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3- Wretched, Miserable, Victorious

Justin Torossian


In Revelation 3:17 Jesus gives 5 descriptions of the Laodicean church. In the next verse, He offers solutions to only 3 of them. Why? In this message we examine the only other Bible verses where the words “wretched” and “miserable” are used to discover how Jesus guarantees us victory!


  • November 27, 2013
    6:30 PM
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but the wretched miserable victorious God bless you have a beautiful country God has created a diverse world I think I had never seen a kangaroo like that on TV until today I was incredibly lucky and we went out to the Sunnyside and Ann James and Daniel Island Sarasohn Junior and I got to see Sunnyside to get its war and incredible torque cleanup goes Avondale and I have to see the college that the Lord revealed only white that that was a land that needed to be purchased and you know it's called Sunnyside because of her life was so happy while she was there maybe not at first when she was going to some real health challenges but as time went on she really came to love Australian agency why I love it already but sound yesterday we were in the blue Mountains and you just incredibly blessed with the beautiful country and these are just small glimpses of heaven in our homeland out of our unit I cannot wait until we can enjoy the glories of eternity with Jesus our Lord and soon coming King before we get our message tonight like to invite you to buy ads with me joining please praise God from whom all the things floral praise AAM also created to the Lord for a game of being found in the more or all of her salon is lost in the Han on free for your thank you more than you are a God of love you wrote on a selflessness to the point that you gave your life for a zero willing to surrender eternity and to come and be born a man and to live life on this earth not only that but to live and die in our place we praise you Lord for your goodness and tonight as we continue our study into the Laodicean message and as we continue to hear your final call to awesome Lord we pray that you would open the ears and the eyes of our heart help us to hear your voice and may we see what you want us to see in your holy Word speak Lord for your servants are listening and Jesus precious name we pray and little boy who well not so little as a young man who drove up to his school one day back in the nineteen fifties and he probably drove up truck that was making all kinds of funny clinks and clanks and noises and the he opened the door and walked into school and the little schoolhouse there and a big smile on his face is first a driving instructor schools and its feature set had a thought on what instructive that out there and he probably said all that send RFP truck and did just that I haven't heard about model once an order of the visit all rescued from the dumpster while friends we as Christians are RSVP pleasant I write not only are we rescued from the dump of of sin and of selfishness but we are rescued from that not only rescued from death but God wants us to be ready for deliverance when he comes we indeed are RSD people and friends Jesus is making his appeal he's making the final call for all humanity is coming soon and he wants us to be ready for delivery we then examining Jesus message to us in the book of Revelation Jesus message in the book of Revelation as we have been discovering that Jesus and the beginning of the book of Revelation instructed John to write seven letters to the seven churches in Asia minor which is modern-day Turkey here's a map of eastern Turkey CDC Jesus specifically told John the words to write because Christ had a message for those seven local literal churches in Asia minor in the first century we know once again that these seven local literal churches are symbolic of prosthetic time periods that God 's church would go through so due time all the way until Jesus second coming in the clouds of glory therefore the last church on the lists which is Laodicea is representative of God last day people as we are living on planet Earth the name Laodicea reflected this actually needs judgment of the people or a people judged and we as students of Bible prophecy now that we've been living since eighteen forty four in the investigative judgment the time of God 's judgment according to Revelation fourteen versus six through twelve those living in the last moments of time there is a special message for us from Christ's friends the latest in message is for us in Jesus is making his final call for the planets of final call for us to make of full surrender of our life to him we saw that Jesus called the Laodicean church Luke warm it's neither hot nor cold they're not entirely nor are they willing to go out into the world it is riding the fence and sometimes friendly we think that a message like this on the flight off but the very fact that if you don't think this method apply to you it applies to you if you don't think this method applies to you it applies to you and itself for me as well the reason is because the message is for those who don't think it applies the therefore if you don't think applies see you in class and friendliness you tomorrow night how are the great leaders of this second Advent movement Wednesday fully understood the Laodicean message their hearts were broken on the rock of Christ they said Matt and we thought that we were okay but we are not we need to make things right with our brother we need to make a full surrender in every area of our lives friends this message is indeed far off as a message of love because Jesus wants us to be ready when he comes in the clouds of glory to take us home Jesus