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  • August 23, 2014
    9:30 AM


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in the morning call you on this soil also you think Canada Holland Michigan -based new Republic how disgusting with a trace meters and engineers about the need for authors don't be with him again maybe Ken Baldwin the short journey sink had and so the harlot how discussion and then optimally give you the opportunity to ask questions about the food itself as encouragement just saw the heavens were with Eddie so much for allowing us to be showing a litany discussing your NEC hearings had a Go Daddy had this discussion in each one of us our hearts burn for the people here decent headland nine hundred salvation is a new church leaders speak what I said you can also speak to our hearts but the need for us to be involved in this church Jesus and Phyllis I have seen these down in Boulder on the holiday and summer sessions and committee leaders from around Canada Rockies in Canada and foundation leaders and they can be we will really want faith effort in the contribution must be less young people too busy discussing out what is what is really is the landscape of you guys and it was a current situation and how to help you get involved and what it was for specifics and the first to introduce that all my immediate left is altogether on Daniel J Leslie on the cheesy of Vice President for administration at the Canadian Union then to his left is other Jacob in the Yukon take a NT the defeat you guys is effectively a what are you doing I would think enough has been near the meeting as yet they are I think of it and then of how they can caulk gun when the president of the New England conference of only ninety foot onto the so you feel you to discuss how to put the question to our housing costs on the general conference Secretary 's report a few years ago wished he had the statement says the church is also greatly affected by slower spending growth the global North membership is rapidly aging and the need for infusing new blood has become critical for those who are not going on with a global note for today's game the last year and Americans had in Australia to be like you say here is that in the global North the art territory the membership is rapidly getting older and the need for infusing new blood to come critical any cause on the subject these you realize you guys not sure in you are just hard to say struggle and struggle this will be moving to a earth this social was certainly older sardonic saying cheaper and really older folks have the have the richness of experience in faithfulness I think we we really need to sit back and say were living in struggling times we need faithfulness mothers a hundred million with God is the difference I noticed that John it's easy to have generation gaps and we somehow feel comfortable often you know in art with their own age group and I think that it's very important for us to be able to nurture and really have a passion for young people I think young people need to be very involved to have a lot to offer and somehow as we move on in our lives we we see that there are golden opportunities when were young and we've we've got to take advantage of those I think that the more involved we are the more committed the more passionate we are than the more vibrant our churches and enders energy in young people that you know we never find again as we did as we get older you know and so I think that we really have a golden opportunity but we do have to work together you know the experience of those that are older along with those that are younger we have to find ways that we can work more together I think so that we can really benefit from the energy of our young people are at us I thought without you here in order and together I go around the interior of an expression of the interior yes this is this is right we see me many churches sweet elderly and that but also the we did recently on a survey in our churches and churches survey returned shall survey area shows that the average age of our church members and between fifteen sixty which still not bad but we see shortage in your own mind shortly not children but between fifteen and twenty shortage that in that unit area from the commanding union perspective I can say that we have a growth the reality is that on January twenty two the sheer we were exactly according to E apprentice .net sixty six thousand six hundred sixty six members so right now you're only our knowledge of the more so for all of it not far off sixty seven thousand and and the weekend of the thankful to God that order the growth of the last ten years it was always a big more than twenty one thousand members baptized I took only about Baptist and the as I know how much investment you need to put you in order to cover one Baptist you understand that God is good gaining guys the big story for twenty one thousand more than twenty one thousand souls I will take it to the teams yes we needed to grow as you have there are seven of the General conference in the same guide we need somehow to find the way rules the back door so we have the we have a potential of growth and this is what we are doing so basically in Canada we have better growth in union in the United States for years or it I am talking about proportions you know we are smaller but we could have about two one percent growth every year and they are around the one six percent growth this is from seventy single point of view I'm not so willing to hide the reality cause I'm so glad the statistics this is one thing but however this is another aspect if we are looking for the last ten years we lost more than six six thousand five hundred members which may than one third of our members newly baptized I don't know exactly who but if you believe you see only two children real estate and one certainly does appear if we can not continue our growth to preach the gospel to the rock but at the same time to close the door to keep those who accepts to become the seven that meant to be while it's discussed in a different situation conferences going on till conference on the business of the actuality of conference website at conference at hundred sixty four churches company groups of the ineffable and all of Canada are we satisfied I don't know I is very good heart growing our church parts of the receptor had to had to see and then I did research start in two thousand ten two thousand fourteen first Lutheran sect which becomes the baptism strict growing up but not without this month baptisms you're going because of trust him searched and receipts friend first and second quarter now him and an significantly down from what we had before and we are calling for a special meeting notice September took me to meeting emergency to address the thing license to happen in two thousand thirteen and thirteen in the beginning thousand fourteen name your significantly long about this and is now we hope this this trend will reverse his third and fourth quarter but I'm not sure if this is going to be the case so yes we are alarming now you're sounding alarm holiday by the coffin so without would also fill out the form president of the teleconferencing is also how the how the public is doing that well you know I think additionally the work among the French-speaking people has been slow worldwide really and of course the Québec represents not only French-speaking but also English-speaking population as well specially Montréal and all although I may not be as up to statistic says our brother head Diana this may be I really feel like there is something that's fundamentally important in order to see growth and I think that that is being on fire for God and I one thing that is very refreshing and get back actually is that because I think it's challenging for people to choose to follow God and to choose to join the church people that