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What's the Best Thing I Can Do For My Family

Sebastien Braxton


The restoration of humanity begins in the home.  Many complain of a lack of love in society and even in the church, but this lack simply reflects the conditions of the homes that make up these congregations and the nation.  This 2-part series introduces the urgent need for the revival of the family.  It describes how the home revival under lies every other revival.  Yet, this spiritual renewal must begin with the heads of families.  Thus a radical call is made to the fathers and husbands to step up and teach their wives and children that they are fearfully and wonderfully made and to prepare them for the home of the blessed.


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.


  • September 27, 2014
    7:00 PM


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my mother almost let my wedding begin early she told me that a friend of hers was getting married and not she continued although I can stay on Sundays you than a Google family brunch for my family my wife's family and no it's up to you which one of you which is friends getting married you know the Sunday this Sunday my wife and I got married on Saturday night and thankfully my wife stayed my mom stayed my wife is still staying with me and we all got married in July that year and in September my mom called me or call there and I said you know how things going and she said you know couple that I was waiting to go to the wedding the next day after your wedding so yeah what's going on now she says what actually divorce since September and just got hurt in July she said yeah she's also a remotely to go that way below and enjoy myself in July thousands of dollars I felt people just the expense of having a wedding just make it one time in this life but people apparently continue to do this and there is no trend in the world call starter marriages of your reasonable starter marriages it calls on the concept of starter homes and the idea is that when you first get married or when you first get your first job real job you know you're going by starter that is something that's very much less than your budget and you save money for the real costs a real house to will the marriage this amount of our marriage for most people they don't find the right person the first time around the starter marriage got a have mercy missing this is a warm-up for a while this will is is starter marriages as a result people are saying yeah you know we had our five year mark it was just the starter marriage now moving on and I found a real person for me and this is a trend this is been going on for almost ten years now and you cannot even imagine just the destruction and most of the trial children course on because that's complicated your starter marriage on going for the future and so clearly the family is in a situation case Emir these are not easy if you want to have a gone we family that stays together in the long run the world is not catered to your incisive Mussolini really must be thankful that we have at least this weekend but I just want to pray that we would not we would stop studying family after today this would just be a youth day kind of topic but that we would sincerely goal each and every one of us and really begin to consider at families together in worship and study and prayer what is it that the Lord would help us to do what is ideal for the center and how we can move up and realize that I do what you say it's a critical thing I definitely commit to still study still the more I study and the more convenient that he needs to be preached and the more I realize that I'm a sinner in need of a Savior but together we get started with our message tonight reforming we thank you for the ring is understanding for the wonderful food on behalf of those who served us the greatest lesson in most multiplier energy father we also pray that you would continue to bless Kia 's first year of marriage with thankful that the CCK and that they show us that is in the thousands to grow and therefore far as you seem to be oblivion the founder and on the church and the family for now we ask is the open word that would abide with us to the person of the Holy Spirit and God 's description direct off most of those things that will transform his operating Jesus the title of my message again is the interference of the whole the interference this morning we talked about the what is in my remember the influence of the home maybe the problem is low heavy for you too many chickpeas anyway the interference of the whole allies start off with a comment by a American minister he's not an island 's Minister but he's very well-known and a lot of evangelical circles his name is Reverend Ike and what anxieties for NSA region on the streets of New York City he says do you know what the best thing you can do for the poor and he says the best thing you can do for the poor is not one of them is a possible statement honestly sounds a little prosperity gospel is in authority to make money so you can be a blessing for the poor not to support how to make money themselves but that's rolled another discussion on this point is where is selling very pointing and also very slow you cannot help a poor person in New York so and therefore the best thing you can do what one person is not one of them therefore you can help in but when you look at our families when you look at our homes we look at our marriage is the question now comes down to us what's the best thing you can duplicate them what's the best thing you can do for your marriage and that's what I want to take as my topic tonight because it answers the question what is it that brings the chief interference in the marriage you see the number one issue in most marriages is communication on telling the truth on communication it's like you have delivered Linux even a liberal