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Balanced Beholding of Christ

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



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him prisoner in your Bibles to Romans Chapter 11 rumors Chapter 11 ruminant begin reading in verse twenty two the theme of tonight 's talk is balanced the holding was thinking about trying to keep your attention on two different signs to defer ideas and doing it in the rights and the right ratio learning my ratio if you can imagine for a minute those who drive what would happen if you gave more attention to rubra mirror and you didn't here looking out your windshield it would be negative but are you better off to give at least some attention to repair this crude illustration of how to communicate when you're walking on the sidewalk she didn't look to see what's on the sidewalk seat on the something but she just below connection up and sit in the head some as young to be watching two different things but side what happened to get water to the sidewalk where you have bones and bruises more than the other people and if you gave up all your attention so what's up here you trip and fall more than other people the world 's are both crude illustrations is mainly for your benefit I give them the rest of us we read Romans eleven verse twenty two it's as beholden therefore the goodness and severity of God that always fell severity but toward the goodness the first point tonight is that we have to aspects of God that needs receive attention in our minds one is his mercy that his goodness with the other way to think about his goodness and severity there are people whose entire religious tenor of their life is warped because they think only about his mercy and never think about his severity perhaps in the Adventist church and I'm guessing perhaps are more people whose religious life 's work the other way but thinking that mostly about his severity and did not sufficiently about his mercy I don't know what the ratio is a popular thing about those things but I know what the verse says we should think about both of them I don't think it's true though that they would deserve equal attention that they ought to have equal volume of time in my mind they both need attention but they don't need equal attention before I go to preventing violence observe a few more things in reverse flow is his goodness directed to in this verse in verse twenty two zero pronoun you estimate you and if there's one way to think about God 's goodness it's that way you should not by his goodness very generally respected by his goodness very specifically his goodness toward him how about his severity was that directed to in versus as those that doesn't sound I want to as for me and I want to do his dirty force those the fall but those two ideas together there's one that I should not think about me I should think about me as being one of those that fall under step again one try to communicate if you are one this volume I recognize that I don't mean to be in denial but I mean that you want to expect the guys can finish the work he started and you you want to cherish the idea that God accounted the cost before he began working in the end if you count the cost before he began at me she has the resources to to finish you want to think about his goodness being toward you a severity being for those that fall is there a condition of his goodness remaining toward you in the verse was the condition of the verse it's if you continue in his goodness and vascular be the first branch we take off of this verse tonight to understand what it means to continue in his goodness turn in your Bibles to John chapter fifteen John chapter fifteen are looking at verse nine John fifteen in verse nine as the father has loved me so have I loved you that's Jesus speak and so I would really like this as the father has loved Jesus so Jesus has loved me you says to me continuing in my life she loves me and I have to continue in his love he loves me and I want to keep that in my mind that he loves me and continue keep in mind that he loves me but maybe that's not precisely what it means to continue his love look at verse ten if you keep my commandments you shall abide in my love in verse nine he said continued my love and in verse ten explain how to do it how do you continue in his love and keep his commandments now it she shows mercy to me if I continue in his goodness or in his mercy or in his love and how to continue in his mercy of his goodness or his love and keep his commandments whatever your analysis make a list salvation a simple point is it can be really is very simple mercy if you continue doing what he says in severity if you fall but when we talk about doing what he says these verses don't go directly there they go it through a sidestep of thinking about his goodness his mercy his love keeping what doing what he says does it make a difference whether you think about those things and how successful you are doing what he says that had to be a awkward when asked the question presented people answered me to tell you the answer if we think about God 's love and his mercy and his good yes you can do it assess said another way it's difficult and what he says you can fix it what did you do about this problem symposium upon like this is difficult to do about us and he wrote that is difficult to process or in the hands surely you did and how you solve the problem you think about his goodness his mercy his love turn your Bibles to Romans chapter two Romans chapter two and looking at verse four speaks about people who are a certain someone who is condemning others it says or despise us now the riches of his goodness and forbearance and long-suffering stop right there what do I know about God 's goodness is America's long-suffering I know I should despise him your health and health numbers and lots of them he has lots of goodness is the lots along suffering how to know it says that riches of these things not knowing that the goodness of God leads you to repentance to discuss my knees together about why for example should we consider his goodness wasn't a