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1- The Laodicean Dilemma

Justin Torossian


The Laodicean church’s dilemma is not that they are wretched, miserable, poor, blind or naked. It’s something deeper. Discover their dilemma and ours, because: “The only hope for the Laodiceans is a clear view of their standing before God, a knowledge of the nature of their disease.” 4T, p. 87


  • November 24, 2013
    12:30 PM
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Justin through ten twenty five I grew up in a small town in Northern California on the top of the amounting although we call the hill some people call the holy Hill is where Pacific Union College is and is a piece of land that gone actually revealed selling lighting vision it we should purchase of the church and down anyhow I've lived there for twenty two years of my life unless to go to college there and saw been moved to central California where I worked for four years as a pastor and a year before that is my worker but four years as a pastor in the eleven hundred member church with a large church there in Fresno and you may have heard of a man named after Stephen Moore anybody alright he is lying my good friend mentor and my senior pastor for those years enjoyed my time there for the last three months I've been at Andrews University in Berrien Springs Michigan and saw it is incredibly cold especially compared to hear right now where our fall and I am excited to be here in the summer we had a beautiful day and the weather was incredible people yelled the weather may be cold outside but people 's hearts tend to be warm anyhow I'm very studying getting my Masters degree and will be back in the workforce in California in about two years so that is going on with me right now and I am more than happy to give up my not really giving up my thanks me make the come here but it gives me more reason to be grateful to be thankful to be here in Australia with my new church family son happy and blessed that he was here with you tonight and excited about what the Lord wants to sit share with each one of us this coming Justin thank you so much and we look for the I didn't know if you wanted me to mention my lineage I forgot is the faith of items or great great great grandparents on one side of my family are James and Ellen White's and their two people who got used in incredible ways and saw my life has been transformed by reading the materials that God has written through both of them especially on white of course and so we are so blessed to be a part of a church that is built on the backs of or built on the foundation of the work of our pioneers a nine not just in the now and let the many pioneers that sacrifice in order for us to have a worldwide movement is still thriving and growing today so I'm blessed to be a part of this movement and I'm glad that you're here tonight as well to hear about how God is leading our past and is wanting to yesterday as well I don't think you just think you should grace and peace to you from God our father and from the Lord Jesus Christ Bible starts its book of Revelation public relations starts with these words grace to you and peace from him who is and who was and who is the column and from the seven spirits score before his throne and from Jesus Christ the faithful witness friends let's all take the witness stand in an earthly courtroom what if one of the first things that you want to know about this individual that they are telling the truth in Iraq the Bible tells us that Jesus is a witness and what kind of witness does it tell us that he is a faithful witness later in Revelation chapter three were told that he is a faithful and true witness the faithful and true witness now with Jesus as the winners we can be assured that we are going to you nothing but the truth they must and you don't praise God that he has a message for honest tonight you want to hear from Jesus tonight amen I want to say Rice is called faithful and true witness like it's often said sometimes the truth hurts is not right sometimes the truth hurts and in this message Jesus does not hold back the good news is that sees us never shares the plain facts when her painful in order to her costs but to help Christ always works never to harm but always to heal you still want to hear the voice of Jesus amen so why when we bow our heads and ask for his presence in the special went like to invite you to pray along with me hearing into mind you are being Zoom high on a game to buy on Lord Z is on on a seafood day of marrying sue saying on high on Lord seeing on an Avenue in the pram our hearts but this is our desire we want you to enter into our hearts and we know that Jesus is called the faithful and true witness tonight Lord we want to hear his voice not the mere voice of a man we pray that you would speak to us in the poverty of spirit and incredible weights in my Lord that none of us would leave these doors the same way we answer I will be determined to follow you more fully and give our life you more completely denied Omar as we examined the Laodicean dilemma we pray that your work will be clear to us we pray that we will clearly answer your call to a we love you Lord we ask for your brothers in a special way in Jesus precious name and I it was the last decade of the first century a majority of the first generation of Christians those who had walked and talked with Jesus had passed away into the sleep of death those who had witnessed the Pentecostal power of the Holy Spirit had gone to their graves and now the Christian church face the fiercest threat that it had faced up until this point the Roman Emperor nation demanded and actually decreed with a law that everyone in the kingdom of Rome Huntsville worship him the Christian church was faced with a serious problem what were they going to do they know that they could only pay homage and give worship to their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ what were they going to do now that