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Remember Lot's Wife

Jonathan Zita


Jonathan Zita

Associate Director, Review & Herald




  • August 24, 2014
    8:00 AM


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Peter wants that would always say on when you talk with people make sure that your understood and then you need to make sure you're not misunderstood and so what do you think a little different approach this morning on the salvation God and so forth preventable backwards and nowhere else that's how I die spiritually is an exciting highlight doing that because sometimes when we hear about how Tecumseh God and how to grow spiritually sometimes it rains start turning off but I hold that as we take steps to spiritual downfalls maybe for some of us all will be able to recognize where we are and by God 's grace turn to God before us and when I see too late you know there's evangelist that will stand up in the pulpit and I will see you know tomorrow a bus ticket you and you can die and that's the truth could die tomorrow but what's worse than getting hit by a bus I guess because I guess when you get in my lesser privation and their is that the love of many found one that is worse because what happens is tomorrow is not that you could be dead but you won't want to come back and and and you know I have seen that where I I work with young people and their excited upon about God that he don't make a decision and because iniquity abounds in their lives the months of sins that of rejecting the spirit of God the next year when I talk to them there's no spiritual interest in the years rolled by and so is not that now one day before Jesus comes also in my life I'll get it all done together in an novel to have been no what happens is before Jesus comes you won't want to surrender your life you won't have any interest to do so and that is much worse than getting hit by a bus you know what because he never going out alone you never go down when you go down you always bring others with so I want to turn if you have your Bible to start with Luke chapter seventeen and chapter facility where you can move quickly this morning the time is limited seventeen verse twenty eight this is Jesus speaking and down just cannot the Americans one of the shortest verses in the Bible that weren't enough have baser theme upon seventeen twenty eight is likewise also as it was in the days of Lot BV EP drank the Bobby soul be planted the building of the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all even thus early been the day when the Son of Man is revealed in that day he which shall be upon the housetop and his stuff in the house they knock him down to take away and he that is in the field let him likewise not return back and then he says an interesting phrase remember what lots wife remember us racecar for the Bible the Bible gives us the good and that and and I think it's it's a very balanced book it's inspired it is fully inspired and today were to study a little bit about that genesis chapter thirteen the stock lets us learn a little bit more meditate maybe a little bit more on lots and his wife Genesis chapter thirteen and we begin the story with Abraham and Lot and some of you may know the story that Lot was a nephew to Abraham and he was so inspired by the character of Abraham Law decided that he was in a worship Abrahams God is only a God called Abraham out of his Leninist people lot beside you know what I'm than go with Abraham and do you know that God bless Locke because a birth and so they were blessed virtually they also blessed to win they had a lot of cattle and sheep and stuff and I got the point where both of them they had too much cattle to be with me in the same area the same and so this the servant of Abraham started or when the servants of law and Don Genesis Chapter thirteen verses eight and Abram said unto Lot let there be no strife I previewed between me and the in between my current men and by Herdman for we be brethren is not the whole land before you separate yourself I pray you from me and I will take the left hand and I will do right and that will be priced at a right-handed than what will I do go to the left the Bible says in law listed up his eyes and beheld all the plain of Jordan that it was very well water everywhere before the Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah even as the garden of the Lord like that land of Egypt though since a sore then Lot chose him all the plain of Jordan and Lot journeyed east and they separated themselves one from another the first step to spiritual downfall I believe that you within this context of selfishness were told from the pen of inspiration that all sin and selfishness and consciousness and the interesting things that selfishness takes takes a very deceitful sometimes on undetectable format I think is that is the word to use sometimes we can be selfish and the person the people that were selfish around they don't even know that were selfish the only people give to charities the big unit from selfish motives because they want to receive a tax break rights or other people to give it it's not even a tax raise that I don't even want a tax break but there were the because it makes me feel good when I get right but what if I see you and you would slap me in the face of course that's not giving Christianity is a feeling regardless of how I feel about how the person receives the gift and it's been raining so is it Jesus what he does he offer salvation to us many of us reject and so if he was given from a selfish motive Jesus would say you know what you don't want is fine and all forget this but Christ when CV is tedious unselfish heart and so he gives and you reject and you just fill again and you reject me still years because he does not have selfishness in his heart and neither should we so Abraham told lot you know you choose and we know that the that the right thing would have been you know for Locke to see you no no first of all Abraham your older and will a refund the reason I'm so blessed because of you not necessarily because of me and therefore you choose and I will choose whatever you don't know selfishness you know when I was a child I have a younger sister that comes after me and you know I used to meet certain deals with her and the way that I would do deals is that I would have shiny