very simple in this verse why should we consider his goodness him reconsider his goodness it leads us to another very obvious as good as the latest repentance must reconsider everything and everybody knows everybody repacked some are apparently has been that the lesion repentance without thinking about it then if it's hard to do right but it's hard to turn away from your send what you need to do anything about it the opposite of this size is appreciate the help you understand how not to follow the trap of the verse you don't want to despise the riches of his goodness and forbearance would you want to do instead want to appreciate the riches of his goodness and forbearance knowing that the goodness of God leads you to repentance turned in June verse twenty two Jude verse twenty two we started out tonight about balance in the holding and this verse is related that it says and and of song I have compassion making a difference how does compassion make a difference as people seek to your compassion the goodness of God it would lead them to repentance but the difference the goodness of God living through me can lead other people to do righteous like it can lead me to direct verse twenty three says and others save with fear is coming to related people in the severity of God you see both the goodness and severity of God work together to save us this leads us to repentance the severity keeps us from self-delusion prevents us from thinking more all right when we are in great danger other safe with what fear is fear make you repent of your resume there doesn't make your heart better here doesn't make you soft fear doesn't converge in what sense does it save you just this and did you look for goodness other words a proper consideration of his severity highlights his goodness and maybe that's a good place for a third point that is at Calvary you have a beautiful place behold both the goodness and severity of God houses goodness there is that he went there to pay for my sin house got severity there the cross was a terrible experience and it was nothing more or less than God 's judgment on sin that is it was the severity on his own son sulfur to behold both the goodness and severity of God but would be a beautiful thing to behold thank many the wrong word but a beautiful object of our beholding it across the beautiful view full picture that allows the considerable same time I started authentic telling you that I don't think they deserve equal attention let us show you why person your Bibles Exodus chapter thirty five test chapter thirty four verse five Exodus chapter thirty four hundred when the look at verse five then the Lord descended in the cloud and stood with him there that is the defendants did with Moses they are in the mountain and proclaim the name of the Lord verse six and the Lord passed before him and proclaimed the Lord the Lord God listened carefully merciful and gracious long-suffering and abundant in goodness and truth is an abundant selection of red earlier tonight the riches keeping mercy for thousands we know from elsewhere is thousands of generations not thousands of people forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin that's beholding his goodness than the left or the verse as an at will by no means clear the guilty visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children and end up on the children's children under the third and the fourth generation I can summarize my observation outbursts you have something qualities of mercy in one quality of severity both are important they go together well but are they get equal attention they don't deserve equal attention here comes a problem in the history of this world the problem is not as willing to show his mercy more to show his American glass is limited that show his mercy more so his very last thing as nearly everyone is escorting his severity and very few people are qualify himself to receive his mercy then it makes sense to register unless to show his mercy morning here's a thousand people and he came show mercy I mean he can show some sort of mercy namely by ignoring them but they are not meeting the qualifications to receive for example forgiveness he can give them forgiveness their merits in judgment and John happen if God meted out severity and all those that sell when they fell to know you behold more of in your life you would see on the left and the rights and up and down severity severity severity severity severity does God want that to be that if you get of him to see the quandary puts them enough if one deserves more attention but the others more deserving Gnostics about this promise want you to understand if we resist solution for your Bibles to Romans chapter nine Romans chapter nine the looking at verse twenty two Romans nine is perhaps one of the most difficult passages in Scripture to understand but the good news is verse twenty two is not one of the hard parts Romans nine and looking at verse twenty two what if God willing to show his wrath is God willing to show his wrath as helpful it leads people to seek for his mercy it is as sunlight appear not as willing to show it to listen what if God willing to show his wrath and to make his power known endured with much long-suffering the vessels of wrath fitted to destruction and that he might make known the riches of his glory on the vessels of mercy which he had before prepared unto glory but to try to save this whole question into a simple sentence God is willing to show his wrath but he doesn't do it rather he endures with much long-suffering the wickedness Heather and Jan up and down left and right he just endures it for the benefit of those who he can save with his mercy because if he showed wrath to the others it would cloud her conception it would discourage our minds we would have the courage to go looking to him for the very thing we needed so he endures the wicked just ignores them so we can get a fair picture of the race show or the value of his mercy and his severity that doesn't work out well for the wicked and what they do what he ignores their wickedness with long-suffering they go on treasuring up more and more