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Are You Ready?

George Cho


George Cho

Clinic Director, Pathways Lifestyle Medicine Clinics 




  • August 21, 2014
    7:00 PM


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he called on you many will not see the moon will not be put into the pond we live in and how we own impress upon each one of us is very important that we get ready now in a they do not delay to get ready before the LSU to quotation the convocation of the church as he can mediate assemblies of the home church and all occasions when it is presently before souls across the point opportunities for getting there early in the lottery and it no thought last you a redneck to initial punk eleven missionaries annually fifty yes honey honey is averted UIC before how it all was that they did UXO apprentices because of a deed of faith and he said in auto what you like anymore to really learn anything truly blessed and collected meet friends 's annual youth conferences like this it really quickly gets and you get to meet new people coming on that and it was already that's good and I hope they just think I take advantage of the divinity how to meet new people to make new friends to network by anonymous on this the hustle and bustle we want to miss out on what God really wants to and personalizing a signed truth each one of us especially this usage of a small venues you but a hotel or life school but issues of a small venue the intimate of the three large traffic light annoys a lot of hustle bustle and amidst all that we might miss out on what caused it to each one of our personal lives soul spirit upon says that gather you think this is opportunities for God to point out his Holy Spirit on each one of us I hope that each of us can pick a time to ask God for the experience RIP forget to buy your ready let's pray together can God want to thank you so much toilet here teens who has seen the Lord pay per view event a special way going on on the Senate and I need your help to me although it are sinful in your stomach notch and was able alone with your voice O'Connor lies in our hearts and open our hearts to see what you have to give us today we pray in Jesus name and that's why will you not viewed the point of his twenty two forty four ninety seven twenty four as we discuss are you I miss boarding then tonight then two men will be in the field one will be taken and the other left to wonder will be grinding at the mill and one will be taken and the other left watch therefore for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming to know this if the mass of the house had known what hour the thief would come he would have watched and not allowed his house to go poking into therefore you also be ready for the Son of Man is coming out now you cannot expect of you believe that this is referred to the sink about yourself ill on two men will be on the chapter and then all of a sudden boom go take one person noticed and good when we went into a little belittling bakery and then Bugatti one percent and a little money where he went where she went back and then missing the point which is really tri-state the point that you try say that in the last days that the only two groups of people and only two groups of people one group will be made to meet Jesus and the other group will not benefit in fact I think that's ex- symbolic meaning because Jesus said the field is the world as we let you hunt to the people doing the the one who will be ready on Google Napolitano women represent the church in their grinding the nose making bread and magnet is the word of God Billy too good for people to choose to present Christianity one one will sharing would've got possible that you would've got one will be ready the other nine of the next to us in this awesome Seventh-day Adventists are you ready to meet Jesus why did you say to me in this industry 's epoxy exactly because you do not know when you know this past year limit my family will be caught our family is very important lesson to the tragic death of another it was in this past March by we got a phone call from the police on us in the mother 's house was on fire decided is very unexpected and he is the part of the lesson that you always need to be ready because you do not know when the probation clothes and special space in my mother 's death it really going to start thinking us part all is good probably do the same as what you might die tragically by so it got me thinking about the many I love getting to think and reflect upon my old stars of God the last days in a positive mood it is always sure silly things with you today first thing that looked on about being made for his second coming is that it can be a young good to realize I cannot is not our home and I think Canada is not our home Cody Hebrews Chapter 11 was fifteen to sixteen he was the multiphasic not having received the promises but highly seen them afar off was sure that embrace them and confess that that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth for those who say such things declare plainly that a single homeland and truly if they are called to mind a country for which they are come out they would have had opportunity to return but now they desire a better that is a heavenly country if of God is not ashamed to be called their God for yet prepared for them prepared a city for them notice invested this verse thirteen is that these who are these will these include people like Enoch God who live on this earth about the two having been given for giggling a lot whose house was destroyed by the flood and two by Abraham who was who got caught out of out of Mesopotamia to roll containing and all the people and how they happened on this planet where they