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Overcoming Escapism- Part 1

Nicole Parker


Nicole Parker

Wife, mother, and Biblical counselor




  • October 11, 2014
    1:30 PM
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I have thank you so much that we can come together and study your word and understand what applications were alive we pray for your Holy Spirit to come now Lord and speak to each one of our heart cleanse us of sin of the Messier leading and help us to understand more of what we need so that we can be closer to you and more ready for your thinking and I write today I'm talking about overcoming escapism and my husband and I have an unofficial that going as whether a connection to get through all of these slides are not because he insists that I've never made it through the thirty five minutes short of time before the accident they don't have a table and I don't have any way to a show my flight perfect yet that you have other guests one of them right though we talking about overcoming escapism and I have a lot of information to share so I may run a little fast I hope you guys don't mind talking about escapism there are so many different aspects of escapism alcohol drugs he know all the things but I'm not really focusing on those things to them talking more about the things that good Christians may think it's okay to escape to mostly because it's a struggle for every single one of us I remember a friend that I asked worked with your Bible workers together and he struggled sometimes with movie theater just a really I really just want to watch movie Nicole and then they'd say you know what no one convicted not to watch it and he would in a walkout and then come back in attendance later you know what I'm not convicted anymore the wash this is as you wanted to escape but then later on in life as he started drifting away from the Lord there were other things that he was escaping to them he said well you know for a while he was escaping to homosexuality then when I talk to later I said how are you doing anything that's actually not a battle for meeting now what I'm dealing with alcohol of formula I can stop drinking like that and then there were other times that he would be dealing with drug and other times that he would be struggling with smoking just how many different things the thing with his problem was he wasn't just addicted to many different things he was really addicted to one thing and that's escape he wanted to stay permit payment gave him having to think deeply about his life so when he was escaping what he was really a statement from with God allowing God to be the center of his life and his identity and his worship escapism is a problem and it's very scary problem because it's about worship it's about where our heart gardener you can tell where a person parted by how they use their spare time and often frightening thing to think about with the way that many of us use our spare time these days so I'm going to talk a lot today about socially acceptable methods of escape and how those principles apply to all if they did much for the Lord will help you to understand person probably is oppressed to define what it isn't as I looked up online for dictionary definitions of and found a couple of my thought were very useful one is the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities especially by thinking entertainment or engaging in fantasy the avoidance of reality by absorption of the mind and entertainment or in an imaginative situation activity etc. you can see that's a pretty broad category right can be video gaming movies music food that whenever there are all kind of think the people connected to is devastating to thought that's over talking about there are so many kinds of statism some of them that are very common are like food addiction and it that can be anorexia control addiction combined with good or it can be more of a bulimia and I didn't give hand and you know tumble go-ahead engorge myself and then either fill parable ends get fatter or maybe purge and that the dangerous cycle of teaching my body to throw up this fantasy there's pornography or sex or lusts music shopping shopping of it but the socially acceptable when the people will just advertise me I'm a shopaholic is wonderful like it's a common theme that people think it even but it can be serious I've known people who are so compulsive about their shopping that there's running up bills thousands and thousands of dollars and their staff can even put food on the table for their children and then it's finding stashes of expensive shoes and clothes and think that this person is fine because they are compulsively trying to escape and feel better about themselves through their shopping addiction we also have movies social networking popularity compulsive behaviors romantic relationship substance abuse sure some of you can relate to some of these and all of you know people who have these issues these are some of things that you're the most likely to be issues on Arkansas but this by no means an exhaustive list here why do people escape on some research shows individuals have been shown to watch TV when they have a lower need for cognition or in other words to prevent them from thinking a bit of them is the opposite of what is it mindfulness escapism is the opposite of mindfulness wanting to get away from it all and that such a common phrase these days you'd think that we Western culture who have enough food and safe shelters to live them and for the majority of we have everything we need and most of what we want you think we would be the one so desperate to think it would be people in other countries who are refugees who are desperate to her dealing with grief at their friends and families are killed or missing but we in America have a massive problem with escapism is escapism really all that dangerous to others a part of a family here that were like but we do need to get away sometimes don't we get that all that noble talk about that a little bit later but it is dangerous in the way that we are living nowadays for me give you some examples