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Abana and Pharpar

Seth Amankwah




  • August 22, 2014
    7:30 PM


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is my prayer that as we open this with the unions that will come down and discuss us of how we received that the ring I will ask you to bow with me as we invite developed a fully open and aware that let's look at how hot craft Almighty father we thank you so much what a privilege to be part of the date of your less incentive for what I'm also a privilege to be in the presence of the cane of the universe we thank you for calling us we thank you for choosing us and we thank you for making us being faithful to your amount of drugs at the estate Friday in heaven as we will be in your widths today spiritual attends us footage what is a always there will be a would me I thank you remember that I met off and with audio strength and power that is not including me so I pray that he will be with me and you put your words in my mouth give me the right idea at the right sequence of thought I ask opening the heart and the minds of your people and let us know we go with the visits one name alone and be glorified to be and that is the name of Jesus and his name would offer this prayer hot gay men my message is untyped of empennage and pop-up Argonaut and Popeye for the sickle cell in this deal viable vitally but for the thick of having been a AV E and E and Popeye HDR can be a man often enough and five the message isn't this on the local sick again the book off sick I can't stop the fight let's than our Bibles each segment begins but before that I need to give you a historic concept that Jenkins stopped by unapologetic I've seen men hot Dick Kim Altshuler your hobby into Israel in the bottle the result of the death of a hot picking up Israel it out hobbies will be gone and I is the biggest homeruns and instruction on his front in Iraq to destroy than product but it probably feels full of the instructions in the direction of Ms. Mills so been hot the kilo serial and he said Israel often anything a few has only himself while the intimidation envelope that I gave his role and also results didn't look someone is my life into captivity often a death of a hop around the son of a hot tube of what it flown of Israel so that if it's okay on the political scene on the original scene Bob Wolf punishes disobedient also do want obedient somebody's e-mail so if Elijah the prophet of God has let the international law and obey the waves and the amount of vodka and bought asked for a visit in my job would not seem to an in-line shop this summer of inside job has set up a lie Jocelyn at full dot befall a large job lab he get in I saw another spirit and it is on the fluid that this is all in-line shop is a type of Christ not a livestock is that proof enough of Christ is not listed by default on all and I shop is also at all the while Ronald G then argue with me still inside job that will run Hope and Isaiah is a type of John the Baptist the forerunner of Jesus on investment and is not a flaw in life shot of anything is a live shot cap on foam dog on with epilepsy and by his father run a light job before you sign anything anything I willingly add to this employee is not in ministry jam up understanding dawned on wooden vessel of his fall run on John the Baptist so that is and at topology contained in the history of a livestock and not of Christ and is not anything that Jesus started his ministry within Morocco and in the shop also saw that his ministry when the miracle so it lies shot is going to that of the type of Christ he does so many miracle one of them was to halt only one index the woman was in-depth and his two sons went on about the good thing to bondage into slip is deceptive did not get the result that livestock and food was great you will inhibit fungus on my shopping I don't know what the plan was just the tuition is backing he will come trust debacle of a life John I know you wouldn't invite you from your primary technical you also at Northland that's an additional mind will run wild accident what it did it was still among the time and dismal monologue all was able to do the back to how Exxon I think I am subject one Morocco by making appointments to an edible on about Morocco is nice not being was also to be many people would know would have been up also we see that a live shot stuff out his ministry would a miracle but one in Morocco that is not a shot date is what I want most is not befitting our suite will allow our what we call it a lot with USC friends revive us again that would mean with your Bibles to do book of second chance step back segment can stop the fact the Bible says event games set up by now and then when the copula post of get a few dollars that gets money what is my stop on Honorable because backing down on argumentative rose to serial he was also in my view many of the law but yours is the Bible into an monk called name or anything you want a copy of hosts of Israel of serial if we listen to somebody being a cop the locals know what time the how do we miss having an unequal manner of Cunningham on false idol with me he was the one behind the manager plan and a vision and an end and the destruction of condemnation once a popular biblical Israel and only got the Bible is this an unwanted but not the advancement in bottle he did not become the optimal his lab because England all all on me I present in in in in in in and communal serial you want somebody who's achievements for itself he was a great month at encrypt money and bought the vehicle embodying that initially cost for the police the other sound time down on him not only done with that form is called limited presence but also you will unravel person meaning he ultimately got the respect any love how to exclude by the Athenians of theater arguably so nevermind I just meant the slightest thought not only but the Bible also described as month but he was a monumental battle meaning it is common among the Indians and the baby Gatlin was a great month in their level of engagement in our day was the only one house to be lacking it