says that his people are neither cold nor hot not able to make up their minds thanks riding and not even realizing it once again Jesus doesn't give this message because he's angrier because he's vindictive no he says as many as I want love I rebuke and chasing or at the ESV puts it I correct in discipline be zealous therefore and repent praise the Lord that when Jesus points out the problem our Savior also supplies the solution and nine last night we found in Revelation chapter three verse eighteen that Jesus supplies the solution he offers us of the solution the solution he says is to buy from him gold refined in the fire that we may be rich and he says why go you meeting closed that the shame of your nakedness might not be revealed and anoint your eyes with eye size that you may see friends the gold represents we remember face of it works by love that's motivated it's actuated by genuine law we see that the ISAF represents wisdom and grace of the Holy Spirit brings us to understand God 's word and to escape and stay away from the temptations of the devil because he enabled us to recognize them that's the spiritual life that the Holy Spirit brings us in the role of righteousness remember from last night but that all of our righteousnesses are as filthy rags friends all rolled in the Bible represent character and this is a mildly is saying Jesus is saying your your character without me and my righteousness your self-justification it won't get you anywhere you need me to justify you friends Jesus grants us that sure clean white rose of his righteousness and and not only does it cover us with these rounds and ignore things now ekes lenses of them are things and then he transforms our characters to be one with his character to the point that our very thoughts will be similar there will be the same as his thoughts is only possible by the Holy Spirit living in our hearts moment by moment and it's a promised reality it's a promise from a dog with a Bible says if it is wondrous to cannot live in a NFL dog who cannot lie has made a promise that means it is possible to pray the Lord that the promise of the Holy Spirit is one that is absolutely sure we discovered last night that this spiritual relevant Jesus wants to clothe us with so to speak is simply a inward representation a spiritual representation would use the reality without a need in the garden of using a friends now is working in reverse as God 's redeeming us he gives us the spiritual role of Jesus righteousness now and as he dies when he comes again I called him glory he's going to give us those clean bright white physical rounds and outward representation of the inward reality that we are righteous by the blood of Christ in a and that he has transformed our characters to be one with Hades we are safe to welcome into heaven because sin will never again be a reality no one will want to even consider saying because all of us will of been transformed by the love of Jesus friends I want to draw your attention to something next in relation three were seventeen Jesus gives five descriptive words of the Laodicean church he set out your account in with me because you say I am rich and have become wealthy and have need of nothing and do not know that you are wretched miserable poor blind as Megan how Mayweather five now in revelation streamers eighteen where he supplied the solution that I counsel you to buy from me what gold what is that the solution to the being poor I bowl tried in the refined in the fire that you may be rich and white garments that you may need for the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed that's the solution to being spiritually naked and then he says and anoint your eyes with eye salve that you may see the question comes five terrible descriptive adjectives problems that Jesus mentions about the church and literacy but only three solutions in the text what is the answer does you must supply a partial solution for the Army something halfway smoothly in fact when Jesus healed people in Bible says that their hand was just as good as the other event that Jesus when he does something illegal halfway he goes all the way and the Lord supplies a solution of the question what are the solutions to being wretched and miserable the answer is connected to the last sentence of Jesus to the latest CNN church and is found in verse twenty one Revelation three and verse twenty one before that he said behold I stand at the door and knock if any man hear my voice and open the door I will come in to him and sup with him and he with me for as this is what can work the transformation of character that we need welcome Jesus into our hearts in and here is in small form this is a part of the outdoor reflection as it were to discover to the question of the answer the solution of being wretched and miserable this to him that overcome will I grant to sit with me in my throne even as I also overcame and sat down with my father in his throne now God has given us the answer not here in Revelation chapter three but he's given us the answer to the problem of being wretched and miserable somewhere else in Scripture very interestingly not towards eventually but I believe providentially the Bible gives us the answer to or see his name I believe providentially both of these words wretched and miserable in these great forms are only appearing they only appear one time each inscription other than here in relationship with every so God is pointing us to these places this context surrounding these words in open to understand the solution to being rested and miserable first we have to understand what they really mean what it means to be spiritually wretched and spiritually miserable the word for wretched in Greek is the life for Ross