leaning twenty feet away from each other in your thinking was getting married also did a lot of talking to and so this question on what the best thing to do for your family what's the best thing you can do a limitation to the book of Genesis Genesis chapter three Genesis and the third chakra energy saying that do not bear to say have mercy okay you don't have a Bible to say pray for me Genesis chapter three verse six are you there all right the Bible says so in the wall install that the tree was good for who and that it was pleasant to the office and a tree desirable to make one why she will ruin and eight she also gave to her husband with her and he known resist this with another person is it is our status private with Mimi there is so much significance in these words that it does not jump out was immediately from the surface of the text and I start my things words first of all the fact that he eats this particular provision from Judah will keep it to herself it's interesting that sinners are natural evangelist your development allow your avatar to bring it back to her husband she goes on her own conservatives and finally I reviewed it once you get back to you know they automatically go a some of you who know worldly friends there any problems on invited to a strip club joining adjudicator drops into the leader style store all kinds of other crazy things that no one is a limit on doing his homework for me walking commercials for these and it's a wonder that we find it hard to go share Christ but nevertheless this woman was crossing now the Bible says in Genesis chapter two verses sixteen and seventeen God had commanded the man and he says you need a parish in the garden freely but eventually in the knowledge and live in the United Kingdom is the dividing you shall not eat of the recommendation is no wrong shower surely now now by law Adams conundrum so I was like comes back to the provincially as you see in the NSC so is our love I haven't wrote now the question is what is going on it happens my I is another point in time when his wife comes off as you've got to show being out of the estate and thinking it is my decision meanwhile there was years alive set off the source of the international ICs seems lost his experience that seems like the five senses seems like the most is or doesn't trust the word of God so she's coming it be great if she came out right because they had this is how I activated my mind forgive my imagination but is willing to find out why her skin is falling all eyeball is coming out and I approve that's not a good quality of evangelism right thinking Gosselin is through a way for me I'm not even on following Wednesday this is what makes it so attractive is that externally she looked like everything was perfectly this is always the case for sinners people in the club people cheating people partying people having affairs all equipment is going to make it look like they're just so they look like they're enjoying life but we don't need to be going on is my sheet if you see she has no idea of the gravity of her situation but how does it now I was in the situation we have to make a decision do I trust my feelings my sense of touch my sense of reason because it's not just his emotions not just his senses but even his mind because adequately will we bring God said if you need a ministry you will surely die he has been open stream he is alive there were gone or is not make logical sense based on his experience yes or no this is not so now I was not just find the most is I want in this particular point in time once the question what is the best thing I could do for them the answer to that question is very simple the best thing to do for his family for his wife and for every other child and decided I would come the best decision he can make Morgan Stanley is to obey God is not to eat all the fruit do you know why because I have a different therefore the Bible says you know what I will multiply your sorrow and childbearing because I feel like a woman is raped every twenty six seconds in South Africa because he didn't know why almost forty percent of youth from eighteen to twenty four attempt suicide more than once many of them are successful in a person attempts suicide every forty seconds in the world every forties because having the unilateral notice by because I do you know what Jesus is in the Garden of Gethsemane Raul I think Bob is impossible that has come from the because they do you know I will go and why will you in a Christlike way you know what I I the only ability your job and your boss and I could care less that is Christmas anyone of you know to come to work because I'm you know what you saw was going to kill his brother you know why leaving the scene Jacob into marrying Rachel 's system should I continue or do we get the point because I have a little dog was crazy good I don't understand what to disobey God so right here in this question is what investigative your friend takes to do what Jesus told you to do a stool they thought that the best thing to do but Gary Lavigne is like thinking all these are probably going to let her die and she's my wife she's my best friend she's my all she completes me and I would very eat the fruit you'll because in these long list of situations where a company in Genesis three is not about humankind this is about their marriage this is involved in family and every other child that would come from this is what we inherit from our ancestors for each one use no day passes all questions here on him struggling with this in reviews here I have tried to get victory there I finally knew something in the long and ask forgiveness of Jesus time after time after time after time what happened is that because I did not do the best thing for that least as you are deciding what we do it all families duly recognized intellectual and their children and their children's children right here from the