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4- What will it Take?

Justin Torossian


History reveals that Christ desired to come long before now. Learn how God was working to prepare the Christian world in the late 1850‘s to receive the 3 angels’ messages, and what stood in the way. Today He wants us to give the final call. What will it take? 


  • November 29, 2013
    6:30 PM
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I was eleven years old I remember very vividly the United States my best friends was a baseball player and that morning I had seen a baseball game hence the Sunday and watch the baseball game and then I went home and see the normal day I went to bed that night and I'll never forget what took place I remember dreaming and outstanding that the batter and the pitcher just with his fastball and I I connected with the ball the bad crush that it was going out into left field far far far side of the latter part and I just started running I took off around first base I stopped at first base and I ran and I started going toward second base as fast as I could to make a home run right out to second this old almost there in about ten feet away the referee the standard second base jump at any crowd to me isn't what you doing what you doing this and I'm running the second of May some running second place and wanted as our first stop me what had actually happened was I had jumped off the top bunk of my that I had stopped and turned and I run straight out my bedroom door into the dining room our house and I had made a ninety degree turn and I was running through our living room into the wall and my dad jumped up off the County ground into what you're doing what you're good at that I'm running the second phase of running a second bag friend have you ever had a dream so real that you were sure that you are there have you ever had a dream so real that you are sure that you are there Romans thirteen verses eleven and twelve is possible to be physically a fleet and to be convinced that you are fully awake in Iraq not spiritually the same if possible also as in Romans thirteen verse eleven twelve and that knowing the time but now it is high time to awake out of sleep for now is our salvation nearer than when we first leave the night is far spent the day is at hand let us therefore cast off the works of darkness and let us put on the armor of light friends it is often possible to be spiritually a sleep and to be spiritually sleepwalking the year was eighteen fifty six it was after the great disappointment twelve years after actually great disappointment of eighteen forty four and this little group of those who believed in Jesus 's incoming had not given up their faith they had held on this group who were from all different denominations down together and they faithfully studied and came to a unity of belief on the teachings of the holy Bible what had been a fledgling little group of around fifty people had finally to twelve years later become a living healthy growing church tonight willing to take a look at something that had to do with their understanding of the book of Revelation something in there history and really something in our history as Seventh-day Adventists avoid any further I have a confession to make tonight at confession is this I used to think that history was boring anyone else in the same boat let me finish what I like to save a BVI ABV it hasn't changed I just been a history was boring but when I gave my life to Jesus I found history all of a sudden to be fascinating I started to love history because you see the reason history the fascinating because it's just that history is his story history as we look back is the way that we can see God 's providence and his leading in our paths and he gives us encouragement for what the Lord is doing right now and what is going to do in the future and so history is not some archaic boring thing no when we carefully look at history we can see the amazing things that God is not and if we forget those we are more likely to trust in the future the tonight were going to take a look at our history as a people and how we understood the message to the live of the scenes from Jesus himself from Revelation chapter three that we've been studying together this week as we've been hearing his final call to each and every one of us revelation is a book of settings is it not a book of seven debate we remember as we have read the book of Revelation no doubt many times that there were seven stars in Jesus can I there are seven trumpets in Revelation we have the seven last plagues the Lamb John saw a picture of Jesus symbolizing Jesus that had seven horns and seven eyes the Lamb of the only wanted to open the seven what the seven seals very good now the first set of the first mention of setting is at the beginning of the black and it's Jesus letters to the what the seven churches fragrant and this is what were going to be studying tonight now John was instructed by Jesus to write down these messages that Jesus gave specifically to him the arts is seven as we mentioned the seven literal local churches that were there in Asia minor were many more than just seven but Jesus chose view specific setting charges because he had a message for them back then but also the messages to the seven churches are a prosthetic message in a path that an outline of what God 's church would go through general good time all the way until Jesus came in the clouds of glory we been talking about message to the church of what Laodicea is at first on the list middle or what is a lie that's right it's last that would make sense that if you are the prosthetic outline of God 's church if he saw those churches in Asia minor and chilled those one because he knew that his people down through time with struggle with the same things in order that he wrote the letters of the church is if it means that the last church on the list represents God bless the people meant unless they people who are waiting and working for Jesus soon return in the clouds of glory now we seven seven percent on the first ones to understand this as students of the Bible and students of prophecy in fact this is a position that has been held this is belief that the seven churches of revelation actually represent God 's people down through time he goes back to a man is the first one we have on record named Joachim of Fiore from Italy and Italian theologian in the twelfth century the Bible students was sought out the Lord County time has been led to this biblical truth something that originates with Seventh-day Adventists as a people now the position that we have now is different than what we had back in the eighteen fifties easy back then the Seventh-day Adventist church believed