do make that decision are often very engaged and they are very committed and so that's very refreshing to see I think part of the reason might be because it requires a sacrifice to do that and so and so once they do make that decision there often very firm but I think that it it's just so excessively important for us to be able to help people to nurture that personal relationship with God and I think that for young people that's even more important to you to give them something that's meaningful giving them you know the meat from the got I think this is what grounds is this is what helps us to stay faithful and and so I definitely think that yeah the challenges are great and I certainly personally have a big burden for work among among French-speaking people you know trying to figure out what the interest of the general public population there are definitely things to discuss there as well but yeah the work is slow and I'd be interested in knowing some statistics as well I know just off the top of my head that you and others around seven thousand Advent is the province of Québec and down unfortunately we're not doing very well reaching that the population of Québec because of the blessing of having a lot of Adventist better from other origins than it's it's difficult sometimes for us to reach the population which is a challenge but what we're delighted to have the multicultural group that's wonderful but it does create challenges just in and of itself as well I would see if I agree with the way none we have around seven thousand member so that the more aquatic is the first conference in Canada regarding the growth so for the last five years they had the twenty six percent of growth and the disabled conference needs British Columbia together with our birth that there would be eleven percent so you you can see that this is there is a huge difference however as a way and said that this is more the growth of Montréal those who know the weather conference they know what I'm talking about and to reach Québecois pieces another challenge there are probably group of people I will be presenting the biggest challenge for the North American division because we have around the five hundred be presented to you from this large group of French-speaking people reading North American division and we are praying we need to do exactly as Lang said that to orient ourselves for the reaching chemical because there are about six million and the Prime Minister out of a population well over eight million population so I that I will know what whipping by ten o'clock what type of holiday and I think this is getting why is the right pronunciation both candidates have been so this is all called a people from get back hold themselves so when you say Kindig why would you mean someone who was born who is a the cultural background of cool easy to not only be called to say French-speaking because you have given while English-speaking Québecois but that the culture is a very specific and that unfortunately we didn't spend enough of time to start the how to reach them we are just using what these easy to do we won't faster results and dates all you do let's take two weeks of being that ever do is take a serious and then you won't say few months and Baptist month at the baptism of ABN you have people from Ghana from I don't know from everywhere but you don't have given why this is what I sold during my four years he I will say this is a challenge and then we need the tube with as the one on the first goals for Québec to reach given for all the cook of the context of a nuclear audit out in the Atlantic short version on and I think how young people like to know as the icy myself having the privilege of being the president of on the language includes Labrador Newfoundland and the islands for jobs European fringe of McGlone 's and a safe year six thousand people there are very optimistic because I know I serve a God who is in control of some of you come from churches the same size of our membership it's under fifty members and so we're a small church we only have seven churches for companies six pastors three bus and operate the total office and we have four people working in our radio station feel your enduring courage because I see some things changing and building on one of the things that we inherited presently is we had a full parochial school system in isolated line operated the public government funded private schools and why say that is you know we lost our school system of ten years ago and always publicized all we have over ten thousand people and stats Canada save your subject we haven't found the right there would bump into them once in a while is a good attitude in many parts of our province that is I'm amazed worked Ontario Maritimes now move from one that they include us in public issues I just recently as for parliament to be part of the inauguration of our one of our executive public figures I just use invited as a spiritual leader be part of recognizing the beginning of the first world war on and people gave their lives and they had me ready to beginning part of the liturgy they welcome us as an innocent and permits an object is very positive all we've had some struggles and our spiritual struggles and growth is part of the attitude of all of us all I see when I go to see you see and we say I'll replace the world 's longest Ontario Alberta and BC back and people are lining up on the previous president told me the average length of stay for pastoral workers in Newfoundland is one of years and I says about us change our you cannot have growth albeit a comment of staying power so I want pastors who want to be there very happy to say that our our pastoral team am just really please look us they want to be there they want to be engaged they want to be in as administrator I want to give them every advantage like any conference across Canada in which we can because the small enough to be able to we can invest into our pastors on interesting thing is that our growth relates a little bit little bit of growth does relate to your faithfulness on and navies in your churches to you do not grow a church by accepting every lifestyle every decision so interesting thing is our membership is going down because were addressing membership in our tide is going on and that tells me that where I want engage your members I want invite them to be faithful encouraging the faithful if however they choose to go the other way our churches are leavened by people live in in a non-Christian lives is a must have accountability be merciful be generously long-suffering but if people don't want to be Seventh-day Adventist the gnocchi from her books so where were encouraged by not only nurturing type things but also reach we've endeavored to establish two new outreaches and some of you went to Great Falls is anyone here that would grant false if we have one outreach ministry rainfalls which the center and we endeavored to establish a new church there were now in a new church plant place called tender that was historically established in 9/11 as one of the main centers were European flights landed from land and we have working with the CYC Sony problems saw our advertisement for this year we were flying past couple of their just beautiful ministry were hoping to do some more for next year maybe there is some ways we encourage some good come one establishing new new church in that area so we feel very optimistic even though a small we feel we feel Lord you are mistaken smaller than special things why not start with and will be talking while the initiative gander after the session on the clinicians know it light up to a clinician to think Africa South America so forth so my question is if Canada should feel a guest meet Jerry's niche if you answered yes complaints should regulate you more about mission opportunity soon even if we teamed up for example he and your conference