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God's Three Books

Jonathan Zita


Jonathan Zita

Associate Director, Review & Herald




  • August 23, 2014
    8:00 AM


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the pan like to know a little Bible study with you not me really a sermon for his enemies I guess hearing from my heart to yours some thing that has been a little bit online heart another stream and less than as you know the train I listen to deal with what hangman is beautiful revealing books right so always talk about books I don't like you know what they are actually books in heaven and you know that I don't know what they look like they look like flash drives or electronic type in all but but we are told that they are called books right and Andy can be open so I'm guessing there's some physical structure to it and some of this may be a review for some of you but I want you to speak with me because I believe it's important for us to be reminded and to be refreshed on what these books in heaven have to do with us here today the first book I want to talk about it in Philippians chapter four so we can be flipping pretty quickly my time is limited so stay with me Philippians chapter four looking at verse three Philippians four first three visits Paul speaking to the Philippians he says and I treat the also true your fellow help those women which labored with me in one the gospel with Clement also and with other of my fellow laborers whose names are where so here we see that the first book and I'm privileged to have a copy of or at least they may a sample of it here I hope that it's a little bit bigger than this in heaven right but anyways so the first to talk about this morning is which book the book of life so Paul says there are people there from the text conceptually that are in this book and these are called fellow what fellow sermons are fellow laborers rights with individuals that are active in the service of God when you agree with me are these Christian people either people are believing God I so here I would call them good Christians in my opinion good Christians are not just people that profess the name of Jesus but in my opinion good Christians are fellow laborers I believe if we're Christians are called to be missionaries were called the active for Christ right in the chapter ten if you can turn there with me Jesus speaks to the disciples in new chapter ten the disciples are really excited looking at verse twenty become activities as they say Jesus Jesus Italy's scientists all without script without it all out forward and money and we went and did amazing things and England the spirits were subjected to us and end are so excited and jumping up and down and in verse twenty ten verse twenty Jesus says notwithstanding in this rejoice not but the spirit are subject unto you but rather rejoice because your names are written where in heaven and heaven in great controversy page four eighty says the book of life contains the names of all who have ever entered the service of God so that includes people like Enoch includes people like Abraham whose people like Moses by Daniel like Peter like Judas Iscariot and not was just talking to disciples yes not a trick question is viewed as a disciple yes with spirit subjected to be Judas they were so he's speaking to Judith nisei and all the disciples says you don't don't rejoice in that spirits are subject of us rejoice that your he is in the book of life you have a problem with Judas name being in the book of life the Jews entered the service of God says the book of life contains the name of all web ever entered the service of God what a turn with me to revelation struck twenty one Revelation twenty one thinking about our friend Judas here who betrayed our master relation twenty one looking at verse twenty seven speaking about the individuals that will actually enter into heaven it says there shall in no wise enter into it anything that before I looked neither whatsoever work is abomination or maketh a lie but these which are written in the Lamb 's wife book of life so here we see the book of life once again but here we have a problem with Lebron because Jesus is saying to Judas that your name rejoice your name is an open life but yet at the same time according to the Bible Judas was deftly someone that maketh a lie that live in network abomination would you agree with me so would you dispute having Israel sure we can have a delete button Exodus chapter thirty two Exodus chapter thirty two we have Moses speaking to God and you know God is is is telling Moses that he wants to destroy the people and exited chapter thirty two looking at verse thirty two this is Moses pleading with God he says that now if thou wilt forgive their sin and if not blot me I pray the out of guidebook which thou hast written which book is that referring to the book of life and the Lord said unto Moses whosoever hath sinned against me him will I do what blot out of my books definitely so named and me and her name and name the new room also in the book of life what we have we don't have individuals that are never taking the name of Christ upon their lives in this book it is only the people that have entered the service of Christ whose names are put in this book while the second book where entering to Malachi chapter three Malachi chapter three and hang in there with me there's a reason why were going through these books Malachi chapter three and was looking at verse sixteen so in Malachi three sixteen the Bible says then be that fear the Lord spake often one to another and the Lord Harkin and Hardin in the book of what remembrance was written before him for them that fear the Lord and that thought upon his name is a definitely is something it's it's a good book it's a book of remembrance but what are we trying to remember and I'll just read this one but it's found in Nehemiah thirteen verse fourteen it's a prayer from EMI says remember meal my God concerning this and why not help my good deeds that I have done for the house of my God and for the offices there and so the second book that were talking about this morning is the book of what book of the deeds of God actually has I don't know how it looks like in heaven but he actually has a second book on its I don't know how it looks like but we know that if it does exist there is this concept of a book in heaven where good deeds are recorded in great controversy forty one it says in the book of God 's remembrance every deed of righteousness is immortalized there every temptations resisted every evil overcome every word of tender committee expressed is faithfully chronicled and every act of sacrifice every suffering and sorrow and your for