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Partnering With God- Part 1

John Chung


John Chung

Dermatologist in Dalton, GA




  • October 11, 2014
    1:30 PM
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as far as over him if I thank you so much for this opportunity to study award for the use of your Holy Spirit be here with us open our hearts and minds to receive yours in Jesus name amen it was last Christmas day December twenty five two thousand and thirteen we went to our family and I decided to go to Northern California for vacation and so our plane landed in some Cisco at eleven o'clock and went to lunch engagement at one o'clock Seo two hours running a car and going there they lived about the of forty minutes from the airport Susan podium time one o'clock lunch break was met of an Atlanta car was actually about five miles from the airport painless when I got there it was almost comical and it was people were actually coming out of the coming end of the line was so long for the Rent-A-Car people were actually the line was out side via a rental car center has gone though you know how long it takes to run a car for one and there's not a design that was only one person who was how to do all the transaction and writing was what I was when I saw the parking lot don't know cars sufficient on the whole and when I lived in there was a man and then talking to this matter the counter and very upset said I had my reservation for the car I be waiting for almost two hours and this man said Sir I told you we ran out of cars will have cars were trying to get cars from other airports San Jose and Oakland and he may be you may take an hour maybe may take two hours may not even get a car today and I was about twenty person in line and so we called them the president with an ability with instead I do when they could buy one but that is okay with this weight we may be much longer than what much longer wait than you want to but that's all right I'm just sitting there sending them gave frustrated what about another so what kind of look for other conferences but they all ran a cartoon I found out later on was that December twenty five as his busiest day to run a car so I do not know Bill be quiet actually December twenty five if you do run a car do not rent a car on December twenty five and this man was so mad and downs is watching them he was a physician from Korea it flown from Korea this am the Cisco hit two children one one was a daughter the other worse son and they're going to UC Berkeley and he was yelling at him and said I have to go being why are we waiting here for two hours I have my reservation and then the next person goes on from Norway my my wife and I care for vacation will be waiting at me was I one date is being this guy up with their words and I was not very happy but I it was my turn so I went down I went to him and it was my turn to see some angry words it was a Hispanic man I went to him he would not even look up he will deliberately get me and said she is me it was down at that time Holy Spirit spoke to me seeing through their attitudes is having that they are so doggedly for this talking and they're all upset in this room and I told them sir the Muirhead is I'm looking at me and I made it very loud keep your hand is still there but is looking at me what do I know I just got one guy that the mayor had produced on the way to get me I said you are having a pretty bad they aren't you it was listening yes I am in the family decided would you rather the hero it will would your family I'm in this as a Christmas they'll throw I want to be home so while you working today I need the money so there's nothing to do about this right and the utilities company is working here and you do best as you can does matter cars I sat anyway let me pray for you it was listening I pray very loudly damning father please be with this man is having a very bad day and I said you given piece and also help them help this problem to be resolved thereby can get a car as I looked at him afterwards and he was just beaming I saw a piece on his face and I ruled by the prayer became absolutely silent no one was complaining anymore even those people behind behind me this is nothing someone outside talent waiting with my family and I said you know you see may be several hours they have to get a taxi alone may not even get a call today about that infamous later dispersant came to me outside the system onto the company colloquia I go online because I have a car for you is aware what was going about twenty people in front of me I cannot take the car he had to give it to the first person I'm he's already very angry you figure to this whole you had to take the car I said I'm not renting a car some margin within another that uses on the use of the HDV or not say he will not take no for an answer to just keep talking is that I will not give Damon if you have to take this it okay then we'll don't have to sign things you don't want them to all my drivers license in my credit card information system or disk image are bonuses for the above credit card just ye just gets assigned as I hear and just local disco happens to start the car and went over the first one out and oh I felt moving guilty but not too guilty like to make later on I found out that this whole embodiment a car within our God really answered the prayers anyway I learned something that time I could have acted like other people in because I had was a vision reservation number and everything I could visit the same thing like it but it wasn't but because the Holy Spirit was talking to me saying you need to be nice and smack not his fault you know in Matthew twenty five versus thirty one forty six there is the parable of sheep and the goats and thirty Y says when the Son of Man shall come in his glory and all the holy angels with him then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory and before him shall be gathered all nations he shall separate them one from another as a shepherd divided the sheep from the goats and he shall set the sheep on his right hand but the gold on the left they