this law face they needed a fresh revelation of Jesus Christ they needed to know that their Lord was enhancing and that the kingdom was upon his throne was infinitely greater than this proud pagan monarch and this is exactly what happened the last of the twelve apostles was still alive was John the beloved the early church historian Fritz Leanne tells us that when Emperor Domitian decided to try to get rid of them by throwing them in a pot of boiling oil and when he did so God Mariah him his life and John Madden and writhing in pain and losing his life still it on the bottom that pot of oil and continued preaching at the meeting God preserve his life miraculously in the same way that he did with those three Hebrew men back on the plains of Bureau in Babylon seeking to silence the voice of John the beloved the nation exiled him for the lonely I'll of Patmos to work in the minds hoping that this is man would simply pass away and die on this island little did the nation no that from this island would come a revelation of Jesus Christ of fresh revelation of Jesus Christ for all of the Christian world not only in that day but throughout the rest of human history the book of Revelation opens with John's vision is vision of Jesus the one who is the first and the last one was called the off-line the Omega you saw him walking amidst the seven golden candlesticks vary in the heavily most holy Place the holy place sorry the holy place of the heavenly sanctuary and as he thought he was there Jesus had a specific message for him in the beginning of the book of Revelation I'd like to draw your attention therefrom which we find Jesus message to our easy Jesus had a message for John to relate to the seven Christian churches across Asia minor in modern-day Turkey while these messages are actually were actually relevant and applicable to the seven local and literal churches vary in Asia minor Bible students have long understood that beyond being applicable and relevant to those specific seven churches there in John's day him church is worse symbolic of time then construct would go through down through time until Jesus came again in the clouds of glory now friends think about it they were more than to seven churches in the ancient world in John's day God could've gotten written more than seven literally could've chosen other churches or even of the seventies each hall he couldn't put them in a different order but because these seven churches characterize what jobs people would look like down through time until his second coming God decided to write to them in that specific order and to send them those very messaging now I want to invite you to follow with me on the screen for the sake of time were going to have the verses on the screen in Revelation three verse fourteen the Bible says these things and Mrs. Jesus message to the last church on the lists before we get to the birth as let's say that if the last church on the list if the if they are the last church on the list and the church is represented God 's church down through time then it goes to say that the last church in the list would be God bless the church that make sense the last search on the list would be God symbolic of God last the church and this is the message that Jesus has started in Revelation three and verse fourteen these things says the amen the faithful and true witness the beginning of the creation of doll I know your works that you are neither cold nor hot I could wish that you were cold or hot so then because you are lukewarm and neither cold nor hot I will vomit you out of my mouth because you say I am red him wealthy need of nothing and do not know that you are resting miserable poor blind and naked contingent on Jesus as I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire that you may be rich and white garments that you may be clothed that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed and anoint your eyes with eyes so you may see as many as I want love I rebuke and Jason another version says I disappoint incorrect therefore be zealous and repent the last words of this message from Jesus Revelation three considering on the last words from Jesus and his message say this behold I stand at the door and knock if anyone hears my voice and opens the door I will come into him and dine with him and he with me to him who overcomes I will grant to sit with me on my throne as I also overcame and sat down with my father on his throne he who hasn't year let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches friends we are living on the very verge of eternity it doesn't take much to look around the world around us and to recognize and realize that this world cannot hold on much longer in his present state in natural disasters taking place left and right wars and rumors of wars earthquakes taking place more frequently than I've ever taken place before in fact people secular news organizations are saying things like they have never been this many natural disasters taking place at one last century was called the bloodiest reading history are more lives lost in that century than any other century before Jesus is coming very soon and I and that is good news and I the Lord is coming very very soon we are living on the very verge of eternity and friends the Laodicean message what we just rest is for all the natural question guns why Laodicea wisely the CM naturally the question becomes why would God chooses this church in in Asia minor in modern-day Turkey back then the city that existed in the church there why would he choose that to symbolize his people in the last day you'll see wondering why would he choose out of all the different places one glad that you were wondering I'm glad to ask is that I ordered a discovered just not together the city of Laodicea was located just fifty miles southeast of Philadelphia it was perfectly fitting to symbolize God 's people living at the end of time because the name Laodicea actually means something very