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2- The Savior's Solution

Justin Torossian


Praise God that He does not just point out our problem, but supplies the solution! But what exactly is it? Discover the meaning of buying gold tried in the fire, white garments so we can be clothed, and eyesalve so we can see.


  • November 26, 2013
    6:30 PM
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him though his life was nearing the end of his life and ministry on the air he was heading to the cross he had made up his mind is going to continue on with the plan of salvation and Jesus said these words now my soul is trouble and what shall I say father save me from this hour but for this purpose I came to this hour father glorify your name therefore the people whose excuse me then a voice came from heaven saying I have both glorified it and will glorify it again therefore the people whose good line heard it said that his funder others said an angel had spoken to him friends what happened on the day what happened whether two separate events it's a place at the same time that it under or did God speak from heaven through an angel was very interesting is that there were people in one crowd but they heard two different things the question is what made the difference and why why did one some people you one thing and other people here are another answer is that spiritual things are spiritually discerned friends tonight you're either going to hear one of two things you're either going to hear the voice of a man going through a microphone and just making noise relinking of the voice of God for yourself whether you want to hear the voice of Jesus tonight amen let us asking for just that let's pray our father in heaven Lord we are sojourning in this earth we are but strangers here and heaven is our home the children of Israel when they left the the bondage of slavery in Egypt and they were wandering in the desert born when you rain down manna from heaven they went out to collect their food and they said my now what is it Lord we come tonight opening your word the bread of life and we ask what is it what is it that you would have for us to hear open our hearts more we pray that the message that we would hear would not be from a man but that it would be from the Son of Man Jesus Christ may speak loud and clear we prayed it would resonate that we would respond we love you Lord send your Holy Spirit to help us discern the spiritual item of your holy Word we pray in Jesus precious name and once a month just to quickly review were going to examine the message a message from Jesus this evening to find that it saw a simple message it has just three parts but the Lord has a special message for us tonight tonight we're examining Jesus solution for the problem of Laodicea were going to examine the three solutions that he gives in Revelation chapter three verse eighteen as we see this together and you're welcome to turn there in your Bibles with me were going to how diverse is on the screen of a majority versus on the screen all for the sake of time but I encourage you to follow along in your Bible you brought your sword this evening RI for his life for the Lord not just a review to get us up to where we are now so far we have talked about so far we have talked about we've discovered together that Jesus in the beginning of the book of Revelation had a message for John to relate to the setting churches in Asia minor seven of the many Christian church this is message is not only apply for the Christian pan in the first century but the actually applied prosthetic we did not surge down through time each chart representing a time then God 's church would go through all the way until the end of time we see that it makes sense that the last church on the list would represent God bless the people amen in the latter 's on the list is none other than the later the center now this is the church that represents off as God last day remnants people were to talk about our understanding of this and how it grew other people on Friday night anonymous that now we shop together on Sunday night that Jesus describes the church of Laodicea as saying I am rich and have become wealthy and have need of nothing but he says you do not know that you are wretched miserable poor blind and naked we learned that Jesus Ju a stark contrast to the physical reality of their their riches he currently edits it was a wealthy city a Wall Street and the Middle East the time what he was saying in spite of your physical races your spiritually poor Jesus said that your blinds interestingly enough Laodicea had a medical school and a world-renowned ophthalmologist and I Doctor not only that they manufactured I medication for the world 's yet Jesus said in spite of this you spiritually blinds and didn't stop there latest field also spiritually naked and it was so not by coincidence that Jesus gave them a striking explanation of their spiritual status because actually manufactured black wool garments and supply them to the Middle East so Jesus was recommend their problem might praise God that when Jesus points out the problem he doesn't leave us very much he supplies the solution and tonight were going to discover just what that solution in all excited about this evening 's message remember Laodicea greatest problem is not that they are wretched it's not that they're miserable it's not their poor or blind or naked but this dilemma but the latest injured event is that they don't even realizing this is the problem that they're facing this is the greatest challenge and friends we had the tendency to think that a strong message doesn't apply to offer is not right we tend to think that it applies to someone else then it's all too easy to think that we're okay when were actually not and this is the message that Christ wants to get through to awfully think that it may apply to those around us never forget all the eleven years old my parents and I were driving from Fairfield California back home to England