and taught that that they themselves were represented by the church of Philadelphia after the greatest plan after eighteen forty four they said no where the church of Philadelphia and the church of Laodicea are all of those other Christian churches who have rejected the truth of the Bible everything that it's okay to the carousing party into all these things and be a Christian at the same time if it goes straight to the Laodicea not us we're represented by Philadelphia out what was the difference of what was late why would they want to be represented by Philadelphia let's take a quick look at what Jesus says to the church of Philadelphia Revelation three versus seven at twelve the versatility on the screen for the sake of time but you are encouraged to a few brought your Bible to turn there with me in your Bibles revelation chapter three verses seven to twelve and to the angel of the church in Philadelphia right these things saith he that is holy he that is true he that hath the key of David he then opened it and no mention and shut up and no man opened I know thy works behold I have set before you an open door no man can shut it for thou hast a little strength and hast kept my word hast not denied my name message continues behold I will make them of the synagogue of Satan which say they are Jews and are not but July behold I will make them to calm and worship before thy feet and to know that I have loved the because thou hast kept the word of my patients I also will keep me from the hour of temptation which shall come upon all the world to try them that dwell upon the earth your question we finish this section Jesus clothes to the message of the Philadelphians on the Philippine church behold I come quickly hold that fast which thou hast that no man may take thy crown in and overcome it will I make a pillar in the temple of my God and he shall go out no more and I will write upon him the name of my God and the name of the city of my God which is new Jerusalem which cometh down I have out of heaven from my God I will write upon him a new name a frenzied use your one negative thing in a message in that it was not a single negative statement that Jesus made for the Mets of the church of way of Philadelphia not a single one so we understand why he seventh Adventist church would want to believe yes this applies to us right this applies off well be the message that John was instructed to write and send to that the church of Philadelphia and to send to all the churches the Seventh-day Adventists churches understanding the leaders understanding of this position in order to bear their belief that they were ever there my Philadelphia started to become tilings the reason is because Ellen White started receiving many unit around eighteen fifty six are in the early eighteen fifty six more specifically she started receiving messages for people in the church they were not messages that God was sending them that were were necessarily easy to hear they were strong messages when a needed correction when he needed to change major things in their lives and therefore she started thinking what is our position that we are Philadelphia really true is this really the case she spoke with her husband James James White of the leaders of the now one of the leaders of our church and he started study and he struggled with this and and as he was studying and thinking and talking with Alan it we can imagine that this was very very challenging that hard I think the Senate Baptist Church of how disposition for twelve years now how could they all of a sudden turn around and change their position James must've been thinking have we things should we be blocking all of this time and we thought that we were okay and actually been all wrong presently we made points with anything and how can they may not see this but the truth is that it's all too possible for us to think that were okay when were actually not we are prone as human beings to think that that a strong message or or correction applies to the person next those are behind us or somebody else not on its apart of our human nature on airplane on the way over here and start everyone to put their funds in a plain month mother said to shut them off but I put my phone in airplane mode and put it away and then something out the window was beautiful I think of the sunset and all that's gorgeous site let my phone and help in the camera and I snapped the picture ends and then I heard this through to say please put away your device and I thought she was talking to some else I was just the added makes you talking to me at all and finally it it sunk in and down before she had to say the second time thankfully I realize he was talking to me if it is all too easy to think that a message of correction or instruction does not apply to us in the right we all too often tend to think that it applies to someone else but the literacy and message the Adventist church began to realize applied to them and tonight as we examine what happened in the church is incredible the beginning of what could have been the end and could have ushered in Jesus second coming one could be amazed at what this message did to transform the lives of those who heard it and who accepted and internalized it James was was agonizing with this question what shall we do know it is this really I been wrong all this time is a Turkish proverb older get out of that says no matter how far you've gone on the wrong road turn around and not the truth about how far we've gone on the wrong road no pressure no anything should cause us to continue to wish you'd like you know what I realize this is the wrong room in a turnaround in and James White was a man of integrity and this is exactly what he did in the next review and Herald October nine eighteen fifty six there was an article that he posted with a number of questions he just brought this up with a number of questions were to look through just a few of them although they're all listed if anyone would be interested I'd be more than happy to share the slide after this that you can study this deeper in your own time and on your own just let me know I let one of the youth because our pastor Marty I'd be happy to see you in October eighteen fifty six he wrote these words at present there is space for only a few questions asked to call attention to the subject to which they relate a full answer we trust will soon be getting many begins to the seven churches in Revelation one verse eleven represent seven conditions of the true church in seven periods of time we would have to walk on yes absolutely that's clear number two if so then is the view ever erroneous that the Philadelphia and Billy Odysseus states both exist at the same time does not make sense if