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David Gates


David Gates

President, Gospel Ministries International


  • April 10, 2004
    7:00 PM
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her mother we were for the menu given that for the relief spiritual food as well as difficult Lord it's been a beautiful day and we look forward that they have enemy can be very soon with the great meal that suffered acutely prepare for us if you bought purchased with your black and we all be there at a single investing in our love and your witness our neighbors and our friends in the workmates all at the result of the Holy Spirit working through a three feathers thank you for ASI thanks for the seventh assertion of letting your part of the weather today is before I begin on the method I want below as you question I've had people ask me to think question have had several people mentioned I think I will answer them unpleasantly hot for humans they went somebody thought or when you look at somebody you can hear a lot of different things I know that when I like that something people get what you meant not what I heard anything deeply respected there's a big gap and a few mixed cultures of the alert so what you hear filtered from your experience sought to limit that got today when of that question probably one of the most significant question it what was the message what you mean by what you said good of our people mentioned to thought we ought to think about what I heard me that he heard that your been working hard and were getting behind worth every year and that what experiment that you did with God and I got a warning but the way can be replicated by anybody and got no paper to present anybody and do what God is doing for you and your encouraging long time I think at that yet but when the letter point of view was the president doing a good job you're doing a good job we do get your money exactly are the biggest morning is not about money it was about not the owner I will revert the money is irrelevant that a particular router but the company did remember something about having a nominee have to regularly mathematically and every other breath out the right one there are variable thereupon got at the variable to deal with the guilt with people a good opportunity people think they know how once you about epithet opportunities come in opportunity to go the Golden moment got coworkers that it would need to deal with it we could we could see the opportunity that the golden moment I have been going to the work that the greatest victory in the greatest defeats have been a tournament page one thirty three thirty four opportunities a lesser focus on opportunity that some we don't get them there in a you know whether the company got one heck of it all the money of it thank you they pulled the event not getting younger everything made available to the player needs atomic energy when you move over but at the money and without money and without I commented to provide a loving crawler need and if you can do it for Meagan good for you and you have created no doubt everybody here and probably greater that God is working by the department is coming I would not imply that he only worked one or two people that God would want to do it margin but when doing the question how do we deal with that if you like that we could avoid it like the plague and you run for I think that but in the context of the thinking by Patty did you make your bed when you have a morning yes could you keep your roommate including yet but when I think that if thinking of the matter the books were not working anymore the maid were not making that everything thing once that expletive filled everybody up in the rundown and we better luck and intellect in September eleven is gone now the whole world know that were not living in normal times anymore thought were not talking about a normal weblog without an exit plan right the planet is only one way and not have instructed people would like any crew member to be part of my weekly members aren't large enough in fact of life that we at the you want to with you but even then we need more technical article I hope you will like like you can like them anymore and it is going well critical overtime on the development of intellect and but one thing I remember picking up from Atlanta to the Southern Union legal Association her lawyers Association of critical on five because I was September ninth at the right and got elected a later it made a big difference was that on September nine on December seven it could be that April eleven will be different than today because I really want to know we don't know if you know what you manipulate the fact that you cannot company got enough opportunity today to the loving the new and if we look at the formula the reverse is already there you go to get them to the village women do you think of them are about looking for excuses to get people money and felt like we do with it well the definition of that is only more than you'll did you have that happen to me is more interested but avoid echoing if we own an asset or heaven are many who have that I got laid off our hope that the people know that you will deliver against the makers of movable type I know that we had and Diana is a man from England and open a diamond company seventy years ago but it's hard to get nothing out of it he had a voting company Bethany of the river but eventually they were working in areas that require your I contact the length of my babbling bloody well want my paper in the elk money make money omega I marvel at another airport the company of the open of the company now he runs one of the biggest effect the company in Guyana the event is on your Mac and record-breaking now young to company but only to the diamond company and feel nobody thought about how that moment when I do it for a company as well and had diamond export on a jury and well knowing on the group of companies in the company and what one company help get a company without the other companies out in all of them together make a pretty big empire then I learned that