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Because Of My Need

Jonathan Zita


Jonathan Zita

Associate Director, Review & Herald



  • November 10, 2007
    10:00 AM
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him father in heaven once again we find your presence in our midst I know that I'm not worthy to stand before your people I also am the chief of sinners the father is believing a word for your children and for me to visit anything in our hearts for the separate us from you is anything this morning that can see your word from entering now is the time we you may take it away when you wash is a will you cleanse us what you give us in your heart that we may fully experience the blessing you how frustrating please Lord grant us your Holy Spirit and we thank you for doing it for you and ask them plead these things in the name of Jesus and a minute whether they quickly this morning could I have just a few points to cover as if I'm over the last time you to jot down a few points and that will help you to go back home and maybe studying a little bit further the title of the talk this morning is because of my need if you have a viable if you can turn with me to the Chapter 11 the Chapter 11 in Oregon and be looking at verse nine this is Jesus speaking the Chapter 11 verse nine Jesus says and I say unto you ask and it shall be given you seek and you shall find knock and it shall be opened unto you need to I remember find the message that he is given then looking at verse thirteen he says and even then being evil know how to give good gifts unto your children how much more shall your heavenly father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him and so Jesus is saying asked not to seek but contextually speaking what is he telling us to ask knock and seek for for the Holy Spirit very good why would Jesus tell us to pray for the Holy Spirit in acts chapter one verse eight concerned there but most of you know Jesus is speaking to his disciples he says he shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you and ye shall be my wife witnesses so the Holy Spirit gives you power to be one to be a witness how are we to be a witness I believe there are many ways that I want to focus on two ways this morning the first one of the Holy Spirit analysis to be a witness by giving us power to live a godly life in Galatians Chapter five you can turn there also with me Galatians Chapter five is very familiar text looking at verse twenty two when the Holy Spirit comes into boss the Holy Spirit starts producing something it says that the fruit of the spirit is love joy Keith long-suffering gentleness goodness faith meekness temperance against such there is no law and so the Holy Spirit gives us power to live a godly life in regaining out eighteen eighty eight March twentieth says it is not enough to are you in defense of the truth the most telling evidence of his worth is seen is in a godly life our strength lies in being connected with God by his Holy Spirit and so what happened this Jesus says pray I want you to pray but specifically I'm asking you to pray for the lot the Holy Spirit because when the Holy Spirit will come upon you will give you what it will give you power and power the first aspect is the power to be able to a godly life power to live a godly life how is your walk with God have you grown daily inquiries is the time you first heard I mean really hurt Jesus points are you no better off than when the first time he heard the truth or maybe are you worse off this morning because you know so much more now but you still commit the same sins over and over again how is your life is a God you know when we first experienced conversion there is this joy there is this this love to be able to spend time with God and his word do you still have that experience you love to be able to open his word and to spend an hour or two hours or three hours in time just life I you have time for television raise your life spiritual life spanning you know for some of us that used to be a time when we dear Bob message about the love of Jesus and Ethan Hunt her heart like never before but now we can hear a message upon the love of Jesus and I've heard that before praise God for some of us they used to be a time when using commit sin any use of causes to meet in the same sense that we commit whether his anger whatever it is pride lust we don't leave anyone out heart and become hard and were still fresh and choose believers that is not true sorrow for sin and you know sometimes we have to do what I sometimes do to get on my knees and say God honestly I am lost and I'm too busy to care because if I really care I wish I would pray I would do whatever I would wrestle with all night until I would just he's until I would be able to get that fix you over this one is trouble for this one problem my life but I'm just too busy I'm just that they have to go to school and so I pray and ask forgiveness o me not to forget and I go on and move I don't mean there is no sorrow for sin there is no true repentance but friends there is hope there is hope in signs of the time eighteen ninety nine September twenty seven says we need to pray for the impartation of the divine spirit as the remedy for this sin sick soul the Holy Spirit working upon the mind Holy Spirit will awaken an earnest desire for truth it is the Holy Spirit that not only gives us power to live a godly life of the Holy Spirit can actually give you the deed desire to have his will him to you are an elitist team condition if you are a loss if you are truly honest with yourself your loss but you don't really care yes I'm a believer but when it comes that down for you usually looking down into yourself and analyzing who you really are idolizing this is that so easily beset you you can say Lord I don't really love you as much as I should lord it seems I keep committing the same sins over and over that Lord it seems that I'm lost and too busy to care but father I pray that you may cram your spirit and awaken with me these are to care awaken within me an earnest hungering and thirsting after righteousness and when you hunger and thirst the promises you shall be filled and I know if I can just start hungering and start thirsting for that righteousness I know that you will fill me and so pray for the Holy Spirit pray for the Holy Spirit not only so that you can have a godly life so that you can even have to use a higher live Jesus says pray for the Holy Spirit