very beginning there's much more at stake than what meets the eye consumer was such a small thing right don't need from what happened to come out of this last question to you by our own children are sexually abused that question is a you find out how many young boys are in prison there to spend the rest of the future last question to find out how the people contract HIV of the home people are addicted to cocaine and marijuana to met all kinds of other drugs you asked that question do you need about the great universities last the questions you need a young girl who thought when I left her daughter pregnant only to find out the responsibility came knocking at his door he decided to move up then you recognize the best thing I could've done for his family was legal this is what brings interference is that because I was looking at the Middle East thinking on a new law enforcer on the reactor was easily rather than asking himself this is not about you that's not the issue on the table you want something on the table and that is not even worth considering when what you have to eat that besides the question really be asking yourself is if I disobeyed God what are the potential consequences of this anything you know what this person is going off on me and yelling in being unkind you know what this president be making use of this purchasing they can walk all over me this person this initiative is respecting Mrs. one one one and were basing our decisions my mission is not really on the usual table this will be be angry within the lesser works always be seasoned with grace doesn't say exactly people control is out of the Bible says that his inner but when you and I will get our family life it only interference that's coming in because of disobedience it's because you're not you because the heart of disobedience is a lack of faith the heart of disobedience is a lack of faith in God there's no way was he very carefully as he seems comfortable to different people and will it is possible to trust God invisibly it is impossible to trust God and in this ovation Lord I trust you but I want to do the exact opposite which is so we can go to church because the restaurant Facebook we can put it on her Twitter account seventy administration but if you will trust in you cannot disagree let me explain what I mean when you look in this passage in Genesis three allows you to notice what the serpent said the letter the Bible says in verse one this represented a woman talking he said you shall not be the beverage for human bar 's part of what got sick that a woman says we may eat the fruit of the trees of the garden but of the fruit of this week which is in the midst of the garden God has said you shall not be nor shall you touch it then the serpent said to the woman you will not surely die for God what God knows that in the Danish doing it while out hunting you I slowly open and you will be like God what knowing good and evil in other words notice what this is something the woman is absolutely lesson I know hogans that you are involving vessel for him to talk to a woman who has face-to-face communion all our God knows this is been going on following gone already leave industry while the guys of the open had a native restriction you know why because God wants you to media UC is no you'll see it right it is gone all that if you read on the street will enable your self you only have the time was right I was wrong you will notice that you won't need on a God knows that so we're going to the restricted history Eugenie and so you can hold the copyright to your friends in diffusion want to do what's right was long gone no and Mrs. one hundred numbers as well about the same character go to the resolution what you do with what you know reveals you can what you do with what you know reveals your killer so God knows that he is getting a stream and it will open her she can see pretty for herself and God restriction and what however can be lifelong religion the incident she was she was created to be like it has English but now God is a range of more partners than you can never fulfill as I restricted the one stream that will be gone like all so I tell people this is as a medical doctor and you have cancer and I know how to cure your cancer and I choose not to give you the curable Doctor Emma and my good doctor and my kind Doctor and my loving LMI on the all right let's do not have the disease after the iPhone is no select all my back to get you what you does not like I got to climb the Himalayas of all into the very depths of the ocean to get it with your slab a result what we do with what we know reveals her character if I know people of Birmingham are dying it is going to help and they don't believe in Jesus and I will carry with them what is my current I have the cure for your sin if I know if my son and my daughter unless they have the knowledge of God and of the signs of salvation out of state any time to change them this is what I know this is what I do what is not revealed upon their what we do with what we know reveals after swallowing young people tell me other parents are hypocrites the older brother is a hypocrite this person needs a church pretending like these all holy essence of you know what it means to be wholly owned here anymore for the club if anything is growing that girl in a human accordance of the Christian massive message and also what you doing is working to let you know Mister if you know what is the right religion Christian living and how are you living the normal person can bless someone else to criticize someone else's self condemning unless you're living up to the standard someone bought with a certain raise this argument to eat he wants he distrustful he will see his face in her line gone is withholding a good thing for me that you wanted to believe and only a selfish only on loving God will withhold a good thing for me so therefore as soon as you