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Keep the Heart

Sebastien Braxton


The restoration of humanity begins in the home.  Many complain of a lack of love in society and even in the church, but this lack simply reflects the conditions of the homes that make up these congregations and the nation.  This 2-part series introduces the urgent need for the revival of the family.  It describes how the home revival under lies every other revival.  Yet, this spiritual renewal must begin with the heads of families.  Thus a radical call is made to the fathers and husbands to step up and teach their wives and children that they are fearfully and wonderfully made and to prepare them for the home of the blessed.


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.


  • September 27, 2014
    11:30 AM


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the father know that we are nothing but Jesus has paid a two months and so we aren't on the Sabbath to confess is working and what as we sat here on the very precipice of the preaching of the word we pray that we would see Jesus and as we see him what that something me awake in our souls to want to be like not just in life not just a ministry within the gas father that your spirit may move up on not just the words that are spoken but upon the heart your willingly take part in the change that we may be a Christian in our hearts father we are so grateful for what he will say to us one with Prudential Douglas and obedient heart walking movements this is the offer this prayer from our hearts the mighty name of Jesus and that the title of my sermon is the influence of the whole last night I introduced to them that we were going over three messages started last night those of newer Nokia am so sorry that you couldn't make it I know it was due to the extreme medical conditions as to why you cannot join us but God is still able to meet you where you were a man is so alienated me with one of the three items like so last night we talked about the initiation of the whole this morning we'll talk about the influence of the whole in the afternoon to talk about the interference of the way and so I'd like to begin with the story about fishing man was telling the story I've never been fishing wire rope in inner-city Chicago and Lake Michigan right there one of the biggest lakes in America even in the world but I want to go fishing his lament was talking about fishing and so you know there's something you can learn from fresh vision of online and on the news and I said what is that in the Madison will know when you start pushing you know you can see the fish you catch Obama that he got the pop of fish you make out the fully grown adult male that was not necessarily mean the object but he says one day when you both machine and all of a sudden when I was little small fish you realize you're not catching parents anymore your children and he says when you know that all you have left and upon his little baby fish a small fish you said you know upon his own and it is time for all on to another point this thought really struck me because when we look at society fuming on the news it's one thing that grown men killing people it's one thing to have grown when the pursuing individuals out of my initial revenge for Joseph it's another thing when you begin to see young children committing crimes that years ago only adults committed in America we recently had an incident in East La Mesa California he was a student is early twenty 's he posted a YouTube video less than eight hours in advance of his killing spree and he began to introduce the public via YouTube he said I wanted to know that tomorrow is the day of judgment tomorrow is the day of reckoning for all of you girls that were not interested in me and you decided to give yourself to these mindless brutes because he was an athletic young man would get respect to any care about you I would've treated you well would you want me for all those people who didn't want to be my friend if I was in his University for four years and not one person sought to be friendly or to encouraging in Woodinville everything inside eighteen days till both of his romance they have a friend visiting stop a moment of sleep very well into the domicile is in Donegal for all things related to the car that an identifier of local snack shop children young men which is coming from class to get some juice and all because of this man says because girls that were interested in that he wants to be interested in what you can go in the number and not to twelve -year-old girls in America that decided to plot the murder of their best friend at first it is not a government adopting her and started up but they decided in aluminum or her into the woods and over the plan is in at about ten knots and a backpack from their parents kitchen and I think that his friend he began to attack their friend in response to a mythical character called slender mad because they wanted to get into his good graces a video series they were watching on YouTube and they did carry out their heinous crime fortunately different than not with seventeen stab wound she crawled out of the woods onto a biking trail in the biker just so happened to be passing by and took her to the hospital but we can go even younger when you have to turn your old groups who plan to kidnap a sexually assault an autistic classmate a young boy from their school and they succeeded but they didn't want to subdue him with knives or weapons of Las Vegas review and you're thinking to yourself the question that immediately comes to your mind is you know the plot is almost empty when these kind of crimes are coming into the minds of twelve -year-old girls you usually do not worry about