pray for the Holy Spirit because it will give you power the first power that reemphasize this morning is an easy power to live a godly life the second one is found accept to turn you quickly ask chapter two this is Pentecost acts chapter two verse four speaking of the disciples and it will all feel the Holy Ghost and began him upon the Spirit gave them utterance verse thirty seven now when David people heard this these folks speaking and long before printing in their heart and said unto Peter and the rest of the apostles men and brethren what shall we do verse forty one then they that gladly received his word were baptized in the same day three there were adamant that them about three thousand souls so this is the picture the Holy Ghost falls upon them the Holy Ghost falls upon them and they speak when they speak to people 's hearts or print any ask what should we do and that same day three thousand into God 's church the Holy Spirit is hard to live a godly life number two is the Holy Spirit gives us power do not work gives us power to do God 's word reading out eighteen ninety says what we need is the baptism of the holding without this we are no more fitted to go forth to the world and where the disciples after the crucifixion of their Lord five two one five Beta says without the spirit and power of God it will be in vain that we labor to present the truth in that city one assess the presence of the Spirit with God 's worker will give the proclamation of shooting the power that not all of the honor or glory of the world that you do you feel week or last lacks courage to be able to share your faith how is your spiritual influence in your community and your workplace your family did anybody come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ because of you did anyone ever come to be able to surrender their life to Christ because of you in the last month in the last year in the last decade if not we need not despair but we need to do is pray more for the Holy Spirit amen because the Holy Spirit will give you power until the Holy Spirit gives us power to be able to live godly lives in the Holy Spirit gives us power to be able to work for God if you are working for God to be put into a greater work for God and so our Christian experience is empty without the Holy Spirit and that is why Jesus says you need to pray for the Holy Spirit is the Holy Spirit is what or who will give you power now that we understand the importance of the Holy Spirit it's amazing how within the same chapter that we started in Luke eleven Jesus to a parable explains to us how we are to ask for that same Holy Spirit who chapter eleven how we are to ask for the person of the Holy Ghost the Chapter 11 verse five the parable begins like this and he Jesus said unto them which of you shall have a financial want to him at midnight and said to him friend lend me three goals for a friend of mine in this journey has come to meet and have nothing to set before him and see from within shall answer and say trouble me not the door is now shut my children are with me in bed I cannot rise and give the IC and you know he will not rise and give him because he is his friend yet because it is important to lady or persistence he will rise and give him as many as he the first point this morning I have pray for the Holy Spirit is that you must persist you my person the story goes there was a young man that came to one of the great philosophers I think it was Socrates and says you know I want to be wise like you know how your you are so wise and yet so much knowledge and I want to understand I want to be able to be like that teach me how I like to have that kind of wisdom and knowledge and soccer he says come with me and so he followed the old man faces new ground in the young men knelt down and he took the young man's head and he plunged it underneath the water and the young man was was the wilderness what is happening in cities under the water and so he thinks I guess it's again so he waits five ten fifteen twenty seconds as I guess of what we you want a little bit of SOP gently toss the old man to let him know that the game is over and I need some air but the whole men doesn't respond the screenshots and harder Socrates just keeps in their and he says I know what's wrong this mess trying to kill me so you start to really start scanning the map but sockets yet guess was pretty strong intent holding and underneath the water and now she starts shaking is screaming and models cooler and splashing all over the place sure to get out this nice crazy finish on the Socrates keeps wanting in a minute goes by two minutes goes by he says I should never ask that question in five eighty seven and I and is when he starts losing it some people 's amount of water splashing and spluttering and angry and confused in his first cost you are you trying to only property call me looks at him and says young man we shall search for wisdom as earnestly as the software that breath of air then you will find he walked away and I safely seek the Holy Spirit as if our lives the pendant on it because guess what it does I believe we shall find it so this man to get off from his house number one he seeks she goes out in the streets at midnight and he seeks for his other friend to get bread Siegel said Dorothy Knox any tasks and he knocks any tasks and he knocks any as any he's knocking and asking until you get the bread it is not enough to seek and knock we must persist in Christ object lessons page one forty five says God does not seem key business unaware in the first six in prayer the persistent asking brings the petitioner into a more earnest attitude and using an increased desire to receive the things for which the and so that the persistence 's prayer is not so much for God to give us the Holy Spirit but it is for us to actually desire and appreciate the gift of the Holy Spirit and in 5G one fifty eight says we should treat as earnestly for the descent of the Holy Spirit as the disciples praying on the day of Pentecost so reviewing number one Jesus says I want to use it mass I want you to ask what you do not want you to pray but specifically what I want you to ask for I want you to ask for what the Holy Spirit because when you have the Holy Spirit when the Holy Spirit comes upon you it will give you what power the first Qatar will give you the power to do what to live a godly life it will give you power to live a godly life and if you don't even want to live a