California and Nevada and hours drive we were in the city of Fairfield and as my mom in the front passenger seat and my dad driving in my best friend Scotty and nine the back and we pulled out onto the road and it was in the middle of the city and it was slow for the Lord it was slow but we could handle it I kind of thing the wrong way and then a few seconds later with the haters another another one whole we admitted were minor I thought regarding the Bible says in Proverbs fourteen verse twelve there is a way that seems right unto a man but the end thereof is the way of death and regular that that wasn't literally fulfilled on that game and but it's all too easy spiritually distinct or all right to think about in the right direction when were actually going opposite direction of where we should be going all to possible for us to think we're okay when were dangerously driving the wrong directions of the speed anyone can I ever really know if I'm going in the right direction than a saving relationship with Jesus is there such thing as true assurance of eternal life friends absolutely absolutely and in that is such an important question that were taking one whole sermon to address it or preaching it twice on Sabbath were just discovered life and don't misread this sounded safe and secure or not so sure on the Lord would not have his people wondering if there saves you want is to have the blessed assurance that we are safe in Christ amen and we can praise God for that Jesus tells us plainly that we are spiritually wretched miserable poor blind and naked this figure doesn't as part of the problem and praise God that he supplies a solution now I just want to invite you to look at Revelation three verse seventeen with us all Revelation three versus seventeen through very near Bibles but in turn there's up on the screen as well for the sake of time once again but that libels that gives description that Jesus actually get some adjectives about the church of literacy and how when you're talking with me are you are you ready all right is because you say I rich and have become wealthy and have need of nothing and do not know that you are wretched miserable poor blind and naked all right now we're going to go to verse eighteen and count how many solutions Jesus gives us a ready on a variety of high phrasal or let's go I counsel you to buy from me what cold refined in the fire that you may be rich as white garments that you needed on assuming your nakedness may not appear or be revealed and that you may anoint your eyes with eye size that you may see only ask you why didn't Jesus supply the solutions of being wretched or miserably wretched miserable Victoria the method you're not going to want to miss the Lord actually give us the solutions somewhere else in his holy Word Morgan discovered together and you are not going to want to miss I praise God that Jesus applies a solution to every single one of our problems and I and we pray therefore what a good God he is can anyone tell me what this is a picture of rocks okay anyone else what is this actually riots Iraq's anyone want to try to be more little more specific fossils schools in one of its courts and court is often found around what around gold this is actually Gould or this is what gold looks like this rock contain goldeneye and this is what gold looks like before it is thrown into a fiery furnace and all of the other rock and troughs which is called is melted away and all that is left is your precious gold the question what does spiritual gold represent what does gold represent first Peter chapter one verses six and seven tell us wherein you greatly rejoice know now for a season if need be yarn heaviness through manifold temptations that the trial of your wife say being much more precious than gold that perishes but you tried with fire might be found on the praise and honor and glory at the appearing of the trying to seem that the Bible actually compared our faith the goal is easy that is not clear the Bible compares our faith the goal of the light echoes this in many places but notices to the following holds with me she selling price object lessons page one fifty eight the gold tried in the fire is what faith that works by law friends the gold that Jesus left the office is safe that is motivated that is moved that is that is actuated by law in reality any faith that's not actuated by love is worthless not look at this other quote with me the next quote now I get a notice testimony to the checkpoints to page thirty six the goal mentioned by Christ the true witness which almost have has been shown to need to be faith and love combine and love takes the precedents of faith when asked why would I when I say that love takes the precedents of faith why would she say that you want it's really simple because the Bible says look with me at first against thirteen verses two and three first Corinthian Chapter thirteen verses two and three here the Bible says and this is the famous love chapter almost beautiful chapters in Scripture where Paul is describing this adopt a love that God the father has for office that he wants to instill in us to love the world around us does and so I have the gift of prophecy and understand all mysteries and all knowledge and though I have all what they said that I could remove mountains and have not love or charity I am nothing and going to store all my goods to feed the poor and I give my body to be burned and have not charity it profited me how much nothing we believe that if someone would even go to set to the stake to die for their faith but it's not motivated by a love furthermore then it's not a light echoes this in the following listen to this impact the apostles page three eighteen paragraph two she says no matter how high the profession he was heart is not filled with the love with love for God and his fellow men is not a true disciple of Christ in his seal he might even need a martyrs death yet is not actuated by law he would be regarded by God as a deluded enthusiasts or