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Dane Griffin passed away in October, 2010. He was the producer and project coordinator for the Lifestyle Matters Health Intervention Series, including videos and audiobooks on topics connected with lifestyle and mental health. He was also the director of media development for the Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. He was the recipient of dozens of international awards for production and broadcast quality. Dane worked with his wife, Vicki, as a team in health education ministry for many years. Most of all, Dane was a man of God and encouraged everyone around him to a life of faith and dedication to the Lord's work.



  • November 2, 2007
    7:00 PM
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your website in real we fail if you are in Michigan right now he wanted more a lot stay warm was it out of thirty degrees there tonight so I am very glad I'm here you will note that I am aware I do not like cold weather I told the Lord we live in North Carolina said I will never move further north of North Carolina never say never got if you will show your reasons are I'm very glad I can be here we are living in errorless times and men and as I was writing about what the present while I'm here to his next one sessions there are many things we could talk many topics over the impertinent major topics that would be fun to study because the Bible is always fun I'm not love more than studying the Bible specially promising it would come back another time to hope prophecy seminar is really get into it verse by verse to see the claimant offices under attack that injured a rare find out why tonight but as I was praying the Lord impressed me that as young people you are going to be called upon to fulfill Isaiah chapter fifty eight and if you turn to Isaiah chapter fifty eight US start at verse twelve because you are going to be called upon by God him all this passage of Isaiah and it says and David B of the remnant shall build the well the old ways places now Saudi Arabia saw the foundations of many generations I'll shall be called the read error of the breach the restorer of pads to dwell now what is passive still you tonight just and in England short verse the Lord encapsulates both of this church at dinnertime which is going what was this was a Scripture tell us in this essay you shall be admiring doesn't usually have me wondering not since you will build all the old always places were hearing all throughout some circles of managers today in order to keep young people in the church we go to bring in new methods of your and yet the Lord here tells us that you will be called upon to build a lot all waste places as Jeremiah six sixteen returning to the old has worth a good way to find wrestled years old thou shall raise up the foundations of what many generations usually called the repair of the left is missing your to be built version of your racial heavy repair or similar stores those are all messages of something 's been destroyed something 's been tampered with something 's been torn down and look at this weekend what will being called upon to rebuild over being called upon to restore worse to come that God is going to call you hereto as young people as articles was a greater than talking to the young people of Lord gave us our crack at an old folks we must in way but was known as a result we must stop the Lord come in our generation Mozilla 's were now fifty and over the only message some talk of the young people you can listen in because were to help him in some ways as we look at the Seventh-day Adventist what what defines what defines Seventh-day Adventist more than any other religion in the world today what do you find that's what makes us who we are sanctuary a warehouse where when where we have Adventist that nobody else had we got to Daniel Chu said to knowing that any church in the world understand prophecy lugs of the integer Muslims and you would aggressively defending the only crossing you believe then we are the remnant Church of prophecy and as you look at the settled in the Church of England used to be not so much today unfortunately used to be here there was a manageable when Fidel Castro took over and Fidel Castro was was was doing that any good dictator designated to do away with the physicians and the lawyers and the educated people the pastors since you control the people better and there was one man Wayne Augustine please Mister Castro on a Saturday I was so put me away thousands of euros over the suggested prominently three hundred days of the I got down he drew all as eleven dollars and at the same we are all it used me if you asked somebody about twenty three hundred days they excited about the twenty grand days they know the twelve ninety number two thirty five twelve sixty and then you were all the states within a wider war and one the daily was taken away and when the twenty three whether twelve hundred sixty they started with the date wasn't why why am all these great procedure they could benefit at the hour of the day the month of the year relationship nine they could say why the Muslim power figures and so the only advantage out with loss of therapy or prophecy God got set aside for property local God says about his remnant church in Revelation chapter twelve in verse seventeen by the way the naval series this weekend is the main thing is the main thing is your domain these are the goggles is the stage tonight is the mainline but a revelation chapter twelve in verse seventeen is me and the Dragon the Dragon the devil where we find in the Bible religion twelve and the dragon was wrong with the woman and went to make war with the remnant of her seed was the remnants the remnant of received Mister manners your five the seating is the written receipt which seemed the Commandments of God and half the testimony of Jesus Christ was the testimony of Jesus Christ Spirit prophecy revelation seventeen using all the way through Scripture were unified that prophecy and worship go hand-in-hand as arrogant prophecy and worship go hand-in-hand look at Isaiah chip forty eight evening Isaiah chapter forty eight and Isaiah chapter forty eight notice notice what he says here Isaiah forty eight verses one through thirteen Uribe has a house of Jacob which are called by the name of Israel and are come forth out of the waters of Judah which swear by the name of God and make mention of the God of Israel but not in true righteousness is in trouble tonight friends to be Seventh-day Adventist and not be Christians isn't yet for they call themselves of the holy city and save themselves upon the God of Israel the Lord of host 's name notice of this I have declared the former things in the beginning and they want forth from my mouth I showed them I didn't