a people we has so many more so a war going on in the church right now is that the question when one comes to understand that matter the world is nothing on the nothing but in his mouth media with one line maneuvers the website and then he did and God 's word reason on the want a you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain than please visit www. .com universe .org


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