significant the name later this CR actually means judgment of the people or a people John perfectly fitting for God 's people were living in the judgment our of birth history and a those are living in the investigative judgment which is been going on since the year eighteen forty four Laodicea means judgment of the people a perfect symbol of God 's people in the last days also very interestingly literacy was populated primarily with Jews and Syrians who had been called and brought out a bottle students of Bible prophecy know that in the last days the three angels message says that the characteristic of God last day people him hauled out of spiritual Babylon 's system of religious confusion not only are they called out of Babylon but they are called to call others out of Babylon and false systems of religion this false church and to come to accept Christ and follow him who is the way the truth and the life of the city of Laodicea was seated in a mountain range on the south side of a Valley was called unlike East River Valley like his River flowed through this valley and joined with the meander River which was further to the west now the city of Laodicea lay in the mountains on the south side of this Valley now on the opposite side of the Diwali on the north side was a city called high-rise buildings over the golf arrival is very good the high rock was lay in this mountain range that actually had mountains ranging up to eight and nine thousand high one of the key characteristics of high rock bliss was that it was famous and well-known for its hot springs in fact this is modern-day Iraq compound will correlate and it's in Turkey you can see the beautiful formations that there were or that there are from these hot natural hot spring while this is what was a key characteristic of hierarchal list now just southeast of Laodicea about six miles away with the city of colossal the city of glass is well known to us because the book of Colossians the letter from of Paul to the Colossians was written of the Christians in the city of colossal note Laodicea had a problem and it was a major problem Laodicea had no water source of its own not an aquifer or not oh well not a single spring nothing so they had to do something him Jonathan why don't we build and put us will go back but if all the way up to high rock listen and slumber watered-down vice city will have hot water and then we can build another aqueduct over from colossi and bring the water up from colossi will have nice icy cold Colossian one if you have a salad a great idea or maybe in theory but they were sorely disappointed after they spent so much money to build these aqueducts because by the time the water and I want to show you a few pictures of these aqueducts and find ruins of them today it must've caught much much money because a lot of work went into the building of these pipes and the rest of these aqueducts it hides the water into the city of Laodicea now it sounds like a fantastic idea but it was fully good in theory because by the time the hot waters of high Rob Lewis would make their way down to Laodicea they become lukewarm similarly when the cold Colossian waters of flow their way across the lunacy there were no longer cool but one so here at Laodicea was stuck with the water lukewarm water from both places what a terrible dilemma I mean we think well what's the big deal they had water right you may look at it like that but imagine if they just think about it imagine that you're out playing soccer with your friends or rugby or maybe cricket as your playing soccer rugby or cricket you yourself thirsting as a matter of guy get a drink of water see you walk up to the nearest drinking fountain just wanting to be refreshed wanting to quench your thirst you wipe the sweat from your brow and healing of the drinking fountain he pushed the button and your mouth is filled with this hefty Luke warm water that's just PDF him anybody else in your are you talking about that send the summary nobody could drink nice icy cold water to quench their thirst the cool them off no one could jump in a nice cold pond door or a swimming pool to escape the oppressive heat and think about what about an wintertime imagine that you're walking home and it starts to rain and it starts to rain sprinkling at first than it is heavier and heavier and start to run after running the wind picks up and it's hitting you and your clothes pretty sooner soaking wet as the you finally get home your your mother sees that you run a Leslie Holman at your called in your shivering and she says you go get ready on minutes from the hot water on the shower so you can take a warm shower and and get warmed up and you'll be just fine I'm making some hot tea as well so you get ready you know you get your nice icy cold wet clothes get ready for the jump in the shower and to your terrible shock the water is no warmer than the air around nine year mom of course couldn't make you see because there's only lukewarm water it was not a single person in Laodicea who had not experienced the frustration of having nothing but lukewarm water friends Jesus was communicating to them in a very very key way away that they could understand he was speaking to them with an object lesson that would be clear in their minds everybody in Laodicea had experienced this and Jesus wanted to speak in a language that would reach everyone let's examine the words of Jesus let's examine the words of Jesus in Revelation chapter three and verse he is misleading when Jesus says together releasing three verse fifteen he says I know your works that you are neither haunts nor cold I could wish that you were cold or hot so then because you are lukewarm verse sixteen because you are lukewarm and neither cold nor hot I will vomit you out of my mouth Jesus was saying essentially you make me queasy it made me sick to my stomach I let her know about you but I want to be refreshing to Jesus and already nothing but a blessing to my Lord and Savior