at thirty two thousand members and an dentist Toronto has over twenty thousand and but in Toronto alone we have a mission field downtown in not reaching drawn to the show I will ask for snow to do something as you're trying to get back the clock you trying out to reach Canadians in Toronto you're not reaching them and then I'm I'm very grateful that you have vested front to create churches were doing something in the open of the first time in Toronto rehab of life Center Center for influenza and recharges Korea but also some of these boss Christian and most Christian Toronto downtown people else's cattle will yet Canada's definitely admissions yield there's no question about it and I think that a lot of times we're excited by going to foreign mission field because of you know certain aspects that are maybe exciting and I think that that's good it's a good way to get fired up it's a good way to say while these things happening but I think we need to really focus the majority of our energy here in Canada because the other says this is our backyard this is where we are and I think that there is really a lot of work and one thing that I really struggled with in ministry since we started in two thousand nine and we you know our goal is really cute to reach out to French-speaking people and we do have a special passion for the Gibby cooperatively but because of the ugly because we saw that it was such a need you know and so we have a special passion for that but we have had to sometimes grapple with the fact that Yahoo the results might not be as great here they might be in a developing country but we need to be faithful to our mission anyway and we need to be active in every single person needs to be doing something to reach out and so I think that we shouldn't fix her eyes so much on okay how many people that we win error how much is our church growing although is important I don't mean that they we should look at Abbott I mean we should simply look at our own hearts and say what are we doing an eye active am I doing something to reach out and he think it we can inspire everything single church member in Canada to be active to work in his own backyard I mean that it will see results you know spirit power to you not just heartfelt media if you can make the difference was one of me play it without getting a lot of young people anything like it ask any Canadian technologies is to know what the Bible doesn't know what a lot of things in the world were they don't know the name the light of no transmission why specific I was a people a lot of people here in town we know what Jesus by doing over the public interest is anywhere so wildly as absolute thinking and Michelin can easily know what she's missing wellness this was regions must come in because Jesus has given a message for neutron people some as a third Elijah prepare workers coming and also for what is coming on this world so we take a look at the news focus of hope and fullness of the southern 's church in the first Angels message is a call of the world are even Christian community and a Seventh-day Adventist worship God on the side on the ten Commandments and so is a call back to worshiping a call back donors Commandments is a call back what's happened happening in places so beautiful Jesus message when he was here only those that listen to him when he talking warned about the Roman army surrounded Jerusalem they were then to flee and were told that not one Christian died when a follows instructions autistic about all the people that are embracing Christian world are embracing secret rapture are they going to be surprised of those that are faithfulness group now when they are confronted with within days a focus on either you told along this area or are there going to be consequences and they become convicted about the truth is going to be a lot of growth required and then very quickly so we have a message of hope and wholeness for this world and its unique Seventh-day Adventists because it's a hope in the second coming enzymes one of three messages on messages that iPhone method is it I believe that we are very close to the end of time and we know that our message is a is a very critical message for the end time and and really there's only it's going to be things are going to be arranged in such a way that this could be two groups right and so I think that is lots and lots and lots of sincere people that have heard about Jesus know the name of Jesus maybe even have a relationship with Jesus but there is more information that they need in order to make the right choice especially comes down to critical times and so I think that it would that we definitely need to reach out I just like to share in Revelation fourteen twelve where it says here is the patience of the saints are those who keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus and our church has been called to understand the Commandments in a way that no other church does and it's a very critical message for the end of time and so we don't need to be have holier than thou attitudes we don't need to look down upon other other churches are religions but we do have a very specific message and I think that people if we realize how special our message is and we can present in that way you know not being proud of being just delighted for for what God has revealed to us I think that yeah we definitely have a very very important message for the whole world and in Christians included for sure I think that's a very poor question to ask and I believe it we need to go to bed talk churches sent to revisit what's our mission and purpose and I think we have to layer admission one is a Christian nation I was the one who knows about Christ is called to to get and to reach somebody else for Christ and I know the other pieces of doing that but we have a second layering in our mission is Jesus is coming soon get prepared get ready we have also said that the judgment the judgment of the again message and at the end but the three Angels messages while he's there and an invitation to those Christians who are just reaching others for Christ but not yet ready for 4G the second coming and the throat is also on the outside but sometimes send Beagle I think we need to change our language to you to use locate and and and I think I am not using anymore postmarketing because I believe he passed that stage yet we are now also engaging Christians and plus Christians read about people are not going anymore to find answers to hard questions to Christianity they're going into disputed jaw of the defogger spirituality individually they go away and the day they find all online many Americans and things so I believe we need to be logical we need to we need to revisit the way how we could use Christ's coming to just you we haven't really took to use Len Driscoll that the Bible is not the basic medical advisories are very important now because people are self-centered I want you to leave healthy lives we can use that to engage in a discussion and then get it to Jesus to Matt Jesus really doing how we know Jesus because they know Jesus but this is not the same Jesus and charming you so I believe we need to do more when it comes any way how you going to explain and express our message note the young or even given opportunity Newfoundland is my mission field and mother failed to thought no he'll often note that the anabolic to events in support so I think sometimes note nothing like it a lot what an life posted so new community just share physically younger hulking young people engaged in the work other than as Canada I can just make a suggestion I fully agree that we need to change the vocabulary because people around us they have totally wrong concert of God and that we don't need that to make advertising PR we just need to present them thought and he solution for this wall at the same time what can we do I would suggest two things it's