of that that escape in our culture is considered normal and even necessary I've had so many times people tell me when you like you know we need a get something done I'm just tired I just want to kick back and go not do anything and when I accomplish anything going to go have fun and then their way to have fun and escape is some form of entertainment typically and whatever that entertainment is it's a substitute for what God wants to give us which is recreation God does want us to get away he does want to find a healthy way to rejuvenate ourselves but a statement is not yet for example when I was a teenager before I given my life to Christ I remember I was addicted to movies no we lived in the middle of nowhere which are the fantastic thing in so many ways they are out in nature we had so much fun my sisters and I were out in the woods a lot and working in the garden so many great things about that science wheat we didn't have a television but we didn't have eventually the opportunity to watch movies then my mom with lettuce take out a movie at Blockbuster or something we pick out something to watch and bring it home I like to let my sister going blockbuster with my mom and get her to pick something to shoot better persuading want to get something really fun somehow she's just very persuasive my sisters over here so I can talk about her behind her back him and you know what we would say our prime way to persuade my longer let's watch a movie mom wears all Boulevard and back away you guys are familiar with an ailing right on Billboard please can we just rent something and so we go rent a movie of course there was no international lack of five with rape in the stone ages and after we watch a movie guess what you think that we were now energized and no longer bored what do you think we were even more bored when the credits roll even more born you're right because that's the way it is we all understand that feeling right when the credits roll in life comes crashing back down man I have to get that assignment done what if I been doing watching YouTube videos for an hour or whatever it is you know we we can have the feeling when it comes back like how the romantic watching a beautiful story but I don't have a boyfriend in the waters is worse I visited one of the things that distinguishes the state that the menu can tell your escapist when this is how you feel when you go get yourself absorbed in the thing that you want to be refreshed by the end of it you're more debilitated and when you started that because you've been escaping to it instead of escaping to thought instead of recreation and entertainment and there were a lot of things that I escaped through the kid wasn't just movies I I remember one time I was a lie my older sister 's lightweight Academy and then I got to have their bedroom and one night I was thinking like you not being used to have all these novels I wonder where they went winners think in them somewhere here in our room so I started searching the room I looked under the bed and a word the novel collection it was all hidden underneath they are all these raunchy non-Latino the foreman and flinging herself and that some guys arm that her cleavage hanging out of her lonely long luxurious draftsmen and the title of some passion in the capital they need so there were all these raunchy novels under there wow nice feast on them for weeks I go to bed and stay up until two o'clock in the morning reading awful and it certainly doesn't make me energized for the next day and it certainly didn't make me a happier or better person and one day I realized how man I really need to do something about this so I pulled out all the novel by Laban on the floor was thinking what should I do and just then what you know my younger sister walked in the room and she's like you doing question about my novel here I said book what I found under the bed is this terrible let's go burn them all enough that we did now is the end of all those novels but you know I still when I would go through a supermarket would be the novelty noted the rotating stands with all the women in their dress is the name passionate printed project with anybody see me if I started reading just a little bit just a little bit you know that's how we always escape right nobody said I think I'm in a political week but maybe some people do but most of us as we do if I can just take a quick minutes to check Facebook and just a few minutes on disk and read this one to watch this one movie with the one romantic song and then we start spiraling now how does so i.e. I would listen to love songs and tie with the melancholy thinking about my boyfriend and I didn't have how wonderful it would be if only someone loved me you know we do have the Internet back then I can't imagine how I could boycott because I was dealing with chronic depression and Nintendo anxiety issues and I wasn't facing them for therefore I was trying to escape and fun things make me feel better than the common problems of getting to be more and more prevalent in our culture in a large survey of Korean Internet users over use of the Internet was associated with depression loneliness and compulsiveness many of these addicts when surveyed said that they use the Internet to avoid reality and were significantly more likely to use the Internet in response to feelings of sadness or depression this is pretty alarming because an estimated five to ten percent of Americans self-report as being addicted to the Internet I think the real proportion is much larger people don't want to admit their addicts right how many alcoholics want to say yeah me I'm an alcoholic rights and Internet addiction it seemed even more harmless begin with not destroying your liver it's just destroying your mind a study on adolescence found that those who employed avoidance coping strategies as opposed to approach oriented coping reported the highest levels of depressive symptoms up to two years later he were dealing with the really serious problems these days because to be a state artists real life can be delayed by the painkiller just like an alcoholic he is miserable