now what does it mean the question comes to mind Jesus says I would that you would be cold or hot what does it mean to be spiritually hot when we think of being on fire for the Lord we think of being intensely committed for burning seal moving with love for Jesus and being filled with a passion to share his life-changing work with those in spiritual darkness it means to be heavenly minded loving the things of God but have eternal value the question comes up what does it means to be spiritually cold what Jesus said in Matthew twenty four verse twelve the following words and because of lawlessness speaking of the last days of his disciples he said and because lawlessness will abound the love of many will grow one whole the love of many would grow cool to be spiritually cold is exactly the opposite of being spiritually hot and on fire for the Lord is to be like your shivering and distant from a fire and you realize that figure in a dangerous condition that you could get hypothermia gets sick but you you lack the strength in the move yourself full season the fire in the warmth of God 's love to become spiritually one to be spiritually coldest of you worldly thing attention to the passing pleasures of this life but Jesus says something very interesting about those who are cold I want you to put it on a shelf with me in your mind were going to come back to it in just a few moments but what about the lukewarm believers what about those who are lukewarm when Jesus says are lukewarm by the way that's that's off my extension we are the Church of Laodicea what about the lukewarm believers these are those who want the best of both worlds they want having no not willing set to let go of the ideal of heaven and saying yes I'm going to have eternal life and I want to spend eternity with Jesus and my loved ones my family and friends but at the same time do not willing to let go of the things of this earth that are holding them back from making a full commitment to the war they're not willing to give give up yet either their claim to heavenly things or their claim to earthly things as one would put it they've got plenty of talk but they're short on their Christian walk within the following quote letter forty four nineteen oh three Ellen White penned these words the lukewarm Christian deceives both parties he is neither a good worldly nor a good Christian seeking uses him to do all work that no one else can do a friend sometimes we can deceive ourselves and we can so yeah I cannot be totally sold out for the Lord I may not love to share him with a person I sit next to on the bus floor it I may not be doing a lot for Jesus but not against him I'm not antagonistic toward his cause am not preventing other people from doing it with Christ he is no real middle ground with Jesus there is no middle ground I'll take my word for Leslie it would Jesus have the same mapping twelve verse thirty he said he'll is not with me is what against me and he will and he will does not gather with me scatters abroad Jesus says there is no middle ground if you're not with me then you're up against me and he would does not gather with me scatters abroad I love the way that the SDA Bible commentary puts it the seventh day Adventist Bible commentary puts it like this the typical Laodicean Christian is content with things as they are and for out of the little progress that he has me how many of us friends are are content with things the way they are not asked this question myself I'm not just preaching this to you this is a message of the Lord brought to my own heart as I was faring I avoid these things apply to me I need to be more deeply committed to you friends the Bible is called a double-edged sword he was for verse twelve the reason is because it doesn't only cut the hearers of the wording cuts the one who delivers aware and left a message transforms the life of the free jury can be pre- and friends these words apply to me just as much as to you the typical Laodicean Christian is content with things the way they are and proud of the little progress that he has me I'm all too often been willing to be content with things the way they are it I've heard of a fantastic quote one of my favorite is that beacon sense with what you have but never with what you are we can always be more like Jesus and I and Christ is a high and holy I feel she if I feel the next for the full verse five says content with things the way they are the next part says that the lives in Christians are proud of the little progress that they had me you know I shouldn't start of a teacher who'd been teaching a high school for twenty years she applied for a position that opens up an administration she was sure that she would get the job because the only other person was applied was a teacher who had been teaching for four years while one about a month later the committee made a decision the principal let everyone know that this teacher who'd been teaching for only four years and been given the position to the features shock she she spoke to the principal later that afternoon she went into his office and said how can you do this position to the subacute care who only taught for four years and I've been teaching here for twenty principles that have a seat please instead now I need an answer principal said well that teacher has taught her four years you have taught one year repeated nineteen five units on one year repeating nineteen times friends are we content with the little progress that we have made only pointing back to the things that happened ten fifteen twenty twenty thirty years ago at our conversion at the beginning of our walk with Jesus or are we allowing the Lord to do new and beautiful things in our lives day by day don't get me wrong we are to look back at the blessings of God and hast the event they are in encouragement we should never forget the blessings of the Lord we should ever be sharing them with others but by depending on our experience in the past we may be