wrath doesn't work out well for them at all transferring your Bibles in numbers chapter fourteen numbers fourteen is a place to go if you decide you want for your friends this is a beautiful chapter learn how to do it is like a how-to manual on our intercessory prayer you get a model you see Moses prayed for very wicked people give refrigerator with friends do have a conference not enough question but it might be that the people you love there within and if you go to pray for the people that you love that are wicked you have a Numbers fourteen model prayer that worked to be some lingering mystery part of it why advertise the rest for you read verse eighteen this is near the end of the prayer at the last five words of verse seventeen and as thou hast spoken saying illnesses is doing in his prayer is forty something guy said is awesome the doom prayer I recommend verse eighteen earthquake faults the Lord is long-suffering and of great mercy forgiving forgiving iniquity and transgression he left off and seminars that quotations quite right reporting and by no means clearing the guilty visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children of the third and fourth generation young Moses quoted the thing I sent him about his goodness and his severity is in God this is what you are you forgive people look at the next verse parted by the CHD the iniquity of the people when one of the verse I pardoning their iniquity so is this a part in their iniquity according to the greatness of your mercy and as you have forgiven this people from Egypt even until now and the Lord said I pardoned according to your word that she's a record reading inverse when I'm preaching on numbers fourteen but tonight is not a good place to quit looking on as truly as I live all the earth shall be filled with the glory of God listen because all those men which have seen my glory and my miracles which I did in Egypt his glory in Egypt Nova Scotia and why did you see Egypt was at Mercy or severity when all was well pleasant and the severity on them that Sal and goodness for those that continue to his goodness analysis Lori what he did in Egypt but those who have seen my glory and my miracles which I did in Egypt and in the wilderness have tempted me now these ten times have not hearken to my voice Shirley Nabel not see the land which I swear unto their fathers neither shall any of them they provoked me see it this is a very important passage this reverses end up receiving a chapter and a half of attention but the Hebrews Limited a thought from them God is willing to show his goodness and severity shows that both you look at it and use it the goodness health leads you to repentance the severity of how to see that you need to repent and send you looking for his mercy his goodness and mercy are beautiful tools as possible to see them and not be affected number fourteen suggests his goodness doesn't need of repentance automatically it doesn't lead you to repentance no matter what you can behold God 's goodness and severity of life you use the ranch and just know that if you do it it's going to make you a better person you have to let yourself be affected by the thing you have to let it soften your heart you have to let it affect you and is it possible to behold his glory and to not be affected to happen to the children of Israel the wilderness and they didn't get to go to Canaan I feel like ask for usual and spend more time and less severity than on his goodness it's easier to do that because the Bible is a lot more examples of the severity here just to let me stop and surprise I've said many are presented enough for one night when you're driving the car you need to look mostly forward we should get some attention your River mirror some attention your side mirrors not bring much attention to your radio dial is ready to get some attention your radio dial but not much when you're living the Christian life you to give some attention to God 's severity you give enough attention to that that you don't fully yourself that you do give a lot of attention to his mercy and to his goodness and where might you find both you can think about Calvary but not just about the Mercy Calvert about the severity of Senate helper to think about both but when you think about his goodness and severity that's a beautiful instrument for you to use in correcting yourself but it's not automatic what you have to do you let it affect you have to think about and choose to let it soften your heart because if you don't you could despise the riches of his goodness Percy is five six and read the next verse the next verse says that after the hardness of your heart you treasure up yourself indignation and wrath his mercy will either soften you if you let it or making more guilty if you don't will happen to someone who spent all his time thinking about God 's goodness would likely delude himself that he's not as when it can be his carcass and end up turning in the bones in the wilderness but how do some of the specialized hunting among a severity he wouldn't know where to go looking for mercy and would find it once we keep ourselves in the love of God but how do you keep yourself in the love of God while John can you do it by keeping his commandments but not just just doing it your thinking about his love is the father love Jesus so Jesus love you and think about that thing some people you save with mercy you have compassion on them and it makes a difference what is the difference for others not for your business said at least three times so your daughter one open the stock as far as proposing our father in heaven I'm certain that your riches of mercy deserve more attention than we have given them I'm certain this year 's severity is not demonstrated on this earth nearly as often as it is deserved I think frame your long-suffering vessels of wrath slithered me hope for the vessels of mercy and I asked if she would teach us how to have a balanced beholding we can be changed by the very stories that you face in the Bible for changing us I asked for these gifts and the men of Jesus and


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