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  • October 11, 2014
    12:00 PM
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this story and now frame will share the message me talking about face this morning and I can tell you many stories of where I've been a bless you especially early in my walk coming into the face I went in time at times you noted there would be arguments that would cause me to doubt the existence of God and then after growing in my walk with God understanding may be some things of apologetics that there are solid reasons to believe over time that the issue of faith when a way that wasn't really an issue anymore whether there is a God now it's not even a question to me whether there is a God but it's more about me my right with God 's mind in my walking with Christ that I ought to be because the issue of the zero two meters is no question but I continue many experiences of being safe less in different ways but that issue by God 's grace is gone away but it's in my being faithful to God and my right with God as more of an issue today but what one of experiences I had with my wife before we are married we worked together on a team doing ministry for years and we had this experience we were out in an area of Mississippi backwoods Mississippi just camping and what we are camping we went on a walk maybe something like I don't know eleven twelve thirteen forty miles humor Helen was fourteen miles and him and she helps correct me but my wife and I were on a one X he was in my life who is a friend of mine we are walking for forty miles long walk and what we are walking through the backwoods of Mississippi near De Soto national Forest in the distance there were these dogs barking in war on the middle of nowhere and the dogs are probably barking at us and this point is so my thought was ugly I'm not the best with dogs so I don't have an owner in their bargaining I'd rather not go by them and the direction we're going in my in my you know this young lady Nana mockingly says let's is giggling and I said no let's not and she said let's go and get on the guy and so I grabbed the stick because you know I I always learn such in the world you you got to take care of yourself as you and the world it was always I never in the world thought about it I believe there was not always believe there is a God other than a doubting times but I never I never really believed he was fair but I was to care myself I didn't talk to him at an asking to take care of me I didn't know I was in prayer for his help or whatever his legal situation I learned you just got it figured itself as I grabbed the stick and has the dogs were coming in a barking and are coming at us I'm holding a stick in an yelling at the box and they would stay just far enough away and I thought of a biennial and with a stick and he says I am funny now I wasn't young I'm sorry if here I I I do care for animals and I don't think it's a snack animals mistakes but on if you're actually try to save her life it might be a good idea what we set with the trouble is the way to get back to where we came from you had to go through the very same area so now we had to go by these dogs twice and what were going back I kept having this it wasn't like I heard the voice of God but I kept having this impression throw down the stick wrote on the stick basically deal trust me you believe that I can actually take care of you with these thoughts and I kept holding onto the stack because honestly I was I was literally going through this trial in an just say no I'm not telling you not to carry estate this is not our don't defend itself against animals but at that point I had this this impression of my heart you need to this level you need to trust me and I was struggling sitting here thinking I'm not even talking about it because I'm going through this almost anger situation because it is easier when I do think I can control think I can handle I can do I have to do is I'm not really talking to them going through this battle this warns to my heart and should I labeled the stick and finally I'm wrestling back and forth with God and in the end he typically wins and less cycling the South and finally atavistic and I just wrote off to the side and so far he has a stake in her hand at this point and she's struggling do I throw my stick a way to know and will finally she just decides she threw rested when she was really bummed later because it was a beautiful stating she wanted to use them for carving and so she regretted letting go of the stick whenever lessor coming closer the dogs are barking NAC that were coming in my heart is racing but I just decide if they tear me apart they tear me apart what you do a scene advised only I got a label the six and so we were walking over getting closer to the dot and finally the dogs are coming and finally was drunk man comes out of this house and he said are you trying to start coming out we can either tell the guys drunk and he just before it in this situation he comes on he stops the dogs from getting us and I knew God had asked Brock is drunk man out just to the right I'm busy to bring a model for the dogs bark and bark with this time God took care the situation in this is one of the few times I can look back on my life and as a man you all will write all these you I was strong in faith original found out he's he's a liberal like I said now there's not a question of does he exist but in my walking in faith in my actually being faithful to him and God wants to strengthen our faith in this message is simply about-face in righteousness by faith but before we begin as far as Florida prayer father we thank you for your word I found I prayed he would increase our faith and we would not just believe in righteousness by faith it but that we would actually experience it thank you so much for being on your nature we can even hear car I pray to your Holy Spirit was speechless in a way that it cannot when were in an area with all kinds of noise in the name of Jesus and see what is safe what is the first person typically comes