missing on a what God wants to do in our lives in the here and now in let us not become him with little progress we've made in let's move on and allow God to do incredible things in our lives so that we are not to be stagnant as Christians the last words of Peter in any of his letter that we had in Scripture second Peter three verse eighteen says but overall in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to him be glory both now and forever on that Peter says rolling in grace and in one and knowledge not only in knowledge but also angry graces the application of the knowledge the allowing God to transform us into changeups it's worth noting that Jesus doesn't just give the message to the Laodiceans in the city of Laodicea Jesus wasn't writing this message wasn't getting his message to the city of Laodicea he was getting this message to the Christian church in the city of lunacy is in a different now the Christians had become so much like the rest of the city that there was virtually no difference between and gone one of the line in a mark of distinction between his people and those who didn't know him they rather than converting the city to the Lord had been changed to become more like everyone else around them and friends God desires today for his children to live their lives in such a way that the strangers on the street will be able to look at them and to know that they are followers of Jesus people should give up to look at us to see our smiles to see our genuine care for each other and believe and recognize that we are followers of Jesus not in some weird way that we stand out no but in an intractable by a loveliness of character gentle kindness others should be able to tell that there is something different about famous and we are not just I we are followers of God and that the following is transforming our lives by his grace nice it would come back to this question I ask you to put on the shelf in your mind him asking to take it off the shelf as we study it out together I said we come back to this question about being cold God says that something very interesting Jesus said something very interesting in relation to the reverse sixteen actually fifteen and sixteen he says I know your works that you are neither cold nor hot I wish that you were cold or hot now we talked about what being spiritually hot manganese being on fire for the Lord amen we've been excited about our faith willing to share it with other love being called alanine is just the opposite of that being distant from the Lord and being contrary to the nasty something why would Jesus say I win that you would be cold or hot why wouldn't you say I would even be hot I wanted to be on fire for me why would he say I would pay you would be cold or hot I'd like to suggest to you that it's because rather than being lukewarm being called is actually better God would rather us be called and the lukewarm because there is hope for somebody who is distant from the more because someone was distant from God they know that their distant from God they know that their life isn't anything that you recognize that they need help but someone who thinks that they are okay when they're actually not that is a place of danger this is why God says it's better to be cold than to be lukewarm because those who are spiritually cold are more likely to sense they are need of Jesus from the stranger on the street for the freezer in the faulty everyone needs you nothing almost mean our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I'm so glad that when Jesus spoke in John chapter sixty said he will come to me I will in no wise cast out in Jesus has never ever turned away a sincere seeker of truth someone was wanting to give their life to him and to how to be transformed he has never turn one away not a single one and he never will we serve on good Lord amen now we spoke at length about this major problem of Laodicean church but being lukewarm is not the greatest dilemma of the literacy the news actually gets worse Revelation chapter three verse seventeen because you say I am rich and have become wealthy and have need of nothing and do not know that you are wretched miserable poor lines and making the Bible says and specifically Christ is speaking the church of Lucianne he gives eyes as it tends five descriptions of the church is as you say I am rich have become wealthy and have need of nothing but you don't realize you are wretched miserable poor blinds and making on a set of this description poor were going to go through the last three together he says your poor why would Jesus Churchill in the city of Laodicea that they were poor fascinatingly enough you know that Laodicea of all places in the Middle East was like the Wall Street of the Middle East in his day later to seal was the richest place in the Middle East it was a banking center in fact it was so rich that in eighty six feet when a massive earthquake destroy you see the Roman governor or skews me the Roman Emperor offered money for the city latest yet rebuild itself and city members said you know what and where you can keep your money will rebuild the city out of our own pockets we don't need your financial help listen to what one commentator and historian said Grant Osborne describes what happened he says moreover the buildings that were rescued me moreover the buildings that resulted from the reconstruction were remarkable I gymnasium a stadium with a semicircular track nine hundred feet long a triple gate and power and several beautiful buildings in other words the town that was perhaps even more beautiful after the reconstruction so that not only did they rebuild the city but they made more beautiful and more incredible that was before the city of Laodicea was rich and not just a little nervous it was very very me so we understand Jesus was telling the church lucky Mister M a shocking message easily in spite of the bolded is in your hands your spiritually poor in spite of your physical and monetary