looking for a better country is welcome country a country our hold on this earth a temporary and no this is the photograph on CTV news and this actually the picture my mother 's house on fire and I do not just a note to this day and when we first got onto the side of my father mother 's house because as a very long driveway into another's house as a test to the house and is covered by Chile you can see the soul of the police causing blocking my mother 's engine so we could get in so what we did with her neighbor 's house and in the distance you can see our house on mother 's house on findings of a tall trees since he cannot help hoping the fire was annual with others driving up to my mother 's thistles I hope you know that the news wasn't true I was somehow immunostaining but you want to saw off the field we saw fire going I thought we realize one it will only tight eyes that whatever everything on this it is very Monday if you know it about with this and everything and this was very temporary and it is also younger than make up allies without continuity is upon us that this place is truly not only is the heartless young people to think that way yes it's hard to think that way but it's true it's very tonight really realize that when her mother passed away know what is what is run efficiently keypad to get a 9-to-5 job innovate comfortable suburban house when Shaw Toronto and how they nice cards up in Muskoka to have a boating boating sessions any holiday and do what you want ordeal is a heart seeking after Jesus himself said to myself foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests but the Son of Man has what nowhere today's head in my father 's house are many mansions if it were not so I would've told you I go to prepare a place for you if I go to prepare a place for you I'll come again received myself the way I day you may be also in a test on chapter fourteen Jesus is coming very soon in a new seat watching the first all is said not to sixty three CT first but what kingdom of God and his wife and the vapor thing I really realize when mothers funded expense of others that truly had on the letter how good a country cat is truly not home or just Tobin pussy and I often end time generation young people in them what happened on the planet are hard on this like Lot 's wife was in comparison with England does not want that statement designations for each one of us why would you need a vacant because your heart was on this planet second thing I learned we do not know when our provision for clothes or visit we do not know when our probation will close the school to the scope back and accept the twenty fourth ninety seven twenty four verse forty four to discuss a ready with what was said therefore you also be what he ready for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect I've been losing business to talk about the feet of the second coming of Jesus Christ however when we die our provision closing the next in the me know if you do in the resurrection of life organization of damnation from the mother she cannot seem to come again subvert probation ended when she died and she had to have been writing friends we do not know when probation yes and also sent out a survey unique view of what provision close because luckily the provision even closes when Jesus Collins or closes when when you die but out of a unique understanding of a different perspective is going to hang out at the seventy first ninety ten because of our understanding of the investigative judgment provision of the necessary close only when you die always deeply if Jesus comes again this and such was the need to always be ready in my day I guess I was nineteen I want to go to put in place in the ancient of days within ten days gone the father yes was seated is gone it was white as snow and a half of his head was like whoa is going with the five frame 's wheels of burning fire artistry issued and came forth on beforehand thousand thousand visits a ten thousand content posted the fourth the court was seated in the books of note without diversification on watching the night visions and behold one at the side of neck with the sentiment Jesus coming with the clouds of heaven he came to the ancient of days and he brought him near before him and to him was given dominion and glory and kingdom that all peoples nations and languages certain his dominion is an everlasting dominion which shall not pass away his kingdom one shall not be destroyed logical read the fascinating that is referring to the second coming unnoticed Jesus the Son of Man is coming to the ancient of days is not coming to the air that is not referring to the second coming of adolescence the communal cry to describe on the screen is not his second coming to the key comes to the ancient of days and have been to seek dominion and glory and achievement which will begin until the close of his work as a mediator is this calmly and not his second advent to the earth else for foreign policy to take place at the termination of appointment date in eighteen forty four our great high priest enters the holy of holy and there appears for the presence of God to engage in the last acid administration in behalf of that default to perform the work of investigative judgment and to make an atonement for all question on how to do this this benefit so what is it with what is this possible dance up simulated the second coming no the investigative judgment began in eighteen forty four so we said the avenues after younger we know that that we need to teach me believe that investigative judgment again in eighteen forty four this white part Vanessa says in Revelation fourteen percent in fear God and be polite to him for the last hour of his judgment is come fissile