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Dane Griffin passed away in October, 2010. He was the producer and project coordinator for the Lifestyle Matters Health Intervention Series, including videos and audiobooks on topics connected with lifestyle and mental health. He was also the director of media development for the Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. He was the recipient of dozens of international awards for production and broadcast quality. Dane worked with his wife, Vicki, as a team in health education ministry for many years. Most of all, Dane was a man of God and encouraged everyone around him to a life of faith and dedication to the Lord's work.



  • November 3, 2007
    10:00 AM
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him and his are desired near warning why you I I saw you back less as they get you somewhere for realizing that I remember is amazing how the brain works I go there wonderful love you last night Jonathan what we learned last night and they were not all of our talk this week is all domain name is the main things that make sense logical is that the main thing is the main thing and what were talking about is the whole issue of worship because worship worship molds we are worship should change 's into God 's worship should control and and mitigate every action of our law last night we talk about the main work of mainline why do we worship was worth it all about we discovered some fascinating things you want to get the whole talk and give Americans a American present ministries to go to America 's .org and type on there's a holistic of alters their mind my name will get there go under my name and see the titles and don't click on the main thing is the main thing at the meeting last night but we discovered that status is the science that God can take nothing and makes was like I thought God can take nothing and make something anybody in the room today was a corrupt it zero if you add God you're now a perfect chain God can take nothing and makes him Savage also present is not a day it's a way as to what when I came when I will more when I woke up this morning I was excited because this is the day that God has set aside for me to manifest my relationship with God terrain a firm my commitment to his way of life but more than that it's a day that God has set aside to change me how to be like you see that's what the Bible says in Genesis jet to that on the second day God rest he changed his activities on the week the wind had been actively given planning would you than thinking ahead dog began to plan for Sabbath on some weight should begin to plan for Sabbath on Sunday is the Sabbath is the focal point of our lives just as the just as the sanctuary was the focal point of Israel and the most holy Place was the focal point of the sanctuary and the Ark of the covenant was the focal point of the most holy Place the fourth commandment was the focal point of the law and as such the Sabbath becomes a focal point of my relationship with and how he wants is the first Sabbath owner was Adam and Eve communing with God the first day of their existence was them learning how to be like God this was ever does for us teaches us how to be like God get the whole message I think you learn some more things than that will want to talk about today is not the main who am sorry I I told wrong today is the main where funds are the mainland 's afternoon to talk about the main Howell and in Maine where you can be a may be amazed how much you are raised similarly all you can be amazed this afternoon as you see the date Palm lacks broad nose of Sarah David said exceeding brawl of a religion this afternoon how the Sabbath regulates and and and and and and and exemplifies and unifies a free aspect of life is one actually wonderful while Jesus after your Bibles to Isaiah chapter forty two and verse eight and Isaiah chapter forty two and verse eight and notice what the Bible says here Jesus says in Isaiah forty two verse eight I am the Lord that is my name on the way we learned last night we learned last night of a credible point that God ties his creative power and his creative authority to his prophetic power and his prophetic insight and once we begin Jim to lose our prophetic grounding was forget forget that once we start to lose our prophetic belief we will automatically begin to lose our belief in Gaza court because the two are tied tightly together in the Scriptures we saw verse after verse after verse after verse last night that photo Matt from the word of God without a shadow of doubt what signals did you get us to doubt God 's prophetic message we will soon begin to doubt God 's ownership of the Sabbath we will soon begin got to get to doubt God 's authority of the Scripture and a patient will begin to doubt God 's remnant church and we will be able to get signals so here God said there is him I am the Lord that is my name my glory will I not give to another neither my praise any graven images you God is very jealous you will see today about worship and how we worship she is sliding and roasting the Bible sustains me right at your notice that snakes are very solid waste to have a boat Mister grenade read and shred with a pink tail boa it was a beautiful snake is the sleep around my waist snakes are great creatures additional strategy matter review and Herald anywhere from nineteen sixty eight about nineteen eighty five and a snake using the review heroine is that using any other obligation threat is less like a both a daily threat I'll bring him up for it was a very popular guy but snakes are horizontal wish for the mice and of Fred's cage Knaus both partners will not kill a little of that animal ability to get him to be taken within a related and down second drop is otherwise would drop in alive alive mouse and the mouse the minute he saw Fred Huberman doesn't engage and and he shattered their desire to shivering and fruit is lay there require an effort will wildest the mouse start running around