he is depressed his wife has left his trailer is dirty and he doesn't feel like going out and cleaning everything up sounds like I'm just getting ghosted read things on the Internet for a while but when he comes at the end of that in the fill worse now he's exhausted and the trailer is still dirty right what about pity do the same thing with alcohol the next morning he wakes up and invite all men everything is still a mess of my life is still unemployed but now I have a bad headache to right when we come off of our drug whatever it is it worse than when we started out we see the weapons of mass distraction are destroying us because the painkiller makes it not deal with the real issue if I had a brain tumor but I just take painkillers instead of getting surgery to get rid of it I'm going to those painkillers are actually killing me right because the pain could make me pay attention pain is supposed to be available a warning that there something wrong there was a time when I had had a bone infection in my flex I would never have done anything about it because there was no visible fine on the outside that I had this terrible bone infection in my thought what made me do something about it was the overwhelming theme this agonizing pain I could hardly move I can hardly think so I did something about it I went to the doctor I found out what was wrong I got antibiotics by IV the doctor said he waited much longer he would've lost that's what I needed to do something and I did something because of the pain but if you can use painkillers to kill the pain of your distant life the ways that you are not relating to Christ in a way that you should you may never do anything about it and then you don't just lose your foot you may lose your eternal life logout is the hardest button to click is not true this is a problem with the states that I another characteristic of a state you can tell your escaping if the longer you escape the harder it is to stop escaping right knee you know it's twelve o'clock why am I still on Facebook when you scroll a little bit farther right you've observed as of midnight real study just as soon as you finish just checking twitter just for a few minutes serve warm into grammar whatever it is that you using it can be I will start exercising just as soon as I finish this bar of chocolate or were best that things that I've been eating or things that I've been doing I will get back to God acidified with all things with my boyfriend or my girlfriend escaping is the thing that never because it just seems like a little bit longer a little bit longer and it'll be okay right a little bit more if they kill people for thousands of years thirteen months ago play outside the guy is playing his video games outside right countless students I failed college is exactly the prediction right here at Southern and anywhere else and you know as much as it's funny looking at the picture here being tens of thousands of dollars in debt with no degree is not funny at all it's such a big problem that in December two thousand eight former Federal communications Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate stated that online gaming specifically World of Warcraft with one of the top reasons for college dropouts in the US now I'm not saying that she's exactly right and I'm not saying that if you drop out of college or work at McDonald's all of your life but wouldn't that be a real tragedy but because you couldn't stop playing hard the videogame you put yourself into a job or life that dead ends get make no mistake about it if you're playing World of Warcraft that compulsively to be very hard to break free from the date of lifestyle and was I going to get your marriage with it when you do your parenting but they're going to do to your quality of life is going to make you tend to eat compulsively dressed in whatever you feel like do whatever you feel like and just basically turn you into an emotional and spiritual decay you cannot pull yourself together you need to get to be emotional and spiritual gentlemen start working out but instead to be like my ha ha get there safe and I feel like television exposure and total media exposure and adolescents are associated with increased odds of depressive symptoms in young adulthood especially in young men and for adolescent use of role-playing games is predicting that internalizing problem behaviors such as anxiety or social withdrawal their third month of research on the Internet you can find it substantiate what I'm telling I'm just giving you a few little things you can see the references but I have time to read them all that's old lack of purpose in that sense of boredom that my sister and I had when we were teenagers I remember after we stopped watching of it it was very hard you know with withdrawal symptoms with everything it was difficult but I remember like a year or two later she were talking my van I said you I can't remember the last time I was bored and she said you know that's true neither of us gobbling anymore we had books to read things to do all kind of excitement in her life because Christ is now running her life and we were no longer board it's not a nicotine patch of the CD-ROM in trying to overcome computer addiction I think all of us can relate to some sort of Internet addiction it though even to get drawn into all the endless stories and things to watch and to read and to do on the Internet but that's not the only thing that all of us have in common food addiction food addiction may initially seem harmless right back I'm probably just make everybody hungry looking at that picture writing anybody get dessert today I didn't write them he very there is a major issue with food addiction that is visible words with Internet addiction it's not visible with food addiction there are visible side effects sometimes however no I know who he compulsively anything and I never gain a pound of yarn management like that is meant to make you want to map them yeah sorry in a sanctified way but him and just in order to try to help them escape from their escape is in you now you know what I'm talking about that