God 's churches being represented by one church through each age how could to exist at the same time we wonder why you see this earlier a friend sometimes we have selected spiritual vision narrowed ever three does the church in Sardis represent the nominal churches to whom the advent message was first given continuing on number four and does the church of Philadelphia rep the Church of God in her state of consecration and brotherly love looking for the coming of Jesus in eighteen forty four then he says the lessor to look at if so is not the present time and the of the Laodicean condition now missing isn't this the present time the latest in connection they said that is not the state of the latest seems lukewarm neither cold nor hot fully illustrate the condition of the body of those who profess the third Angels message he was asking some tough questions and look around you at the church we were once on fire for Jesus but you sure that we are represented by Philadelphia what was the final thing that he said he asked a few more questions that made the case very clear and number eleven was this if this be our condition of the people have we any real grounds to hope for the favor of God unless we heed the counsel of the true witness as follows and then he quoted Revelation chapter three were Jesus instructs us to buy gold refined in the fire I sent little enable us to see in the robe which represents his perfect righteousness so what was the reaction of the people the question comes the next paper James went actually did a study and he mentioned how Laodicea means the judging of the people literally the name later this year to be lukewarm like is commonly believed means the judging of the people and since eighteen forty four according to Bible prophecy it's been the time of the investigative judgment therefore it makes perfect sense that the church at Laodicea is representative of the church since eighteen forty four God 's remnant church since that date well in the next paper to people responding SN Haskell a leading minister of our at the time and then gave a human who was called the most honest man in town in Battle Creek Michigan when Joseph Bates one rolled into town he asks skimming over the on most honest man in town after a few different people now said David Hewitt is the most honest men and how they fit okay I'm a no share this message with him so as Haskell wrote for the review and he actually said that he'd been thinking along identical lines to James White for quite some time that didn't come through as a surprise to him David Hewitt said here brethren and sisters can we not see from the nature of the petition that the lonely Jesus is not in our hearts though we have supposed that he was only him he fathers and mothers let him as husbands and wives let him it preachers let him a maze the writer of this let him a friend this is a message that struck home with these two leading brethren early on when when the Adventist church was recognizing that you were the church at Laodicea we are the Church of Laodicea and that we need some let Jesus into our hearts continually that we may have abiding in your presence of the Holy Spirit no the change had been had been setting the change they've been siding but it had actually been revolutionary it was it was amazing the message from Jesus to the listings didn't have one positive statement in it about the church nothing to soften the blow nothing said to soften it in any way Jesus tells us though out of love and visit as many as I love I rebuke and Jason or I correct in the supply friends we know that the most loving thing that a parent can do for their child when they're going way when you're doing the wrong thing when a young is to give them a loving if not in any other way but only out of love for them and God does the same for us as the site clearly from Scripture the people had two options they could stand in defiance or they could bow in submission simply too often the father was an friend is the same for us today that right any time that we are faced with a message from Jesus we have one of two options to make one of two choices we can either rise up in rebellion or we can humble our hearts and not every time that Jesus gives us a message we have a choice to make and allow you to my desire to come before God and ask him to transform me on it you want a similar transform my heart and I know back then the review and Herald was much different than it is today today our church is much much larger and the way that worked was very different it was the hub of all church communication back to a sense that you wanted to know was happening and it was the hub of communication it was really the holes of the church to find out the church 's pulse in the past all you have to do is go to the review and it only have to do is go to the review and read to find out what people 's reactions were to this message and its understanding being shifted to realize that the church of lettuce it was with them not the other Christians around the one I see what the people 's reactions were on anyone's advisor the people react in the forehead and I was continue what was the reaction to this new interpretation the result was that by the end of November remember this was first the very first article the James White wrote those questions was in October October nine by the end of November at the new position had become the official stand of the church it wasn't just here's making decisions and this is the evidence witness even if the moment but the question on first what about only white was she pushing in this direction was she pioneering this answer is actually now it wasn't until six months later that she wrote an article you can find it in customers going one to one hundred forty one it was entitled be zealous and repent in quoting Jesus and the church of lunacy the Ellen White was not and I wish I had time and I wish Houser for another week that we could dedicate an entire series of understanding Ellen White's role in the Seventh-day Adventist church understanding her as a person and individual among there a grandmother and in fact I you know six months later when she did when she said this it goes to show that she wasn't the one formulating some advantages Doctor in fact none of our doctrine of the church were formulated or written by Ellen White what was the response of the church that's the question I what was the response of the church well in the fourteen months from November all the way through it of eighteen fifty six all the way through to the end of eighteen fifty seven there were three hundred and forty eight items that appear in the review on the church where the sale of check this out James White or other editorial writers wrote