running around running around before you use running on Fred's back running a bridgehead is gone that's how Satan works with its within temptation first comes we shall revere regardless I began out of there and stayed just leaves like he introduces the error introduced the doubt introduces the new thing entered as the things that until we get a custom to the LLC it literally is an official what players a beautiful and in seeing the sliding abusing it doesn't matter how you worship God just worse it doesn't matter what she's saying just a doesn't matter what you believe you just only some were busy today I'll hoist steadier because Jesus said in Texas to twenty no budget why was likely to use the Bible Exodus chapter twenty Exodus chapter twenty notice what Jesus says he says in verse eight remember the Sabbath day to take it seemed that holiness is only major to keep it holy as far as the day goes as far as honoring the right things but also means we need to guard the holiness of the Sabbath and keep it holy day not to let it slide into oblivion that would become a common ordinary working day we don't uphold the principles of right Sabbath observances we discovered last night we saw seven things the Sabbath helps us to remember last notices is that the seven am sorry verse nine twenty six days thou shall labor and do all my work but the seventh day say a seventh day he says what the seventh day do you know that in the Bible on site energy mental lawyers for language under you do what's the word for Saturday in Spanish your Arabic usually try to guess what is not available now okay what is an Arabic but seven okay who here speaks French what is it is as above duration of staff up and who hears these Russian but is it well you have your notice a common thread here in every language what is the word for Saturday when a Saturday integrate WordPress Saturns day we had moon day doors day young element of her God now that was in the original what was called when Jesus was on her what happened to change the name of suboptimal job at All-Star and all these other means what happened to stand and change from Saturn 's day to those other needs what happened whatever a favorite happen the early Christian church in the second third and fourth century move in the Sabbath they remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy to such a degree that change the name of the word in the languages of many that's what happened is a friend sadness is a whole transformation of life is not just a day it's a way and it should be so graphic the people around us people should know if you are and if you have a neighbor they should know that every Sabbath morning at eight thirty ago quarter you're walking out the door to go to church in order to me nobody is ever going to their words Obama did you hear to attend an elite of the past as a pastor I just can't get a better argument of those who attend something 's wrong with this picture you see the Sabbath is a holy day is a God who made a holy day for a holy people to celebrate a holy God Emily 's even as the seventh day is as of the Lord thy God in it thou shall not do any work download assignment I daughter laments her needs are like Adam of a stranger you know when we had a horse to be worsening beautiful quarter about I had fifteen horses my daughter our girls love horses and figured out on my daughter when Entergy horses most of our employment delivered over a rock you could not get into anything but dark was a good war but we gave percent of all the Bible is the day off the horse back riding on Sabbath the course is to settle right also I came home one day to resume get rid I read it was running out and read how to Swatch to my yard to the landlord chart over the place for you to go with what we came in and I said to my son Anthony was on online it doesn't have any begin a job doing what it meant worker on our property also Bible says nobody were similar problems as Lindsay Miller brother you get today off to talk about I feel God loves you so much he wants you to have the day off if you want to connect up a swatch to Margaret Corona property is fine as long drawn God 's property day off go home and have a good day is that I is Larry went home which is seen as a witness is awareness noticing any of the parliamentary vanity say this is my status skews me the Commandments as the Sabbath is the Sabbath of the Lord why we celebrate the Sabbath being the Pratt address keeper Hill haven't already targeting on your side you have been out of the worst acting you up if you go somewhere and some answer what they need to delete a necessity I keep the Sabbath of the fourth commandment really do that we need to keep it holy no notice notice is of the Lord thy God seen this happen if you attempt a man the first three commandments deal of our duty to God the last say in the lab the next day the fifth six seven eight nine ten Gilberto needs a man and right in the middle of the two is the great red between the two Decalogue is when the two sides of the law the Sabbath commandment not only because of our duty to God the Sabbath is that the Lord thy God you suddenly work down a son of a daughter demands of the measurement this is where God ranges from our duty to God to our duty to me and without giving the status soon we do not serve God or may because in first John chapter four verse twenty Jesus says this is what is as in first John chapter four in verse twenty Jesus says if a man say I love God hates his brother he is a liar breaking at Lebanon 's brother whom he has seen how even Lebanon 's brother is seen how can he love God whom he cannot see you see the reason why brothers and sisters the reason why the United of America is in the trouble is and today we had immorality we have gang shootings we have murders rate of things going on is your yesterday at teacher kidnapped her thirteen -year-old student first why because we have not understood as a people as a Christian nation the duty we have toward God in