and then I'm obnoxious you will be somewhat now we can look up to the Avenue that is why we call on the affects you what we've all become in the envy of the American dream you want into a complement by what am I need when he is the constant your watch as Emma laughed when he vagrants money but the White House buzz among the together game in the gut evidence that NDA needs highly esteemed by his nation what not what else that they might need again when he them might seem an orbital that month husband is I like none we will assume that that the assets you all what am I was lucky but when we know the job done I was not he wants as a so I've never known what is of serial and he got on the ball and I respect you got honest fund innovation winning both meetings is an both event and when them on what conditions of cereal and got on his respect and that it will looking after this month and when that lung got home and put a small pond along and it shows on this site and that obviously did you talk it I realized that he that I is yes he has all the respect from the people yet something was missing my guess is this month on the end of inbox when this loan was home and at and got on with his laptop he constantly realized that he died he is at times because of limited I thought we where we we knew when we forget that we happen upon the Webelos and think that the dropout reservoir dams all of us I like new but you up I love being successful in your area in your church we got there to spend a unique left and a list of Toronto and that hasn't been the most hot cloths on companies law of cosmetic medicine and index is not only an eighty eight it is school your wonders and your professors with what about amendment argument either with me I willingly Canadians must very calm nut was not home you've got a means for people to know you upload in the event so we went to Toronto if you bought is fingering and new gutters platforming up or present any of the police on not only that it will do was slap shot and have your parents object to the relax NG dog Daniel so we need to go with that but at times when we will and at times when we had all along was that we can't let realized that she got better as epileptic Roulac glossy that we perhaps need need abductions this morning and all all of the Cologne Nordic that public was ready in a week we are being the best of big organizations it maybe easy life you'll see what I thought we been out of front line of vision we we have that we operate that at certain positions and talk for that week on the unflappable out what you learn into his underwear nobody saw anything my friends when we bought while close that we can't limit liability not only ugly all these days by there is about processing that it can and at times like Neverland because of his achievement we've got our is the crossing boundaries at you meant we come up what is it enough that we I love this document we will wonder how we all be like Nimmer the public reservoir says in Bible Clemente one six eight one thousand and seventy five product family she says the new bat is a real experience in this age of the wall this is the reason why Dallas saw learned that position the invitations many she says song many as to the name of Christ are all tempted by an unholy and other not other positioning avoiding the checks that have been baptized but the web by renowned life that it did not die and doubt quality didn't on rice and newness of life Christ walked the proceed is seeking you what we the public about says that the Eileen by the payment of the three shoes that every individual must realize one necessity the Hauptmann of the entity of every department and clans formed in dwelling on this she would love to see it was back home fashion and was second on second Bible and prayer and close aggression of them softball but at least I'll also put that without Florian abilities put it under the open this said what she says only in that the degree must be done about if you ask me how Italy midfielder if that obligation I will say that we need on that collapses and forcing so yes there month was a couple of all of Israel doesn't go see it and commit all their mound was encrypted Martin in a bottle that he was singing that he is linked all honorable and are respectful of people that never those see that he is guilty and like all go there must both be back is popular and he opened to an opera football when not now we are a name of the Sanya is sent as close to us that we think in the case of net amount of all this then God can heal tool and it's on me so we read our Bible in the book of second day the five best when three and I was is the Bible says and this year is possible not to buy companies and others but I would copy out of the land of Israel and little meet as you with that on the most white and she sat on and restricts will go out of my alone went in-depth profit that if you dig into some very for you will recall but he opens the crossing this little meet this little bit on the airlock at the live was that the opportunity to attend military plan and lead a simple name or I would meet this little bag this is nothing that the house hobbies to how ship and quality I think talking and laughing me there's little bit and let the mid- Avenue rights to put executives bought all my love and an flood reduction flat you were a lot louder and reduction doesn't omit this little med on the right to have that they are not bit up talking about it as well be levied and what is and that's how can he allow such a temple hopping and digital mid this little mid- knocking Doctor Oz about definitely that of name on how you would meet us in Seattle as a copy he had to set up and that is this little meet this little net is someone all supposed to be the last resolution union witness bought begot a copy is someone flung what led this country a country that would be insubordination and how can this vitamin witness up I bought it at all someone wasn't what the witness on my blog is little me up with me Smith's conclusion about the best reservoir when I see this little mid I see my feet and he says in a help unusual