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Partnering With God- Part 2

John Chung


John Chung

Dermatologist in Dalton, GA




  • October 11, 2014
    2:30 PM
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this promo time for the Holy Spirit to be here with us in a father operator you be with us once again and help us to know what is our most important work in this wireless and Jesus thing I met I went to high school in San Jose California called Independence high school it was established in nineteen seventy six two hundred years after the first Independence Day so that's was called Independence high school at that time that school was the largest high school in the United States and more than five thousand students and he had its own owns football stadium with seating capacity of probably about ten thousand people they also had three gymnasiums on the big size swimming pool and tennis court courts there were almost professional anyway I took a class from Mister Bill Rice was considered popular hardest at the same time the best teacher was teaching humanities they were not a Christian and the school is not and I went to school and down as he was teaching it out about different religions and also he really been belittled Christianity and the existence of God so they have today is a something negative about God there is no God he believed holy and evolution is no purpose in this life except in the live it up then that one day you die nest end of you know I got kind of fed up with his constant talks and/or about sixty of my classmates listening to this every single day so one day I said the wristband to Mister Rice and the decision got been listening to you for this whole semester okay something I disagree I agree with you about things but the one thing I disagree is about your view of evolution I believe that this world was created by God in seven literal days and he started and then I said giving him some more what I thought at that time I didn't know much not on the well as much as I cannot try to share with what I need about creation and also about God and then he said that's it that's your argument and that is a bit limiting the end isn't that you don't make any sense and it just started making fun of me and all my classmates are laughing I just felt this was the God wine world did I even talk on the event in a grid this is ridiculous you know those everyone that you speak to share Christ comfort and instantly become analysis I wish it always was a case right something is very frustrating anyway so I stop talking and that was in them that they are because my father always told me my father is a minister how is it what ever you know about God and Christ share with everybody each jeweler that in us all the kids might my brothers and sister share Christ with everybody that you can constantly paralyzed try to do something like because I get humiliated by phase of thing it does sound I didn't feel too good about sharing the gospel after that too much you the Matthew J and Mark five and also engaged there is a story of the demoniac 's the demoniac 's of Gadara you know the story well Jesus goes and cast the demons out right and what do these two now healed people wanted to what do they want to do that one of the bee would Jesus write visit will be when Jesus Castillo not like the disciples were with Christ for several years they want to be with Jesus rejoice as an this average is three thirty nine dated the demoniac 's design the company out there deliver as Jesus in his presence felt secure from the demons that it augmented their lives and wasted their man hood as Jesus was about to enter the book the date kept close to site knelt at his feet and begged him to keep them there where they might ever listen to his words one day soon will want to be with you Jesus you just delivered us from this the region of demons what are you thinking what did Jesus say okay guys first you need to Southern Fidelity and the values that get him and then at this ungodly things on Google and breach combine all is well I think that argument was by demons for a long time is of the Bible says right there is a desire that Jesus made them go home and tell what great things the Lord has done for them now and page two hundred and forty of his averages it is in working to spread the good news of salvation that we are brought near to the Savior due to be near to the Savior it is it isn't working to spread the good news of salvation that we are brought near to the Savior the two restored demoniac 's were the first missionaries whom Christ sent to preach the gospel in the region of the capitalists for a few moments only these men had been privileged to hear the teachings of Christ listen to this not one sermon from his lips have never fallen upon their years and never heard earned Jesus they could not instruct the people as the disciples who had been daily with Christ were able to do but they bore in their own persons the evidence that Jesus was the Messiah it only makes excuses all the time I can assure I said other people I mean I don't know anything you know I did something did you hear a sermon today in the morning here and someone last night I mean when you nurse or Mrs. right down and I can sure tell somebody bigger to simple there is no excuse these demoniac 's that were possessed would on the how long they never heard Jesus speak but God said Jesus said go and spread the message my very first attempt to convert somebody I was thirteen years old my best friend 's name at that time was at high companies and we lived in this complex apartment compass Stanford feed apartments and a place that he and I like to go occasionally was this ice cream shop there was very near our apartment complex and that wasn't Creech that was probably about a mile or maybe to be longer law the divided the apartment complex on desk job but usually that water is J low blow so we'll could just go over it so we did that that day and I've been talking