very easy to use to see the mistakes very but I would suggest to you all underlining the stakes even over those who are working in your church and you see e.g. the salt of just first start to work I'm not telling the give someone is doing the mistakes that they do it just close your mouth this is not like what I'm telling you will lose precious time by working out gains that mistakes and errors God needs your time in order to promote truth and the solution in Jesus Christ and then you will see when you are learning extreme experience of promoting the truth then you will learn also how to address mistakes because these banks need to be addressed regardless a everything is okay this is the purpose but if you're looking to find your place weeding your local church leaving the Chechen Europe conference in Canada just work hard for himself any of your blaster or you are out there they are not sensitive enough you have so many of what Junichi steeled to be very close to abuse goal of working to get everything working every day for Jesus Christ and I would say the conference will help you through the union will help you a mini stays as each CYC and the other ministries will help you you can find your place because God has something for you to do every day for kicking kingdom when I ask my past is going to the churches I told there are three things that they need to do especially for the first year after with a pulpit for Biblical preaching at the wilderness to Cuba visitation and after win the trust of the people by running the program and contribute and I would say this is simple principle for young people you cannot assume because you're young people you come in and you have a right to have a significant influence you have to arrive away the right to influence and I would say as young people the church is all just delighted off for participation young people I have found that young people often want once be able to have significant influence for labor the right of significant influence and you win influence by being present and that doesn't mean walking and five after eleven the people that really enjoy church must have a school and I found I had three C was at my home I think they got up around eleven o'clock in the morning while they been there over the last eight weeks running BBSs you will reduce out of school your presence is the school and carrier Bibles or your iPad and the present and participate when we do you're right you don't you don't deserve a right like I am delivering your gain influence by being present the spiritual and supportive be willing to participate not ingest the glory things on these wonderful children right your children your change diapers and if you want to be there be willing to participate in holiday the church asking when you receive their trust there is no limit no limit to the opportunity that you will have to minister young people are very much needed you will be welcomed but you have to earn that I really really appreciate that that is so so important and I would like to just say one thing briefly I think that as young people we have to find what our passion is what were passionate about we need to be willing to stretch the comfort level you know but we also need to find where our place is that very important because if you're late where you're completely uncomfortable and you're not really cut out for it it you'll get discouraged in ministry see you there is all kinds of different varieties the thing that you can do a course on ministries besides the media ministry so you know we draw people that are passionate about medium in the but there is a lot of different things to do but find what fits you because that's where you be most effective and that's where you'll stick with the longest as well though it's very important things remote from making summer school because I believe this is something that is very important our research and review them studied theater conference is a not too confident also I'm nationwide in Canada Canada why do we compare that is it to be unloading small groups so we worship together and we rely to going devices and together but to be gone trust each other and I can prove that simulate direct improvement in sure you and be it out to prove it we don't trust each other specifies you aren't comfortable to sit in a small group and discuss because good debate and Google discussing so we need to change her cards or oxygen is wrong secondly young people I know you're frustrated me to come to pastor and you want the launches of because you wait on your church to the punches that's wrong Hewlett need to do personal evangelism healing agent Julia you are you need to find your old home church if you don't have your home church I'm sorry something is wrong you have to find it won't hold church you'll have to run the Aussie singer you have passion you have energy and you can ever think you'll have big dreams your church luck vision because you are not serving in your church don't expect seventy eight year old to bring the big picture or report between snow the big reasons from Hugh so you have to be there you had to earn their trust going to earn their trust first you have to read your Bible and read your Bible sometimes you start your Bible and read your Bible just open your Bible to allow Holy Spirit to speak to you sometimes your files you want to find no readable start your Bible there is outage outage and then intercessory prayer intercessory best to bring vinyl I believe that the things I believe personal functions and get DH when you are trying to find people mingled with people in your trespasses I believe that mingle with people that I don't expect it to splash of just doing your doing and you'll bring testimony church and you'll see Lilo and archive your footnote last tired next presentation on Jamaica there would be one component of identifying and maybe you have as well all that really concerns me and that is I find that many of us assembled that in this weird being were being guided by her conscience in the Bible we have is a dangerous area to be guided by your conference their conscience is not trained by the Bible because there are many things consciences is guided by knowledge that you embrace and while I'm saying that you can have a loyalty to the Bible and be guided by the blog I find much original value or new identity but that area people are permitted himself to be down a road that was is very difficult to us who grew up the sentence in your appearance in their social life in the place they go into our generation it was just not accepted if you can make a decision I'm going to be guided by the Bible and my conscience is trained by the Bible like the Bible is superior to my conscience and if you want initially feeling the church that will really electrify the church is start together working for banks slid in members are no longer attending church and is you is you people go out and visit these people you will have an influence better than than adult members because young people coming to your home and you wanted to come back to church are giving your testimony you love the Lord and you start bringing back I would say a third anyway my membership is something away or already gone away and if you focus on that mission field as one of your outreaches and you start bringing people back to church you will find a gratitude in the congregation will find gratitude and those you bring back plus a reading a new joy in your life so make the Bible make the Bible your standard on finding more more people that are promoting their conscience and suddenly say my consciousness and Bobby doing this my consciousness about doing this and so they're bracing it rather than say the Bible is the authorization convinced of the Bible supports Rodriguez and so make the Bible God wants people that make the Bible supreme in their life hung well thought out comment there