buy into this sheet is Rush Limbaugh she's lost faith in him it's only natural to disobey because our faith is soon as we lose our faith in God the very next thing is to do something what else would you do a little day someone will be killed does not have the best interests of coolness of it to someone's authority who you feel is like thinking good things from you along we would get the promotion so therefore I scheduled the meeting when I knew you would be on vacation we may be looking for new candidates all I knew that he would enjoy time with your wife's I made sure that he never had a also you can think around being I knew that your daughter needs you and so therefore I make sure you are doubly busy so you would never all these different things you're thinking to yourself how can I send it to a person who will plan for their own good about my I cannot submit to you and anyone selected often what will we do without Ashley can safely say every failure in all homes is due to a lack of faith we don't trust God therefore the gloomy we don't know they had guess is coming into our friends so pay division blame the woman who gave to be with me she gave him cannot tell you how many men are claiming a loss for their lack of spirituality no as Mister even forced she will assume all wrestling tactic in wrestling and down knock you unconscious enforceability about this talented place notably to be cheated in the glutamate nonalcohol out of I think they call you later I I this is how it went down but this is like representing so when you say what's the best thing we can do for its to late it doesn't just apply to withholding things don't eat this fruit I wanted to look at no one go to Jenna Skoda on Hebrews Chapter 11 Hebrews chapter eleven in your you have a story through no law where the Bible says it are they the says this by no means finally worn out things not yet seen moved with godly fear prepared an article understanding of his household by which he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness which is according to now known as the Bible says he prepared an ark to the same in the home is that all the articles for developing tacos you know there's been save your friend is what the goal of the artworks located on our anyone but they do not now the question is why did his family because it is the point here is not off and no additional Bible says in verse seven no one will be doctrinally more and more by working if God wanted that possibility with there was no Bible Moses was not working there's no viable there is no text which is living in the last days and also the difficulty Nola instigated it is not just know I'm going to destroy the world as one hundred and twenty years now here no one knows what to do with what you know you can so know what else and that the Bible says he was one of things not yet this is future is in our present crisis in the Bible as no law moved with godly fear prepare and what are the sending of his household so here's the question what's the best single of the numerous than obey God because here's no one knows what's coming up I want to know what is sitting there and not Mrs. Noah comes in this is no when you talk about me what I'm talking about then his wife brings over a group of scientists to sit down with no initiative ability for a hundred years usually measured no one sinuously between phenomena and ratings that would call yes water is going to come from the sky were listening nobody are many scientific evidence that rain will come from no I don't how do you know that we got home God who is gone are you referring to Chewbacca God I see so you need to go and kick them out of the garden you mean the guy back her escape giving the God that allowed teens adjusting molested you talking about and always live in no wise diminish or the world because God is filled with violence all that God does not stop me from happening that God is the world a hundred and twentieth on the other hundred and twenty years of crime and sharpshooting violence and rape and pillaging and that he'll destroy the world by water from the sky yes Noah says God told me no one as besides his this is no constitutions for the husband let us know if you would like us to check it in and wireless children thinking so I thought of how not to sign out of business phone whether his family believes or not and is building is about their dollars still knows children's show have to and I wanted to say hey I do know is busy and I will be available out there for the water from the sky ride on a mountain I see it shouldn't have to deal with the shame and inadequacy that is essential in a bottle on a one hundred percent confident enough often said this to myself when I first started studying husbands in the Bible I said God why is it that when you call them then you probably find some away from his wife is awarded to Moses in the second scenario in Arizona without walking in the parking diagnosis is evidence in the blood of the people put all your resources into this one he was second two thousand one the industry nor is the rain for forty days forty nine and it is notable to survive a global flat correct made out of wood one hundred crashes on the rocks you know like those mountains over there since affinity for forty days right while okay and let's say a fire breaks out one of the flooding all okay maybe that will work also we get a level with animals like tigers right to go to work leaving your on the sailing vessel and we can exit a ship in there just to be peaceable with us yes I will be unconventional what no color the only thing he could color I'm no that it was going to but I believe there was something else that convinced this is no anything was no study building we have to decide do I get iPhone six or dwell on what indivisible people 's money to it she said this guy really believes this he went to their savings account as you say you know