and it's only used one other place in Scripture similarly the word for miserable is LA and am thoroughly and it's only used in one other place indiscreet for so let's discover together what the solutions are friends or for the gospel to be good news first we have to know what that means right the bad news is that we are spiritually wrenching what does that mean what does that mean readily a Romans chapter seven verses twenty one and before Lionel says I find them along Paul here is speaking about the veep free converted state of a Christian when the Lord has put a desire in their heart to do the right thing that they have not made a full surrender of their life to him because I find then that when I would or I find than a law that when I would view good evil is present with me for ID light in the law of God after the inward man but I see another law in my members warring against the law of my mind and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my number old wretched man that I who shall deliver me from this body of death Paul is crying out he's he's saying this is the pre- converted state where were someone that God is that the desire in them but they're still holding back the hub and allow the Holy Spirit to completely fill their lives and the struggle with saying is the definition of being spiritually retching to be spiritually wretched means to be will you send giving in crawling away from your sin rather than running away like Joseph but sometimes we would all run away from sin we crawl away and looked back half half hoping that their data friendly needs of sleep than facing imminent bottles and resist the devil and he will flee from you submit to God therefore resist the devil and he will flee from you but all too often we we resist God and submit to the level friends Jesus and Jesus alone can strengthen us through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to resist the temptations of the enemy in a and praise the Lord that he can know the word ratchet means horrendous terrible atrocious afflicted tormented torture this great struggle that all talking about is the battle against seeing Alan assayed the battle against selfishness the battle against selfishness by the way did you know that all sin and selfishness all sin and selfishness I'm not just making this up you can find it in Scripture if you did a little bit deeper how many of you here like math what is IMAP Arato were going to work out an equation together but it doesn't have to do with numbers come in you don't like math on Friday everyone to raise her head is going to be able to see this clearly and I believe you're going to enjoy coming to understand how the Bible says that sin is selfish is there synonymous let's see it together from Scripture here is our equation before it is going to be filled in the hospital with me now the Bible in first against Chapter thirteen this beautiful love chapter says in first Corinthians thirteen verse five that love the characters of the love love seat if not her what her own loveseat if not her own oh that love is self what self less rights the love is synonymous with Southwest next love is synonymous with selflessness another word for love is simply selflessness and not you twenty two verse thirty seven to thirty nine when a lawyer Ask Jeeves is with the greatest commandment was Jesus said thou shalt what love the Lord thy God with all thy heart with all my soul and with all my minds this is the first and great commandment and the second is like unto it thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself similarly in Romans chapter thirteen Paul says in verse eight he sums up the last five commandments of God love or about our love for our fellow men expressed through obeying the last five commandments and then in verse ten he says love works no ill to his neighbor therefore love is the fulfilling of the law right so we see that our equation love another word for love is what selflessness now we see love results in law lives law keeping with it is because Jesus said in John fourteen verse fifteen if you love me keep my commandments in the declared that love results in while keeping that Clinton is a map all right continuing en route to continue seeing how sane is really the same as selfishness and love is the same as selflessness now love result in law keeping so we've established that the opposite of selflessness is what sells is this right the opposite of selflessness is selfishness gay when we think of the opposite of love life ironically one assailant 's hate is not its selfishness and when we hate selfish by opposite of love is selfishness so the Bible says then I then that's sin is selfishness now let me ask you what's the opposite of law keeping lawbreaking right now in this biblical let me ask you who of all the human family are committed the first thing wasn't it was even a true knowledge of good and evil and then it shortly after with Adam the representatives of the family and Genesis three verse six we see that you suck that fruit that God said to eat it and she took it for her what for herself she told this fruit because you believe that it would make her want to believe that it would make her like God has states inside when he tempted her now in first John three verse one while says whosoever commits sin transgressive also the law force in is the what transgression of the law so we see that same result in life lawbreaking the friends receive that love is also selflessness and get result in law keeping you don't sin and if we keep this is if we understand this clearly friends we went we would have no danger of legalism because legalism is trying to keep the law in order to gain having the friends if we are trying to gain has been and the