coins and she would have liked dirty pieces of paper in a like not very attractive like Summit which have fired on and stuff like that so what I would tell her is that looked all to get a shiny shiny corn if you give me that during there not with us of course she was excited and I was even being extra nice executive you want and it was twenty five cents I will give you one of you get like five and is using the one that says formula if I'm really being nice because you give me a dirty piece of paper that says five and I you you live shiny coins you know and she was happy at the end and I was happy it is a win-win situation as it mean we can all go home in an praise God I was happy she was happy that God was you know God says John you may be respectful he may be calling you may be copied and everybody around you may be happy and looking selfishness will be due to lie to yourself first your family furniture pleasures and desires your future your time you're happy to be part happy but God is not and you know selfishness is the first spiritual and we can realize that because sometimes you may think you know everything is fine I mean I've been I've been doing this almost seems that a selfish but you know I justify my reasoning so you know she's too young you know she can't really know how to spend that money does this love excuses that you can make up to justify yourself his actions but if you're true to yourself and to God you realize as he pleaded with God for the Holy Spirit to show you he will reveal to you that a lot of what we do based on pure selfish as it would only end there for the past spiritual downfall is similar in the path to spiritual growth it's a slap it's a slow there is no such thing as a consistent type of experience is the selfishness will lead you to other things were told in the Bible Revelation Genesis thirteen verse twelve just down a brand well-known Anna Keenan and locked while the cities of the plain and we're told here that Locke pitched his tent toward Sodom and oh yes autumn was wicked but you know one reason in Sodom it was the conveniences opportunities education business commodities and it was good for emergencies you know it was coming this was the thing to do for my family and I know that it's very wicked but for the advantages we need to be there I believe the second step the spiritual downfall is to put earthly advantages above spiritual put earthly advantages above spiritual you may need some of the best educational programs University but it is these programs are in this work causes you to lose your salvation it is not worth it it is not working friends if you don't learn to be able to labor for God you may have the most thriving business but if you have no time because of this business of this career it was spent time with God and in his word and prayer and in his work then it's not worth you made it right next to hospital to save your physical life but lose your eternal soul because the friends you associate right there and so you know in one of the workshops that I was sharing is that it's Ellen White speaks about and contribute living that few individuals when you think about a place where to live think about the spiritual influence that will affect them where they will place themselves in and I think that's important not only in and not where we lived but that the type of work that we do the French associate with the entertainment are our recreation if you want to call it that you you're involved in it so it's important to think of it and as some of you may think well and I want you to reason here what I will try to do is I will try to seek to put spiritual role above earthly advantages but the if you have not dealt with the core issue which is a selfish heart and selfish what is it will only be a matter of time when these will reverse once again are you with me because one leads to the next when you have a selfish heart you have selfish motives that you cherish that you refuse to surrender to Christ automatically a selfish heart will seek to quit what is more easy what more is what is more convenient so to put the person that manages is a normal thing about spiritual friends I encouraged me to incur each other always the place ourselves in a situation or environment where we can grow spiritually in when I was in high school I gave my heart to God I even spent my to do mixture evangelism and I came back my last year in high school and I'm ashamed to say but I couldn't help people what I was doing on some you know I mean I thought I was I was the president of the school of the student body and so I'm in all you are that you know you try to be popular and I would go drink with the people you know I wouldn't do certain things but when people see once only sorry no critical here why can't really go there because I love my that somewhere always over there what is going with your dad this is what you're laughing because maybe you known about them by night I just didn't have the strength this brutal strength to be able to say you know what on the seventh administration and this is what I was so weak now I didn't drink I was not promiscuous I told him you know you guys are stupid to drink because not online so for but yet there was still a selfish aspect to me this yet I realized it was a weakness that I have an you know I realized at that point that I needed to go somewhere where I can grow spiritually I needed to go somewhere where I can wear I guess the situation over and firemen would be strong enough to grow and then come back and sharing that's what I did when I moved I went I studied missionary to be a religion and then I came back and during the summers I will talk with my friends and then I could tell them you know this is what I'm doing on the seven divers Christian figures in literature for youth it was a holy boldness I wasn't pushing religion down your throat I was still being friends with them we could talk together but I had I had came to a point that I realized even if I surrender my heart to God through the selfishness I was not strong enough to remain in that environment I needed to get out of there to be able to have the spiritual strength to stand so always seek to place yourself in a situation or environment where you can grow spiritually ask yourself not only when it comes to environment as a whole in life but what about