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Divine Service

Alain Mugisha




  • August 23, 2014
    11:30 AM


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to me that Tom tonight is the new ones that some one hundred people burn attending a seminar that just wanted in Québec I find thousand and ten and was already seven Atlantis for the past three years on my life but some but the Lord beside me again conference selection we believe I been going to church for longest time to look into a special work on these events I is my prayer this morning that some somebody will be touched by the Christ that's my propensity heads and putting fun in heaven yes so thankful that so we are here in this holy hours the son of God father we open your words we hope you love for you rest assured that you will visit us today for the work that is impossible for us to do for ourselves such hearts transform our minds regardless of likely in Jesus name amen subtopic to be use them Jordan is this title for sermon revival and the heart of God revival and that the hearts of God so that you get us that he could be on the book of John in the book of John in a familiar story in John chapter four John chapter four guess almost farewell story is will well in John chapter four and I find is very interesting on the context was that the new ability and Jesus was bad the well and that his disciple have gone to get food and an nine water so Jesus was thirsty and hungry and when you met the Samaritan woman he ask a single question in verse seven she said the woman do you need a change very simple question so Jesus was thirsty and he was hungry but the conversation continue and the composition is good Samaritan woman to accept the leaking water that you have lots disquisition into her Mexican Jesus as his Savior and his interesting when the disciples come back in verse thirty one the Ask Jeeves is the press on human history the disciple engine saying a Rabbi eats what happened to Jesus there's an head and Matt and hunger what happens we starts with Cisco Thursday he was satisfied Jesus there is an hunger was satisfied so we need when you talk to be exhumed to him please discipled my food is to do the will of him who sent me to finish his work in this encounter with the woman on the web do not happen with is the only person with whom the hungry what has been probably will still felt hungry and thirsty but because of this encounter with one of the well Jesus wasn't thirsty and hungry there is something in the heart of God but only you and me convincing Jesus satisfaction starts there's something above physical fool the community quenched the thirst of Jesus Jesus is hungry there's something on his heart and only you and me can feel his desire is a very special for a desire of ages page one ninety one it says RVD were first for recognition he hungers for the sympathy of the left and love of those whom he has purchased his own blood could need that Jesus is hungry he stirs and only our love I love our sympathy are fictions wising can satisfy community that sometimes when we come to Jesus when thinking about satisfying our thirst in all own hunger but it is still issued nasal because this woman came to the well and she was satisfied she came Thursday as she left satisfied what else was satisfied Jesus Christ was satisfied so there's something in the heart of God not only you and me can satisfy his heart is on the Jesus is hungry Jesus is looking to be the common people he takes in the relationship it takes two people in a relationship something they almost consider the hunger what's on Jesus Hart what can truly satisfy Jesus Hart in these last days could do that revival is satisfying the heart felt need of Jesus today I want to take our eyes off of Arthur's but it's looking to Jesus Hart and find out what can satisfied his heart and I believe the answer is found in the seventeenth chapter of John in the seventeenth chapter of John Wilkes sold by inspiration before ending this study I found some books instead of profit I never heard about is falling and made in connection of the other prophets Goth friends and have fun in July at three the pellet stove coffee faith that God 's family on the earth have many lessons learning orders and said the fairy of Christ his last prayer with his disciples before his humiliation the seventeenth chapter which contains this threat comprehends more than any other chapter in the New Testament in the New Testament seven don't John Cobian more so brought in any other chapter of the New Testament and to say that the climax of the spread is found in John chapter seventeen is twenty four John chapter seventeen verse twenty four meaning father I desire that they also do you have given me being recently where I am but they need to hold my glory which you have given me for you to me before the foundation of the well what is in the heart of Jesus Christ this is the climax of his friend John seventeen he says father I desire that they also have given me be with me where I am could be that deep in the heart of Christ the only thing he wants for you and me to be with that that is the ultimate thing that can satisfy the heart of Jesus Christ think about this the King of the universe heaters a hunger for you and me to be with him me soon early you that is a person Jesus Christ everything that this is a prevailing theme in the spirit of prophecy what is that what love does not want to be present in the community I even had even been separated from the one you love what is lusty not just wants to be in the company of the one you love you see were made for this purpose were created for fellowship with God that was the original plan of God just to be with him in the garden she will come to get out of any and just talk to them just feeling that I can imagine I hadn't retain something yes causing the God of gods is happy about that could it be that that's what God wants he just wants to be with us he wants to be loved by us to once I finished it he wants our section that is the ultimate desire of Christ she wants to be with us and he prayed that prayer before going to get some money maybe that was his motivation when he went vengeance from her eyes as he and he went to the cross afterwards and down the cross he thought what you can count on me by phone if I find that these people give them a chance for them to be with me and you know what on that resurrection morning on that Sunday morning when Jesus has invested