to tie about God before you know just I didn't know what to say but I said you know there is a God that I go to church on Saturday and all these things but he didn't really care about that and you know but he was an opportunity Kazakh who want to wear eating ice cream in the store and it started pouring his sorry pouring soul much rain army was the rain for the same type of summer hours was Parliament may be right about VR or two hours at the most but it was really really pouring rain and so we waited until the rain stopped and tie-dye Sunday go back home to the apartment apartment complex by the time you waited so long are known ice cream and all digested and everything anyway Linda what I want to will want to the Creek Creek was complete full of water on me was overflowing head man on a little walk although around for like more than a mile so this is an opportunity I have been on the voluntary guidelines all about the parting of the Red Sea I read it in the pocket will and I believe it happened as I said time coadjutor to something I learned from day-to-day right now that there is a God that influences you that the Bible is true in the Bible he talked about Moses and God using Moses to part the Red Sea 's also confident easily see the Creek Park who can walk right through a lobby pony convinced that there's a God and have come to church with me as an example sites are praying and I said I would pray without the closure close the eyes theology corners I made sure he was that he close his eyes studying them like this size are praying the prayer just keep peeking procedures regarding on his Peking Frank shaking praying printing I made it did not part I was getting sold to support the largest temporary tempering at the upriver but eight days ago but never parted I was very disappointed that God sits honoring God you have your chance right here is the diseases departed they create they would've been a Christian right away I also madden why I visit edema got up about them just when we had to walk all day around this like two hours he won't crowd on the phone even if it was his volatility predicted because the God does Mrs. opportunity and was my first soul winning attempt that was a miserable failure for my blogging thing you know you need to just share to sharing it on you know it over the converting right is the Holy Spirit does he ultimately did that come physical comedy our job is to share God has his you know don't ever get discouraged I paid something there's nothing that we can take heaven except ourselves and other people right you take care of car would be examined can give and take your education to have Olivia you can use your education for the betterment of mankind it also you can reach a lot of people but nothing that we have our homes our jobs but the really matters if we don't use that to do God 's work history of one eleven people of the greatest you can do is give them the gift of life by introducing them to Jesus I tell you I am this is what here in the Regis Hotel fifty ten testimonies for the church volume seven page nine is says you have been bought with a price and all that you have and are is to be used to the glory of God and for the good of your fellow man Christ died on the cross to save the world from perishing in sin he asks your cooperation in this work you are to be his helping hand with Ernest on the wavering effort you are to seek to save the lost navigators and design pages one forty two noises got to the recent reached his object in saving sinners without our eight but in order for us to develop character like Christ's we must share in his work you know he can move on so without are a great way it are for us to develop a Christlike character character we must share his work so was the secret to developing Christlike character is sharing the gospel with other people again in testimonies for the church volume seven page nine the track is forming power of God 's grace transforming it transforms a circuit what is it God 's grace molds the one who gives himself to God 's service in viewed with the spirit of the Redeemer he is too ready to deny self ready to take up the cross granted make any sacrifice for the master no longer can he be in different to the souls perishing around the order be transformed is by doing this the soul winning is doing work with God in Oldman having Bible studies and at our home for about seventeen years now and when I was in medical school I decide to be a youth pastor for Olympic Korean SDA church in Los Angeles so I have a Sabbath I would try to a thunderous and take care of the kids given sermons every week you anytime you have begins Evans went to New York to prepare right thing at this in time with the word annual financial receive it what if the interplay so you know that's what I did in school and rice and start my residency I did two residences one invalid practice and the mythology in both places one in Orlando the other in Gainesville Florida I volunteered to be the youth pastor know what I was doing my fellowship and cancer surgery in La Jolla California near San Diego I also was a youth pastor for year I was there and then when I came and moved to Georgia we started a Bible study and right now we had anywhere from thirty to forty people come every week we started six and I wife makes the food for all these people she does not work and we eat from six to six thirty and have Bible study from six thirty to seven thirty sometime today Daniel will absorb fortunate because Southern 's sole close and I know all the religion professors in fact they have before they the school starts they have a retreat for the religion department at our house so you can make him him use our house but there is I just doesn't think there is a is a provide again sighing your name and tell me when you can come to teach so I've had so many people funded through the department come to Dubai was at this fabulous Mark Finucane and out that's okay I tell you one month earlier but