was no question that when both called the prophet Jeremiah the prophet Jeremiah was considered as young we don't know exactly the chronology of a vacant say that that that time he was probably eighteen years old and she said I'm a child and both sets and team I will don't worry I will put my words in your mouth this is the call of the prophet Jeremiah hollow I'm just joining joining the idea that came than before how would you like the dog food these warts in your mouth if you don't read the Bible is not possible so how would you like that the Holy Spirit reminds you thinks because this is what we oh Denise and the Holy Spirit you know spend time with God in the relationship involved I'd like the reading in a relationship because stopping what God wants you to do and then don't worry everything will be okay now time for questions so just to have a longing 's room Exodus and maybe I just requested information it is a question statement and no it's going to a simple concise questionnaire not as often as in a simple concise I'm thinking that I had in a camera just compute the something in you and I'm a Christian and you can get as an strategy for evangelism that the entire conference is wimpy something like the simple church methods which seem to know inside her home church to choose advent in nineteen hundred couples found that mean their home in the embankment but I know a lot of people who would never going to church with them taking to the conferences with embrace absolutely I have two churches right now your photo structures all one has five members attending and another has three and I know Byron the community and I canvassed churches the first thing would be while not encouraging both those churches close down the building and moved your homes because people in the community if they come into us your living room you have a feeling of a group and have a better chance to sustain this church otherwise teachers and I yes I was to do Swedes redact concept and that Andrew were you the solution for many can simply have their but also there is a concern about DNA these groups that's why you need Toronto receives some chick is around we have members would like to form home church but because of unhealthy reasons explained so we had to be requests and that's why I like to get it to General conference has accorded it was coordinating all of these possible churches so your really starting to your conference to implement the future I'll follow her charities in this direction because we leaving the postmodern post- Christian and whatever he wants but the time and the best way in order to connect with people he's connected and then the first to read that a family or several families and then when they know the members of these families and it is much easier for them to connect for them to the larger group of believers of course this is the best way I would say that at first three centuries of the Christian history where more as you described the judge did what we know that is what we know the buildings this is something that unmasks production but not necessarily Jesus Gospel production when you have a lead city four thousand people worshiping at an emergency these findings you beautiful powerful and four thousand people to be really involved individually parsimony is another story so this is why I am more in favor of the blogging strong that groups home groups and then we these are groups I I just won't boot up enough in Montréal we sorry you see something wrong we had the TV dying Spanish judges then wilderness if you know puma Gardenburger garden there been with this game for together all these judges and I remember when I isn't that there's these churches join dual assessments and litigation they had seventeen groups working hard so I sold the difference huge difference because they they had to be set right vision growth they don't question the baby so much for being with us and present policies on twenty one the vision is fanatically venturesome center in the United States and at the juice of his a lot going on automatically ninety six what is the vision for the Connecticut-based midnight I think that's it's necessary it's essentially necessary so we need to do something more about it definitely and especially now when we proceeded out to reach downtown people in Toronto which is close opinions and you're not reaching that we need medical missionaries so I think we've all heard of the blue zones and is that which National Geographic pointed out is that is the one of three groups in the world on the five longevity we have an opportunity in fact the no discussion has been on the North American division of what picture do we want out there in the media effectiveness and you heard the use of words health and wholeness on this is a phrase that we want to start promoting wholeness pull open homes for our church and the way the world North America is going use their opening the door for our message of hope and wholeness loosening the medical sites to be our identity package is a move in our church to move that direction on even in Newfoundland we have seen if we have brought in Doctor Tim Rosenberger wherever he goes and you get top medical people coming out there interested in health is an opportunity for us I believe that we need to reach people where there felt needs are and it definitely people are interested in health and so health is the entering wedge and we definitely need to use it in in a variety of creative ways and I think that we need to explore other felt needs as well because that's where we can have a first contact with people is when they do have a felt need in their lives and so help is very very important and it's very pivotal phase various other property bases well I mean we have a very clear methods and and and will and it's a golden opportunity where people are open in that area that they won't be open and to be direct spiritual areas readily from my perspective I think you for this question because of this we forget that this varies on the time will come that either methods will not work in this method we work very well just I want to add that to what they've heard from my friends that I need to tell you please leave the healthy right now I see as the parents is a difference existing from the perspective of those while looking at the Seventh-day Adventist church and they say wonderful things we leave seven years eight years ninety years more than others and then manually weed Seventh-day Adventist you see that you are in their lifestyle these are probably not the best though welcome so from my perspective I'm a vegetarian and the main in-home of the gun I try to be very crazy to do each when you are traveling all the time but I said I'm vegetarian and I'm advancing seventeen so long time ago and I don't consider that you do something important to debate these guys to say that I'm better than others but I can say that the weed my crazy schedule I will not be able to call for once I do right now because I feel the blessings of the normal scene bowl diets in whatever he wanted when I come home with my wife I enjoy simplicity and taste and everything so somehow we need to come back to essentials we are to be proud of ourselves message either you gave her more body needs you to all Scott is the recap from outside and then you will see the results when where people went people talk to you view your respond differently if you are in good shape there is enough I could right-click away I grew up as a butcher 's son sources and fishing potatoes in every variety of me I sense among young people and hope was on here is a status to rebel and to quote future steaks hamburgers whatever I look at it don't use it is up to rebelling against the spirit of prophecy her counsel you read dear reasons why we should consider lifestyle Doctor most of the dimensions and him and I graduated why do you want to get that Hamburg