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Lion-like Faces

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference




  • October 8, 2014
    7:00 PM
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while some of the water pressure got to get things ready for us father in heaven thank you again for the time we just pray and ask you would bless us with them will be spirit but we pray that you make this time productive the Jesus we are here because we are hungry and thirsty for you in Jesus name we pray amen arrive okay for ready now I'm really excited about this conference because what we talked about a variety of topics and maybe talking about they did it we battle that we have to as Christians of Seventh-day Adventist were to be talking about relationships were to be talking about the great controversy when he talked about how to make the Bible practical navigable really really appreciate that amen amen no coming back here I just reminded many times in my college experience pregnancy different colleges public colleges and universities Seventh-day Adventist colleges got to speak a variety of places and I really appreciate the last time I came here to speak it was during Asian nights Asian night from the Asian people do we have here three people okay I got very got so it was the only time I was invited to thought and because of the fact that I was Asian you know India's an Asian you know that right anytime I tells somebody out from some from trying out from Japan or Greenwich I'm Asian they just look at me and I know you're not a single electron today if you are and the look and the enveloping the same Africa eight erotic the right I think we're ready to go okay very good to get elegantly a brief story it happened to me several years ago but I think is very important if she's the conversation I had earlier today reminded me of this very story we've heard that story before but I'm not repeated you know when I was in series that's why Hastert before I begin the senior pastor of the associate pastor and I have you just a wonderful experience of living in this apartment with living in it was just a single bedroom apartment and often times I would have to keep company by texting my friends nonstop all day and throughout the night and one morning I got up extremely early around like four a.m. and I was doing my devotion of this spending time with gzip found this powerful verse found in Isaiah fifty five liters verse twenty three or twenty Q and if they these words that before you call I will answer and while you are still speaking I will hear as I write that person I was so excited about the fact that I have to share with my friends so glad against the iPod nano have a brilliant idea I'm going to check off my friends at five a.m. that really can appreciate the Scripture was coming to them and that's what I did however I also accidentally texted one of my friends was an atheist this individual was somebody who used to be a Seventh-day Adventist Christian without he studied to become a pastor but then you fell away from the Lord and only reject the God and said he was in devout atheist he wanted nothing to do with God is angry with God last time I talked to me was discussing up with all of them anyway at the other wired to me that the censored and felt yelled when I accidentally texted him I look back on my phone I thought to myself oh I'm about to receive a text message that I can't repeat in public and so I put the phone down on my family go back to sleep maybe I'll wake up maybe I'll be pleasant and sure enough the light came on the phone and it with him if I open up a text messaging and that if that these words thank you brother my supplement quite strange wonderland with a something like that so I texted him back and I said what do you mean by that awkward conversation that happen about in and then he says I just had a very interesting experience I had this nightmare and it was just as darkness it was just as deep darkness and there was his loneliness that was there I felt this extreme like this void in my heart and is just misery industry beset after I came out of that dream I said God if you're advanced all yourself and all of a sudden has fallen off and there was a text message at that before you call I will answer and while you are still speaking I will hear and what he wrote back and neck he said there is a God statement that a man God is faithful and I know that he is going to be answering many prayers this week is going to be answering prayers that we have even asked the Bible says that before we call he will answer while was still speaking while still on Horowitz will hear in a window spoken at graduation and I told the students something to remember the rest of their life I said are two things you have to remember for the rest of your life don't ever forget these you work these two phrases and if that okay what if it number one don't ever forget there is a God amen don't ever forget they are forgot and then number two you're not him and that there is a God and you are not in let God do what God wants to do right this is what with the daily conflict is all about it discovering what God wants to do and what he's calling us to participate in never got the your spiritual background if only you may turn your spiritual condition I want to promise you it is during these times the conference doesn't work that opens up a very special window of opportunity to minister to left in an extraordinary way oftentimes it's going to conferences that God will reveal his plans his direction his purpose it is comfort to God 's people start really want to urge you do whatever