the physical effect of the addiction may be very serious and I've seen students here at Southern did they get here they used eating healthily a hall and within just a few months they balloon you can see him again this person had gained forty pounds and once after what is happening if not good because they had been controlled from the outside rather than having from control from within when they start to think they can start escaping being kind and then of course they get frightened and we had a huge problem with people dealing with bulimia and anorexia here on our campus and all around America and you have so much food available in such an easy medication but then after you gorged yourself how do you feel terrible we have well fulfilled for a little while and then you realize wow my brain is clouded I feel miserable I feel depressed but they are also invisible effects of food addiction yell University did a study with forty eight young women some of them were fat some of them within means OBC with a wide range they used functional magnetic resonance imaging MRI to study the brain activity in these girls they offered them a chocolate milkshake and analyze what was going on in their brains on the MRI and when they thought just when they just saw the chocolate milkshake and then when they drank the chocolate milkshake what was happening there was an activity in the anterior cingulate cortex just seeing the milkshake and the medial orbitofrontal cortex brain areas that have been input to him urge to use drugs and Jack Kennedy was higher among women in the study knew had high scores on a scale that assessment eating habits for signs of addictive behavior in other words those women who had been eating compulsively and were addicted to food they were using as a drug they weren't just eating they were eating to satisfy themselves when they had addictive compulsive tendencies in the eating habit the milkshake lid up their addictive parts of their brain more I know that's a simplistic way to explain it but it's a very alarming thing of minute that your brain will actually change in the way it functions and eat compulsively that can make it a lot harder for you to break the urgent minutes basically what that's showing is that this person is addicted when the cocaine addict these cocaine the same part of their brain lights up as when the milkshake addict even milkshake and that something really scary seeing the milkshake can activate the same areas of the brain that light up when adding these cocaine Doctor Ted Larson said these findings support the theory that compulsive food consumption may be driven in part by an and can't enhance anticipation of the rewarding properties of food we know food addiction is harmful because it shortens life spans it damages quality of life in our using people having their way through the grocery store it's miserable for them to even walk a hundred feet because there's so overweight but there are so many invisible effect as well it seems reasonable that there is some fight it costs to living outside of reality right not just a difficult but the mental effects of escapism are very serious the use of escapist or avoidant coping including the excessive withdrawal into technology is a recipe for negative feelings and disconnection from others in other words there's a cycle of escape that happens that's a lot the more I feel down and disconnected the more I feel the oppressive urge to escape the devil wants I want to live your life will say just a few minutes just eight for a little while and then once you start your rolling down the legend gets deeper the farther you go and then when you escape eventually when you hit the green three more states that morning after feeling her I hate this you're going to feel an ever stronger urge to escape because now you feel even more down even more disconnected I just blown a whole day I had so much schedule that I would get into feeling around I remember Friday afternoon feeling monarchical college student you look at the long list of things that I have to get done to get them all wiped out by Sunday evening Sunday evening at nine o'clock is good to be a triumphant moment for me and I look back and everything I crossed off my list right the Friday afternoon I first understood to get my room cleaned right and then somebody says the company properly while it's only half an hour you know so off I go to supper and then we go for a walk in the morning out for the evening and then you know well then there's that with landmark study on Sabbath at Saturday nights I just can't I just can't say no to this pizza party right now study really hard funding morning on a get up early Sunday and that doesn't quite happen because I stay up until midnight Saturday night but Sunday morning by nine a.m. I get up and I make the list right on Getty get it done nine o'clock on a study this for an hour that if I studied faithfully for an hour than to give myself a ten minute break I was so proud of myself for being so disciplined in the first hour and then the ten minute break when I went out to get a drink and take a walk on rain into the ground and you know that we are talking and then they needed something to encourage them and then before I noted an hour and you know and then at lunch time before I know it I just need something and then I fall asleep when I'm trying to study that afternoon now that the feeling o'clock Sunday night and there's this impending and the panic of wall assignments come inaccurate because one inch after another we make unrealistic expectations and then we can't fulfill them we fall apart there's also such a dim a debilitating influence especially when we escape into something like fantasy or no romantic movies may be a big thing for women but for guys things that make them feel more powerful like video games they give the illusion of power or even movies music no heavy beats that makes you feel powerful when you feel powerless is going to have a real grip on you because God is the one who makes you long for power he wants you to go to him to satisfy that longing for power so that his