and what does the investigative judgment happened to me in writing related deaths of people August the judgment is now passing in the century above for may years this work has been in progress soon not know how soon it will pass to the cases of the living and that she continues perilous in the condition of those who going nearly other watch turned to the attractions of the world while the Son of Man while the man in the nano business is absorbed in the pursuit of gain while the pleasure lover is seeking intelligence while the daughter of fashion is arranging the order or ornaments adorn and say the Navy and got our the judge of all the earth will pronounce a sentence you awaiting the bounces have found one person at based on words so note out called us out right now is a investigative judge is happening on Mister and we do not assume that but it's the still at the dead people she said this too invasive and lucky to us for living and we do not know when always when our kids will come before God is that this is why we need to be ready and faster than I impersonally distractedly make like and continue living not even realizing our cases are always ongoing given the pronouncement baseball was in a but for the student when you went giving out RFQ Holcombe gondola taught before and why are why when a provisional close EEI I yes I think so after I ate I liken it to kind of writing that so you're on most politically when instantiated yes that's you that is why life is procrastinate do they know what is in the coming as late extent theory Nolan David O'Connell if the couple Krakatoa become the unimaginative visit they exactly happen at any time of the year on Hotmail get you and will be failing or ever will be stay on top of things yes you see this is exactly the point if God would say hey Omar you had ten years the wall like to pay after the party liberal for nine years once they get binoculars by reading up on their policy this got the episode to come in and at and on the line one book or article on city hurting other people hurting ourselves for honey so years later after that you if God cannot allow that if we set easy to sit from us on his wife and so how do we prepare no my mother shoot one thing you know them I was passing away I think a lot about the methadone upon us and wanting the human cost was about pairing the noon in the two thousand and put things to do to prepare ourselves is to examine our hearts and to truly repent visit examine our hearts truly repent installed one thirty nine said search Neil God and know my heart try me and know my thoughts and see if there is any wicked way in the end the need in the way everlasting media has gone to look to search our hearts and then revealed to us on the sinful tendencies the sinful nature the weakness that we had and then to ask us to ask him to change our hearts in it and the Nathan God wants to change hearts and not because November twenty fifth to meet all you correlate heavy they were when they went ahead related I will give you rest and come now and that's reason together says the Lord though your sins on a scarlet it shall be as white as snow the big event like crimson they shall be as wool she was for sixty that never come boldly before the race that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in common nice to honey other sports here at least developing soccer and we when we teenagers you know you correlated more energetic and so we play there even if those rainy cool you out of teenage boy yes and Italy's archer just put every Sunday and I've been spending with Joshua as well these white pants and white chocolate sent in reason playing technologies grade because slide the field of players think they'll and for any and every game will still talk to get dirty really really filthy dirty but then next Sunday to come back and in the baby completely white yes we would like to put us in a don't know how much I like the new sinful if we recognize in the continent and we then investigate anything sincerely repent to God God can make our record completely clean about it because blotting out questions if the why would you not go to God to ask forgiveness grace and hope that this is a CYC that you take time to search your hearts to ask God to give you to repentance and a deeply repented the deeper our experience with document no the reason why lucky a lot of us have some very shallow Chris is pretty good not done a full work in repentance but the reason why Lott was not logging was begun species grace when you repent and surely true spirit of forgiveness and grace of God the new love for Jesus will grow so much and not experienced no regardless if you teach us in a now Thursday I relive my mother is that now is the time for character to bother with visit knowledge time I checked up on the hood ventilation Texas seven six one to fourteen what are the only things I need that you and I can take to heaven is our character yes his character revelation chapters seven beside verse one after these things I saw four angels standing at the four corners of your holding the four winds of your Bedouins in a blow on the earth on the CVR energy then I saw another angel ascending from the east having the seal of the living God he cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was granted to harm the earth this on the earth the sea or entry we have what you feel the servants of our God on their foreheads and heard the number of those who were sealed one hundred and forty four thousand of all the tithes of the children of Israel sealed is not blasted the door in the automotive and the point is that in the last days God is in the healing work yet is in the feeling was ceiling his people now what kind of people are sealed