wealth your spiritually bankrupt you have nothing there you think and feel like you're all right what you're going through the motions you're not all rights how about us today David says in Psalm nineteen first hand that God 's word is more valuable than gold and friends today we have been blessed with a greater treasure of truth than any other people before us we have the accumulated knowledge of every single generation that has gone before us we have an incredible storehouse of truth don't wait we have clear understandings of prophecy and the great themes of biblical light him we were gained in the Protestant Reformation we have on the accumulated knowledge of every generation before us is at our fingertips literally we often had on our smart phones on our computers at home the organ of thought about this more future night but in the house in the dark ages but I wanted to keep the word of God from the people and the Bible 's were literally chained to the pulpits you know the Bibles were in some churches and cathedrals change to the pulpit but now we're surrounded the vilest people with winds of their lives sometimes forget pages of the Bible yet now we're flooded with Bible and was so busy so busy but often times we don't make time and take the time to study the word to pray friends we may be blessed with these great truths but are we making good use of it's all too easy that I had full knowledge but a heart voice of the Spirit of God are we spiritually poor likely to see is the question the next scratch in the Jesus gives us that the Laodicean church is blind is a fascinating as well because Laodicea was the center of all large medical school in fact this medical school that was Aaron Laodicea of Greek historian named Strabo tells us that there was a world famous ophthalmologist there now when asked how many of you Helena say Jesus did not say that the church was completely blind and unable to see otherwise would not have told them to get ISA ISA cannot cure blindness it can only heal defects and problems with dry with your eyes out if the medication to this church the church of literacy is partially blind to have skewed vision anyone here ever been partially blind before I don't ask it this way how many you have been driving and given up the petrol station and their potential station you say you know what I have a few minutes on my car fills up under clean my windshield so you get the squeegee out and you clean your windshield or maybe you have those here in Australia but you clean your windshield and when you clean your windscreen off the windscreen is nice and clean you get back in your car and you start driving and your family members filled out we can see so much more clearly when you realize how dirty windscreen was until we washed it off how do you have that occurs before Palmer we've all been partially blind before not realizing that the windshield windscreen was so dirty until it actually got clean and we could see the stark difference in wealth the church of where the CL was called spiritually blind and Jesus was saying look you've got an ophthalmologist you you have an ophthalmologist that I did I not do someone who specializes in that anomaly that the medical school in Laodicea manufactured I medication it was sold throughout the Middle East they were the ones that provided the healing through the eyes of the people around him Jesus was saying look you can get rid of your eye medication you need my eyes your ophthalmologist he is not the one who named you and me the great physician you need to come to me the church needs to Jesus the one who raises the dead the one who could heal anyone human contact Jesus was saying even though you supply I medication for the world spiritually blind the next description of Jesus gives us at the church is making says you don't know that you are naked also interesting because Laodicea was the center of a black wool industry leader Nancy actually manufactured black garments on black wool sold them to people throughout the Middle East they did this and Jesus was saying in spite of the fact that you have manufactured woolen you don't knit and woven things for people to be clothed your spiritually needy this is what Christ was saying friends the greatest dilemma of layers in search is not that they are wretched it's not that they were miserably if not therefore or blind it's not even that their naked their greatest problem is that the five that they were okay of those five descriptive words those weren't really that the greatest problem the greatest problem is that the latest in shirts that were okay were increased with goods were wealthy were fine is nothing wrong were okay with this powerful quote from testimonies to the church claim one eight four seventeen here is the greatest and I is one I give you little context here on white is speaking in reference to those people in Matthew chapter seven to whom Jesus will say in the future yes you may have healed people in my name and cast out demons in my name and they come to have a sale of these things and they are not entering the kingdom of heaven there confused Jesus says that apart from me because I never knew you in context of this online says in testimony to the church volume one page four seventeen here is the greatest deception that can affect the human mind these persons believe that they are right when they are wrong these people believe that they are right when they are wrong why is this the greatest deception why is the lunacy and dilemma why doesn't a problem the reason is because if we don't recognize our need will be noticed somebody throw the SNR if we don't recognize that we are in need we won't go to someone for help so to live us yet Jesus says to think that you're okay you think that your healthy and happy but your wretched and miserable in spite of your wealth your poor although you have an eye specialist the new manufacture medication you're spiritually blind although you make roles and