it takes to be here each night and during the seminar presentations God wants to bless you right I was there with your big cock will go down in the spirit of prophecy this is so amazing that this thing works okay the following world is the battlefield for the greatest conflict that heavenly universe and the earthly powers have ever witnessed out of economic time the filing world is the battlefield for the greatest conflict that heavenly universe and earthly powers have Amber witness that we think to myself I'm just a college student attending Southern Adventist University I'm not in the midst of a war zone or battlefield what is this talking about it was appointed as a theory upon which would be fun out the grand struggle between good and evil between heaven and hell every human being a part in this conflict whether you want to believe it or not every person year is involved in this grand theme of my heavenly controversy no one can stand on the program money must either accept or reject the worlds Redeemer all other witnesses either for or against Christ Christ calls upon those who spent under his banner to engage in the conflict with him as fateful left soldiers that they may inherit the crown of life battles are to be far when every day battles are to be bought every single day no we look at the Bible in the Bible describes this great controversies this universe if Walmart has taken place what thousands of years not in the highlight matter in the midst of this war that have taken place for ER arm life if they campaign in this war I was in overtime our lives are various kinds of campaigns in this war a war is made up of various kinds of campaigns and your daily life is a battle with in that campaign and it is the daily battles that determine the victor in the campaign and the campaign 's determine who'll ultimately win this war now many gripping gears up while we Re: know who wins this war but here's the thing to understand if the casualties in this war that is that are just right in the heart of God himself that he is most concerned God does not want to lose a single full-year Kenny statement that am over to be learning this week is a practical way how we can be victorious in this event on a can of wonderful revelation to you right now than you may know about this revelations that we do not and here it is every one struggling with element time I know that with my boyfriend out everyone is struggling oftentimes I thought to myself when I was a conscious Seventh-day Adventist person who was interested in spiritual things I thought to myself one day I'm going to reach a point where I no longer struggling when Canada be like so-and-so a mentor or a particular just war model spiritual models one candidate be like that and I'm not going to have the struggles that I now have to they want to tell you something no body besides Jesus how did together often got the wedding charisma when editing finally collective when I finally get my career when I'm finally married and I finally had to when I finally had the house and dust levels are going to stop you are in one big surprise we are told on the cross to the crown we are going to smuggle and until the day that we step foot on the heavenly Jerusalem we are going to be fighting this battle it I heard what one old man said he was using this confident with the gator Brothers whatever but it was a bunch of the relatives that were there in the Continental I want to a new people who do want to give the runners at the happen is that he stands up okay when development in this concert and he says one of the most unlikable words I have ever heard in my entire life and what he says they are only going to be veterans in helping their only going to be veteran in heaven in other words people who are far in this great controversy war identity the only people there to be in heaven if you are not struggling and fighting in this war against what I could be in heaven the only effect friends that are going to be in heaven nobody is going to reach heaven without struggle Kenny statement to that is very important to understand that from the very beginning beginning that there is going to be a massive struggle all the way from the cross to the crown we are going to us struggled to enter into heaven now regular theme verse right here it's a powerful it's found in the gospel of Matthew the Bible here described somebody very interesting as they left John the Baptist and the Bible says this about John the Baptist one day when Jesus was speaking about John the Baptist John the Baptist was actually put in prison in when I first became a Christian I really had a hard time reading the Bible 's you know what I did I would watch Russian movies that the first time I was introduced to John the Baptist there was this movie I think it was like the Gospel of Matthew and the first steam starts off with this giant like grasshopper on this plant and all of a sudden you see these eyes and he just liked into the grasshopper and I'm looking at this thing and that this and then there was John the Baptist 's thought to myself wow that is sometimes Christianity Christians of a weird aim at the thing with all the Bible says right here with John the Baptist he was put in prison in that prison he was put there because he had preached the truth but did you know when he was putting the prison he was actually struggling with something he was struggling with his belief that Christ really was the Messiah because he was not being delivered on that prison and one day he sent some disciples on the disciples go speak to Jesus and Jesus sends them off after showing them some miracle but after the