mansions and the streets of gold and riding on the backs of of elephants and other animals all this because we just want to be there and therefore were trying to work our way is not laughing and were actually not keeping the Commandments so also the opposite would not be a danger to us if we constantly remember this the indwelling of Christ we would not end up being the wall lists and licentious friend this would keep us on track for all sin as we see is selfishness Ellen White reflect on this and she actually says in minister releases seven all sin is selfishness she's just aiding what the Bible has made clear for your receive respite from Scripture all sin is actually selfishness anything any thing that's how we do that is morally wrong is based in selfishness P arrogance or prime or self-pity or anger or impatience or lying or lust or laziness you name it that's just the firm but the root is selfishness this is what it means to be spiritually wretched this is what it means when Jesus says that your rested that we have this dance toward selfishness and the only thing that can help us is the indwelling of Christ by the Holy Spirit and praise God that he is as we learned last night more willing to give good gifts to his children and the best parents on their and so praise God that he holds nothing back in helping us the only thing that could prevent that from being a reality is if we don't open our hands to grasp onto him you want to open your hands to grasp onto God has a nine amen so why the friends right in the middle of the word itself sells less which is a synonym for love is the word less and that friends of that really should be arbitrary in our personal devotional life when we pray with our family we should be saying Lord may give you less of me and more of you in my interactions with others not just those I don't know those like it are those who are closest to me you mean less of selfishness and more of you who are selfless man look upon the things of others may I care for others more than I care for myself this is not desirable for in this is a prayer that God is just ready and waiting to answer we see that Paul said oh wretched man that I am who will deliver me from this body of death Bible commentators and noted that in Roman times when the Romans were on a field of battle after the battle and there was a soldier that became wounded in the battle but he was not dead yet that they would often take that prisoner and they would chain him or I can to a dead body in order for them to catch a disease and slowly die or to be eaten by wild animals from Paul many suggest that Pollitt actually think who will deliver me from this body of death is as if I'm unconnected to do this this dead person ends before true conversion in the power of the Holy Spirit in my life I'm just waiting here and ready to die and friends that is what happens with us without Christ's we are just doomed to die the praise the Lord that he offers himself to us freely and the Lord does not leave us in hopelessness but he gives us hope friends the battle against sin is the battle against self sometimes we think that it are spiritual our spiritual enemies are are surrounding us another one predict what it if the devil died two days ago was destroyed today I continue being tempted because because I do a pretty good job of dancing myself is really hard trance formation is the only answer that the world 's can really the only answer to the world dilemma of having this problem of spiritual wretchedness friends in Matthew sixteen twenty four Jesus said these words and let me ask you do you want to follow Jesus amen Jesus said that if conditional he said following him will cost something he said onto his disciples in Matthew sixteen twenty four if any man will come after me let him what didn't I himself and what take up his cross and all of me denied him what he himself in other words the battle against scene to grasp onto his righteous right hand and to take up our cross and follow him and then Jesus of his crossword ego where did he go you went to Montgomery he went about the offer and what happened to him there he died Christ took up his cross and that Cross was in instruments of death friends what is the cross that Jesus asks us to take the carried to pick up front that the cross whenever our will cross is the will of God someone has to die whenever our will cross is the will of God someone has to die we can either choose to die to self or we can crucify Christ afresh and friends at about you but I want to say Lord Jesus radon of the king in my heart take me and myself off the throne of my heart and rain as the keen of my hearts that your desires will tonight and then the Lord wants to do this he simply needs our permission this is humanity 's only hope a complete heart transformation Paul recognized this he said in Romans eight verse twenty five the very next sentence after you set over wretched man that I am who shall deliver me from this body of death he said I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord praise the Lord for the solution if Jesus is welcome in our hearts he will give us victory over those things that are chaining us and holding us down in there is no thing too great for the Lord to take away completely praise his name for this the Goths this gospel reality is actually put beautifully I love misquoting Christ's object lessons page two hundred fifty four paragraph two notice of me the only remedy for the sins and sorrows of man is Christ the gospel of his grace alone can cure the evils that cursed society the injustice of the wrist for the poor the hatred of the fort for the rich alike have their root in selfishness and face can be eradicated only through submission to Christ he