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Being a Good Elder

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



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him father in heaven I asked this morning that he would join us here as a teacher to help us understand the truth in your Bible by asking the name of Jesus amen here they hear from Weimar separate lines me of how nice it is to me what we all are usually the morning worship it's good to be reminded of your blessing sometimes first Timothy chapter three looking at verse fourteen verse fourteen it is just after Paul gives his counsel regarding elders and deacons first Timothy three verse fourteen the Spain's right eye runs in the hope into onto the shortly but if I tarry long that you may know how you ought to behave yourself in the house of God there is an administrative lesson there for everyone whether or not however be an elder or deacon and that is in your organization and your planning make room for contingencies what is that it means realizing you don't know the future what was Paul hoping to do the veteran Timothy right away but what was possible he might not make it and so PA gave enough information for Timothy could prosper okay if it didn't work out just right those view the current MacBook meeting was a good chunk of you this is a big part of Holywell is to organize your day soon as something goes wrong things will go very wrong one first Timothy chapter three look at verse six see without controversy great is the mystery of godliness God was manifest in the flesh you might wonder how there ever been persons denying the divinity of Jesus was such a simple passage in the Bible it was manifest in the flash is very simple the reason that there has been some equivocating over this passage is that there are two Greek words are so similar one is CLR 's and one is off a manic visual symbolism of my midpoints this morning but when they were trying to conserve paper and timely fire so the very expensive stuff compared to how much you had to write it often abbreviated Diaz sets that is just that fate and that Sigma Sigma VM looks just like an ass sulfate and Sigma but if it would fade and get very used papyrus if the metal line in the state saves Darth Vader looks like the maligned things omicron and suddenly looks like the word costs and costs is a good Greek word that means which so that it say something like this the mystery of God which was manifest in the flesh wealthy what doesn't happen costs doesn't end up looking like thoughts by the Diaz by the appearance of a middle line so that manuscripts the old one from the ancient ones most of them have the the God but one of those ancient problematic tax Alexander can manuscript looks like it has off except for some later right Jurgens drawn black ink wrote that line across the middle of her was obviously in addition not in the original and started a conspiracy theory that people tried to change its way back when this is not important to know I don't know why even spent four minutes telling you about it took you to know that it's a perfectly good version you're not let anyone tell you it's not it's the best written reading available and God was manifest in the flesh met with Jesus said he was justified in the Spirit probably is the most difficult phrase understand it in the verse in what sense was Jesus justified you find a parallel idea in Romans one I don't know if you need to turn their second make more progress but it said there that he was declared to be adverse for declared to be the son of God 's power according to the spirit of holiness by the resurrection from the dead that is that Jesus when he was resurrected it showed two things about him one that he was God and the out there that he was holding because if it's in his life he would never have been resurrected and so care it says that it's chronological of sensible FRC was manifested in the flesh that was long he was alive then he was justified in the Spirit by the resurrection from the dead he was seen of angels that may honestly it could refer literally to the Angels over there is to but it really rear frame back to the scene of the apostles that as a focal point of much of what happens after Jesus resurrected he was seen out that one of the three hundred twelve and then set wasn't five hundred phone mentions first convinced fifteen and what is the record angel mean messenger asset that seems to me like they would mean C- producing of Angels the whole time going on here is pretty some of the Gentiles it is believed on in the world he was received up into glory they might think that looks out of order but there was a breach of the Gentiles going on before just was offended heaven I'm about twenty yes I must make progress and go there chapter four verse one now the Spirit speaks expressly than the latter times some shall depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils you should know that this famous passages in the context of deacons and elders and deacons and elders are introduced as the means of protecting the church and after describing their duties in that regard Paul says that God speaks expressly that in the last days were going to need deacons and elders more than even need them now that's my gloss on the half interest in communicating three thousand deacons and elders help protect optimal integrity chapter force as in the future is to get worse doctrinally verse three is a favorite why Martin Luther they will forbid to Mary that is these are the seduced people they will command to abstain from meats which God has created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth is opened by permitting you realize that there are some animals that God created to be eaten him a blessing for mankind because God made the entire animal creation the be wholly unfit for food that was sent us a bill for the flood but there are some some animals are not created to be chewed on my people when necessary than the person or traded for that verse for status for every creature of God is good and nothing to be refused the implication is that were talking about the creatures that God created for the purpose of being eaten and nothing to be refused lesson if it be received with