yet interesting counter missionary schools in John twenty John twenty we seem to find out what's on Jesus Hart is watched on Jesus Hart on the resurrection morning John twenty first seventeen for the resurrection Jesus said John twenty seventeen North coming to me I have not yet ascended to my father but goal to my brethren and say to them sending to my father and your father to my God and your God that morning Jesus said he was going to heaven that's in the morning watch for what purpose is going to have kept something one's heart is through prophecy tells us what happened on that Sunday morning when he went to heaven the Jesus when he entered heaven he refused to receive the homage of his people but his sacrifice has been accepted by the father and until he had received the assurance from God himself and his atonement for sin of these people have been fully ample and ample that's what the new nineteen eternal life Jesus immediately ascended to heaven morning because of his salary for the form showing the marks and shaming trophy upon all his hands and feet but any fuels to receive their coronet of glory and reliable and he also refused acclamation of Angel as he hesitations the homage of Mary TV shows all the homages unseal the father signify that he's offering was accepted Jesus had something on his heart that that something more in he was a high request for further concerning his chosen ones on earth he had a request and readies aggressive in declaring the user will know where he was there is church should be it he was Doreen these people share with you Jesus went to heaven is on the ignition engines for one reason he had a request for me to his father that you and me are placed within is assured is guaranteed friends will be there will be there in the belongings of Jesus is simply to be with us that's definitely the nuance I desire is the highest in the with us that he is ultimate desire and the lifetimes need a new one created for discoveries Jesus wants to Fellowship with us that's all he wants from us then we came back on earth spent forty days teaching his disciples and then after the forty days notice for me yesterday and back again to heaven and this time something special again hopping in heaven after the Bulls forty days he went back again but this time noise risk and is I thinking interesting about the challenge of getting by his scores of Angels 's envoy for that and Angela shouting okay all you get is an everlasting doors the King of glory shall come in joyful the awakening sense no response is this King of glory Jesus all the Angels raising him going not only the Angels fan report on the scene of all our wide-open and him selecting the gates and interpersonal fracture using their institutional and only time will promise you that and on the mental traumas there are charities in fifth the commander of Angels holes the songs the sons of God the representatives of the following were assembled all our debts and welcome the Redeemer got eager to celebrities triumph and some will respond to key the insider universities represented the second time Jesus will start to have everybody's there is shouting the anxious clipboard Jesus borne diseases the working with them that this is not yet not yet I have something on my heart I have a request to meet me he said he can not receive the part of glory and reliable answers into the feathers of his father he points these new hands if you decide NYC and then convincing of now two points tokens of these shy yet just the father now because father is finished I have done and I will hold my thought I've completed the work of exemption is that justice is satisfied I will that they also badly missed me he me where he was the original all the angels on the following word because the one thing on his heart he wants to eat to be with missing all the worship of the universe is not working for Jesus issue not that I'm not there is if this is so if this is true nothing else matters if the God of heaven she sees this as this is this is the cost if God wasn't willing Jesus Christ and whether that she can see the portals between him Jesus was willing to be eternally separated to take top honors for you and me have a chance to be with his soul nothing else matters there's nothing else there's nothing about my Jesus longing is for you and for me to be with his consulting steps to Christ page one hundred that's the relationship between the relationship to God initial arsenal in his thinking fool as though they were not another soul upon the earth to share his last year not another soul for many gave his beloved son not another soul this is the way and the emphasis on this easily online talks go praise God that it's only own one is raising the heart of God that Walmart and feel on the online visit this way you can feel in God can collect all his love into one person and still have enough left in because the desire of God that way to ease their remark we must be also he what's interesting we approaching approaching the end of earth history Jesus is about to come soon those we know that the Sunday law got a seminar that is to the atomic trouble of its own trouble in the vicinity of great time of trouble with unlimited persecuting enemies all his persecution when everything when the death increased times and everything is seems to fall this is lunacy I see you know what is coming why is coming form because you have the same good when everything seems dark living that somewhat trouble this is Jesus Christ coming back beneath advocate by the people of God of war theater locations her things of God and fifteen the eyes to the heavens the second coming of Christ can you hold the bowl of promise the black and thick clouds cover the firm in our party in the next you will and I have been of God and the Son of Man thinking upon can be modified in design the monthly limited-edition phone is a candidate president and before his father and the holy angels I will that they also basking in the English me why so you pray for us and get some money but once the stimulus on Ascension day he made that request the father which is in a combat in a single same words I will know where you are I heals if this assault was his sisters the business can help them nothing of the matter and you know what Jesus is I know only seven thousand people no what he is listed as a single season the most likely is the century vintages he's Burton has changed this and has the same burden which is going and