every development yet what happened use it to create more of an actor today that the account another thing I'm not much with leading accounting Balinese financier accountants only pay to get accountability meeting got reject that kind of money not that I gave you do I want or back the effect that if you get them back exactly what you gave him he will throw you out of the outer carton you have to multiply the that given you thought you knew that you got a unread and read that and with our to think they you going to get caught that you are way to the net but if you own more you can leverage event you have a hundred thousand dollars that you have one thousand dollars that landed in and make five hundred more than you let him not to make more keep on going that way that you have a hundred thousand and yet more than any network to get you going and going to the present everything and get your hand on when it you ever get go back and at that open up another one and when I you up and going even further all that is really hope enough people know that better than it really a very precious asset that you can use that to create wealth expect that to be a student use of our resources I walk away from any asset in the future I want that at the method uses a limit to affect that is readily moderately gone down in writing what they can have NFL choice of using an asset at the invalidity had to create all twenty hundred and eighty and later like it might happen if the request is answered always vote for the mission of the church making editor typically alcohol the world outside everybody not bringing on a visiting without breaking the hold all the world even now I'm going to die of using the document that will maybe even question that one of them than I thought in the MBA program friend Ruth one of the symptoms of of his life or the network and do United become design is it fighting to protect the avoiding risk at all costs IBM is not an and that Microsoft is a different type of organization IBM has a massive organization but that it became institutionalized and began slowly but I Microsoft if they'll run by one man and it is being ripped I like to create further well built able to dampen a vegan in control of the medications of them at length no monopoly on like that of a lifelong capability in Guyana you want to launch one thousand satellite but many are in control because of the defined jeopardy to be aware to do it but you looking for country because of that every launch of the satellite he had been in line with all the other black you like spending a lot like I depended on but unfortunately with an Indian territory and administrative the finally lost the battle and the Indian rightfully won the battle to protect their land and had to go look elsewhere but even often million-dollar Hindu and do a lot of our capability outlined one million satellite one thousand satellite one million eight at of the video of the tiny country on academic capital flow to get what you would like to put it on one project and recommended in order to get further up the church with risk it and I'm to get you the opportunity to whenever God give the opportunity if it automatically clear signal from heaven in the forward again only God is the opportunity the fatal and if you always make that decision you will find that you will have got secondary find out what the difference between presumption but the altogether you either either word a title of presumptuous about that earlier and I'm and devices at nine five that have been working with the presumption of low autonomy that needed always a very high risk the moment devoting oneself what you think the governor presumption so how do I know what they divided presumption will face is always based on experience and experience the great on a decision that you make the trust UC .com who you can trust them even more the next in the water and grow stronger and stronger and stronger and eggplant if the leg is wrong when you're halfway across the Red Sea of the Lord you may not have a copy of your know if I got halfway felt that with Mike little nothing and that regardless of what you don't hope and I direct the river in a bigger one hundred one you get the account of the property that you have a very clear understanding of what I want you to do it on black paper like he wanted to make a Pentagon led you they already that we did at the top of the member is an overnight given half-baked unit at the top of the future better target on F1 I considered a tremendous privilege about it you go out a little beyond what you're comfortable to the discomfort zone music limited by on them a height of an interview are now in the net that will be developed I think that trying to do then I will train you in the future but that little bit further than what you can do that so when you than other trembling you can print the boarding a little over everything in effect out in the middle of nowhere wife of youth that I do not let it happen and that they and they did everything they make on experience in regard of that unit that you know what would happen in the future but backward then I got angry about how admitted that the Pentagon feeling to be the future I may danger is that we forget about the president for life experiences are important in Atlanta looking back morning I mentioned that I was walking along and looking at the year 's I could see that every year Dublin Dublin Dublin no pet that you will have twenty four hours left December thirtieth I Don .org again Lord I know one when I work with your binoculars you mean it not that it might I add everything up after growing up five five million dollars and if you are thinking of regarding a hundred thousand men if you're ready and in a beloved abetment of them get most of the money but then again make and make the court people get the return benefit of the Lord whatever the case it I thought or if you do it again this year I'm about time I find contact up every applicant you give me that the five one added up all the other thing that's likely to hear how everything with a benevolent Union and in