an ambitious hypocrite strong language is not but she's just saying what first Corinthians thirteen cents the faith that we are to have the faith that God wants to give us is a state that is motivated that is moved that is actuated by law that's the purpose of our faith that is the entire points now there are actually three characteristics of the goals that Jesus offers us that he gives in Revelation three verse eighteen organizing a quick look at those three characteristics the first one is that he says to purchase it the second is that it is tried in the fire and the third is that it will make us rich the first of all we're told to purchase the school would ask you Jesus you said that we are spiritually poor right and recently got together know how to someone who is poor by something much more how to solicit for vice by goal at how would someone who is poor by Google or friends look with me at Isaiah fifty five verse one Isaiah fifty five and verse one Jesus says home everyone that first come you to the one there really is no water source of its own it plumbed in water from high rock lesson from colossal hot-water the cold water and the lukewarm Jesus says I'm the solution come you to the waters and he that hath no money come ye buy and eat you come buy wine and milk without money and without price Jesus has paid the price they met Jesus is that the price to offer us safe that works by law of friends just because the price is been paid does not mean that it won't cost us some just because the price is then paid does not mean that it is without cost though the price has been paid for Christ to be able to offer us that gold that phase that works by love it's still going to cost us something to receive the remedies of our Redeemer it's going to cost us everything we ask and everything we are we have to give him a full surrender to the Lord nothing short of all of our hearts and minds will do nothing short of the of the song goes if you are all on the altar of sacrifice late your heart does the spirit control you can only find rats and sweet peace and be blessed as you yield him your body and soul friend is only only when we give a complete surrender of our hearts minds and our lives to him that we can have that piece and not resting on at faith that works my love we're told the purchasing and Christ wants our hearts the second characteristic of this gold is that it is tried in the fire remember friends in order for in order for yes in order for this to turn into this it must go through what fire it must go through the fire and friends remember those three Hebrew boys had technician Abednego you remember from that chapter three out they were told about onto this golden statue that King Nebuchadnezzar had me an e-mail to the Bible says that they'll shall not bow down to any dogs we are not the second commandment is not about onset any idols they notice even trained me the love the Lord so much they said we cannot do this and disobeying our Lord and our King and Francona say something they stood strong for God but the Lord did not deliver them from the fire he delivered them in the file imagine Jesus delivered them in the fire and is a marked difference if God allows a trial to come upon us it's because he wants to walk with us through that trial and help our characters to become more like Jesus if the Lord ever allow the trial in our lives it's for the perfecting of our characters the challenge is the difficulties that come our way it in order for us to more clearly reflect the character the love of Jesus amen it's for our own good he sent this child not to cause needless pain but the lead us to look to and to strengthen our endurance that we may run the race and finish the race and I love the way the William Penn the founder of the American state Pennsylvania setting he said no pain no palm no forms know from no call no glory no cross no crown whatever we have to both want Mister is nothing compared to the glories of eternity and I is no price too high to spend eternity with our Redeemer our Savior and coming King I like the widower Lightfoot even better listen to this afflictions crosses nine afflictions crosses temptations adversity and are very trials are God 's workmen to refine us and sanctify us and fit us for the heavenly garner when through fiery trials thy pathways shall lie I know a lot of us were learning the phone for the first time really tonight when through fiery trials are pathways to lie my greenies also fishing shall be thy supply you remember that soon I might even sing it with me the flames have not heard me I will need the design and I draw us to guns soon and I will to read is the only reason God allows us to look at trials because his promises sure his promises to carry us through our sure enough and you'll see a through these kingdom fiery trials we go through just called our characters to shine brighter for Jesus friend I don't know what you're going through tonight no doubt you may be going through a fiery trial maybe things are all finding your life will maybe you are going through something just now as we speak and you don't know how you're going to hang on friend remember always remember that the will of God will never lead you where the priests of God cannot keep you the will of God the Everly with the grace of God cannot keep on if the loan allows a it because he's going to walk with us through the trial and because it's for our perfection of character 's grace will keep us in the third characteristic of the gold is that it will make us rich price object lessons page one fifty eight paragraph three back believes cries of adolescents page one fifty eight paragraph three the gold tried in the fire is faith that works by love only this can bring us into harmony with God we may be active we made too much work but without love such love as well in the heart of Christ we can never be numbered with the family and having friends such love as well in the heart of Christ we may be thinking how can I have this lot is its