and you know it's an hamburger and some don't I really encourage you you are young people that that that seek the Lord Reagan Council read that I should take a look at this on and it don't don't be part of rebellion and just to say that I sorry I called these easy you promote true your life that health message don't look at others from high pitch of message we had puked to meeting humility this is the part of communities the part of the message and that don't use what you know as an opportunity to adjust the politics those who like he given them the opportunity to do whatever they want to do just to the ministry that God assign you to a quantity of the quotation of the drug off auto populate these things out as I like to I wish it's how you must soon will be no work done and if their life but I understand what an excellent importance of answer question I think Nathan Allen particularly here okay so that it hangs even ended up living just two people each time to think I'm a question is not anti- Kerry cannot does geographical area identified by unions or conferences are not at work is specific localities that are considered unsecured tenant this message or at least the is only a few inches back and consider hundreds islands and nowhere are these areas in Eastern Canada and what can the strategy to reach him a place that is unanswered I then I was the first the Newfoundland all we has three slide of examiner PowerPoint you visualize Newfoundland furthest east Robbins in Canada are we as a whole area the self and you can see we have a seven churches for companies across the scrutiny island and it influences their goal to the of this is Labrador which is to the north northwest over thirty thousand people in there we do not have one Seventh-day Adventist we have our radio program BOA are in two locations in the end of that part of Newfoundland that is a significant mission field we need to reach the next slide will show you Saint Pierre Miquelon is off the south western part of Newfoundland down the bottom left those are French islands they belong to France all we bargain dialogue a little bit with the Québec conference we see this as a real potential for you young people from Québec to come over and help us we do not have one Seventh-day Adventist six thousand people living on these two islands therefore the French and we need some help in this ministry and hear you yes you do have a large pockets without his presence and especially when in incentive to Terry as well and we have most of our churches are located in Toronto and in the area and a large cities have much tolerance for downtime 's presence and especially noted Ontario law the rest material and unreleased material we do have some group slipping into the supplemental irony something at your work together regulates unions to my seat and we would like to really establish our presence they are known material which should be doing something about that yet creating mission cheats opportunities to to engage communities so we can establish our presence is felt yes I was in the from the neck perspective we tried to establish something enough to be Jim yeah William Coker I haven heard from the ceiling on July the by worker on videotape beating Montréal that they are they started the group in there and I'm so glad that for their regular meetings we have gasping that the huge area best busy I don't know house and you can see deep gasp in their I was there one week ago and I'm impressed with the commitment of some wood young people Sabrina probably concurred that about Sabrina and I live for the yacht and that they are doing well they are doing well but I would say that the all Portuguese huge to do so why do you you cannot even imaging that that there is enough of place if you are all missionaries we can find it very easy to the place for you in Canada anyway I just so you know the story of the Newfoundland the leader of their work on you know also that a Democrat back the same story the same story with married times so Ontario as he said also use the mission field so don't waste your time if you're ready guests will and won't you all out of so you mentioned that we do need to go out into the areas that are not taxed with in Canada people go out to be very as Malaga train young people in the cages are not inoculating so how can you first reach young people with a nitrogen so that we can get them to go out I think part of the answer is found in maybe our education on what evangelism is illustrated by a simple story on last year and are we acres can we decided the borders must do so much with the some beautiful things that happened there that we want to get back to the community so we contacted organizations in the community work with disadvantaged young people we had fifty young people come of these are from broken homes singles all that we had fifty young people come to Canton we had to zip lines the rock walls speedboats skiing and tubing the swimming and canoeing out of that doing that last year we had sixteen of those young people come to our youth camp this year so while pointing out is when we think of missionary work we need to think with we need to think we think broader ongoing and that you use your talents letters and help single moms whether it's to do activities that are part of showing your Christian you're helping where people are hurting and if you help your people are hurting they draw it is eating clams but it's not only going to adore with the Bible or with the Bible studies which is important it's reaching people mingling with people and I would say if young people with think about what one of my comfortable and I have one pastor that for example this year to help region 's community they're going to do tutoring in music lessons and reach out into the community to be supportive and show that you care become part of the community and then as you get known and trusted broth so I encourage your missionary vision that we think of mentioning the things we can do that reaches out this generation wants to see that you care and you get involved with the community with a talent you have then you become known to become trusted and that you can invite them to some special meanings that's how I see young people with all their talent be able to come in and help in our missionary I just want to add that to this question the reality that it is very hard to reach those were leaving the church and they are just sleeping and not willing to do the work of the Lord but don't hold your trying but trying to reach the frozen chosen as we don't want you need to work for the Lord and the view of guilt want the Lord to include true you is the only option for Dan to wake up because your words will not work enough you are digging not to love your ox cause I in your life we would challenge their current situation and they will do differently so I would say from my perspective I got the just continue to do the work of God imagine that someone is challenging you this is he is in it you know and I like that very well if we were I tried to translate from another language than English I'm so sorry Ellen White wrote in English if we were hi Paul I love compassion and all is we really have one hundred conversions where we have right now one so use the same methodology we knows where we need to church they are challenging you just continue to show compassion smile and be joyful because you are wander with Lord and then this is the only solution for yourself in order to accomplish your ministry and volume take care of a lot of stuff the first question is what we need be need your help for that to reach between all young people between the church 's I like to challenge you when you have your meetings or discussions please try to come up he struck to you how to reach real family friends your church and please talk to us you are the key for that you knowing first Chronicles chapter South