the or cancel the shoulder sling when thou were talking about young girls not as young when not just energy not just twenty one twelve one okay and the question that we all actually looking these new wheels is where their parents how did you get ten times the amount of estrogen as you know how is that they are watching a mythical character was about more Belgians telling you about killing young kids in ways that he's done it in your mom has no clue because you know what there seems to be a problem in the home because you know the plot is almost in what the problem that Sears because mom is so stressed out as once the lubricant of twenty oh two the data so overwhelmed and tired from work is limited on the television that have lost whatever on the iPod because I was in my own time I'm using my own space I just need some mantelpiece but the common denominator in all of these crimes in every situation every atrocity that hits our society that hits our world there is one common denominator is that they all came from they all had a mama and a pop they all had a daddy they all had her grandmother at some point in time they came from a home and so the Bible says in our Scripture readings are there with me the proper jumper for the Bible says the wife that giving counsel to continue to speak to us for agents the wise men reminds us of something that he says can cure all the issues of life the Bible says keep your hearts with all diligence for out of the spring the issues of life the first thing that Solomon wants us to know is that the issues of life they come in order you know was that we neglect the heart using we can start off with that human being himself or herself I also really love that he says was a reissue in your life and mine a comes from the heart and therefore the issue that we are grappling with today is about the only respect or do we neglect the keeping of the heart the heart is the metropolis on that if you can conquer this company there I company there is no difficult task if I can get to your heart and will write here is I don't mind there is no one driving to visit any time thinking a wife and two children it is no wonder because I conquered the very metropolis Aguilar the very citadel of what it means to be in that it has already been conquered by some other power is that if you don't keep the heart this is where all the issues of life but you see he's using the heart not just as a citadel novice of the metropolis or a key critical to the inside of a nation is using the heart is a symbol of a reservoir of water the ways by which water is disseminated into the public and you and I both know that if the wireless poison or polluting society would have a huge problem if only someone bottled water there's only so many places you can go to say well maybe we can import some extra water but if the water supply in England the capability if all of a sudden became corrupted pointing to drinking is to drink death then you ask yourself the question what is the reservoir in need of what is England Anita so when people look at men and women look at society and get these people were more loose they only believe in Christianity but they want to believe that human beings can live holy godly kind loving lots to say while in England you know the water is corrupting can you imagine a man coming on the news and babysitting until you know the water is poisonous fluid the only problem is we need some new parts to be installed in everyone when I want and I knew that this man doesn't know what was going on the same note okay for someone but usually when we say a man is in need of new principles when a magazine interview channels to operate and control his life better time management what to say a dozen parts but the problem is not the pipes the problem is the water itself as we went using metadata prototype BBC News is not only not in need of new parts he is in need of a new engineer someone to control the flow of the water this is the problem isn't too much water quality seven parts of England we would look at the newscast using this man doesn't understand the problem is not new and is not an engineer letter turns the switch on and off makes no difference to the fact that the water is what poisons is polluting but we will sit in Ceylon that is in need of education medicine need a better understanding brothers and sisters you get a wicked man more knowledge does not thought and what we can this is why our homes are messed up because we put education but we don't push righteousness you will pay the University of London twenty thousand housing units each file music but the principle of minimum Bible studies destiny for everybody and how is London education be we cannot alter alternate for my Sunday loss is not coming to the Lord I wonder why because the emphasis was on education not spirituality we talking to revere Einstein above these and say this is the goal befuddled look at Rinaldo all you know you have children level builder this portability is just in need of understanding a new engineer to turn the water on and off that doesn't change the facts that the water is poisoned but you get even more people someone else comes on the nose and says you know what it is you need a better engine for possible water out to the people living with this is those people who say managers need to understand the power of the will and the recognizing influence on a lot of bootstraps enable them using in the fact brothers and sisters the will was important it is important that we make a decision because we recognize the world to house a good intentions that a lot of people that are definitely lost hoping and desiring to be Christians but the problem is they didn't decide to be a Christian what you see