thanksgiving for it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer sanctified is an interesting work what is on the sanctified me we set aside for holy purpose now of course when you bless your food unit set aside for holy purpose but the word of God is set aside any animals for holy purpose what fundamentals and set aside for holy purpose is the clean animals they want to set aside for eating wealth was set aside for for sacrifice ever set aside for only purpose they were sanctified by the word of God and by the course of relation between the set-aside for sacrificing and set aside for food because the animals and such a sacrifice most of them were also one time or another eaten by the priests as the sacrificial service don't know about twice I don't think that applies the pigeons me turtledoves it might remember look at verse six if you put the brother and in remembrance of these things you shall be a good minister of Jesus Christ nourished up in the words of faith and of good doctrine whereunto thou have to obtain that the quiz question was how can you be a good minister what people study four four six or seven years to figure out the dancers in this verse and how to be a good minister we constantly remind the church about the things that they need to hear about to be sound and Doctor their constantly reminding them telling them that when the answer number one to the quiz question answer number tournament was questioning you would find in the end of chapter four look at verse sixteen take heed unto yourselves a hand on first Timothy four thirty four sixteen says take heed unto yourselves and what else and unto the doctrine continue in them for in doing this you shall both save yourself and them that hear the thirst so much information in a passage just look at a per minute first of all is a guarantee that Timothy to save Timothy Elder Timothy was had prophecy on him and laying on of hands and has received the Spirit Elder Timothy is a guarantee that he is going to heaven that's just a helpful verse he's taking the two things one is to himself and the other is to the doctor and was there beside first by the endeavor blasted for him I mean and that's in a positive sense not in the negative sense if you want to have is to have the pay attention to his own spiritual life that have the attention of the doctrine there are so many people who don't understand this idea one large class feel like that's the key to doing God 's work is to be doctrinally correct Doctor Doctor Doctor Doctor Doctor study study study study study and well that's good but it's only the second half and what's the first half take heed to yourself but you can get it the other way Ron there are many people who can charge one one eleven holy life they want to be good people they want to do the right things they're trying to be nice and kind in their suites of their mothers and they help the kids in there trying to be good people but if they want to save themselves and others Wellesley have to do that I have to take even a doctrine until I happens when they don't estate ends up tricking them they become really sweet little fanatics because they get easily persuaded by some wind or another that part of being a good person is always to be wearing some underhanded or always been heard to be a good person means keeping the patient tabernacles in keeping the feast of weeks and being anyway I donated my examples like a truck myself up some stuff the point is that if you only take either yourself the devil will get you on the doctrine in it he must refer you to the other thing taking to the doctor not thinking yourself to take you to the doctor not yourself you're not even write on the doctrine summarizes things will be enough for today we needed elders and deacons two thousand years ago but we need the more today if you want to be a good minister which is the same thing as an elder or a prospector or a bishop are all used in this one book first Timothy if you want to be that there are three ideas given to you here one idea is that you should always remind the church about the truth but they need to know to avoid what's going on wrong around another thing you should do is take into yourself make sure that the way you're talking in living room after you know everything you're doing you doing our the others to take you to the doctrine should make sure you know your the double canvas like push you around then manipulate you and make you think that all now to serve God you're going to have to persecute those people used to go to church with young double-jointed people don't take you to the doctrine but then again I guess I lost you here is Sue Messick left the last name Mister Silva method is a good Seventh-day Adventist trying to help with community services but she doesn't take you to the doctrine in a few years from now when the pressures put on suddenly someone begins to show her from the Bible that administered is the prophesied great apostasy they come right the first Timothy four show that this is the path is assessed to abstain from London where the church says abstain from meats and since she went to South for a school like watchdog tells the one also commanded that they should not marry and then they take her to other passages and ashes of that and it suddenly her eyes are being open she suddenly can see it and she realizes she's been deceived and was the double doing is manipulating her because she didn't take heed to the doctrine and before his time to see out of conscientious regard for having is going to be telling where you're hiding in the woods they can come and get you cannot make time to be scared when you're in the woods as a do it it doesn't take care of us I think you'll can be manipulated by the devil you have to take you to the doctrine for your party for him the Star has the prayer our father in heaven I want to thank you for helping us by giving us a heads-up regarding was come in our own day show us what in particular to regard in our own life what ought to be changed to do your work well teach us how to study your Bible show us the truth there is we take good heed and I asked for these gifts in the name of Jesus and then


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