power can working you and make you invisible in his spirit for women God has made us and all of us have a longing for love and for power for worth for the ability to to connect with God in ways that we will be able to overcome anything that comes that women tend to long for love to create a sense of being deeply loved on it but that is not too long to connect with him but many people when they sense that call of the spirits company come away with me let me satisfy your heart they go I will acidify just watched a movie or listen to the music or engaged in a little bit of fantasy so that I can feel like I'm lots and then of course that cycle begins when I feel down or disconnected from God I'm going to escape the something after it escaped on a feel so low that the miserable that I don't feel like I can come back to God this sets up a dangerous cycle especially when people are dealing with pornography or masturbation kind of a few predictions because when the for those later on as soon as they finished they feel such crushing and ashamed worthlessness I love ability but now they feel so far from God they cannot go back to when you feel you cannot go back to God and you cannot believe that he still loves you and he will give you the power to overcome this addiction your left with two bad options you can if you believe your feelings you can have two bad options one is just brighter hands up no it's no use falling to the abyss and engaging your compulsive behavior for a period of time until you're so sick of it you just can't stand it any longer that's one bad option the other option may be even worse because it's the one the Pharisees took that is I will work my way back to God all for a really hard under how devotions for two hours every day under the fact-finding exercise these are bad things they're all wonderful things but if we engage in them as a way to persuade God to forgive to persuade God to love us again we have set ourselves into a poisonous cycle of self-righteousness pride feels no need of that closes the heart the spirit of God and when I believe that I can earn my way back to God that if I mess up on you have to do a lot to earn my way back but eventually eventually I might persuade them to love me and sure enough it works after a few days or a few weeks I start feeling like God loves me again then I believe you love me then I believe that he forgives me what I had just done is set myself up to definitely fall again you know why if I know I can earn my way back to God again it's only a matter of time until I fall again if I can get back in again I know I'll have to work really hard to persuade him to love me to persuade him to forgive me but I'll get it again all the devil has to do is persuade me to I cannot believe my feelings at all go back to my fate I'm trapped in a cycle of self-righteousness and falling we have to believe that God love that because of who he is not because of who we are how righteously are bonded to talk about the four deadly laws of escapism for reasons by no means an exhaustive list but for reasons why a state is so dangerous to the soul number one escapism destroyed relationships you may think that just escaping to watch a movie with your friend or hang out for the afternoon about any fine like you do when you set up in a statement pattern is a good design for yourself shallow relationships when a man engaging in video gaming compulsively he sets himself up to have a shallow relationship with a girlfriend or his wife his children or his other friends pornography even worse because it's such an alienating addiction it destroys your relationships it makes you feel you cannot be honest with anyone what if they knew why is that so important because God wants us in healthy happy relationship it means everything to him how do we know this because the law of God is twofold one of the two laws that God has given to a even bad you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul with all your mind with all your strength and with the second line love your neighbor as yourself write on these two commandments hang the laws of profits and their relational God says that very thing that all of eternity is centered on whether I'm going to be saved or lost is all about my relationship to relationship with him my relationship with others the whole law of God is relational the way that God the other saved another a lot into the basket is those who make relationship their first priority relationship with Pam relationship with one another and those who refused to do so escapism is such a big deal because it destroys relationships with God and with others how do relationships grow to think if I want to get to know somebody you get to know them when I met my husband he was a nice guy that he lived in Africa Island in New York I wasn't particularly motivated to move to Africa or to get to know that I lived in Africa he however was rather motivated and over time not very long I started becoming motivated to sell you know we started doing talking we started communicating we were communicating long-distance because he went back to Africa that we had actually putting quite a bit of effort to communicate we have any type back then it costs like I remember it with some insane amount of money to permit it for me to call him so we mostly chatting on MSN messenger and Yahoo messenger one of the other work most days and we would spend about an hour every day in communication any quality time and we were touching each other we were seeing each other spaces but what we were doing was spending quality time in communicating this is how I know that people can build close relationships with those they can't see I hear all the time from people well I know I need to pray but I just can't really connect with God I can't see him I can't feel him touching me therefore I can't build a close relationship with him you know what that is that the biggest excuse if an escapist excuse because I don't want to put in the work to build this relationship I can easily affect you now Africa I live in America it was nice meeting you but I now feel like