suddenly and they came to the I have even from the beginning declared to the before and the pass I showed it to you let's also say my idle has done them my graven image and my molten image is committed to her dollars heard signal this and will you not answer I have shown the newest things from this time even when things that thou does not know about a nine for my namesake will I or my anger my praise lively refrain from the back not all behold I have refined the amount was so right chosen in the first of which for my own sake even for my own sake will I do it for how should my name be polluted now when we got talking like this if you look at is healed twenty eight USC very fairly my my namesake is talking here in this passage got a single silicon of the Scriptures ties and his creative power with the fact that he's also the God across it is the same thing over and Isaiah chapter forty two Isaiah chapter forty two related verses five through nine Wesley God the Lord he then created the heavens shall find many times in the Bible any time God is talking to Israel and their forgetting who he is he reminds them that he's agreeing a list of this blessed God the Lord is as it were jewelers live feed entry into heaven and stretch them out here that's right for your network and that which cometh out of it in a given rest unto the people upon it and spirit little walk therein I have a lower half Kolbe and righteousness I will hold thine hand I will keep being given for a covenant of the people to open the blind eyes to bring up prisoners from prison and that sit in darkness of the prisonhouse I am the Lord that is my name and my glory when I get to another neither my praise to graven images look at this behold the former things are numb to pass and do things right declared before they spring forth I tell using again the Lord Tyson has created our with his prophetic gift of the steps about the same as entertainer right now this is critical we understand as to what the main Y and in Isaiah chapter forty five Isaiah chapter forty five we can read the whole chapter who were not going to the very first organize age of forty five God is forecasting two hundred years before his birth a man named sire is to come on here this very well could be the passage that Daniel himself so desirous to show him how to get in about bus to the Lord who is anointed to Cyrus whose right hand I hold them to subdue nations before him I will loose the loins of change open before the two lead gates of the gauge will not be shot that was a prophecy two hundred years before it happened at least versatile under the gate in the DOS hazard would use the radiology was necessary as Loy fibula I will go before they make the crooked places straight I will break in pieces the gates of grass and credits under the bars of iron and I will give you the treasures of darkness and a hidden riches of secret places at all Ms. know that either the Lord which called me by name and the God of Israel is a God in the Bible is talking to his own people establishes his authority by the package until friends are you worried about the future are either goblins in the future any name had nothing quiet tonight I continue talking it's God will send the future is already there the own goal you know that before there was ever a gene Artie made a land bridge across the Red Sea the new skate and you if I was a regular print brother before you ever all in all those come in whenever anyone created easily or all can you trust God am on a menu believe it can you trust God tonight just if you can't trust God because you have been caught up in the vortex of doubt slippage and see because when we start forgetting the main why why do we need to why you become here why did we come here to worship God many of us have sunk into a dry formalism or Sabbath is just the last day of the week is a bit of the study for my biology class are from my ENT exam or whatever it might be just another day like a vacation day opening understand tonight in the next few meetings we had together this whole week in his interest was in a focus in on this whole issue of what because Satan is attacking God 's church in the area of worship worship styles no more set methodologies new worship books new worship this new worship at that we need to see what God says our end here God says I called Cyrus unable to liquidate what he does in verse eleven the sample of the holy one of Israel and his maker asked me other things to come concerning my sons and ensuring the worst of my hands command ye me I have made the earth I created man upon it I even my hands have stretched out the heavens and all the host of I commanded in using the guide is doing he ties his creative hour to his ability to forecast the future prophecy and worship go hand in hand him him him Daniel and the book of Revelation friends there are two teams that run through those two books to the front of the books or anything else what is worship the other washer is all wrote the book of Revelation is also the opening we seem to worship address and Daniel Chapter three what happened to Daniel chapter three out there in the art to that of a call to our own plain of Jordan is your question the Bible says that in the book of Daniel that Nebuchadnezzar called everybody the plane under all the chief captains all the share of all the babble all the old and provincial governors and everybody who was anybody in battle and was called to the plane and your sort of thing he was the big somebody you must second coming where was Daniel was in your letter whether I think I know her Daniel was no egos gone on as well I think Nebuchadnezzar being a smart move that he was if I don't as Daniel stands in principle and I cannot run bureau he's not about now if you ram operate in a book full song is intimately on official business on the Senegal far problems that way I can get those three boys about is Daniel 's ringleader him on that as he asked why Nebuchadnezzar was so here is when we would develop you will toilet and we see warship and prophecy are closely tied now I want to look at the book of revelations because in the book of prevalent what was worse was the worship of the book of Daniel have updated chapter eight on five hundred days visualization would be cleansed when in revelation the beginning of passages in Revelation world worship is recognition because worshipers all from the book of Revelation Revelation chapter three verse nine Revelation chapter four verse ten Revelation chapter nine verse twenty Revelation Chapter 11 verse one Revelation chapter thirteen verse twelve and fifteen Revelation chapter fourteen versus seven eleven seven 9/11 Revelation chapter sixteen verse four Revelation chapter nineteen verse ten and relationship are twenty two verses eight nine all those places