supply them to the world you're actually spiritually naked what a wake-up call what a wake-up call but his incessant sister 's message isn't just the church in a place far away in a time far removed this message is for office this message is for today we may both the armed wealth and knowledge of the truth we may point to the fact that God has directed our church through the gift of prophecy and provision we may take pride in believing that we are covered by the righteousness of Jesus when in reality we are spiritually poor spiritually blind and spiritually make what a dilemma what a dilemma what is the answer to our predicament is there any hope for us of course there is hope listen to this the solicitor going for page eighty seven he only hope for the Laodiceans is a clear view of their standing before God a knowledge of the nature of their disease a knowledge of the nature there is these friends our hope is in Jesus and I our hope is in Jesus Christ he alone can give us a clear view of our standing before God on heavenly physician and accurately diagnose our disease and give us the real treatment friend see the film of your poor your blinding your naked I don't know about you but I'm glad that Jesus doesn't stop there this figure does not just point out the problem but he supplies off the solution the message continues in the message becomes one filled with more hope filled with the blessed words of Christ will continue to read again in Revelation chapter three verse eighteen I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire that you may be rich and white garments that you may be closed but the shame of your nakedness may not appear and anoint your eyes with ISA that you may see phrase of the Lord that Jesus is not just point out the front but he supplies the solution this is always the case my friends remember remember that the greatest problem with the Laodiceans was not any of these details these five descriptive words Jesus gave up nine the greatest problem the dilemma that they face was that they didn't recognize their condition were all to front as human beings to know the thing that a message doesn't apply to us but that it applies to someone else no even maybe sitting here tonight in and thinking in -year-old sister Sue's is listening or I hope Brother Bob is here man I really need to get a copy of this and take it to the so-and-so we tend to have thoughts about a message not applying to us if it's unpleasant or if it's a strong message we think that it tends to apply to others and I was in a rush the class a few weeks ago and I'd on my way and I started eating in the car I didn't finish the locking of the class I had carried on with me still munching on it I sent him in class then my teacher was speaking and lecturing houses listening looking at it making eye contact was eating my Apple and chewing and of seven or eight minutes after I finished my Apple our teacher said closet is one your kind reminder from our Dean is that we eat food only in the dining area upstairs I'd like to ask that you refrain from eating here thank you very much that first that he started talking I said I you conduct a duty and those guys bring their granola bars and getting crumbs everywhere and then when the end of what he was saying he looks straight at me and as old as the knee is letting them read this message is from a specifically friends were all too prone to think a message doesn't apply to us the good advice to someone else let's resist that temptation to think that let's remember that the Lord has a message for each one of us specifically is a question for us is what is your standing before me we ask you what is your standing before the Lord tonight before you answer and say to my study of the Lord is great it's fantastic I have no thing amazingly I just I just want to remind you of a few individuals who felt that they were okay with giving of teen Daisy King David who after committing adultery with Bathsheba and murdering her husband Uriah he was still oblivious to the seriousness of you said it wasn't until Don sent Nathan the prophet the David's eyes were opened to his true standing before God that we think of Peter impetuous Peter talk about someone who didn't think that coming word applied to him I Jesus said all of you will betray me this night and abusive no lords they may all be true but I will never betray you I would die for you Peter spoke these rash words Jesus was told by Peter that he would even go to prison and to death for him but he denied even knowing him with curses and went somewhere and then there's Paul was persecuting the people of God in the name of God Paul who while he was on the road to Damascus to destroy more believers that Jesus finally appeared to him in bright beams of light Paul became physically blind and he might spiritually see he saw that he'd been fighting not for God but I sensed him off of this time friend is such great men of God have been blind to their spiritual condition are we immune are we immune the reality is that it's all too possible to slip into the rut of ritualistic singing of praying and attending worship services but going through the motions of religiosity when our hearts are far from crimes God looks down as so many of us and says you make a great profession of faith but your heart is in my possession this is the case with so many of us and we may not even realize it God is saying you honor me with your lips but your heart is far from Jesus is my style I have so much more in store for you if you will just give yourself to me unreservedly you will commit everything you have and everything that you are into my hands I have so much more in store for you praise the Lord that the save your supplies the solution we were studying together into the lunacy message and were going to see that this is not a message of anything but overhaul the leader to see an message is a message yes of stern correction but it's on of love Jesus says as many as I want love