TV programs this East television programs I want to they bring me closer to God while the TV programs or whatever YouTube videos they make and and him to bring me happiness and and and and the music I listen to it makes me feel good that but does it help me to grow spiritually I mean I can relax and it's amazing I like to watch this and there's nothing really bad with it yes but are you putting are you putting earth the advantages about spiritual growth how do these thoughts these conversations these friends that I how are they are the help you need to grow for bringing me down since I became a Christian many things I cannot listen to places economical people I cannot be is not because I'm trying to be holier than thou the longer I am with Christ the more I depend with him to on him the more he can help me to go in place but I couldn't go before me with because of his strength is made perfect in my weakness but unless I have learned to depend upon him consistently and with great that there are places I can go you may be able to go but I cancel their Bible tells us that law patient 's tent toward Sodom and just a few verses later and Genesis fourteen verse twelve Bible says in the law which is the in via the lot this is the Army that came Abram 's brother son who dwelt in Sodom and his good and departed so we realize just a few verses later lot went from being having being outside country living but his tent toward Sodom I mean he was in or he had the probably the homeschooling and all that nice being with the kids then and he grew his own garden but his pet was toward Sodom and just a few verses later we realized that he is actually living inside right because there is a path to spiritual downfall is is a slippery slope while things got bad in Sodom and Genesis chapter thirteen verse twenty there is no twenty and thirteen and I think it's verse eighteen sorry Genesis chapter eighteen first twenty levels is in the Lord said because a cry of Sodom and Gomorrah is great and because their sin is very grievous I will look down on see whether they have done altogether hoarding to the crisis which is to meet and if not I will know and then we can see how Abram started clean with God because he knew that Sodom and Gomorrah were wicked cities and he started Cleveland's then says you know Laurent unique and there is just fifty righteous people we spirit is and is only forty five house there's only thirty also the only twenty all spares look one last time it is only ten righteous cleans will you spirit and God said and you know I don't know why Abraham stopped interceding at ten you know there's different theories but in my mind I was unthinking he's thinking a lot and a lot his family and their children there's way more than ten night there you know I know this at least ten people because if you see the consistent and persistent persistence of Abraham I don't think that he would stop if he had known that there was less than ten people that were righteousness but you know probably thinking on the lot I've taught law I mean I mean we pray to God I know lot is righteous I know he will order his family afternoon as I am ordering my family after me this is what I have taught him I'm sure that lot is giving Bible studies and have small group ministries and have amazing little global outreach I know that lot is doing something amazing is how to mingle more because if you're there either missionary are your mission field for you to be righteous you need to be able to go out and share with others it's been happen just after the latter rain power even before I was the same spirit convict heart leads you to be would lead others to know Jesus Christ I know lot must be doing Bible studies and passing out flyers and probably have a nice little cyber school group going on there there is that the spiritual downfall is to lose sight of God 's mission Matthew six thousand seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto the enlargement of God 's kingdom is supposed to be one of our greatest mission that God has for us in Matthew twenty nineteen this is going to change going create going to all nations baptizing them in and of the father the son and the Holy Spirit when you became a Christian you became a missionary the two go hand-in-hand but to put together is just like when I became a parent right away there's a responsibility to see my children the clone them to take care of them it is the same thing when I became a Christian if the line got spirit to come in and guess what God 's spirit doesn't just sit in the God spirit does something to go in to do something for others agree conversely five twenty five it says it is a part of God 's plan to grant us an answer to department face that which he would not be stone bead we not does so if you say you know I surrender my heart to God I want to do what is right but I can't do it pray God will give you the ability the power because he will give spirit within you and give you the power to do something for you cannot win souls for Christ you may sing but at least you can print and you can earnestly start to do something you know I want to interject this little commercial in the back you folks have distributed cool tracks this is something anyone and everyone can do should be doing we're told that every member should scatter broadcast literature all the time why because there is power in God 's word transforms lives in the back I want everyone if you don't have want to pick up one of these every member giving liked her world it's a little booklet that teaches you how to build a mate literature distribution a part of your lifestyle you may say well I can't talk anybody you have no excuse because every week we get phone calls at our office from individuals that did not talk to anybody but that does left something like that in a Walmart softened and attend Martha's bathroom in and in a waiting room of the doctor 's office in a magazine in exerting his Bible and the addition believing your hotel room without throwing this in a Gideon Bible Amos you don't have anyone for the cleaning lady shall throw it away some of them you want to make you hiding make sure your high in the Gideon Bible in a your not a missionary you are a mission friend Michael Eugene Pruitt he told me once you know John we human beings are like articles and when we just lie there