saving up our house in the future baby housing in a matter when we shall we do but I wanted to visible know that the heart is understanding what I'm telling you there's no point in investing in property was hoping that eventually all she's thinking of flying as his wife is he really believes this is silently from this and NRK authentication costs and they go inside the arc all of a sudden the first raindrop calls I tell people sometimes it only takes one wrong and you can rest in peace and Nola sits on the bow and every all that is the wooden door go told his family he saw all of them they were thankful sharks and profit at this point it says that God rewarded no less faithfulness by savings that was his reward is fatalistic don't would block little because if he doesn't already go with anything no are why can you imagine the waters called in dollars so no as life is not limited to allow display while the bill that will let you guys thought it was crazy so now often adopt and not only fine Aussies thinking it was you Y obeying God can build the ball this is what's coming to us in the fields of brothers and sisters when we got to happen and you find out your family is well and you have to look at your life through the walls of the new Jerusalem enacted over issues like mine do not do lists because the building was frustrating arguing all the time she's done with useful and she is the best thing the will could do for his opening that all men in this church involves goal to work for him and we cannot use our wives and our children as an excuse because the very thing he called us to do is the very thing that will save telling the truth my family has been drawn closer to the Lord since I was initially fulfilling the call when I was going to the house every other week Daniel Solon was the last time I will talk about the Bible out of the book of Daniel before you will not work so the result is making yourself in China when my family and try to win my siblings trundling my dad trying to win my friends and this is failing and failing with the question is are you doing about it would doing Jesus told us to do he says if you do that that will convince them and if they wait until the last minute and these are the so there is a man here tonight that's wildly trying to just stay in commerce state and economic studies some other profession because he feels like my Bible argument that you need to do what Jesus told to save your life and your children because the interference calls by the disobedience and you would be there and not being that no one knows which is for the rain to fall on his wife's was more have one more that I want to talk about gold Exodus chapter four Exodus job before no early look at Moses this is the call of Moses now Python Melissa wife was earning Zamora and Tucson misunderstanding when these ones diocese going back and forth here again is another situation where here is a man with a shepherd a look at chapter three in verse one it says now Moses was tending the flock of Jethro 's father-in-law the priests of Midian and he led the flocks of aware the backside of the desert anything so horrible mountain of God is by Simon apparently there does seem that in the description not because here Moses is one the back side of the desert tending sheep and yet here I am looking at installing the husband thinking to myself of course is weighing down in the back side of the desert away from you and now the glory of the severe number of English mode this momentous says Moses Congleton once the time to see this amazing sign anything both technical issues both at thanks all questions and thoughts as I heard the ablation of my people were calling but lately women hold on you said you want Moses I'm coming to send you to Pharaoh to deliver a nation okay I am not the one I'm not the one as always refuses when are you going what is Melissa doesn't want to convince her this amendment intending sheep reporting use of the console is for I'm doing great how was work today on quitting excusing God called me to go deliver a nation you going to go deliver my people agent you and what army was okay to sell this thing going on in the listserv Moses because the spending change in soliciting usual convincing evident when the last overhead and get see this in God Moses division given Egyptian yes but those people are not at all like the waves gone it would remember okay let's admit that's a good argument so spiking again how and when to deliver slaves from the most powerful nation on earth please explain while she am I going to go in on itself and let my people go athletes only to say that when God told you to say Moses departed tending sheep are you having a midlife crisis the author Nevada neurologist and delusions on see myself delivering the nation I know that when I was young I was called I never really trying or as Moses what is meant I was how can you convince her that God is really telling you to go back to Egypt to deliver an entire nation of slaves particularly his brother and sister to go back to Egypt is very interesting that after Melissa letters of the call to decide which is why none of his excuses involved his wife of Belinda sizes of energies is going to go do what you financing goals to notice what happens in Eagles and get his family and this is what convinced me about the importance of traveling with your friend because what would we inject in Exodus chapter four Exodus chapter four beginning in verse eighteen so Moses went to return to Jethro his father-in-law and said to him please let me go and return to Mike who are in Egypt and see whether they are still alive was when told his father-in-law in Morocco I'll just go check to see if your brother Aaron your sister Miriam are still alive is not ruthlessly know but you notice is how we do things right holidays and what you don't what was the submissions and no gold in some places in the job