also the case of the sanctuary is interceding for us please pray for us we have a very long to heart what he did it's a prevalent that the nutrient levels that the desire that you have sinned Jesus praying in the mostly please have yet to wonder what is I spent far of interesting rest of the session of asthma something what is Jesus training that morsel is the century praise God for the spirit of prophecy talking says this is now this is not designed to hold this this Wednesday the fifth Bible commentary page eleven forty five therapist Doctor a Van Hanson talk about a topic of John seventeen in fact this chapter contains the emphasis on prayer offered by Christ to his father just before his trial because the fusion this prayer is a lesson regarding his discussion of the Savior will carry out within the veil are immediately gave his disciples this illustration of his ministration in the heavenly sanctuary in the past of all who will come to what Jesus Frank Kiesling a type of prayer backing John seventeen and decided a climax of John seventeen is first twenty four when Jesus and I will that them that you didn't need to be with me where I had so Jesus is praying for you and for me to be working that's his burden that is his burden scheduled by the sisters that before the reunion it must be a separation before the reunion before the start of Christ and he fulfilled they must be a separation in John seventeen is what Jesus is praying they must do something about the Bible and Reformation in this chapter and I must tell you that when the thing that Jesus is praying for justice transfer separation between John seventeen Chris for you see John seventeen verse fourteen sixteen Irene I have given them your word and the word has taken them because they are not of the world just not on the word is not fair that you should take them out of the well but you should keep them from from the evil they are not of the world just not well before the thing you said it must be a circulation separation from one and more severe separation from the well it must be a separation from the well Jesus is praying for information and how are we to be separated how are we to be separating for sixteen says then not of the well just I not well the week Christ's was separated from the world this is the way and should be separated from the from the well so can you say in your heart and soul can you see that Jesus in John fourteen thirty five foot fence of this will come in and has nothing in me things of the world has nothing you in the mentality of the world in the ambitions of the well we have to understand that Jesus wants to be loved every aspect of nice because it's crazy Jesus wasn't enough at least to space on my life can you see that there is not the on the world in your life when I talk about separation irrespective of the nature of this information is used instead of indoctrination taken out of the well but I should she then found the evil Prince for worthiness that there is a cloud of wildness of our churches but Jesus prayed I can assure you that because Jesus prayed the church will not be overcome by worthiness because Jesus prayed can you stabilize like Jesus this will not be penalized nothing against me in your unique in the way you eat in the way you dress can you say that this well has nothing ladies Jesus love interest is a store that is full of a woman she was married to a beautiful wonderful handsome man and every morning to have breakfast together every morning celebrity couple in love every morning to have breakfast together but when the husband left for work before critiquing therefore before the wife for life will get up yes thinking one another men every morning she was just sometimes it is thinking about other men's thinking about the well release have you forgotten your first love for the Bible says that maker is that husband will host his name and Shimon Jesus there is one we've spent our time in the enlistments that we could take but Jesus was without an ethical products and you know why Jesus wants us to be separated the Leviticus twenty the biggest twenty first thirty six Leviticus twenty first thirty six Leviticus twenty first thirty six for the same reason God separated the Israelites is the same reason why he wants us to be separated Leviticus twenty twenty six it says and you shall be holy to me find them nor sorry you shall be holy to me I don't know what I'm holding and have separate you from the People's that you shall be the reason on our company and wishing me holy heaters that is the reason is not appropriate to yes this was that separate us from the mentality of this word means something he is completely here is not into sharing he is a jealous God as a First Amendment shall have no other gods before me there's no competition for Jesus and you must be wondering all these areas of my easiest way interested in all the areas of my life on the value by virtue of him being omniscient by virtue of human being omnipotent just by the fact that God knows everything she sees everything to meet the intent of the heart by default she becomes interested in every aspect of our lives by default just from these two becomes interesting that his willingness and the winner spends time you know is a fault by John Parker it's it's it's powerful but on the PC he says the greatest enemy of hunger for God is not the poison apple pie is not the banquet of the weekend appetites for heaven but and this need to think of the table of the world leaving nothing again is not the banquet of the weekend that dolls our appetites for heaven but and this neatly is it just me and this evening at the table of the will is not the X-rated heels fine timetable of genealogy between every night for all that your message and you and when God describes what keeps us from the banquet table of his love it is a piece of man I joke of oxen and wife that's fourteen receipts and the greatest adversary of the last of God is not chief enemy but he's critically about crocs will conduct in this well is a cloud of wordiness that the best things of God can actually become curse could be that just the simple things of the well known separate from the well was anything that separate us from God the G conclusion says and the most busy appetites are not for the poison of evil but for the simple pleasures of good for Wendy Z please I'm not that I forgot himself the idolatry he scarcely recognizable and almost the listings of the well print of God we just