godly life you just don't pray for the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit will not only give you power the Holy Spirit will give you a decent higher to have the power number two I want you to pray for the Holy Spirit because it will give you power to live a godly life and power to do what to do God 's work very good it will give you power to do God 's work and so if you go out there to try to be able to give a Bible study to be what I share with a family member or coworker about Jesus if you don't have the Holy Spirit according to the spirit of prophecy is worthless you're wasting your time you need to have the power of the Holy Spirit to be able to be a willingness to share Christ to be able to do God 's work and so number two you need the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit will give you power to do God 's work Howard asked for the Holy Spirit just as when you ask for the Holy Spirit the first lesson you must remember you must assess you by the way I'm I work with literature evangelist a lot of young people and just a few weeks ago I was dealing with one of my youngest treatment if he said it I don't need to pray I played once and I told all I wanted analysis I mean it's a waste of time for me to keep praying and praying and I understand the logic mean but when we truly understand these visioning the ideal persistence is not for God the idea of persistence is for us it so that number one I actually want the Holy Spirit and number two I am actually start becoming ready to receive the Holy Ghost and so persist God says owners ask once more than once number two when you pray for the Holy Spirit emphasize your needs emphasize your need not be a relationship not your works in verse six is the message that this man had four friend of mine in his journey to come to me and I have nothing to say before him and he had a verse eight says he will rise and give him as many as he was still what this man does also I go back to eight he says I see and hear the beginning though he will not rise and give him because he is his friend yet because of his persistent he will give it you know sometimes when we pray to God sometimes we pray like Hezekiah we plead with God is God I have been faithful to our Lord have given of this I've given up this argument of this for you and so you start talking about your works for your relationship God you are my father I'm your son you need to provide for me please you cannot let me go assuming start arguing our relationship only start arguing what we have done what we have left for Jesus Christ you says what the man was arguing about what was his emphasis was not because he was his friend is a highlight in my lawnmower you got a get out and give me some man or women for over twenty years come on please give me a reason to levels but he emphasizes not his relationship not his works he emphasized Mister Rossi tells us that what please most eloquently in our behalf is I need so when you plead with God you believe Lord I am not working Lord any good evening it is just viewed it has been assuming Lord you don't have to answer the father I week and I need you please have mercy on me I memorized was visiting a church member and I'm always encouraging church members to to do something more in the lines of ministry and this is was in elderly gentleman and I told him brother Neil you need to do something for Jesus I came a whole stack of magazines accident ICL on these magazines to be gone just alarming able to the modular adopters if you don't want to talk to somebody leaving the unit on the beam in the toilet arena Walmart anything to spread the word he says not a hundred unlimited talk with people I been on goodness on the dude I needed something more for Jesus on anything he's not examining viewed to be blessed good on younger person couple months later I saw him again he says any job I did tell you what happened to me what happens if you know every day I would drive my stack of magazines now go out there in the mall Panama business out of her like we would see somebody there walking toward the person to give them and as you know and I would be scared I would put together placed in the knife in no to do this things I would see somebody sitting there is a signal amended is start walking many look at me old man and I felt like a thumbnail is as and for the life of me I could not hand out on magazine some of your laughing but your maybe in the same situation as you know a seventy hour minutes for twenty years and I can't even give a magazine of the magazine is then one morning I got on my nevus of God can argue my relationship because I had not nothing to both citizen he said to God I haven't been faithful monogamous for twenty years and I can even give a magazine and I don't have straightforward I'm not worried the Lord I need you on pleading is help me because I any says that day he had to go to funeral some lady in a Catholic Church some lady had passed away he took his magazines he said I walked into the church and the first person I saw which was the daughter of the radio passed away I want to ask shape to her and I said here the magazine was called we have physical and she looked at the magazine on my coolness this is what would I do these were the exact last four words of my mother is an enemy this is after that I have no problem getting rid of the rest is pray for the Holy Spirit pray for the Holy Spirit because when the Holy Spirit comes it will give you power to give you power to live a godly life and is not even desire to godly life he will actually give you a desire for the godly life pray for the Holy Spirit because it will give you power to do a work for God a few are doing work for God will give you power to do up your work forgot how we can not the least of your Jesus as the first thing when you ask the Holy Spirit you must persist you must persist and I'll ask one don't ask twice don't ask three times just keep reading and pleading for the Holy Spirit because pleading prepares you to receive the Holy Spirit number two when you plea for the Holy Spirit don't talk about your relationship how God is your father you are the son don't emphasize the works and what you have done we are not clear nothing we have done nothing good is a good thing that we have done it is Christ and Christ alone when you plead for the Holy Spirit the only thing I wanted to emphasize his emphasizing the energy up to repeated repeat your knee and repeat your