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Church Order, Part 2

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Eugene Prewitt directs the Bible Teacher Training hosted by Aenon.



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father in heaven I asks reconsider your holy Bible this morning that you don't misunderstand truly masculine with Jesus and turn your Bibles to first Timothy first Timothy chapter one mile rent talk about a very sensitive topic maybe sensitive to anyone in this room besides little most everywhere else and that is about church discipline the form of discipline about this fellowship in people but today were not first Timothy chapter one look at verse three as I besought them to abide still at Ephesus when I went into Macedonia that you might discharge some that they teach no other doctrine I'm hoping here in this verse it makes you feel like you wrote it read it before because it's so similar to what Paul said to Titus Montague Liebman creaked so he could set things in order and ordain elders in every city that they could deal with the Dane Sayers a false doctrine there is a purposely elders that such review verse four neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies which minister questions rather than godly edifying network minister there almost seems like an a use of irony what kind of ministry comes from creative theology questions it's a ministry ministry of questions are you verse five none end of the commandment to my dismay and arson do note the word commander here is not the great intellect which is the one used for Commandments all through the New Testament like new commandment and the ten Commandments the work here the word here is power and end blocks that this means a charge was once in charge of charges like a commandment but it's more like a formal like I can charge you a graduation service would you call a command for the Gunderson speaker is in charge to the seniors is not quite a command but help sort of command is tell them how they are to live what they ought to do the word here is charge in fact when it says in verse five know the end of the commandment is charity this is just the noun form of that verb using verse three says that you might charge some that they teach no other doctrine in fact it's the very same word as the one use only for a little further down the shoes just a few verses further down this chapter but not seeing it right now if I can just tell you understand verse five now the end of the commandment or the charge to to regulate doctrinal teaching his laws or said backwards if you don't regulate doctrinal teaching in the church at least to dissension were set up on again what is all all time Timothy to regulate doctrinal teaching is not a control mechanism so you can be the one in charge is because of doctrinal division leads to hard feelings ascension the end of the charge the goal of the charges laws verse six from which some having swerved have turned aside to invade jangling jingling just meeting talking desiring to be teachers of the law like yours Denver seven in connection with verse four in both the letters to Titus and Timothy mentioned genealogies what would you do with genealogies of course for the Hebrews genealogy had a lot to do with office there was a genealogy that would qualify you to be the Messiah the King that would be it through Judah and particularly through David but those are genealogy qualified to be teachers of the law was geology was out astride that the Levites teachers of the law there is a principle here is literally have people claim to be Levites knows fidelity teachers because these I don't know of any this principle here about who is qualified to teach the one who has the formal or ritual qualification or the one who has another list readout it says desiring to be teachers of the law understanding neither what they say nor whereof they affirm sola qualifications and a half they have the formal one that Joseph teachers that is they are Levites what cloth occasionally lacking yet I don't know what they're talking about no soccer don't know anything were fact they have quite a few opinions but they don't really understand biblically deeply the truth that they are speaking about is there a parallel world today is there a type of formal or ritual qualification for being a teacher that you may possess and yet still not know what you were talking about what would be the qualification to be degree exactly the closest thing we have equivalent Levites today is attendance that's a formal publication now that music intended to generate future they just redistribute teacher because of your end of first Timothy one we haven't read the whole thing for time say summarize it says that the elder should devote his attention to doctrinal integrity no chapter two first Timothy chapter two I exhort therefore the first of all supplications prayers and intercessions and giving of thanks be made for all men for kings and for all that are in authority that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty there is a little difference in the letter to Timothy and Titus and the epistles written to the churches that Paul wrote and it is at the start like this I am praying for you under praying for you and them praying for your face as I heard I pray constantly he mentions this should we praise for the volatile legislator Timothy he says you should pray for them all a time when I was the work given to Timothy is cut like a two-pronged work is now under the first prong is to maintain doctrinal integrity and the second prong is to pray for all kinds of people for those that within those limits out and for those in authority that they can have a peaceable life terms in your Bibles to ask chapter six acceptor six and were looking at verse four after are in the process of choosing deacons for the church the reason for choosing deacons is listed here but we do that as the elders will give ourselves continually to what say to prayer and to the ministry of the word fight adjusts clothes without thought or to drive it home a little bit those were given responsibilities in the church of elder law everyone should study the Bible and while everyone should pray the elders should devote themselves to those habits for the elder in his prayer life is person oriented he's praying for his members is praying for his city is praying for his mayor a strain for the police force is praying for his president five percent is for all those that are in authority the administration of his conference and the elder is a man who has set aside of much of the business of life for the purpose of prayer and much of the business of life for the purpose of devotion to the word will refund the Paul devoted himself to prayer and to the word that mean he gave up his secular employment it's possible to devote yourself to those signs and carry on a secular employment especially if you pray without ceasing and if you let your words be always seasoned with grace slick minister grace to the hearers reset thoughts another way if you devote yourself to the word of God and prayer you can devote yourself to prayer what you're going about your activities as a student or as a tent maker and you can devote yourself to the word of God when you go about your duties as a student or a tent maker if you will be planting and watering and sharing where you go on what you're doing you can devote yourself to those things in the work of God and the word of God will prosper and grow the sniffer for my father in heaven I thank you for providing for your church higher qualifications and genealogy higher than degree that you teach us and help us understand what the word means as the Jewish show us where we have prioritized in the foolhardy way that has neglected the source of our power teachers how to pray and when to do it I asked for these gifts in the name of Jesus


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