keeping a set with a holy Jesus said in John fourteen fifteen if he loved me think my commandments so here you have the first three love for God and then the fourth amendment bridges us to love for man if we leave the fourth commandment out we soon love either got normally soon will be the one were totally confused it was very it is no mistake that after you forget the law you forget God if you forget to allow you for after you got to get the law and is also known as after Dodd gave the ten Commandments in Exodus chapter twenty the next thing he does is give what sanctuary and exit annexes twenty is it because you have to have a corporate place of worship to learn how to serve God this is what we come to learn how to serve God is or is it has Sabbath just become a place we come to show our new close or to see the person at the sender and we are to show everybody with the Saints we are what do we really understand the importance of Sabbath worship notice Jesus and annexes twenty eight verse five let them make Magog didn't make the sanctuary himself got it sent angels to make the sanctuary and bowling I say let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them so the Sabbath belongs to God as I am the Lord of the Sabbath but the sanctuary belongs to God brings the building that we are in today does not belong to me that he loved God the Sabbath that I am worshiping and this is not my time the other six days of the week are in some ways my time but even that's not true because God regulates everything but a very real way of all the hours of the week these are the hours from sundown to sundown that we must remodel concern that we realize it is God 's time not mine God does not give me permission to talk about whatever I want to talk about God is not given permission to wear whatever why where you give me permission to do whatever I wanted to us as they these are my hours this is my time this is my house we don't come to church and church board meeting to decide how we want more to go wait for them to decide how God said worship should go and if you look at the sanctuary is to realize that Exodus chapter twenty five to Exodus chapter forty all those fifteen furs also gain chapters is God showing in specific detail exactly how to build this building God still telling us how to build disability that we have forgotten the lesson we have forgotten the lesson because Jesus told the Jews exactly how to build number is versus downloadable to multiply a long way to go today rep is I want you to see what God is trying to tell us a meal Tessa by the way it has sanctuary only for the Jews but because of the heavenly sanctuary so the principles that God laid down in the Old Testament concerning the sanctuary were to teach how to worship God 's wisdom to teach them how to worship God Leviticus chapter chant verses one through twelve Jesus made it very clear when they identify who that when he says bringing certain type of fire humoring the type of fire got usually in the end they ended up by his mother said fires fire just after the merger right veterans right to match fires fire correct it will be with me post talk to me clarify right in our human logic that's exactly what things they need a all the trees is a different about this one just because sad there was something different about our and when God told Israel you only bring a certain type of fire they got up I bought clarifier is negative Google says it doesn't it was visited is a label to give Brooks says as he brought a divorce and I is not relevant anymore he says that God says it is relevant to deliver me and God says it is relevant and God said to bring any strange fire in Exodus chapter thirty versus thirty four to thirty God said you can only bring a certain type of incense anybody who brought any other type of things is going to bring their cutoff from the camp when you're caught up in the cabinet you never came back to run a chapter twelve verses one through seven eleven people God said you will not choose where you worship you will not choose where you bring your tie humoring the time you bring your offering for I tell you to bring it now we see this happening even today people will say doesn't matter where you pay your time as long as you pay it is our God God says you bring the plate to bring your type the place I choose to place my name there wasn't a difference in Wisconsin and because with what we learned last night as one word about God Henry what is it never makes a mistake so God said you don't choose we worship you don't choose the day you worship you don't choose how you worship you do it the way I say and the beauty living as God always knows what is doing and will become an worship God and God 's way your whole life changed your whole life is different your horrendous new meaning your whole life this new new new power draw like this new focus we you're all alone him into this that is and numbers you read Exodus Leviticus Numbers their offerings the feast days the assemblies and everything else was specified by God Julie got been in and in Deuteronomy Jeter sixteen verse sixteen three times a year all the males in Israel were to come before God worship now think about that command from the Internet have airplanes and helicopters brother the grandfather helicopters and you know it there quick how to get to Jerusalem they want what type of business would be involved in they were agrarian they were farmers for the most part I was surrounding them watching to attack them at all times the Philistines the enemies and they these right here because it lures you don't understand if I if I go to Jerusalem to leave my wife excellent men were required to go to three times of the taste of what were they faced up no that ever was one not Passover unleavened bread and physical of the three freezer required to be now imagine anything I can make it if I believe they also circumvented in my life you don't get no promise showed I didn't promise you should look when you go this returns a