some people try to be a blessing knowing all you and your mind is the frontline this is no pending she quit the job done at least let your God I just love the sabbatical of legal agent just to see if there am I not happen this the Bible says now the Lord said to Moses a million what is ever likely in the Bible yeah wanted to Egypt for all Americans live your life are dead just beginning so close so now all this is the development of verse twenty the moment that is what areas so here's why and there's his two sons this is why I like to travel with my friend is going to a very hostile place you together know what happens in the neighborhood is motivating and his wife because she was when those aboard beautiful smile result is likely against Tunisia when dealing with the Jew or even attract individual is an abomination they can think of when it will but Melissa God called me he also called so is not a divorce they hear what the kids are labeled each of you will not only didn't know it was assumed that it is going to do about home into his family was supposed to jump a lot of people traveling with often doing what God called him to know the result the Bible says any return to the land of Egypt and Moses took the rod body was sent mercifully when the Lord said to Moses when you go back to Egypt Caesar to all those wonders before Pharaoh which I have put in your head but I will harden his heart so that he will not let the people go another way that I think is not an easy discovery challenges then you shall say the federal dust says the Lord 's will is my son my first name somehow the house and this is legitimacy now after this the Bible says in verse twenty four and it came to pass on the way on the way where the leadership so Moses is on what do I call them to do a better it says in town and that the Lord that hidden insight into what I do not confuse because I was when I read you called in the wilderness argued with all excuses that we went home you said Moses is not beautiful and that besides the serenity will angle and would you call them to do in the Bible says God met him on the way to do why the Bible says in verse twenty five that Sapporo took a sharp stone in car all or skip a person and castings at Moses is the instead surely you are a husband love to meet so God let him go then she said your husband of blood because of the war circumcision do notice that was going on your Moses was a Jew and an updated June the second from Abraham he is supposed to circumcise his son a native afternoon born but apparently the floor wasn't feeling that soldiers on his argument in his marriage is important I know you're not doing it myself you're not really circumcised myself I feel I'm missing is barbaric it is inhumane United service on my son Moses recognizes that God is the one commanded circumcision and now the news about the level of his purpose God is looking at Moses on the way each piece is Moses I will kill you before you deliver amazing and been circumcised I'll kill you before I left the apartment messy when your son is uncircumcised I'll kill you before I usually bring that up from heaven using the rainwater from Iraq cannula mounted all the potential in Moses is resurrected and go down Moses and said listen let me tell you how important the whole is I'll look into basement and when I called you to do all looking at you based upon having done when I party to whom in your holy and therefore the best thing from oldest to do is to what already because his family would be without it his brothers and sisters would still be slaves because they didn't obey God in a small and this is why today we have to struggle even today in the church and even in the world and even in the home support staffing all because the father and a husband is not doing about going to now she has to do what it was Moses his job to monitor the pluralists say what there are no men in the church there on this man in my house is not stepping up to do when he supposed to be doing so I will result me getting these women and my mom was a single mom or saying you know what I have to do what I have to do wasn't until I have to than my old and understood what my mom had to go in inner-city Chicago as a single mom fourteen hour days one only come home after going grocery shopping in the game break-in and eat all of our food that you just bought an iPhone my ear to the door and listened to my mother cry because of these were of money issued me to buy groceries and she shot a figure on the emergence because someone just broken as the and the question is where was that she was effectively that we so in Moses 's case because he did not circumcise his son he almost left is so powerful and were meant to so it's apparently they think I want to do these things inoculated with my kids I want to force it on them I want to do this I want to do that because we can eliminate us or our spouse but the reality is the best thing Moses could do is make a guy is the best thing to do and if we don't we understand where the interference is here that comment was of course is your a lot young men of blood to me circumcising her son that Moses was supposed and issues about the loser husband that's why she did she welcomes her husband of forty years of marriage why because he neglected something is God doesn't care how much potential we have it doesn't care what we could do everyone for anyone I wait to go to Luis called us to do it to circumcise glasses to before you start you see time and time again people in the rest of the white initial this principle of mutual but for us as we look in the family as we look at the home we have to make one fundamental commitment unchanging in our families and document business the best thing I can know for my family the best afternoon for my wife for my husband the best thing I can open my children the best thing I can move my parents is a legal unquestioning obedience