this bugs again in spiders so for the contaminated hands just turned the water and all the filth comes up in that little bug that little spider there's no way you'll get in there is no contamination as long water and friends that's the thing some of us the water is either onerous not this no in between where virtually somehow the spider can get in knowledge that honors him as so if you alter all the waters off it's all and then you start being contaminated and if it's called it's all this the way it is no in between you can do something you can do something for God the Holy Spirit sixty page ninety the Holy Spirit will come to you all were baking bread of life to get to their neighbor and acts of the apostles page one oh five says strength to resist evil is investigating by aggressive sermons one of the three together the first one I spoke to you about is that using Gosplan you grant to us in the prayer of princely that which you would not still did enough not to ask if you're telling yourself what I don't know what to do to win souls I'm even accepted Jesus in my life I just don't know horrible about then the first thing you need to start doing this prayer because God there are certain things that God will not do for you or answer to you unless you ask that's just the weight of the great controversy works and when you start praying the Lord told to do is that the Holy Spirit were told will call anything to the answer for those were agonizing for the spirit to give the bread of life to others you know and I know the power the wisdom to know how the knowledge that gives the talents come from God Spirit has sold the first Manny to start to do is pray and then when I need to start doing is to pray for the bread of life and got spirit community give me power to go out and then I just need to go and do something start distribution truck start doing something close by and we are told that strength to resist evil you know some of those cherished since that you're struggling with the you know that by being active in God 's service power that these sins have on your life are slowly but surely being broke why because it's the same concept of the holes either the waters on either it's not start somewhere you know many years ago a friend of mine I would go with him sometimes and he was excited a new Christian and and and we would go to nursing home and I know this guy we were learning in all prophecy and different things like that so this guy at a nursing home would stand up and would be preaching Revelation eleven and King of the North Revelation fourteen have you sent an army of people under geriatric I'm sorry they can't even turn their Bibles that you know and I was I think you doing you know and of course is that the elderly when Condi would love the music they would love the prayers and this guy would stand up and preaches hard out in all the people in Houston and were sleeping in the office while he was preaching a friend two people became seventy Main sometimes we write off all the elderly people saying in all their all but there's many of them are very sharp they are human beings like 's principle to take care of them and some of them if they are given the opportunity will accept the truth and they were so happy in the truth and you know that was an amazing experience for me because it helped me to realize that maybe are not called to preach that Mark Finley the start where you are do whatever you can the guy messed up many times he didn't know his verses are tax but he did what he could and God blessed God bless you may not be tolerated may not have all the answers but if Jesus has done something for you pray pray for God 's Spirit bag for the bread of life to give to others and start doing something I remember a friend of my one of our students a few years ago he had not been the lady at the store and he was sharing some of the books that we had in one of the books that he shared was a spiritual book and sometimes it happens when you share the health books and they're really happy and so forth and then you you share spiritual book and in their accounts and this changes like demonic is some of you know what I'm talking to you on the Hussite God God is on-site in all the new music and it was the same with this lady she starts wearing and she started causing aces gone I wanted to be believable and you can keep your BBB log on an annual of God is so good why do hello Mike you know anything she went on why did God allow me to get abuse when I was in why did God allow me to do and why did God think my husband left me and why did this children's services take away my kids and why is it that I'm stuck with this addiction that I can and why and any know he was a young student is not studying theology or anything you just decided that he felt God wanted him to do business it came from the US to Canada to do this and here you have a lady just a just shredding him to pieces but you know I'm telling you costs it's amazing you may not have the talents and skills and whatever you may think but if you just how God 's God can use just the willingness to do and so while she is treading into pieces his heart thinking largest myself as some of us would react by discussing back at her right thing a lot will need at the Sheila ultralight three minutes and finally when she told client to take a breath of air to show up in and says man don't know why you're abused sexually abuse as a kid and I don't know why her husband Matthew and I don't know why know child services Kate away many things my my don't want just to keep this one thing I do is that God has sent me from United States this summer to meet you to tell you that he loves you and he wants you to come and she just start calling and she hugged her and it's amazing how they prayed together she signed up for Bible studies and you know the word of God brings MobileMe on conversion the word of God brings healing brings healing to our souls and so I'm asking you if God can use someone like me if God gives you someone like my friend preaching a revelation seminar it has been a nursing home in God can use this young man and I have seen over the years gone using young people over and over and over again young people had no idea what they were doing just pray pleaded for a willing heart and just try to do whatever light years God will start blessing