disciples meet Jesus begins to talk about John the Baptist anything I mean you went out to see John what did you go see a Reed shaken the win because when you went to the John what did you see someone who was called the majority 's clothing but know those kinds of people living live in King 's home but unlikely says right here assuredly I think you among those born of women there hath not risen one greater than the John the Baptist but she would leave the kingdom of heaven is greater than he now walks with this writer this rate enigmatic verse and from the days of John Doe back to our Intel now done with something starting with John the Baptist and it was continuing during the time of Christ and from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers Violet and I went to get my fourth iPod Michael Mendez must be referring to persecution but here's something to understand when you read the Old Testament a lot of gods people suffered violence so this was an out of the talk about physical violence this was referring to something else some kind of aggression that would begin during the time of John and would continue and what you see right here you do not see the white violets using a very negative says what you are after looking at is a very positive and construction upon the white vinyl and what Jesus was saying right here if you said that John the Baptist began to unleash a new wave of spirituality a new wave of spirituality about my fifth a very just very energetic forceful approach to getting to heaven about what is so remarkable the gospel of Luke talked about this a little bit more but the Bible says right here in the gospel Luke sixteen verse sixteen the law and the prophets were until John since that time the kingdom of God has been preached and every one is with an export processing that is the same word that is used to describe by the more of a passive work but I think everyone is pressing into it we've got very translated it says that everyone is wanting to unquestionably enter into the kingdom of heaven and what was even talking about Jesus was saying that John the Baptist this mysterious stranger who showed up began to unleash a new wave of spirituality in fact it was so powerful that would like this about John the Baptist and the spirituality it was so amazingly read this after difficult writer when John's voice was heard in the wilderness they apparently viewed the way of the Lord make his paths straight face in favor for the safety of his kingdom I just think about this John the Baptist regularly showed up and began to unleash this new radical spirituality make Satan the mightiest angel ever created run but just think about this this man actually made the most mighty angel to rumble as we see this writer that Satan feared for the next nursing work for the safety of his kingdom now imagine that we didn't know that John the Baptist like man what did he unleash if the John the Baptist began a revolution a special kind of revolution that really was experienced by many Old Testament patriarchs and what Jesus was saying about John the Baptist it is that she was unleashing this new wave of spirituality what everyone would like to make their way to the entrance of heaven you look at daily battles all about it's about discovering how we can make it to heaven amen tobacco is a something so powerful found in Scripture about somebody who was a warrior for God a group of people a good love you could say super athlete the theater was a man by the name of David in the Bible King David and when he was still a fugitive think about it but of course I first Chronicles chapter twelve you can see something very interesting first Chronicles chapter twelve is the David and I was still not yet seeing he was still a fugitive and while he was still a fugitive the Bible says that various people began to join his army various kinds of military men are needed that Battalion began to join themselves to David because they all believed in something about David that he would be of essentially the king of Israel the king of Israel think about let's go to first Chronicles chapter twelve first Chronicles chapter twelve first Chronicles chapter twelve I learned something about pastors it's a secret when you're reading an old testament name that you cannot pronounce you sit with an accent and it sounds like you know how to speak Hebrew is a secret that passes are not telling you that many of them do not know how to how to pronounce the Hebrew names with people the world do not know how to pronounce that evening the production model fact that the thought of first Chronicles chapter twelve note that the Bible says right here now there were these men who came from date candidate at where the flag that now fighting cellulite I did tell you would think he understands Hebrew while he was still a fugitive from Saul the son of Kish and they were among the mighty men helpers in the war armed with both using the right hand and the left in hurling stones and shooting arrows with the boat they were up Benjamin solves brethren and let the Bible begins to describe here is various kinds of troops that begin to join themselves to David's army they saw that he was inspirational leader and they said we want to be part of that army but not for the Bible sex fitness about a group of people who join themselves to David's army go all the way to verse eight is very interesting right here some guy joined David at the stronghold in the wilderness mighty men of valor men trained for battle notes with about that next handle shield and spear booth space is what like the faith of the lot liens and was slim after valve on the