also the book of Revelation the word worship or worship for the content that they can the concept of worship is mentioned now especially in the chapters of Revelation thirteen report Revelation thirteen and fourteen are the very last synopsis of human history before getting another chapter relationship and him and those two chapters alone one word or derivative a word occurs when any of it we think it is worship worship is communication within worship now but this was the thing is that of the end of the frame cliché answer the in school is down to a visceral level is it really worship as a key issue or his worship a symbol of what's really going on a road in the evening of Troy the issue of worship the initial worshipers who has a wild you can listen to remember to face the issue within a time is who I would never listen to coordinate Frost who was the word Armageddon sink our teeth into and not group that really shouldn't worship is a symbol of a deeper issue and as you see what's going on in a time is interesting to look in the Bible says in Revelation chapter for relationship or file the way revelation words Daniel is the gradeschool user that a prophecy overstaying a chapter to his one oh prophecy in a chapter seven is one who prompted any separate is one prompted in Chapter 11 as long answer well for prophetic line we get into the book of Revelation is different in the book of Revelation we don't have chapters as being hope that it lies we have multiple chapters they prevented lines severed by interlude chapter your revelation to them through the seven churches religion for fiber interludes in relation six and seven as the seals and relationship your Mulroy the first of our relationship with Chapter seven is a bit of a rut of that interlude that began in Revelation chapter eight starting into the trumpets revolutionized the troublesome relationship or ten eleven or interludes bring in relish sugar twelve give these interludes going to Revelation as you look at based in the book Revelation you have some of this more tomorrow we have a whole series of seconds we have seven with the first seven in revelation seven churches and we have what was next with seven seals we have seven trumpets and we have seven planes you know that every time without fail every time you have a series of seven seven churches of Israel's of the troubles of life every time is preceded by something worship something 's going on a heavenly sanctuary divorce may have as owner something is being worshiped in heaven importantly have as owner is a warship is a seeing central attribute of God 's government of God 's throne because you were certain that you will in a I worship my wife is my will and she can do no wrong in my book is described that room last year the first so my wife said between their nations as a topping in God I've never seen it is viewable what is it she is way out of my leg but nothing ventured nothing gained right off-season is no way back to the dorm is that I was at ourselves on on seventh Heaven their towers and I said I saw this growing can't make her name is Vicki Biondo I soon ask around secure I submitted I guess I would gracefully as a no but you know what that was is is is even yet has enough away that I worship her why because I just got my loyalty just there's no question in my mind will be low thirdly dad if any that shall initially look at the book of revelations you look at both the book Revelation chapter for Revelation chapter five in Revelation chapter eight and you see you listen to this when you say you worship in heaven there is one defining characteristic of worship in heaven and that is perfect unit all true worship needs to unity of believers not to division what we see happening is a very subtle way to divide the church were even seeing it in our heart is administered you have some churches out there doing a contemporary works of service and have a traditional worship service that is a defensive worship not inclusive worship that is not worth it they got all emergency Wymore as we go on tomorrow is all true worship always brings unity it may it may have some some some some some rough area edges to get over but ultimately true worship will bring unity this is what you see in the book of acts and exchequer one when the election season when you have Pentecost the Bible says that they were all in one accord in one place worshiping God through worship brings people that could never get along the disciples are to loan Linda Jesus I feel the Lord the Lord did you Lord had at a family he had twelve little boys and dignified not Red Hat global avoidable boys bodies in trouble was indignant about the global global advisors or control these guys could never get along they were always fighting even after the time of Jesus which is across her same on thirty first John will you not pure enough on the job to imagine Jonathan Peterson Peter you could never be a ruler progress issuer and the next evening but if you're not doesn't matter you don't think before you speak so that nature always light and hit the Bible says that when the Holy Spirit felt they were on one accord in one place that's the result of true unity of believers not the vision one send sure I really have little peoples at Little People's Church in young people 's church in this person 's shirt before I would have ministers in women's church is not from worshiping worship brings she is a nut division is in the Temple and worship in the Temple is the age of prophecy listen now seeing a nose of a soloist singing at God 's creative power that has predictive power and if we start downing promisee which we have as a people we have all new types of tangled prophetic interpretations coming in and saying no to do with it when we began to doubt God 's prophetic power we begin to doubt his creative power when you begin to doubt God 's creative power even in adult assessment really get into the status unit in the careless with the Sabbath and is not lonely ignorance at the start of a new guitarist the Scriptures we guitarist the Scriptures guitarist to the spirit of prophecy we guitarist was your privacy you are no longer had it's a very well defined chronology that Satan knows words every time if you can get many either creative power is prophetic power is creative message or his prophetic message you have the beginnings of the demise of the rendered people now as we look at this why do we worship what is the purpose of worship as we if we don't know why were worshiping we will never worship if you don't know why you're going to a picnic you will get to enjoy right is saying here Arnold Wednesday while I can be in a bowling alley owners that even about her nasal what are our was worth about not knowing regular you know when you get this little when God says worship