alone for the selfish heart of sin gives the new heart of love Jesus alone can give us a new heart you Frank friends math how can Jesus do this how can you give me a new heart how can he give me victory over the things that I keep falling over and over the fence Jesus had a perfect character he never sinned and therefore he had victory over sin John fourteen verse thirty Jesus is talking to his disciples and he said the prince of this world is coming and he has nothing in the levers for persisting levels that he was tempted in all points like as we are yet without sin in first Peter two twenty two miles says that he didn't know saying was there any mile found in his mouth friend every time Jesus human nature wanted to go against the will of God he surrendered himself he surrendered himself to his father every single time he gave a complete commitment and friends when he was in the Garden of Gethsemane it came to a climax at that point that the plan of redemption as Jesus was there his human nature shrank from the great sacrifice it gives you a you don't want to give his life for the human race in his human nature he naturally recoiled from his friends he was staring death in the face the second death for us the friends he prayed that prayer he said author not my will but your will be done Jesus overcame in every point in he surrendered himself every time he is will cross with the will of the father was tempted to he said no I'll submit an surrender myself to the father and to his widow presently take up our cross and follow him we can say along with Paul in Galatians two verse twenty I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ lives in me and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the son of God who loved me and gave himself for me friends this is what it means to have Christ dwelling in our hearts by faith the same way that Jesus overcame he wants to grant us power to overcome by the in him and his righteousness right after this right after verse twenty five Roman Senate which is the last verse is Romans chapter eight with its own completely changing I invite you to go home and read it tonight one of the most beautiful chapters in the Bible that talks about the Holy Spirit in well how we are no longer condemned by the law of sin and death when we have the Holy Spirit living in us because it means that Christ will live out his life to us as we submit to him are will becomes merged with his wealth friends phrase the Lord that the Holy Spirit can without Christ's life in us because when Jesus is living in your heart Jesus Gallant he ever becomes Jesus a lot cheaper in UN through you the same one who gave the law who kept the law will keep his holy law through you and to me and he'll see us into his heavenly kingdom friends this is what it means to have the precious role of his righteousness may be thinking in other sounds beautiful but Justin doesn't know if they didn't understand the struggles and I tried and I failed and I've tried again and I feel that I've created a tried and I failed in China fails friends don't give off don't think that these promises don't apply to you friends put away the thought that God 's promises are not for you put the thought from your minds because God has promised Philippians one verse six that he who has begun a good working you will completed until the day of Jesus Christ this work of sanctification hold on to his righteous right arm and he will carry you through to the very friends Jesus achieved complete victory and you can grant us the same victory sometimes we think to ourselves and maybe you've heard it I think I've heard it and I've probably decided in the last fiancé while in LA when it comes to messing up were only human welding here and I'm only human they're only human friend is your own you are not really a Christian if you're only human you're not really a Christian first year second Peter one traces to do for your revivals tend out of me first Peter second Peter one versus two two four second Peter one versus two through four grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God of Jesus our Lord according as his divine power has given on to us all things that pertain on for life and godliness through the knowledge of him who had called us to glory and virtue by which are given on sauce exceeding great and precious promises that might be easily mighty partakers although what do you find nature friendly Christ yes we're only human but Christ comes as a limit our hearts and Jesus is God incarnate when the Holy Spirit comes to live in our hearts it means that that God can keep his lofty lesson is not seeking grant us victory over the things that a change of style the habits that we keep falling into God is able to grant us victory and nine and friends friends keep holding onto his hand the Bible says that the righteous man a righteous man fall to seven times but gets up again imagine but the wicked fall by calamity if you fall remember we have an advocate with the father Jesus Christ the righteous but he is able to keep us from falling and to present us faultless before his throne with exceedingly praise God for this promising a listener how this is beautifully stated in Christ object lessons page three hundred thirty three paragraph one has the will of man collaborates with the will of God you are on the tenth one ever is to be done at his command may be accomplished in his strength all his beddings are enabling all his paintings are enabling friends God would not have instructed us to keep Islam to follow his word if it were impossible in the right does not tell us to do something that is not possible because enough there but Jesus has kept the law completely nobody had done so Judah didn't fall in one