at all costs and Lebanon rules Ms. Yuji idea what brought into Coptic Toppenish pomposity and Lebanon ways the number one enemy of your country is like Jesus showing up on positive law while that I disobey and reject the digital midst when I finished with the minute I see my CV you believe in God and he mainly what bought condo but the puppies which is on use of Kumasi on the plot unfolded his domain name that blog is able when I see the life of this little me I see the life of my senior Filippo may see as a lifelong law and that and the misfits listen Underwood me is like you are in Christ Vermont in the human is under when he by encouraging to note up on the ninth and is only one week earlier lifelong law S&S Mrs. this little meet this little bit what we don't know who had life on the line for the thought that she and he and Martha neglected him and wanted to seminary out is what animates what is not working on the iPhone all are lobbying to set up this little bit idle with me so she had allowed on the line but aside best and often must thought and put heating open is Mac OS X your Jesus Christ friends about it and he knows this little meet to arrange the heart of them on showing not immediately was really going on then I also encouraged by the mobile supplement neither I nor look on children's movement of the means the rich if God you will does little great other news the ranch I can't tell you not bought time will left to Rich are both inbox are you in this diplomate of the news to ration their lunch it will be out now a fellow Buckeye after Kendall said that she is not always based on the last schools and office environment on the problem of the hops but it's opening and women will be so we can swap obligations as we study the book of sick I can set up by this we won't impress some press five that's what the five Sunday when I looked in the news and opinions was what the name of events fallen by the Bible sees and what went in and told it's about say sandbox that didn't make the edits of the mountains of Israel and that journal serial set block to go and I said I looked out onto the camp of Israel and he departed and came can thousands of silver and six thousand pieces of gold and then as you don't remain so what happened is that their mom got ready and on admission fourteen healing from his leprosy the six and he brought the letter to the kennel is Ralph a noun when Dennis Martha it's come on today below I have I have that will send them on my seven 2-D nine thousand and record volume of his leprosy not you may want about why the lack I was not sent straight and in and out what was the problem Alessandra walked that can of Israel what we don't know I do not blame not time it was back in Onslow the province in the heat I would make for a number of the human beings that can pump for the prospect and I think ecological example a classic example is one hop and went on about what it wanted that Nebuchadnezzar that you control it once was there that went on to wife and all would like a nice footnote let that was sent to the King now let's see the candle is throughout with the upload of that diploma is right with you then this let that one was the reaction of the King the seven and again the box when the Kindle is what I have read that and he rent his cloth is that I might thought to kill and Angela and that I like this that this land let's send me to recall the Republican amount of his leprosy left wall portion that I pray that he not see how he got Harel of these economically and I refuse to let them I want directly back on the effect of and that in someone's life one that came up is not received the laptop he says we are in trouble why because somebody operates in the left of fault and that she doesn't be the and from that time many diminutive laws of serialized soap opera done it as well so when it can help you receive this letter is that while the Kindle soon I plan to nip are against me so is I don't see it will decide on the left are given nothing up his phone and my second final net nonlaw and may rule is in proximity behave and how they got been caught up in the last felony let and not Allah will you does up with your name that you can't lose well done McCain was set up one of Shlomo is not the house of the belief that is dated the bottle is laugh and you name it across brother bought a ton but I believe this possible solution of instructed the coming of anybody who doesn't walk boys cause and for the gospel the decision we make I believe those will run on bond about small all blood if I bought all run up being the best of the stolid awake that I make it so that ghetto residents he was sought if they get all you saw the box out of it he didn't see that what what what what my blog become con con begins blocking on the situation what can we see what it was side of name is that they can did most feedback so you will win and an rent in this clock betting the news about today month the newest book is eyeshot ingress eight and about with this and it was so wet and dry shop the amount of not having had the advocate of his labyrinth is not that he sends and I can say wow for high bar ran back to let him come down to me and ye shall know that there is a prophet in Israel so when Eli Shaw had taken up his last received this letter and the residence club it lies just that while Honda can read this book why can't augment your clock why I do is know way because anything about missions and on school why have I have you read as well because nothing they all about don't why I was so others may want to rent your clock because you what is the relationship the house hot time I want to be but then I turned on bottle of glorifying the any and all was when she was food how blog can't outlaw 's name gone and glorified in August admission well long time now read your club and is just that let you come down here know that this apartment in Israel and not enough on the things that emit any employee lactation to not usually taught in times long all bottle is obvious listening and Abbas Albanese claim that the law began his life and I'm why buy it if you want within the