Brazil and Bolivia and on the other project ahead of five eight I'm waiting if you want to hear what happened to my mailing list big of you going to do it he endured seven years in a row that the eight people that when you get out at him if he never thought of it then go with her to be in a mother plan on anyone another member that one time when I have any money agreement allowing you to the thousand dollars in two thousand two hundred nobodies anything but when I woke up in the morning with an unwritten I'm on a conduct from the timing of the first thought of my first beginning experience debate and depend on anybody with any minimum and not even the wonderful planning again recorded in your inevitable experience but is offering unlimited spending account only and you follow what he wants you to do it unlimited he had already imagined anything on the independent language about the budget for in my monologue and how you forget the budget for the entire thing what will happen with money money money developing a network that level wireless technology metaphor is that it is evident in another fidelity to their own property on the Pentagon and I landed wrong on elevated work well belong to God anywhere than it is evident that he was literally be the pride when he offers at one o'clock five million dollars in the end out of the hundred million dollars leaving the five dollars and not to think that in the beginning of the wealthy because the bottom line you wouldn't understand love you you've been eating aware of with or without a heavy equipment making out the oilfield life that are put in their evening use of that forget what television network and the airplane and all that relevant if I got to finish the work but only the brightly throw these that doesn't leave you completely gone running to the governor the next of the policy but I love my dirt absolutely right in my life or my character absolutely right third-generation missionary on a lifetime of working for the church at the conclusion of his sitting in a union committee opportunity I don't know how the church with a policy that we had to run with Hank the devil does very good to hang up at the hang of it and relevant the boy now it is a matter between the president of the matter in learning more I probably won't let about acrylamide a what happened up until well you have a Bible that the appointment of people do but a cure but it can no longer do I like to read out a statement that where there is a fansite cannot make Griffey more than that great of an organization somebody has to take the rent the picture cannot make you late the best way to multiply right you uvula a paper that got related to manage your president your favorite manager but the automatic on your credit card they didn't happen and you will not the devil can't even hang a picture and print run not the people with a broad new credit card about that over the figurative alibi I applaud the union of a thought to the policymakers I think at the beginning talking both of you don't have it in your power to think policy you that your company run on people here that do have it that you are getting in a company if you manage and you realize that your policy to allow you to make a million dollars because if you do get taken advantage of the opportunity to make you rethink the policy would you think a little bit of that in the policies are not made to hang up the work there may to expedite the work at the black rectangle is not in our hands but at the level of the river fell to thinking about in the future at that but it would not have had otherwise the lecture epidemic let me popularly by proper people absolutely the reason I feel so confident in my dirt bike in order one will get the intervening individual artwork for America to make a decision in November last year my division president who don't deserve it and I was ordained to the ministry I thought of theology with you I was advised to do something else I was more needed event marking undergraduate and they could hire like a major but my dream is always needed and I thought malevolently volunteered for America and America when Dottie did not help here like they are the opportunities in North America there's a lot of young age of five years of seniority got called in on their life every evident that there called about the ministry we don't think any of the report of anybody in the North American division here we think about your committee I think that is the first called miracle Temple church in Maryland at the ready with nothing in my mind rental of the party Russell conducted a leadership seminar prounion when I study looked when you are surfing the net there was a really weird filter of value I thought I was the empirical tradition Caribbean the deadline I was unable at about eleven thirty the getting both of them will run the program continues the music require Michael about enough only to hear the words of the fire I would enjoy the music I hear the words the but but but it was so much joy in an and then one o'clock and around the method from the logarithmic luckily the law thirty one o'clock at one thirty are given the pulpit he said he didn't happen our elevated if not purely the theory that in my conjugation with the secretary of North American division and even if you are determining young man like that administrator he said I think that it will together will one thirty nine hundred and and I think the strength of microphone about like a method and I held a great and when I got done he came up with a platform and e-book Ravenel and even if the vision will never be defined the movement of division will not be defamed by her doctor I can only vaguely the Lord for leader and I think I'm a person elected as beta they really put ourselves in a vacuum and finally recognize that if you cannot think and we better take emergency action at the quantity that haven't gotten enough of them I like your spirit of the Lord will happen overnight but it is about the literature but we got another think of their ability to develop anything for that position and being unfaithful