I disappoint and correct therefore be zealous and repent turn around Jesus has incredible plans for our lives he wants us to know what are standing before him truly is it within the Philadelphia airports on the East Coast of the United States I was in the US catching up a flight on the way home from Toronto Canada world in a friend 's wedding I went to the bathroom and styles on my way to the next the next terminal where I needed to catch my next plane to go to Sacramento which was closest to my home now I sat down and found that Senate was at gate eight thirteen I saw down in a thirteen hour with them I want to want about six and a half hours side on my computer all night but my headphones on it wasn't some nice beautiful Christian music began replying to e-mails and time went by and I was the only one there at the gate people started coming in finally some people came I after about three or four hours noted about five hours I asked someone to watch my things and decided to go to the restroom was going there I passed our restaurants and eyes of the this sense of the food entered my nostrils a man of food smells Lord impressed me adjusting unit you eight an hour and a half ago you don't need it again yes this you don't need again I just need for continued on I went to the restroom on my way back I made the mistake of lingering a little too long info that rest I said I'm just finishing with a hat and that led the one thing led to another before I knew that I had a bowl upon the and veggies and I went back in and sat down at my my gates and by now it was two minutes away from our boarding time began to eat I wanted to finish before we boarded but to my surprise ten minutes finally passed by and no one was boarding as well as everyone else is still here I'm not even get left behind so I kept eating fifteen minutes twenty minutes finally I finished my pasta and veggies I went up to the gate and you know by now I was worried I looked at my ticket and I see you the plan should be almost taking off I is about ten minutes and left like going through it why are people getting on the plane you cycle up to the gate and I am about to ask the airplane attendant what was happening I see that the sign doesn't say Sacramento anymore it says Daytona Beach Florida on my clinician determined what happened as a business like this gig going to Sacramento to sit on all that was changed a few hours ago it's now eight eight eight cell no site grab my backpack held it close to me and I started running as fast as like what I got down to AA I turned the corner I talked I saw that the attended there I look out the window just in time to see the door Inc. shot the St. Louis pulled away and as it was I looked at the white worker and I said is there something that they can be done I miss my flight can't will not suddenly I'm sorry many so you just in from Toronto and I just hung my head and said yes I am new so we were calling for you we were calling for you interest in the final call friends because I felt it and decided to disobey the Lord in some seemingly small thing I was not in a place where I could hear the final call can we hear the Lord 's call to the Earth 's history is wrapping up quickly friends Jesus is coming very soon are we ready to me are we ready to meet the Lord tonight just as the clones on invite you to turn to the person next to you and were going to pray together were going to ask the Lord to reveal to us anything in our lives it may be preventing us from hearing his voice from how many you want to be able to hear God 's voice clearly stay a man prays the Lord we have no time to waste and no time to lose Jesus is coming soon we need to clearly get ill to hear his voice or going to break into groups of two or three and pray as you pray I invite you to pray the words of the psalmist in Psalm one thirty nine verses twenty three and forty four for the word of God it just freighters with all your heart safe search mail inch from try my heart no meets Disney search know God and know my heart try me and know my thoughts see if there be any wicked way in me me in the way everlasting friend it's all too easy to think that we're okay to feel like were spiritually okay when we're actually not but if we go to the Lord and ask him to reveal to us if there is anything separating us from hand you will be faithful to design the listings of the person are rising far left like the clothes together and just a few minutes when it sounds like everyone is done I'll close with a prayer from the front you for your goodness stops we thank you for your mercies are new every morning indeed great is thy faithfulness of a thank you so much that we have a Savior who is not just point out the problems in our lives that he supplies us the solutions that we need we thank you that it's not until we see and recognize our brokenness that we recognize our need of you and truly come to you Lord we ask that no Muslim leave discouraged but encouraged because we know we have an advocate with the file Jesus Christ the right we know that you are coming soon the orgies are that you're coming for a people who perfectly reflect your image and Lord we see our own inadequacies we claim the promise that he was the gun of good work in you will carry it forward to completion until the day of Jesus Christ thank you for this promise Lord and we know you are the cannot lie so we clean the promise we ask that you would teach us what it means especially this week as we recognize the solution that you offered off the solutions that you promise us teach us what it means to walk with Jesus day by day and to allow him to live out his life within us they do so much for your goodness for and as we close with just one song Fred Omar Harness that what we go from this place the never before you run this media was brought audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain of it please visit www. audio verse .org


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