year I'll watch over your life nobody will take friends when it comes to doing a God and how we worship God we don't need to tell God what can happen if we worship in his way if you protect us as we do it is in a shadowless as we do it our job is to do what God says his job is to make a workout rooms ocean what do the losing everything was specified by God J Deuteronomy chapter twelve verse one to three God commanded them got committed them to destroy all manner of all worship among them using it he holds us to take a new look at how we are worshiping God because God said you need to destroy all types of worship that I did not say were good with them at a more eminent Deuteronomy chapter twelve verses five and six he says that the tide was to be brought to where God 's chosen were they wanted to go Deuteronomy chapter twelve verse eleven they couldn't Jews were to bring any offering or anything else than to bring a word God said it would go and then Deuteronomy chapter twelve in first thirty notice that this is so cogent turned advertisement Deuteronomy chapter twelve this is that this is that the high mark of God 's command us today Deuteronomy chapter twelve in verse thirty notice what God says to the children of Israel JK needs yourself that thou be not snared by following the heat and the Beutler among them after they be destroyed from before the NFL acquire not after they are God saying out of these nations serve their gods even so will I do like more I got an interesting e-mail today anybody ever lived Ohio polls will create the rivals came out two weeks ago at his church while fruit in Chicago and on twenty five thousand thirty thousand members any publicly confess that our worship model is entirely wrong is not meeting your needs is not it is not a double worst model and we separately have been trying to copy the Willow Creek model Jesus as your Jesus is here don't know after their God saying how do they serve their gods held what was not that I will work I told what to do usually when you do realize that what Jesus said in Matthew chapter fifteen Frist there from an look at this nephew chapter fifteen we discovered last night that all God centered worship all true worship is God centered worship all pagan worship is self centered worship and if we are coming to church saying I want to do this because it makes me feel good if not God centered worship with me centered worship but the beauty of the above the truth is that all God centered worship will eventually make Michigan because the more I get like God the better I feel and the more apt like God is clear conscience I have a clear conscience makes a soft are you with me okay grid three rivers are with me out you'll catch up soon Matthew chapter fifteen notice what Jesus says in verse seven zero nine two talking to here he's talking to the Sabbath keeping vegetarian Saint health reform I did choose are you with me and I'm not casting aspersions on those things is an important discover this afternoon homeport lifestyle is according to the saddle by friends it can we make lifestyle our God given right again I know some people that are still hybrids and pretty on I am one church under it I was originally one three where was he going to help meeting and they said unexpected is exist here the normal development and blister is a welcome anywhere in the guitar just one person who is a big so we got finished with early morning service everyone about with the service want to eat lunch at all the people that what they claim to be health reformers went this way at all the other people were going that way as of the middle going so well done this way and a walk in the room and I said I'm a little confused this is fellowship dinner right they said yes I said while outermost the church was down there and were overheard where so is it oh they're not venture the cheese I said or worse why are we going to own now and have I said you know what I think I know other people your church don't like Bear Stearns with a saying something to the people is called Pharisees I said on the generally about making enough so defeat everybody down there all they would need our food in your drive on home why not it's possible to make a list is a God but is it possible to doing all the right basis of a long list of Jesus as he message at restricting seven you have credits well did Isaiah prophesy of you saying this people draws nigh to me with their mouth honors me with their lips but their heart is far from but in what train do you worship me teaching for doctrines the commandments of men is he the moment we get in close and self worship in fantasy worship army become indoctrinated in vain worship the Jews had convinced themselves that worship could be when they conceived it to be driven by their perceptions of God their feelings about their desires about how they wanted to serve God but Jesus came and said no fruit worship changes our conception of God and changes our perception of who God is that's true worship is a shame Jeremiah chapter seventeen verse nine the heart is what deceitful above all things and your people as they orbit Master Griffin God knows my heart if you'd but you don't that's why I can trust my heart by the word about your privacy that's why all true worship is our life says that the only way to God comes from God we've got to go to God and Sabine way old God is in the sanctuary Lord teach me and what the Lord teaches us in the sanctuary service in the Old Testament is that the only way to come before God is the way that he is the only one with my Morgan discovered today that means this afternoon now look at this exodus chapter twenty was vectored exodus chapter twenty verse five Jesus says here this is a beautiful and verse five this is what manner was commanded the third seconds you'd think a manner upset about us all down to them nor serve them for either the Lord thy God NA while a jealous God now I think it was the jealous person of you guys talking about here is what God means when