your mind when using is where faith is a he was eleven verse one which is what now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of what things not seen so faith is believing in something match you why I'm not seeing it but a focus that is not what you think of his blind fate because evidence for something that you have not seen so faith is not just like I believe in the tooth fairy you have no evidence of visitors very while this evidence that the tooth is gone in the morning when I put it under my pillow I think there's something much deeper than this blind faith even to the bleeding of faith is having evidence to base your belief upon sulfate is leading us to believe something that you have not seen but also having a good reason for it right if you believe in the message that we have I believe that it is assure that we have the truth is that God lives it is a sure that we are the Judaism as the ungodly is not while I believe that I went through in the beginning of my biggest fears doubts questions me if I was a Sunday and I was I was sharing with him I had your hellfire Citadel or whatever and somebody had a verse they had an objection that I didn't have an answer to immediately island needed to think maybe more wrong about everything as I think you might think is a little bit overboard but the reality was is that you have enough evidence as you begin to grow in your understanding you learn for yourself and your faith increases what is promised and seventeen set so then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God see you can actually increase your faith by the word of God now we have to be spending time unit in order to actually increase our faith not wanting to talk about not only righteousness by faith but what is syncope Faith is believing in something that you have now seen but also the leading edge of a solid evidence for Eminem evolutionist believes that he has evidence for his fate is a no he does not he doesn't have favorite diseases these into science but the reality is if you believe in something that you have not seen you have what you think is increasing the Big Bang now do people believe they have evidence for its related red shift you can see in the stars the Senate so they believe the evidence for it but nobody ever saw it happen so they would be believing based upon its face the Bible tells us in Romans chapter twelve number streaks that God has given to every man a walk a measure of faith need every single human being has been given safe and bought mostly take-out faith and he wants to actually increase it he wanted to grow within us so that we become the come to the point where we are wondering is there a God into this book any do we actually have the truth but he wants us to go even further than that because the reality is in this face seemed there are basically faith we are told that faith is basically based upon two different things number one beliefs beliefs and basically that's what I grew up with beliefs I believe there was a Biden believe that Jesus is the Savior but I didn't really have the second component of faith faith is enough belief is just I believe this is true this is a fact but faith is more than just a he told us he is a mixture of belief and secondarily trust Schrock 's I believe this is true meaning you can believe that Jesus is the son of God and he died for the sins of the world that he lived two thousand years ago that he died he was baptizing twenty seven eighty five and thirty one eighty because one hundred ten thousand thirty four you can you can believe that simply the time you don't begin forty four something amazing happened at all of these illegal sayings but not really have true faith because faith is a mixture of belief and trust in what actually believes that he is my personal savior that I can actually be in a saving relationship with him righteousness by faith official faith is believing something that you have not seen based upon every evidence everybody passing everybody whether an atheist whether you're in a Christian Muslim Buddhist it is a matter everybody assayed every reason given a measure of faith so what is righteousness by faith righteousness by fatal first of all we discover a little bit about what faith is what is righteousness the Bible says in Psalms one nineteen birth on June seventy two as is my time shall speak of your word for all your commandments all your commandments are righteousness all God 's commandments are righteous so righteousness somehow has to do with God 's commandments the Bible says in first John chapter five verse seventeen is is all unrighteousness that is the opposite of righteousness all unrighteousness is see there is a sin that is not unto death so all unrighteousness is sin now think the soonest a little deductive reasoning all unrighteousness is seen what is sin we all know that were good with that right what a sin and transgression of the law I so seen is the transgression of the law so if what we see here simply is that all unrighteousness is sin that means all unrighteousness is why the transgressor law so if you break God 's law you were doing an unrighteous act so what would be the opposite of breaking ocelot would obviously be keeping his loft and if you fully trust God 's law that would be what righteousness is as nascent as an is is quite simple so righteousness true righteousness would be a spotless keeping of the law of God unrighteousness is breaking the law of God in any form in so if you were to be a righteous by Sais you have to somehow have the ability or something that would be keeping God 's commandments by not only of belief but also each rocks the trouble is we typically think okay so if righteousness is doing the wall all I may need to do is give decided to stop if I can just stop sending from here for then I would be what righteous if I just stop sinning from there and it until Jesus comes I am righteous the trouble is there's more to it than that that's just not quite totally true what if someone just stop sending with our guarantee them a place in heaven yes