have a change sand for them on his right hand come ye blessed of my father inherit the kingdom prepared for when the foundation of the world problem was an hundred he gave me meat I was thirsty he gave me drink I was a stranger you could be in naked and called me our sick and you visited me I was in prison and come unto me came up to me then shall the righteous is saying Lord when saw we the and hunger and feed the thirsty and gave me drink when saw we be a stranger at the PN naked and clothe you or when saw we thee sick when President Timothy in the kingdom shop as insensitive verily I say unto you inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of them these of these my brethren ye have done it unto me then Charlie Salem also unto them on the left depart from me so he says the opposite you know this story well in page six thirty seven of these are pages it says Christ on the mount of olives pictured to his disciples the scene of the great judgment day she's talking he's talking about this terrible business would happen the Judgment Day he presented its decision as tarting upon one point your decision of salvation doesn't this one point when the nations are gathered before him there will be but two classes and a total destiny would be determined by what they have done or had neglected to do for Jesus and the person of the poor and the suffering vinegar this data we just took classes she been developed and it is determined by what then does the neighbors and I was when I was in when I was in a residency in Orlando Florida was a youth pastor and Fidelity investor Wollaston medical school and during my residence LOC pastor has the less in my fellowship policy youth pastor anyway in Orlando I was a youth pastor and my wife and I decided to be the homeless on Friday nights so Friday nights will take soup back to the soup is really good waist she still makes it and should we conduct homeless soup she makes soup and will also make sandwiches and innovate that you helped out and will go every Friday night to feed w00t to the homeless in downtown Orlando and he came out what a time one where it was very very cold and so said why don't we get some coats that gets colds for these people jackets activated venire all really really freezing in fact that Friday will when it was particularly cold so we asked the church members and other friends and without a lot of jackets I went to my closet and I meant that all the jacket that I had and I said the same intent that I can be wearing this one day and that was all once going to give it the brain out of the Alabama awarded as their inheritance is often in a myopathy was argument given to them on not only gentle Jesus and so but you know with the goggles we had so many jackets and when I went there because so-called know who to pursue than when fed them and is in the sandwiches it was started giving them coats fellas wearing a very nice jacket and a warm picture and Alice I told him if I gets one third to put the coming end of the shivering essay by stating one of one person came this young man came and then he went back he came back a second time ago when a minute the need to get a jacket body knowledge of the others only people may be I'm always mistaken it came the third time I can't believe this guy third time he came to get a Coke they went back out was very upset the unbearable talk to and in fact I would get two of his jackets coats back so around the corner and Harry was still shivering it have a Jack in the guy psychic detectives who are they as well need to go there they were summoned on Woolwich shares Christ is sooner they can not going to contact this with themselves and you know what he gave all those jackets and then and he went without the jacket without a second and he was shivering I was sold and then by this man his action he was closer to Jesus than I was he was actually closer to have been that I was and I did choose came to my eyes and I said to him really sorry I really miss understood you this rent you recall about you yes sir said he know what I have ejected him wearing on to have it so I do my best Jack and I went to pick it up but was sold provided everybody were going home and pack up right now but it is and I learned a great lesson from this man it was homeless it really was almost electric interim other people right here in six thirty eight the bizarre images everyone to love it is born of God and knows God first John four seven goals in Christ commends in the judgment may have known little of theology but they have cherished his principles through the influence of the device they've been a blessing to those about them even among base even of those who have cherished the spirit of kindness before the Lord of life and follow up on their years they have befriended the missionaries even then administering them at the peril of their own lives among the heathen are those who worship God ignorant ignorant need those to whom the light is never brought by human instrumentality yet they will not perish you know I am either not a skin cancer surgeries and though the time that I had an agreement with one of the plastic surgeons in Chattanooga and he he said you I will send you patients and this is a deal he made it very clear to me my job was to remove the cancer by using an amigo mows monographic surgery that gives us gives almost hundred percent your we know the casters out over the however is not at times leaves of the visitation I need a large scar on a large hole specific to the plastic surgeon said at the example clear that in the back then I will close them and so this I met this young lady she was about thirty years old should have here a large cancer on the left lower eyelid and I looked at her and our insurance status business cash that means no insurance and sites started doing I walked on her for maybe five or six hours deciding wanted our DJ very careful to let a bit of time to make sure we get complete your at the same time not remove normal tissue after we are clear blue we cleared there I said I need to go back to plastic surgeon and she's the one who referred