single points in the same victory over sin Jesus hath had he promises to have in office even more miraculously been giving us victory over habits users can change our selfish nature he can change our inward focusing hearts to be selfless and loving Jesus has the power to do this he has the ability to the events and praise his name for a month so we discovered together the answer to the first of the two dilemmas we went back to the one other place at that word ratchet is using Scripture Romans seven verse twenty four and we found that it was in the context of the struggle with seeing so sin is what the wretchedness in Revelation three talks a lot and we've seen that the Savior has supplied the solution inhuman they desire to apply for our lives each day if you want to baptize us afresh with his Holy Spirit the second solution what about the solution to being miserable what is a means to be spiritually miserable why we mentioned this were admissible he is likewise only one other time in Scripture and it is in first Corinthians chapter fifteen for strictest chapter fifteen will read verses sixteen through nineteen on writing says for if the dead rise not then is not Christ raised and if Christ be not raised your faith is being ye are yet in your sins then they also which are flawlessly and Chrysler parents if in this life only we have hope in Christ we of all men are mollusks what miserable if in this life alone we have hope in Christ if Jesus did rise from the dead we have all men are most visible we of all people is Christian the most visible friends the tax stone of our faith is the resurrection of Jesus and because of Jesus resurrection we are guaranteed eternal life Satan received the death penalty officially friends the next verse answers the question by the way the whole context of first drink and chapter fifteen is about death that to be miserable spiritually means to be facing certain death that's exactly what it means and not just the first death but the second death not the death that happens when we fall asleep in the grave when we dine this life but eternal separation from God and destruction that is the second death in verse twenty Paul continues we have all minimum miserably assess if Christ is not risen but now is Christ risen from the dead and become the firstfruits of them that slept friends after Jesus was buried in his tune when his body was taken down from the cross when he was laid in the tomb when he rested in the tomb on the Sabbath and remained there the next day the Bible tells us that the women came to the tunes and bond his body because they hadn't done so on Friday with the preparation day for the Sabbath they needed to rest him a lot of work them on why they came to the tomb of Jesus in order to him on his body and the Bible says that and the earth had currently in this artist 's rendition cannot even come close to what that Angel looked like the Bible says that the Angels counted like lightning an entire guard of soldiers fell down a dead friends this angel rolled back the stone of the tomb that Jesus was buried in and he sat on friends then he told these women the evidence of them Matthew twenty eight verse five he said fear not ye are the afraid so they probably were fear not you try know that you seek Jesus which was crucified he is not here for he is risen as he said come see the place where the Lord lady friends praise God that he is risen amen nine hundred and sixty nine it got out of it nine hundred and thirty it got Abraham at one hundred and seventy five a diocese of thirty three but he really Jesus rose from the dead and because he roles we can be victorious over death as well Jesus came forth a copy of her friends began for the counter John three verse sixteen is beautiful verse and most quoted Bible verse in the world most likely it says for God so loved the world that he sent with me gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life the me ask you are there people from history who have believed in Jesus who have trusted either if they live for UK and in the future coming Messiah and his righteousness or after you then look back to Jesus entrusted in his righteousness either those that genuinely accepted Christ in the hearts who have fallen asleep in a grave and more debt absolutely is this talking about dying the first death where we would simply die and sleep nights talking about the second and friends Jesus came forth from the grave au contraire not over just a first input over the second at this is the promise of what we will not have to enjoy because Christ enjoyed it on the cross Jesus came forth a copy over because death could not keep down the giver of life but he rose up from the desk could not keep him down because he had not seen him in this power is seen the power of death is in Jesus death and resurrection he gave just the death sentence he established the date that death would die he said he dealt with a deadly blow to the devil friend Jesus made it secure and sure that not only with a double die you'd be destroyed but by his death and resurrection he guaranteed that death itself would die it would eventually cease to exist praise God for that notice with me Hebrews chapter two verse fourteen for as much then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood he also himself likewise took part of the same that through death he might destroy him that have the power that that is the devil praise God that Christ is not the deadly blow to the deadliness no Satan is kind of like a chicken running around with his head cut off in the sense of unity movie may be causing trouble in calamities and and strive for God 's people the friends he is a defeated foe he is a defeated folk of our Lord has you Revelation twenty first