or no no I do believe that God can give victory totally in its biblical and is very clear as it is abysmal Revelation teaches us what IVC alter the fifth annual estimates that's not a question but if you just quit sinning you deserve to go to heaven S&L what it says in righteousness now you're doing it the trouble is it's kind of like this the Bible says immigrant averse Romans six twenty three was essay in Reno for the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life to Jesus Christ our Lord to the wages of sin if you assume if you broken the law you deserve what death so what it says the Bible tells us how many you sent all have seen so all have committed unrighteousness will end result of unrighteousness the result of sin is what depth simple is very simple and not really getting very deep here so you deserve to die actually Suzy have to commit to deserve death one I know you have to definitely view within the state of Texas and the Shiva Shiva is a guy will call him on to Bob zero Bob and the audience is there this is not a guy here if there's on Bob so by using a child molester and he's not only childless of being murderers of children in the less he's done it to seventy five children he lives in Texas what is he gets caught and he comes on he finally misguided I killed them all here they are in my basement however now what do they get into him in Texas they are doing in the death penalty I don't doubt that for one moment Jessica admits there's no way around it so this guy he receives a death sentence the death penalty now he's on he's waiting for his death he sitting on death row he's waiting for is that and how many good actions does he have to do while he's on death row to get out intimacy freedom from prison on the good actions what you think it a million when they say you know what the state of Texas it is like to let July I haven't so the reality is is is you want to stop sinning if you stop sending you one deserve eternal life after now this is correct this is biblical when you need you see the thing is we would be okay even if the Bible says all unrighteousness is sin sin is a transgression why I just be righteous I just need to keep the law the restricted after some truth about them but it's only a partial truth but think about this with me for a moment if I stop sinning I still don't deserve to go to heaven because what a few stolen candy bar yesterday from the convenience store and you'll steal a candy bar today view this and not you deserve it doesn't make it okay to even steal and today yes or no I doesn't make up for yesterday so stopping sitting doesn't make up for the synagogues intercut we need something great yesterday I saw sitting that wouldn't be good enough to inherit eternal life thing about this with me for a moment Paul says in Galatians chapter three and verse nine pulses and be found in him in Christ and be found in him not having mine own righteousness which is of the law but that which is through faith of Christ the righteousness which is of God by faith so Paul says I need a righteousness that is better than my own righteousness I need a righteousness that can cover everything because I can cover my scenes that are passed he says be found in him not having mine own righteousness which is of the law so violently lost in thought wow I need unit I need to do everything right can you cover me the lawlessness is now Paul tells us in Romans chapter nine it is a weakness in the law the law any power to see you the law condemns it tells us the right way but be unanimous although not have the strength to give you victory nor does it have the strength cleansing it can do that that is not under the prerogative of God 's law soliciting about this from and be found in him not having mine own righteousness which is what we we know the popular verse Isaiah chapter sixty four verse six where the prophet Isaiah says but we are all is an unclean thing and all our righteousness great as what SLB rags we all do fade as a leaf so pulses were fading or Nepali faces were fading away because all our righteousness is what if something filthy now the reality is going to change your heart and in the words that come from he says the pulses be found in him in Christ not having mine own righteousness so we need a righteousness we need something better than we could ever contract on our own but there's nothing about this righteousness is not only encumbering when you first accept Jesus Christ and you come to him and you receive Jesus as your personal Savior we are told that you are justified as it is a little simplistic but were basically told that he does need to be justified is to be just as if you never think when you look to Jesus you accept him as your Savior you are just as if you never think because you can get rid of the old science Jesus blots on uncalibrated he died for our sins that is the only way that he went to the cross and as he went to the cross bearing all of our burning he died he died for our sins and he has raised up for our justification she can meet us right with him if he only died it would have been good the rise in the grave and how we can justify significant right with our heavenly father we can walk in his righteousness he can give us the strength to overcome that's exactly what he wants to do righteousness by faith is part of the East receiving God 's Jesus is what it says it's both news and blogs we need a perfect righteousness in place of all our own David said in a prayer back in the Old Testament he said all things come of the NL nine own have we given David says all things that we do have actually came from you in the very first place all the righteousness of the receipt has to come progressive but it is not just a covering that covers me as I live in Santa Fe it is God 's power to come into our lives to give us victory the walk with Jesus to be over comers to be victorious in Christ Jesus said in John chapter sixteen verse thirty three cases these things have I spoken unto you that in me you might have peace you sit in the world you shall have