pricing is recorded there is not amazing you know sometimes even especially has when you're honestly seeking to live a Christian life you know there are times when people recognize what you're doing and they're not encouraging along the way but there are times that people have no idea what you're going through and sometimes you may be wondering man is it really worth one hundred I remember I was talking to a friend of mine one being a Saddam it's useless I I I give up I mean I have devotions in the morning and before I even get the practice I messed up so what's the point and nobody cares I'm trying to China try to be nice and trying it and and and and and and nobody seems to care what he seems to recognize what I'm trying to nobody seems to try to help me along the way the friends God cares God knows on records every and so I don't know what your situation is this morning if you're in a marriage that is struggling or children or loved ones that don't appreciate what you're doing maybe at work you're being put down because I don't know because you're different because you believe in God that your Christian and you wonder is it worth it I'm telling you whether you're lonely everything that you enter for pricing is written and you know they say payday someday you know a friend of mine he was other tremendous with me in Ottawa and a member week she keeps he was very discouraged one-day she sat on the curb he didn't want to continue knocking on doors and dies this was the point was that landing I'm going out there and people of this they rejected me all morning and I I'm not selling a lot of books on the about school with almost nothing was the point I should probably just go home it seems that nobody cares the readers don't care the other students don't care that God cares and you know he sat down in the open is little vocal steps the price and he got encouragement he got up and he when he knocked in the next door and the lady decided that two books will call great controversy another one called God as witches Bible readings for the home sign up for Bible studies and he left in a year later he came back to Ottawa where students again doing the program there and prayer meeting we went to prayer meeting we decided you notice the repair meeting this this Wednesday is only about six seven people there but while we're about walking out this lady came and tapped my friend on the shoulder and she looked around us as you remember me of course he doesn't want to say no so sometimes when people say that I see how can I ever forget you at adhesive you know you came to my door and he sold me a great controversy and you're also soluble cobalt and strippers he says you know I want to tell you that I was baptized as three weeks ago I just want to thank you for the time we had her testifying she said you know when I met this young man said that felt like heaven where you'll be able to connect with individuals that were instrumental in bringing you to know Jesus Christ you know that was a lesson for all of us but especially for my friend because he thought you know just when I was about to quit miscarriage God cares God write everything down and it's true that you may not have a lot of money in the end but when crops come to reward is sure the reward is there every single thing that you suffer that you injure for pricing somebody cares somebody writes about and I think that we can all find comfort in that well the book of life the book of remembrance that it unfortunately this is not about right in that book I believe is probably the thickest of all unfortunately in Isaiah sixty five shall turn there with me as a sixty five looking at verse six this is God speaking Isaiah sixty five or six God is saying behold it is written before me I will not keep silence what is written before him said but I will recompense even recompense into their bosoms what will ye recompense your iniquities and iniquities of your fathers together saith the Lord which have burn incense upon the mountains and blaspheme me upon the hills therefore will I measure their former work into their glistens like the notice that that is not speaking to Babylon this is speaking to God 's children anything I will recompense its Odessa third and last book this doesn't do it justice but the book of sense so we have a book of life book of good deeds and we have a book of sins and I want to read this quote from Motley conversely forty two etc. every man's work passes in review before God and is registered foreign for faithfulness or unfaithfulness opposite each name in the books of heaven is entered with terrible exactness everyone wrong word every selfish every unfulfilled duty and every secret with every artful dissembling that is trying to deceive and high heaven sent warnings or improves neglected wasted moments unimproved opportunities the influence exerted for good or for Remo with his far-reaching results all are chronicled by the recording Angel you know that last part kind of got me because it's not just the wicked that you do this recording their first effect of that we can about the and how it impacted this one person and how maybe he could have accepted Christ it and you know yesterday we talked about we need a Savior and when you're faced with a book of sins you start realizing I need a Savior because when you start realizing were not that good or not that whole meet you may not be stealing or I'll bring our of a word are in our taking drugs but the way she stop and think that you look into the book of sins and you start realizing not just a week and I don't want all the people that could have been saved if my life had been serious and all the people that have been lost because I was not there to encourage someone or I discourage somebody member friend of mine in college he said you know he was in a state of rebellion with God remember calling into his normally and one of his friends is reading the Bible and he started hashing away I got an telling of God in all this religion is foolishness and you know what happened is my friend eventually turn his life around and gave his heart to God but that young man that he discouraged without the world and I don't remember if you dine or not I think he died if I remember correctly but you know this man was in tears when he explained to me you don't I would give anything and everything to take back those words that I shared with him I can and you know many of us we know how something so tragic but one day when we will open the book of Sand things that we thought was just know whatever the Angel Chronicle everything in the impact and effect that it had upon our family upon our friends at church members all the goodies and that we could've