size of the Safari U.S. Census these are you know the time to understand the time we need to help into so much more like your support and encouragement and other initiatives certified campus ministry it's I would think about using the state 's revenue kind of sums up what you've heard about it and I was wondering okay from my perspective let's have noticed is that the churches moment silent about reaching out to the community and moons so many good things that they tend to forget like I reaching out to regulate derivatives and we do have students such as myself in secular universities so we are here to call out but that Hall will bitch you are reading himself to hope for a new car yet public speech of mentors that we can go out to eight hundred percent since I represent disappointing ministries I might not be the best one to answer that question but I will say one thing that it is very very important to reach out to young people because young people is a very critical age and we need to be there where they are because you might not realize it but you know early twenties you get you get older and it's harder to make the right decisions and so it's very critical and very important now that the church leaders say Howard has appointed tutor conference rehab Director your director pastor with me and by the way he wants to be here but he had to go to meet republic for some editing to do and that you he is very passion for campus ministry so these poor forties temps we have budgets for that we have had people for that so please keep your questions could talk to me and I can connect you with you have the possibility for deal to conference as your covering the eastern Scotland that carried thirty youth have up in the vitamin A leads that you director in the Québec you have also followed the well enough from the maritime and you can contact the pastor or for the youth ministry enough info I think that's an excellent question I think you knew from when we have done as well as we need to do we do have the campus ministry on the more university with student Evan students from around the world to come the moral University includes Ronald and knife of what we've been trying to do so musically to do more and we definitely want to be inclusive and so we talk about some mission and that the young people being involved my question was structure on supports hundreds the young people deciding a want one to young people wanted this project will work on this type of endeavor I is there support program won't even funding is available mechanism available to support an endeavor such as something that I just do volunteer conference yes I would like to make sure this is part of my budget so you can have biases that the pipe line advance so on to me and to your pastor very your home church and then we'll see what you can do this online is open to innovation out we're actually apply the project this summer we part three kit University college students and just as well be reviewed you can as well and we the idea is that we asked him to be trained conducting a cancer vacation Bible schools and they come into our conference for the summer and double from church to church the church helping smaller congregations operate vacation Bible schools and we've been very pleased of one particular church this I lower hope we get five people of as a result they had twenty three young people come out only five are at Venice and they gone into an adventurous program so the young people coming made it possible in the first significant reach having successful Bible school they would not have had to haven't had for years as of young people are willing to train yourself as a week we can form a group of young people can't hold vacation Bible schools and community small churches will provide the funding review this summer scholarships and as a result now we contact was twenty three by young people and we have path of adventure scripts are and there could be other dream of all different ways in which you can become involved in wealth you I like to ask a question that I thought might have come up but haven't come out yet you hit if you love each of you that I think that we are actually all kind years here today we are pioneers in a work that I think is very important needs to be very intentional and that is that we are supporting ministries related ministries easy white easily ministry on our ministry better living room you've even really ministries well and I'd like to ask how can we pave the way for late ministries the laypeople can get involved and we can work really hand-in-hand with our conference leadership I think it's very important for us to establish really good relationships among our conference leaders and how can we make that happen is we're really paving the way for others that are going to come behind us I can try to let non- announcer from the administrative perspective this is the worst perspective but when you talk supporting ministry you exalt the adult initiate the nobody likes to talk administration however the church of God eases where God is working in bodies are about of order so we can not just encourage everything we needed to work together and to discover what these solid in order to have for the development I'm always in favor all of developing this reporting ministry as long we work in unity in order to work in unity I would like to say that there is a procedure and Eve you want I can send you it's very easy to contact me up to you you just hold to the advances .ca paging you find the secretary is my e-mail address I can send you the policy any new policy between North American division policy starting to working ministry then you have the you have those as the ACC policy and then you have the steps of procedure called to become us reporting means if you are already a heart of this reporting ministry as he gave the case for all of you being part of EC Y C at every conference we haven't those who are in charge of being in Dutch review and soul of my Judy is to coordinate everything or the cannot be in fields so for seven conferences and the we would be more than glad to help you a you and all your difficulties to pray together to your project together and Diane Felicia Barthelemy 's idea if we don't have a good relationship ministry these who the only competition and not the growth of the body of Christ and we need that these drunk article I will collect your overlap I think that you do is what George's been doing he's keeping honest this is the first youth group I think I've attended not invited to and coming to be here to pick up your spirit on and to know the heart of your leadership has been very rewarding to me the most younger people come to need ill come with new Internet comments about this trust and antagonism and sold your reputation with us because we get a lot of flack from them people in general comment because they do setting on the one study Bibles to come and say how can we help all you probably shock us on but I say what you've done with George on getting this here talking show you supportive and how can work together and to be learned except that we have a walk with the Lord we love the Lord we we have given our lives in service to and at we are part of this movement were not something to be feared by you that you need to the theater joint generation on regardless intergenerational but in doing what you did this weekend inviting us a chance to dialogue with us just because something came to to my office now to work like in the gander project were certainly much more open wound but the money into it willing to support because it will work his team not things to start calling out if they are interested in is a very support and had done nothing this is kind to me by the authors say being in the office to talk with and that they are very supportive of solid from me from the other leaders when they continue that focuses a lot