you have to develop for authority they I believe I got up I got over there I faintly remember a more later on today developing a plan to do that operating a lot of things happen but I do not think that in the faith and I and I am adhering to an e-mail than that I thought about your I thought about calling the making mechanisms of the government may reverse that was read by over without giving effect freaking out will then elaborate raving today having argument because I went to go anybody everything that he is an elaborate trap a problem with the nuclear profit on it when I was a kid my gut is that great on oblivious lady with no fingers and I walked I'll never know that happening at a New Year's Eve I haven't heard on your event or announcement and our hands all over fingers in the alert her thought it is important that you get when has never been a networking event is vital to the regular patent of that event get your filthy I'm going to advise right on he does look like we got everybody open room knelt down at his feet as if thou wilt alchemy and even always said I will even always did the leper and we litigated today forgive me the church it would be a pleasure to participate I will be our home he will practice generally will be a different church in other in a perfect one for you that I am going to work under the earth holding back the four winds of the earth to prevent anyone from going on the land around the country and Xenophon an angel coming up in a pending appeal of the living God and called out hello Lori the four angels were given power to harm the land of the newest of the landed of the agreement that we put deal on the fourth German apartheid father when our already long on putting the United when the boys are going particularly going and achieved via what happened get back with you what that means that the Angels are already really but the thought that I believe in a way and having already begun to you what happened before you really didn't feel right about the North character if you hear heard the number that I would feel the hundred point without all the tribes of Israel the issue is not whether forty four thousand of them I literally do it longer but people that are deciding to follow him everywhere he goes and maybe do that feel and before you try to break the one authority already feel any and what you are you feel that an economy like Blatt along with the men of the learning process I told the people that support the because Folgers can be drafted special forces are always volunteered if using a profit of the special forces training I value it is a no pain no gain to the people they go through hell to get there and when I get there in a graduating naked and anything that that support the bad whatever they get they earned the blood letting your faith in order to become energy and when I get a job do they gladly about the job done whatever caught and when I think we ran out of daylight there will fill you with the public with the title and not have the support to do anything important they ordered directly from him available under the job if they're told to do they will do it they follow at one hundred and five everywhere you go you what you get people not eating people were who have been call you you people are sleeping leaving people cannot be comfortable calling looking seeking professional courses while the people that are willing to go all the way everything about it is through the group that accept the call all unethical and effective training profit you become exactly one very effective for the next day possible developer training profit I think profitable truck involved with both pain and all confident in your later tonight again it wouldn't be learning you are you graduated to the field the training process involved in it at all between your discomfort regarding your covered the guy what the trainers in the window are reaping really think that the people training when you allow your company drank been following and depending on the other for everything for your help we require predictive education relating for everything depend on me when you can depend on you for everything then you finally learning to be present for the Pentagon is reported in the field have a lot of follow and everywhere you go in the land of the biblical point of him like the length of the board but left him on the left that they've another one of them a lot in the cold water in order that they abuse drowning we had a little uncomfortable you know what I needed to become a important Gideon felt like I didn't have thirty two thousand volunteers what a great number for a general thirty two thousand nine I can do it help though that our dog got up and felt about them about a week ago I only those who are really really ready and alert if they go down the river in an drink though there got down the amount of all Army were left three hundred at only about one percent slightly less than one percent of thirty two thousand and thirty thousand with exactly one related to get the picture everything about ready to wreak one perspective happened to be reported without where we can appoint regard and eight we use one percent of the work wife is not one hundred is ready I hope one hundred of these ready because when we have one hundred we go home that night included a ninety nine I like all of all of the fourteen million but it probably won't happen in the new habitability your national heaven here to your being that though that I have happily been reluctant to understand how prices with Don Halliburton particularly you don't really have to make your enough but we do we have to join the involuntary vanguard I'm one of you is important the world and got like a church that if we were to go to vote on an individual on the shelf Republican will well represent event in Hong Kong on the feet even you the how to get the car right now I get it a lot regulated on a younger audit you can want my home you can hear them coming out of the window from the eighty and you know only the Christian health or not they are there well that infiltrated and it is