tribulation with talking about tribulation is out of school in the world you shall have tribulation disabled be of good cheer I have a lot overcome the world Jesus tells us I have actually all over the world so he says is that I actually came to planet Earth I went to battle with the enemy and with the forces of evil and darkness and I actually overcame them I think you will have to be free to get both a child's ability paying it will be suffering thesis but be of good cheer I've actually overcome the one no it takes faith to believe that doesn't not only the beliefs that what he said is true but also the trust that you cannot make that a reality in my neck being at times a trial that he's getting with me still resisting these we did we many times a member that quotation on the present quotation of you may have heard that any ends in speaking of the prophecies of Revelation that things and get any worse in a typically when you anticipate a bad experience is not as bad as you think right but were told at the time waxing no thirty worst thing you could possibly comprehend that's true but what we do forget also and we don't talk about it very often is affected we're also told them basically in the greatest time of extremity that enough time we are not to look forward to that time with senior but the reality is God in the greatest time of trial and the greatest time a single world has ever seen that God is good and come through with even much more grace to support his people so we can always look at all the bad side of the book is an amazing go inside and got to come through for his people greater than potentially ever before because only the worst time of earth history and is maybe come home from many of you right in this area maybe some other Mombasa war prisoner whatever the reality is God will be with his people and to not only say oh yes that's true but actually believing behind the trials illegals rashly preparatory for the greater trials of you go through later on and God wants to teach us to now think about this from him gone was that she just actually be changed he wants us to cling to his righteousness because when you feel angry or mad or unloving meaning you know this is not okay most the time you know this is not a righteous indignation right sometimes it is an eater 's window something of a child and he just turns you on the Internet any righteous indignation indignation but the reality is is that many times when we feel anger with Elizabeth it's actually not a righteous wrath had any selfish and biggest mean I'm angry right when God wants us likely so I recognize it in the fall said December seeking in the United in my flesh dwells no good thing for the wheel is present with me on how to perform that which I desire I find no fault as I know I can do it I recognize that I'm a desire to do good by many men to strengthen I don't have the righteousness inside of me to do what is right and it's why he said that we need to be found in him we need to become in Christ not having my own righteousness so when the situation comes when you were here lustful giving him a looking at something that any when you are angry you feel like saying something to somebody else because they are even your car innocently got job nobody there to hear it but you just you don't want to see you in any way whatever which is really about that as my wife and I do sweet rereading is a rough cost in the inner Jesus says you know it if you save rockhard you shall be in danger of the judgments he said I never say that I'll never be in danger of the judgment right in Minnesota want something pretty good right the reality is that it is not the war basically and when you read the commentators alike are quinine is a good mean that all that is a really is important the point is that you have a word of anger and hatred for another human being in a time trial is in a sense now we have to abide that is emitted on the early quiet person engages cursed them in your head right now the reality is when we have to come me realize I don't have enough righteousness I don't have the strength to love this individual and I can try to learn right now honestly to love people when they do something wrong to I literally incoming interesting please help me to live because I don't have the right just as I don't have anything God wants us to his righteousness is righteousness by what my face by not only believing that he is fully righteous but actually having the trusted leader he will give me his righteousness the Bible says in second Corinthians chapter five verse twenty one sink or these other fibers twenty one yes for he hath made him to be seen for he has made Christ for he had made him to be sin for us who knew no sin that he might be made the righteousness of God in him for he God has made him Jesus Cindy Jesus actually have a result yet not but he has made God has made him the righteous one the spotless Lamb of God he has maintenance of BC and he took on all of our sins before you begin to be sin for us who knew no sin that we might be made the righteousness of God we need the righteousness of God in our lives need to plead when we had that hateful feeling in our hearts that angry feeling in our hearts that are lustful feeling our whatever it is what everything agrees feeling whenever senior struggle with the most put that in there and you realize when that comes what we do is typically when we have these things come to us we actually flee from God because we realize are sinners and we feel condemned because I had to stop my heart I had this in motion within the established leader got in sync with one of the phony Christ not having my own righteousness I need my righteousness is still the max I can only also did not think would Jesus I need your help to actually walk with you I need you to love the first night I honestly hate and exonerate anybody maybe you don't immediately slight him I'm assuming this is when we actually love our persecutors we need a righteousness which is beyond anything we can concoct my enormous psychological thinking there