sixteen of them seventy of them were written by ministers but two hundred and sixty two of them were written by lay members two hundred and sixty two they were written by the church member and discharge members were talking about revival in things that were happening because they realize that this message applied to them it was them that were broken it was then they needed the help of the Savior it was then the knee and the role of his righteousness and before they had thought that they were okay for these that the statistics show that the church accepted the message I think I'm one of the ministers did they agree JH Waggoner the father famous DJ Lackner from eighteen eighty eight Minneapolis general conference he said this I feel constrained to add my testimony as to the lukewarm condition of the professed Sabbath keepers this fact has long been a deep grief to me especially allied and burdened with the state of those who for years profess the faith and continuing on another minister Frederick Wheeler also affirmed that this is what he saw in the field they were agreeing with this he said that a local and state has come over the church is a fact to plainly seem to be denied only after we see today what we do and I'm not saying all yada people outside around archers no we have a tendency to become like what's around us is not right and when I careful we will not be in the world converting the world to the church but would allow the world to convert the church to the world but God wants us to be a light shining in this world for handyman to light the way to our heavenly home Frederick Wheeler containing on the worldly spirit that is seen the lack of consecration and of the spirit and power then mark the early progress of the third Angels message are too apparent that that so that it is even so so that ministers were a green suggest this is a problem we see this in our church we see this in in the people of God that were once on fire for the Lord now what was the report from the pastors and ministers who started preaching the Laodicean message RF Cottrell said this as he met with the family afterward he wrote these words we had a refreshing season the testimonies of the Laodicean church was considered and all seemed willing to receive the rebuke of the true witness and be zealous and repent furthermore the people were receptive to this message in an Internet on FW Rhoades said I have scarcely heard a dissenting voice to the testimony which show the Laodiceans out of keepers to be in a lukewarm stay fit I haven't even hardly heard anyone who disagrees with its another AF option set I wish here to add that a happy change is taking place among us praise God event the slalom and and stirring message to us all to awesome Laodiceans is arousing the church to ask in now praise God event this this message as it was being preached was working on revival he can he also said at such and I have been awakened a sense of my situation I have confessed and still do confesses it wasn't just the reform that that preachers are preaching your illiteracy in your lukewarm no it was a personal reform as well I have been awakened for the sense of my situation I have confessed and still do confess my great lack of patience my want of meekness and Christian forbearance toward the area in the past also my severity of language in administering reproofs and admonition of the Lord all unduly pity and freely forgive me is my prayer and the dear children of God also men realize and recognize as many of the ministers did this message is for me I need a transformation I'm not just preaching this to others this is something that needs to take place in my own heart and for that was for me echoes for all of us as Seventh-day Adventists and Christians and followers of the Lord he meant this is something that that is a reality something does not change us then the truth that we are proclaiming will have no power can send on another message around another learning from Theodore S brother Cornell has been down here among us in Ohio in the demonstration of the Spirit and with power so that we cheerfully acknowledge that this work has been the work of God I wish to acknowledge that evening I wish to hear humbly confess that I have been made to feel my truly abhorrent character before God I have seen Claire asking clearly and that pride and selfishness had been mixed with all that I have go and see how does spiritual I saw applied in this man replied with the fact that a statement and said this has caused the personal revival in my life in my heart the ministers and the membership began to realize this revival that had started was started by God and it was one that the Lord wanted to do was to finish the work listen to this incident is powerful from from Ayotte minister named EIC man he Christ says he will come come in and suck with us I have proved and know him true the spirit of our meeting at Boston has shown the oculus on the same to everyone present the same spirit that we had in eighteen forty three and forty four was with us and the last work is commenced that will give your last work is commenced that will end in glory if we are faithful but it will cost all we have to and all we are as he said this is the beginning of Jesus is our second economy and when you see that God was wanting to start the Final Cut he wanted this was the the beginning of the final call God wealthiest people up so that they could prepare the world and friendliness e-book by the end of this message how God sent angels to prepare people in this good in United States specifically wanted to use that to reach out to be an higher world to take the three angels message to the world witnessing this before the end of our message from history the question comes what happens was still here in over a hundred and sixty is what happens unfortunately our story takes a sad turn very sadly James White said our solemn and settled convictions are that the testimony to the literacy and has not been felt and obeyed it is being too much of surface work the influence of which soon passes from many minds and maybe even coming this week you've written messages that are start your hearts messages that have made you say yes I wanted to surrender myself more fully to the Lord more completely and friended it happens to God 's people back then when it was a great revival that as time went on they let it simply fade into the past question comes to us are we just going to let our knowledge of illiteracy and message this is revival of the Lord has begun and is continuing in this church we just going to let ourselves be on the sidelines or we're going to see Lord usually use a here my saved me I want to be a part of your work friends the choices are they