bottle an Obama memoir but so serial underneath the Lombard minute in the defeats of what the bottom wildlife at the bottom wildlife be identical so when you read carefully the desk is set up with ubiquity this event I say invest into the twenty best three the biographies and the seven public enough 's enough sat on them now Bob I bought on the hills down for the Oslo land on the button let us fight them I've been but again bending the thing and surely we shall be sprung on them for their new name not know why but I wonder while attending the bottle is listening and that one of the nation that stands out that's what the best twenty three thousand and seven up twenty minutes twenty three it needs your list and CNN browse and upload them as limited about this plan to ask Congress the far end of audio time about the Lapland Nintendo bottle business and the bottom that means this and the chemical and is not on-topic and a few not so been outlawed outlaws of the hero 's welcome on the last one not done we find that I find them I gave them the nickname and she will be we shun strong-arm them forward in my shop they let in but he had no doubt that a is well it's pretty much saying that income so that he and all that Bank of God in Israel regarding that have gotten is without doubt the Xbox methanol bought a lot about so went to send serial defeat that Israel is about the industry of cereal in a bottle rocket and that bought and this is not what you will bottle is not proof the number one Philip docking in the bottle is left is not that bad gone by deleting all that is one saying that in all our situation in Auckland Michigan God hasn't picked up and that will not so nice I said looking come and I wish you that indeed there is a God in Israel so that I was is a fact led to speed up in Best Buy soon then one can witness hospitals and was Charlie 's that unreadable masonite as to the dog a house up in my shop and a lifestyle sent a messenger unto him stay ball and was in jaw than seven times and the last shop come again known to be an bow shot between sowing down on my right eye they get of him not as Eliza Eliza and even got up to me Bismarck does not must follow are the wetlands here to see somebody to you that MS SNA seven book on you and what I wanted to Darlene is not easy involve watch and replay reservoir body learns federal prison I love my WY we don't want to the Minnesota one solution and not a thesis the problem is that we are sinners this omission is not the solution and use it I don't know whether you are regarding our ability according at all that this is a condition which advertising wow that both internal guys bought is not everything that thou present pieces of thousand one we all are sinners and we got a needed opus Xavier and assaults on our terms not just we should people bent on the audit log away our wobble called God is not arithmetical resting enough of are any openings solved last all so no-nonsense that one was simple all wash and between the method of a bus with us always been simple wall wash and between authentic it's like if you don't have a PhD all you come in the spring Creek and him who you can understand the gospel the message can then learn what the simple message call watch and be great want to give something back trust them then you'll forgive you watch your sentence is not and he worked winning from all you on righteousness and he will give you a new book the way while war and victory also I've always remain the possible have always been simple to wash and clean but because we think we are buying and relieving 21st-century is not out to a simple plot we want something hot we want something that we want something long on ball wash and becoming my present one I have a new loosely because life will change it to another exchange why cannot I need today is bull was in between my covenant even where was all washed and cleaned but is it possible nice enough I sat behind them unless they come in here meeting in twenty five seventeenth and all was in the Clinton Don Don was for simple unless it somebody with an argument on the love was my thought is new coupons and idea to just go watch and between selecting the reaction of this month so that's eleven both amendment United States but then monologues is no good for and my commandment monument to be hungry but then mom was right and and went our way and set the ball I thought he was shoddy Lee and stunned and caught the name of Islam God isn't it the name of the lot is gone and struck his mother about it there's an article by me them coming for healing coffee full map on Abdul Hodge you I thought he will come up resident hunting that ended down undo that that's not networking video Don and I have a minimum one hundred and nine of the Taliban mullah but obviously way and globulin we what is he who says that he realizes that he doesn't want that on television and we said that was the industry was that Brigid ball one and becoming because the path that has reached nothing by the weblog by window one now I want people saw underneath the authentication Manuel Lundblad wanted to mold you are the one doing the job and the one jot and Tatiana Prunty mentioned in them love your blog and he was shot you got one with our especially when we are looking for reliable and friends in the fall how week I received an diary and moan about the voice is not a lot of shouting it is not about done rounds it is a symbol wall was an big claim open house to receive the lottery so he says I thought was love this guy would move you will come and shop and law did not admit love but with the help of my message this will by saying that he can call and watching John Lennon between nemesis limited both as eleven for you to get it but then unless what an window with that view blog I thought he was shoddy how to be an stunned and caught the name of the law is gone and scratches are low by the list and read the out and out in the end pop rivets on the mascots but then I'm on the remains of Israel may I love watching them and will phone you can and when I win me this rule upcoming and popout I bet that a member of his mouth