is a true psychology psychology is not evil in itself there's our sinful psychology of addicts but the reality is we need something that is much more powerful we've got to insurance her allies to give us the victory Jesus are according to victory I overcome the world we believe that you believe in actually not just leave it like it's a fact like I needed that most of us will socially believe me we just believe that we should trust that it will be fulfilled in my experience I just read that the medium Paula and Paula can jump ten feet high and he can jump thirty feet in distance the three significant but they say if you put and empower any cage that is three feet tall and can see what's on the other side its stock and it can't wait an interesting thing to jump over three full wall it is intended easily could jump over the three-foot wall but it's terrified of what what's good happen on the other side and that's really what we struggle with fate is in essence struggling with the fear of what could happen on the other side or will actually not only believe the well-liked sharks will actually trust it then I googled for Jesus and listen you don't want on the other side but I'm asking you to jump anyway I'm asking you to go for I have already overcome the world you believe that I have overcame you believe that I have overcome the world and how you can be found in meat are you connected to need to prayer are you truly connected to me and me for the little fish under his administration I will be not too maybe it is a you know that visitors or inviting is a good illustration and you between belief and trust in for the story of a guy who are slowly a Frenchman or something who went over and he was asked on some American guy asked him to comment across the Niagara Falls on a tight rope for the story and on basically what happened was this really stressed distastefully started from the Canadian side make needed for the American sign as the old rope there and while he is in a heat he does it in hospitals after a couple different ways one way he walks across and any makes it and after that he goes across identity he takes wheelbarrow and and the Americans those Levites and I think this is pleasing your song like this I really do I know you can do it and indefinitely for those you really believe he suggests he does he really believe that I can know a little Albert has absolutely everything you do I'm not really new and a guy says what he says while getting the wheelbarrow WBS you know anyone that I wouldn't anyway the way there's a difference between actually all I believe I believe in all of this message we have to do this book is true no question no question that this book is true I believe that Jesus died for the sins of the world leaving everything is as a archaeology fits the apologetics fit all of these things both they does more than just a belief is actually believing and trusting that God will fulfill his word in your home in the times of temptation will be runs in and actually believe that's what it says on the Bible says he was chapter three verse twelve to eighteen brother Marcel brethren lest there be any of you and evil hearts of unbelief in departing from the living God he says watch out because let's make God 's people turn away in the last days is a beautiful are of unbelief not trusting Jesus actually has overcome the city really overcame the world he lives in the many could overcome the world in the meeting actually getting the reality of victory over my temptation if I really believe with all my heart I believe nothing you can do it by keywords to bring us to this point number one he wants to give us victory through righteousness by faith not only a conquering bloody victory over these times number two what if what if you constantly wondered if your mom loves you but my mum just not so sure the above by Doctor mom is a real jerk it would make sense that she would question right but what if your mom is actually by glinting in a would you always wondered how you think it would make her feel feel that you're constantly wondering if she actually loves you how you think it would make her feel or if you are a child child constantly wondered if you love the child lawyer are you consequently actually love me I know they love my brother my sister but did he really loved me and God wants us to have a faith that is yes I believe that Jesus not only die I need to not only did Jesus die for my sins by dying I can see the sins of the world but he actually died for me and I can be any saving relationship with Jesus and me personally with all the things I've done it Jesus also right now take my sins away he wants to meet me to make me just as if I have never seen he wants me to be justified by or righteous by faith is assisting at Kaiser this verse Idaho before but the receptor for verse two contexts there is the wilderness wanderings Paul is looking back on wilderness wanderings of the Israelites and how they basically field a faithful full of faith were not for sissies words English performers two for unto us was the gospel preached as well as unto them football says the gospel was preached to the Israelites in the wilderness and he is also breached the modern Israelites in his day was modern followers of God but also pre- shots from plus is the gospel preached as well as unto them the gospel to the music Jesus died on the cross for your sins personally after so many of this is not the other magazines good enough you know what nobody's good enough on their own forms what is the gospel preached as well as unto them but the word preached did not profit vanity not profit the Israelites were because it was not mixed with faith in them that her friends you actually believing Jesus can save you as he receptors Emerson revises that you can be states of the honor most no matter how bad you been Jesus can actually save you to the uttermost not only widely your passions would Jesus think even the victory and John told us just in case you're wondering he says rather highlight these things unto you that you see is