that's again with like over a hundred and fifty people I think in the positive that this but yeah these new people six feet I learned for the weather mostly non- Adventists and most of them are my patients and you know they've been so blessed and not been so blessed by doing this and what ideas the devotional that I have for the week got our eyes Ascot seeking insight and was like on an displeasure you know I just my natural devotional that I share with people and is amazing how God keeps your insights you know I am as a result of this we've had many many baptisms few years ago we had three people baptized in our pool event Bible say our house at that one of the about the proposal until all the church members came to her house on Wednesday night and Pastor baptized and they joined our church and many new people were not yet baptized are coming to our church involved to go to meet them right you can want to meet the next week you can come there I'll introduce you to all of them or you can come on a Monday night from our home to him to meet all of them and encourage them in on that's my favorite night was a night and I guess such a high know over time it has become such a habit is such a joy there is no greater joy than the person that you been working with the top line gets baptized when I was in residency in dermatology and they accept two people per year and the person who got accepted in my same year her name is Diane Warner she graduated number one in our class a University of Florida and her husband was a final practice physician and only got better when I got there was something Bible studies with them and the last year before we graduated they said they want to be baptized to guess what they got baptized not only that but the whole family to as an another thing and by about about God and the truth of the learned another work form for the hospital which are witches are some doesn't does the hospital and it's such a joy I mean that's best the greatest gift that God could give me and I realize that's the reason why God allowed me go to school because Mimi 's to be accepted to the program to save his family have you this is testimony for the church seven page ten have you so deep in appreciation of the sacrifice made on towering that you are willing to make every other interest subordinate to the work of saving souls of this is a very powerful statement here is the same the same intensity of desire a kind saying intensive desire to save sinners that marked the life of the Savior is pretty intensive marks the life of his true followers is the same intensity of his are the Christ that save sinners marks the life of his true followers perhaps if you have this desire maybe you are not a true follower the Christian has no desire to live herself he delights to consecrate all that he has and is the Masters service is moved by in expressible desire to win souls to Christ do you have that is moved by name inexpressible desire to win souls to Christ you know I was giving studies one-time Bible studies did not start it at our home but he started in office and this was years ago and there was a Baptists man who is coming for Bible studies every week was a night he'll always sit left of me always it doesn't say anything that one day I said you know when you get Bible studies you know start off the first study is Sabbath 's Saturday aside you have they need to know the gospel you know you know why I believe our church is a true last entered in a line because we had the greatest understanding of the gospel we had the greatest understanding of the other gospel of Christ that's what we are the true church anyway then as we are you know a lot of things that they were learning how these people none of them are one that decided I wanted now talk to them about the center so I me I had it all prepared for the Bible from history and everything sorry I thought I gave a very compelling argument for Sabbath being Saturday for the first time the gondola this book does not do the very wonderful Christian he finally suddenly got the upset case study using four letter words I know this you are a deceiver forgive me Harold what will what he's talking about a deceiver log into teaching everything the Bible did I thinking outside the I will I notify the highlight decided what one might try to do that everybody looked the noise I live he's trying to make all of us Seventh-day Adventists and they are going off on how he was always the ceiling then this is your whole objective in the beginning was to make this simple diamond you know what he said was true actually it is both dollars never been admitted and so I just kind of froze I said what God wanted me to do analysis shaking it on and what to say as I said in business and get lesson such a smooth this over by saying you know we are not saved by keeping the Sabbath were saved by grace and grace alone original seven is important as a result of our salvation I don't appreciate and I hope that you did a lot about this in heaven who never kept the Sabbath is a start talking like this out and no one else I said the I just can't have my left and I have very depressing week housing God maybe these people are not ready already I am so motivated you manages stop the Bible studies coordinated to do whatever you want the next was a good thing in our thinking on that may be one for the one third will come at the most half as it is men's that would come desolate and fighting is going well okay what the unopened and talk about some of this time and but I had prepared as you don't talk about different judgments in the Bible where the study and he said this man who was cursing me that in the Bible studies that Doctor John I like to apologize to what I said last week I think you know it's okay here you were very honest and you're trying to express your opinion image this is a you know I'll not a dictator this is a free country and this is a is a freedom of choice and freedom of religion then as they are the