improbable run to get the field while the world is part of our mind and when you want to be part of a group we got clean a profit the authentic Olympic idea perfection a few of you girls and boys doing all the things and men with all of muscle than no big rush and benefiting Linda that if a perfect I can argue that you know what an area spiritual development division yet the Lord not only unwilling I want to be perfect with I want to be trained please take me any claim of my life figuring the analyte which I depend upon you he'll revalue you will you will take your life everything with you anymore because you can want anything to make a group outing is that you can watch them doing it you have nothing to the Valley and are therefore benefiting on my back and haven't anything different for me with a training operative and very difficult for the training opportunity learn to trust God more like I have money available now you heard that the morale and able to make my helping learn how to make enough I even an opportunity is all about and when you run into your following people in your life you prepared you you are repeatedly neglected we don't know who you very soon written break them to give them if there if you I can only pray in order to make you prepare itself is all about making ourselves in God and you prepare minority that only God can do it on reality effectiveness of the UN doing with ethical and the question is will we know there is effective young people that have been training you are going on with the then they are becoming the leader then I read about people looking for Richard maybe we older people need to rethink our position in life in the kind of example of the young people need or do I hold and that any recruiters for lanes of traffic that way to the top Orlando's Dwight on the light went out drinking and president that they are in office right now over the beta anyhow thanks we noted that all that hard to come up in a relatively hard there was definitely a good move there were total traffic and so I picked him are not according to never give up on me that maybe I should be everything laughable if I walk over there and then giving them you're the only card I can really move with you regarding right here for the other cardinal is a novel that I advocate early I love it and that is the governor if you can go right then get a privately run blocking is noted where you're going to the nominal so if I have to pull rank then you will make your life when you know in your life and you can breathe but applying and all aiming I want back in my young wielder people do that for you we don't want to move we had one world one but in the world one but adventure we are very comfortable and a new one for this weekend around that the government is bigger than ever with rear deacons and elders and pastors and administrators and the like and around the work ethic of the block and what sometime that have restricted to get out of the way traffic and we have our foot in the church in one foot in the world of work because women are left in the vomit not going to vomit out of his mouth and one guy there are some that are activated both the early church the defendant like this Babylon like to thank all around and run around because anything the director and the value of the world but they wanted anyway run both within the northward to become his enemy if you believe in Christ something that is holding back we need to rethink our position in the church on the run on a few the opportunity others run the pump power don't want to control which will be unbeatable that I have had a little bit of money financing of cable phenomenon in amount of money on your part one and one out but when the missionary come to your church and a favorite financial and missionary before until now we need a couple hundred dollars developed for the money I average you don't have one missionary and research group on a finance committee Lord being involved in formation of the market demography the more you get out that they haven't North American event and we were in our last after meeting last year Luke Cooper original conference vice president and down again at the leader leadership seminar in one of the Pacific and how it nineteen forty four getting a North American authority that the creepy creepy creepy green no wonder we have a problem if only linking greater than he greeted that I've been planning treatment we keep at home and our dying and you would think the world before the patent benevolently publicly ethical institutionalization route backward what happens when you are thirty nine when you are laying up on your personnel clothing Hospital in Portland I called on a couple of them were nine editor without having them were dying the high defect you coming up on your personality leadership and category leadership without you go to conference element in which one now about what administrative the popular best-of-breed might encourage them press on my personal benefit you are always wanting more and more family and were given one that is handcuffing and everything you believe confident particular the Holocaust of the present Oliveira I talk about the principle that the beginning given a copy given the incredible that have been altered about if an item with regular every pastor decided to prevent the online availability every unit that article that light up when you are holding on I think that it ability here but everything you have one night and I thought I wrote the software that you know can't visually on on the FDA you're looking for that evil looking at the old gig of the company on software competing we wrote it down of the project of intervening in college the economic of your knowledge at that I told him exactly how much money they had whatever that was the rhetoric of development resulting for example what would be really if you ever they would give up everything like a little bit about the they were living in a dispelling on the top of president that amount of the after I got done of either the principal and eleven when my grandfather was a pastor that again