he says he's a jealous God look at Exodus chapter thirty four verse fourteen friends I challenge you today to begin into the biblical model of learning the Bible and Herbert Excel look at what God says notice in exegetical thirty four verse fourteen thou shall worship no other god for the Lord whose name is Chuck God is my name is jealous that get our attention should paid to get our attention to what is my name is Joel 's German jealous of the liberties jealous or friends is not jealous like a living image for little little six-year-old girl who was Mister John for love of the agility goes on the type of jealousy that got us talking about is outlined in Deuteronomy chapter four and verse twenty four notices beautiful picture of God and why he has given us worship in his way on his day notice this is for the Lord thy God is a consuming fire even a jealous God Limited it was so beautiful about that God is a jealous God is a consuming fire is one day God is good to consume all also worshiper 's but where is God jealous list look where is the jealous was in Zechariah chapter eight in verse two and Zechariah chapter eight verse two this is a beautiful blessing of the Lord of host I was jealous for Zion with great jealous whiners got jealous was he saying here got to say I am jealous for you to be safe is nothing I want more than for my people to be safe as I know a lot more than my people to enter into the worship joy that I felt like for them I am a jealous God I paid the ultimate price for your salvation and I will jealously get to the world want to go they had the picture of God elicits a Internet dating I'm unending love for his people and he will do anything to get and set liberties is a gripping strip remembers to second Corinthians Chapter 11 and verse two notice what Jesus says here Hall comparing the merit of the relationship of God 's people to measure relationships afternoon domestic 's understanding of the relationship amazing God says in verse two I am jealous over you with godly jealousy rival espoused you to one husband that I may present you as a chaste virgin to try what's the jealousy got has friends with the jealousy anger is jealous that we worship him in a way that will give us the most sure he is jealous that we worship him in a way that will drive us to love him whether we love anything else on the face of the earth and all true worship what all true worship will bring unity all true worship will show us the beautiful character of God well doesn't matter we were but a few situations of them are Genesis chapter four first case of worship in the Scripture Genesis chapter four Cain and Abel story in the process of time it came to pass a chamber for the ground in offering on Lord and Abel also brought persons of the flock of the fat and the Lord had respect on the candidate is offering another Cain and his offering he had not respect and chain was angry in his countenance now now I'll just result the question here was a man worsening your God according to the sanctuary they were basically following a sanctuary type methodology here then God say that you bring first fruit offering yes there offers Robert but only a certain time this is not one of the times are great first dollars this is I never bring a blood sacrifice offering K thought abortion God said I could bring it celebrate what's the problem with God says partial old b-day is in worship is as worthless as no worship at all you see they were both worshiping God they were both worshiping his way but only one they way they got only one realized that worship is not an expression notice of me now this is very crucial worship is not so much an expression of how much I love God but is in the knowledge of how much God loves me and worship is not directed from me that God so much from God to me how to get to me I should look for I've always think I was making you so happy when I was trying to worship you doesn't looking to try to worship me given only worship me back at the worship in your Jerry and him moment I began to substitute my own desires and my whole ways in my home thoughts and my own plans what makes me feel good God can put worship in the overstatement enable Chronicles chapter twenty six burst through second Chronicles chapter twenty six in verse three about the study that the changes I have changes I have a rain for fifty two years in Israel fifty two years second Kings chapter fifteen verse thirty four said that he did that what was right in the sight of the Lord is that good would like to buy with it about you is that which was right in the sight of a low aware second Chronicles chapter twenty six and visit in verse sixteen and design animated Jerusalem engines and that of my cunning man to be on the towers above the board to shoot arrows in great stones and his name was spread our abroad for he was marvelously help Julie was wrong for sixteen but when he was strong his heart was lifted up his destruction pretty transgressed against the Lord and went into the temple of the Lord to burn incense on the temples and since all it and what they were supposed to burn instead was a problem God said only the priests burn incense on no you know Isaiah was enough I look at it and as I is I am look at his life how are you thinking Podunk forty eight years whether or not forty eight years he says I was trying to say that God got been with me guys I got protection never has a kingdom of Israel been so great that has to be with me I'm getting a little burn incense to show much promise to God was on one said no last minute today how many of us can look back at our lives and what I've seen this happen it will take us with our church year but all the practices we had a start start Reagan eighties new people involved in worship with raisins and averted a music lesson grants and different type of entertainment is bringing some of this was bringing some of that the mega- church more relevant to the new believer is usually I've been with you in the past but presence is no