fourteen final talks about when death would be destroyed it says and death and hell were cast into the lake of fire that word hell is eighties which means of the graves that the rave were cast into the lake of fire this is the second friend phrase God praise God because Jesus and the victory over death being spiritually miserable the state that we are and without him because he has been victorious over death so can we because Christ has we can enter into those gates of having relation twenty one versus three and four a talk about this time when death will be no more is less shared with the uniform of the font I've come to know and love being hold the said an article of God is with nine and he shall go with them in a Shelby is being able and God himself shall be with him being in marital behind shallow life away all tears from her all and has shall be no more death neither saw her own daughter crying neither shall there being any more pay for those four hundred beings are not still in is the one of the now Monday you be there on that day when death and sorrow and pain will be no more will be no sick loved ones will be no more separation because will see Jesus face-to-face will see the one way in the sleep given their lives to Christ and you want to be there I think a Mac praise God that we discover that the solution to the lunacy and problems of being wretched or sinful and being miserable and facing death praise God that Jesus has supplied the solution because he he achieved both victory over sin and victory over death and the green he wants to grant us that victory tonight Jesus is willing and he is offering us his victory friends power the power of the gospel is just dance that through the blood of Jesus is not only Grant us pardon for archives but he grants us power in the present his blood grants us the power in the pressing it we need to be victorious over this is why this is why the answer to Jesus solution of being wretched and miserable having the victory over sin and death is discovered Revelation three verse twenty one the last words that Jesus gave to the church of literacy in the last part of his message across you says to him that over comment will I grant to sit with me in my walk in my throne even as I also overcame and sat down with my father in his friends we can be over comers when we welcome the overcoming Jesus Christ into our hearts is not right like to invite the ushers now they're going to be passing you a card friends every time that the Lord brings us a message we have one of two choices in one of two choices we can either rise up in red I will begin humbly bowing submission in Christ has spoken clearly to the ninth friend I don't know what's going on in your life tonight maybe there is some part of your life that is held in the wretched terrible miserable affliction of a scene maybe it's a hobbit something like an addiction or drug addiction maybe it's an alcohol addiction maybe it's a sexual addiction of some kind maybe it's an addiction to video games or television or something else with friends Jesus can free us from the same he has already had the victory over Satan when he walked on this are and he wants to grant us victory in our lives but the source of his Holy Spirit maybe it's something that you're struggling with like lying or slandering more impatient sort of frustration you get upset easily friends Jesus can grant us a character like you sanctification is the work of a lifetime but it's a continual and steady upward walk in a as we submit our hearts in our lives to him Jesus transforms any changes us he wants to make us holy water purifier along the chain of friends Jesus isn't waiting for more hurricanes is not waiting for more earthquakes or floors are rumors of wars he's not waiting for feminine pestilences or or more false cloth profits to our eyes on the scene is not waiting for the world to become more wicked and what was the North friend Jesus is waiting for his people to grasp the right hand of his righteousness and become a whole new idea this is what he longs for must not just once a week not just one today but moment my mom of a continual abiding presence with Christ dwelling in our hearts by faith this is his design Jesus can grant us the ability to overcome if we will simply welcome him in our hearts and ask him to dwell within us and live out his life in and if there's something tonight a character flaw that you have recognized the Lord is directing your mind to you want to say Lord I know that I cannot answer the pearly gates of having with this still ingrained in my life and I'm going to take this part you don't have to put your name on it just yet just think as far and write down online number one say Lord take this from me and only let your hands move that your pencil when you said genuine forever your hearts and you want friendly want Jesus to grant you the victory over any and every decency I should he is more than able he is desiring to do this go ahead and write down on the first landlord help me grant me victory over this secondly this evening we seen that through Jesus death and his resurrection a victory over both the first and the second Jesus wants to grant us victory over death that when he comes in the clouds of glory you can take us home to have him forever to share something very important victory over death is not unconditional receiving that victory and eternal life reseeding of victory and eternal life is conditional on something is conditional on something that is very important is conditional on a union with Jesus of very special type of union I want to direct your mind to just die with me this victory over death through his grief Jesus grant us eternal life is a based on the condition that we are