meant and God is the one that will put the desire in your hearts and the enabling guilty will enable you to accomplish what he has called you to does God 's beddings I is enabling CNN right out of your testimony today she said the testimony that you witness has not been half heating the solemn testimony upon which the destiny of the church hangs has been lightly esteem and it has been as if not entirely regard skews me if not entirely discrete I read this message fell by the wayside to a large extent the church accepted a master a few short months the fiery zeal for God they had died away the Lord needed to continue he needed them to hang on to carry the message to continue preaching the gospel because he was wanting to change the world with a friend he wanted them to hang all you wanted them to run the race with endurance and and he wants it to usher in his second coming Jesus would have returned he would have returned you may be thinking now is a bold statement fiber hardware how does this guy know what such confidence of the loud cry would've ushered in Jesus return while reservoir I answer that question did you know that the Laodicean message is the same as the message of righteousness by faith the latest in order to come back to this remembering the latest in message is the same as the message of righteousness by faith because the literacy and message in that message Jesus says I will give you gold and gold represents what faith that works by my love and he also later says I will give you my role the role of his righteousness the message the latest in is justification and sanctification this is this is the spirit of prophecy tells that it's clear in the Bible this message is really one and the same Jesus wants to dwell in our hearts by faith that's what righteousness by faith means that is the message you want to live out his life within us but the reason we know that Jesus could come back to this God gave and where to look a history to find out what was happening in the United States in eighteen fifty seven and fifty eight just after dawn work is amazing revival in the seventh Adventist church organist you'll is happening around in the country prolific this quote actually gave Ellen White of vision in which he outlines what his full plan for the giving of the latest in emphasis in the church was which would carry the church right through the subsequent issues and events of the gospel being taken for all of the world that Jesus could return give evidence showing her all these things and you can study it out I want to write this down you can find it in first claim of the testimonies pages one seventy nine and one eighty there she actually explains the vision that God gave her that showed that the work could have been would've been finished and we're going to see it from history intimacy that it's it's no coincidence with the Lord did want to finish the work in the limelight a testament to look at one quarter that quickly she says on page one eighty some I saw outmanned this is the call friends vicious this is incessantly essentially explaining something that we're going to see later when we come back to it when we read what historians were saying it was something that they did not understand the they create they couldn't quite make it out but God revealed it to Austin Alan White he actually said through her this very thing that God sent out Angel to prepare people to receive the message of righteousness by faith to receive the thirty she says some I saw did not participate in this work of agonizing and pleading we seems indifferent and careless they were not resisting the darkness around them but it shut them in like a thick cloud the Angels of God left these and I saw them hastening to the assistance of those who were struggling with all their energies to resist the evil angels and trying to help themselves by calling upon God with perseverance the angel left so we went to the people who are really trying were really struggling and seeking for children in darkness and wanting to know what the truth what she continued but the angel let those who made no effort to help himself and I lost sight of the eyes the pretty ones continued their earnest cries a real flight from Jesus would at times come for them to encourage their hearts and light their compensates for and got friends Don sent angels out to prepare the country and thereby extension the message was going to go to the entire world theory quickly the Jesus was coming so let's see what was happening in history at that time listen to this from a church historian named Beardsley from eighteen forty three to eighteen fifty seven eighteen forty three to fifty seven there were several years during which the sessions to the church scarcely equaled the losses sustained by death and discipline through the church historians think between eighteen forty three fifty seven churches didn't grow there were these incredible revivals the second great awakening where church attendance just exploded and then in eighteen forty three by the rails right before eighteen forty four BC patient seeking forty three to eighteen fifty seven biggest plateau these churches just stopped growing completely now something amazing happened listen to this as we continue to take a look at history he says riches increase what was the reason that they plateaued riches increase multitude set their hearts upon political strife grew more bitter and the great Civil War drama paints in the midst of all it's plenty and pride the nation awoke one will go up one morning to find the glory was all a dream while speculation was at fever heat and when men were wild with a mania of moneymaking they can financial and unprecedented misuse me that the financial crash unprecedented in the nation 's history in the twinkling of an eye the riches of many the wings and flew away bankruptcies failures Franz defalcation were on every half and the hearts of men sailed them for fear know when this actually happened it was in eighteen fifty seven and eighteen fifty eight listen to that and now that the wheels of industry stood still and the noisy cries of greed were hot men stopped to hear the voice of the Spirit calling them to repentance and a heated the heavenly call another revival of national extents began and you realize in the United States in eighteen fifty seven and fifty eight there was a role for libel that they had just started to begin during that time a massive revival actually turned into a large revival which will mention a little bit later but recall that the revival of a million converts there were about the last thirty million people in the United States at that time the million out of thirty is quite a lot he continues on this is Frank Beardsley the