there is a deeper issue at stake the problem is not the agent pumping the water the problem is the water itself this is the problem so you look in the classroom setting just we decided to see just understandable attention to these new age people you don't release the potential inside the heart and therefore you will don't know the only thing inside of the heart is poisoned water you see what Solomon is recognizing for us into the reservoir of man the reservoir of the church the reservoir of society the rather more of the nation displacement the problem is not new engineers the problem is not new people to switch on and off is not regulation it's not new pipes the problem is we need the water the water itself is poison and this is how he describes the heart of another result when I look at where these individuals came from who committed these crimes at such young ages we must recognize what is the heart the site is what is the heart of the church you see when we come down in an elder in its article many years of overseeing church plants spoken at many churches across the world and the privilege of God into broader judges and you wonder to yourself you sit on a judge board meeting thinking on these people converting and you know what issues come from an income from the judge became from the house then you can't leave them in a few days something like I'm going to church on that day you will know what a washable look like anyone aware that came from it income from the church came from the home as I said last night on message children don't raise themselves somebody raised and all of a sudden with some of those just starting to talk to my son you definitely want to come to church is not really interested in God and I say it time and time again sister brother you cannot expect me to undo eighteen years of bad training in eighteen minutes it ain't going to happen those habits are strong they been there for a long time but we wanted to give my son bring individual debris into the human that I'm not saying the Holy Spirit can work on nothing you can transform a man or woman's life in a moment of time if the heart is tender and willing to surrender to the pleadings of the spirit that cannot and it will happen to people every day but please don't make no mistake the Democrat strongholds in people 's lives it would built in the whole brick by brick day by day gained by Gates you see both of the book of first Avenue Chapter two first Samuel chapter two to understand that if keeping the heart is the key the question now becomes what is the heart open church what is the heart of the site for Samuel chapter two New Haven statement first Samuel chapter two the Bible says in verse twelve even the Bible says now the sons of Eli what what corrupt because they what what is your Bible say they did not know the Lord do you know Eli is a lie is the what is not just the preseason the high drinks eating a juicy president and as a result his sons are not leaving in the priesthood if you're looking for Samuel chapter one conversely the Bible tells you this man went up from his city yearly to worship and sacrifice to the Lord of hosts in Shiloh also the two sons of the Eli Hockney and Phineas what where they are brief of the Lord so let me get this straight the Bible says here is Eli and his sons and usage Eli is the high priest inside the Hockney and Phineas and the Bible says in person to first while bending were corrupt they were come up because they didn't know the Lord when they were in church they were not only ensures they were serving in church they were attending and conducting annual feasts in ceremonies but there was corruption and you ask yourself this question how many parents are life they want their kids in church they want him serving in search but they don't know the Lord just like you say now how were these issues coming into Israel however that always oh you said I was a nineties young men what do notices of birth Samuel Doctor to go you won't believe the look in verse thirteen through seventeen the Bible says and the pre- 's custom with the people was that when an event offered a sacrifice to preserve it would come with a three prong look in his hand while the meat was boiling that he would thrust it into the pan or cattle or cauldron or pot and the priest would take for himself on the flesh of brought up so they did and Shiloh to all the Israelite King also before they burn the fat which is against the Levitical law the priests that would come and say to the man who sacrificed give me a roast in Kabul to the brief for he will not take boiled meat from what role it had been very second they should really burn the fat first because he knows what the Bible says that you may take as much as your heart desires even then answer no but you must get it now and if not I will take and how by force these young men were priests on the lower were taking a bath offerings can you imagine people change to bring awkwardly reconciled with Jesus because they had seen because they wanted peace with God and when they came in penitence and a desire to be reconciled with Jesus the present you know what unrelenting some of you often put myself before you bring it about these people are stealing from the tithes and offerings these people are stealing from the donations all yes we haven't started building fun enough in going opportunity twenty years but the building is never come but where's the money that's what you got Hockney and Phineas opted to trust me I've been in many churches and that's where the dog is not happening here but the Bible goes on to in verse twenty two it says not Eli was very cold and hard everything his son into all Israel and how they listen to what the Bible says how they