we all know this text is twenty five percent Jesus said what can make me a while us that I may what well presents one of the most beautiful archers in the disabling might have any sand you have a picture of God coming his way out where are you or are you have it here in this sanctuary you have got saying here I come to know as a sanctuary was God reaching out the sinful man is saying if you want to know who I am come look at me in the sanctuary come live with me here he said let them make me a century that anyone well now aren't you mom I know you you you you know does this in your moment on himself if we moved in together to have an apartment 's were from Sigma but it were dwelling together now in a you got your place I will place in your Google place were coming together and you know we we entertain ourselves we do things together with a half a dozen only real lowers it is about the Wichita Amityville six about you able to wear when you get more interesting is what I get all secrets about people God said that the make me a sanctuary so I can get and you need to know a secret a restoration as a review sheet 's one yard Tuesday as he says when we worship God we begin to understand they can understand his need to understand him like I only ate a spouse can understand a husband or a war in human Great American erosional mallards there warts and all excellent marriages will even know somebody got says if you are right if you want to know who I am come worship me with a story in the Bible is when the Bible went when Jesus was therein and his disciples he was a master some great through Wednesday the story what did you did Jesus ever come to agreement on him which is to say just immediately began talking of the crawl if anyone has any hamlet across and see my characterizing them when women do for them using worse it introduces us to God in a way that nothing else can do you read the Bible and get a pretty good pitcher who got in you can register prophecy get a clearer picture of who God is but we really don't get to know God unless we worship and that's why at the end of time the key issue is who nation will Google are you worshiping who are you getting to know Jesus it let them make me a sanctuary that that they made they may dwell with me I will live with them I will be among them I want to show the why will we come to see my friends are acting and to see friends is the real reason why come to church to go I see him more clearly our policy with client as for my life I want to see what he has in store for me the coming week is a Santa is is the battery recharging time is to arrive his lay aside every they were organizing the student will go into the whole the whole act of worship is to get to know God it is it is God centered no Muslims in true worship is God centered if you look at the Scripture pagan worship is pagan worship appeals to Carollo pagan worship it appeals to a lesser the flash and the lust of the eyes and and the lust of life but God centered worship appeals to what you know it's Johnson and you look at our church today how may times your people say well I say Mister Islam because it makes me feel that this all true worship will ultimately make us feel better because you have fullness of joy in God you have completeness in God but but free worship free worship in order to get us to the point of feeling better have your remodel the kitchen don't put your younger remote is really remodeling tensioning is pretty ugly divorce or in our lives are in such shambles our lives are so destroyed by sin and pretty loudly before the target better and the purpose of worship is to help me see not only who God is but also who I am in relationship and what might need his relationship to him innocently get other things sometimes a browser are times that God wants the pastor stepped squarely on how knowing I would want on every sermon a lady came out and she was fuming mad she said pastor your enemies with the whole sermon you are talking like they were just as Israel but I think I was crazy obviously in your heart can Holy Spirit bring conviction result will miss the Holy Spirit so true worship true worship is going to be God centered look at Psalm one hundred liposome one hundred prisoners is intended for the matter is the Bible says in Jeremiah chapter seventeen the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked I stopped and thought about that passage in brother what you wipe what if you went which is really managed to secure wink at Weaverville and when what you said you are desperately entered his trusteeship again God says not only is my heart when it is what desperately wicked northeast of their brother I be discouraged editing is desperately wicked okay no evidence as I all I try the reins of the heart praise God we have a Savior shows us her knees praise God we have us a visit come unto me all a bit labor related and I will give you rest take my help upon you and learn of me my hope is easy member praise God we have a saver this is search we know God and know my heart I am you know my ways and see after meeting we can win mainly in the way were lasting should be our prayer everyday FCF of true worship seems through worship I come in soon high and lifted up like I say had in Isaiah check you realize it or not his agent once replied I say was a look at those sooners look at those sinners were there doing in Isaiah chapter six he sees God in the Temple in an act of worship by the Angels is as well they run a mammography the effect of different of true worship mostly see a picture of God would've never seen before and is on a warm fuzzy cuddly little old Mister Mrs. Ms. piggy God is a God that says I love you but you got changed and are giving up our anyway God bless that it puts me to such a all right relationship with God that I realized that I am such a sinner I want to be in unity with my brother because anything first this church or discharge of your thoughtless church church is a community of recovering sinner 's I wanted church is a community of recovering some and hear not known by the good doctor it could describe as the denied but my wife does a lot of research writes books and science is discovering the fun nominal power of the human brain to change every sure itself make new pathways within a generally history building new neuronal neighborhoods are the most real and what when I found that I go out from the one drinking I was I was totally reprobate and when I found that my brain wasn't forever damage I said I can begin to rebuild my brain and for his church is a community of people who want to rebuild the ring church is a community of people arriving I can look at somebody who's got a better attitude than me insane I will have an attitude like that would you mentor me on overcome it similar to mentor