church historian in the great revival of eighteen fifty seven and fifty eight preaching seems to have occupied occupied a very secondary place for the saving power of the gospel at that time received its chief emphasis to the personal testimony of men and women whose hearts God had touched fringing that means it wasn't just people standing up front preaching the gospel praise the Lord for that in a God uses preaching and he will until he comes in the clouds of glory but you know what you can reach people that I could never reach every person in this room has a sphere of influence no one else you don't need to leave your job if the Lord is calling into full-time ministry then answer his call in and but God may be calling Ricky is calling every single one of us in whatever our field of work is whether we are a dentist whether we are a mechanic whatever you might do is calling you to be his instrument there is nothing more powerful than our personal testimony meant what God has done in our lives is one time when Jesus said no to someone who wanted to follow him of the demoniac he didn't say no because he didn't want and set to be his disciple he said no go back and tell your family your friends what I have done for you you know that men had never heard a sermon come from the lips of Jesus but he knew what Jesus had done in transforming his life he cast the demons out of he change them from a man who cut himself with stones and cry to live in the tombs a man who is seated at the feet of Jesus clothed and in his right mind and friends at testimony of the power to change the entire region when Jesus came back to the capitalists they were waiting for him there because this man in fact two of them went out and they were these missionaries for Jesus friends Jesus wants to use you you want to use you in your sphere of influence the questions honestly Lord how would you have me share when will you have me share in what way would you have me share in France God will be faithful to reveal that size if we are open and looking for opportunities he will point them out to us for this revival was not simply by treating it was my personal testimony that the word of God began to spread listen to this it did not begin in the churches nor was it brought the past by the preaching of some long neglected doctrine of grace as had been the case in the national revival that had preceded it very interesting listen to this for society thing as he looks back into the pot he says this is different on the other roof libeled at the place they all had some long neglected doctrine of grace we think of the Baptist when they had to throw violent they recognized they recognize that baptism was not emerging be discovered this teaching English holy work and it caused a reliable Martin Luther discover the righteousness is not by works but my faith in it is of them not long neglected doctrine of grace and this church is facing there was there seems to be no long neglected doctrine of grace there was no teaching that it was missing that came to light that sparked this revival of friends what was it that was missing what was it was missing you know it is absolutely no coincidence that just a year before this God had revealed the truth of the Laodicean message these remnant church he had done this and they would wake up to the fact that they were spiritually Luke Luke warm that it would catch fire for Jesus and give the final call to humanity but insisted that long neglected doctrine of grace it was meant to go to everyone on planet Earth was none other than the three angels message of Revelation fourteen this is the last message the planner it's the final call that God is making thoughts this is the message that God wanted to attend this revival this is why God dispatched the Angels so that they would prepare people 's hearts and we were ready but God 's people God 's people were not ready to take this message on even as non- Adventist students of the Bible understood the three Angels messages is the last call to humanity is the last appeal the planet Earth listen to this quote from actually a Roman Catholic nineties these are John Doctor Knox who Ronald Knox who actually wrote translation of the Bible he actually recognized in his study of Scripture that the three angels message with the final polishing final is later he he translated this word everlasting Gospel in Revelation fourteen first anger message literally eternal it is not clear why the gospel preached by the angel is so described but the context suggests that it is the last call to repentance which will be offered to man this side of eternity is the last call to man beside eternity friends Jesus wanted to wrap up this great controversy so that his children could go home he wanted to rapid offenses and the three angels message that will usher in his second coming the message that we are to give worship to God our Creator the message that we are living in God 's judgment how are the messages of the seventh day Sabbath the message of of God 's children who need to come out of the full systems of worship and come in the fall of the truth the Babylon because it's falling the message not to take the Mark of the beast but the worship God the message of the everlasting Gospel friends this is the three angels message and God wanted the world to know what this message what he wanted to go out for so they could transform their lives this message the Angels were sent to go and prepare souls to receive one of ushered in the acts of God 's children had sunken back into their sad lukewarm states early writings page two hundred ninety nine affirms that Jesus would have come again was sent out Adventists after the great disappointment in eighteen forty four held fast to their faith and followed on on odd unitedly in the opening providence of God receiving the message of the third angel and in the power of the Holy Spirit proclaiming it tomorrow we would have seen the salvation of God the Lord would have wrought mightily with their efforts the work would have been completed and Christ what have come in this to receive his people took everyone she was saying the door was with Nestlé was open God was ready if we had held off if we had run and continued running and run faster with this message and share it with the world Jesus would have come here this friend after this the church after them the late nineteen sixty eighteen sixties eighteen seventies eighteen eighties eventually the preaching became more and more dry it became less and less filled with Christ's Jesus was not heard enlisted up until the Lord 's messenger said that the sermons were as dry as the hills of Gilboa which were really try the Holy Spirit wasn't there the church needed revival once again