of work to do when you come to know the population is well organized while I don't burn them with no idea of the scope with the company into one of them know that they are willing to work with us but also initiate plans a really well thought out while planned out public good for me is something going so you will and the West Bank Archie leaders for it hunting all and to discuss with us what is the vision living when conducting no positive talk about of physical that I should reportedly wish a facility that is happening hey shadow with you and also with you I think that was going on the Jacob going to a conference used to conference is not summer we probably shoot highlights indication for young people to juju going to go ignored to contact us we might form three groups to go to be BS unfortunately I don't three young people responded to that so in the end I had to hunt the people to go with me and we had ten a feisty white smoke out they still count the numbers dropped even notice them out very good so this thunder Bay look to thunder Bay numbers done debate and you need to try additional four hours get some account and an additional forty five minutes to get the Luxor box sill is the first nation reserve we had to commute to spare so what we need we went there we spent the week all we could do VBS living we can make eating out was amazing able to reach out to them stating their local school gym and that we serve to a three offtake communities there and out of young people than we did we went to super crowded which is sitting close to Luxor reserve and then we prayed week we share fryers we have a five families in some crowd in group church plant there and he is growing we have no Bible worker as well so is it just some slice to seek out was a time so it to the troops the sum of their severe plaintiff go back next year even more for dysthymia re- engaging the BS and also eat green greenhouse project added for next year we will like to expand that it may be to do something more for their schools and also not just so-called the also want to engage in Sydney Sydney area they are into something very so if you're going to be be engaged in mission and mission trips don't go overseas we had here across efficiencies this case seems up to me and like to take your your information so if you want to go little confidence you and then make sure that you are going with us in these initiatives from both Mormons yes we can begin we can make it especially for most of the area sometimes and that before Albany may be easier to go during wintertime because you can drive on the ice highway as fun to go us I'm trying to go the site went last week last year I do I'm going to go again be there soon it's easier to reach by car these remote areas so we have to plan on that just leaving the office on developing new ideas send yes yes I have assisted condo that has yet all hundred minutes UIC Angeles also they opted engaged in missionary work in North America on the popular pocket and very briefly this picture is from nine commission last year and just as vision obviously price among the theory the inspiring young people to give themselves wholly completely erotically forgotten faith service and so it is part of my joy to serve with information visually scanning at the best Darwin joined the regular missions and last year we were in Manitoulin with a strike in half an hour and from converting adenosine admission that there this summer actually flew here straight from the comments of his mission humans make for California which is like the Native American community and Virginia vacation Bible school that the Native American kids with inadequate downside returning and use that program when canvassing Glenda and I sharing the literature and inviting people to adapt to know Christ and it is such a joy for me to see young people being willing to stick opportunity to slip on the floor in insurance and just be willing to say whatever I will pray that you would as he would join us but others remember that what happened the information I have been living here you can think back to your homes hearts and that is my is this is not trip you not it is something that is a lifestyle but even if you go back to the mission trip in Jimenez relieved here that you even zip get together I know people in your contract to your friends and just do best ignore and minister and archival press them into it and that's a lot about lately is letting also that this is the longest posse went to Tennessee the top gave a brief yet so I went to go with animation in Kenyans which is in northern Ontario eight hours from Toronto though will make six people for one week ahead canvassing program it was a blessed time and would be like the nations invaded South Korea Moldovan Jamaica is no explicit time and the funny thing is how the Lord worked his queue we got there in everyday was raining every day or every out-of-date when we got there sunny hot so be able to work able to go door-to-door as does the last day I think the Lord said guys you work so hard he gave a summary so we were able to Dan to leave behind more than a hundred health books Martin C Steve spiritual books and more than sixty contacts of the Bible spiders and with their health seminars of people in city and so that don't us physically said was a blessed time and I just encourage of our next year and that you be able to produce to be at least one mission in this next year he's like you have to find that will ultimately going to attend an event is of a small group that limited medical focus mission that a lot of uncle back connected I will be working with utilizing adults with you until conference two two eight mission someone encouraged all of us to get involved in the mission church I guess other device also talked about Piazza and ASME accredited GC plan to reach the big cities the Soviet Union had also engaged in that apartheid to reach all the major cities in Canada and certificate that they be people that okay on just to remind you that the seven then the teacher Jean Condon the voltage it recently to establish a schedule of the beaks if you have an Julie's month for each Canada read the participation of the as the ACC funding this year we are located one hundred twenty five thousand dollars for a lump sum of Veritas two thousand fifteen we already devoted to participate in a big effort in all Ontario and then we continue we doubt there are conferences British Columbia Québec months has Newfoundland and Mark Mary time so every year we really invest in big city Evan Julie Smith and I was so just think it would be good for your ministry to be part of all these efforts I would say even to prepare these efforts and too little follow-up because these not only in meetings you need that in order to have good that ever enjoys the meeting you need that of wood and trends and goods accident on then you will leave me alone almost those funds and not have the results so I'm just giving you this in order to know that we are going in the direction of the city Evan Generalissimo and we would enjoy to work together and let's all hope for me all yesterday multiple policies with alternate day and bought anything to commission parties simply visit the website they connected with the intent to get updates about hiking and bought the next event to a July seventeen two twenty nine Gander the last to be so obvious to the business to seek for a future mission pocket aces so I hope you and today I am going to encourage Yahoo baby can see the passion that our leaders half a off-again volcano so we needed to begin volume inoperative glad with the hundred and fifty eight four God will work in this media was brought by audio curse website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more like to know more about our universe is good like the more certain and www. audio source


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