me with it the place we come together and learn how to be like God we see the new worship style the new worship modalities as you come together to feel comfortable with one the true object of worship as the Bible portrays it the true object of worship is this is such an exalted picture of God I say I want to be like and with the help of my brothers and sisters I can get there with the help of the Holy Spirit I will get there first because a community of support only and when the underage mothers Way the fossilized emir something and I myself up or out for male coworker of yours a lot of the art as a result one hundred SA has got here is a worship song made a joyful noise unto the Lord all ye lands now this is one area we have a work because in many Adventist churches we are in the land of the frozen edit in their one Sabbath school of nursing the doxology praise God from home home were going at and you and in the which will get much of a problem we have we have only ourselves to blame because we made our religion and in formal she isn't standing to get excited inch in your quest when Jesus in the Temple on the Sabbath and he had the man with the withered hand and had it hidden away and Jesus was there on Sabbath laser stretch forth your hair administration of his hand was made holy people gone are the Google of water where you see them I feel that I've been all I reviewed with a hatha is HR Saturday they are safe at Shawn we have the type of reduced services that make you want to be there seven days later and they look forward to being there the next week should we not have church services where people come to the door but a little excitement for this reason God has given them through the week of possible studies it has with a waiting list all seven of the Lord for the week and then I'm so excited to share about how I realized that I can't wait there is no elegant mergers using we have little to do how what what God meant church debate church is not only did this session we worship God the praise God with a new thought phrase God onset as God wants us to do this with data shows here Davids is make a joyful noise unto the Lord OU Elmore with what I you my letter was a hard time on Sabbath there was a miserable I mean where is the jewel are our walk with God should be should be so exciting and so cutting-edge and so revolutionary we should beginning to freeze in our lives our regular bases that religion become something you can live what serves the Lord with gladness come before his presence with singing notice of the Lord he is God it was as is the Batman creative power is a Santa was living habits is a sign that God can take nothing and make some and when we come to Jesus we are not we are first listening and we're without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep as we can did you and only God can create only a God who can speak and it is going to come this is as fast only that type of God is worthy of our because when I come to church on so I sit here tonight looking at this you all the app maybe it do what I say to mainly building that's all that will need foundation will guide us you know all were designed on January the eighth innocent in all years of existence guys never said it got been sent home and I recommend what to do so that is where and if you do not receive us on ever since entering to his gates with thanksgiving present our command from the Hubble may come to those doors are harshly ready to overflow with Thanksgiving Angeles courts with praise me if I want to him and bless his name for the Lord is good his mercy is everlasting and his truth endures all general easy that's what worship is all about worship is me telling God not only how much I needed him but how thankful I am for all that he's done through the week 's game at the camp the selected Genesis chapter one Genesis chapter fields are a little man to become a midnight organ was real hard here just you know it's funny when we got a baseball game went going to ask for any single football game double-overtime basketball game in overtime temperatures get me out of here on time something 's wrong with this picture Janice is just searching a look at this was created to your and thirty one setting God saw everything that he made was handmade and behold it was very good and the evening and the morning were the sixth day now look at verse one of chapter two that the heavens and the earth were was an ex- word sent me was a maintenance of these finished what is it me know I was at their house that we ate I said I am finished as individuals wasn't until I was done right and the Spanish era says the heavens and the earth were finished and all the host of them but look at verse two and on the seventh day God ended his work no imminent verse one visitors although already numbers to settle the seven-day candidate what's going on here this traditional iPod is called on a six-day and on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made he rested on the seventh eight authorities made and God bless the Sabbath day and sanctified it because that in it he rested from all his work which God created and made fun of other so maybe I have ever thought about that thousands if everything was done on the six day my finish on Sunday what was the purpose of the Sunday what was God maintaining on the seventh day running of him this dissertation exhibitor I've always looked this passage as God is noticing down and just use there all by himself his resting the Raven with him well the talk to me about anyone as a will God was the first day that I have pasted together a great when they spend it with Latino segment this is a God finished his work on the six day but then he ended his work on the seventh and that he sanctified the seventh day again Jesus says in Mark chapter four Sabbath was made for man and not man for the salmonella starts at about a stupor as I challenge you not to be late readers a Scripture just think about your reading and to meditate on to reading is important what you try to coming here with stuff I thought Sabbath was made for man not man for the center recently like I said he sanctified and hallowed it I'm blessed that what kind of color what is my credibility were rested on the seventh day which is owned among all students here yet he made an appointment usability of enemy it was season what do the other six days is actively involved in physical labor is actually involved in planning something he's taking a step through how to do it God what would have been more impressive when it has been more about who moment and say V on earth or the sea and trees and flowers and animals and birds and and what is there to hold you are powerful the Margaret would you look to me I got one thing created worldwide network will say but God created one day