person but she said to me I don't have seven thousand dollars what are the seven thousand dollars because the plastic surgeon said I do he's not you cannot repair my defect in the hospital and the bill for the hospital and is charged to be seven thousand loan press the following good inbound the closure is only a few hundred dollars the difference is that she was begging me by the town police the closure for me while I was trained in plastic surgery to so I could do the closure easily but denies it is almost is a political suicide if you are new if you do something and they already had a schedule for her and either the closure and then lose all that money and am thinking fight closes lady I'll probably never get another referral form that Doctor and I was right after this incident I never got another referral from the doctor as I close I closed their and I was kind to give her a bill I was talking to her and she said she just finished cosmetology school chichi cuts hair she tries star business she applied potential here but yet he was going so quickly she couldn't wait since you want vessel shall into the plastic surgeon and so she said I don't have much money and I will have been insurance so I said okay send Frank how was the right thing to be one of the new Hamas front charger immediate assignment is talk to half was good talking is that do not charger posted by David this I just spent so many hours of this lady not only that up I will never get another referral from other developing countries so matter me and so not even charge her for anything how about I am now arguing with the Holy Spirit how about a fourth signal is very strong though I have the cost of the nurses and the material is not that much boys visit no cut budgets for the sutures and will in Illinois to talk the eighth floor are you forget because you never have peace okay if you follow the functioning of the Holy Spirit you will have peace because as I was arguing oh I do not have peace so she had she was there with evidence was all bandaged and her him what her on mother was there to set how much down while you said you know this was business free between Cisco both inside crying this started crying in and visit thank you thank you thank you and left not in it from them anyway I put it forgot about the incident you will have Bible studies in our house everyone sees inguinal seventeen years and one of the Bible students when the Chandigarh this is probably about finished I shouldn't the Chandigarh and said he went to China to get a haircut and was you he was getting a haircut and this person said so worried from the song from Dalton all field of the child is yes I do a backup of his Bible studies he is easily one is a very nice guys nice man he knows the truth but I don't know why but he did not want to get baptized in all been working and working and I'm sure the Holy Spirit was working in his heart and he was inviting her to the Bible study and an assistant of their talking and she said you know I wanted what happened years ago for the whole story of Mona I went over there to speak cancer and and he's too because her out then did a plastic surgery closure and and he even talked to me that wasn't the and this person came back this paragraph the claimant about wasn't because of that day I was not there at the study someone else was in the Senate is all hours I was gone I was on and how he told that he shared his story saw the Bible students and then came back when I came back he said I get baptized in you I found out later on it all being nice to year or hairdresser of the personal computer that they like to talk they talk the talk and cutting your hair shines in the candidates are talking right as she was I really have found out she referred over the years hundreds of patients and have been so you know there will come from Chattanooga the Dalton because she said the integral voltage of any skank yes you know what I know was happening in financially I gain much more than occasional referrals for plastic surgeon but this lady talking to everybody see what benefit you get visit of the Holy Spirit and this other person gets baptized how much does a solar how much a lot infinite right not I was so young I found not only found out about it about ten years later they seem to get what you will be gone at that point if you like on losing a lot right now you have a meeting six thirty nine of his outrageous as you open your door to Christ's needy and separate ones you are welcoming unseen angels viewing by the companionship of heavenly beings they bring a sacred atmosphere of joy and peace they come with praises upon the lips and in answering strain is heard in heaven this induces in me being of mercy are many at the University make music there is no I am the smallest in this open the door for somebody in his young in the smallest thing you do for others everything of course he makes music and have the father from his throne numbers the unselfish workers among his most precious treasures one day I was nearly at right now about thirty to forty people coming to our house why wasn't this and one person in particular is a pharmacist and a stubborn he knows that you as you are studying you a penny many times the first time I really understand the Bible and I feel like know I know Sabbath this the day of worship that God designated in said you know I but I have my own pharmacy that I open on on Saturdays and I have to open on Saturdays well you know you need to do the right thing is to close on the Sabbath suit and come to church with me along the size of Noah and I just can't download it so much money anyway what happened there one day he asked me would you mind coming to one of my clients or customers home and pray with this man that he has lung cancer and he only has few weeks to live so it was Friday night at eight o'clock now let's scheduled to speak in Knoxville the following day and so I could get authority to go to Knoxville so I thought you know this man I learned this through before the sake of this is this pharmacist so the pharmacists and I went to his house and this man