united to him in this way Romans six versus one five therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the father even so we also should walk in newness of life for if we have been planted together in the likeness of his death we shall also in the likeness of his resurrection friends do you want to be raised should we fall asleep in death before Jesus come you only raised in the bed to go home to heaven custards and that Jesus comes while we are still alive while the rest is left in our body you long to go home to heaven I will go to heaven and home friends this world is not all there is not half so much more for it if your desire to learn more about baptism maybe you don't understand fully what it means to be baptized into Christ but it's your desire to learn more and to study Torah but being that time to get your life did you listen to say Lord I want to give you my life I want to be insulating your kingdom when you come to that card and write down online to write down I'm interested in studying the Bible toward Nazism video not made this decision and you learned in working on your heart for some time Jesus is standing at the door of our friends he says behold I stand at the door and not if any man hears my voice and open the door I will come into thin and will sup with him and he with me as Jesus is just waiting to open the door for you to open the door her heart and he longed to know more about baptism or if you know about baptism and you want to say yes I want to give my life to Jesus in this way that I might be united to him in the symbol of his death baptism by immersion in water so that I can be united in the form of his resurrection and both happen than I'd like to write that down ushers are going to come and collect the cards we're going to like to ask that they bring them up here to the front were going to say very special prayer known going to read the cards if you have written down a personal thing or something personal enough to worry about anybody reading this left between you and the Lord but if you have made a decision for Baptist and to open the door of your heart disease us and even if you have not everyone please pass the cards and were going to pray over them first of all first victory over the things that are binding us in second law for those who have said yes I want to learn more about biblical baptism are yes I want to be left as then I want to ask something of you after we pray for these cards please don't slip away if there is something on your heart if you have been battling against something or or maybe you need for air because someone is asking you to pray for them one lift up somebody else tonight were to have a special prayer time after we pray for these cards here in the front if you have made a decision for baptism or filled out a car for more information please come forward as well like to be meeting together here in the front just after we pray over these cards through the Lord that Jesus is coming soon as we look at the world around us can see that our Lord is soon to come through the clouds soon to come through that sky and he wants to come back for a holy people he will come back for a holy people you want to be a part of his people but insisted in nine nine and I were saying Lord we are your children we accepted this gift the solution that you've given us over being rested over sand over that thank you Lord during over saying in the victory over death made to stand with me as we pray the father and having Lord you have you have made us and we crazy that you have redeemed we thank you Lord for the gift of eternal life that you offer us we thank you Lord that when you walk this earth you accomplished victory over saying Lord when you you died on the cross with our sins bearing our sins the things that bind us and hold us what you did not stay in the gray but you rose up again we thank you that the very fact that you'd be means that you can take us to heaven as well what we want it to be nothing between our soul and our Savior so that your blessed face may be seen nothing present preventing the least of your favor Lord help us to keep the way clear and to let nothing between tonight we have surrendered these things but you know our hearts in our minds the Lord if any of us have not surrendered something in our hearts and minds were holding back Lord do not give up continue to send your Holy Spirit to plead with us time is short Lord Mortimer coming soon in your making the final call the humanity by whatever these cards represents what ever chains are binding we give them to you we know that you can break us free or you came to set the captives free in the same way that you heals those who are bound by Satan through disease or you see when you walk this earth you can do it today in our life many of us are here as a Testaments Alaska Lord we know you want to continue the work is begun we submit all of these things to you for we pray that you will help us strengthen us to hold on for your righteous right hand we pray for your goodness glory we thank you that are times of unfaithfulness never renders you unfaithful continue to work with us and in us and through us reach those around bless our kind of prayer Lord as we just come and pray here together after this may your spirit continue to abide in this place in a special way bring us back again Friday night as we take a deeper look at what it means to let you enter into our hearts by faith and what it's going to take for you to come we love you are in Jesus precious time media was brought by audio course a website dedicated to spreading God 's word the sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain it is www. audio person or


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