guarantee of future blessing is in the moment yes I thought that he could prescribe how to come before God how he could dictate what he did to worship God but that's it you may transgress against me and what happened to you desire to begin with you a righteous man cut down true false worship through self aggrandizing worship listen the subject is a assorted others this is the second single chapter six verses one through eight but it is so powerful second Samuel chapter students notice with happening here versus one through eight David gathered together all the children of Israel thirty thousand David Rosenblum of all the cute well whether in AL Judah to bring out some basic are gone how to get there it'd taken there by Eli 's wicked sons it lost the battle and a been there ever since again to get the ark of God whose name is called by the name of the Lord of host at will the Jürgen and they set the ark of God upon a new car and brought out a house of the Benedetto 's and give you an use NSI and below the size of the data that drove the new car and they brought it out how's that been adapted to give me accompany your God and David and all the house of Israel claim before the Lord our alternate All-American instruments of further wooden hearts insult his own tables and coordinates and symbols and if you read the same story in first Chronicles thirteen one to ten is a big praise God with our presence was a honest sincere from the heart warships are they had the right motive they had sincere attitude they are enthusiastic in their worship but something had whether the art began to dig into trouble like this and other receptor touching God 's command and things that God I didn't get your heart home or bring it back during extension they will get thirty thousand people in worship or praise in our loss and you do this will miss the over in first Chronicles chapter change from first Chronicle sixteen and Republican versus twelve and on David comes to the priest in verse eleven and is in and you are the chief of the fathers of the Levite its same players all will be in your brother when they bring up the ark of the Lord is about a year later limit later on every of your cohort on the place that I prepared for it because November thirteen because she did not at the first appraisal involved the first time because she didn't not at the first the Lord God made up only upon us because we saw him not as friends we saw him not after the due order not to miss you I will is it Lord I understand when it is missing that when he first tried to move the art David looked at how this will Stines had done it the Philistines were they put the argument thought would happen I thought holds over Bigelow as an older rigs are looking at everything is entirely irrelevant well the reason we heard people run on art and new and often never milk work that God will take it away so they going to get an ox cart they were ignorant of God 's command direct they serve him as much as they knew how with the information in a baseline to do with a thought they should do that Lisa the friends of God work a miracle for the yes not only to the one under the milking cows go up in Israel where they help to a study of the Levites don't count those as easily but since we know that was the right to know who will then visit it every night now David when he wanted to move the our look at the miracle got it working the Philistines in we will see what SLC and put our heart and God ever told the children of Israel isn't hard to move ER you will that's why God bless David said you weren't there raised when Darth Vader breach on us because we didn't do it after the two are friends are you getting the point here being as Seventh-day Adventists cannot look at the churches outside and try to mimic their church growth plans for the social plans because they don't know her God will bless them in their ignorance but he will not let anyone bring a British upon us it will not bless us and we will be worse off if we had not grown at all powerful story to share worship sincere attitude is losing us to worship right attitude right right motives but they did not do it after the due or her has God given us as Seventh-day Adventist everything we need for effective church world yes has God given us exactly the specifications of how to come before him in worship yes Chris God told us everything we need for salvation yes why are we going for your because it's easier out there it isn't about other like condemning anyone on the outside they are sincere godly people of the Natalie we hear so God says of whom much has been given much is required matter how we worship God yes David has made a range upon us that remind you what the Scripture Isaiah fifty eight verse twelve we shall be called the repair of range we see that's why I was so impressed by God to do this series are today because he has seven antigen people will be called upon to return to arrange that my generation has brought me but in order to repair reach you guys know the truth and you don't know what God 's command as you know God standard in entrance to follow Satan 's line that God 's standards are unreasonable and standards are unjust I got standards only bring glory missed Greg I want to tell you something God is good God is here God is a daughter of beauty and justice and mercy and happiness just look at nature it would orangutan medicines if you look at the planet was gotten is that Alaska got what got me a cataclysm of the spare parts and put them together here is what God knows what is going we had a very sterile view of God but God is a God of love and Mercy enjoyed the Bible says for this enjoy et al. plaintiffs are either they might have life and have it more abundantly why have we followed Satan cunningly devised radio but it made evident by the biggest and great talk about a list of last at builders as the end of chapter five Daniel Jeter five you know the story versus George read all shadows are what you tasted wine tasted the wine