at a time one step at a time in order to make the Sabbath for Man to show man that this is a special day that God made to be with me to Rodriguez that means that God says you need to disrupt your schedule and plan your time on day one hundred twenty two days you plan to be there it was thinking about seventy friends it is sad with just a sentence day occurrence or is it a daily plan in your or you are planning to be with God on that day that you are planning to spend the whole day with God doing something totally different from what you do the other six days a week is a God the seventh and was totally different God does something totally different God was teaching at it as though God was teaching an immediate how to be a window is created beings showing us how much here's what presents scientific like to ask is we won thirteen of the seventh day is a sign between me and the children of Israel for ever that I am Gillmor is even there we start getting careless observer we start forgetting how to be the minute we start living for Sabbath the other six days of the week we stopped learning how to be a first spirit is with ourselves can he'll go in I guess most of you here I guess it's just more certain we have a moment with your automatic progression dental medical they do not so you're okay all of a sudden the contract Kenya Cagle unless I have a math test can you go in for your math test and expect to get a good grade if you haven't studied together as a lesser genius I'm not I said is looking at a good rate it is my sometime okay same thing can we expect to get a Sabbath blessing if we haven't been expecting it throughout the week generally in the world six days out of the week and expect to act like Donald can redress in the world six days other we can expect to look like on Sabbath then we watched desperate housewives it is the way and expect me to sacrifice a dozen what we do on Monday officially doing so would you want to do this with your Friday night you know many people weren't they rushed as the rest of Friday pages and through it and there you look at the clock running the shopping will store ready for something I don't miss a whole dinosaur smarts into the Sabbath of the disease in what they are doing in your everything we do as they happen it should be all on my coming before his presence with singing and into his courts with praise anticipating that God 's going to give me on the day that he set aside that he made for man to teach men how to be like God the sign that God says I am the Lord that sanctifies you which is exactly why Paulson is a grid these four six for God who commanded the light to shine out of darkness I signed it are hard to get a lot of glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ that's all I want to make it free he can remake me with his estimate meanwhile I wonder why we're so concerned with because it's a sign that God signaling and make some is not a 24-hour period it's a it's a rejoicing time where I come before God is a God show me what you want me to do show me how you want me to live show me what you want me to me to only who you are using understand that God created holy time in phrase you can see my day holy that guy didn't make holy when you can use on the holy was a fourth-round site it says remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy now listen we've got that wrong is wrong for all resided what must we make sure to renew holy things on the Sabbath but the guy says the Sabbath day they came back only outlet being holy limited to be a common baby while water skiing and riding horses ability to all throughout the week following PCI gently lighting and trying to my decisions on identical to God is a God this date is not to make to do it I wanted to this is that it will alert you would you want me God has told the that he realizes that only take a twenty four hour period and affect mental discipline of the weight status how events and notes which another it does because it forces a enforces 's computer brain a new way of thinking and that shows when you when you practice new thoughts when you practice new things when you plan ahead when these executive functioning are green you are preventing similar and when Moses climbed Mount Nemo was a senile is a God God wants us understand that when we practice being holy we only practice doing what I labor this cold experience -based test is to turn experience -based plasticity learning to teach the brand-new things changes the brain structure changes the brain genetic change the brain 's coating the Sabbath is a safeguard for playing power a man of no moment for a Armani 's on that one day distinctive not seeing the Sabbath holy you didn't deny ourselves as we get into the habit of letting God call the shots in her life and what happens we come to enjoy so much wounded to store digital live for God all the days because when I said out of your television program it is a is not looking so now it's come to my door secondly worship God and you're ready to see it tomorrow this is so sad because they engage in behavior because friends will when it comes in stores tomorrow morning I want to know that God is anyway a piercing welcome the eye because I store for you today about and you be going to church like that I will okay let's wrap this up God said remember God and remember us of the seven things real briefly on what the Sabbath reminds us of us and remember guys remembered number one it reminds us of God 's ownership mark tumors twenty seven on the attorneys write them down for the manager to request Mark chapter two in verse twenty seven notice what Jesus says here Mark two twenty seven Jesus as a set of them the Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Senate and young look at Romans chapter one verses nineteen and twenty and Rome circa one Paul says that God made the things of the earth to be there as a visible reminder admissible portrayer to everybody that there is a God how can you look at the complexity human body and say Janetta smarts line there is not one of the fire and if I came here tonight to do this group of highly intelligent people and said I flew in your today seven forty one last night it was a power junk sitting in a hangar was a big explosion at Jubilee is a you are a wacko right and rightfully so I get a seven forty seven campaigns a seven forty seven can heal itself a seven forty seven can even eat a community one is anxious to select the boundaries of machinery and the Internet as a friend that was the Bible says that God put the marvels of nature there is a physical sign that there is a God who loves us and cares for us and wants us to live for him and that's why scientists hate nature many times as it proves there is a gun and warming is a God is a God given it will so that Santa