name with the women was assembled at the door of the tabernacle of meeting so here you have the priests there are women that come to bring mirrors in different ways for the offerings and to pray at the Temple and the Bible says the priest was living with these women were dedicating their lives to Christ in the Temple and the Bible says no problem with his sons being in church he was a talk regarding software and church that they were serving the Lord but the Bible says they were corrupt and they did it noble a lot about young people among about them being used by God being involved in the mission of Christ taking ownership of their church only in their converting was shown on getting insurance for young people because they are not we should get interesting young people because they're converting because there committees because they love Jesus first even about mom and dad even above their friends even above all others those are the young people who want to lead your church those are the ones that need to be conducting youth days not because the comment and a sadness when operation Sheffield a week ago we confuse giftedness with spirituality just because someone can say no meaning of the Lord just because someone can speak doesn't mean he knows the Lord against illegal rock dust because they know how to organize or their very charismatic and they make us live on Sabbath morning that is not an rep is not of it is not a replacement is not an illustration of godliness and with Hockney and Phineas recent what is the heart of search the reservoir is poison we always put them in priestly robes change the pipes that compensate on the bracing that had been playing the piano with him and come up into Scripture reading without limitation use on the school cradle roll or to be involved in organizing outreach all were saying his new engine new numerous in this widget on it on witnessing a new youth leader no no no the problem is the one the reservoir is and from this the rest of the church receives it's one we see brothers and sisters the home is the heart of the church the home is the heart of society the home is the heart of the nation this is the reservoir in which everything else flows or if this thing is poison and corrupt and people are to get our problems better schools no not the problem you've never heard a politician come on and say the problem is the home not only better insurance many better physicians better professors better teachers we forget something that I want to global back there to Proverbs chapter four I'm winding down in a little bit Proverbs chapter four the Bible says they are inversely doing something that we might have missed the first meeting it says keep your heart with all diligence what that phrase means is cuteness above everything else we're not saying don't have good schools were not saying don't have good news programs of the youth leaders when I say are all these things what about all of what you should see in the heart what efficiency is the home but recently our big problem with this because when we look at the condition of our homes were wondering to ourselves that the problem is in the family is in marriages if it's in the homesick how are we supposed to change this we look at everything and you'll understand how much work we stopped at my house you don't understand how many problems and how the river flows in my house understand how much poison and pollution is in my family it will take some serious work but you see the problem is we will never see the results as long as we let people skate by since all young girls before they would culminate within you know that beneath that of the boyfriends Mister you know my problem within this is not a spiritual leader in these nonexistent he's not back in my question is very simple was he especially when he started dating she said no what is there a time when you started digging up no so why are you surprised when you started dating a much basin and told him what it doesn't matter if you're spiritual I'll still be with but if you want a man to really change and so on the very moment change them on encouraging I know that it is hardly really want to serve not as intelligent and grinding address on management and spiritual he really wants to serve the Lord don't people because if you really want encouraging the start date of the and no I won't finish until you want to what afternoon against AMA's the fact that you are not going that you don't know the Lord that exclusion from consideration and abnormality of the real motivation to pursue but as long as your weapon is thinking while she's with me so obviously that wasn't that big of a deal in the self-assessment of charge the Bible is clear on the standards of elders is that of a man doesn't know how will his own house jungle the house of God but we have black people because he's a doctor because you given the most fine because immigrants are physical danger he knows all the documents is a theologian that is not a basis that you can do those things but the Bible says he should not be given to build a look he should not be given to wine and his health better be in order and harmony over things that don't based on those qualifications Mrs. Sebastian after radical one is too bad of an organization and one of the words is radical and emphasizes that what would be the owners of the judge I think I will be more motivational and someone is out there he's really supposed to be awake and not a single husband of one wife this person got multiple women that now is not always houses completely out of order but we say that I'm trying to learn my best listen I didn't write the stipulations the Bible broke the stipulations is always synonymous that we let these people