and God will come up again he sent messengers in eighteen eighty eight he sent messengers with that the message of righteousness by faith and he wanted his church to take this message to the world once again he was trying to listen to this on White wrote this in nineteen oh one looking back she said once again if God 's people have the love of Christ in their hearts if every church member were thoroughly imbued with the spirit of self-sacrifice if all manifested a thorough earnestness there would be no lack of funds for home and foreign missions our resources would be multiplied a thousand dollars of usefulness would be open and we would have invited we've been would've been invited to enter at the power of God being carried out by his people in giving the message of mercy to the world Christ will come to the earth and the Saints would air this I received their welcome into the city of Gaul once again the message of righteousness by faith this message was lost sight friends what happened both times what happened to God 's people this was the problem and this is the problem Jeremiah twenty nine or thirteen and ye shall seek me God says and find me when ye shall search for me with how much of your heart all your heart we as a people and I'm owning this I is well all too often have divided hearts is not right we want to follow the Lord of all our hearts but we allow the things of this world to hold us down friends God wants to finish this work so that we can go home in on you want to bring this great controversy to a close currently studying at Andrews University as many of you know in a world missions class called world Christian witness to world religions were learning about about the incredible obstacles and the blessings and ways to connect with people of another faith but FriendFeed you realize that floor four five people are born every second worldwide on average and one eight people die every second that averages out to two six five people on average every second that are on the planet about ten people were just born actually about ten people in about ten people more now on planet Earth and we did can we ask you how how the work can be finished in the gospel of all the wild look at the growth rate how is it possible to friend you know what is humanly impossible but Jesus said with God all things are possible no friends when the latter me falling in a format on those precious seeds of truth vitamins Sony the receptive partner going to come to fruition all those tracks over handout the sermon downloaded the prayers sent up for loved ones many of them will begin to bear precious fruit salad and they're going to join God 's movement in a single day Don has a thousand ways to provide thrust of which we know nothing God can finish this work and he's going to a nine he will in fact we don't get up close with even greater power and greater a tennis off from the holy spirit in which it with which it began in the book of acts you're not in the book of acts amazing thing was that Philip baptized in Ethiopian eunuch of acts chapter eight this man went back to heal the evidence of the gospel their entire Gospel and the country became one of the first Christian countries in Ethiopia but when Silverstone baptizing the Ethiopian eunuch when he came up out of the water the Bible says that Philip was caught away by the spirit and he was found in uhs which is about ten miles away he was transported by the Holy Spirit think about the mom been present we wonder how we can against the country that have closed borders that that say non-Christians can come no Bibles can enter friends we can't even begin to conceive what does it do it can be incredibly effective are beginning to him in foreign countries like Iran but don't allow Christianity or Saudi Arabia we had testimony and stories of a people who are Moslem people many of them or having dreams about you in fact there I saw one of my friends shocking box now he's his family actually all of them became Christians and Seventh-day Adventists through a series of dreams friends God is the incredible thing that and he's getting finishing the work in ways that will he cannot even imagine friends said a small black clouds that appear in that eastern sky the earth is going to begin to shake before its maker gone is doing everything that he can to save us he's doing everything possible the same it was a gypsy boy traveling with his family in Eastern Europe this was years ago on a final horse and buggies and as they were traveling they were crossing over a river of their crossing over on boats and as they were crossing on votes this boy 's mother fell into the swatting with young men she didn't know how to swing he jumped off into the water without even thinking he jumped off the boat out into the water and swim downstream after it with a you got to her he wrapped his arms around her and and tried starting to kick a short but his mother was so frantic that but her arms were flailing and she was trying to get an was pulling down at him pushing him down into the water the young boy he or the young men he pushed himself away and got his breath and then he took off down the street once again to try to save his mother he finally got to her again she kept pushing against him once again just putting her hand on his head and she was frantic not knowing what she was doing the other breakaway again to get air one more time said I've got to save my mother he took off down the street swimming as fast as he could with the current he saw her there and then he grabs her and was the same day she was pushing around pushing his head she was frantically scratching and kicking just struggling to get air at this time after the boy broke away he was too late at the funeral everyone was wondering what this young why what this was going to say kids were in his eyes as he was up front with his family casket across the front of the little church he stood up to the size is set I could have saved you I could save you if only you want to let me if only you live and when Jesus comes in the clouds of glory the Bible says they're going to be people those who rejected his mercy will say hide us from the face of him who sits on the throne from the route of the last it will run and will cry for the rocks and mountains to fall on and I imagine that Jesus will look down hills I tried to save you I tried to save you if only you would let me much if only you would first praise God for his alloy that there will be another group of people on that day and I will be a group of people who have allowed Jesus to have complete control of their hearts of your group whose that will will have said Lord take me take everything that I have and everything that I have and hair words on that day