God will start blessing and by cause least we can back up that slippery slope of spiritual downfall while I won't read the whole rest of the story but you know how it is done Angels finally came into Simon and try to pull up out and it was a lot of things that happened that night but finally one lot was convinced that this place in a get destroyed so he went out to talk to the daughters abhorred that had remarried out the home and so he's trying to talk to them in and to their husbands and to help them look listen the cities can be destroyed the city it is over and in the Bible tells us in verse fourteen that you utilization SNL this is serious it is seriously ill I say whatever he says I mean the last one to realize something ally of compromise has no no matter how good your excuses I life of hope has no power no matter how good your excuses maybe first at the spiritual downfall selfishness seconds that the spiritual downfall it needs you to put earthly advantages and personal advantages above spiritual growth when you put personal or earthly advantages above spiritual growth you start losing side of the mission God has for you you sign of God 's mission for you the third step to spiritual downfall and the last step in this context anyways to spiritual downfall is Genesis chapter nineteen we are told in the Angels leisurely cooking arms of the law his wife and two kids and start cooling them out us on before the fire would come down on this evening Dennis is nineteen verse twenty five the Bible says and he God overthrew those cities and all the planes and all the inhabitants of the cities and that which group on the ground but his wife looked back and she became a pillar of salt the force that the spiritual downfall is give God your body but not your puke on your body is not you know sometimes when we are in a slow that really leads us down God in his mercy at times with the dramatic things to be able to shake us up and to bring us back to the real eternal realities but for some of us because we haven't dealt with the selfish aspect of our hearts sometimes we come back to church sometimes they come back and get involved sometimes the no this selfishness Phil has a room in your heart you can get bogged on your whole body even to be burned but if you give God your body without your heart basically what happened to Locke 's life is what happened many of us have left interviews in the world Catholicism in our administrating and church of the world is still in office where is your heart this morning is it with a special man a special woman out there is it with your homework for the job with friends and issues that the money that you're making are not making a TV program Internet Facebook job car anger jealousy lustful thoughts our hearts in the all or place the question is who has your heart is where is your you know if we were to interview laws after all of this situation think again interesting interview by CNN and all they look to the cave and try to interview him and his will is still used to be really rich actually used to be like the multimillion around here I often tell us I believe that Lott would've told us that it would it was not worth it would not have been worth it was not a was not worth it to move towards sodomy was not worth it she lost the last quality he lost his wife he lost his daughters he lost his dignity he lost his purity lost everything and you know that some of us we may say well you know as little selfish thing that you notice of the nineties because of my jeans in the way my DNA arts because of the way I was brought up ours because of this and you don't want to let go of that one thing when I'm trying to get you this morning is that you may think it's a small things I hope that you can see that that little small things by entering meanwhile he slept with his daughters I hope that you can understand that little thing it means the somewhere that there are actual steps to spiritual downfall but it's only a matter of time before one that will never happen to me it's only a matter of time until spiritual the last versus ideas twenty two twenty two ten looking at verse twelve this is actually the attitude of people in God 's house verse twelve is in that they the Lord God of holes called weeping and mourning into bonus integrating the sackcloth is a time friends where we need to agonize with God as we mentioned last night in prayer for his spirit but instead of the agonizing and behold verse thirteen joy and gladness slaying oxen and killing sheep eating flesh and drinking wine that is eat and drink for tomorrow we shall tomorrow I'll get my act together tomorrow I realize you going to have some issues and I realize that I put early advantages about more personal inventors around spiritual growth I realize that I don't advertise the habit lost sight of God 's mission for four for me I realize that I'm living a life of compromise I realized that God does not have my heart and I realize what I need to do I don't argue with God 's word but the more you know today yet I need to eat I need to drink I mean it's it's it's silly things they need to do two things tomorrow we can attack but to date that each entry and friends Christ wants Christians that will signal the day I die and tomorrow I'll eat and drink for sometimes it feels that way when all your friends and even sometimes avenues friends and they can do this in the agent do not envy you can do all this stuff and why can I just want to existing young rate and allow me to know just how fun to do what I wanted to everybody seems to be thinking in all but even drinks tomorrow morning and I tomorrow will get serious with God but God is asking you as young people it may feel that by becoming committed Christian I because you don't do this anymore you don't listen your dog do this anymore first of all little commercial commercial the peace that God is is worth way more than all what the work world but I pray that we may decide in our hearts this is no it's true that a lot of pleasures maybe I will not experience but I choose to die sooner I will then will I will forever this media was brought by audio course a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more in you would like to know more about our universe is more certain is www. audio verse .org


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