build the ark it becomes inability circumcise his son to circumstance but too often times like Adam and because of our pending we decide to take down side and abandoned on knowing that all of when you think about were not helping our family by January the not encouraging it is not a sign of love it is a sign of age could I really love them all who obey God where no I'll do useful to anyone that that it are families can we make this decision and we said no my number one goal is to recognize that number one above all things is to bring Jesus the father child that were number one why is my number one eight so that when I attempted when I recognize that my private life makes a difference in the case from these all are sending secret doesn't matter nor does because of our own personal failure she became a stumbling block for a so there's a lot of people that think old he's the priest of the home she doesn't have to know the Bible wrong conceded in the false doctrine should bring it down and unfortunately there is successfully so some are limited to understand the influence they have on their homes and especially on the husband 's she don't know the Bible she's not ready to she's not seeking God making demands were totally difficult governor marketers job to obey God know is your job will be gotten the best thing you can do for you to say I'm not doing my devotions just like a little spiritual on seeking God the Bible says seasoning while I may be battered wife and a husband and wife entities it changes the whole oh no they alarm harming worship will be renewed wildly different and the desire to worship we know Jesus we so when I'm working with him or without him while waiting on the middle evenly on me to do what Jesus told us to do what we can go to evangelism is because of them regarded to Jesus told us something right now there's a lot of pain in the families of many churches simply because people do not follow the they obey emotion they obey inclination impulse but it will be gone but if you and I made that decision when you leave is a legacy not just for your immediate family open your children's children and for your children's children's children that only experienced the blessing of the bases in your family all the families of the earth will be blessed by her husband me everything is found in every arms close Yahoo decision to make the decision is very clear and very simple will we decide will become it willingly surrender and similar the best thing I can do for my friend is to be is to do with Jesus is to follow his work in my best estimate is there someone here to assist I have been doing often afraid to go all the way but when Jesus is fully and tonight you're saying I'm not identify the Holy Spirit anymore a lot of excuses anymore tonight is the night to get rid of the excuses we get rid of the fear may get rid of the shame we get rid of the past and we say now is the time is going to be a new day because from this day forward the best thing on the menu from and the first thing is do whatever Jesus that someone like Ellen White associate fees things I haven't been doing is fundamentally now from this day forth definitely the plan exactly knowing it but I'm going to unlock their lives on acceptable and I'm not even making more excuses in my home on what to do with Jesus tells that the best thing I can do I don't want to be the repercussions that are only seen my family outside the city all of my family to be without father without a wife mother because not doing what Jesus told even in the smallest things ornamentation to make another person in this room so we had us all identical high schools in the state I have not prioritized my family in my life in my time I have nominated a priority and today I've seen the importance of family the importance of any something as important affidavit I need to prioritize what happened and so tonight I feel the spirit is convicted me to make this a priority in my life I want you to slip out menial from whoever you want São Tomé family a priority but I need to make it a priority is anyone here this is a habit made it a priority but I need to make an appointment to make that commitment tonight from this day forth then he's going to be a priority in my life anyone here that has the courage this is why we had his voluntary eyes closed because Lafayette was looking at us what people think about us if we had to these kind of invitations you know and so I have to make the syntheses for that person that hasn't me family and one of our window priority but I will this is a series of view I see your anyone else if close the service this is the time this is the time CRN Windows CRN heavenly father you know that we are standing to make a very basic decision in our lives and that is to prioritize doing when Jesus says in our family life lawnmower we are operating on other principles psychology and counseling when operating based on the word of God and so we are still just saved from this safe for women who would Jesus and trust that the normal waters of living will be transformed into the wind of heaven in all families because we had done when Jesus told us in order for those who called to say you know what I need to make family more priority and as a result we asked teachers to give it more time to give it more energy to give it more strength what is not an easy decision to make whoever wants with it but Fong saw hands and seals would come in on praying that I should give courage to take the first pitch will follow and hold those who have the courage to make this decision read the benefits and blessings and continue to inspire others to do justice thank you so giving and as trust is the only sorry I is him and him and the media was brought by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse of his life was more certain and visit www. .net verse .org


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