forms are very nature is how can we hunt alone that that dwelt in the heart of Christ Romans five verse five the Bible gives us an answer Romans chapter five in verse five the Bible says the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts or the Holy Spirit which is given on to Austin the Holy Spirit is promised to bring the love of God the same love and love in the heart of Christ can enter into our hearts it is not just something that artificially put there no love transforms our hearts and our lives is a picture of my dad and my mom and I you can see then just in front of me and that's my uncle for my last and to the right in the picture and then very close family friend of mine and sound the second family to merely were like one family but site unity wondering where I am I hide from that's a simple accident I might and he had a very tall family on his on a side in a very short family on his mother 's side and say that if I was six eight three causes that were six born six five brothers and I met them when I was little and I remember looking up at like this big guys but to any of this these are my parents and friends I've been blessed with I believe that the best parents on the planet they're not perfect but they are as close to that as I think the Lord could give in human form they love me so much and when I was young they love to give me good gifts inside you know even now my parents love to give me get and I think that's any good parent loves to give their child the best thing that this world has to offer in the right it instilled its natural as part of the parental love that God puts in our hearts and for the Bible tells us the use of this love to help us understand how much more he wants to give us the Holy Spirit in Luke eleven verse thirteen Bible says if ye then being evil know how to give good gifts unto your children how much more shall your heavenly father and the Holy Spirit to them that I and God is just he's eager he's ready and he's waiting the Angels are poised to waiting for us to pray earnestly for the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit would fill our lives and bring that love of God that might be shed abroad in our heart and let me ask you any of you here think that God is going to reach the world with the three angels message that we can go home for the world can be prepared for grumpy people anybody through unfriendly unkind people absolutely not it's the love of God in our hearts it's going to convict the world when Jesus was about to go back to having when he was suitable to Calvary he told the disciples in John thirteen thirty five he said why this shall all men know that you are my disciples by your wife love for one another at going this beautifully unlike says this in testimonies and assisted fifty she says through the church eventually will be made manifest the final and full display of the love of God for the world that is to be lighting with its glory friend it's the love of God that is going to convert the world to the truth of the gospel they're going to see a people they love each other so much that it's beyond human but they must say this is a normal pixel kind they are so selfless they love the people around them so much house as possible it will give the share friend it's not because of me because of what Jesus is doing in my life he wanted to have a kind of witness I sure do and praise the Lord of the Holy Spirit can bring that love into our hearts and Christ wants to give us the slogans of fill our hearts he promises us that through on this actuator this faith is actuated by love he promises us that he'll give us the symbol of gold refined in the fire we've seen the solution that Jesus offers us and our spiritual poverty after explaining to the church at Laodicea in verse seventeen that they were poor Christ said that they were lines River the words of Jesus don't just apply for the first century Christians and Lancia they apply the office his people living in the last things you need to be spiritually blind in the Bible eyesight represents understanding one example where we can see this is actually Psalm one hundred nineteen verse eighteen where David said open thou mine eyes that I may behold wondrous things out of my law of David meant help me to understand amazing things in your word that what is prayer much of the art fairs well and what we see here the Bible uses either the symbol of understanding and you know we actually do this still today our language antibody when you're explaining something to someone and they don't get it at first and all of a sudden they do they said obviously I see I see or sometimes easy caricatures than and cartoons where there is an individual lines they are thinking that all the sudden thing what below above their heads alight old or a life I oil when someone starts to understand something slowly but surely we say it dawns on them right just like the dawn becomes lighter and lighter little by little now it's light that helps us to see that right light bouncing off of objects and entering into our lives being interpreted through the rotten that our eyes and incidences message into the synapses in our brain and helping us understand what's around us light helps us to see its light that enables us to see problems for verse eighteen says that the same is true of spiritual light is but the path of the just is as the shining lights that shine is more and more unto the perfect day the question comes what is it that lights the path of the jobs what is it that lights their path Psalm one nineteen verse one oh five tells us by word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path so what is the spiritual light that will help us to see on our pathway in this dark world below what is it it's the holy Bible is God 's word to Oksana if the Lords word now the Bible the word of God is the light that enables us to see but our spiritual problem as Laodicean Christians is not if there is no light around Internet we're partially blind our vision is skewed