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Elders in the Church, Part 1

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



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him father Hassan is restarting your holy Bible should show us what is true and right we kneel to express our dependence on you for that gift may ask for in the name of Jesus amen first when your Bibles to ask chapter fifteen acceptor fifteen yesterday in Arkadelphia I was speaking about elders and deacons in their roles inside the church and it I exalted especially the role of deacon knows you're there you are anything about the role of deacons are brought out yesterday yes that's exactly right the deacons that we find in the New Testament are a evangelist and marchers and if you remember the super American nice way to say that I agreed for a bit means to serve Deacon Paul reverbs and out and in that Superamerica nice way to say the Greek word for servant Deacon Fox you exactly thought it because listened by said something else yesterday that raised some eyebrows I didn't approve it no one approved this morning I suggested yesterday in the sermon about authority that individually missed John's and Mister rise late in this Jenkins and Mrs. Pruitt are obligated to practice what the word teaches as they understand him will give account individually to God in fact there are several passes and while the speak about everyone of us will give account of himself therefore to God Romans fourteen has been one of the classic ones no one raised eyebrows over that we all understood that we had to do just the Bible says for ourselves where the eyebrows began to lift this one I suggested that for the church there is an authority in what the elders have to say and that authority for individuals is the apostles and prophets for the church it's the apostles and prophets and helpers and an effort to look at the score is where that idea came from acceptor fifteen and looking at verse one it says and certain men which came down from Judea taught the brother and said except you be circumcised after the manner of Moses you cannot be saved when therefore Paul and Barnabas had no small dissension and disputation with them they determined that Paul and Barnabas and certain other of them should go up to Jerusalem unto the apostles and was a say and the elders about this question here's the backdrop a little bit here we are way off and Gentile lands and men come from Jerusalem to where Paul is working and now the question is must the Gentiles obey the law of Moses to be saved of course the highest authority to settle this question is the Scripture what is probably the Scripture teaches no what are the men of Judea boy the Scripture teaches BS and so you have church members who individually are willing to face on the Scripture says that but they don't agree with each other and so is the church obligated to splinter and become a bunch about this you say that they thought that even though they could not see I find terms of Scripture there might be oh resolution to their question what was the resolution it was apostles and elders looked down at verse four it says in the middle that verse they were received of the church end of the was a say apostles and elders look at verse fix and the apostles nor the say and elders came together for two consider this matter look at verse twenty two in the middle says then pleased at the apostles and elders with the whole church to send and they sent their answer I look at verse twenty three or talks about the type of the letter that was sent the letter begins of the apostles and elders and brother and sent her look at chapter sixteen verse four so they're going church there going church to church with these decrees it says the decrees for two key that were ordained was a say of the apostles and elders and on trend is settled by the six passages for you to catch that in this argument between Paul and the others the term apostles and elders show up together very well established at least in official together as a means of resolving disagreements inside the church is ever a clear it also felt a show together as a means of solving if you would answer but apostles can do it so you have sort of old and odd this situation because you know what Paul was he was an apostle was not enough to settle with you that I believe this chapters in the Bible because it's so similar to what's been happening ever since the Bible is the ultimate authority for me and for you and the judgment we answer to God only for how we conform to the Bible but in the church congregation it's not true that if I get the speech that your right to stand up and start talking to you and so do you and so do you it's not right anyone who is a burden to say what the teachers has a right to say it and that at five Methodist pastor a Catholic priest show up at our Arkadelphia church plant that they have a right to stand up and begin teaching it isn't true they have a right answer for God in the judgment for what they understand that the elders have an obligation to guide the church is to guard the churches doctrinal integrity of similar passes on this maybe two will be done turn in your Bibles to first Timothy none was good Titus but the tightest chapter one sixteen four Titus chapter one are looking at verse five for this cause left eye the increased now maybe you do maybe you don't know that Titus was the first Elder ordained in Crete the Bible says to forget works as it but it's in there Titus was the first Elder ordained in Crete and he was ordained by Paul another question might be a why did Paul R Dave Titus relief the answer then you should set in order the things that are wanting I was a say ordain elders in every city listen as I had appointed you that begins to give the qualifications of an elder at NAB blameless the husband of one wife having faithful children not even accused of riot or unruly for a bishop must be blameless as the Stewart of God not self-willed not having a temper that's listening remains not given to wine not violent that's what it means that says no striker not violent not given to greedy money searching for a lover of hospitality a lover of good men sober just holy temperate holding fast the faithful word you understand that it's hard to be qualified to be an elder holding fast the faithful word as he hath been taught should an innovator we made an elder delivered innovator it's a creative person doctrinally should I create a doctrinal man be made in elder know the man who has his holding forth the word as he has been taught to listen that he may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and to convince the Dane Sayers Dane Sayers that is those who are speaking contrary to the sound doctrine why was Titus ordained an elder is to maintain the doctrinal integrity of the church the elder doesn't have any authority to tell the numbers what each one of them should believe that he has authority to tell which ones telling the church with the church and belief in that way there is no authority to resolve doctrinal discussions and dissensions that the church does not atomize but rather remains united body doing the work father in heaven I thank you for giving a plan that would protect the church from those hirelings and blogs that come to draw disciples after themselves give us wisdom to know how to forward your work on this earth I asked for this gift in the name of Jesus and the


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