the school in Revelation chapter fourteen what kind of people are sealed Revelation chapter fourteen missed four two five popular the exactly same hundred four four thousand is otherwise who were not defiled with women for their versions these are the ones who follow land wherever he goes these were redeemed from among men being first fruits to God and to the land in an office found no deceit in their life without fault before the throne of God I was colonized the seal of God will never be placed upon a computer man woman it would never be placed upon the foresight of the ambitious will loving manner limit and then replace upon beforehand of many women of false tolerance of the seat the hearts of all who receive the seal must be without spot before God candidates of candidates now is the time to go thorough work and character development in a is not good no time to the day enough one day he would let the Dublin mother taught me you all must be grown with character defects yes if any purpose on how tendencies you know on propensities go nowhere with sinners and we cultivate these things and my mother like the rest of the total family she has a strong personality and often I saw that her mother and other Simmons economy and Butthead yes and then when the mother screams true conversion she realized that God really wanted fight our characters associated up the work accounted development and can surely say that this is a commonly true conversion I can see that God was truly truly transforming the mother 's life so that you have to cultivate an issue behooved by has the most and to confiscate up the North Atlantic anger is often healthy yes this God is truly working in her life event and this is what God wanted to each one of us to celebrate jealousy and the try I like the way Mark Finley said ISI this year she says that she said that God will not put on Wednesday on solo even how do I once upon do you have tried the vanity to post the pictures on Facebook love you can know more about could you look God cannot take this to had a net scope of the regard that an issue while briefing seminar righteousness by faith a very important topic that we all like this is the character perfect check of Christ 's octane only by the power of God is an agreement only through faith in his power can reuptake the pure righteousness Kabbalah says song fifty one create in me a clean heart O God and renew a right spirit within me Jude one twenty four now to ten God who would it would keep you from stumbling then you will for the presence of his glory with exceeding joy Olive first on recent instead whoever abides in him is not an easy one overcome said Deputy constantly abiding in Christ Colossians one twenty seven to whom God would make known what the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles which is Christ in you know what the hope of going effective I suspect the thumbs-up Christ in you the hope of glory with God 's last day advantage of you we needed claim devices that caused by faith in Jesus Christ this knowledge base that includes what the fate that is imparted so because you live the life of Christ in a and hope that you can take the time to have it to experience that these twenty six year now showing the moment quote this conflict and that the subject is Phyllis says Christ other lessons when the character of Christ talking what perfectly reproduce his people that he will come to claim that was his own juices lungs but he often the people are writing up just doing something with a note that is how I see that Bill did that unfit the church of the hole and never be made under any of the vendor statement for she says I do it are you waiting for the call on the truth he said that I will never come there how can housing you'd be waiting for the void for the character currently prepping the business children in his church I think I only says that the whole church will not be one the simple answer that is the reason why God has shaking because he's a shakeout those who are not able to so each one of us know we could look at it through the sale problem Paul and then this other than that deacon in this person but the thought of our identity and look at ourselves are we ready do we simplify Christ's character then I'm all alone we are ready that's a really nice on the final final point final lesson I relive my mother is that we must be ready because we live in a time of crisis how may you really believe that we live the time of final crisis as I truly believe that if you look at what's happening will politics it just makes me forever and that belief but the revelation chapter thirteen with eleven to seventeen the final text Revelation chapter thirteen eleven to seventeen with eleven to seventeen and I saw another beast what are these represent off the kingdom coming out all the earth and yet to avoid Legoland spoke at Dragon and exercise all the authority of the first beast how many new gnome of the first below what the first the Roman Catholic Church so that these exercises all the authority of the first people Roman Catholic Church and adopted on that authority now this second beast exercise that authority is that of an called the earth and those who dwell in it to was the first piece whose deadly wound was healed the verse thirteen he performs premiered great sign so that he makes five compound having on the site from heaven on earth and the Son of Man and he deceived those who gone the earth by both sides but she granted he was granted to do in the sight of these telling those who don the earth to make an image that these who was wounded by the sword and then described to get power you granted power to give breath to the image of the beast that the image of the beast should both