Mountain Meadows of the Bible this might hear that a group of people wanted to join themselves to David's army to begin to describe their ability within the Bible describes some unusual characteristics except that they had people like what Ryan and had the like what is now no stop your perfect intent knowledge and imagine the feeling of my neck some people when they read this passage they imagine crazy looking hybrid people will be in the content people with main thing dear feet and they said we like to join David's army please see the Bible together a wonderful principle when it comes to reading the Scriptures call thinking amen call thinking that and there's something to pay attention to camp the Bible is saying right here there was a group of soldiers who begin to join themselves to David Strobl they wanted to see David become think and the Bible said they had my face it and they had feet like what itself in the Bible here than describing a visit before hybrid creatures with the Bible describing is certain kinds of characteristics that were so prevalent in the people the only description the writer could say if they had Ryan like face it and they had feet like what gazelles know why this is so interesting is because the word for them to understand something you're very important principle about these group of people who join themselves to David Thorne it was noted that genetic mistake you what it's describing is people who had a very fierce and dignified countenance that when they showed up it my gamma note further down I went over there but the group of people nobody is moving away from right have you ever seen somebody to have a lien like face we want to look at that person is a man that person have a lien like face that did you know in various kinds of culture various kinds of culture there are different people different kinds of cultures that when they look at a faith and of trying to read faith they will look at a second part of the faith of the Communion article about this on it for example many people in Japan and the looking out of faith in order to read or I sort a given evaluation of a person they will look at their eyes when they found out in this study was that when it comes to Americans that Americans will look at the now and from the various sort of expressions on the faith they come to the conclusion about this kind of person that when using a solid electrolyte like face what immediately comes to your mind perhaps somebody who's Indian now you would think somebody who has some kind of dignity on their face when they shop you think I can see this sort of dignity of a very keenly expression on their face or someone who is brave and ferocious you would think man ending this person just have this brave ferocious look at their faith but when you look at them you could then this person is ready for action here this process and then the Bible says that the like what without notice that the Bible section describing both the predator and the upright nephew notices gazelles and lines are known for two things it is also known for attacking and that the developed lines are known for the fact that the that if I really have a having sleep last night then have mercy on me that lions are known for attacking and Pavel are known for their be in what the Bible to describe these people and they luck when it comes to these soldiers who apparently want to join themselves to David Varney is that they put that this unusual characteristics that whenever they show up they look like Wyeth and at the right themselves the question comes to us and that is that how can the moral today become like this in life that even important for us today the Bible says something quite remarkable about these people from being Pharaoh Marco met with adding just a second you know I was doing a study on how spaces change in other words how facial structure becomes adjusted to get others about for five ways that basis can be reconstructed or change to give a different of while the first one is obviously age right over a long period of time something to get back into the faith it begins that group right URL status facial structure plastic surgery plastic surgery USAID official structure bodybuilding is a lot how you want to get up how the world of bodybuilding change the way you look because he begins the get rid of the fact that underneath that they the faith becomes just easy sometimes cheekbones of the faith begins to become more and more to spin her right but there's something else that changes people 's basements love it with the people I love you in addition to let you shine on their faith that I something different I want to different looking at them and unusually happy but there is one more thing yeah there is one more thing that changes the way people look at those doing these things is on bloomy away and that is trials in other words when people go through very sorrowful experiences when they are struggling in trials the look on their face changes if elected and garbage is that when Jesus came back from the forty days of fasting and that's locally with having with it she said there were traces of conflict on his face I never got winded and evangelistic series preached ideals over a month I came home and this was one of the most intense evangelistic series I've ever had me everything was going long enough powerful things that were taken place the double of attracting a lot of work it was just an intense experience I came back I went to go visit my family like a week after the series was done as soon as I walked into the living room okay my mom looked at me if you'd like what has happened to your face might