needs and repeat your knees until you get levels of red Alaska when enough of the Holy Spirit that you make it this man saw his friend not an persistent not because he was hungry a good assessor love buddy if it was just about me and my family I would have waited until tomorrow we can handle but if not for me I'm asking bread for somebody else asked that you maybe give price object lessons one forty two our prayers are not to be a selfish asking merely for our own benefit we are to ask that we made you everything that God loves those her member one that was knocking on doors and I met a man called Stefan and Stefan was a very sorry site on he couldn't stand very long because something with his legs like the liquids with key some of your doctors in the stock ran and is something about his legacy that has been very long but a short time we were talking their IV would find out a little bit about him yet a fatal disease and some of the medication he was taking was so strong that he speaks are falling off the only had a few teeth and he sees a rest is he's been a diet in a few months I guess what you say I find out that his wife left him because of that disease and took the little boy also in spite of all of that with a little to TP hack could still smile is inspiring for me because Stefan knew Jesus and he says John you know in spite of this illness I praise God for the illness praise God that he has medium I wasn't for this I would never have known Jesus Christ Stonecipher for this and done so I we talk with him and he took a book called great controversy in human and after I said it was okay my previously sure so I prayed with him and us I finished praying within seasons are to pray for me that's always shocks me when people I don't really remember his prayer that I will never forget how he and he says God I want you to heal me so I can serve you like this young man he says God even if you don't heal me what you use me because God you take away my wife is taken away my kid you've taken away my health you can take away my future that God still got my hands won't use my hands that's all I got but if you're not finished healing use my sister was driving home that night I bother me that there's thousands of young people and yet this church have their hands have their feet have their health to have the future but it just living for themselves their focus is the career your focus is able to go after this girl or guy focus is to have good family to be a good vision is nothing wrong with that they're not possible to give our this man is about the guy he's asking again what about me the sixteen page ninety eight says the Holy Spirit will come to all who are begging for the bread of life to give to their neighbors Jesus has want you to pray for you to pray specifically for the Holy Spirit pray for the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit will give you power it would give you power to be able to live a godly life and if you don't desire it will give you an hard to even desire that God I want you to pray for the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit will give you power to do my work and when you pray for the Holy Spirit I want to remember a few things number one when you pray not just once you must persist seen praying until you receive the power and number two when you please let the Holy Spirit don't talk about your relationship don't talk about it of course when you play for the Holy Spirit emphasized and we plead for the Holy Spirit don't ask so that you may be more spiritual that you may preach more powerfully that you may have a greater influence fascinating you can be more happy with your family these are nice desires I wanted to ask along including I wanted to cry I wanted fast do whatever you need to do to be about how the Holy Spirit that you may give friends we are told that in the last phase we've been earnestly pleading for the impartation of the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit will fund monitoring power all around us and we won't even know what on our last night and here we are studying our Bible but not pleading has been earnest desire for the my appeal this morning is very simple it's a commitment that I hope that you'll join me in to pray for the Holy Spirit I mean seriously pray for the Holy Spirit in the morning and afternoon and evening making a priority weekends times and you have quiet time with God make it a priority to Neil and lead the father for the Holy Spirit and when you do that guarantee you shall receive power you will start noticing that the reading of the word of God will start having meaning and desire and you will actually be able to be nice and kind to other people and also you will be able to have power to be able to share with people power that you know that is not within yourself all because of the Holy Spirit that is your desire will you join me in prayer as we commit by standing and praying father in heaven most of us here have our hands have our feet have our health have our future we have been written many times we have to use the four own glory for our own desires so that we can be more spiritual so that we can have greater influence that maybe people can look at us and see what a spiritual woman or man that is so that we can have peace maybe those are desires that you have put in our hearts but today we leave for the Holy Spirit that we make you you see those that are standing we are making a commitment commitment to pray for the Holy Spirit and father once again the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak you know father we can leave these North and completely forget about this commitment the moment we walked down it we pray that as you write in your book that you would write in our hearts we prayed as we open our Bibles tonight or tomorrow morning as we has special time with you that you may remind us to leave for the impartation of the Holy Spirit your spirit we can do nothing please father you see our earnest desire our commitment to pray for the Holy Spirit walking assist us won't you help us fulfill the commitment we are standing for and for those that are standing because everyone is standing on I pray that you may work in their hearts that you may grant them the Holy Spirit also the change they desire to actually walk spiritual things father thank you for hearing for handsomer prayer we ask all these things in the name of Jesus


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