open our eyes to watch condition because Afghanistan was insisted that we do not have a mission to the well unless it affected me from the well 's nominations were well unless you separated from the well our church has been called called to call people out to call people out we cannot begin before a reunion with God in the your permission well-designed business mission this omission unless necessary from the world and some of us and that by knowing finally understand that this is out of my reach to church that God wants to allocate us to the problem can be translated but we lowered the standard God wants to elevate us and meet no understanding there is no missions as well unless we are separate from the well it's impossible is just impossible praise God Jesus Jesus is trying to spring for separation in the most holy place of the century he's trying to spring for us praise God what prayer of the son the father will deny tell me what playlists on the father will deny it's impossible Jesus is praying for us in that mostly pleased he's praying for separation provision from the well so we can be consecrated to the work meeting just after talking about separation is back to John to John seventeen he says they are not of the well just as I'm not of the world sanctified NIH your word is truth as you send me into well I also asked and then into the well did you get that how it's presenting the well this was sent in the well I was friends with well the father sent him for possibility of no return visit out of his last December in a well so the standard of your ministry is not another ministry to spend every ministry is Jesus Christ is the major implication the stander for your commitment to the work of Christ is Jesus Christ this family to the communities where this is how we ought to be committed to the work I cannot send me so I send so the spammer of the abortion to the work of Christ is Jesus Christ unless the Holy Spirit falls on husbands is this is impossible unless this power from above this is impossible because the standard for ministry for your ministry for my campus ministry for him your name any authentication the standard is Jesus Christ as your last family so I spent some Jesus is humbling in Congress to be all those millions of people imagined the emptiness in the heart of Christ if you longs to be love how many people hate him the deep emptiness and Jesus Hart seduces hungers in his heart he wants to with you desire only modestly separating hemostasis related must consecrate ourselves fully to his mission analysis problem the problem is noticing is that relationships between relationship between Revelation three position three list twenty after ten thousand and he will gladly church our church after he has reviewed you and me sometimes I think we have it all immediately when we have it all Jesus United Nations reads the message that we see anything your heart it all of us here everything that we haven't sometimes you says you don't have and then Jesus Nixon appealed to notice the moon is the appeal resolution three twenty two says behold I stand at the door and knock anyone's she is my voice and opens the door I will come into you and dine with him and he saw Jesus standing at the door and he's knocking and what was once the most common one to stop us the problem without the senior about Lotusphere doesn't understand that Jesus is just as hungry once I finish he wants I love the only thing that you satisfy him his tiny thin and he with me he just wants to be with us if you think Jesus was received yesterday the freedom of your love to see Jesus is hungry for knocking on the curse on the component this status quo from the pen of inspiration this is the last woman on July the last message both before dying the powerful before she died she looked one hospital you can find its estimates of ministers is five five eighteen this is short encouraging a minister to his liking she said it will not satisfy the heart of the infinite one to achieve goals who love you son I listened nesting than he gave his son together in the heart of God God will not be satisfied unless you bless us as he has blessed Jesus Christ state things like that for eternity Jesus is the last words of the prophet only the whole chapter it will not satisfy the heart of the infinite one to give bulls in the the sun is servicing then he GED is his son pursuing when God gave Jesus Christ offering guaranteed by the sisters that anything he will give us one the Holy Spirit is more than willing to the heart is not satisfied until his church euthanize the animal holding fast full-size things I will not rest God will not miss until he gives us a blessing I give you advise us for the sake of his kingdom by the sisters so the question is yet it was very simple today it was a simple it's the same Jesus asked Peter to feed hungry people chewing on you willing to feed me the really nothing at all the indications outcomes with that we talked to be about ministry being separated from the world this is what is his thing for the enough is enough this is the appeal today enough to be separated from the wild love me enough to consecrate yourself holding the sacrifice just as I have sacrifice for the sake of my kingdom the love as you hungry the love that in my prayers that will answer the same way that should answer since my hot load you know you know I don't do nothing again a lot of us have been needed and at the table of the well community 's weekend God wants you to be separated from something fairly specific because you have because when I feed him if this is your desire you want to do something very specific to the next separates you from Christ the last book into alleged column and Neil and me is this something very specific that simple I want to love you with this aspect of my life I advised come forward and kneel the second until staying they were what has been impressing in salon how multimedia job involved in full-time ministry consecrate yourself full-time work for Jesus Christ is meant about the only thing that can satisfy his heart wanted to pray that when I was gone easy to make the decision to gain when you continue home Road is a goal is is is is this media was brought by audio players a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading seven audio and much more and he would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain that please visit www. audio person or


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