skate on bottom continues to serve in the church and that we expect them to change because all of a sudden he saw consumed with being analogous all-consuming without a schoolteacher no time to change the astronomy faithful to God but you see there is a solution to this problem there is an answer to the reservoir and that is the issue of changing the water but missing there is a problem because if the heart of the church in the heart of the signage in the heart of the nation is the home there becomes a really big problem because the home is run by a certain individual and therefore if this is the case on whether we deal a statement from ministry of healing instead of restoration and uplifting of humanity begins in the home the work of parents underlies every other work society is composed of elements we know that and it is what the head of families making out of the heart are the issues of life and the heart of the community of the church and of the nation 's household the well-being of society the success of the church the prosperity of the nation depends upon home influences in other words society the church is what the heads of families making that means that one person responsible wanting to go to Genesis chapter eighteen Genesis chapter eighteen in Genesis eighteen the Bible tells us that God besides the reveal something to Abraham it says in verse sixteen as God came down and visiting Branson is leaving it says that the men rose from there and looked toward Sodom and Abraham went with them to send them on the way and the Marseille shall I hide from Abraham what I do can you imagine I think of myself as a husband and as a father who would not want the honor of Doctor Seychelle a high missing from Sebastian what are you doing what men do not want to know whether divine movements are in the world some people are getting their information from PVC I was given this information from the auto self process shall I hide this thing that I am doing verse eighteen since Abraham shall surely become a great and mighty nation and all the nations on the earth shall be what left in him why verse nineteen bar I know you are I know him that he will command his household after himself in other words God is saying I don't judge Abraham based upon the fact that he left the order of the counties in others and show a high missing from Abraham Abraham is given so much the problem is on the basis of Abraham 's faith that he can have a son even though his wife is barren and he is well stricken in years eleven so shall I missing from Abraham saying he has such great faith in others they shall by harnessing for labor and because the soul gobbling no he says shall I find missing from Abraham because I know him and I see when he is in his home in other words the judge of the men is not what he is in societies is not what is in the University is not what is in his profession God is not Judge Abraham on all of those things he judges Abraham on one criteria and that is what is he in his home a man is exactly what is in his home is not what is in church that's why people culminates at all you know there's a brother Sebastian I appreciated your seminar will judge myself by the high I learned very early on for my spiritual mother Sebastian don't believe the hype when you want to know who you are and where you are with God look at Japan look at your wife look and you can't look at your finances look at all these things and then ask yourself when my goods that's how God judges you so that when you judge us based on the home following is the one we organize events like these will focus at about the yield of the charge conference call we got meetings we got committees by siblings the lifetime yet are critical about them hours and hours of planning how to get our kids closer to Christ how to apply for them to be radically devoted Christians how can we build its ten year plan I found the pastor 's office for your plan for this church the question is what your bipartisan to have a principle to have a mission wife his family exists doing our principles I was going to govern as a founding documents on the wall no regard for the church but we don't board for the home as we think we need to change the pipes but the problem is the water every one of those missions in those values to be kept in church have to be kept no wonder children are running around the church chances still for assignment they also still at home and when are they having Washington should still one of having worsened to learn to pray what are they having wasn't understand this is time Mrs. Socrates does need to be reverent only one went to the eighteen thousand seven too late tooling and I wonder why these people are going around misrepresenting the church not to stop you don't hope it happens just because your names on the books doesn't mean people don't even have the integrity to say take my name off the books they want to it is published one way to get some Bank of England have to go but if you have a kind of integrity and sense of honesty not to say I'm not living up to these things I know that I don't care about as I don't care about revolution I don't care about the second coming of Christ are not living my life as if Jesus is coming soon so why leave your name on the register why don't tell people that happens then when I'm appreciative and let it happen is going into this business to my sister to be getting yourself what the companies but in their mind was here goes the back church even though my sister Melissa maybe double the writer meant how people educating people about the children worship while the other sex outside of marriage commentary by the Sabbath original the seventh commandment keeping the wrong day rather than doing the