not in any man sin we haven't advocate with the father Jesus Christ the righteous because I'm writing ACCs original simplicity if you use it immediately know that you have an advocate was praying for you in heaven and he's willing to forgive anyone else to give you the victory in love you with all of his heart he actually loving somebody was willing if necessary if necessary to lose eternity because he couldn't see through the portals of the two Jesus could not see that he was anything but he was willing to give us eternal life if necessary just let you to be in heaven do you think he might love you yes or no white you do not have somebody I Jesus loves you and constantly doubting it cleans his heart is the word of God been preached it has no profit it is not mixed with faith in your life you really believe that Jesus cannot only give you victory but that he wants the state is willing to seeing you right now from your same nasty virus just nothing but the sound of the wind blowing through the needles so we may be here right now we just a conscience of guilt for what happened last night or this morning was happened just recently and you're struggling with your sin and you think what I regard you save me and you can see how God can save the old lady at church are some wonderful girl of wonderful young man he at add vent hole for wherever which are struggling to actually have a faith that is more than just a believe that Jesus died for the sins of the world you want to have an actual trust that Jesus died for your personal sins and that he will take them away this very moment it is hard for you leadership actually walk with Jesus and say I trust that he is the one saving me today that the process is not a one-time deal but it is his walk of faith by both not only believe that I also trust is if someone would like to say many I don't know maybe there's someone who's never actually set the Jesus Christ truly maybe you grew up and you were like me it really was very easy he's the savior weapons and relief you really haven't truly accepted as for your personal since you want to give your whole life in a very very first time you see Jesus I want to receive your death you died in my place annually to meet all your righteousness and I want to be saved in an walk with you for the rest of my life and I want to make a decision for the very first time is there one person who would like the razor Hennessy for the very first time I would send Jesus Christ as my personal Savior that one person will like to raise and for the very first time meeting there someone else who you have maybe you've come to Christ in you you've given your life images still feel like if I were only included nothing to save me you've tried over and over you pray do ask for forgiveness but you still feel like I'm just good enough and he sang this and you're not good enough but you have to have faith in me that I actually died for your sins not only a belief that a happiness which trust that it is real in your life is a someone who struggled with Abbott wants to raise a hand signal I have struggled up I want to I wanted truly believe that Jesus is saving my soul is of someone who struggled with Apple wants razor hands of Jesus I want that right now one last thing needed is someone struggling with the same Jesus is not saying wait to get it right and come to me is a never happens but maybe there's some leaves as you know I have struggled and I am really even sometimes I come to God in prayer when it comes on prayer thank God please forgive me help me not do this in my head I'm thinking in on pride and go back to it later today or tomorrow night or whatever were not actually believing based on faith both of belief and trust in using Jesus I have something in my life that I want to overcome I need to think I need the strength I need your righteousness to fill me I need not my own goodness but I need Jesus to be inside a need to be found in him not having mine own righteousness which is of the law but that would just think of Jesus Christ the righteousness of God meeting the righteousness of God there someone here who says I was struggling with a scene I will raise my hand Jesus I need your righteousness is the only I need you to take over in my life would you like to raise her hand just now heavenly father I'm so thankful that Jesus gives us the victory is first twenty fifteen fifty seven says but thanks be to God which gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ that we cannot concoct it we cannot make it but you promised to give us if we believe by faith and a policeman we do not need to become this one we can actually told that this message the message of righteousness by faith that we receive not our own righteousness not that I become by nature a better person but I received the righteousness procession led by his strength not a mild that this message in the goals for the Devils terrified the world will receive this because he knows that if they receive the message of righteousness by faith this power will be broken and father my prayer that he would break that power in our lives did you help us to glean by the to the one who has all power anytime the anger comes in anytime the loss comes in eight hundred green comes in anytime whatever scene comes into our life when we recognize that's my flash and immediately leave for your righteousness your Holy Spirit to come into our hearts to change us to give us the peace to give us the love to give us the righteousness of Christ father we give ourselves to operate it should make us victorious help us to actually have faith help us to be in the word every day because we know that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God we cannot increase in faith are not abiding in your daily thank you for your love in the name of Jesus this media was run by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading audio must want to know more about how the universe will feel like this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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