putting in the work actually get to know you and that would've been that when but then we prioritize communication quality time not you can sit next to a person in class for four years and not know them not really build a relationship with them right you have time together but if not quality time and you're not communicating you can have people you communicate with a lot but if you're just arguing with each other your exchanging harsh words you can't build a relationship between you in any communication but it's not healthy communication is not loving communication so genuine communication built together with quality time with how relationships grow the same way that human relationships grow our relationship with our father in heaven can grow but what is the status and steel it steals her quality time it's still there communications how do I know that our culture is becoming more and more so obsessed that we can't even literally hold a long conversation without everybody going to their phones right now I know you're talking to me back I'm just just have to check and see if there's anything more exciting going on online then my conversation with you in that terrible college experience that in your relationships with other people even putting together a seminar like that you know my husband and I looking at the flight man that's a lot of writing people these days are so escapist they cannot sit through a seminar where there's a bunch of writing thing being read the way they could have a hundred years ago because were so escapist our brains have become potato soup we can't focus long enough to read through all those sentences Mister went for supper I wonder if it's raining I need to check so-and-so you know escapism is a huge deal because it is destroying our communication in our quality time with one another some researchers say that I find always even trying to reach feeling high they're trying to reach feeling normal many people live in a chronic state of depression looking for a third here and there that can bring them up to feeling normal and healthy and him and they find something that makes them temporarily the illusion of feeling normal and healthy more more more Demi Moore try to get themselves up higher than the next time that they are free of that same it gets worse this is how concertgoers will build go to the concert get themselves no conduct they can't think about anything else for a while but then the next day or the next week they had a low severe depression because they had artificially and then felt to a nonnormal and abnormal level of excitement but they haven't actually dealt with the things that were causing the depression people are just trying to reach feeling normal but because our depression is a symptom of a lack of connection with God we can't do it and then when we know the symptoms go to something else that makes us feel better temporarily we do is get thirstier we get farther from God it's like a person stranded out of the ocean on a boat so thirsty they're desperate finally they start drinking the saltwater it may feel a little better but you're only worse afterward right felt water makes them even thirstier this is what happens with our addictions having more Internet relationships is now associated statistically with having higher levels of emotional loneliness instead of having face-to-face relationship over a face-to-face relationship are better for you online solely online relationships tend to make people even lonelier than they were when they didn't have any friends a common fantasy realm is being desirable especially when a person doesn't feel desirable they want to go online and find somebody who will find it desirable why ever the Catch-22 because if you paint yourself that whoever you want to be if I put up my best looking picture right though it takes hundreds of these the gap put it online write up a description of who they want to be in the parts of themselves they want other people to know that if this is who I am never based like wow you want to be my friend don't you using so cool so funny though pretty decided to make me feel better about myself now because I know these people out here don't actually know me if they knew the raw parts of me the parts of me that I'm not telling they would turn away in disgust that those relationships built on the illusion of closeness but with the understanding in the back of my mind this person doesn't really know me in a bad thing if I told just how miserable I am if I told them what I thought of them on friends in on right we live in a whole society of unfriending when a relationship requires work what we do forget it I have friends I do need you I can go find funny it doesn't make me miserable on friends I want to talk commenting on my post anymore because you talk about yourself because you said something about needed I didn't enjoy and we dispose of our relationship the way people do both of the paper around their subfamily it was useful for a while you make me so good about myself I felt happy when I was with you I no longer feel happy when I'm with you and you don't make me feel good about myself so done with you why do up for you in the trash can and move on without even looking back living in a society like mats create fragile friendship I no longer can be honest about who I am because what if people knew who I really am and perhaps worst of all the farther we go into gnats the more impossible it is to be real with people the more insecure we are if they really knew how bad I am because of course were doing compulsive things on the side of trying to find them what if people really knew we need a higher and higher dose of the same drug in order to get the same high this works especially with porn when all you want is to be desirable somebody you can go online you can find a movie that might make you feel desirable for a while but what about later then what now you feel worthless even less desirable anybody knew about this problem I have what would they think of me now we're learning Doctor kissed Christine McGrath ecologist says now we're learning the more time