wrong thing Abraham left us an example to say the answer is to understand who is the one who ones the reservoir was the one in charge of there's three things you have to keep informed about the reservoir got it right and get to these points the first thing is if you want the reservoir to continue to serve its purpose you have to keep the reservoir full of water and then you what I wanted as a matter of its pure water if it's empty and a good helping of what I mean by this image of God and keep the reservoir and contact constantly receiving something fresh from gone there's no way to get your Cingular 's knowledge of our families go without Jesus is saying that there's only one way to keep our homes secure to keep it pure with all people without poison without pollution from the things of the world that's how Christ than doubled that Jesus is the become a household name not just a label that we where not disclose what happens God doesn't have grandchildren who were not born conferences you have to be converted to make a decision to follow Jesus so thanks it is important that we make sure we keep the Reservoir home consequently in communion with Jesus the number one problem in our churches and our families are not happy family worship we are not having fun with our kids and I don't care how old they are using the Bible says in Abraham all the families of the earth would be much how would they need less to his friend and you don't intend to his family Jesus do you recognize that every person is saved because of Abraham 's family and why with his family this way could he commended it after himself in other words he was exactly what he wanted to spend to become something trying to practice what you preach just briefly to practice don't reach it if you are not practicing they will have a problem with reducing my monthly hypocrite my death hypocrite will just briefly to practice you will have no problem but I can tell my kids stop doing this and I'm doing is a story about Gandhi a woman came up to Gandhi as a garbage until my son is not eating candy one recent come back in two weeks she said okay so doing later she brought her son Max is that okay Gandhiji Thomas on the stock and the boys it's not even ten then was okay and rental and one was confused you could've done that two weeks ago because I had to stop eating candy in the two weeks I'm not really going to set a stop eating candy when communicating to you same as Jesus said go instead no more when he's any people the woman was that no more because he's not sitting but it worked on other people to argue Sonia needed in the supper what are we getting a the all power in words when there is no life to back it up when he is not depending on the stories of someone else in the Sunday school lesson I leaned on my own fluids for my kids when I tell you to try Jesus I know you can trust how do you know pop whether you can trust when filling the story I've been on the road with no money you don't remember I grew up poor I slept on the bed with seven people does not usually exhausted this point who came into the world which only so you don't remember what you don't have you almost always when you tested and proved Jesus to be true they were using all the thunderstorm on the Psalms coolness we need current stories we need to have the life that validate the stories of the Bible for kids listen sound when I tell you about obedience am telling you from my own experience mom did not follow the commandments of God cannot write it up dad did not follow the principles of the Bible that were handed out the CFL is in shambles I didn't do it God 's way we don't have doubtless tried to just tell our kids we made a mistake in that lifetime is totally missing wanted to tell me that when a person team too much pride we don't want to tell our kids that listen you mom and dad are not perfect as it do not already know kids and also vividly do their calendar friends all the time that gotten there are many told me this is going to think it all into gasoline watching the same show girls in bikinis but you try to tell me about pornography was the new reading magazines with half naked women with respect all without excuse one you can leave the family worship is working to our why cannot go to school no son got awake of the book of worship that you know to be the Abraham commended his household after himself in other words in rest upon us as men and heads of families and holds begotten no one else to blame no one else to blame but you see there is a possibility of the power of this there's a story that I read about a man this is a true story not making this up in a segment this is beautiful what the potential is it we do things Jesus is way because not only do we keep the Reservoir for we have to keep it pure so this couple in America they were supporting this orphanage in Romania and other supporting this orphanage in Romania they were donating money and they decided because they couldn't have children the wife was barren so maybe we should adopt one of these kids so I they decided to fly over to Romania the wife grabbed a Romanian Bible to bring anyone walking around the orphanage there one emotion I have noses young boy named George Joyce had a mom and you know was mom was but George had no arms and because the orthogonal arms his mom was afraid that he was cursed so she didn't want him around other children she got on the falloff so she put them in an orphanage and she would go see them every once in a while this is the superstition that exists in some places in the world that is couple walks editing and the people said what anyone considerations were different kinds of children you can adopt this and I will just look around and they started walking