engaged in a son of man these men that are better and notable non- donor member of the Moscow on-demand via Web tablet and Moslem and young Muslim didn't quite fit what I have radical mentee Goodwin and bawling that Barton pointlessly about constitutional government both of them then have a deadline that will blossom redness in the settlement so what was in and between direct that some of them went mad at the done report on him on going on a small and to the point but because of the dogs on Monday seems oddly and then not be as beautiful as you want it usually don't bulge on Monday finish line at some point in Verizon that is a dog and we all need washing reservoir as we are speaking for the often we are looking for the reviled by the republishing our proportionate the first portion we need to leave the worship style of carbon and Popeye the test that was installed out of them by clinicians an attractive women etc. if believing what it says about bringing the young people in lovely garden that was infallible on-demand via pot is bad nonetheless if thou be joined on my friends I question you I and I and you and I wanted to take it all with you where I'll watch it I don't because I got national goal me when I don't go but I wasn't filed under nine five update on what Washington will not be sent to the theology of carbon and proper the theology of pulmonary part one this is a nice I've never met some of them pop off when wet Jonah and then we'll talk people as some of the people leading and managing that Ms. Levine and that's left is the possible bullet that yet I don't have them proper explanation document that that's all logic foundation and oppression in society the house admitted and known by people will respect you detect my friends on the Susan B one hundred Bible on all written by an adult you can broaden their outlook was healing is not stick flat on the leaking well did not give that the district I think that's up to it that's plenty to do law and the testimony in this pigment aquatint is flawed because it is not like that this is that he was not brought the establishment of this chapter and this is the value that is set to be the check of triumph that are the new methodology of armament dropped when administered today you're looking to we need to leave the lifestyle of Bob I loan inasmuch as we want to receive them up every we need to leave the lifestyle of while Griffin the lifestyle of wildlife and I love Scott outlined in a popular that I believe that and then I fixed to do all we bought rev about our of course you would be wrong the daughter young people on the laptop on their truck we haven't family and we have not received an industry that has led unresolved and you know now we thought I'm in the television and we see that indeed the Spirit is moving people associates but it would like so that you can definitely enjoy and want out of them but if not all eleven monies you young people don't need John I'm missing supplementing with bin Laden they got such as an admin judges when they read that's what was in the manual and he wasn't my friends the theme John because there is some fishing in John replied that if he remains on no people don't be moved by the ways of God I know some of us immediately at a point when we are optional so I was indeed directly yes we are my things are nineties is said yes instead they one hope will run on the prima donna may have problem eyes and crabs as fulfilled human being is admitting my another one of the unsung e-book written just but I'm glad you found me John said and done why because there is healing and donor father handled the message I wanted to Washington on to be bouncing off physical emotional so I'm not the mother is still something that still allow proceeding you don't discontinue what we end this evening I wanted for determined to you that if you can be bold says an four six zero six and come to jawbone and wash in Jonah bears on the web I can't promise you that Goldwyn never do not cross with a spirit you will pull history bookmarks washing John because I only solution we are and as Austin Dean I realize that Jesus himself was she joined well that I was sending an in-depth wash for me since but I was seeing hinted that the sets an example for you and me that not only being washed by water possible being baptized by his spirit of which if we build you would give us a spirit because the there was one blog on the publishers and was stopped by one base in John the Baptist did so much because of what was that it was would be and are possible I stopped the tube as while do I feel you would do with the spirit sleeve we want to receive them at the reason I did that in gapless clinic and then we need to be baptized by this and I have baptized by the spirit is back coming to Jonah and same DNS I am sick and tired of this crap I'm being a little match human to combine up but now I want to come i.e. adding a welcome voice and a voice is calling me to come and I want to be splintered .co out want to let all wassail at what is called the pointed to baptize me with your spirit I'm coming I'm not that immediate morphine can learn the capture of host of serial spending on the values of drawdown and looking of visiting money water decorative cloth I'll end wind with you wish you are not done that but the only way for him to be clean from these the policy terms we need to conduct with all so that because the procedure is getting ways and is internationally I don't know what is happening to you about I don't know what is what do you block along with the type of electoral siege that is continue away by phase you know and you are well people associate because no of covenant on bond qualities enough 's today using Weiss is the whole kind humble and you'll have to meet today and come to me would all what all and all our life as he was I will and okay this media was brought audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word to the seven audio and much more and he would like to know more about our universe is like this is more so than in www. audio tours or


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