apologizes okay well I did apologize and from others people okay tired of crypto apology reservoir for the because Doctor John but I I dictate something I brought I went home and I brought these studies that are found online was about the stick about fifty pages this is either setting this whole week because I was shocked by what you said I denied him you said what I study all these are allies and everything that you said was true this appraisal more and at the very front cover this is amazing facts and said that this guy could the loaded from any source but he don't know if him him living in outgoing Internet I agree with everything you know and it goes like a something because there is a guy named Doug Dotzler he comes on in the sizes Saturday on a Sunday at eleven o'clock Channel twelve to you not a lot too much TV says here you can come over to my house and watching season really good creature and what he comes on Sundays every Sunday either zip thing how did I say the atmosphere is issued by the letter keep on watching you know and I was going home I was laughing out it was him and tried to laugh I guess that's what holy laughter is in colleges they like phrasing I was laughing so much if anybody saw me that day on driving all alone described at any message things in and in the week before all it was the most depressing week analysis about the wasting my time but Halloween is my best week I'd say God be praised and we just need to do our part but God has his tiny always has timing IQ said to the demoniac goal whatever you know what you're great what every experience held a case of failure every one of you you have something to share audience and division aware soul into our own things who is aware of other people that intensity saying intensity of desire to save sinners to mark the life of the Savior bar sunlight of his true followers you know enough young we don't do the converting we just have to do our part right any punitive Ecclesiastes chapter eleven first one is as cast thy bread upon the waters for doll shop find it after many days you know what this means what is a body of water symbolized in the Bible people right and the bread of life Jesus and the world of right we cast Jesus and his word on upon the people for God shall find it at the many days it may not be on this earth and made in heaven one day you're in heaven somebody got the children and Jeremy Remer that punish a crisis me you're doing surgery you talk about Jesus and I never thought about it until our home my son digging and searching and I found Christ to you know how I made this this is a weak eternal reward his enemy this person that God has used you to save is with you for eternity and how you think this person would be grateful for you Trinity every time they go see another beautiful plastic or they are eating from the tree of life whether talking to Moses had and there are just having a time of their lives you know what that analyzes each day will be happier than the previous day and haven't had after training years ago I'm so happy and here here are happiness will be in the next video will be living God will give us as a gift immortality allegedly did that to other people in every single person that Jesus raised from the dead or sealed them of their sickness do not happen eventually they all copied on this earth right in the copyright up to us you know I pay you independence high school that I go on to where Mister Phil Rice Hull was at East side Union high school district is in San Jose California it consists of twenty three high schools they have about probably put about fifty thousand students because our school alone at about five thousand students I took a class from Mister Rice and I graduated there in nineteen eighty I think the classroom in nineteen seventy nine twenty four years later in two thousand and three I got a call from San Jose from the superintendent said we wanted to come to San Jose because we are going to end up to you to our Thomas T Ryan Hall of Fame goes so while that's a happiness honor so you'll be inducted with them Jerry Yang you know who Jerry Agness is a cofounder of Yahoo should they said is currently on a Saturday on certain date and I said I can make that thing is what it is such an honor either be inducted into the Hall of Fame you know that is my Sabbath my Sabbath is from Friday night through Saturday night but we only do this every few years and is and has always been Saturday I said well I rather keep my Sabbath and forgo we conducted it was quiet I said I hope the phone visit though that the next day I get a call not only for the next of the following big beaming maybe it may been today's later I got a call from Mark okay we decided to move the ceremony of Friday afternoon to be done before sundown and I said okay and I'll go in I want there with my family I didn't know anybody there not one soul accredited twenty four years but there was only one person that I was there Mister Bill Rice he was there at all not that he played an important part in my induction I came home and I had an e-mail from Mister Rice are you worried about my soul you don't need to I have accepted Christ I am now Christian can you imagine the I said at that time twenty four years prior when I was talking to him there is no way you be the last person in the world to accept Christ God has his own timeline we have our jobs to do our job is to share Christ with other people astray giving father gentleness the most important job there would have on this it is the participate with you in saving souls I pray that we will have this mission is our focus and our goal in our lives as a result of our cooperating with you we will see many people have including ourselves in Jesus name this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon you must want a knife you would like to know more about how humorous you like the more certain than please visit www. .com universe .org


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