around his oldest boy is very bright his English is perfect it would be great in America they said no now that's a I will look around to confront with children on the Abdullah otherwise and please can we just have a look around we given hundreds of dollars to the orphanage I just want to look at the fine look around it came into the cafeteria and a solid young boy George would know arms sitting in the corner by himself and then the kids will sit within not even to staff input is fooled on a chair in front of him so he can just push his face into the bowl no one would even think of when no arms as they saw this boy they said to themselves you know what we should adopt him because the Christian people they said about the ones that people were not one is that she was the one this will so that the headmaster said well I have to call the mother she still knows about it so went to the mall the mom came into the organization down and amounts of money what about my son as well you know we really think that we can give him a good home and it's unfortunate so isolated and she said it was of America Orange said network from Connecticut wife she says I know much American people want my son because he has no arms what will these tests upon indication what freedom might allow animal this phenomenon is not the fault is not as easy as yes you are I know it and so they are doing the husband is going back and forth with the mom and the translator and finally the wind a Romanian Bible and she says you know what she turns to Psalm one thirty nine she pushes the Bible over to the woman and she says I want to teach your son this and the woman looked down and it said you are fearfully and wonderfully made that's what I wanted to sign seven she said she just started crying because of you one of these my Sundays and you can have so I brought joy back to America but you can imagine anyone walking around outside the mystery present in only feminine that amount of planning were afraid of gently one of them so they finally got my dinner so you know what women have been how much I will teach to the Congresswoman 's and want to give my son cello lessons that the dreadnought in which it was important she walked in and saw the kid had no arms and I said we know this is a little different but please give me something to do and what you know we just leaving minivacation so she found to hold the ball with one foot on the Java with the other leg and so he's getting these lessons until he was about twelve years old at five years old the teacher sent to the parents he's ready for a recital they said I don't know about this nonpublic she said trust me George is ready so they went to the recital but his name wasn't on the program just in case the parents decided to back out last minute so I finished all performed than all the siding the teacher walks out with George no arms the whole audience is fine that they get to themselves the cello no arms nuclear pin drop they sat down the parents there has relax when you're thinking this is a bad idea do what is mentioned on should not have done this is the embarrassed defendant never want to come out again they said that it would be fun it'll be fun but isn't this what he said his heart was racing as well Georges Valley looks at the teacher thinks of the Java with one leg pics of the ball at the other foot the teacher nonce he starts playing all the wrong notes George started it features a stock dispute is so embarrassed then she looks at him she says again picks up the bow please been using perfect when he one not a standing ovation not a dry eye in the room and when you look in this whole door is not available of this for yourself he can play the guitar he can play the violin and cello the English Symphony Orchestra 's and you're thinking to yourself the family that came into this understood what the whole was all about that when you hear this story how can you not be inspired how can you not be moved how can you not volunteers officer you know what I wanted only teach my children that they are carefully and wonderfully made and every last in their lives whether the arms whether the height whether the knowledge or intelligence of its innocent this is not a disadvantage this is an advantage to you look at Oscar Pistorius is made in the Olympics he doesn't even have my lead functionality gained of the Latvian Olympics because won't train but this latest in the Olympics wanting with no legs because someone talking it was fearfully and wonderfully made and we find in our homes this is what opportunities can be and this is what the church can be filled with people who come to church who recognize their brokenness we know that they have issues but they know at home seven days a week twenty four hours a day three sixty five is among the dad is someone telling them you are strictly wonderfully made don't ever forget and everything you think is a hindrance is actually less it can be used for the glory of God watching a person with each other with their hands is amazing want to celebrate with their feet is moving you think to yourself what am I doing with my perfectly good arms what am I doing with my perfectly good arms leasing blind people playing them in its original cost out having PLS is it still difficult there's no way I can do this evening this person can't even see the chain of the music was someone talking fearfully and wonderfully brothers and sisters we have a wonderful opportunity if we learn to keep the heart with all diligence if we learn to keep the home and bringing these principles into our homes the same this is one of the confusion my wife that she's fearfully wonderfully made this is what I wanted to my daughter and my son this is what I want to teach my