we don't see things as they really are even with the light of God 's word we cannot understand it unless we receive the ISAF that God offers us this is a symbol I set a symbol of the wisdom and the grace of God given to us by the Holy Spirit as we studied is where the following quotation the ISAF is that wisdom and grace which enables us to discern between the evil and the good and to detect sin under any guise presently set in the Bible as we look into the perfect law of liberty if we genuinely ask the Holy Spirit to bring us the heavenly ISAF we will see a true picture of our characters not only that but the Holy Spirit will help us to decide a help us to tell and clearly identify what our temptations and dangers and distractions and he will enable us to keep away from the devil to the strength of Jesus and you is well said that something enough to be a bad thing in order for it to be a distraction well said that good is often the enemy of best we can ask what are we doing with our time in maybe good but is it what's best is what we really need anything at that moment in others am nothing wrong with Facebook on a praise God for Facebook in fact I think either one for Facebook many individuals in here may have not known about the meeting tonight but as one for my pleasure there's nothing wrong with Facebook and let your time on Facebook is keeping your face out of this book anything even of thinking the overnighter I and once it becomes over Don and we spent too much time thinking something that you think you know nothing and friends I want is not to just be doing good things but the best thing this life is short in time is all we really have the right time is really all that we have we should be using it for his glory always the final problem that Jesus describes the church of live to see us having in Revelation three seventeen is that they are spiritually naked there spiritually naked now before we take a look at the solution that Jesus offers we have to really understand the problem what does it mean that we are spiritually naked we find another detail in verse eighteen let's examine your thinking he said I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire you may be rich and white garments that you may be closed that the what shame of your nakedness they not be revealed and anoint your eyes I saw that you may see the Jesus asked the details as a word a little word that starts out with S H A that is what she came but the shame of your nakedness may not appear does this remind you of any story in Scripture seven assists and who was it that was a shame for their nakedness it was out of many friends before we go there and before we examine the story of Adam and he were going to establish something from Scripture we googled to many places the will of the just one together Isaiah sixty four six this show that robes and clothes in the Bible represents character clothes and robes represents character Isaiah sixty four and verse six but we are all as an unclean thing and all our righteousness is our is what filthy rags and we all do in a leaf and our iniquities like the wind have taken us away all of our righteousness is our best actress that we do there really mingled with self and less they come from the heart motivated and actuated by that faith that works by love I love that God alone can give us through the power of his Holy Spirit nouns out of any we know that they were made in the image of God and rightist resounded like to study out later we don't have time to go there and examine it but if you study this out out of any work clothes with rows of physical lights we know they were made in God 's image right down Psalm one oh four verse two that the Bible says that God 's clothes in the light spirit of prophecy also talks about how the Ottoman even creation before their fall workflow with garments of lights noted this outward garment of light was a reflection of an inward reality what I mean by that this outward reflection these robes of lights were a symbol of an inward reality that they were walking with God at the work he wore that they were wholly that they were walking in obedience to God 's law that they were in God 's hands in communion with him we know that something happens we know that both of them chose to sin and eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil but through the Gaza John Edomites what happened after that France Bible says in verse seven of Genesis chapter three and the eyes of both of them were open and they know that they were naked and they did what so the fig leaves together and made themselves aprons considering all delivers aid and they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the court the day and I and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God amongst the trees of the garden many decided they were going to try to do their best to cover up the shame of their nakedness now this is an outward reflection of the inward reality that they had broken their connection with having their want to do everything that they've physically collide to make up for it by covering themselves with the works of their own hands literally and friends this is a symbol of self-justification the symbol self-justification when you see this more clearly as we read on verse nine and the Lord God called on Sodom and said unto him where art thou reset any set I heard thy voice in the garden and I was afraid because I was naked and I hid myself with eleven Bob replied coolly told Peter Dallas making has value to the tree whereof I commanded the adoption is not eat here he was before God and the Lord asked him why did you hard for me and we had face-to-face communion but Adam and he had severed their connection with God they had severed their connection with having consuming on a verse twelve Genesis three the Bible says and the man said when not asked in the woman the one without Davis to me to be with me she gave me of the tree and I didn't he just cast the blame right what was Adam trying to do he was