you spend on social media sites like Facebook and twitter the more likely you are to feel depressed at that correlation or causation the depressed people spend more time on Facebook or people who are they forget Marty Fred friendly if I go right it probably both but either way what's key to that is escapism when a person is going to Facebook this date instead of just to connect with those they actually love that's when there's a problem not all Internet use or social networking use that evil because people who have connections with real people that they actually love and they use social networking to connect with them those people don't have the same statistical damage damage they don't have the correlation with depression and anxiety because they're connecting with people who know them in real life and accept that with all their flaws it's when you just connected with people they are and they don't really know who you are they only know who you want people to think you are making a big deal of problems having more Internet relationships is associated with higher levels of emotional loneliness and having face-to-face relationships one of the main problems with this is that people want to have a fantasy of who they are are they want people to think that so I am this is what I look like these pictures that posted online equity tagged me a picture and make me look good quick quick and how do we want people think of me looking that way I want them to think of me looking this way the problem is when you have when you can set up a positive fantasy and illusion this is who I am worth of people numbing if they brought lots of people believe random person but you are actually that person the more you deal with that double life the more he dislikes we really are the more you feel the need to pretend you're not that person who you really are right number two as escapism destroys the power of connected bigger thinking even fiction which contained no suggestion of impurity which may be intended to teach excellent principles is harmful it encourages the habit of hasty and superficial reading nearly for the story is not so much more true of movies that is of novels back then thus it tends to destroy the power of connected and vigorous thought it unfit for the soul to contemplate the great problems of duty and destiny of the parents teachers and students page three eighty three is that Surgeon General 's warning here the following program may cause your IQ to drop fifteen but do you think I stop watching because of that now is not the mega number three escapism we use from prayer and the love of spiritual things and Ellen White said in testimony for the church body one pages two forty one at two forty two you are indulging an evil which threatens to destroy your spirituality it will eclipse all the beauty and interest of the sacred pages in other words the Bible becomes boring to you when you're absorbed in other things that are exciting it is love for storybook tales and other reading which does not have an influence for good upon the mind that is in any way dedicated to the service of God it produces a false unhealthy excitement fevers the imagination on the line for youthfulness and disqualify the any spiritual exercise it means the fall from prayer and love of spiritual things have you ever found it after you watch the movie you just can't study your Bible keep getting distracted you can't pray you see escapism allows us to know myself to the reality that we do not want to accept it allows us to avoid feelings of shame or emotional pain in other words it allows you to bypass the voice of the Holy Spirit convicting you by imagining ourselves as someone who doesn't have the constraints that we do or who possesses something that we lack we can experience that life without having to do the work and have a lot necessary to achieve number four finally escape vehicle corrupts and destroys the soul a large share of the periodicals and books that like the fried frogs of Egypt are over spreading the lands are not merely commonplace idle and enervating but unclean and degrading their effect is not merely to intoxicate and ruin the minds but to corrupt and destroy the soul I'm not even really dealing with too much with this topic in this particular seminar but porn and sexual addictions these kinds of things are destroying the minds the more you beaver your imagination and have to have something above normal to make yourself excited the more intense that thirst is going to be in the higher your demand for something different something you haven't seen statistics indicate that over fifty percent of men who claim to be Christians are addicted to pornography and most of them are engaging in it regularly and that may not be true of all women but when you add in the novels of fantasy that few vacant movies and stuff I'm convinced that women have just as much of a problem with sexual addiction is meant it's just different and not only are people going to Robert Fugate are going to worse and worse things if becoming more like Sodom online close to ninety percent of pornography that's available online now involve disrespect of violence to win children with serious this is not just to people doing things together anymore it very very dangerous lives of papers in such a big deal bottom line and escapism idolatry it's going to something else instead of God worshiping it giving it my time getting in my energy giving up my devotion it destroys my relationship with God it destroys my relationship with others because it is worship of a false God happiness instead of holding pleasure instead of purity and the more you state the more you paralyze your motivation from naming the longer you go under Eugene noon and more debilitating intellect will be upon your mind but in order to make the statement you must take action media was run by audio goose the website dedicated to spreading God 's word reason audio and much more we would like to know more about how he was oriented like this is more certain than it is www. audio tours .org


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