speak on the name of the note was in the inadvertence can count he called all both small and great rich and poor free and slave to receive a mark on the floor under my hand on their foreheads and that no one may bias out at one list who has the mark the name of the beast or the number of his name they quickly in the last days of Allah said that the United States of America the Protestant churches and a copy truth will unite to force anyone to worship on Sunday I may have never heard this before all of the predecessor to get an issue if those who will not put off will not follow the funding Sunday combating will will happen will either will not be allowed to buy or sell at work or in their Adobe count on you know who this fellow is listening and wanted to say is not new the patient a less have heard about what happened when he was before the spigot someplace awesome school and then the sum of some groups in the schooling all concerning his preaching against printing this straight on this stuff capable of playing in the pope and the Roman Catholic Church is antichrist is speaking against on the physical Hollywood questions stay up with the biblical understanding of marriage as between a man and woman what happened was these of these identities convenient public and indigenous huge fiasco and maybe he was the public health connected on Pasadena County in California she lost his job and then useful to get another job I can enjoy the summer he lost that job in fact the ISI is talking says that people ask after the content to reach one what is your take probably fail you get a job in Boulevard but you know he wasn't so forth I said that another I'm not a die and then to be targeting of time in a filled in all come to that place is not a cult that this would happen to each and every single one of us I want to send out what happened to him is a small microcosm what happened to the administrative in the future so no effect on this lazy thinking of and my many to faith in what all the world is going against us are we ready for that time trouble such as never was is soon to open upon us and we shall need experience which we do not now possess in which they are too indolent to obtain it is often the case that trouble is creating anticipation and in reality but this is not true for the question before us the most vivid presentation in a recent magnitude of the review don't I remember one time I was unrelenting presentation school I hated the thought it also welding a guy to say that you're interested in Professor Hoppe did a presentation on April to supplement the strength training five dollars recent music appointed by the government presented out on I'm along with the above so nervous that on the one on the bus going to school unless you hoping that my professor would actually be a detailed on the week I definitely not also scared about being the presentation and then after the presentation not realizing what the weather though that you have it how to fix this before and I thought that the building sold by will and will and I didn't have the what interview the little bathroom for most intellect that's the case you kind it will make I didn't do it I see but I wasn't not the most vivid imagination presentation cannot reach the magnitude of new deal by solemn words in a so you know what I think about this car she in a way I'm a Chicago glad of another possibly because no good I would not want critical to that experience but the question that that we have the needed medicine assistant and other all it's hard that was still alive and it might very well happen in our generation the question that Doctor Saltz is already are you ready and known what he would need to go what to happen we need to always include us to Avenue trust in Jesus more and more interest will consolidate John I think God is he will join night to you James the four twists first eight we still serve the God of Daniel S Mister Haley that spills of the guy sat at new set of dependable skills of the gone president David and Goliath and he was able to present his children for the time of crisis but also that the hundred foot let's have a crisis will be the only ones missing the following Moses because they're the only ones who've gone through such an experience is anything that God can give us the privilege of being got because of experiencing so the nineteenth UIC as we think about and revised Bible in the last days on the lifetime with simple question are you ready I know home when when my mother possibly be when the news got onto the infant cream traits is this the printers on filling the news got out the deposit from the Toronto via the central church he came and he spoke to me about a set of the Lord took another way because your mother was right now my unit by USA and Doctor Phalen be with us today I feel revival in the last days that Oscar saw each one of us are we ready to meet Jesus Ellen even the less with increasing quotation from the Bible Philippians one to six with all of you together being confident of this very thing that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it in a nice enough market he said that he says when I look at what could happen I do not know how am going to say but when I look at Jesus I don't know how I'll can be lost in a surviving single of the last faith something the very thought and then meant to be found in the Bob was a very honest book by faith you want to be very honest with them however when we look at velocity beneath the jaw might bolster the bottom morning I hope that's nice this media was not as fine audio tours website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain than please visit www. audio tours .org


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