trying to justify him self right he was trying to justify himself we just saw that the physical single leaves were an outward symbol of their attempt to justify the filter cover their nakedness their shame because they had been separated from having and now they are doing this on an interpersonal and relational level he's trying to justify hands off when we see we read on level size and the Lord God said unto the woman verse thirteen what is this advised on the woman said what the surfing the certainty child man I did eat now who made the circuit God made the circuit of the animal to be in in creation in the field rights essentially he was throwing the blame back on the she was trying to justify herself blaming it on the serpent on the double he tempted me to do that you know the devil cannot force us to Santa Ana the devil contempt that he can sell all kinds of temptations and things our way but he cannot sustain the cared he cannot force us to say and praise God for that a man temptations may come in our mind we can hit them with Scripture and they can be gone and I going with their flooded you cancel the birds from flying overhead we can stop them from making a nest in your hair sensations make off but we don't have to dwell on the thoughts and we can get rid of them he couldn't say all it was the devil 's fault because she made the choice item couldn't blame his life because he made the choice friends they were seeking to justify themselves sometimes when I read this and whatever this in the past to be honest I've I wanted FISA will only do a ill what's wrong with them how did Adam say that is for life even yet what were they thinking friends though we do the same thing are we guilty sometimes of doing the very same thing of trying to justify our sin of making excuses for the things that we do our shortcomings are failures are false making excuses and self-justification enters into our lives but when we do this it's inhibiting Christ from justifying also by forgiving us with Hezbollah you think she wants to be the one who justifies and in reality Jesus is the only one who tens of the files the Avenue physical nakedness was a symbol of their spiritual nakedness they had severed their connection with having by the unchangeable law .net was condemned to die think instead I then I will praise God that as soon as there was sin there was a failure Jesus stepped in and he said no let man's lot fall on me I will die in his place I will die and the sinners instead let man I freeze the Lord for our Savior Jesus Christ don't you as soon as it was seen as a savior God then instructed Adam in the first sacrifice of a lamb this not only impressed vividly upon his mind that the wages of sin is death but he gave them hope because the land pointed forward to Jesus the Lamb of God would take away the sins of the whole world this first sacrifice was a symbol of just that we find that their man-made single leaf garments the symbols of their self-justification weren't good enough needed a heavenly justification and God give them a physical symbol of the spiritual reality that they were clothed with the righteousness of Jesus Genesis three verse twenty one while says that under Saddam after that first sacrifice that comes out am also into his wife that the Lord God make coats of skins them with the skins of the land that Adam and sacrifice that land that represented Jesus the spotless Lamb of God God clothes out a mini a symbol of their righteousness in Christ the question comes the role of Jesus righteous character just kind of cover are filthy character absolutely not absolutely not Jesus righteousness does not just cover us in our things but he cleanses us from our sins Jesus righteousness is not just called Russell over another look at us in an kind of ignore since they all for Jesus sake I'll look into my heavenly kingdom no friends Jesus cleanses us from our sins amen he transforms our lives and this is what it means to be called in the righteousness of Jesus listen to this price object lessons page three hundred eleven for right now this is my favorite quote from all the writings of Ellen White by his perfect obedience he has made it possible for every human being human beings every human being to obey God 's commandments when we submit ourselves to Christ the heart is united with his heart the whale is immersed with you as well the mind becomes one with his mind the thoughts are brought into captivity take and we live his life he continues on this is what it means to be clothed with the garments of his righteousness then as the Lord looks upon us he sees not a single leaf garments not to nakedness and deformity of same but his own role of righteousness which is perfect obedience to the law of Jehovah Jesus righteousness is not just cover us out it transforms us I love that how she says that if his character being interwoven with our own thoughts become our thoughts is well becomes our will we live his why this is what it means for the Holy Spirit to be dwelling in our hearts by faith and for Christ to be living out his life within us friend he took our filthy bloodstained sinful roads so that he could give us up she wore white role of his righteousness this was actually illustrated in Scripture in a physical sense the other this spiritual reality that Jesus took our our blood stained crimson sinful roads are characters in he died for our sins this was illustrated this is illustrated at the end of his life in a physical way look at this with me notice that Isaiah one presaging a familiar text all must come now and let us reason together saith the Lord though your sins be as scarlet they shall be one as white as snow though they be what red like crimson they shall be whites as well they shall be as wool Jesus makes his promise to notice with me what happened at the end of Jesus life what happened at the end of his life as highlights sent him over the harridan is it always from Herod 's jurisdiction it is impossible on Herrick and Herod give him over