done it and now you start feeling a little bit of the guilt and now we start feeling how much we actually need a Savior well you might be wondering John what you think I'm talking about books you may think was on these books are far up in heaven on here and help him if I have a life to live I have worked I have passed school have homered to have this debate I have suddenly any I'm busy I mean these books are out there and I don't care what what is the connection with my life when his connection with my every day life what is it that's the issue friends right now the books are being in Romans chapter fourteen she can turn there with me in Romans chapter fourteen verse ten is the widest all judge your brother white install setup not my brother for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ and of erstwhile sizzled and every one of us shall give account of himself to God interesting thing is that when the judgment is set in the books are open were to be standing before God but we won't be there physically also be going to work also be going to school also been running around and doing my thing and my name will come up and I will stand not in person but I will spend my name will stand as it was a great controversy forty three it says beginning with those who first lived on the earth our advocate which is Jesus presents the cases of each successive narration and closes with the moving every name is mentioned every case noticed this closely investigated names are accepted and names are rejected when any has since remaining upon the books of record unrepentant of an unforgiven their names will be blotted out of the book of life and the record of their good deeds will be erased from the book of God 's remember that interesting since my name is in here and my name comes up in a mining was rejected this good deed folder or is that that's that goodly folder for me my interest was removed and then this book is tried it is not interesting propers twenty eight turn there with me verse thirteen progress twenty first thirteen says if anyone has since that are unrepentant of and therefore of course unforgiven their names are blotted out of the book of life and covers twenty eight verse thirteen the Bible says is there it said he that covers his sins shall not prosper but whoso confesses shall have mercy is that what the Bible says whoso confesses and what forsakes them will have mercy so if we are to have mercy in the B of judgment we need to just confess disaster giving us that what we need to do we asked forgiveness for God has not only given us forgiveness God has promised to give us power to turn away from our sins you know to confess and to first take our sins we are the individuals in that applies to us that nursing in Revelation chapter three the philosophers one of them with you Revelation chapter three verse five this is Jesus talking if they see that over comment Revelation three verse five he that overcoming the shape the same shall be clothed in white raiment and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life is not wonderful but I will confess his name before my father and before his angels so how does this work friends you know I tried to imagine things try to make it a little bit more real and an I don't know exactly how it's can happen but according to what I was able to read from the great controversy and from the Bible the concept is that there will come a time where when a name is red you know and so I don't know the comes a time when was the next person and so I may need to be wrestled was the next person while it's it's it's and Smith let's say right and then I will tell me about her while she was born that same nineteen oh three and she died in and among nineteen sixty eight while start talking to me about it because we are told that when the names are our every name is mentioned in every case is closely investigated this is not referring to what the Bible calls the wicked these are referring to everyone who has actually taken the name outlet ever entered or service of Christ and so on Smith she was born in nineteen oh three and this is what happened in the first base secondly I don't know how long this can take to go through her but it seems that it's very closely investigated and then in nineteen thirty five and Smith accepted Jesus Christ into her life amen hallelujah he gets yelled Angel singing and praising God then again going nineteen thirty six nineteen thirty seven January February March every case is closely investigated not one detail needs to be missed out because I'm not there I love there to be able to fight for myself and so I believe that God is fair and I believe for things to be fair in the cases are in the court system here in Canada seeks to be just or seek to be detailed at least how much more should details be in happen but in nineteen forty eight on January twenty five and Smith burned a and your husband came in and he just swore at her and he called her an idiot and you know she had done so many things for him and that was against what broke the camel 's back straw that broke it and and she didn't speak much but she she start to become bitter against the welded sheet divorce and notion in divorce and I wish you good wife it was a good wife she kept cooking invention try not to print potatoes and I know she what would she wish she faithfully she was a good Christian woman she went to church and she should return her tie event and she was awesome she asked she even cooked little cookies for that from the neighbor kids you know she was a really nice woman what about that bitterness the CCD Angels keep flipping trying to keep going through the life record and you have Jesus we are told that cleats his blood on our behalf and so Jesus is creating an signal I die for Smith please father and the father is not the one I want to strike out at Smith the father loves as it just as much as Jesus does write for us he would have sent Jesus for it so Jesus bleeding in the father says well bitterness have a few questions that they are no that I love her it are no that I could forgive I could give her forgiveness for her husband is on it I know that I died to give her power to bring not only forgiveness in her heart but to bring healing in your heart also did she know that I could change her life his father well what happened and he can see her beginning to him I see sixty seven one year before she died on dramatizing its okay but I slated a constant one year before she died you know she was on a hospital bed and a husband came in and I don't know maybe she with bitterness bitter because she knew the husband maybe had been unfaithful and honey you know soon as complicated you know that righteousness