reminds us it reminds us that God is the owner of this world you can also look at Isaiah forty one nineteen twenty four Iraqis down is if we wanted to twenty four and Isaiah chapter forty verse twenty six number two the Sabbath when Johnson remember the Sabbath day he said that because the Sabbath reminds us of God 's authority if you look in Revelation chapter ten when my favorite chapters in all revelation relationships in verse six is a visit angel standing upon the scene on your with others and the heaven and swear by him that lives forever and ever who created heaven and the things that are therein and the earth of the things that are therein and the scene of his brother and that there should be time no longer ask I think I'm in charge well say hello that's not trying again creative power to profanity our guys is the fact that I can create is a proof that under the sign of God 's word but what it says and Mark shipper for twenty one Mark shipper for verse twenty one Jesus here speaking of the disciples was together Jesus called to see as if they feared exceedingly said one another what manner of man is this that even the wind at this stage of my him the authority of God is manifest in his ability to create and friends the minute that when you start doubting God 's creative ability we start doubting his excellent evolution as a daily track because God is no longer the door is just man up as a prayer of what happen in history if you look at chapter four verses twenty four thirty one when the disciples knew that their regulatory gel they say they go to God is a God of God that created the heaven and they were molested as a goblet raised Jesus from the dead on the first day except strongest text in all the Bible but the resurrection of Jesus is not an assessment because the disciples and make any mention of the resurrection as far as God 's new authority is referred to as creative ability is represented on this on the seven-day SFS assignment was a God give us power here the creator even give us power you have the authority and the Bible says the whole place was filled with a rushing wind and God answered because he is the also look at Isaiah forty three fifteen in Isaiah forty twenty eight now number three Sabbath reminds us of God 's this all of this passage this is probably the three Hebrew boys recording in their mind you but when the fiery furnace Isaiah forty three versus wanted to but now thus saith the Lord that created the creative power analysis the Lord that created the OJ and he that formed thee O Israel fearing the right to redeem I called the money power when the passes to the waters I will be with thee into the rivers honorable clothing when I walk through the fire that shall not be burned additional flame kindle upon you the next time you are facing a challenge the next time you are tempted to doubt God 's ability the next time you are tempted to wonder guys to come through just think back to when the sun rose that morning as I know God is faithful remember back when you thought that bird flying for the sky is a is a creation screams out you can trust remember never say another prison what will ultimately imprison the distributors of a group of ladies in a song I love this I was using words as guys is not as on-time God says it may not come when you call him but I'll be there right on time is on time God yesterday is history and an creation proves that God is faithful crossing for that got us a is why doesn't remember it reminds us of God 's ownership it reminds us of God 's authority and reminds us God 's faithfulness look at Luke chapter sixteen in verse forty seven ago will probably in sixteen borders of over one hundred passes obtain their Job thirty eight versus three forty one I love that is forgot his coverage of anything Joe moreover you when I treated your or were you when I form of my friends if your worker faithfulness if you ever wonder God can really do we sizzle do I challenge you to do this without a Malibu or Newport or Redondo oratorios beaches and watch how the waves come up to a certain spot in the bulldozers to go back and never go for the something it's a mystery to me how they can have a rain storm set in the ocean the race of the answers you feel that there will usually only the losers jurist why is I don't think you'll come right here and know for when John McCain they got instead was sure God shall serve you what I think okay you can do this but don't touch and even Satan knows when God puts a limit you using almost done never for it reminds us of God read creative power very says that gradients four six two eight Re: command a light to shine out of darkness a shined in our hearts from the light of the knowledge of God the glory of Jesus Christ brings what is the greater miracle to create your order we create a life she was marital recruit a lot as a licensed reverse cam everyone to read a short reformist notices here if he has chapter four the shepherd for my three twenty four and be renewed in this spirit of your monitor that has experienced -based plasticity written a bio of Bible is the most date scientific textbook ever and to renew the spirit of your mind that you got on the nomad which after God is clean and in righteousness and true if you doubt that John can make you knew if you look at Leipzig I looked at him and I told I destroyed my life go back and regions the very fact that the Earth is as beautiful as it is even persisting and she was his ring creative power is when Davidson insulted anyone can create in me a clean heart O God and renew a right spirit within me he's calling to the God of creation is a guy who can do is do you really believe tonight that God can take you nothing is focused and refined it reminds us of God on changeable character illnesses losing friends we ordered this on Saturday said we hear voices in the church today saying that we could change the church to meet the culture I will definitely call the church changes the culture the culture never for now see the apostles one time saying we've got a change leverage the gospel to make the Gentiles feel cool you do hear the apostles telling the Gentiles to change the default image of God but never using the Bible but the Santa Fe reminds us that God is on changeable what a sustainable loop in the book of living in the passage Jesus says it easier for heaven and earth passed April one John one table of a lot of dough asking her for Jesus saying it would be easier for the song now before the fourth commandment to be nullify it would be easier in the easier for the men to fall out of the sky and for me to say to ourselves not kill is done away with it would be easier for the ocean to try out the decision elsewhere given an award by God in vain God is saying I do not chain Mrs. Anna says Matthew chapter