after Jesus had no words to say to him he had been lost these soldiers what do you soldiers do notice with me that the soldiers of the governor to Jesus into the common hall and gathered unto him the whole band of soldiers and they stripped him and put on him what is wrong a scarlet robe Jesus had a scarlet robe put on him a physical symbol of the spiritual reality that the sin of the world were being laid on our Redeemer are characters are rows were as scarlet they are a scarlet but through Jesus they can be whiter than snow for our role he died for our sins in our place the reason that he can offer us all rolled to cover our shame the shame of our nakedness is because he not only bore our sins in our shame on the cross but he hung naked between heaven and Jesus hung naked between heaven and earth that we might be clothed the role of his righteousness phrase the Lord amen Christ was naked and ashamed that we might be role and on he hung naked on that old cross look front of thorns that you'll could wear the role of Hawaii and the crown of life friends how can we turn from such law Jesus was crucified on the outside of Jerusalem outside the city so that we could live inside the new Jerusalem Jesus gave his all for off because of this he offers us his robe of righteousness his perfect character which enables us to walk in godly it transforms our lives further when the nails and users have wasn't the nails in his hands they kept him on the cross it wasn't the nails in his feeds it was his love for you and for me he could've called ten thousand Angels he didn't have to give his life to praise the Lord that his love for you and for me with too great for him to come down off that cross he said I will pay the price no I cannot see through the portals of its own I would rather go to hell without then he would rather go to hell for us they live in heaven without us he enjoyed what felt like and what what was complete isolation and separation from God he enjoyed and fell what sinners will feel both reject his mercy when they are destroyed the lake of fire heats up not for us that we might enjoy the glories of heaven and he could not even see through the portals of the two he was willing to cease existence so that we could be say friend how can we turn from such law praise the Lord for our Savior and praise the Lord for our Savior and our God all the little boy my mom and my dad would ask me Justin how much do you love me how much do you love me the same mommy and I think my little hands money I love you so much that it will give this much and when Jesus in the eyes of the universe the onlooking universe two thousand years ago had his arms outstretched and they'll want to uphold Crofts he was telling the universe is telling all of humanity I love you this much I love you this much friend how can we turn from such a savior in he offers us the role of his righteousness in place of our sin the role praise the Lord for the gift of our Redeemer for the solution of the Savior was Saddam more beautiful words and I can write on a share them with you tonight French reformer before Martin Luther in the same he said although this unspeakable greatness of that exchange the sinless one is condense and he was guilty go free the blessing berry liqueur first is brought into blessing the life dies and then they look glorious wound in darkness and he knew nothing but confusion of face is closed with glory friends Christ was treated as we desire that we might be treated as he desire is condemned for our sins in which he had no share that we might be justified by his righteousness in which we had no share he suffered the death which was Lars that we might receive the life which was a Jesus gave his all for you he gave his all for you what are you willing to give him tonight in place of our poverty he wants to give us that beautiful gold a symbol of faith that works by law in place of our blindness are skewed vision he wants to heal us so that we can see in place of the sinful role of our character Jesus wants to give us his righteousness to transform us for heaven and for our homeland like to invite you to bow your heads and close your eyes small ends like to invite you to listen to the words of this song as you do respond to the Lord in your hearts let him know that you want to receive the gift that he purchased when he died on Calvary you want to see the role of life the goals it is faith that works by love and I said that he wants to give us the silence of the Manuel focus on the word of the song and praise our Lord and Savior our father in heaven Lord we thank you we thank you that you think you are that you love us because were voluble aware valuable because you loss we thank you for being willing to surrender your life even what seems to be your eternal reconnection with the father Lord you were willing on the cross to give up your life eternally fraught we cannot but think you spend our lives praising you throughout all eternity we long for the day when I will be there in the kingdom let not a single one of us in a single that we may enjoy the rewards of eternity with you learning more more of the science of salvation walking and talking with you father rephrase that he would keep each one of us in this room faithful keep our eyes on Jesus Lord when we look at ourselves we at times don't see how we could be saved if we keep our eyes on Jesus we won't see how we can devise focused on him thank you so much for the solutions of our Savior blesses his people from this place we pray that your Angels to walk with us in it we maintain a personal atmosphere of reverence and prayer for us tonight no we remain connected with us with your Holy Spirit we pray bring us back against monitoring Jesus Christ this media was brought by osteoporosis and Reading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more than he would like to know more about our universe this is more so than please visit www. on universal thought were


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