during the depression the really awful after the festival look at a fifty percent they can in order for nobody to be laid off nobody would mail we didn't think that they be willing to take less and live on a limited budget that we can do more work and I said now I'm coming to the punchline administration was very happy until I said at the president secretary failure I think that you didn't think Bonaire and the general have limited her that he wanted him to write or not you can follow you want to know that the later ones then I got a lot of vitamin are better than human and one value I like the general lives of the troops had the multiple and that's why I have my division we don't think authority to that point on your dream for me I know my department all you know your budget money if I taken a allow me to remain a volunteer but I can direct the long eared our primitive and then you're never the debate regarding his other gotten where we don't have anything to give them a hundred odd couple of hundred dollars in the last four years I like a network of the nerve and if you reveal a few hundred dollars multiple state for years and years of the Dickinson College or miracle my daughter and my second daughter with whole ordering was trying her best to do as well as the personal guilt of daughter Agatha Umansky you cannot number one in the opening of borders or Saturn Matthew Cole Porter deputy definable planning to visit Fayetteville well by member care that you can call me cry and I cannot I I what remain accountable available who told you without money while I definitely don't the American people while ordering work is not about making money I deleted the coming years vulnerability payment utility but then I want you nonidentical not but everything is not very good reason people with similar letter he held them spiritually together need a cocktail I really do that he was number three in the union personnel when vertical him among a people letter and we have evidence me for a while we'll leave the Lycra indirect together if you like it went but in the world got to the church leave the church do anything to knock on your door behind him he does not know very the voluntarily forgot to do it for you automatically want to be hot they didn't even want to weather going to anti-infective treatment a healthy motherhood on the firm that you can get hot and lithography using this at the Northfield UN thing you got special forces and all the article although important product of the heaven and every on line in your land that the last thing I wonder how much it would take them down with water on your Emily Wyatt and in particular the treatment of adding a dump let out an amount not better and cost a lot of money to carry a lot of things got in the volatile water for nothing on here in America not funny wow delicately sometimes I pray all night and applying on the Brazil and I have my thought is that when the airplane is revealing strikingly for example and fling his arms all night long account of that Amazon jungle accident regular anyway money resulted not have it all easily and we him very well on the vacuum of any emphysema with fire your life side effects men call people visited another physician frantically back and tonight you're determined with a difficult on Carolina in both effect on the eleventh of November two thousand and two thousand and five unethical because when I connected it never know what no unit price is definitely the next and I wanted I don't know if you have felt God is calling you today dated from before quality with total dedication to follow a penny everything you have everything you are you I like to make the call at the last time everything is better of these meetings meetings like that movement having the life people are making total common the Lord of everything regarded political dynamic is that I made a decision lifetime it is apparent other missionaries happening some of our leaders and got my union president my division president not everybody's happy with upsetting the apple cart you know what people are hungry and happily hit the road and this is ignited you want to follow them everywhere you would like to think that the fourth thankful and joyful I felt to have one person at a are you are well I would like to be in the red on November eleventh please visit of angular heaven knows I thought on your ballot of the Lord everything I have everything I everything I have in my hand nothing on the island nothing estimate that if the value you are upper you have a father visit with you remember that if you take the decision is now on I like this really a present from the political authority broken that we have sent of your children people with a special privileges of theater prophecy special understanding of math event we have failed is that going to all the world and preach the gospel in rehab the majority of world is every and every year were beautiful for different of art we repent after you get a personal or family record conference is the world and are likely make a choice of legal molecular that way everything we had everything we are reviewing down enough in your hand is on you and yet you call itself the product in order we live on TV hear the word you say that even though management velvet and definitely will benefit and if you order it given you wherever you limited your we are no longer in power to make decision on that we only follow orders in the writing for you Holy Spirit who are battling to be in the process for you to profit even with the Holy Spirit online LMI only with everything because it is also the world is falling apart all around the family is at his feet as you may have felt in your hand thank you for answering our prayers I went to visit for help with the seriousness of the wonderful message of this is because different from love and your forgiveness is public over the liberal lowlife that everybody are neighborhoods in the country in the world they are giving the proportion who are designed with great effectiveness level have affected


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