is so clean and so straight but soon complicates things and I have bitterness because this person did this and because and I and the husband came in that day January eighth and he went on her bedside and asset for and you know she forgave she pleaded for forgiveness for us and and mentioned I and then now the father says will keep her book make sure that she comes this is interesting I want to read it was written yesterday page four ninety says the judgment is now passing the century about for many years this work has been in crop progress soon not know how soon it will pass in the case of the living in the awful presence of God our lives are to marketing review awful presence but is that God loves us at this time above all others the beasts who every soul to keep the Savior 's admonition watch and pray for you know not when the time is and so I suppose one day I know one day my name will be an angel under out Jonathan and I'll be just walking around play with my kids and having a good old time and going out and knocking on doors and try to help people have no idea but the angel will call my name Jonathan Zita people for mining Jonathan Zita born September fourteen nineteen so-and-so at all what happened well this one happened they one day to day three year one year to year three and when he was five years old that he call his sister and even when he was six years old he refused to wash industries and when he was eight years a while that's awful anything goes on and on and on but when father in nineteen ninety seven in a room downstairs in this specific address Jonathan knelt down at this time and with tears in his eyes he gave his life and that's why his name is in this book one that's wonderful and so what happened after a while after you went and start studying you know to be a missionary and then after that he started to to to go on into the street evangelism and and and and and and in January he on a two thousand and five this is what happened and by the way this is Jane Smith she's human heaven because of the .net book and and and and and and and in January eight this is what happened and and and and John's Brown is here because in heaven because he was able to reach current and singles to down to my life step-by-step all the good things I have done praise the Lord and all the wicked things I have done also been banning September two thousand and six September eighth he got upset with his brother because his brother this Alonso to him and so he got really angry and cussed at him and sworn he just wanted him completely out of his life because he is brother lets you offended his wife to talk to me since God into you keep going through Jonathan Zita 's life and friends it will come a time when they will have to stop looking at the book because the letters will stop being written and it will have to start looking down on her because of the no more in the book I'm still alive and they will look down and he will see what what is Jonathan doing right now all right now Jonathan is that the slicing and he's preaching a sermon upon upon what we're doing right now that's beautiful but what about that brother what happened while the father my blood father you know we ask forgiveness no father but the look he went to church and he returned this type faithfully and you know he treated his children well but any asked for forgiveness no father but you know he really loved his wife a lot he bought her flowers on anniversary and even when he didn't have to buy her flowers he still about her end and he donated much time and money and you know father using the ministry and you know father that he these people are in heaven because of him and you saw the signal that I love him so much that I gave you heated his father did he know that I cannot only give him power to change but I even give him a desire to change this father did he know that I had given the gift of the Holy Spirit to change his life so that he can ask forgiveness and get new man yes father but father my blood my blood please might and friends I think God has a heart just like we because were made in his image and I think this can appear the father 's heart just as much as it will care Christ but if there's something in my life that I have been given I'm not perfect but if I haven't cleaned the righteousness of Christ if I had to hold onto bitterness hold onto broad launches their and things are secret sins and justify myself saying you know I can't change because of this and that you don't Jesus can stand before his father and he can cry and he can mean he can have shear streaming down when he can show the hats he can show the site he can show the and the father also can be weeping like crazy but I won't go into and you know the reason this topic is as important is because a seventy five minutes we are called to preach to three angels message the first matches is your God and give glory to him why because the hour of his judgment is come this is what it's all I know I probably been portrayed obviously as it's happening in heaven but I hope that you understand the things that I share the principles is this that were not preparing people to die in Christ were preparing people to live before God when their name is called the Prince is an and one day the books will be open for the living and then your name will be called up and one day the father will end up whole quart of the universe will have to stop at the last page and close the book and start looking down your life and start thinking and seeing with this person what is this person doing right now we want revival we want Reformation in our lives and that's amazing that God will give it to us however I think we need to understand that there are certain things in our lives that even God all mighty cannot overlook are you with me the judgment is for us is not against us why because God has had so much compassion he's given us Jesus Christ he's given us his Holy Spirit he's God is for us not against us the judgment is for us is not against us but with all the knowledge that we know if we still decide on the old onto certain sins and to hold onto bitterness and garage under to hold onto certain things that I know is not because of pride because of genes because of whatever price can we ball he wants there's nothing that he'll be able to do for you and friends wouldn't be sad that you young people who are excited reviews are doing stuff for him would it be said that there are people in heaven are there any announcements or are you a you a a this media was brought by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe this is more so than please visit www. audio tours .org


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