I look exactly like the same and now that was before the truth of the matter is that the experience changed me defeat these men you're about to learn why or how they became like a light in their parents and how they had feet like itself it wasn't like they were born like this when you take a good look at the end of this passage you're about to see something quite amazing it begins describe how in the world they became like this this is what the Bible says some downright joined David Bilson told in the wilderness mighty men of valor men trained for battle can handle shield and spear whose faith is like the faith itself liens and where it is lived at themselves on the mountains as of the first Obadiah the fact Elian but there was man of the fourth time I looked at a time to fix LDL defendant Johanne and eight elves about the night you might attend the eleventh note that the bitnet the work on the bonds of death captains of the Army but we was all for a hundred and the greatest was over about it and keep my right you see are the ones who cross the Jordan in the first month of loading the banks that's only that they are glad that some eighty month you're just like I do not know what I mean in the Old Testament what did people need many times in across the Jordan a miracle humanity is likely to cross the Jordan it was a miracle view member at large we walked with Elijah through the Jordan there was a miracle that part of the Jordan but the Bible says right here there was no miracle and others like it needs men like they fit and be like without that when they came across this cool raise the obstacle manager for the benefit went off across the softball they said they crossed the Jordan and it's most difficult point that you just think yourself how in the world today develop if my in my courage because that's exactly what it would take to cross the Jordan River they developed my life faith is the determination and if dignity because when it came to this obstacle they didn't back away from it the Bible says also that when they step into what everybody fled from them the other three things we need to understand when it comes the data and that a fifth number one they had forty two number two they had your listeners and number three they had faith they had what you have faith when it comes to this battle we need these three principles in our lives fortitude Elizabeth and faith that when it comes to these things oftentimes we think to ourselves men boarded to what exactly is fortitude fortitude is the courage to keep trying when you are not the amen the courage to keep trying when you are knocked down to us you need you need fearlessness in a bravery that when the obstacles and the trials and tribulations are so big you need a God-given courage not to walk away but to go through any bravery there's one other thing and that is faith if he needs men like you and you know why they came to David about Lexi says in the previous chapter because these men were trying to establish David at the King nor told in Scripture that Jesus is the King but in one sentence he still is receiving his kingdom we gender chapter eight and during this time there are various groups of people who are joining Christ Army in this fight and many people possess various kinds of characteristics some event attributes that are needed for the spike with it despite what God is calling it that is for us to join into this battle and he wants to develop these characteristics in us fortitude fearlessness faith amen at this very intense experience that happened to me anybody know who bear grills this inverter goes needs all the worms and the went to my friend called me up and he says these is that I may literally like it was at midnight he says hey man I just got this ticket two tickets for these 24-hour survival course that opened up my bare growth the first one's ability in California can you come I thought to myself man how do these things but I decide I don't and it was such an intense experience it really trying anyhow when I was just like up in all the puppies city by pastor I came out else like our my block had changed immediately came out it was just a fierce looking at me it was everywhere we can open it we had to do the counting we had to cross the water I cannot even vote repelled up a patent like I told Gothic in Alaska were repelled it brought me back if I got any pushed me off the rock and even it was in tenth experiences that were taken place before last we have to sleep in these man-made shelters okay I will snuggle next the big guide to big guys and winter building shelters and there were difficult the ground we had to be in the shelters I never got a no it was like me pieces of these branches that were disappointing right in my eyeball how it was that I think of it myself God why might hear why my year why am I here the last thing we had to do with ethical to this memorable yet to get backpacks on day and we request is never trying every one of the guys would actually like the kind like Michael about that he would like like this is backed up with pulling away and I granted by the fact that I might add and I got them right back onto the boat and we were just going through and we just continue to make you but when we came at experts I told my friend I would like the next one life is full of obstacle life is full of challenges and you are such a pivotal point in your life where God is calling you not to back away from that but to go for and it only is the also want to be don't forget to make it through those who fight you do know there is victory in more than just the actual victory but there's victory in just this