parents as a child my friends along with my mom is huge my mom the exact same thing when you have a family like this what do you think the church will be filled with it I worry about me party members and worry about people going off people and warnings Jacob working on the moon and salicylic cuts while because I hold you are fearfully and wonderfully made ever yet is valid in every eyes conclusion sorry after one every head is bowed and every eye is closed this morning I want to make an appeal Mass. my wife to come up with a naked appeal to bow your heads and close your eyes this between you and thought-provoking looking around seeing was responding what was coming you say listen this very morning there is in the middle that is responsible for the failure of the home and that is the father that's where it all starts and that's where it stops my dad told me at a very young age the difference between a boy and a man you have to tell the men to take out the trash he does it because he needs to be going as long as you need someone to tell you what needs to be going to stillborn and this morning I'm making a call from the men were saying no longer am I waiting on my wife's or my church for some preacher to tell me what I know needs to be done on it do it because it is to be built is there some manual has actually been courage to actually stand up and say you know what just like Joshua I don't care what else is going on at church I don't care what else is going on in society but as for me in my house were going to be serving the Lord and there is such a man I went likely to come to the altar right here with me and I'm already starting to the party made this commitment because in order to be a real man in our families it takes courage is not a think that it's a thankless job in Mombasa nobody thinks it wasn't supposed to be doing no pat on the back no men sounded just as they look I got a white guy cancel whatever it is and I'm making a decision to them yet is not in the eyes closed again are coming and going we ought to look as he was coming up in a few I know sizes of the securities because I'm coming for the women next but he starts with the men who say it's time for me to step up in my home and recognized on the police are supposed to bring the word of God to my friend but if I'm not even a reservoir all I got nothing to say about Mount with the are not in the Bible I'm not worried this church is a representation of what we make investment the heads of families and when we decide to bring the same principles in the church and foremost in the charter which is or anyone else that says you know what as a man I recognize the head of marketing is that of my family is a grandfather or uncle whatever it is the oldest son say listen no more of this as for me and my house we will serve the Lord this is what is going to be wanted by my wife to come as a make another appeal and that is to recognize the fact that these men are supposed to be supporting why women not overshadowed not overstepped not put down not embarrassed not costly reminded of their faults and imperfections but supported constantly encouraged because women always complain there's no manager but his hardest answer was always there to encourage no one wants to offer a position in your role in the home no one wants to keep and help you keep a secret because one reminds you should commission a sentence so I result I wonder if there are women in this church they say you know what I haven't been supporting the men of this church the way that ought to have in this morning Jesus Coltrane and he would give me the courage that humility the Spirit of Christ to support these men and their desire by coming up here to change the fundamental way that their homes are raising their such a woman I wanted watches than two feet you say I'm committing to support these are not the the seven -month-old is not the blasts and want to embarrass them but my goal is affirmed and when I see them try not to say that not enough what is taking going and continue to teach us as you want to measure daughters that we are fearfully and wonderfully see how the support easement in their design to do with Goss called them to do to transform the families of this church in the other women to say yes I will support but my last invitation is for you because as children we also have a role in discouraging our parents will make it easy to be in that would only give easy to be among and maybe you know when your heart I have not been so my parents what I know I ought to have been but this morning I see that I have a part to play in as a young person you want to study up in a similar help me to being a blessing I'm supposed to be in the home to encourage my best to encourage my mom and their role in their desire to bring Jesus into your year as a young person and one thing that commitment I also invite you to spend as a daughter as a sort say I need to be more supportive I need to be more encouraging I need to be more affirming I need to be forgiving I say almost all support my parents also for my parents and all encouraged the only way this is not a begun disease we learned to trust in Jesus he sings this song I pray that you may look on the front he would kneel with me as she sings this song this is concentration and I don't together she sings the song they will be reminded along with the women were setting to say is only going to be if we learn to trust in Jesus as Man we will fail if we do it in our own strength is only going to be the power play sing this song I pray the prayer and I this media was brought by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain that please visit www. .com universe .org


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