is about this day strong in faith who was sitting on a chair being could not move he had to wait food size cancers on both of his lungs and it hasn't spread all over his body that has been treating him with chemotherapy and radiation for two years they just keep getting worse and he kept getting worse and worse and worse so they told him linking the oxygen he was an hundred percent oxygen in the oxidant in the whole this be not just because the vinyl they think you many hope complicity of the compact as well Eric 's house at eight o'clock said Parkinson he is a I know my holy churches praying for me and I know God can do anything he can cure me and all these things but in my mind since you than a guy I have papers only people in the past for healing not one survived as a hero is another one you know so here is manages so this my friend was a pharmacist she and I were there just started praying and asking what do you like the city like the poor and ice cream everyday and suites some of them were taken I told him you know what I like a something that is not a Eden fundamental diet and does not inside even though you know education component diet all is not the doing for him before his wife is idealism and I so I found the right rate right with EE technology things and then we cited sin the Bible and the into the Bible promises oriented at four o'clock in the morning eight hours I was so tired but as I wasn't utilizing our sustainability from them about maybe thirty minutes but you know God has kept me there is kept praying and just keep on studying and just went to thought they went through every single verse in the Bible to his is a revelation anyway that there were done last what would our final prayer went home to his later I get a call from the pharmacist because guess what John is a what the guy does know he went to the doctor yesterday no trace of cancer not only that the only thing I know is what this man when I went there he will not move for eight hours for messy because he couldn't he was bleeding so heavily slow with hundred percent oxygen this guy who cannot even move his way was doing conducted morning his lawn can you send is a IW Ms. that I have been for my lack of faith and the pharmacist came to me and said I like the literature closed my shop tell me more about the seven tell me how I need to keep the Sabbath I'd say something I don't heart Sabbath because I think therefore in the morning go to Knoxville remember and I was there and said that in minutes causes Kubota does have prayer and then give you Bible verses and go home but I status till four eight hours you know I pay something because I followed the prompting of the Holy Spirit even though I was so tired got gain the energy to you know I like mostly growth of the early not for the morning and get up two hours later and go to Knoxville and speak you know it's just that's not my usual way of living but this I was so not always as following the prompting of the Holy Spirit as a result when God is spirit dreaming the other got a physically amazing and this man has over fifty relatives in Dalton and they said I want to come back so you can give us by the cities for whole family this is such a miracle I mean nobody could sure know my husband except your prayers as a praise the Lord that it was not my doing but was doing you have gotten God has purposed for everything is on those about it what was on the stand with on the Y God causes the desert things will just follow you I tell you I had a that was there was one of the highlights of my entire life when I heard that he was mowing his lawn was amazing and there was another lady who has led stage for last stage of breast cancer who lived in Athens Tennessee which is about a half from my move-in Dalton and she somehow she heard about my prayer chewing this his Chatsworth Georgia and so death me to come and pray for her home oh boy that I think you are not a miracle worker but I guess you godless me to go although Cipro I went over there and stay with it for about four hours from eight to twelve dad I got a call she was with Vanderbilt this test has both all over body and he was eating up the phone on her head right hip and she was having constant pain and she said when she went back this will gather so I called every week just to make sure our union executive truth CSI will have a guzzler that coming up and come back for a while that God is as ridiculous fluid or role at all my life praying for people 's secure and they're not that this but I had the opportunity to talk them about our message and because of her influence her friends all about Bible studies with niche and how does that is egotist too far from me and so on I tell you would have to really worry about other people because what we read that the gay beginning is is an he Jesus representatives represented its decision a decision has to be saved will be lost as turning upon one when the nations are gathered before him it will be but two classes and a eternal destiny will be determined by what they have done to have neglected to do for the person of the four and the suffering you know member the man behind the counter at the pavers Rent-A-Center is medicament in a batch 's name was Jesus Jesus in the form of this man who was suffering it was Jesus that was being built was showing my kindness something this world is full of sadness and sorrow right there many people as you can help ill have to help people that are financially to help them in so many ways the best way the best gift you can give other people in order this is kindness showing Christ right hand them about the gospel and they talk is to be about the most important thing to do in this life is ever every father think is so much for this high built-in but he studied no word on what and how you ultimately judges can be determined by how we treat others I pray they will live life according to only learn a for this Jesus Weiner and when this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe the more certain than please visit www. .com universe .org


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