FAC their Lord coming in the clowns we find in Isaiah twenty six verse twenty five for I will with that and it shall be said in that day loan this is logged off William waited for him and he will save us this is the loan we have waited for him and we will be glad and rejoice in his solving and you want to be with that group on that day a man so why was visited in one hundred and sixty years since God 's final call first came to his people to take the planet air he wants the wrap is great controversy he wants to finish it so that he can come and take his children home the question comes if not us then who if not now then when as God wants to use off to finish this great controversy you want Jesus to come the ones you look at the AMA amen I believe you read after the Odyssey tonight all too often in my life I've been tempted to think you know and some of us think this will like you I really want Jesus to come but I'd love to graduate high school you know and that Jesus can come or not I I want Jesus to come I really feel that I just want to finish college I just want to finished university and then Jesus can we get very so you know I just want to start my career just you John and net income the Lord Jesus or Laura just like me Mary just want to get married and then you can come and look what I just want to have a child let's just homicide and then you can come on want to retire on some clothes and then come from them as they something strong enough for you never forgetting the Lord brought the phone to my heart when the enough the only reason I'm sharing it with you aside from the reason that loved ones friends and family may not be ready for his return if we don't want Jesus to come right now we don't really want him if we don't want to become this fishery will me if we are love him more than anything in this world if we're not willing to surrender at all is a load I'd rather have eternity with you and do we really really want then Jesus is coming soon he is knocking at the door of our hearts Revelation three he says these words in verse twenty behold I stand at the door and knock if any man hear my voice and opens the door I will come in and sup with him and he with me crazy this is knocking at the door of our he wants us to be ready he wants to prepare off for his return like a later close rising by your head with me I'd like to invite you to listen to the words of this song man for this evening saying once again achieves us want to come very soon to all the way there we can be ready to see him on that day face-to-face business we welcome into our hearts D Lee now by faith is coming very soon is coming very soon this week we've been hearing the Lord make the final call to us in a and you want to say tonight I recognize that you've been making this final call to me I want to welcome you into my heart not just is very moment but help me to continue to do so every moment of every day until you come if that's your design might dispense my standing say Lord prone to wander Lord I feel it felt to leave the gun I love it here's my heart or take any feelings ceiling when I courts of law a friends God wants to use paths remember I was insisted he wants to use us in our spheres of influence is seen tonight that God is not just making a final call to us he wants to make the final call through lots tonight if you want to say Lord not in some ambiguous way but in a specific way I want you to use me make the final call from my coworkers my friends my family those who want to know you Lord I want to be your instrument as it is activating you want to say specifically what I want to receive some kind of training I want to know how to direct souls to you on a the Bible Friday your heart to share gospel tract with someone what I want to have some form of training the church research is going to hosting a training early next year we actually have a sign up in the back if you're interested for more information and knowing how you can allow God to make the final call through you to humanity Don allowed to end here tonight but allow him to do so there are also other things that God can equip you through a Y C Australian youth for Christ is an incredible program where you can go and receive training and and learn more about how to be a soul winner is also a program called arise stands for our research Institute for soul winning and evangelism and I encourage you to receive ever we have out flyers for a wife if you would like more information I have to tell you a lacy was inspired by a program in the states that changed the course of my life I can confidently say that if it wasn't for what God did in my life for guiding me that would not be here nine flanker you take a flyer share it with a young person that you know I love you yourself free about going before we close tonight 's flask are you willing to say Lord you'd made the final call to me and I standing in response to that the Lord I want you to make the final call to me as a desiring to as a sign for the Lord will remain out for those around it's a Lord make the final call through me I want this great controversy to wrap up so that we can go on to have a in father having you have seen I have a reflection of our hearts you seen the commitment of your children tonight allow you to make the final call to humanity to take the everlasting gospel allow you to make that call through each of us more we pray that this would not see from our minds or hearts but that we would pursue training to become and learn how to share the gospel more with those around us we want to be effective tools and witnesses for you we know and believe in your coming very soon more than we want to be a part of that group that stands with smiles on our phase with joy in our hearts because we are seeing our Savior face to face the one who is seen through the eye of faith ordinate each and every one of us here be there on that day we pray thank you for your love for us that is everlasting we thank you you love us so much that you meet us where we are but you don't leave us there you raise us to higher heights you transform we submit ourselves to you again for thank you for making the final call to us as we go let us remember that your greatest desire is to make the final call throughout this which will really enable you to work out our own salvation thank you Lord for your goodness we love you and brings even as we go from this place bring us back again safely tomorrow pray in Jesus this media was run by audio course a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading seven audio and much more you would like to know more about the universe is like the more certain please visit www. audio source .org


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