five verses seventeen to nineteen is what Jesus and his parameter the past but if solemn Chapter one eleven Psalm seven one eleven I get the second on several eleven verse four notice what it says he has made his wonderful works to be remembered the Lord is gracious and full of compassion but it were seven eight the looks of his hand or clarity of judgment all his commandments are sure they stand fast forever and ever and are done in uprightness and from really does there he ties his cremated power to the ten Commandments and she is the setting if you think of my wall can be done away the summa Marmor not the southern Memorial use Houston we have a problem God is unchangeable and friends gone this is good news because if God is unchangeable he is just as great a Savior was was his boss man a man at Re: amazingly British pattern God never changes salvation is always the same graduate at the words able to service operation is the same today that was a fair test there is the same as they do more no resemblance I got done at once any honey however disturbance was a good sum of Judaism Robertson resisted now anyway number six it reminds us of the purpose of worship event Sabbath reminds us of the purpose of worship Psalm ninety five or six oh come let us worship and bow down let us kneel before the Lord our maker in a table storage wants industry Mormons and where we go in step my wife and her Washington DC last week and a time to go to Washington DC Olympic discussed a lesser and we went to the Smithsonian the love we can remember the national Gallery part one a while to in the national Gallery of Art and there was a leader in the Rembrandt individuals and the dolly sections over here and then there also was Rembrandt 's position arms and always all those great works all around and shoot the we were in a Rembrandt agent referenced paintings are made very subtle ways of slight legislator painting where the Rembrandt masterpieces address and they said so take your picture hanging up there I think so I guess I want was made by a man and she is looking at the pictures at the business she couldn't believe what she was looking at a look at her asset actually we should go what may Judaism 's the admired rationale for church is legitimate need to ask the Hagan centered worship God centered worship is what can I do what does God have to make you seek out with us is we know what we want but God is changed in this happens reminds us was sad reminds us of the purpose of worship so ninety six verse nine a worship most of the old worship the Lord and of beauty 's we worship we bring in or worship every piece of music bringing a worship service what we wire worship should we say in worship how we worship all worship the Lord in the beauty of fear before him all networks are your visit need to work fears March September rent master with me I is first Chronicle sixteen twenty was a statement was awarded the beauty of and not I was always returning remote I was disabled we don't know I checked the one God says it on your file bringing sacrifices to abruptly change it which at first we morning we bring clothing in your worship service would never were before the prisoners you wager real and only come through those doors we are coming to worship God 's a God who died to save a terribly weak care books in helping we give more honor to earthly potentate sometimes music volume three hours we forgot what the sample is all about we forgotten point number seven is the Sabbath reminds us that Jesus is coming soon was ever sent a message to I will him or others just come and who made heaven and earth the sea in the programs will rise again worship and singing together all the Scriptures and Singleton know if you want to give or forget the rules and forget properly how to worship God and McCain we had become very herbal assembly we have two-car garage we go on vacation and not losing the wrong things and meet we should know my God wants us to have the things that he has a fabulous as God give us prosperity but just as he pleased it wasn't about it driving tonight I mean why are we here are leaders we are here because we want God to change we are here because we want to say God you're in charge of our you call the shots and lower I am here to read knowledge one time a week on your written knowledge it you are in charge of our friends is a list of quotations from him book education the value of the Sabbath as a means of education is beyond us whatever of ours God claims from us he returns again enriched transfigured with his own glory the time that he claimed from Israel was devoted to preserving among men in its glorious beauty the pattern of this temple in heaven the token of the stress disorder some of the portion of our time which he claims is given again to us bearing his name this is a sign I'm reading and reviewing our points to God as the source of life and knowledge it recalls man's primeval glory and witnesses to God 's work was to re-create us and you die to daylight education grades to recover several weeks Alton exciting thing I've never is much organizers as the Internet is renewed my steel to disobey is not my desire to have God take Dan Griffin nothing in some disorder tonight here starts or saw that you know what you have is an you understand that Sabbath is not a day it's one disorders I want to say Lord I change I need to move out of the land of the frozen Job into the promised land resemblance or the Sabbath rest at all talks will be reset if one person or tonight or similar women a new commitment you to really honor the Sabbath not as a legal affair is a spiritual worship to a God who's done everything this one here tonight was make a new commitment to God don't stand up washing France's capital ostrich which opposes a range users wanted him to God cleanse challenges on standing up than someone was a joint museum board on it it are your greatest firepower to make several true worship experience uses a risen Lord father in heaven we thank you for this time you spend together tonight thank you Lord for showing us the main thing is the main thing status Nvidia should ensure their devotion was her loyalty were we living for all seven days the week of the twenty least Jesus stood and took solidified Hermine at how we live on Monday will determine how we live on center how we worship you give the days of the week ask how we worship you once were as we study these great crews give us wisdom it was knowledge of Mister Holy Spirit we pray that Sabbath will never be the same again that it will truly be a a worshipful exciting experience a journey each week that it draws us all sure to you closer to each other which is in the unity of worship that only your Holy Spirit we thank you Jesus and


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