by itself is driving itself is a form of victory when you say you know what this is why this is God calling me to be his time to fight and what would it be learned if we get some amazing things if I have this experience that took place I don't know why my life is full of crazy things but I was doing a sermon on chocolate in Jericho and I was preparing to send to preach I never got that night it was like eleven p.m. it's pronounced like that I'm so tired I'm going YouTube and received there some kind of Christian movie about Joshua Jericho that was a mistake you know I found I look for you juveniles like me got maybe a display of this legitimate milk and some new license look and I found this nineteen sixties version of the story Joshua and and Jericho and like I ultimately had played it in the old movies they take like an hour to get to the credit before that you start select export it all the way towards the end and it starts up the scene starts off like this Josh was talking with the soldiers and their like arguing back and forth and then he walks away and I'm like that's not in the Bible and he walks over to the altar okay and this is likely to begin body of the any client that God if you don't get me just call these people and account manager and the needle he does next he takes out a sort of people to do it my faith in God I learned you cannot do that and all of a sudden the lightning strikes the altar and the fire like the altar and this voice speaks I have given you Jericho and your men will not rebel do you looking at them like I'm not to be preaching on that stuff you happen now what's my point in this you come to realize something about Hollywood and their tensed makers to movies that just Hollywood is full of wicked people I'm sure there's some evil people that the point of this is that when they look at the Bible and they see biblical struggle that doesn't make sense amen with the biblical faith and their look at the Bible study said that doesn't make sense and so you know what they do don't rewrite the script the crazy walk monsters in their beliefs on CGI and what they're trying to do is they're trying to figure out and trying to fix the story because when I look at the Bible and the recent lab manual were struggling with God and prevailed it doesn't make sense of them but this is something that full important for us in experience that God wants to give to you is not something that could be copied is not something that could be counterfeit or duplicated or put on the movie screen God wants to give you a biblical powerful faith that struggles and keeps on struggling until victory but it requires you willing to enter into the struggle to not look back and not look back you may be struggling with your sins today and wanted to yourself God is probably crossed the line and got a thank you defined you may be struggling with discouragement and you begin to yourself that there is not a victory insight and got a thing struggling you may be somebody taking himself I don't have any kind of purpose year in college living of the direct brought of meeting my wife and you feel like everybody else knows that you doctors don't give up he may have the most beautiful plans for you and I want and what the story a interesting story took place several years ago I was bottom locks or by the name of Rocky Marciano say the real box enough that a guy Rocky Marciano old days I wonder you took on this guy that people say could not be present people said that when he comes to this guy I think that Rocky wants to finally got to lose is finally got to lose the match so they get into this fight and a box back and forth all the fat Iraqi market job that knocks out this guy in the crowd goes wild on and so after the fight the generously sitting down Rocky Marciano in the United States and its faces just be imagine maybe the data like that there were stars through this next the United States has just popped up as I is small with all the cameras are turned the pictures of him and the journals are trying to answer asking questions and finally one journalist speaks up and after you wire up that particular rocky debris is that nobody think of BBN had to be them his response was this right at the camera with his eyes that are just piercing look might affect camera that might affect journalists and said to him you want no heartbeat this guy I thought one more thought one more one more God is calling you to buy one around amen you can bless you in incredible ways because you not to back away from the struggle but to enter into with your hands and your feet is a God all the way you do come out started to come out bruised you cannot be can not the goddess and you keep struggling to keep fighting despite in your goodness see what God does a man with our heads forward a prayer father in heaven 's letter thank you so much to so much for your goodness Lord thank you that you do not turn away your heart from bowls fighting and struggling and feel like they're losing the Lord we know that you are most attentive to those who feel they are the weakest father in heaven I just want to press special blessing upon this group here are beginning a journey during these next few days the very first thing you call us to do keep going for keep up with the struggle to enter into it and not back away I just pray a special blessing upon that person here today was questioning so much or blessed them with encouragement thank you so much for today and when maybe go back to the present Jesus as a blessing this media was brought by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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