commanded to bring the golden and silver vessels which is other Nebuchadnezzar take out a champ which is in Jerusalem at the Canyon is is is is wise in his concubines might drink therein they brought a golden vessels that were taken out of similar house of God which is trenches and wise or drink in and they drank wine and trades that gods of gold and silver brass and art of stone and the Bible says in that same hour the writing was on the well-meaning meeting cheek we were all shatters mistake was his you try to mixed true worship of pagan worship with faults now you might intimidate him into getting a letter is even if it is November twenty two this is then you're not talking about the Sun Belt as are you have not humbled your heart but you know all best friends what's the big problem with the big problem in the church which are bringing it all is to worship styles all who worship modes always worshiping and nation we have not humbler heart before God to see Jim after the Jew will exalt it to a notice what happens when you were lifted up against the Lord of heaven and you have brought the best of his house before the junior lords in a while your concubines of drunken men to praise the gods of gold and silver brass and iron was seen not her here not in a God whose hand I breath is in all your ways and you have not glorified God so France was not telling us here as Seventh-day Adventist was the most important job we have today you are all wired the Sabbath against the fruition of the envelope and this is really coming on as we look at Israel knew we have we have the checks I asked if you look at we will not of what happened in Israel what was Israel's main problem list this was their big problem why do they always waiting warship but it wasn't as Dylan Satan has twisted a Ranger to wish I only wanted to worship idols live they wanted to worship like everyone else it was an idol worship it was a wanted a worship like everyone else worship that and there has coming and/or registered you did today we want to worship like everyone else or and that's why that's why again in chapter eight verse thirteen you have the daily desolation being paganism because why daily in true God 's people away from true worship daily a cause and apostatized they either try to mimic the pagan worship of the world and eligibility at a time we have a conference again at separate we have the abomination of the desolate contrast with the with the daily desolation what is the abomination of negative desolate it is painful worship false worship the following charges of Babylon and Singh is doing the same things the server they are good as he got the Jews don't know we want to worship like them we want our church really want free water church relic that what we want to sing like most people have about child meetings like those people got to know you interesting you understand today over Lhasa last two years God wants our worship services yes sometimes it's painfully pay for me to reach when I see the faces people attack or at a funeral and church no cover letter only to store doing really believe that the dog of the first screen is before you got here this morning Jesus you Jesus was already here he was planning what you will swing it wasn't up to the idea of what went when I come through those doors I know that God has according to the station reserve is used say don't last a double portion of his stearic onset that's why Santa is the most extra heating day of the week I was beautiful of them were close in the second little negative eleven eleven twelve and so on just two minutes over the bed note that you don't put them away I was up in the end of the upper Peninsula of Michigan this is like visiting opponents was way over here in the UV become your first beauty network folded under the bridge that don't register with you be anyone as analysis controls strolled on originals so we went up and we are immediately and there was a lady there ensures the Sabbath we were there to help me always long I was at times wonderful but personally to her first second time she had been reading the Bible she has five actual and reading the Bible and she became convinced from reading the Bible at Saturday's she notary is the reason the urchins Utes have more month of ours then somebody at work as ever they had a visit hang white church with me the establishment of the church he said Saturday season four months I was happy right where she came to church first I was there her second child in church and she told me at the night before her children will looking at the clock and money is almost together gone my son and I have presently only had that enthusiasm our last change we have long slot I guaranteed to date it is you understand that you come back this afternoon and see what God 's plan is for you and your wife once you have fullness of joy got what you have peace that passes all understanding once you have power that you are in some goal against the devil and present can only happen as we come into right worship relationship with God look at the kings of Israel every day Mister God everything that the standard was indefensible when they haven't tried to curse Israel could do it but when he got them to worship wrong name when we're here etc. are you were worshiping up father in heaven we designed you so much for your wonderful blessing sort of we thank you Lord that you are the Lord the God of all flesh and nothing is what I want to thank you specifically today is that and for the oasis in a drive sent for the other for the four of the fortress that it is rust to worship Lord we have sinned against you in any way we grant you that you are God and Lord as we worship you this day as we come together to study or work this afternoon I write a lot you would open our eyes not to a legalistic relationship with you but to a lower relationship grounded in all but you Jesus usual right sure wall in our heart 's big thank you to Jesus and


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